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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430am  CBS  May 17, 2022 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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>> announcer: live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news.
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right now on kpix 5 and streaming on cbs news, bay area looking live from our mark hopkins camera this morning, giving you a live look west. good morning, it is tuesday, may 17th. i'm len kiese. >> and i'm amanda starrantino. let's get a check on our weather and traffic on this tuesday morning, beginning with first alert meteorologist jessica burch, good morning. >> good morning. it's kind of beautiful. a little patchy fog, heading off into the afternoon and we can see it in a live look at the mark hopkins hotel camera. we're still seeing it bleed off as we extend into the afternoon hours. current temperatures it's chilly out there, upper 40s in the forecast near santa rosa. san jose sitting around 52 degrees. 49 in livermore and let's look at what we can expect as we head into the afternoon hours. upper 70s in the forecast, at least for our inland areas and as we head off from the coast to the bay, it will still be a breezy day for us today but we're starting off with a lot calmer winds than what we were dealing with yesterday. temperatures on the rise for us as we head into this week and we have a lot more to break that
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down actually coming up in our full forecast in a little bit. for now i send it over to gianna with traffic. >> good morning. let's look at the road weis right now. it is a little bit of a breezy start to your day on some of our bay area bridges. wind advisories in effect for the bay bridge as well as the san mateo bridge and a live look at the san mateo bridge, they've got those cms signs illuminated but no brake lights or backups. hopefully things will be seamless for the next hour or so until the morning commute gets under way. bay bridge toll plaza metering lights are off, easy ride as you head into san francisco. right now no delays there and so far so good on the golden gate bridge, a nice start to your ride out of marin county, if you're headed into san francisco. no delays in the south bay and we see things get crowded for that altamont pass ride as you work your way westbound 580 toward 680. the city of buffalo, new york, continues to grieve for the ten people killed when a gunman opened fire at a supermarket. >> we're not just hurting, we're angry.
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we're mad. this shouldn't have happened. there's nothing to take away the pain, take away the hole in our hearts, because part of us is gone, senselessly taken from us by hate. >> today president biden and the first lady will head to buffalo. they will meet with the families of the victims, first responders, and city leaders. bradley blackburn is in buffalo with details. >> reporter: president biden and the first lady visit buffalo, new york, today, three days after police say a white gunman went on a racially-motivated shooting spree, killing ten black people and injuring three others at a grocery store. >> what we want to do is make sure we send a very clear message that hate must have no safe harbor. >> reporter: a white house official tells cbs news, mr. biden will call the shooter's actions terrorism, motivated by a hateful and perverse ideology and he will urge congress to pass new gun control legislation. >> it's hard.
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>> reporter: yesterday the president paid tribute to aaron salter, a 55-year-old retired police lieutenant who worked as a security guard at the top supermarket. >> he actually was able to shoot the assailant twice but we on a bullet proof vest and he lost his life in the process. >> reporter: sources tell cbs news the 18-year-old suspect wrote a lengthy online post where he described himself as a white supremacist and said he planned to continue his attacks at other locations in the city. >> for no reason, for no reason. >> reporter: 86-year-old ruth whitfield was the oldest victim, her son says she was buying groceries after visiting her husband at a nearby nursing home. >> what i loved most about my mom is how she loved us. how she loved our family. >> reporter: the suspect pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder over the weekend and now under suicide watch in jail. bradley blackburn, cbs news,
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buffalo, new york. back here in the bay area, aapi leaders stood in solidarity with the naacp at an emergency meeting in san francisco. kpix 5's andria borba reports on their united call for action against hate-filled violence. >> we have lost again people who look like me, an african american. >> reporter: inside the historic third baptist church, an emergency meeting at the naacp, following the mass murder of ten black people in buffalo over the weekend. >> we have got to call it for what it is. it's evil. it's un-american, and it does not have a right to exist in a civilized society. >> reporter: sharing the microphone and zoom with dr. amos brown, members of the asian american community say this is a moment for solidarity to stand with the pioneers of civil rights. >> what they have done, they have laid down the groundwork to support what we've been doing.
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without them, i don't think i am able to speak standing here to speak with you. >> reporter: for members of the black community, this weekend's shooting was the same old story, set in a new location. >> we cannot allow this country, this nation to go backward, y'all. everybody has to step up to the plate. we have a lot going on, do what we have to do, asians, black, white, latino, lgbtq. this ain't nothing new. >> this whole thing is about one thing. it's about fear and intimidation. it isn't about anything else. it is showing if you are a minority in the united states, that you cannot be safe anywhere. >> reporter: those gathered defiantly said they would not be intimidated into silence. >> i'm not scared to go to church. i'm not scared to go to a supermarket. i'm not scared to live in my own house. >> reporter: in san francisco,
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andria borba, kpix 5. in the meantime this morning, a southern california community is mourning the man killed in a church shooting and giving thanks that his bravery prevented more people from getting hurt. a vigil was held in laguna woods in honor of 52-year-old dr. john chang. chang was killed after he charged and tackled the suspect, who opened fire inside the geneva presbyterian church sunday. five others were injured. investigators say the 68-year-old suspect traveled from lats vegas to carry out that attack. he chained the church door shut, super glued the doors and mingled at a luncheon before the rampage. the suspect is a u.s. citizen who emigrated from china a year ago. this is described as a hate crime. a doctor is offering $50,000 to find a missing contra costa woman. alexis gabe was last seen
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january 26th when she told her family and ex-boyfriend -- when she told her family she was visiting an ex-boyfriend in antioch. last week they recovered the oakley woman's phone case, it was discovered by this man caught on video walking away from gabe's car on the day of her disappearance. the bay area's latest snapshot of its unhoused population appears to paint a grim picture in some areas and a more encouraging one in others. >> kpix 5's sara donchey dug into the numbers and they don't necessarily tell the whole story. >> reporter: it's the first snapshot of homelessness since the pandemic hit. a one-time survey, they count up as many people experiencing homelessness as they can physically see. >> we know the methodology is vulnerable but gives us enough of a baseline to estimate how many people in our region are either unhoused or most at risk,
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frankly. >> the numbers may be surprising to some. san francisco saw a drop in homelessness of 3.5% from 2019. >> i think it has a lot to do with the resources, the public/private partnership, all of the various things that we're doing in san francisco, but it's not easy. ittifork e going to keep it reporter: tit ofakla4% increas. contra costa county saw the highest increase in the bay area of 35% but experts say these numbers don't necessarily paint a complete picture. counties that take steps to address the crisis by adding shelter beds, for example, could see increases in numbers simply because individuals experiencing homelessness might be easier to count. >> we also saw that poverty is moving east. you know, the bay area is less and less affordable. when i was working at hamilton families, we were looking to sacramento in order to find affordable housing for families. >> reporter: advocates say
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investments in housing programs are working, they believe that is reflected in some of the decreases they're seeing but saying the soaring cost of bay area living and the economic hardships brought on by the pandemic make this a complicated and challenging issue. i'm sara donchey, kpix 5. an unusual scene last night's meeting in gilroy. >> on behalf of the concerned citizens of gilroy, i am presenting you with a copy of the notice of intent to recall you from office. >> that message from a citizen's group to council member rebecca armendarez, pushing to remove her from office following last year's deadly halloween shooting at her home. she assisted her son and nephew in planning it and violated several city ordinances. 18-year-old michael daniels macias was killed when gunfire erupted in that home. three other teens were injured,
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one is now a quadriplegic. so far, no bun has been charged and not everyone agrees with the recall effort. >> if they do want to recall her, and it happens, it's only going to bring up anger in the community, because she's done the work. she's been there. she's helped. she will continue to be there. >> the recall group needs more than 6,200 signatures to trigger a recall election in november. armendarez's term ends in 2024. coming up, more bay area school districts reporting significant covid outbreaks. experts explain why current safety measures likely won't stop the spread. >> here is a live look outside before we head to break, a shot from our roof looking at the moon.
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new concerns over covid spikes in bay area schools. are masks the answer? one local health expert tells kpix 5's andrea in a cano will t will likely take more than that. >> reporter: enpeopleiologists say we're dealing with a subvariant of an omicron somebody variant. this subvariant can evade immunity better and spread even faster >> what's really driving this or at least the big driver is the fact that these new subvariants of of omicron are able to transmit better. >> reporter: the cdc says cases jumped 60% in the last two weeks and children represent 18% of cases nationally. san francisco uniside saw the highest numbers last week since the height of the omicron surge in january. >> right now, things are going in the wrong direction. we're seeing the virus every
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week after week go up that ladder. and we've got to stop that progression, because we're now starting to see more people winding up in the hospital. >> reporter: dr. john swartzberg with the uc berkeley school of public health is concerned once hospitalizations start to rise, so will the number of deaths. >> if what we're doing isn't working, we may have to consider doing more. i hate to say that, because nobody wants to be told what to do. but if things continue in the direction they're going, we're going to have to make a change. >> reporter: dr. swartzberg says to change the course of this surge it's important to be vaccinated and boosted and wear masks indoors. so far in the bay area, there's only a recommendation to wear masks. >> if i'm going to be with a lot of people that i don't know and it's coming and going, i will wear a mask. >> everyone has different opinions on, you know, the mask mandate, but for me, personally, especially for indoors, i prefer, i choose to wear a mask.
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>> if it's going up, that's the only way to protect, otherwise it's going to be worse. >> reporter: andrea in a cano, kpix 5. time for this morning's money watch report. wall street had a mixed report, tech stocks continue their down jrd ways and why san francisco-based uber is teaming up with baseball stadiums. cbs' matt piper has more on the day's business news. >> reporter: abbott nutrition reached an agreement with the food and drug administration to reopen a shuttered plant hoping to ease the baby formula shortage bye it's been closed since february after it failed to meet safety guidelines, new formula could hit shelves in six to eight weeks. mcdonald's is pulling out of russia. it said the invasion of ukraine is not consistent with its
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values. its entry 30 years ago was a symbolic show of the incoming western influence. now it's hoping to sell its more than 800 restaurants to a local buyer. uber is making sure baseball fans do not have to wait in long lines for their peanuts and cracker jacks. the ride hailing company is working with a handful of parks including yankee stadium, dodgers stadium and houston's minute maid park so fans can use uber eats to order food and pick it up at a nearby concession stand. for more, head to at the contribution broacbs broadcast center, i'm matt piper. it's 4:47. time for a check of weather and traffic. >> it's beautiful out there right now, patchy fog still bleeding off as we wake this up morning and as the sun starts to rise, this is a live look over the bay bridge, a beautiful, beautiful morning right now. daytime highs are going to warm up a little bit more than yesterday, but current temperatures right now we're
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still sitting in the 40s near santa rosa, 50s near concord. as we look at daytime highs today they're warming up into the mid 80s near the inland areas and we expect more upper 50s and fid 60s in the bay. with that in mind, the patchy fog will bleed off as we head into the afternoon hours, just around 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. it clears up in the valley areas and by the afternoon we're dealing with some sunny conditions. great opportunity to head outdoors. the winds aren't nearly as strong as yesterday by any means. as we extend into this week that gradual warming trend will continue to happen thanks to this huge ridge from the south bringing warm and dry air for us. as we extend into thursday, notice a little bit of a trough dipping down, cooling our temperatures down a smidge but we stay above average even as we head into the weekend. daytime highs today we're warming up more than yesterday. mid to low 70s in the forecast, anywhere from hayward down into redwood city, santa clara and a
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daytime high of 77. as we head off in the east bay we're seeing the same trend, more 80s in the forecast there and as we extend into the san rafael area north into santa rosa we see a huge temperature spread, 70s all the way into the mid 80s near santa rosa. it's also the case up near lakeport and ukiah. look at our next seven days, winds will continue to be the trend for us as we head into mid portions this week. we warm up into the upper 60s just by sunday for san francisco and let's look at what we can expect as we extend into the weekend for our north bay, more upper 80s in the forecast, 90s just by next work week so we're warming up significantly. we'll talk more about that as we extend into mid portions of this week, but for now, gianna, how is things looking out there? >> not bad. in fact, as far as traffic goes, as far as crashes go we're doing pretty good. what we are seeing are some windy conditions, we've got advisories issued by caltrans overnight and things are getting busy for that ride as you head into the altamont pass. getting ready to head out the door and you're a super
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commuter, brake lights westbound 580 toward the dublin interchange and busy out of tracy on 205, getting onto 580. the backup starting to mount to about north flynn on 580. no wind advisory for the altamont, not the case for the san mateo bridge. we're not seeing any brake lights or issues but that wind advisory is in effect for the san mateo bridge, again that was issued by caltrans overnight, so a little gusty as you work your way through there, keep that in mind if you're traveling in a larger more high-profile vehicle if you're taking 880 this morning, things are quiet, no issues th r dyward, or south 880 down into hayward to the san mateo bridge looking good with no major issues. wind advisory for the bay bridge so heads up there, if you're working across the span, light conditions, no major delays headed into the city and so far so good on the golden gate bridge. no wind advisory for the golden gate bridge but you'll have one for the benicia bridge and antioch. travel times looking good, everything is in the green with no major issues and i want to show you a map of the south bay,
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no crashes and look at that, we've got a lot of nice conditions right now, so if you're up early getting ready to make that commute out of san jose, good morning to you, and right now the freeways are moving nicely, 101, 280 and 87 no delays. that's a look at your morning ride. here's charlie with sports. >> here's your tease for this morning's sports guest. what makes luka doncic so special plus the bay area baseball teams in action last night and for the giants a trip to the rockies was exactly what the doctor ordered. highlights and more, t
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good g, everybody. albert pew holz celebrating on the mound, the good news, a perfect remedy, the colorado rockies, the giants had beaten ten straight times, pregame meditation, tied 1-1 in the fifth, ka sallie, see ya. three-run homer, he hit two long balls, third career multitater game for ka sallie.
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top nine we go, tied with two outs and it's not tied anymore. mike yastrzemski, a shot traveled 420 feet in the mile-high city. duvall the save, sixth save for number 75, giants win 7-6, 11 in a row against colorado. san francisco moves to 21-14, just 1 1/2 back of the dodgers. mayo on a hotdog? shockingly not bad. they love it. i loved it, too. don't knock it 'til you try. a's and the twins, andrus doubles to the ball. how are we, elvis, pretty good. everyone else not having much fun. top six, gary sanchez pulverized over the cameras in center and the look on dminomingo acevedo'
4:55 am
face says it all. a's lost three in a row, their record on the season falls to 15-23. the warriors already punched their ticket to the western conference finals on friday. as for their opponent, we found that out sunday night and it was a bit of a surprise. we seem destined all season for a collision course with the top-seeded suns, but the mavericks had other ideas. luka doncic poured in 35 points a game seven beat-down in the desert, 123-90 in favor of mark cuban's team. game on, is this wednesday night in chase center, biggest question for the dubs, how are they going to slow down luka? >> he's a really unique player, and clearly one of the very best players in the league. the ability to shoot the step-back three, and also get to the rim, and pass the ball so well makes him a really
4:56 am
difficult cover. dallas is talented and they have a lot of guys but he's obviously, he's their guy. >> with the suns eliminated, the warriors are now the favorite to win the title. they were 6-1 in november. still plus odds 3:2 or plus 150 as some know it. the celtics are behind them at 2:1, followed by the heat at 17:4, and the mavericks round it out at 6:1. look, if someone's giving me the warriors or the field, i'm slapping a saddle on the dubs and riding them to the county fair. this corps has always made the finals. why fade that fact? that's it for me and sports. have a great morning. it is 4:56. coming up, the advice from a health expert this morning on how to change the course of the bay area's current covid surge. >> here is a live look from our exclusive mark
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>> announcer: live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. >> right now at 5:00, sadness and outrage in the wake of two mass shootings over the weekend. how the bay area came together in a call to action. and heroic action after a gunman takes fire inside a church. plus a look at the generous donation made in the search for a missing bay area woman. a place of refuge rocked by robbers. an east bay community-driven church finding it self in need. we were there as the pastor reacts, seeing what little the thieves left behind. >> good morning to you. thanks for joining us. it's tuesday, may 17th . i'm amanda starrantino. >> and i'm len kiese. glad to have you with us this morning. yourpes jessica. >> we're warming up into the
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weekend and it's not as windy today nor is it as patchy when it comes to the fog at least. let's take a live look just over the city, a great opportunity to just see the lights right now, like i said, it's pretty much clear throughout the city area. we're seeing patchy fog in certain valleys. as we look at our weather headlines for this afternoon, patchy fog as we start off this morning, off in the valley areas. we are warming up as we head into the afternoon. a little bit more breezy as we extend into the evening hours and also temperatures are going to peak as we head into mid portions of this week. today alone, really not that bad. we're still expecting mid 80s in the forecast in the inland areas, just off in the tri-valley, too, and we're also dealing with pretty breezy conditions, the onshore flow pushing in along our coast into the bay as we extend into this afternoon but it's a lot more sun in the forecast for us, and we'll have more on that coming up in a little bit in your full forecast but for now, gianna, how are things looking? >> not too bad.


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