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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6am  CBS  May 17, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> announcer: live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. >> right now at 6:00 the president and first lady paying their respects in buffalo today. the plans to honor the victims of a mass shooting at a new york grocery store. plus standing in solidarity, the bay area leaders denouncing the gun violence seen across the country. also a church rocked by robbers. we are there as the pastor is trying to cope with it all. later, young children may soon be able to get covid-19 booster shots. the decision from the fda that could come as soon as today. it's tuesday, may 17th. i'm len kiese. >> and i'm amanda starrantino. we'll get a check on our weather and traffic, beginning with meteorologist jessica burch.
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the sunrise is so pretty. >> it is outstanding. the marine layer is sticking around and beat off into the afternoon, mostly dealing with sunny skies but let's start off with current temperatures, still some 40s in the forecast. santa rosa at 43 degrees. 49 livermore and more sunshine into the afternoon. daytime highs nothing to write home about by any means. we're starting to warm up a smidge more, day by day as we head into the work week and even into the weekend for that matter. low 80s in the forecast for us in the inland areas, 60s anywhere from the bay to the coast, where we see upper 50s, too. windy conditions will happen as we head into the afternoon. as we look at current winds, it's not that bad. at least not compared to yesterday for that matter. as we head into the afternoon, we'll talk more about it coming up in the full forecast but for now, i'll send it over to you, gianna, how are things looking good? >> it's looking busy for the ride as you head toward the bay bridge. metering lights were turned on just about 5:45 so yeah, we've already got that backup building
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beyond the 880 overpass. so plan for that as you head out the door if you're making the ride into san francisco. we also have reports of a crash westbound 580 near grant line, heading into the altamont. this is an area where we already see brake lights and delays for super commuters, adding to a busy ride. once you're past that point, because traffic is backed up into tracy, gets a little bit better the rest of the way towards the dublin interchange and starting to load up through the south bay. i'm anne makovec at the live news desk, a live look at the white house, the president and first lady left for buffalo, meeting with the families of the victims of saturday's mass shooting at a grocery store, and at this point, police are still investigating what led up to that shooting, when an 18-year-old went on a racially-motor serrated shooting spree killing ten black people and injuring three others at a grocery store. the president is expected to
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urge congress to pass new gun control legislation. in ukraine a bloody chapter of the war appears to be over, the siege of the port city of mariupol as russia says ukraine's holdout forces have surrendered, efforts under way to evacuate the last of them right now. ukrainian officials say they completed their mission and there was no way ukraine could free that plant from russia's grasp by military means. closer to home in contra costa county, the reward for info in the disappearance of alexis gabe is now at $60,000. she was last seen on january 26th when she told her family she was going to visit an ex-boyfriend in antioch, and last week police say they recovered her phone case, they believe it was thrown out by this man caught on video walking away from gabe's car on the day of her disappearance, and that is a look at your headlines at this hour. amanda? >> anne, thanks. here in the bay area, aapi leaders stood in solidarity with the naacp at an emergency
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meeting in san francisco. andria borba reports on their united call for action against hate-fueled violence. >> we have lost again people who look like me, an african american. >> reporter: inside the historic third baptist church, an emergency meeting at the naacp, following the mass murder of ten black people in buffalo over the weekend. >> we have got to call it for what it is. it's evil. it's un-american, and it does not have a right to exist in a civilized society. >> reporter: sharing the microphone and zoom with dr. amos brown, members of the asian american community say this is a moment for solidarity to stand with the pioneers of civil rights. >> what they have done, they have laid down the groundwork to support what we've been doing. without them, i don't think i am able to speak standing here to
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speak with you. >> reporter: for members of the black community, this weekend's shooting was the same old story, set in a new location. >> we cannot allow this country, this nation to go backward, y'all. everybody has to step up to the plate. we have a lot going on, do what we have to do, asians, black, white, latino, lgbtq. this ain't nothing new. >> this whole thing is about one thing. it's about fear and intimidation. it isn't about anything else. it is showing if you are a minority in the united states, that you cannot be safe anywhere. >> reporter: those gathered defiantly said they would not be intimidated into silence. >> i'm not scared to go to church. 23b8g9sds i'm not scared to go to a supermarket. i'm not scared to live in my own house. >> reporter: in san francisco, andria borba, kpix 5. in the meantime this morning, a southern california
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community is mourning the man killed in a church shooting and giving thanks that his bravery prevented more people from getting hurt. a vigil was held in laguna woods in honor of 52-year-old dr. john chang. chang was killed after he tackled the suspect, who opened fire inside the geneva presbyterian church sunday. five others were injured. investigators say the 68-year-old suspect traveled from las vegas to carry out that attack. he chained the church door shut, super glued to disable the locks and mingle the at a luncheon before the rampage. the suspect is a u.s. citizen who emigrated from china a year ago. this is described as a hate crime. >> a politically-motivated hate incident, a grievance this individual had between himself and the taiwanese community. >> the atf says the shooter purchased his guns legally in 2015 and 2017. new this morning, a church
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ransacked and robbed in the east bay. >> and the suspects are still out on the loose. justin andrews went to pittsburg. justin, you talked to the pastor about this major loss. i can't imagine what she's going through. >> this story does not sit well with me. who has the audacity to steal thousands of dollars from a place of worship, of refuge, who will help anyone who stands in need of anything. at some point over the weekend, st. james cathedral of faith was wiped out criminals snatching big tvs, speakers, audio equipment, instruments instruments, all gone. for the first time, pastor langston is seeing the damage inside her church. >> they took the pictures off the wall? >> yes, pictures off the wall. >> why would they take the pictures off the wall? >> reporter: she's devastated and hurt. >> it's just a bad hurt to know that people would come and break in a church and take so much.
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and they ransacked my office. >> reporter: not just her office, but the entire church. sometime between late thursday and sunday morning, st. james cathedral of faith was a target for thieves. they yanked tvs off the walls, stole two drum seats, keyboards, microphone, sound system, a speaker and a lot more. >> it's very hurtful to know that somebody would decimate and just, you know, totally ransack a place of refuge. >> reporter: that's youth pastor david diyoff, he's still processing it, too, trying to understand why. this isn't the first time the church has been broken into. a few months ago this same thing happened but nothing was taken. back in november, part of the church was burned when a fire broke out so they've been having services outside in the parking lot. >> we want to be a beacon to the sucks that somebody would come
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and try to steal our light. >> reporter: church leaders say the crooks disconnected the alarm system and snatched the cameras from the walls, even taking gifts stored from their christmas toy drive, but the thieves, they did leave this gift. >> someone can get blessed. >> reporter: a place of refuge pained by cowards who took at least $20,000 worth of church equipment, not even counting the cleanup and repairs. >> in the court of god, he didn't promise me there wasn't going to be trouble. he didn't, but he did promise me that he'll be there when the trouble comes. >> you heard the pastor there, she's fastened by her faith saying they will bounce back again. the pastor told me they'll have to hire 24-hour security. she says it will be pricey but she says they have to do it at this point. len, amanda? >> it's sad they have to do that, justin, thank you. it's 6:09, providing more protection for young kids against covid-19.
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to the coronavirus now at 6:13, the contra costa community college district just announced it will keep indoor mask requirements in place as it relates to the summer semester. we're seeing covid spikes in the bay area and in schools, leading some to wonder if masks are the answer. >> if i'm going to be with a lot of people that i don't know and it's coming and going, i will wear a massing. >> everyone has differing opinions on the mask man tate. mandate. >> dr. john swartzberg says we are dealing with a subvariant of
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the subvariant. it can better evade immunity and spread faster. >> if it's going up, that's the only way to protect, otherwise it's going to be worse. >> dr. swartzberg says to change the course of the surge it's important to be vaxed and boosted and mask up indoors. so far in the bay area there's only a recommendation to wear them. the fda is also expected to authorize a booster in the upcoming weeks for children between the ages of 5 and 11. the fda is expected to authorize pfizer boosters for children ages 5 to 11. the authorization could come as early as today. pfizer requested emergency authorization last month the company saying a third vaccine dose raised omicron fighting antibodies 36 times in those aged 5 to 11. it is 6:14. let's get you caught up on your forecast and also traffic on this tuesday. >> we start with first alert
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meteorologist jessica burch. how is it looking? >> it's looking stunning out there. this sunrise absolutely amazing as we take a live look from the salesforce tower cam, the sun has risen. we're dealing with a marine layer left over from this morning. it will bleed off into the afternoon and current temperatures we're seeing more 50s on that board. concord 52, mostly sunny conditions up there, oakland dealing with that marine layer sitting in the low 50s and as we look at current wind speeds, we're really not waking up with anything too extreme. as we head into the afternoon hours the onshore flow will kick up, that was the main wind speed. however this is wind gusts so it's the max speed that we will see as we head into the afternoon. justun0 25 to 35 mooil per her winds expected san bruno and north of the san francisco area. by 8:00 a.m. into fairfield we'll still be dealing with breezy conditions. not too extreme but it's the big weather story for us today and
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we're warming up as we head into this work week. daytime highs 80s inland areas, 50s and 60s in the forecast from the coast off into the bay and for us today, anywhere in the santa clara valley we're dealing with upper 70s. we'll slowly start seeing 80s pop up into the forecast more and more as we head into this work week and 90s near fairfield and brentwood. as we head into the east inland bay off into the central bay from mill valley down into daly city we're still dealing with some 60s as well as some low 70s. for our friends up north we're seeing some 80s and 70s and as we head into the next seven days, it is looking beautiful and warm. we warm up significantly as we head into the weekend. sunny conditions just by friday, as we head into wednesday actually, notice that's the p of our setup, 90s in the forecast, even mid 90s in the east inland bay. we'll have more on that in the weather center as we get closer. gi gianna, how are things looking? >> not too bad in some spots. brake lights are building at the
6:17 am
being being and altamont. a live look at 880, so if you're getting ready to take the freeways this morning, get ready to head out the do are to work, maybe school, we're starting to see things getting a little bit crowded, more volume on the roadways. this is the nimitz noh mobile 5, brian kiley cruising 880 near highway 92, hopefully making the trek across the san mateo bridge. things are looking okay if you're connecting onto the bridge itself. we aren't seeing a lot of brake lights, good for the ride along the nimitz freeway. on the san mateo bridge it gets a little crowded westbound and there is a wind advisory, looks like they may have canceled that, the cms sign has been turned off. hopefully the winds have died down just a bit. we'll check in with brian in mobile 5 to see if that's the case when he crosses the span there. extra volume westbound as you head over towards 101 so keep that in mind, we're seeing that morning commute a little bit busy there. 880 looking good north of there also near the oakland coliseum and right now things are moving
6:18 am
nicely here, typically this doesn't backup until the 7:00 hour. i wanted to show you a live look at one of our caltrans cameras but unfortunately it timed out, just getting busy as you head across the bay bridge working your way over into the city. toll plaza metering lights are on and you can see that in this live shot it's backed up beyond that 880 overpass. give yourself 15 minutes if you're headed into the city. >> it is 6:18. there are many bad first pitch attempts in baseball history. >> why this throw in boston might have taken the cake. that story and more coming
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all right, forget about brea breakfast, let's look forward to lunch time as we head into the afternoon, daytime highs are warming up.
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we'll deal with more sunshine today, breezy as we head into the afternoon hours. let's take it hour by hour from 10:00 to noon. we pop into the upper 60s/low 70s, upper 70s and 80s as early as 2:00. back to you. >> time for our new segment "morning mix." >> if you're behind on the best breakfast buzz our gianna franco has you covered. g., what's in the mix this morning? >> i got some fun stuff today. what some are calling the worst first pitch of all-time, we'll show you that plus history for one "sports illustrated" swimsuit model. first this story here a mill valley teenager living out his dreams performing on stage with pearl jam. hopefully you've seen this. ♪ that is kai nuperman. he sat in with the band friday. his observe band had met the lead singer eddie vetter and his daughter at a music festival when the regular drummer tested
6:23 am
positive for covid. kai asked for a chance to fill in. scrambleed to put everything together to get a demo to the guys and guess what, it worked. before he knew it, he was on stage, keeping the beat for the song "mind your manners." >> my heart started racing when everyone started screaming. ♪ and my heart skipped a beat. >> kai has been playing the drums for ten years, and here's a video that's from his drum teacher. you guys, this was sent to me last night because his drum teacher happens to be married to my best friend, his godfather. >> what? >> yes, he's been teaching kai drums for seven years. kai plans to keep it up to see how far he can go in the industry. i'd say he's off to a very good start. >> yeah. >> impressive, right? >> yes. >> oh my goodness, like a dream come true. >> that's awesome. >> it is. >> what it a cool story, good for him. >> very cool moment. the band will be performing at bottle rock, the alive, and
6:24 am
they're a group of kids. check them out, they're amazing. what some are calling an all-time bad first pitch, the worst ever before a red sox game happened in boston. d.j. steve aoki sailed his first pitch way, way over home plate. he managed to get it onto the netting over the seats and by the way -- >> that takes some skill. >> it does. it's not the first time on the mound. in 2015 he threw out the first pitch at a dodgers game and skilled the ball. i don't think this is his thing. >> maybe third time's the charm? >> stay with the music. that would be how i throw, that's why i stay away from those things. >> i don't think i'd do well although my bucket list is to throw it out for the dodgers game. if you have that moment you ought to practice. pretty funny though.
6:25 am
the long time muddle may musk and anthony mason's mother is one of several women on the cover of "sports illustrated" swimsuit edition. she's 74 and one of the oldest women to grace the cover of the magazine's annual issue. musk is no stranger to the bright light. she began her modeling career at age 15 living in south africa, a finalist for the 1969 miss south africa beauty competition, a finalist for gorgeousness in my book, too. always. #goals. she looks wonderful. >> i am a huge may musk fan. i listened to this interview she did with cbs l.a. about a year ago and she is the most positive woman, so inspiring for so many models and comes from a past poverty. incredible woman, to see her on the magazine cover is so inspiring. >> it is and goes to show you it doesn't matter how old you are.
6:26 am
it shouldn't. it's very hard for women to age in hollywood and in the industry but kudos to you. you look magnificent. may, it was nice to see. >> my, my, my miss may, looking good. thank you, g., we appreciate you. it's 6:26. coming up, a strong sign defense officials are taking ufos seriously. the hearing on capitol hill to discuss one of history's great mysteries. an unusual scene at a city
6:27 am
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bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. >> if you are just waking up with us, here are your morning headlines. president biden and the first lady are on their way to buffalo, new york. it comes after police say a gunman went on a racially-motivated shooting spree, killing ten people and
6:30 am
injuring three others at a grocery store. the fda is expected to authorize pfizer boosters for children ages 5 to 11 and official familiar with the plan says the green light could come as early as today. pfizer requested emergency use authorization for its boosters last month. anthony mason says his deal to buy twitter cannot move forward unless it shows public proof that less than 5% of its accounts are fake or spam. musk made the comment in a tweet this morning. he spent much of yesterday in a back-and-forth with twitter ceos about the fake bot numbers. we all want to know. good morning, it's tuesday, may 17th. i'm amanda starrantino. >> and i'm len kiese. we begin with first alert meteorologist jessica burch and a check of the forecast on this tuesday. good morning. >> good morning. okay, i promise you, if you woke up with us just a little bit earlier, the sunrise was so beautiful. the marine layer is sticking around. it will beat off as twe head ino this afternoon.
6:31 am
patchy fog today and clean up into the afternoon hours. temperature also kick up and we are dealing with above-average temperatures not only today but throughout this week. that's the big reason we're seeing a huge peek especially tomorrow where we expect 90s in northern portions and eastern portions of our valleys and as we look at current temperatures right now, it's nothing to write home about. we're seeing upper 40s in the forecast, 50s near concord, oakland and sfo. as we extend into the afternoon the winds will kick up. we'll talk more about that coming up in your full forecast in a little bit. for now, over to gianna with what's going on outside. my goodness, wow. >> it backs up quickly. >> i know. >> something you'll get used to being here. the bay bridge toll plaza definitely gets a little bit busy especially in the 6:00 hour. if you're a commuter and make that ride into san francisco, metering lights got turned on just about 5:45 and backed up beyond that 880 overpass, now to just about the foot of the maze. so bumper to bumper traffic here, lots of company for everyone headed into san francisco. san mateo bridge here's the good
6:32 am
news, take the canceled wind advisory issued by caltrans overnight. the extra volume westbound as you work toward 101 so that is the commute direction, things a little sluggish there. looking good on 101, no delay there is. golden gate bridge not a bad ride here, just north of here, south 101 as you head into the robin williams tunnel we have reports of a crash blocking one lane so definitely holding cars a little bit beyond that point as you get through there, you'll get a backup and once you're past that, things look better the rest of the way into the city. right now investigators are combing through the tops grocery store in buffalo, new york, that left ten dead and looking through the suspect's history to see how he planned at tack. >> brad blackburn has more from buffalo where president biden and the first lady are set to meet with phfamilies.
6:33 am
>> reporter: president biden and the first lady visit buffalo, new york, today, three days after police say a white gunman went on a racially-motivated shooting spree, killing ten black people and injuring three others at a grocery store. >> what we want to do is make sure we send a very clear message that hate must have no safe harbor. >> reporter: a white house official tells cbs news, mr. biden will call the shooter's actions terrorism, motivated by a hateful and perverse ideology and he will urge congress to pass new gun control legislation. >> it's hard. >> reporter: yesterday the president paid tribute to aaron salter, a 55-year-old retired police lieutenant who worked as a security guard at the top supermarket. >> he actually was able to shoot the assailant twice but we on a bullet proof vest and he lost his life in the process. >> reporter: sources tell cbs news the 18-year-old suspect wrote a lengthy online post where he described himself as a white supremacist and said he planned to continue his attacks at other locations in the city.
6:34 am
>> for no reason, for no reason. >> reporter: 86-year-old ruth whitfield was the oldest victim, her son says she was buying groceries after visiting her husband at a nearby nursing home. >> what i loved most about my mom is how she loved us. how she loved our family. >> reporter: the suspect pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder over the weekend and now under suicide watch in jail. >> that was bradley blackburn reporting there. now to an unusual scene at a city council meeting in gilroy. take a look at this. >> based on the investigation of hanson llp and on behalf of the concerned citizens of gilroy, i am presenting you with a copy of the notice of intent to recall you from office. >> that message from a citizen's group to councilmember rebecca armendarez, pushing to remove her from office following last year's deadly halloween party shooting at her home. an investigation later found she assisted her son and nephew in planning the party and was in
6:35 am
violation of several city ordinances. 18-year-old michael daniel zuniga-macias was killed when gunfire erupted in that home. three other teens were wounded. one is now a quadriplegic. so far, no one has been charged and not everyone agrees with the recall effort. >> if they do want to recall her, and it happens, it's only going to bring up anger in the community, because she's done the work. she's been there. she's helped. she will continue to be there. >> the recall group needs more than 6,200 signatures to trigger a recall election in november. armendarez's term ends in 2024. the truth is out there, today congress may finally shed some light on it. >> cue the creepy music. for the first time in over 50 years, a house panel is set to hold an open hearing on ufos. um-hum. dozens of reports of unidentified aerial phenomena
6:36 am
over the years prompted the pentagon to form a special program aimed at streamlining data surrounding the unexplained occurrences. as for what we'll learn today, the defense department has been tight-lipped but says it is committed to be "absolutely as transparent as we can." s.m.a.r.t. rail is making it easier for commuters. plus the end of an era for apple, that story and more in our brand new segment "tech tuesday." >> we're taking a live look over downtown san jose. sunny skies in the santa clara valley and into the weekend, the weekend i'm talking about t we're warming up a lot. we'll have more coming up in a little bit. the market just opened about ten minutes ago, a quick check on the big board, the dow is up more than 300 points. we'll be right back.
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and failed to do his job. the office is absolutely in disarray right now. chesa dissolved my unit prosecuting car break-ins. now criminals flock to san francisco because there are no consequences. we can't wait. recall chesa boudin now.
6:40 am
i'm anne makovec at the live news desk with a look at your money watch report this tuesday, a live look at the big board, the opening bell ringing about ten minutes ago and right now the dow is up more than 300 points. the markets hoping to gain a little more steam today, after last week's big dive. new video this morning of the opening of google's new silicon valley campus. it is right by ter n moffatt field, totalse than 1 million squefid, open space, two office buildings and event center and short-term employee housing. for those of us who don't work at google there's public access to expand the trails with panoramic views of the bay and
6:41 am
netflix tellingis employees that question its approach to hit the road. it's been hit with several protests over the last couple of years, one over the decision to air a dave chappelle show that included trans phobic comments the memo telling employees they're welcome to quit is part of the first update to its culture guidelines in five years. that is your "money watch" report. back to you. a sign of different times for apple, plus google revealing some new gadgets. >> jennifer jolly, syndicated tech live column u.s. joins us for our new "tech tuesday" segment. good morning, jen. >> good morning, happy "tech tuesday." i have show-and-tell of some of the latest gadget's i've been playing around with'sta ofews bye, pod. after more than two decades apple's ipod is going bye-bye for good. apple's officially saying
6:42 am
good-bye to the gadget that started an entire it's phasing out production of its ipod touch, bringing it into a two decade's long run. you can get them online while supplies last or sell an oldie but goody and make some cold, hard cash. the most value ub are the first generation, a piece of apple history and the final two generations which are still usable today if they're still in their original packaging. you can score as much as $1,000. cha-ching. on to google, no more glass holes at google's io conference last week, the qualify showed off its latest glasses prototype and they actually do something really awesome. they translate languages into real time and display text on their lenses. the glasses take advantage of the company's translation and transcription technologies, allowing the device to scroll text subtitles, still in
6:43 am
prototype phase. we're not sure they'll become an actual product. what will become a real life product later this year a much long-awaited pixel smartwatch, new phone and new tablet. in the hey it's not like you already have enough to worry about files, there's a new online tool that shows the likelihood that you'll lose your house to a wildfire or flood over the course of a 30-year mortgage. nonprofit research group first street foundation just released the free sctool and first stree reported 30 million properties a whole bunch in the bay area are at risk of being caught in wildfires. so there's that. you can find out more at ri some of the latest gadgets i'm viewing a calgon take me away gadget, problem solving gadgets for parents.
6:44 am
this is a new company called readyland that makes these books that kids can talk to and interact with through an alexa enabled device or app on the phone or tablet. open the app and say, alexan readyland. you can play i spy, identify colors, shapes, sing, play games, even a sort of choose your own adventure because there are literally thousands of different areas and ways you can go, so kids don't get bored. add a pair of road canceling headphones. genius on road trips. find them on amazon, there's more coming out for older kids and teens later this summer. back to you. >> lots of parents saying right now sign me up right now. >> the books are really neat. very cool. jennifer jolly, thanks so much. nationally syndicated tech live columnist for "usa today" and with our new segment "tech tuesday." >> see you next tuesday. have a good one. >> thank you. new this morning, aaa just released its memorial day travel
6:45 am
forecast and it's a doozy. >> talking more than 39.2 million people will be traveling for the unofficial start of summer, this one is raising hands now. the breakdown nearly 35 million are expected to pack up the car for a road trip while just more than 3 million will be taking to the skies by plane. as for the rest, around 1.3 million will be traveling by bus, train or cruise rik on d land,f you ever drive along 101 in the north bay, then you know how busy traffic can get especially during commute hours. >> our gianna franco is here for this week's "travel tuesday." s.m.a.r.t. rail is hoping to make that trip a little easier for commuters. >> we're right in the heart of drive time for the morning commute. it gets busy on 101, i caught up with s.m.a.r.t.'s general manager eddie cummins to talk about the schedule changes happening next month and had a chance to check in with commuter using the rail system as a smart
6:46 am
way to get to the giants games. tell us a little bit about the experience when people take s.m.a.r.t. >> it's a beautiful ride if you ride up into marin and sonoma county, beautiful, the train is extremely smooth, it's clean and well-lit and it's just a great ride. >> reporter: starting in june, there will be more weekday service specifically for commute hours? >> absolutely. during our peak service hours in the morning and the p.m. peaks we'll be adding additional trips. in total it's ten additional trips, that will be five northbound, five southbound. >> reporter: and some tweaks that s.m.a.r.t. train is making this time around, connectivity it's not just for commuters but this is an easy way for anyone in marin county to go to a giants game or into the city. >> absolutely, a great way to travel. >> reporter: the idea to take s.m.a.r.t. to the giants game, tell us about that. >> just thought it would be
6:47 am
really fun for his 13-year-old bir birthday. >> reporter: kind of making it an adventure. and all the money you save on parking, i hope you got him a really good birthday present. >> we did, brand new fun, right, sammy? >> yes. >> reporter: happy birthday, 13? >> yes. >> reporter: wow. what do you think about taking the train so far, kind of on your adventure down to the game? >> it's been a fun time, we've been listening to music. >> reporter: you promised your mom you're going to take really good care of the phone you just got for your birthday. >> my dad made me get this dumb otterbox case so it's never going to break. >> reporter: i promise you from experience of broken phones, it's a good idea. i think what's most impressive about s.m.a.r.t. is how clean and easy it is to use to get back and forth. we talked to people who are impressed with that and there's a bathroom on board. >> we're commenting how easy and nice it is no stress from parking. >> it's a nice ride both ways around. just a more relaxing way to go. >> reporter: will you do it
6:48 am
again after this? >> we'll see how the day ends. >> reporter: does it depend on the giants win or not? >> not at all. >> the giants did win that day, that worked out if for everyone especially that cutie celebrating his birthday. to find out the new schedule go to their website. june 13th is when it starts and free parking for s.m.a.r.t. users if you're parking at the train. that's an incentive as well. >> very convenient, which is nice coming into the city. >> it is for sure and the rail and sail pass only 12 bucks each way. >> not bad. >> not bad at all. speaking of getting out and about and getting on the roadways, let's get you rolling right now. we've got mobile 5, helping us out. a live look from brian collier, photojournalist, westbound 92 also known as the san mateo bridge westbound toward 101 looks beautiful going over the bay this morning. so if you are stuck in traffic, you have the gorgeous view to deal with right now. we're not seeing a ton of brake
6:49 am
lights, just extra volume for westbound commuters as you head through, the case near thesy let's o o of our live shots here, another perspective of the san mateo bridge, this i busier as everyone gets onto the span there. there's a couple of things to look out for this morning, westbound 80 right before you exit the bridge, right around that eighth street exit, not too far from the fremont street exit. there is a trouble spot blocking the number three lane. i don't typically talk about stalled vehicles in the roadway. if you're just getting ready to leave your house, that backup will be there. anything that happens near the bay bridge or just as you come off it, it tends to back things up through there and we're seeing delays well beyond treasure island and the bay bridge toll plaza metering lights are on and you're backed up well into the maze. all approaches feeling that squeeze as you head over towards 80, 880 and 580. southbound 101 near sausalito as you work your way southbound not too far from the robin williams tunnel.
6:50 am
everything over to the shoulder, that could affect your drive headed toward the golden gate bridge this morning. we're seeing slightly lower speeds because of the hot spot. plan for that this morning. if you are commuting north of there, we were just talking about that marin county commute, starting to get busy southbound 101 as you head through san rafael. so keep that in mind but if you are headed to the golden gate bridge, jessica, meteorologist first alert meteorologist has g right now. >> it is beautiful. we're starting off with clear skies. yesterday i showed this live shot, it was so windy with the onshore flow. it's lighter for us this morning. another look live right now, that marine layer just over the port of oakland with mt. diablo in the back, still sticking around. it will bleed off as we head into the afternoon hours and current temperatures are still ranging from the upper 40s at least near livermore into the low 50s near oakland with 40s just in santa rosa, sunny conditions up there. as we look at what we can expect
6:51 am
for today, notice we are above average but nothing to write home about. i want to show you the graphic, the bigger temperature spread there, for now daytime highs in the 70s as well as 80s. we'll talk more about that in a second. the other big weather story is the winds are kicking up into the afternoon. i showed you the flagpole near the golden gate bridge, it's going to get breezy into the evening hours around 6:00, into 8:00 the onshore flow stays consistent, 25 to 35-mile-per-hour winds on the peninsula and daytime highs dealing with 70s across the board from san jose all the way down into the los gatos area, as we head off to the east more 80s and upper 80s are starting to pop into the forecast, heading off into the heart of the bay, 70s across the board with 80s as we head north for our friends up even in the lake and mendocino county. a look at the next seven days we're warming up into wednesday, upper 70s, 80s in the forecast oakland into san jose and some 90s, woo, it's going to be a hot
6:52 am
one for us, at least in the inland east bay, as well as the north bay for us on wednesday. we'll cool it down a little bit as we head into thursday and friday, just to warm it right back up for the weekend. if you have any outdoor plans, start planning them now. all right, back to you guys. >> jessica, thanks. caltrans is giving the green light to a project to add new express lanes to highway 80 in solano county. the express lanes will go through vacaville and fairfield to use the new lanes, drivers have to have three people in the car or pay a toll similar toll lanes are operating on other bay area freeways. >> they're trying to change behavior for to you carpool, to be more efficient. we know, this express lanes work. we have new express lanes in alameda county, moving 18 miles faster than the normal lanes. >> the project is expected to take three years to complete. another bear is leaving its mark on the streets of solano county. >> fairfield a camera captured the animal on the move outside of a house.
6:53 am
some neighbors reported scratches on their fences because it's most likely looking for something to eat. police are warning to keep food, trash cans and pets inside. this is the second recent bear sighting in solano county. another spotted around vacaville earlier this month, hung out in a tree and took a nap in someone's backyard before eventually heading back to its own home. it is 6:53. a baby giraffe now walking with confidence this morning. >> you have to see this video. you'll see how she was given a second chance and the ability to run around with her friend. >> look at her go. a live look outside from emeryville, before we head to break. nice shot as we start the day. we'll be right back.
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i'm anne makovec at the live news desk with a look at your headlines at this hour. president biden just touched down in buffalo, new york, where he's planning on meeting with the families of the victims of the grocery store shooting over the weekend. police still looking into what exactly led up to this shooting, when an 18-year-old went on a racially-motivated shooting spree killing ten black people and injuring three others. the president is expected to once again this morning urge congress to pass new gun control legislation. in contra costa county, the reward for information in the disappearance of alexis gabe is now $60,000 after a huge boost from an anonymous donor. she was last seen on january 26th, when she told her family she was visiting an ex-boyfriend in antioch. last week police recovered her phone case, they believed it was thrown out by this man, caught on video walking away from her car on the day of her disappearance. and today the fda expected
6:58 am
to authorize booster shots of the pfizer coronavirus vaccine for kids aged 5 to 11, this comes as the descendant of the omicron variant is becoming dominant and cases are ticking upward. the next step after that, the cdc could sign off on the boosters thursday. gianna, how is the tuesday commute looking? >> it's busy headed toward the bay bridge this morning. we have a couple of things to look out for, a broken down vehicle not too far from eighth street, causing a backup as you come off the upper deck of the bridge near the sky way. i don't typically talk about stalls in lanes but that's adding to an already busy drive headed into the city. metering lights are on, a live look at the toll plaza, it is backed up there. a couple of crashes reported near the golden gate, one in the robin williams tunnel and one near the span so a little slow as you work your way out of marin county. >> all right, one final look at our daytime highs for us today, anywhere from oakland north into vallejo, we're still with s70recast 80s are going to start popping up pretty soon as we head into
6:59 am
the rest of this week. upper 80s near fairfield, low to mid-50s along our coastline and let lease ac at what we can expect for the next seven days. winds kick up as we head into the afternoon hours throughout this week, keep that in mind. as we look at daytime highs it's warm, as we head into the weekend, lots of sunshine in store. no rain in sight. a baby giraffe at the san diego zoo is getting some extra help this morning. >> check this out. this is sitooni, she was born with some limb abnormalities so she's been fitting with these orthotic braces on her front legs. the zoo worked with a clinic that makes prosthetic for humans to make custom braces and now she's playing with her friends and living her best life. >> that is so cool. >> thereof see it. >> very neat. i saw this on facebook this morning and couldn't stop watching, seeing this giraffe and her braces. >> yes. >> just going at it. apparently she might not have been able to live through it, so this really changed her life. >> and saved her life.
7:00 am
>> very cool. >> the news continues all day on "cbs news bay area." >> "cbs mornings" is coming up next. have a great day. thanks for ♪ welcome to "cbs mornings" and hello to you our viewers on west coast on this tuesday, i'm gayle king. >> and i'm tony dokoupil. >> and i'm nate burleson. >> let's go to your "eye opener," it is your world in 90 seconds. president biden goes to the scene of a racist mass shooting in buffalo while families express their pain and their anger. >> this is not a story to drive the news cycle. this is our mother and our lives. >> the suspected gunman hit a southern california church motivated by political


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