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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  May 17, 2022 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. right now on kpix 5 and streaming on cbs news president biden visits the site of a mass shooting. this one in buffalo. good afternoon. i'm len kiese. >> i'm amanda starrantino.
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president biden pays his respect to the ten families who lost their lives to a gunman. the investigators say he was intent on killing black people. cbs news michael george is live in buffalo with his message and concern about copy cats. >> reporter: president biden visited this site just a few hours ago. today we're learning much more about the depth of planning that went into this cordin to lto tg esident biden and first lady jill biden paid their respects at a memorial outside the tops grocery store in buffalo where police say a white gunman targeted black people in saturday's mass shooting. >> evil will not win i promise you. hate will not prevail. white supremacy will not have the last word. >> reporter: the president delivered remarks denouncing hate, calling white supremacy a
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poison. >> we need to say as clearly as we can the ideology of white supremacy has no place in america. none. >> reporter: the suspect pleaded not guilty to a murder charge and is being held without bail. police say he scouted specific targets for months. >> the individual was here a few months ago back in early march. >> reporter: in an online post the 18-year-old wrote he had a close call with a security guard. officials are now concerned about copy cats. >> we've been made about many social media posts going around with possible threats. >> reporter: the fbi says they're working as quickly as possible to process the scene so the community which relies so heavily on the grocery store can access it again. i just spoke with a friend of one of the victims, pearl young,
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she said she would have helped anybody. she said even the shooter she would have helped. in buffalo, michael george. len, amanda, back to you. >> obviously aemotions. how is the buffalo community doing? >> reporter: well, there is so much grief here, planning so many funerals right now. there's also anger. a lot of people feel there were red flags missed and they feel that there needs to be some concrete action that comes out of this beyond just denouncing hate. what is actually being done about that? a lot of people asking that tonight. >> we'll see a lot of things moving forward. thank you so much. also developing right now the man accused of a deadly shooting at a taiwanese church is due in court. 68-year-old david chou is facing murder and attempted murder charges. investigators said it was a
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politically-motivated hate incident with the suspect having ties to anti-taiwanese groups backed by china. taiwan's president condemned the shooting. officer identified the suspect in a san jose shooting. the suspect is jessica garrison. a woman and man were shot yesterday. the woman is in the hospital and the man was pronounced dead at the scene. i'm anne makovec taking a live look at oakland. there's a push to establish oakland as a sanctuary city for anyone who wants an abortion. this is what this resolution would include. it would declare the city a right to choose sanctuary city and call on the state and county to ensure adequate funding, as well as reaffirming support of
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codifying the right of abortion into federal law. >> signaling to all of the rest of the nation that if you are in need of health care access, you can come to oakland and you'll be given that right. not only given that right, but given access to transportation, to housing, to ensure that you have your health care needs being met. >> reporter: council is voting on this resolution this afternoon. len? local leaders also pushing for what they call an emerald new deal fund. city council members are looking to redirect revenue from cannibis taxes. this includes mental health initiatives, access to housing. the money could add up to $12 million a year. the fda is giving approval for the booster covid shot.
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they have to wait until five months after their last dose. the cdc has to decide if they'll recommend the booster. apple is pushing back its plan to bring workers back to the office. they're citing a resurgence of covid cases. the requirement was set to go into effect last week. they're still required to go into the office two days week and masks are still required. a church broken into and ransacked in the east bay and the suspects are still on the loose. justin andrews went to pittsburgh and talked to the pastor. >> reporter: pastor maria gardener is seeing the damage inside her church. >> they took the pictures off the wall? >> yeah, pictures off the wall. >> why would they take the pictures off the wall? >> reporter: she's devastated
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and hurt. >> it hurts to know that people would come in and break into a church and take so much and they ransacked my office. >> reporter: not just her office, but the entire church. sometimes between late thursday and sunday morning st. james was a target for thieves. they yanked tvs off the wall, stole two drum sets, key boards, microphones, sound system, speaker and more. >> it's very hurtful to know that somebody would decimate and just, you know, totally ransack a place of refuge. >> reporter: that's the youth pastor. he's still processing it too. this isn't the first time the church has been broken into. it was a few months ago this same thing happened, but nothing was taken. back in november part of the church was burned when a fire broke out. they've been having services outside in the parking lot.
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>> we want to be a beacon to the community and as positive as we are in the community, it just sucks that somebody would come and try to steal our light. >> reporter: church leaders say the crooks disconnected the alarm system and snatched the cameras. even taking gives from the christmas toy drive. the thieves did leave this gift. >> someone can still get blessed. >> reporter: they took $20,000 worth of church equipment, not counting clean-up and repairs. >> in the word of god he didn't promise me there wasn't going to be trouble. he promised me he would be there when the trouble comes. >> reporter: justin andrews, kpix 5. >> they'll have to hire 24-hour security. the pastor says it will be pricey, but no choice. there's a rush to get more baby formula back on the shelves. >> the latest efforts to fix a
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a baby formula manufacturing plant which has been closed for months may soon be back up and running. the fda gave abbott the okay to re-open. the company beliefs the plant can be up and running in two weeks but won't have formula supply back to normal until mid july. the white house and other formula manufacturers are doing their best to get formula out the door. >> we increased production by more than 30%. we're now feeding more than 200,000 more babies a month than we were before. >> the head of the fda will go to capitol hill thursday to face
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lawmakers' questions about the baby formula shortage. let's give you a live look at wall street. the dow is up 400 points. elon musk says he needs more info on spam accounts. he's contained about 20% of twitter users are fake or spam. the company says it's closer to 5%. musk says $44 billion deal is on hold until twitter shows proof of that number. we're getting a look at google's new silicon valley campus. the campus is more than 1 million square feet with 20 acres of open space and short-term employee housing. there's also panoramic bay views. not too bad. let's get a check of the forecast with jessica burch.
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>> just near the golden gate bridge earlier this morning, right there there wasn't any wind at all. it's starting to kick up. let's start off the forecast with wind gusts. the onshore flow continues to come in from the northwest. gusting up to 35 miles an hour. another big thing this week, we're warming up a lot. the huge ridge is developing, allowing for warm air from the south. that will peak as we head into tomorrow's forecast where day time highs are expected in the low 90s. on the bright side we see a baby trough coming through. high temperatures into this afternoon upper 80s near fairfield and cooler temperatures near the beaches. 70 near oakland. all right, well, there's a game
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on the way for us tonight. just like the other game we had. 62 for our first pitch forecast. clear but breezy. winds will stay strong as we head into the evening hours. sunset tonight around 8:14 p.m. let's get into the seven -day forecast. upper 80s near san jose. then a quick look inland east bay, 90s by tomorrow. then same trend as we head into next work week. >> tomorrow will be warm. >> just like last week. >> repeating that pattern. jessica, thank you. >> of course. the chance to make your morning commute a little easier. >> we'll tell you about an expansion coming to the smart rail system. coming up on our streaming service, we're live at 1:00 with the latest on your local headlines. plus, another look at your first
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and i enthusiastically recommend prevagen. it has helped me an awful lot. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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welcome back. a lot of people planning to get away for the long memorial day weekend. >> according to aaa more than 39.2 million people will be traveling for the unofficial start of summer. here's a look at the break down. 35 million expected to pack up the car. 3 million taking to the skies. about 1.3 million traveling by bus, plane or cruise ship. trav a hopper expects the airport to be the 13th busiest in the country. gianna franco caught up with smart rail manager to talk about the changes. >> she also talked about the
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rail system to be a smart way to get to the game. >> reporter: you know how busy the freeways can get. if you want to ditch the cars, starting in june s.m.a.r.t. will offer new solutions. >> tell us about the experience when people take s.m.a.r.t. >> the train is awesome. it's a beautiful ride. the train is smooth, clean, well lit. it's a great ride. >> starting in june, there will be more weekday service, specifically for commute hours? >> absolutely. during our peak service hours in the morning and on peak, we'll be adding additional trips, ten additional trips, five northbound, fivesoutound. eporr: some tweaks that they're making is connective tito go from the rail to the ferry where today is the perfect day to sail across the bay. it's not just for commuters, but
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this is an easy way to go to the giants game. >> absolutely, great way to travel. >> i thought it would be fun for his birthday. >> making it adventure. >> yeah. >> all the money you'll save on parking, i hope you got him a good birthday present. >> we did. brand new phone. >> sammy, let's talk about the phone. happy birthday. 13? >> yeah. >> what do you think about taking the train on your adventure to the game? >> it's been a fun time. we've been listening to music. >> you promised your mom you'll take really good care of that phone. >> yeah. my dad made me get this dumb otter box case. it's never going to break. >> i promise you from years of experience with broken phones it's a good idea. what's most impressive about
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s.m.a.r.t. is how clean and easy it is and there's a bathroom. >> we were talking about how convenient it is and not worrying about traffic and parking. >> it's a nice wide both ways around. more relaxing way to go. >> will you do it again? >> we'll see how the day ends. >> does it depend on the giants winning or not? >> not at all. >> reporter: i'm gianna franco. >> right now parking is free for commuters using s.m.a.r.t. rail. the new music festival coming to the bay area. today on the drew barrymore show,
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some questions about why the suspect involved was arrested multiple times and not held.
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yes on h. recall chesa boudin now.
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♪ coming up on the news at 3:00 we chat with a stanford pediatrician about the fda's green light of the booster for kids and ask when's the right time to get that shot. let's check in one more time with jessica burch. >> one final live look over the golden gate bridge. windy conditions starting to occur all throughout the bay. as we take a quick look at our golden gate bridge -- that's the bay bridge excuse me. my apologies.
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current temperatures sitting in the 70s. san jose 68 degrees. 71 in livermore. let's look at our seven days as we extend into the weekend. we have a warming trend. a lot of sunshine. 80s in the forecast and 90s as early as next week. len said it perfectly. we're in a warm-up wednesday set-up. how do you feel about that? >> i'm okay with it. we're going to take that dip again. i think we can tolerate it. >> i like the heat. it can stick around. it's why i moved back to california. >> i don't blame you. >> loven. we're looking live at san francisco where a new musical festival was announced. >> the portola music festival will take place september 24th and 25th. the event's name is a reference to the portola festival of 1909 which signalled a re-opening of the city after the 1906
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earthquake. it's scheduled less than two months and you can get presale tickets friday morning. >> keep the fun going. >> a lot of headliners. >> all i wanna do is -- doo, doo, doo. i'm excuse myself now. >> bye, amanda. bye, y'all. have a good day.
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♪♪♪ ♪♪♪ >> brooke: oh! this is-- this is just so much. >> ridge: i know, it's a lot. it's a lot to take in. but steffy remembers that night very clearly now. >> brooke: i mean-- it really was sheila? she... shot steffy? and she killed her own son? >> ridge: she confessed to all of it. >> brooke: oh, my god, this is unbelievable. >> ridge: and she's going to spend the rest of her days in prison. she's not going to terrorize you anymore., ♪♪♪


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