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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  May 13, 2022 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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watching. nowttreamin cbs ne bay area, a pair of me weekend. the first concert at levi's in more than a thousand days, and the return of bay to breakers. good evening. i'm elizabeth cook. >> and i'm ryan yamamoto. they come amid a big covid spike in the bay area. san francisco's positivity rate now above 10%, more than double the state's rate of 4%. >> bay area health officials are making a renewed plea for people to mask up again indoors. >> reporter: students are taking extra steps. >> i'm more concerned for people who are older and have compromised immune systems. so it's more for them than me. >> reporter: some were getting tested today, while others handed out masks. >> we have recommended for people to use in classrooms.
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they're like the cdc is now recommending these as the best face mask. >> reporter: a recommendation now coming back across the bay area as cases are four to five times higher than they were just a few weeks ago. >> definitely with people kind of getting comfortable or fatigued with covid, you can see why it's hag. >> reporter: part of the latest guidance from health leaders once again seek out places with good ventilation and keep larges possible. >> reporter: from the peninsula to the north bay, the enjoy time together, but take the necessary steps to avoid getting covid-19. >> it's time to take action, and it's time to take action across the bay area. and we think this is an important step for our communities to take. >> reporter: county leaders and health experts know people are tired of wearing masks after more than two years, but they hope people will still see them as a tool to fight covid-19 and an item that should be a part of their daily wardrobe. >> i see them as part of my
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attire. i don't think when i can walk around without pants. it is helpful to me. it's helpful to others. >> reporter: not just masking, but also testing, which continues to only capture a portion of the number of people who actually have covid. santa clara university will require its students to get tested for the next two weeks. shawn chitnis, kpix 5. let's take a live look outside right now. clear skies from the golden gate to san jo ring just in time for the weekend. >> first alert meteorologist paul heggen tracking that warm-up. r august. feeling a littl it's not going to be quite that hot. but if you're nervous about indoor activities, hey, great weather for outdoor stuff. high temperatures today climbed up to 80 degrees in contra costa. upper 70s for san jose. and even the cooler locations at least made it up to 60.
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pacifica, into the mid-60s for san francisco. and tomorrow's high temperatures are going to be several degrees warmer farther inland. 5 to 10 degrees above normal for san francisco andoakland. closer to a dozen degrees above average for san jose and concord. well into the 80s for those inland portions of the bay area. some of the hottest spots far inland in the east bay may even get up to above 90 degrees. this isn't record territory. most of the inland temperatures have to be well into the 90s to approach records in the middle of may. but it is warm. take a look at how long it's going to last coming up in the full forecast. >> all right, thanks, paul. the state is flush with cacash and entering the budget year with $97.5 billion. the big reason is the state collected $55 billion more in tax revenue than expected. surpluses alone much bigger than nearly every other state's annual budget. >> simply without precedent. no other state in american history has ever experienced a surplus as large as this. in fact, this is actually
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significantly larger than last year's operating surplus. >> now the governor is laying out how he wants to spend the state's $300 million budget. he is proposing $400 to car owners to offset gas taxes. he also wants funding to combat the drought, give bonuses to health care worker, and to help more women from out of state get abortions in california. looking live at interstate 880 in oakland. last year we saw 48 freeway shootings here in the bay area. but now there is a new plan to crack down. governor newsom just announced funding for a network of closed circuit cameras on busy freeways. >> as executive's andria bosch with a borba reports, they can't come fast enough. >> i don't want her life to be taken in vain. >> reporter: meet alicia benson. her daughter was shot and killed near the bay bridge toll plaza while heading to a job interview in november. benton is now raising her two grandsons, little boys who were
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this the car when their mom was shot. the news of cameras going up along bay area freeways is a prayer answered. >> i've cried since we've talked. it's like the best news. if they were to tell me who did it, that would be even better. but to know that another mother doesn't have to sleep wondering what happened to their child is like -- it's the best news ever. >> reporter: seven people lost their lives in freeway shootings, including former cal basketball star gene ransom, and toddler jasper wu. their families join alicia in unfathomable grief. >> like right before her was that 18-month-old baby. and what did a baby do to deserve that? so i pray for all of the victims' families, because
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it's -- the not knowing is hard. >> reporter: alameda county sheriffs recruit david nguyen was shot and killed in nearly the same spot as amani in january. sheriff greg ahern lobbied the governor's office to fund a camera network. he says the loss of david, jasper, gene, and amani has taken a toll on his deputies. >> even under our meetings when we talk about the next steps and what we have to do and how we process these events, the room gets silent. the eyes get watery. the voices shake, as mine's shaking right now. it touches your heart. >> reporter: sheriff ahern says he hopes that simply knowing these cameras are up will be a deterrence to crime. he says once they are installed, they will provide instant information to officers on the ground and help provide closure to families like amani's. at the bay bridge toll plaza, andria borba, kpix 5.
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now to a disturbing case out of san jose, where new charges have been announced in the death of a 3-year-old girl. >> her grandfather and uncle are now accused of child abuse causing death during what's been described as an exorcism. the girl's mother, claudia hernandez santos was previously cha charged with the same crime following the little girl's death last september inside a small church on south second street. prosecutor says the defendants believe the child was possessed by a demon because she would sometimes wake up screaming at night. and they took the girl to church to drive the evil spirits out by forcing her to vomit. >> arely doe was strangled multiple times to the point of unconsciousness. arely doe had fingers shoved down her throat to the point where she had multiple injuries to her mouth and to her tongue. arely doe had pressure put on her body, on her torso from the front and back with so much
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force applied that she lost consciousness. >> prosecutors say the family waited an hour to call 911 after the little girl stopped breathing. the coroner's report concluded she died from asphyxiation. all three defendants are set to enter pleas in june. their attorneys declined to comment. authorities in contra costa county have served a new search warrant in the disappearance of al alexa gabriel. investigators are seen searching the home of her baseball. the front door appeared to be knocked off its hinges. there is no word on what was seized. the home is the last place the 24-year-old oakley woman was seen before she disappeared in late january. her car was later found abandoned with the keys inside. now to mountain lion sighting in richmond. reports of a big cat roaming the point richmond neighborhood. officers have called in fish and wildlife and are warning residents to keep their pets
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indoors. still to come at 7:00, and streaming on cbs news bay area, teachers rush to the scene during this san francisco inferno, and they even beat the fire department. it's really hard. it breaks my heart for the new babies. >> having an infant is stressful enough, but what if you can't find baby formula? how some local mothers are pitching in to ease a supply shortage. and he is known as the gazelle of san quentin. meet the former inmate about to run his first bay to breakers. and later, a rare display in the sky. we'll have stargazers seeing red
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san francisco fire crews and school teachers helped rescue multiple people from a raging apartment fire. it engulfed all three floors of the building along inca lane. this is in the western addition. fire crews say they rescued five
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people and several were injured. they were calling a group of teaches from rosa parks elementary school heroes. they jumped into action before fire trucks, rescuing at least half a dozen people from the burning building and helping elderly residents. chopper 5 flew over the scene this morning. five people were transported to the hospital, one in critical condition. the red cross is helping 18 displaced people. no word on a cause. you may have seen this smoke over the dublin skyline this morning. it's all from a prescribed burn at camp parks the train fire crews. drivers also saw smoke along i-80 and rodeo where fire crews suspended another training burn to mop up a grass fire that burned right up up to that highway. headlines this evening, a nationwide shortage of baby formula has parents doing whatever they can to feed their children. >> it's just like an example of what i have easy access to.
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>> i think i could probably help out, probably about five to six moms. >> some mothers are now donating their pumped breast milk to help other parents out as supply shortages and safety recalls clear shelves across the country. >> i'm very concerned. very concerned. i am so scared that she's not going to get her supply. i don't know how much longer she is going to need her special formula. there is formula, but not her type of formula. it's really hard. it breaks my heart for the new babies. >> we probably have a month and a half, if not maybe two months of formula. >> i've never seen anything like this in my life. >> hundreds of firefighters are working to contain a dangerous orange county wildfire. the flames torched 20 homes and damaged 11 more. most overlooking the ocean in laguna niguel. firefighters battling hot spots will likely have to contend with high winds going into the weekend. hundreds remain evacuated. others are returning home to a scene of destruction.
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>> i heard it was bad, but this is so devastating. >> while it was happening, i had to rush out. and now the house is totally gone. >> and for the first time in over 50 years, a house panel will hold an open congressional hearing on ufos next week. there have been nearly 150 reports of unidentified aerial phenomenon since 2004. only one was explained in a report that led to the pentagon to form a special program to collect data about the sightings. >> i'm not going to get ahead of that testimony, but we are absolutely committed to being as transparent as we can with the american people. >> and ryan, on tuesday, the public is expected to hear directly from the experts and leaders in the intelligence community. i'm going to stay tuned for that one. that's going to be very interested. >> a lot of people are going to be watching that one, right? >> i think so. >> they're watching us! all right. thanks, liz.
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from crazy costumes to some wearing, well, nothing at all. san francisco's bay to breakers race returnses this weekend for the first time since 2019. thousands of runners will make their way across the city from the embarcadero to ocean beach, a distance of about 7 1/2 miles. road closures begin as early as 7:00 p.m. saturday and will lift anywhere between noon and 4:30 on sunday. bart is adding four extra trains in the morning, and caltrain is adding two special northbound trains. you can head to for more information on road closures. a san quentin inmate who has gone from running the prisons to running the marathon will run has first bay to breakers this weekend. this is markelle taylor. he took up running while serving an 18-year sentence in san quentin. taylor repeatedly won the prison marathon, earning the name the gazelle of san quentin. >> in marathons and prison and life you don't give up until
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your body completely shut down. you just keep on moving, taking one day at a time. i used to be a kid in san francisco on divisadero and hayes, looking out the window at all the people going by. but this will be my first time actually rung it. >> i love he is going to do it. taylor previous ran in the boston marathon. how is that weather going to look like for all the runners? >> it will feel like san francisco. it will be in the mid-50s for the start at 8:00, and not be a whole lot warmer by the time they finish the 12-k course. if you're waiting later in the evening for something to look at, we're going to tracking a lunar eclipse. look to the southeastern horizon sunday evening. now the eclipse is already going to be under way by the time this moonrises here in the bay area. that happens at 8:06:00. the full eclip begins when the moon is totally in the earth's
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shadow around 8:30 in the evening. totality of the eclipse about 10 minutes past 9:00. you want an unobstructed view of the southeast horizon. you don't want to be obstructed by the hills of the bay area if you're looking to the east-southeast. the maximum eclipse is going to end, total eclipse ends at just before 10:00 in the evening. the partial eclipse ends just before 11:00 in the evening. again, it's ten minutes after 9:00 for the maximum eclipse. and the whole showve just re midnight. t the i a in november of thisto wother let's take a weseetween now and then. areas of dense fog tonight. that's going to dissipate quickly. saturday is the warmest day of the seven-day forecast is tomorrow. and then we start backing down already on sunday. closer to normal temperatures for most of next week. looking outside right now, there is the fog lurking in the distance, as we look out from the mark hopkins hotel towards the golden gate. temperatures in the 60s in san francisco, oakland and san jose. still in the 70s for livermore, santa rosa and in concord.
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the fog is going to spread across the bay into the inland valleys by early tomorrow morning. but watch how fast it dissipates. it's already gone by 9:00 or 10:00 in the morning, backing all the way up to the coast. the onshore breeze is still going to be with us. temperatures are going modestly warm up along the coast and in san francisco, but should end up a little warmer than today. by noon, temperatures will be up well into the 60s. maybe to 70 degrees in oakland. around the bay mostly 60s and low 70s. near 60 along the coast. but already upper 70s and low 80s farther inland. the inland warm-up continues for the rest of the afternoon. temperatures around the bay close to 70 in san francisco. mid-70s for oakland and most of the east bay right around 60 along the coast. just not traveling too far from there. but inland, the highs in the mid- to upper 80s, a and the warmest spots even getting up to above 90 degrees. for fairfield, antioch and brentwood. those temperatures won't last long. we back down by several degrees on sunday. sunday's highs look almost identical to today's temperatures. monday and tuesday and
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wednesday, a typical may weather pattern. more clouds on thursday,but we're not going to see any rain. slightly cooler temperatures for the end of next week. rain chances in late may tend to be even fewer and farther between as we advance farther into this month and this is kind of fitting. that pattern where you don't have any rain chances in the seven-day forecast. i'll have an update on tomorrow's warmth coming up at 11:00, along with an update on the bay to breakers forecast. >> all right, thanks, paul. this is an exciting thing. it's a big deal. >> coming up, the spectacle in the sky that even for state controller, only yiu will save taxpayers money. wait, who, me? me? no, not you. yvonne yiu. yvonne yiu. not me. good choice. for 25 years, yiu worked
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well, sunday's total lunar eclipse will have stargazers seeing red. >> in the first total lunar eclimgs of the year, the moon will pass directly between the earth and the sun, and a glow of scarlet color sunday night. even bill nye the science guy is a little excited. >> the shadow of a planet casting a shadow on a moon, it's a big deal. you may not ever see it again in your life. and when you see the moon turn this crazy burgundy red color, i hope it changes you. i hope you look at the world, your place on the world a little differently. >> okay. so here is what to expect. the full moonrises at 8:02 sunday night. it turns blood-red at 8:29. it's then in total eclipse for
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85 minutes. that ends at 9:54 p.m. when the moon begins to come and climb out of the earth's shadow. okay. >> that's going to be amazing. i hope we can see it here. it's always so foggy. imagine a robot delivering your dinner right to your doorstep. that's what san francisco-based uber is about to do in los angeles. starting monday, some uber it's customers can choose to have their meals delivered by a four-wheeled robot operated by serve robotics. it has a lid that opens up tery. it even has headlights that look like eyes, almost like a cartoon character. >> okay. there you go. r2-d2. up next, bracing for future. how one california zoo is getting creative to give a baby giraffe a second cha
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out-of-state corporations wrote an online sports betting plan they call "solutions for the homeless". really? the corporations take 90 percent of the profits. and using loopholes they wrote, they'd take even more. the corporations' own promotional costs, like free bets, and they'd get a refund on their $100 million license fee, taken from homeless funds, too. these guys didn't write a plan for the homeless. they wrote it for themselves. leg races aren't just for humans. with the help of orthotics, the giraffe at the san diego zoo is
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getting a second chance at life. meet satuni. she was born with a disorder making her legs bend the wrong way, making it difficult for her to walk or stand. >> zookeepers were afraid she wouldn't survive, so they created custom braces for her fast-growing legislation. after corrective surgery and 39 days in braces, the problem was fixed. and now she runs just like the other giraffes. oh my goodness. >> she had magic legs like forrest gump. >> look at her eyes. she is just precious. so glad to see her running around. >> what a great story. >> that's amazing. thank you for watching. the news continues streaming on cbs ws bay area. >>
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