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tv   KPIX 5 News at 3pm  CBS  May 16, 2022 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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right at the top, bay area law enforcement working to stop illegal side shows. one city's new push to crack down. in the midst of a mass
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shooting motivated by racism and hate, there are also stories of heroes. i'm michael george in buffalo, new york with what we're learning about the victims. just in, a new agreement that could mean some relief for parents dealing with the shortage of baby formula. good afternoon. i'm sara. we have new video showing just how dangerous things can get. >> check out this video. the mayor tweeted this out saturday night. he said the people involved will be identified and punished. now the city council is considering arresting protesters and giving them six months in jail and a county fine.
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>> we'll be waiting for you with the full force of the antioch police department, our allied agencies and the appropriate resources to ensure that that does not happen in our community. >> and we know that this is a problem all around the bay area in san francisco. check out this new video of the side showdown town. this is from citizen app, showing cars taking over the intersection of harrison and fremont in soma. another video of spectators running away from the scene once police arrived. traffic begins to move once police drive up to the area. they did not make any arrest at that event. >> we brought you the mayor's news conference. you can check it out on channel 7 streaming at the channel 7 news app. today a person died after an early morning double shooting on south 10th street over near san jose state. at last check, police were still
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looking for a gunman in the area. so far we don't know any details or even a possible motive. then yesterday a woman died in a stabbing on vera lane. officers were called there around 11:00 a.m. police are also on the lookout for a suspect in that case. new developments in the case of kane velasquez. he is accused of shooting at a man who was accused of molesting his relative. velasquez was involved in a car chase when investigators said he ran into and shot at a vehicle with a man inside. the former fighter now faces attempted murder and other charges. gunshots rang across the country over the weekend from southern california to buffalo, new york. there were at least five mass shootings and many of them were deadly. looking to buffalo where ten people were killed in a supermarket. the suspect was 18 years old and police say he drove more than three hours for a racially
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motivated attack. we have the latest. >> reporter: they are looking at a mass shooting in a supermarket in buffalo. the suspected gunman had plans to continue his deadly rampage. >> if not for the quick response of the buffalo police department, he certainly would have killed more people in this immediate area. >> reporter: investigators say the 18-year-old specifically targeted the store because he wanted to kill as many black people as possible. over the weekend he pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder. ruth whitfield was one of the lives lost. she stopped at the store after visiting her husband of 68 years at a nursing home. family members were overcome by grief at a news conference. >> but we're not just hurting, we're angry. we're mad! this shouldn't have happened! >> reporter: attorney ben crump is representing the whitfield family and is demanding accountability beyond the suspect. >> the people who curate the
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hate, the people who inspire the hate on websites and internet services and cable news stations. >> reporter: new york state officials say the suspect, who lived hundreds of miles away, threatened a shooting at his high school lt ye ploedar. this attack over several months, and they're looking at a 180-page document he posted online describing himself as a white supremacist and an anti-semite. at the white house president biden paid tribute to aaron salter, a retired police officer who worked as a store security guard. >> he actually was able to shoot the assailant twice, but he had on a bulletproof vest, and he lost his life in the process. >> reporter: the president is expected to travel to buffalo tomorrow to grieve with the community. michael george, cbs news, buffalo, new york. >> the suspect is being held on suicide watch. he's being held on bail.
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el he will be arraigned on thursday. one person died, five others were hurt when he opened fire. d donb donbackus. >> one perso pastor hit the gunman on the head with a chair and worshipperaced h. >> churchgoers detained him and hog-tied his legs with an extension cord and confiscated at least two weapons fromhim. thosechurchgoers exemplified excessive heroism in order to stop the suspect. they undoubtedly stopped
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additional injuries and fatalities. >> the churchgoers ranged from 42 to 65. they identified the shooter as 65-year-old david cho of las vegas. investigators believe he is also asian. the suspect is charged with one count of murder and five counts of attempted murder. they were all part of the taiwanese presbyterian community which has weekly services at the church. they were hosting a reception after their suspected service to honor a former pastor visiting from taiwan. cbs news, laguna woods, california. the fbi and the atf are investigating. the suspect is being held on a million dollars bail. just in, baby formula maker abbott says it has reached an agreement with officials to restart production in its factory. meanwhile, they are also working on other plans to restock shelves. >> over the weekend, one of the things we worked on continuously
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was putting forth a set of rules that would enable the use of formula that was intended for other countries. some of it even manufactured in the u.s. intended for other countries. >> congress is preparing to vote this week on a pair of bills to increase supply, including one to allow the u.s. to import formula from abroad. the other would make it easier for low-income families in the program to buy formula. abbott had to recall its formula after some babies got very sick, but the fda is criticized for not moving sooner to look at this problem and solve supply issues. >> there were known problems with that facility going back many years in findings on previous inspections. >> that was a former inspector, scott gottlieb. he plans to ask congress for more money to hire inspectors when he testifies on capitol hill this week. >> so in the middle of all that,
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we know you at home, you parents are scrambling to find the formula to feed your children. our len keith talked about what they should do. >> i would say don't worry too much because a lot of these formulas have other substitutes, and they'll be safe for your child. changing brands within the s te oformula aer hav doctor i good option. >> and the european form pla is not fda approved. how safe is it if parents are desperate and can't find anything else? >> i've heard that parents are desperate and they will rope formulas. we've seen complications related to that in specific children, an it's really not regulated and neither is the shipment.
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we try to have conversations about these formulas and don't get great answers. i would find that shoulder within that same category. sometimes shifting to more sustained program is beneficial. >> what should parent not do? >> don't try to make homemade formula. we've seen kids end up in the hospital from long-term consequences. it's much safer to shift formulas in the same category, try out different brands. have that conversation with your pediatrician. still ahead on kpix 5 and streaming on the bay area.
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how they plan to defend against the mavs this week. see how ford is taking its signature f-150 truck electric. a cool and breezy start to the work week, and the fog has been impossible to shake along the coas
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so chase center and thrive city outside are about to see more action, not that there's been any shortage of that. the warriors stamped their ticket to the western conference finals and now they get home court advantage against the mavs this week. >> charlie walters with us now with a look ahead at the matchup. nobody is taking an easy nap outside chase center these days. >> no, and it seems we talk all year and at the playoffs about
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the top-seeded phoenix. now instead of worrying about focused on shutting down chris paul, they have to worry about a completely different force. luka doncic, his mavericks have 34 points a game in phoenix. that was over before the fans got their popcorn. the warriors were not fully healthy for any of those matchups. >> we're playing a very special team in the warriors when you talk about dynasty, and one of the best coaches to ever do it. >> one of the most historic teams of all time. we're going to have our work cut out for us. we're looking forward to heading toward the bay and continuing this thing. it's the west conference finals. what tew dream of?
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>> it is -- the road runs through san francisco for the fi first time in a long time. >> show your pictures on kpix and you can see them on tv. check the candy jars and popular brands are the subject of this story. tiny pieces of metal are actually embedded in the actual candy. if you find you have the effective products, you're advised to toss them f. the cost of other mailing sfrss
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remember. they would go into effect july 10th. with gas prices going up, more people are thinking about going electric. kris van cleave says the nation's best-selling product for 45 years is now gas free. a0 in a little over 12 seconds and starting at 40 grand. system. i think it brings electric vehicles to the masses. ly. it is a rolling generator designed to power a job site, a tailgate party, and even -- >> it's the best-selling vehicle right now, so we can't mess this
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up. >> 55% of gas-powered car owners say they are considering going electric. and nearly 160,000 did in the first quart either of 2022. evs now account for about 4.6% of all registered vehicles nationwide. the f-series truck has been the best-selling vehicle in the u.s. since 1977, and through the years has embodied america's love of birg. >> i think in terms of what this product can do, it's just as tough in our f series. >> the light hold up to fmd. or host an all-electric front gate party. kris van cleave, it.
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>> a little cool out there today, but temperatures are going to warm up the next few days. some locally dense fog tonight. it's been hanging at the coast all day. it will spread across the bay to the inland valleys to begin the day tote. ber going by the bay on the t. no rain in sight for the next several days. we're into the latter half of may, just a the. ly us to the north. oon act gt some minor ups and downs to our temperatures, but we're talking about a warmup here looking for after today.
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70s farther inland, 78 degrees. it's below 78 degrees in santa rosa as well as r. it is going to diminish but it will tay tay little while this evening. layer up. temperatures will be in the mid-6 of 0s for the eternity people ending at game time. it will drop down to the mid-5 ild-mile-an-hour gusts there. the winds diminish snow chazed today. it will give us time to warm up. even san francisco should climb up with above average temperatures inland.
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you should see heavy. temperatures tonight are going to be pretty close to what's normal for this time of year. a mid mix of mid to upper 40s. san francisco, 6 of 24 sant co collar. some spots farther east of the d diablo range, in the 70s. even warmer temperatures in store for us on wednesday. we'll be slilt. .. those temperatures will remain warm, especially inland, as we head to the weekend. friday or monday of next week, that's not pad aumplt per 80s
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for the north bay and even along the coast, after tomorrow you should manage to get up to a little bit above 60 fded. good news for the class of 2022. >> some salaries they could be urng when they step into a job. >> terror. we continue the rampage and were the t three hiers a
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the blicaf bysiasngn dan heheapplause, well deserved. officer ryan smith, vince mendoza and retired officer robert paul were all involved in a routine traffic stop that ended in a gun battle that claimed the life of one of their colleagues in riverside. today's participants were from
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1920 and 1921. so many things were put on hold because of covid. people will be looking into a very different job market than past dwryears, especially the p few years. they plan to hire more college graduates, comparing hiring from 2021 to 2022. the average price for business is up about 3%. engineering is close to 74,000 there with more than 5%. cbs news bay area. we asked a doctor from
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california. you can find us on any platform using the fre
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yeah, he's pretty cool. bay area teenager just got to hit the stage with pearl jam. >> you don't want to miss this story. it is beyond. coming up at 5:00, we talk to a young drummer about how he got to fill in with the legendary band. not bad. finally here at 3:00, something big for fans of "moulin rouge." >> the overnight stay through airbnb includes the circuit suite, 1920 costumes, and customers also get a photo
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opportunity with the cast. bookings go on air tomorrow at airbnb. cbs evening news is next.
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