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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  May 15, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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the suspect has been identified as an asian male in his 60s. the five adult victims have been taken to the hospital. many of those inside the church are to be of taiwanese dissent. this is from laguna woods. some residents describe what happened. >> from 12:45 to 12:50 i started hearing sirens often, on and on and on and on. they didn't stop for 45 minutes. i said, what the heck is going on? >> this is a look from the scene earlier in the day. investigators are looking at whether the bloodshed could be a hate crime and whether the gunman was familiar with the church community. meantime, we are learning new details about the mass shooting in buffalo, new york. the shooter made threats to shoot up his high school last year and recently underwent a mental health evaluation. >> he was evaluated an then he was released.
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as far as we say on the radar, there was nothing picked up on the state police intelligence, nothing picked up on the fbi intelligence. nobody called in. >> today both president biden and new york's governor called on doing more to stop the hate. >> this is not open season on african americans. >> the message should be we won't tolerate this. >> angry, upset. heart broken. >> jerome bridges said he was working in aisle 14 at the tops friendly market when a gunman wearing armor opened fire. >> i started running. when he stopped firing for a minute, reloaded and started firing again. >> police say it took less than two minutes for officers to arrive and forced the gunman, who was live streaming the
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rampage, to surrender. >> this individual came here with the expressed purpose of taking as many black lives as he possibly could. >> according to police, 11 of the 13 victims were black. >> the evidence that we have uncovered so far makes no mistake that this is an absolute racist hate crime. >> dion elliott lost his brother. he was at the store buying a cake for his son's birthday. >> and now i have no brother, he's got no father. is that fair? >> reporter: this community lost an 86-year-old mother of a retired fire commissioner. they also lost the life of a police officer who was retired working as a security guard. >> i can't say enough about our retired fellow aaron salter who confronted this individual to save the lives of others. may he rest in peace. >> the suspect is in custody on suicide watch after pleading not guilty to a murder charge.
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police say so far the investigation shows he acted alone. kevin rancon, cbs news, buffalo, new york. back in the bay area on a fire watch. brush fire in livermore has burned 132 acres. this is a picture from cal fire showing the extent of the burn. fire has been put out. burning along eastbound 580. the smoke did cause some traffic backups. no word on a cause. in vallejo, crews knocked down a three alarm fire. it's near six flags kingdom and left hazy smoke. >> beta breakers. returned to san francisco for the first time in two years. thousands of runners took on the streets this morning. the race was put on hold because of the pandemic. that didn't stop runners today. they took off at the embarcadero. they headed towards the finish
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line, ocean beach. many wore costumes, animal onesies, donuts. >> it's really fun to see everyone in a group together, having fun and not worrying. >> so fun at a race, so many different kinds of people running. so fun. >> really good. exhil exhilarating. >> i had a great time. i ran faster than expecting. i didn't realize my friends behind. >> it was fun to be out here and see all the people dressed up in costumes and the festive atmosphere. i do feel like it was especially festive. maybe because people are so excited to be back. >> one runner is making history at this year's race. cal became the first nonbinary runner to win in their gender category. it was the first time nonbinary runners could run in their own categories. well, covid cases are spiking again and the bay area
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is the state's covid hot spot. san francisco's positivity rate is now above 10%. that is more than double the overall rate in the state of about 4%. in the south bay santa clara university mandating covid testing for on campus residents for the next two weeks. they are only recommending masking up. >> on friday health officers in all nine bay area counties began urging people to wear masks indoors and kpix's john ramos shows people are making their own rules. >> reporter: covid-19 is here but the fear is relaxed. we came to the car show to find out how people are feeling. >> about the pandemic. >> reporter: a fever used to keep you out of the event. here people come from all over to view the unique, the antique and the one of a kind like this
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1941 lincoln continent tall. 1 of 300 only made. the car show is so popular, when it hit in 2020 people brought their cars after the city closed the event. >> people staged their own car show? >> yeah. pretty much. everybody's like, you know what, you're finally doing it. here we are. >> reporter: so the car show is back with more entries than ever, but take a look at the crowd and it's hard to find anyone wearing a mask. the fear of covid is pretty much gone. even for eddie zurkursky who has a heart condition and has gotten covid once before. >> i just don't think it's that big of a deal. >> reporter: it looks like you have a lot of company. >> look around, 1 in, what, 100 has a mask on? >> reporter: officially the county recommends people mask up. but it's not required. the bay area has a 10%
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positivity rate, three times the statewide average but few here seem worried. franco thinks it's another flu and doesn't believe the vaccines work anyway. >> if there was a vaccine that really worked, we wouldn't have it. it would be goon, right? like the typical ones, right? >> not if people don't take the vaccine. >> well, that's true too, but then you can probably form an immunity to that. >> reporter: that's called getting the illness. >> yeah. yeah. that's true. that can happen. yeah. but i think right now most people are okay with it. >> reporter: but those who do mask up have different reasons for doing it. david pracash works in a hospital. >> it's just a part of life now for us. i work in the health care field. we feel naked without it. >> reporter: and his father-in-law, edward correro, has an unvaccinated 1-year-old grandchild. >> you've got the mindset this ain't over yet. want to get back over that hump.
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we've been doing it for two years now. why quit now. >> reporter: but along with the fear, something sells missing. the anger. everyone seems willing to let the other guy make his own decision and that feels pretty good to kathy polestro who doesn't object to masks but enjoys the day out without one. >> i don't think we're in danger. if the government says wear a mask, we'll wear a mask but right now it seems like we're on our own. >> in niles, john ramos. >> more bikes, less business. how a newly approved bike lane in the east bay is threatening dozens of businesses and pushing shoppers away. >> i think berkeley is making a gr grave mistake. very sad to me i have to give this up. >> plus, how a bay area surgeon has found a way to get medical supplies into ukraine.
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>> forecast and changes ahead for monday. we'll have them when we come back.
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new at 6, the city of berkeley will be adding bike lanes to a very busy street next year. many businesses and shoppers are not happy with the new addition. kpix du lin has the story. >> reporter: hopkins street gets very narrow. they have to pick between street parking and bike lanes. can't have both. the city council voted to go with bike lanes. the new changes will likely stop them from shopping here. like clockwork lily brody will drive down the hills to her favorite shopping spots. >> i love shopping here because i can get everything i need in
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one little walk. i can get my fish, my meat, my wonderful vegetables. >> reporter: she shops at monterey street since 1964. that's 58 years. >> i think i'm one of their longest customers. >> reporter: those weekly trips are about to come to an end. >> i can't ride a bicycle. i'm 92 now. i won't be able to come here. >> reporter: she believes the changes on hopkins street will hurt seniors and cars. >> i think berkley is making a grave mistake. >> reporter: the city will remove all street parking from monterey avenue to gilman street and three parking spots on this busy commercial block. >> i am very worried. i have nightmares honestly about, you know, losing business. people going somewhere else. finding other places to shop.
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>> reporter: pete says most of his customers are seniors. if customers can't park, they won't come. >> we'll probably lose some business. >> reporter: the city plans to add parking meters in front of his business to encourage turnover. >> if we make it safer, people will bike. >> reporter: bike lanes mean safety and sustainability. they believe it will encourage more people to shop here. >> i want the kids to bike here and parents to feel safe with their kids biking. >> reporter: lily says she feels left behind as berkeley builds for the future. >> it's very sad for me that i'm going to have to give this up. >> reporter: berkeley leaders are looking for a plan to extend the bike lanes for another half a mile. that could include removing more street parking. the city council may vote on that later this year. in burckley, i'm dayt lin.
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nato leaders are in ukraine. they're discussing moves by finland and sweden to join nato. foreign ministers are expressing support. this all comes as the country's faced threats from russia. and back here at home, a bay area doctor and nurse are helping victims from the war in ukraine. the new people who would need medical supplies and what they did not know at first how to get it there. we're now telling you how they're shipping thousands of dollars in supplies. >> like so many of us, sasha was looking for a way to ease the suffering of her family and country men in ukraine. she asked her boss to buy professional grade medical supplies and sasha would pay for it herself with one month of her nurse's salary. >> which to me seems crazy. >> reporter: just a month's pay. >> just a month's pay but, i
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mean, i knew we could do more. >> reporter: turns out during the early days of the pandemic the doctor amassed a storage unit full of surgical supplies. >> we definitely stockpiled a few times over. >> reporter: syringes, gowns and gloves, iv fluids, cleaning wipes and equipment. all told, $20,000. >> we've come through our local needs so there's another place it can be put together. >> reporter: it was packed on to a truck, piled on to six pallets with a total weight of more than 3,000 pounds. challenge now, how to get it all onto the front lines of war torn ukraine. >> reporter: do you have experience shipping things? >> absolutely not. we do now. >> reporter: you do now. >> we'll learn. in is back storage. >> reporter: leon is one of the leaders of hearts for ukraine.
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they seem to have cracked the code how to get supplies into the country. they partnered with the ukrainian consulate for a list of monthly items. when somebody is requesting it, we are trying to fulfill it. >> reporter: they've built relationships with trucking companies and airlines. people on the ground in ukraine make last mile trips. >> all of the volunteers in ukraine are willing to risk their lives. >> reporter: they get photos while in transit. the pictures of the donations once delivered. the group got confirmation that these supplies made it into ukraine monday. >> puts smiles on their faces and makes a huge difference. >> reporter: every little bit? >> every little bit. >> coming out of the ashes of covid and ceiling howseeing how
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silicon valley came together, i have hope. a few changes in store for monday. things will cool in inland. threatening the view of the total lunar eclipse. as a partial eclipse becomes total at 8:30. san francisco from treasure island, you can see something's going to be a factor for people away from the shoreline. that is a gauze of high clouds below the low clouds. these are an eclipse killer. the high clouds don't help but you can see the full moon through the clouds. speaking of clouds, this is the view from the camera that's midway on sutro tower. nothing but fog. concord at 72 degrees. san francisco, just 60. windy and cooler bay wide along the shoreline. as we get into monday, tomorrow will be the coolest day of the week. tuesday is not far behind. the winds will be around with us right through tuesday. this is monday morning, 11:15.
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bodega bay has gusts around 15 miles an hour. and the winds stick with us pretty good through tomorrow night. low pressure is deepening. low pressure will be coming closer to california is going to take down the heights of the atmosphere. the result is that we get low clouds but we do have the total lunar eclipse tonight which begins just after sunset. begins before sunset. the moon rises at 8:06. when the moon rises it's already going to have a chunk taken out of it because of the partial part of the eclipse begins after 7:00 but the moon rises 8:06 p.m. it's not total yet. for that we wait a few minutes. total eclipse begins at 8:29 p.m. when all of the direct sunlight is cut off. it's the sunlight refracted from every sunrise and sunset onto
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the face of the moon that turns it a blood red. mid eclipse at 9:11 tonight. total endse e.m. the sweetip spotcl is between 8 to 8:30 tonight. the high clouds don't help anybody at all. here's what we're expecting. total lunar eclipse sequence begins tonight. cooler and more clouds bay wide and summer like pattern is coming for the rest of the week. the usual fog and low clouds and sun in the afternoon. cooler tomorrow but we will recover to near 90 by next weekend. that's weather for sports. mr. glenn? >> yes, sir. straight ahead in sports, guess who's back with the warriors and since when is tossing a no hitter a bad thing? i'll tell you when. that and more in two minutes.
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nba playoffs and the warriors welcome back steve kerr. his negative covid test has allowed him to resume his duties as head coach. no one is happier than his wife marg got who had just about enough of him guaranteed home for games four, five and six. >> once i tested i had to get away from the team and it really wasn't too bad. i appreciate you asking. and, you know, it's good to be back. >> his wife agrees. she tweeted during game six, quote, i never want to watch an nba game with my husband again. >> she sat there for about two minutes and then announced she was going to head downstairs t . it was a good arrangement. like all good marriages, you
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know when to be together and when to give each other a little space. all is good now though. >> baseball, giants and the cardinals sunday night. moving pictures at 11:30 tonight on the game day show. have a look at a's catcher shawn murphy. it was la's one, two punch. mike trout slapped a single to center. he went 2 for 14 in the series. that's okay because next up was shohei atani. his second homer in as many days. his eighth this season. settled down after that. two runs over six innings and he struck out 12. double digit strikeouts. elvis andrews grounded out weekly in the eighth here.
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the a's incredibly went 0 for 11 with runners in scoring position. the angels won it. three out of four. minnesota comes to town tomorrow night. >> reds rookie hunter green exited with a no hitter. cincinnati walked the bases lo loaded. the pirates won it. reds are the first time since 2000 atd to lose a game despite throwing a no hitter. nba eastern conference semis, game 7. grant williams, get out of that milwaukee huddle. first quarter, yanis drove it in and yanis scored 17 points. finished with 25. we're watching boston attack. al horford and grant williams. a one-two punch of their own.
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career high for williams. scored 27 points. worth another look. most of the damage was done beyond the arc. williams, launched, bang. went 7 of 18 from deep. paul pierce says that's the truth. celtics won it 109-81 and will face the top seed miami heat. game one of the conference final is tuesday in miami. pivot to golf. let's take you to dallas. byron nelson. justin lower. put him on top. top 50 for the tournament. a moment he will never forget. here came the story here. kh lee at the par 5, 12. hit it so well he ran after it to get him to see it. close for eagle. how close? this close. he shot a 9 out of 63 to finish
6:26 pm
25 under for the tournament. jordan spieth needed this to drop and force a playoff. oh. didn't get it. kh lee crowned champion of this event. pga championship is next week. >> lpga, needed a couple of putts to win. she only needed one. lee held off lexie thompson and won the founders cup. her seventh career tour win. so at 5 i gave the attention to jules about great golf shots. equal time now for brian, tennis pro. have you ever won anything, brian? >> yeah, i won some tennis trophies back in the day. >> wow. >> really? nice. >> you have to polish that up and bring it in here.
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>> we're talking hollister, vern. lower the expectations. >> like to see some video of that. all right. >> super 8 film but i think i do have it. >> vern, thanks so much. and coming up next, we're going to be talking about a scramble for formula shortage. that story's just ahead. how local mom is helping each other through the shortage. the tech billionaire how he's banking for senate on one issue. >> welcoming teachers home. how one bay area school district is providing a model for the nation.
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fanduel and draftkings, two out of state corporations making big promises to californians. what's the real math behind their ballot measure for online sports betting? 90% of profits go to the out of state corporations permanently. only eight and a half cents is left for the homeless. and in virginia, arizona, and other states, fanduel and draftkings use loopholes to pay far less than was promised. sound familiar? it should. it's another bad scheme for california.
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you're watching kpix news at 6:30. >> at 6:30. bay area mosques are targeted. why thieves could be part of their commun i'm juliet good rich. >> i'm brian hackeney. they're saying people are targeting their mosques and steal money. we have the story. >> reporter: leaders at this mosque tell us they recognize the suspect. they say he's familiar with the building and knew exactly when and where to go to steal from their donation boxes. >> it's sad this is happening. we feel like we could help this brother out. >> reporter: surveillance video
6:31 pm
shows someone reaching for the donation boxes at the fiji mosque earlier this month. >> we didn't know until this morning when the brothers came into the mosque. they noticed some of the mother was on the floor. >> reporter: leaders say it's happened twice already and they believe it's the same person who may be a member of their community. they've reached out to leaders only to learn this has happened at other mosques. >> i was shocked. i was saddened. i immediately thought of the community and all the other community members who spend and give their money to the centers. >> shabazz sheik is the leader. donations have not been stolen but he's helping leaders. >> we all feel personally offended. so far they've learned four mosques around the bay area and have reported similar crimes this year. these donation boxes have money from local muslims following
6:32 pm
religious charity to give money for the needs. >> this sounds like a serial burglar. >> south san francisco police confirm they're investigating a burglary at this mosque and they believe it could be connected to another burglary in a different city. >> we want to make sure all the mosques are talking to each other and we have a game plan to capture the suspect or help the suspect out. >> reporting in south san francisco. a former fda commissioner is blaming the baby formula shortage on the u.s. government. dr. scott gottleib says it's a lack of resources for the agency overseeing the industry. >> this division is 9 people and it was fewer when i was there. this is an underresourced part of the industry. that's contributing i think to
6:33 pm
these challenges. >> the nationwide formula has gotten so bad president biden is thinking of enacting the defense fund. some bay area moms are trying to help solve the problem. >> this is autumn. she's a premy, born in august. >> she is 12 months now. feeding her enriched formula is important. are you concerned she may not get her supply? >> i am concerned. very concerned. i'm so scared she's not going to get her supply. i don't know how much longer she'll need her special formula. >> reporter: parents like christine are doing whatever they can to get formula. >> you were driving around from store to store just trying to find something. >> yes. >> did you find formula?
6:34 pm
>> not her formula. >> now demand is at an all-time high. here at a grocery store in pleasantton. >> one can of enfamil and the price for that $23.99 just for one can. powder is under lock and key. >> it is an example of what i have easy access to. >> savannah robinson peters is donating her pumped breast milk. she has a freezer full. >> i have a lot more. this is what i have easy access to right now. >> you know that's liquid gold. >> yeah. it's literally -- i have some colostrom from when i first started. >> the response has been overwhelming. >> i did not expect the response i got back. i think i could probably help
6:35 pm
out probably about five to six moms. >> give them tiny amounts. >> reporter: eric says he and his fiance bought baby formula in bulk when he was born not realizing how sought after it would be now. >> so we probably have a month and a half. maybe two months worth of formula. >> they are warriors in their own right doing what they can to take care of their babies helping one another day by day. >> it's really hard. >> juliet goodrich, kpix. >> dan owe dowd is running for senate. he says the message is part of a bigger picture. >> we have to find the computers, disconnect them, reprogram them so they can't be
6:36 pm
hacked. >> he's running as a single issue candidate. he's using tesla to segue into the broader issue of cybersecurity. power grids, hospitals, self-driving cars are all at risk of self-driving cars. he says he's not a competitor to tesla. traditional commencement celebrations began at cal state this afternoon. students were very happy to be part of in-person graduation after two years of break. kristie yamaguchi and dana king received honorary degrees from the university. now at 6:30, about 100 teachers and staff in daily city are about to move into new apartments and below market rents. sharon chin takes us inside the community that's becoming a
6:37 pm
model for the next. >> right now you should be working on that, she knew she couldn't afford to go back to school, i had to live with my mom and i haven't been able to leave for ten years. the rents have been so high. >> now she can finally have her own place. >> it feels great. i feel like an adult. even though i've been an adult for a long time, this gives me the opportunity to be on my own. >> the jefferson union high school district is renting out 122 new apartments at 60% of market rates. >> really pretty. >> the 75 $1/2 million construction project on the old
6:38 pm
seramonte heights site. >> reporter: voters gave the okay in june 2018. >> with an average salary of $64,000 a year, superintendent tony presta says it's been a struggle to keep employees. >> we are the lowest paid high school district in the county by a significant margin and because of that, we routinely lose staff. 25% of the staff members have received their new apartments. about 20 units are left. >> we may not be able to pay what some districts can pay but young people who are moving here can't afford to live here, it is a great recruiting area. >> we wanted to make sure that it felt nice. >> school construction director stephanie phillips helped create a welcoming environment.
6:39 pm
>> se mombibio to feel liketheyo can't wait to move in. she can make rent without taking a second or third job. >> i was amazed. it was beautiful walking in. wow, i can really live here? >> this will be a beautiful neighborhood. >> reporter: preston said people can live here for 5 years. she'll also say good-bye to sky high prices. >> still ahead here at 6, just as we were seeing the real estate market heading into what's being called a cooldown, a sale goes through that shakes it all up. >> a cbs favorite renewed not for one but two more seasons. what a beloved cast member has
6:40 pm
to say about it. for state controller, only yiu will save taxpayers money. wait, who, me? me? no, not you. yvonne yiu. yvonne yiu. not me. good choice. for 25 years, yiu worked as an executive at top financial firms. managed hundreds of audits. as mayor, she saved taxpayers over $55 million. finding waste. saving money. because... yiu is for you. yiu is for you. exactly. yvonne yiu. democrat for controller.
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well, in the real estate market recently anyway it is usual for bay area homes to sell for above asking, but this home in the east bay sold for a million more than asking. after only ten days on the market. there are signs, of course, pointing to a cooldown in the real estate market. >> in terms of the number of buyers in the market, we've certainly started to see some slowdown there. we're starting to see what we would call buyer fatigue. >> buyer fatigue, which is another way of saying, we can't afford this. supply and demand still working in the seller's favor. >> cbs show "the equalizer" has
6:43 pm
been renewed for two more seasons. queen latifah plays lauren bacall. we have "equalizer" star about the show. she'll correct me. >> in the first season she's trying to regain trust with her mom. she has a fire and passion in her. season two we get to see her use that passion for people she genuinely cares about, whether that's her mom or her friends. >> i didn't hear her name. "the equalizer" airs tonight at 5. coming up, a total eclipse that will turn the moon a bloody red y. this weekend's show is worth staying up for. >> if you can see it. that's the only problem. fog and low clouds plagued this total eclipse. we'll have the forecast when we come back.
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6:47 pm
>> reporter: even bill nye the science guy gets excited about saturday night. >> you have a shadow of a planet casting a shadow on the moon. >> reporter: even at this moment the moon is racing towards total lunar eclipse. at that point it will look 1/3 of a million times dimmer. being night it will be chilly. is it worth keeping your kids up? >> yes, people. this is an exciting thing. this is how the ancient greeks learned the world was round. they learned the earth was a sphere. >> imagine if you were standing on the moon right now. >> the eagle has landed. >> the massive disk of the earth covering up the sun. totality, something weird happens. instead of going totally dark,
6:48 pm
the earth is surrounded by a brilliant red halo. that's the refraction of every sunrise and sunset on the face of the earth now shining onto the moon. that's why the moon turns blood red at totality. what if your kids ask you questions you don't have the answers. >> let's go to the internet. some of you may have paper books around to describe the phenomenon. >> reporter: here's what's happening. a full moon rises at 8:02 sunday already in partial eclipse. it enters blood red totality at 8:29 p.m. then it's in total eclipse for 85 minutes. deepest eclipse at 9:12 p.m. then totality ends at 9:54 when the moon begins to climb out of earth's shadow leaving an indelible impression behind. >> when you see the moon turn
6:49 pm
this crazy burgundy red color, i hope it changes you. >> nasa will be streaming it live. go to >> you might need the wide screen if you have cloudy skies. right now we've got windy conditions around the bay area. low overcast near the shoreline. inland, not bad. i've seen this a thousand times. i've been watching this since i was a kid. you can see the eclipse moon through a gauze of high clouds. not to low clouds. clear skies in concord. clearly east bay, concord, livermore the place to be. windy and cooler.
6:50 pm
with a strong sea breeze, the marine influence gets into the east bay and tomorrow night. the numbers come down 10 degrees. sea breeze picks up. numbers out to lunch for a day. total lunar eclipse. it will be cooler especially at the coast. low and high. if it happened 24 hours ago, we would have been home free. summer like pattern and in the afternoon, we have to review the numbers. if you need a job -- like very quickly, have you looked where it is? it rises already with a chunk taken out of it. it rises in partial eclipse.
6:51 pm
mid eclipse 9:12 p.m. total eclipse ends at 9:53 p.m. then it pulls out of the partial phase which ends at 10:55. the next total lunar eclipse november 8th, 2022. november's not great for sky conditions either. have a look at it tonight. overnight lows will be in the 40s inland. we're going to be looking for numbers to cool down and warm up by the time we get to the end of weather. jules, is it you? >> it is. dazzling
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
a mesmerizing exhibit. it is called glo pay. dozens of works by a famed chinese designer. it's shaping up to be mochk the museum's designer. >> we have the story inside. >> reporter: china's queen of coutoure. the largest exhibition of her artistry in the u.s. the designs are opulent, extravagant and her exquisite creations from the runways of beijing and paris to san francisco. >> it's truly inspirational.
6:55 pm
two bodies of work. >> wopay showcases more than 80 pieces from over the last two decades of her career. she's perhaps best known in the u.s. for this moment in 2015 when rihanna ascended the steps at the met gala in a striking cape. >> wopay seen here was born during the cultural revolution in 1967. at the time her grandmother was forced to destroy her treasured clothes, jewelry and possessions. >> clothing was gray, brown, olive green. no embellishment. she was inspired by the story
6:56 pm
this took more than 50 hours and two years to complete. >> the embroidery and the dimension to what she brings to her work. >> they're seeing her work for the first time. >> beyond fashion or art. really it's the endeavor. >> couture fantasy is drawing pre-pandemic sized crowds. >> we were excited about celebrating an asian design er s we are on the pacific rim. >> betty yu, kpix. >> it runs through september 5th at san francisco's legion of honor. >> lots of bright colors. hopefully we're going to see the
6:57 pm
bright color tonight from our moon. >> hit and miss. >> all right. >> you can watch it live stream on our web page and hopefully if you have any pictures, send them our way. >> unless you're totally fogged in, you'll be able to see something. >> good. i like that. thanks for watching, "60 minutes" is next. >> the news continues on lunar eclipse, 30 minutes from now. good night. >> good night.
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genesys, we're behind every customer smile. captioning funded by cbs and ford. we go further, so you can. >> nearly everyone in ukraine is a witness... >> this is actually the location where the woman was killed. >> ...which is helping a data mining operation in europe expose apparent russian war crimes. >> i feel it's almost my duty that, when we're faced with all this information showing terrible things that are happening, it's to put it out there. it does involve risk. but then, defending liberty, human rights, democracy, involves taking risks. it's when we stop taking risks and we let the fear take hold that we see democracy die. ( ticking ) >> okay, we're going to gather in here, mainly. >> the millers are a large


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