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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  May 15, 2022 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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tonight a blood red moon rose over the skies of the entire bay area and was seen by half the globe, unless their view of the total lunar eclipse was blocked by clouds. >> a side show causing trouble for people trying to get on the bay bridge. >> and lots of music brought to levi stadium for the first time in almost three years. we take you behind the scenes to see the innovative way the show was powered. >> good evening. thank you for joining us. >> this is a view have tonight's total lunar eclipse. this is after the total phase, of course. the lunar eclipse was in view of half the globe with time-lapsed video from about 8:00 our time to just before the news tonight. thousands lined the streets out
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to livermore. some saw a beautiful full moon flush deep orange, and some didn't see much at all. >>no o thast b and the south bay, we tried to see who had the best view of it tonight. >> what are we looking at in can you see it? >> reporter: here at kpix from our studio roof top in san francisco, it was a bit foggy but we tried. >> there you go. we saw it. thumbs up. we're happy! >> reporter: and over in the east bay, in pleasanton, a viewer sent us this photo with a clear view. moving north to sausalito and brian's view. >> not a lot of luck in sausalito. there's a band of high clouds out there as forecast but i did get a glimpse. this is what it looked like. and better than nothing. >> reporter: but the real observers gathered at the space
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and science center in oakland. >> we'll be watching with one of our teleskoems. we have some monitors set up here. we have people in other observatories around the country. >> reporter: now to the south bay, in sunnyvale, a viewer sending us this photo where clearly, he had the best view of all. >> nice. >> meanwhile, back on earth, new video into the newsroom of side show activity in down san francisco. video from citizen app shows cars taking over the intersection of harrison and fremont tonight. another video from citizen app shows spectators running away from the scene before police arrived. the traffic began to move once police drove up to the area. levi stadium was rocking for the first time in 1,001 days. cold play just wrapped up. it was the first concert at the convenient you've since the pandemic started. the band also had an ecofriendly
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message for its fans. >> reporter: cold play's lead singer rocked the house and fans went wild at levi stadium's first concert in nearly three years. the band delighted the sellout crowd of 50,000 people. confetti, a light show and colorful performances. >> we actually came here in 2017 to see cold play a while ago. and we loved it but we haven't been to a concert since. >> a lot has happened. >> a lot has happened since. and we're so excited to be here around people. >> reporter: cold play's music of the spheres world tour is pledging to be a sustainable and low carbon as possible. for example, tonight the led wrist bands are compostable and will be recharged and collected after every show. the pyrotechnics are sustainable and made of new formula that's greatly reduce or eliminate
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chemicals. and the stage production is almost entirely powered with renewable super low emission energy. before the show, fans were invited to jump on the kinetic dance floors. the energy is stored in these batteries. the charge is enough to be carried on to their next destination in chicago. fans got the chance to work out and jump on one of the kinetic bikes to help generate energy to help power the show. i think cold play is one group that could do this and they did it. why not, right? >> amazing. >> amazing. we're powering something, working off our cocktails. all in good fun. >> and helping to save the planet. >> the best part of the whole show. ♪ >> reporter: cold play is committed to mostly flying commercial throughout their tour and will pay a surcharge to user supply aviation fuel to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
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at levi stadium. kpix 5. >> nice. meanwhile, back to covid. health officials in the bay area counties are telling people to mask up again indoors, or at large events. a lot of people are making their own decisions this time around. a lot of people were out at the car show in fremont today. many were not wearing masks. of course, they were outside. alameda ty recommending people mask up at large outdoor gatherings. the bay area has a 10% positivity rate making it double the statewide average. as rules are relaxing and a lot of fear is gone, some are still masking up though. >> it is just a part of life for us. i work in the herring field. we feel naked without it. >> i don't think we're in danger now. if the government came out and said wear a mask, we'll wear a mask. right now, it seems to be we're
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on our own. >> the health officers say they are not considering another mask mandate because hospitalizations are down as of now. even with a surge in positivity rate. wildfires broke out across the bay area today in livermore. the fire shut down altamont pass. it burns more than 100 acres. highway 580 opened up. and vallejo, crews knocked down a three alarm wildfire at 2:00 this afternoon. this is right near six flags discovery kingdom. it left quite a bit of hazy smoke across parts of east vallejo. there was also a fire behind food max in vallejo. in fairfield, a fire burned near travis air force base. this is video from a pg&e wildfire camera earlier today. the fire burned 20 acres. cal fire's helicopter was called in to help put it out. cal fire officials said they've responded to more than 1,700 fires this year alone, and it is why they don't like to
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hear the term fire season. >> there is no fire season. that's one of the things we've been trying to get across to the public for a couple years. we're getting away from using the terminology. the implication being if we're in fire season, there is a time of year that we're not in fire season and that's not the case. >> firefighters are dealing with extreme fire danger. not just in california but as you know, the fire in new mexico that burned about 290,000 acres. thieves have been target multiple bay area mosques and stealing money from their donation boxes. surveillance video shows someone reaching in a donation box at the fiji mosque in south san francisco earlier this month. community leaders say it has happened twice and believe it is the same person. other mosque experienced the same thing. well, now, community leaders are coordinating together to prevent more thefts from happening. >> we want to make sure all the mosques are talking to each other, communicate with each other, have a game plan to
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capture the suspect. >> south san francisco police believe this burglary could be connected to another one in a different city. at least four mosques across the bay area have reported similar crimes. i hate to tell you this. there was another shooting today. a person killed, five others hurt in a shooting at a church in southern california. laurie perez has the details that investigation. >> today is a very dark day for the people of laguna woods in orange county. >> reporter: stunned local leaders and steel law enforcement are vowing to find out why and how a lone gunman came to the church and opened fire. within minutes of the mass shooting just before 1:30 -- a mass of first responders arrived finding one person dead on the scene. transporting five others, four in critical condition. officers immediately declared a mass casualty incident. >> resources included firefighter paramedic units, our specialized mass casualty unit,
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a helicopter air ambulance. >> reporter: investigators say an asian man in his 60s is in custody. they don't think he's from the area and are trying to find out what if any connection he has to the church. they say there were 30 to 40 witnesses, all part of irvine taiwan ease community which has weekly services and was hosting a luncheon after this morning's service to honor a former pastor. as investigators look into the details, a story is emerging. >> we believe a gram of churchgoers detained him and hog tied his legs and confiscated at least two weapons from him. he was detained when the deputies arrives. that group of churchgoers displayed heroism and bravery in intervening to stop the suspect. they undoubtedly prevented additional injuries to fatalities. >> reporter: atf is now tracing the two guns that were confiscated to find out if they were illegally obtained and
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where. deputies are look at security video that might have followed his path here and congressman adam schiff that he is searching for answers after yet another mass shooting. >> i'm grateful for what those congregant does and it could have been. worse. they should not have to put their lives on the line when they go to pray. it shouldn't be a fear people have when they go to worship. but with so many shootings now in houses of worship, it can't help but intrude on your thoughts. meantime, we are learning new details about the mass shooting in buffalo, new york yesterday. the shooter made threats to shoot up his high school last year and recently underwent a mental health evaluation. >> he was evaluated and then he was released. as far as when we say on the radar, there was nothing picked up on the state police intelligence, nothing picked up on the fbi intelligence, nobody called in. nobody called any complaints. >> tonight the anti-defamation
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league is speaking out after that shooting. the gunman allegedly posted a racist and anti-semitic manifesto before the shooting. >> we can look at the ways in which technology is being weaponized. in march, the ways in which social media platforms are being exploited as a way to reach and recruit and radicalize people who are susceptible to the kinds of lies and conspiracy theories that apparently the alleged shooter bought into. >> california legislators are thinking about a social media transparency bill which would hold the companies accountable for spreading hate. still ahead on kpix news at 11:00 and streaming on cbs news bay area, it may soon be easier to ride your bike down streets of berkeley. and you can see the fog coming in over the bay bridge. there are changes for monday. we'll have the forecast when we come back.
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out-of-state corporations wrote
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an online sports betting plan they call "solutions for the homeless". really? the corporations take 90 percent of the profits. and using loopholes they wrote, they'd take even more. the corporations' own promotional costs, like free bets, taken from the homeless funds. and they'd get a refund on their $100 million license fee, taken from homeless funds, too. these guys didn't write a plan for the homeless. they wrote it for themselves. the city of berkeley will be adding bike lanes to a very busy street next year. many businesses and shoppers aren't happy with the addition. the upcoming changes and the only significance from some long
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time shoppers. >> reporter: hopkins street gets very narrow in certain parts. berkeley leaders say that is for street parking and bike lanes. can't have both. the city council voted to go with bike lanes. opponents said it will likely stop them from shopping here. >> reporter: like clock work, lily would drive down the hills to her favorite shopping spots on hopkins street. >> i love shopping here. i can get everything i need in one little walk. i can get my fish, my meat, my wonderful vegetables. >> reporter: she shops at monterey market at nearby mom and pop stores twice a week since 1964. that's 58 years. >> i think i'm one of their longest customers. >> reporter: but those weekly trips are about to come to an end. >> i can't ride a bicycle. i'm 92 now. i won't be able to come here. >> reporter: she believes the new changes on hopkins street will hurt seniors and those who rely on cars. >> i think berkeley is making a grave mistake.
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>> reporter: starting next year, berkeley will add bike lanes on a one-mile stretch of hopkins street. they will move all parking. they'll also remove three parking spots on this busy commercial block. >> i am very worried. i mean, i have nightmares, honestly, about losing business. people out going somewhere else. finding other places to shop. >> reporter: pete says most of his customers are seniors. it is already hard to find parking on hopkins. he said if customers can't park, they won't come. >> we'll lose some business. >> reporter: the city plans to add parking meters in front of his business to encourage turnover. >> if we make it safer, more people will bike. >> reporter: they say it means safety and sustainability. bike advocates believe it will encourage more people to shop here. >> i want kids to bike here, the parents to feel safe with their kids biking. >> reporter: lily said she feels left behind as berkeley builds
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for the future. >> it is very sad to me that i will have to give this up. >> reporter: berkeley leaders are extending the bike lanes for another half mile. that plan could include removing more street parking. the city council may vote only later this year. in berkeley, kpix 5. well, the fog spoiled the view for some folks of the eclipse but that will serve to cool thing down in the east bay tomorrow. it will be the coolest day of the week on monday. tuesday won't do much better. but in the latter half of the week, the number will come right up. as we give you various panoramas of the city. this is the view from sutro tower. it is completely fogd up. especially close to the shoreline, it will be windy tonight and cool tomorrow. the numbers in the low 70s. the winds will be gusting. tomorrow afternoon, 40-mile-an-hour gusts in bodega.
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in san francisco, 30-mile-an-hour gusts. strong onshore breeze means everybody cools down. down into the low to mid 70s tomorrow. and it hangs on right until tuesday morning when they abate. the been factor of all this, the low pressure in the pacific northwest will deepen and that means the sea breeze will be picking up. it will be windy. coastal clouds inland tonight. they're already doing that. it will be cooler, especially at the shoreline with more clouds, bay wide tomorrow. some high clouds and low clouds. and a summer-like pattern for the rest of the week. the usual low clouds in the morning and sun in the afternoon. the temperatures will be in the 40s and 50s at night. the numbers will be a little bit cooler tomorrow than today. 77 at napa. 75 in vallejo. 69 in fremont. redwood city, 69 degrees. 64 in san francisco. in the extended forecast, the
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coolest day of the week pretty much tomorrow for san francisco. it will be windy all week long. notice what happens toward the end of the week. this is san jose down here. it will be near 90 degrees next saturday and sunday. in fact, we can look at the bay as a whole. inland east bay gets coolest day tomorrow and then we'll be in the 90-degree range by the weekend. that's next weekend. we'll get sun inland. clouds along the shoreline. it is basically summertime in may and that's what is ahead in weather. as for what's ahead in news -- >> coming up, the return of beta breakers. and we have a look at some of the creative costumes, g-rated. steve kerr is back. >> i had to get away from the team and protect everybody else. >> a lot of people said it would be a blowout. they were right. >> reporter: what happened to the defending nba champs?
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beta breakers returned to san francisco for the first time many two years. >> indeed. as you know, the race was put on hold due to the pandemic but not today. >> reporter: known for its colorful and clothing optional cost tuls, beta breakers was back in person for the first time in two years. >> i had a great time. i r i ran faster than expected. it was fun seeing the costumes. >> reporter: the race traces its origins back to 2012. it went virtual because of the pandemic and everyone agrees, it wasn't the same. >> it is really fun to see everyone in a group together and having fun and not worrying.
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>> reporter: but they're all back this year. these are the folks who finished first. there are elite runners leading the pack. for everyone else behind them, it was secondary to having fun. >> i would run as long as i can. i love this. i should be doing it more often. >> reporter: beta breakers is a tradition in san francisco. it is an ode to the unrestrained and an antidote to the everyday life. we missed it while it was gone and celebrate now its return. kpix. >> it's the first time, too, that nonbibleary runners could -- nonbinary runners could compete. steph curry has add another achievement in his impressive career. this one is off the court. he's officially earned his bachelor of arts in sociology 13 years after leaving college for the nba. curry wasn't able to attend the commencement ceremonies back in north carolina this weekend and that's because, well, he's been kind of busy trying to win another nba championship with the warriors with the western
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conference finals starting wednesday. so the school says curry will be welcome back, i'm sure, on campus after the season to get his diploma. >> and coming up, we've got details on what movies reigned supreme. and our app gives you 24/7 access to real-time news updates. you can sign up for breaking news alerts.
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as the summer movie season gets going, well, it's not summer. which movies have won the top five this weekend? >> and which ones failed to ignite. >> hello! >> everything everywhere all at once continues its run at fifth place with $3.3 million. >> she has no aim without sight. she's like the rest of us. >> the remake of fire starter failed to ignite the box office, bringing in $3.8 million. on the low end of industry predictions. sonic the hedgehog two stayed in number two. and the bad guys made off with $6.6 million. dr. strange and the multiverse of madness held on for a second
11:29 pm
weekend with $61 million. follow-up visits to the doctor did see a less than magical 67% drop in ticket sales over its debut weekend. the marvel adventures box office totals are now at $292 million domestic. in hollywood. >> i have not been to the movies in forever. by the way, vernon said he saw the premier of top gun. >> oh! >> it's a good one. it will be out in a couple weeks. we'll have that for you.
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>> a group of k-9 officers ready to hit streets and protect their community. they are graduated from the chp canine academy. they've gone through agility training that develops other skills and builds trust with their handlers.
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they're great dogs to boot. >> i can't even get my the fetch my slippers. >> oh, come on. really? >> let's hand it over to these guys. good knight.
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got a lot to talk about tonight. thank goodness. we got a may 15th game day show to do it. warriors hosting the western
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conference finals game one and two. i get that. it's how it happened. that's the eyebrow raiser. the other western conference semifinal can be dallas mavericks and the phoenix suns, game seven, where the home team, phoenix had a really good option on closing it out. that back court was over 11 in the first half. luca of dallas, on target. mavericks jumped out to a 15-5 lead. then he caught fire. he scored 30 points. his best game of the playoffs. luca approved. the mavericks led by 30 at half time. and they kept their foot on the gas. jailen, powell, and the man th


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