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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6am  CBS  May 13, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. >> right now on kpix 5, and streaming on "cbs bay area" breaking overnight, elon musk's multibillion-dollar deal to take over twitter is now on hold. the announcement just made. and a contra costa county arson spree leads to several arrests, what fire crews are now urging homeowners to do. plus -- >> i want dad to know there's still hope. >>en aannual race returns to the bay area and crossing the finish line takes on a much deeper meaning for an east bay family. good morning to you. it is friday, may 13th.
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i'm i'm ceamanda sceamanda starrant. >> i'm len kiese. meteorologist darren peck has a look at forecast. >> saturday technically is the warmest day in the forecast but today is the day you notice. first thing we got to check out the giant window on the bay because we are about to come up to a pivotal moment in the morning. in case you couldn't tell and if you're not looking at the screen, sunrise is imminent, just about to poke up over the east bay hills so let me take care of housekeeping here. 6:01 official sunrise time, going back down again at 8:11 this evening. those times continuing to get farther and farther apart. so it's 44 degrees in the north bay, and that's usually the canary in the coal mine i like to point out for how cold is it out there? it's older in the valleyvalley,4 you still want a jacket. if you look at where we are we
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going for daytime highs we're in the low 80s, on average ten degrees above where we were yesterday. we start the warmup today. tomorrow you'll notice more. i'll be back with more on the details in terms of daytime highs and the weekend in the complete forecast in just a bit. for now let's get over to gianna and check in on the drive. >> look at the friday drive it's busy for super commuters making that trek into the altamont pass. it's friday, typically we don't see the brake lights in this area on a scale of one to ten we should be around a 3. probably about a six meaning we have a slow ride because of a crash as you head near grant line involving a big rig. it is taking some time to clear this one out of lanes, almost an hour now for your travel time through there. definitely give yourself a few extra minutes. no wind advisories for the altamont. looks better toward the dublin interchange and the golden gate bridge is looking good. istarting off in the east by with a search for alexis gabe.
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oakley police just served a search warrant in that case. the 24-year-old has been missing since january after leaving home to visit an ex-boyfriend. a search warrant was served antioch at a home on bent tree way, where she was reportedly last seen. twitter stock is down in pre-market trading right now, after news that elon musk's takeover is on hold. he tweeted he's trying to pinpoint how many spam bots are on the platform, fake accounts that appear to be real people. his latest tweet says he's still committed to acquisition. we are expecting an update on the fire that continues to threaten homes in orange county. it's 15% contained, it's burned about 200 acres and more than 20 homes. it broke out wednesday and quickly spread to this high-end residential area south of l.a. now the cause is still under investigation, but the power company down there so cal edison reported circuit activity was going on when it started and of
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course, we have seen that with pg&e starting fires with its equipment up here. we're going to keep an eye on it. authorities in contra costa county arrested four people in connection with dozens of small brushes fires in contra costa county. they stretched from concord to antioch, where flames burned dangerously close to some of those homes. >> i was working that day but my neighbor saw and he was with his hose spraying water, because he saw the fire on saturday, i guess some guy, you know, lit the fire and got arrested on saturday. >> with the dry season ahead, con fire is urging property owners to take the arson spree as a reminder to clear defensible space. this morning santa clara university is urging everyone to mask up indoors again amid a spike in covid cases. the school says more than 100 cases were reported on campus
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last week and infections have tripled over the last three weeks. meanwhile, after two years of covid restrictions, hundreds of east bay college grads were finally able to put a cap on and celebrate their accomplishments with family and friends. ♪ students from the class of 2020 and 2021 yesterday, for many of them, not only are they the first in their family to graduate from college, they're also the first to even attend college. many worked their way through college and spent countless hours on their studies to make their parents proud. >> my senior year, i got to do a student exchange program, and study at a historically black college, graduating suma cum laude. top 1% of my class so i'm really proud of the work i put in. >> this year, cal state east bay will hand out more than 4,000 bachelors degrees and more than 1,100 masters degree.
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commencements will continue through the weekend. also happening this weekend, the bay to breakers run has been a tradition in san francisco for more than 100 years. one man in the east bay started running it in the 1980s, until a parkinson's diagnosis made him hang up his shoes. this sunday, after 20 years away from the race, his son is making sure his dad crosses that finish line one more time. >> we're rolling. here we go. >> reporter: the euphoria of a good, long run is a distant memory to 78-year-old dan cochran. >> it was good to get out and clear out the mind. >> reporter: dan's dedication to running kicked into high gear in the '70s, and running in the bay to breakers event became a yearly tradition. >> the camaraderie with a big group of people. >> reporter: 20 years ago dan was diagnosed with parkinson's disease, putting his favorite pasttime on the shelf. >> the doctor told me it was a short period of time or a long period of time but i'll be in a
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wheelchair eventually. i decided that i didn't want to just take it laying down. >> reporter: while still young at heart, with a strict diet and routine exercise, dan has stayed out of that wheelchair. >> we're 20 years into it, i'm still doing okay. >> reporter: he has been running his own race, beating the odds regardless of his diagnosis. >> it's just if'ing parkinson's. >> reporter: that's a quote of his own that he wears proudly on his shirt. >> it was a reaction to people's reaction to me. and they look at me like i'm dying or something. they see the wheelchair or the push cart and they get a terrible look on their face. i say don't worry. it's just f'ing parkinson's. >> reporter: strong enough to play ball with his son. hitting the pavement for a long distance run is no longer an option. do you miss that? >> i miss it, yeah. it's too hard on my back. >> reporter: so his son, robert,
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figured out a way to get his dad to cross the bay to breakers finish line one more time. >> i want dad to know there's still hope. >> reporter: every step of the way on sunday, robert will be there with his dad as he makes it through the seven-mile course across the city, with some help. >> but all of the sudden the chair came. it's like we're doing this. we've been on three or four training runs and there's been some adventures. >> i didn't think i'd be doing this again but we found a way to get back one more time. >> reporter: one more time with a physical push from his son, dan is reignited with hope to once again feel that runner's high. >> feels like somebody's behind you pushing. real light feeling, but it's really feels good. >> reporter: do you trust him to get you across the finish line? >> oh, yeah. >> what a great due o. his son watched him to this race so many times and now he's going to do it with him and dan was telling me that you know, he had
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his fun during the races when he used to do it in the '80s, so he said this time will be nice because he won't be tired but he'll still be drinking a beer during the race. >> and earn it. >> his son will earn that beer for sure. >> it's a nice bond, too, a sweet bond. >> so special. we're rooting for them and all the runners heading out to the in-person event after two years of doing it virtually, which is just not the same but i'm going to be doing it for the first time and i know it's not going to be easy driving there and getting around the city. >> no, we're excited to see you run the race and what costume you'll wear. a big part of it is dressed up. >> you'll see sunday. >> should be fun. let's talk about how to get out there. you have public transit as an option. i want to show you a live look at brian kiley is driving up the iconic street near the painted ladies. this is one of the areas you're going up the hill, through the panhandle and golden gate park. lots of road closures in effect.
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public transit will be a very good idea if you're headed out to the race. b.a.r.t. will be adding four trains to get you there before 7:00, running two special trains northbound for cal train, if you are going to drive use embarcadero north to south or 19th avenue. a lot of road closures so 15,000 people. >> 15,000. a lot of people out there. a lot of people are not running the race either so what's the go-round for the other drivers? >> yes, avoid the area if you can, 19th or embarcadero is the best way tops get around there. great highway is busy also, that's where you guys end. >> gianna, thanks so much. looking forward to it. still ahead the warriors ready to make their comeback after wednesday's big loss. what this win will guarantee for golden state next. all eyes on the sky this weekend, the best s
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tonight the warriors will face off against the memphis grizzlies in a second attempt in advancing to the western conference finals. the dubs are up 3-2 in the series with the grizzlies. >> they are also a four-point favorite against the grizzlies, according to the latest nba odds. tonight's game six will be the biggest game at chase center in the three-season existence of the warriors' new home. good news here, they've got undefeated at home this post season, a win will guarantee them a trip to the conference finals, a loss would push the series back to memphis for a game seven. this weekend, you'll want to keep your eyes on the sky, a total lunar eclipse will happen this sunday. this is video from the last lunar eclipse an astronomer with the space and science center says the eclipse will be under way when the moon rises in the east around 8:04 p.m. he says some of the best spots in the bay area to catch it skyland boulevard in the east bay, inspiration point near tilden park or off highway 92 on
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the peninsula. 6:14 is the time and darren, you're tracking the time line for this eclipse. >> let's talk about the timing on that, because technically, len, the eclipse will have started for us on sunday night when the moon rises but you won't notice a thing at that point. at that point it's own penumbral. technically there's shade getting through but you won't be able to tell. let's go through the time line on that, getting to the vid wall and show you how that plays out throughout the course of the evening. the times when you notice a lunar eclipse is happening will be between 8:30, this is sunday night, between 8:30 and 9:53, that's when you're going to get that blood moon, when the moon's going to be red, because the only light hitting it is the light streaming around the edge of us through the atmosphere, and getting the view, kind of looking at sunset, but that red light is cast on the moon. that's why the moon goes red light that. it's like you're seeing every sunrise and sunset around the edge of our atmosphere, the light streaming through that to
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illuminate the moon. and it's over by the time we get to 10:55, so those are your times on sunday if you happen to remember, take a look off to the east, the moon should be relatively low still at that point. kind of like the sun's relatively low, came up at 6:02. current temperatures out there are kind of warm for us, for this time of day. coldest number i have is 44 in santa rosa, it's 50 in oakland. those temperatures are already warmer than yesterday. to start the day it's kind of a nice head start and the theme on today is, as much as 12 degrees warmer than yesterday. even if technically saturday is the warmest day in the seven-day forecast, today is the day you step outside and notice there's a warmup on and if we put the numbers on the far edge of the column, where we'll be it's not like we're breaking records today. we're not that far above average. it's just noticeably waurmer thn the past two days have been. you notice it today and we kind of top out saturday before coming back down on sunday to here. this is what the daytime highs
6:17 am
look like today. you can go to 72 for freeh nt mo, 72 in oakland. it will be 78 in san jose, and 28 showing up there for concord, but saturday it's 84 for san jose, but then we come right back down on sunday to the mid-70s, and then most of the seven-day forecast we sit at average so it's really just a quick up and down for today and tomorrow, before things come back down again and into sunday that's what it looks like for the microclimates, inland east bay near 90 on saturday but you're right back down to 80 by sunday. gianna, where are we on our grand tour? >> we're taking a little bit of a tour of san francisco this morning, courtesy of mobile 5, brian kylecy out and about because bay to breakers is this week. we talked about it earlier. on sunday it will be busy. a lot of closures will be in place as well. he just turned past 19th avenue turned onto one of the streets close to there, and headed over to the great highway, which is where the race finishes. so everything should be opened
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up after noon, after 12:00 on sunday, so those early morning hours if you're out and about in the city and not participating, you should avoid the area if you can and there are lots of options to get there with public transit. cal train b.a.r.t. adding extra trains. should be easy to get there. let's jump on the freeways. a couple of things going on. friday light bye the only hot spots at the bay bridge wherele meterin mil the metering lights are on. about an hour for the altamont pass. taking public transit, everything is on time and warriors on tap tonight at chase. a lot of people headed out there so if you take muni that is your game ticket is your muni fare so that is a great way to get to the game. that's a look at the rod adways. from underground gems in the bay area to the local sta
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we're looking ahead to lunch and get you ready for that part of the day to help you plan it, noticeably warmer, ten degrees warmer than yesterday. if you think back to what your lunch plans were yesterday if you were outdoors, add ten degrees on top of that. low 80s in that time frame today between about noon and 2:00. put a couple of other specific numbers on it, just to play you through the remainder of the afternoon, and it will be a very similar play to the way yesterday felt although slightly warmer there. that sums up lunch. we'll look at all of this again in your complete forecast with a little more clarity. for now guys, back to you. time now for our new segment, "morning mix." >> if you're behind on the best breakfast buzz online, gianna franco has you covered.
6:23 am
g., what are the people talking about? >> they're talking about a lot of money, "forbes" is out with its highest paid athletes. some locals are topping the list, plus if you feel the need for speed it's "top gun" day. this morning we're kicking things off with a viral tiktok exploring part of the bay bridge. i thought this was fascinating and something, an area you probably haven't seen before. a guy from the east bay explored this underground tunnel beneath the bay bridge as you can see, he appears to be the only one around there, the only with unin th nun there. before the it was built in 1936 and maintained by caltrans ever since. i love exploring new areas of the bay, finding interesting spots. it looks a little -- >> sketchy? >> i don't like the close spaces underground. not for me. >> looks like a horror movie
6:24 am
would happen there. >> zombies or something. >> i was reading the comments and a lot of people were like uh-uh, not going to happen. cool that i found that. >> safety in numbers, go with a group. >> pepper spray. this is "toll gun" day. the original movie was released on may 16th in 1986. according to the website, may 16th was taken by iron eagle day. the website encourages you by saying as many "top gun" lines as you can, wearing aviator sunglasses. the sequel "top gun: maverick" will be released on the 24th. i signed you up to watch the movie. >> it's on our channel this weekend. it's going to be -- >> still haven't watched it yet but it's on the list. >> there will be a quiz. >> there is a quiz that she is giving us. this is a real thing.
6:25 am
>> the things we do. all right, and wonder how much steph curry makes? i'm about to tell you, he's rounding out the top ten of "forbes" highest paid athletes. according to the list, the warriors star comes in fifth place making $92.8 million, former warrior kevin durant, i'm still salty he left comes next in sixth place, making $92.1 million and the other local the bay area native tom brady is snagging the ninth spot with $83.9 million. >> that's ninth place. >> i'm surprised tom brady is not higher. >> i was surprised, too, and the only football player on the list which is interesting. lionel messi takes the top spot, soccer star. >> i'll take spot 200, if those are the numbers we're seeing in the top ten. >> you'd be doing pretty good. >> i can't play basketball worth a lick. i'm all right at football. >> are you? >> i'm all right, yeah, i do all right. a little cash. >> i'm not.
6:26 am
>> amanda, you were an athlete, an ice skater. >> balls though, hand/eye coordination not there. i'll stick to blades. >> we'll cheer them in hopefully the next round to the playoffs. >> hopefully. >> we gotta go. in our next half hour, more turmoil for twitter. elon musk may be shaking things up, the announcement just made this morning. . it's time to celebrate black culture in the culinary industry. inside one of the authentic caribbean restaurants for black restaurant week. the white house scrambling to find a solution to the
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. >> announcer: live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix 5 news. >> if you're just waking up with us, here are your morning headlines. elon musk's takeover of twitter is on hold. he just tweeted that he is trying to pinpoint just how many spam bots are at work on the platform fake accounts that pretend to be real people. his latest tweet says he's still committed to acquisition. brush fire continues to threaten coastal orange county homes as hundreds have been forced to evacuate. the coastal fire has grown to about 200 acres. right now it's 15% contained.
6:30 am
officials say more than two dozen homes were damaged or destroyed but everyone got out safely. and oakley police detectives just served a search warrant in the case of missing 24-year-old alexis gabe, she disappeared in january after leaving to visit the home of an ex-boyfriend. the search warrant was served at a home on bent tree way in antioch, where she was reportedly last seen. good morning to you. thank you for joining us. it's friday, may 13th. i'm amanda starrantino. >> and i'm len kiese. meteorologist darren peck has a check on your friday forecast. >> the giant sun dial the transamerica pyramid sunrise at 6:01 according to the sun tile a dial and according to sun times. we didn't need the sun dial for that. the view from the top of the hills. black mountain sits on the western edge of santa clara valley. mountain view and fremont that's the scene looking over a clear golden gate bridge and just a
6:31 am
gorgeous start to this day. we're relatively warm compared to yesterday, it's 44 right now in santa rosa, typically our coldest spot, nice to see we kept you out of the 30s. everybody else is in the 50s. we'll warm up into the low 80s today, a 10 to 12-degree warmup for daytime highs so a noticeable adjustment from where you were yesterday by the time we get into the afternoon, the mid-70s in the bay, a couple of specific numbers on that, you want to pick out your part of the bay on there, pleasanton 77 for you. we'll go to 78 in san jose. fremont 72 and san jose hits 72. tomorrow is warmer, warmest day in the seven-day forecast. for now, gianna, how does the drive look? >> if it gets warm in the east bay, everyone comes out to the coast. likely to be busy. coming out to the beach this weekend, if you plan that, busy conditions on 92, toward half moon bay, highway 1 in the north bay but good way to beat the heat. you can't beat the brake lights this morning at the bay bridge metering lights are on. so much for friday light as you head into the city.
6:32 am
a few slow and go spots. hot spot in the altamont pass almost an hour, due to a crash in grant line. no injuries but involving a big rig, so it's taking a while to clear out of lanes. and new this morning, elon musk has tweeted that his deal to buy twitter is "temporarily on hold." >> josh moran joins us with what the deal is with all of this, this morning. jocelyn, good morning. >> let's remember this is his $44 billion deal to buy twitter. he tweeted this out just a couple of hours ago. he says the deal is temporarily on hold pending new details on spam and fake accounts. then about two hours later at 4:50 a.m. he tweets again saying "still committed to acquisition" after turmoil last night, first a pair of high-profile firings and then a hiring freeze. general manager kavon bakeport and bruce faulk, twitter general manager for revenue are reportedly being shown the door. bayport tweeted out "the truth
6:33 am
is that this isn't how and when i imagined leaving twitter and this wasn't my decision. i was asked to leave after they're taking the company in a different direction. the company was trying to be efficient by pulling back on non-labor costs. experts say the move could be a form of self-preservation. >> they could be in a situation where they think hey, maybe he's going to back out and all he has to pay them is $1 billion. sounds crazy, if he decides to back out. so in a lot of ways, this is them making themselves more attractive to make that takeover happen. >> -- experts questioning whether the takeover could change the bay area tech landscape forever. we know he moved tesla out of the bay area to texas, so questions remain as you know is twitter going to stay here or not. >> a lot of questions apparently this morning especially with the
6:34 am
big temporarily on hold. we'll see how this plays out, more twitter drama continues. >> i think he likes the drama, makes to keep us on our toes. all the twitter drama, bring it on elon. we'll see what happens. >> thanks, jocelyn. a live look at san francisco, where some small business owners are blasting the police department. >> for years, san francisco police have had the lowest arrest rate in california, all in spite of fbi data showing that the city has the most officers per resident of any major police department in the state. >> the group calling itself san franciscans for police action released a new video, criticizing the department for low arrest rates. they cited recent data from the state's open justice portal, and the public policy institute of california. the business owners say police are unfairly blaming the d.a.'s office, saying they can't prosecute cases if officers don't make arrests.
6:35 am
we've reached out to sfpd for comment this morning, but have not heard back. right now inflation is so high, it's actually triggering a state law that automatically bumps up the minimum wage, when inflation tops 7%. the base rate will rise to $15.50 an hour starting next year. this morning the white house is scrambling to find a solution to the country's baby formula shortage. supply chain issues and a safety recall have left shelves bare across the nation, and this morning, the fda is working to cut through red tape that currently bars imports from other countries. as the crisis deepens, some online sellers are taking advantage by price gouging. >> it's hard physically, mentally, financially. sometimes i do cry at night. >> that is so tough for mothers. despite the challenges, doctors are warning parents not to make homemade versions or watered down formula which could be
6:36 am
dangerous for the baby. if you're looking for something to do this weekend in the warm weather, maybe you can eat at one of the many tasty restaurants across the bay. one of our favorite things to do. >> the annual bay area black restaurant week kicks off today, talking more than 50 local restaurants taking part this year. we had to send our justin andrews out on this story, of course he's our food guru. what are you finding out will be in store for people in the east bay? >> food. and we all love it, right? i ate some this morning before i came to work. i'm not going to tell you what i had but i had it, it was good, around 2:30 this morning. i had some, it was west indian style flatbread, most call it rodi, and i can bet you probably had some across the bay. if you did, it probably was hand made by the woman you're about to meet here in a second, born in trinidad and tobago. for 30 years she's brought a caribbean food culture right to our back yards. there's a caribbean island on
6:37 am
the east side of oakland. >> we are a vacation away from home. >> reporter: authentic caribbean food and a cultured experience. it's cocobreeze's caribbean restaurant and bakery. the executive chef and owner miss anabel is from trinidad and tobago. she has been cooking since she was 12 years old, when her mom made her go to cooking classes. she didn't want to go. >> if you from the caribbean, you don't say no to your parents. >> reporter: decades later she's known for crafting some vibrant west indian cuisines with a modern twist. >> my mom is classic. she's traditional. she's everyone's mom. >> reporter: that's marissa lyons, chef ann's daughter and the bakery manager at cocobreeze. >> we are literally bringing the island to black restaurants. >> reporter: cocobreeze is one local spot celebrating black restaurant week bay area to shine a light on minority businesses aiding them in building community awareness to increase their bottom lines.
6:38 am
when you come here, it's like you're at your auntie's house, they say. some of the favorites, caribbean brazed octails, curry chicken, jerk chicken and all of the vegan and gluten-free options, too. >> my favorites are the customers. >> reporter: the real boss behind the authentic food is chef ann. >> our food is very traditional, very cultured. >> reporter: so when you come to oakland's east side, the taste and the vibes will make you feel like you're on an island. >> whatever you're feeling, however you feel, it translates to food. >> so after my photography and i spent a couple hours on the east side of oakland with this mother and daughter duo, it's not hard to admit, cocobreeze is a landmark for their culture. one more thing to add, some of her spices came directly from trinidad. >> authentic flavor. >> it's so good. another thing, too, she's actually a mentor. we were leaving yesterday and there was a group of guys from
6:39 am
the high school that came down and she told me, she's like, she comes, they come down, she mentors them, teach them culinary skills how to start a business so it trickles down. she's not just good with food but good for the community. >> a lot of heart. >> very much so. >> good chance to support these businesses, as they try to bounce back from the pandemic. >> a great way to taste test and figure out new places. i'm looking forward to it this weekend. black restaurant week begins today and goes through sunday, may 22nd. this year is a little different because it's not just for brick and mortar restaurants, food trucks, dessert makers and pop-up vendors will be featured. time for a look at what's coming up later on "cbs mornings." tony dokoupil joins us from new york. >> good morning, len. ahead on "cbs mornings" a touching story around the memorial faces of covid, how
6:40 am
it's helping families heal after so much heartbreak. republican senator john thune talks about abortion rights, what he thinks will happen if roe v. wade is overturned and whether that affects same-sex marriage and access to contraceptives. and the pandemic inspired her to write this new album, the twists and turns, all that and more coming up at 7:00. >> thank you much, tony. we'll see you then. and still to come, the bay area bottle rock festival serving up a scrumptious line-up. we break it all down in liam's list, next. and what is going on here? the sea lion invasion in an unusual spot. the market opened about ten minutes ago. look at the big board, it is up in the green, 266 points. we'll be right back after this break.
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i'm ann makevic with a live look at the big board, the markets opened higher. the dow is up more than 200 points. it has been a rough week for cryptocurrency investors. yesterday the price of bitcoin dropped below $26,000. that hadn't happened since december 2020, a year ago bitcoin was trading for just under $50,000 apiece. and while there's been a lot of talk about lowering student loan debt, the reality is college is getting more expensive this summer. interest rates on federal student loans will rise by more than a percentage point, after action taken by the treasury department on wednesday. that means college students are going to face the biggest percentage jump in the cost of
6:45 am
financing their education since 2013. and that is a look at your money watch headlines. amanda and len, back to you. >> ann, thank you. new this morning, the stage is set for bottle rock and it looks delicious. >> we're joined by liam makelin for "liam's list." >> hey, liam. >> good morning, my lovelies. the first kiss of summer it is bottle rock, napa valley and happening on the williams-sonoma culinary stage. ♪ don't be fancy, just get dancy ♪ ♪ why so serious ♪ >> don't be fancy, just get dancy. bottle rockers, 21 pilots, luke combs are among the stars paired with rock star chefs, a culinary stew, the chef line-up impressive, let me drop a few names, marcus samuelsson, gayle simmons, the voltaggio brothers and belle english.
6:46 am
i will be your emcee memorial weekend in napa. see through. >> this is ben fong torres. >> reporter: portraying the almost famous movie by cameron crowe but ben fong torres one of "rolling stone's" first famous writers has his life and story told in the brilliant new documentary "like a rolling stone: the life and times of ben fong torres." his articles in "rolling stone" magazine in the '70s and '80s helped him become almost fame news his own rite. in the movie, former legends and subjects make appearance, quincy jones, elton john and more. the doc also shines a light on ben's personal story, an american-born son of chinese immigrants, growing up in chinatown, oakland, with only a radio to the outside world, he went on to become one of the greatest rock 'n' roll writers ever.
6:47 am
look for my camareo now on netflix. finally friends, some of the world's best chefs came together this week for breaking bread for ukraine, the effort spear-headed by three wishes star chef dominique cren. that live show is available for to you watch and relive the broad cast and donate to world central kitchen currently feeding 300,000 ukrainians a day. donate if you can. guys as i toss it back to you, bay to breakers this weekend a quintessential experience. i'll see you along the route, with a list at looking forward to see you on the ymca on heart ache hill. >> we have the "y" down. >> good practice. have a great weekend. >> see you out there. thanks for joining us. a group of sea lions are making themselves at home in an unusual place, the sacramento
6:48 am
waterfront. >> for several weeks they've been lounging at the public dock and drawing quite a crowd. experts say there's a good reason for them to be there. >> they want to find food, so they can bulk up and be ready for the next breeding season. >> experts are warning that even though they're cute, sea lions w can be aggressive so they advise admiring from a distance. >> i told you that before, you thought i was crazy. they're snappy. cute but got an attitude. >> cute. >> very cute from a distance, over there. so friday we're warming up, what do you say like 10, 12 degrees? >> yes, over yesterday and tomorrow's the warmest day in the whole seven-day forecast, so it's going to be quite warm for saturday, and then sunday we're coming right back down to average. let me show you what today looks like, showing you the difference, 12 degrees warmer in livermore today than yesterday.
6:49 am
oakland's 12 degrees warmer. san jose is 11 degrees warmer and if we put the numbers on that column on the side there just to show you where we'll be, that's average. we're not breaking records when we do this. but we are warming up pretty much to average for this time of year, maybe a degree or two above but it is a big jump from where we've been for the last two days and that's why it stands out. so you'll notice it this afternoon, as the temperatures climb a bit. that's the view right now from the top of sutro looking down at the golden gate bridge, marin headlands, in the background, you can see robin williams bridge there, and a bit of the presidio in the foreground. the water is calm and we're not looking at any clouds. no marine layer creeping in over the bridge. the scene from treasure island looking back toward the skyline and top of the salesforce tower. 44 right now in santa rosa. that's another sign on today being warmer. last few mornings we'd been down into the mid-30s in north bay valley so we got a head start on
6:50 am
your day. 82 in concord, redmond city 72 and san rafael tops out at 74. we are breezy near the water, so the onshore will turn on, screen lights up there, very typical if you're in the city, peninsula, bay shoreline, you'll notice the breeze again as we get into the afternoon, probably like you have for the last few days and then saturday we get a little less of that, as the temperatures climb a little more and sunday, the breeze will come back and the temperatures start going back downhill. notice what happens there. for san jose, from 84 on saturday to 76 on sunday, so there will be noticeable differences this weekend from one day to the next in terms of how warm we're going to be, so you can pick your day, as we get into sunday for bay to breakers a classic san francisco day mid-60s and probably see the marine layer building back in along the beaches and through the golden gate bridge through the morning. microclimate show us the same story, noticeably warmer the next few days, down to average the rest of the seven-day
6:51 am
forecast. we're taking the grand tour this morning and gianna, curious to see where we are now. >> darren, don't get jealous, because my live shot here might rival some of your weather cams. i have a beautiful shot of our photojournalist brian kiley in mobile 5 cruising along ocean beach, the ocean off to the side and beautiful morning if you are getting out and about this weekend. don't forget sunday is bay to breakers. we're cruising down the great highway, a tour of the city. a lot of closures in place on sunday because of race, howard street is a closure, all the way across san francisco to the great highway, where it will end. should be a lot of fun. a lot of people headed out there. if you are headed to the race give yourself some extra time. i'm going to jump to our maps and give you tips to get around the expected slow and go spots and the closures. you can use public transit, they are going to be running extra trains, that say gris a great w
6:52 am
it. closures around golden gate park and the panhandle. b.a.r.t. will get racers there before 7:00 and cal train running two special northbound trains leaving from diridon station. use embark dough row or 19th avenue if you are driving during that time going north or south, probably your work-around through there or avoid headed in that area until afternoon, because things will open up and it will get easier through there but it's usually a lot of fun and everyone dresses up and amanda mentioned she's going to be out there, a fun race. bay bridge it's busy. the usual stuff for a friday there, when we have a couple of hot spots westbound 80 to el portal, a crash in the clearing stages and tracking a few brake lights across the richmond-san rafael bridge. south bay looking good for friday and no delays along the peninsula. len? dozens of dogs out of harm's way in ukraine and safe in california. meet the man who made it happen. join us on our streaming service "cbs news bay area" live at 7:00 a.m. with the latest local news headlines, real time traffic and your first alert
6:53 am
weather forecast.
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6:56 am
just about four minutes before 7:00. here s here say quick look at your headlines. breaking news at sfo, a live look where there is some sort of computer issue in terminal one. it is affecting the ticket counters for southwest, jetblue and american airlines. they're using backup systems and the airport says there's no impact on flights. we are expecting an update any minute on the fire that continues to threaten homes in orange county. it is 15% contained. burned about 200 acres in more than 20 homes that broke out wednesday and quickly spread to this high-end residential area.
6:57 am
the cause still under investigation but the power company down there so cal edison reported circuit activity was going on when it started. news this elon musk's takeover of twitter is on hold. he tweeted he is trying to pinpoint how many spam bots are at work on the platform, fake accounts that pretend to be real people questioning whether twitter has been underreporting them though his last tweet says still committed to acquisition. gianna, how is that commute? >> friday light in some spots, ann. a few break lights westbound from an crash near el portal. no delays into berkeley. slow toward the bay bridge, the metering lights are on, backup beyond the 880 overpass and there is a wind advisory for the san mateo bridge so a little gusty there this morning. you might feel it when you head across the span. we've got that extra volume westbound heading towards 101. no delays 101 and the nimitz freeway is clear as is the golden gate, no delays out of marin county headed into san francisco and let's get a live look at 880 looking good both
6:58 am
directions, friday light and checking the south bay, there's no troubles out of san jose right now, north bay commute is clear so good time to be on the freeways. >> current temperatures are in the upper 40s at their coldest. daytime highs are going to climb into the low 80s for our warmest inland spots. we'll be in the upper 70s in the south bay and it will be low 70s along the bay shoreline and those numbers are noticeably warmer than yesterday, quite the jump in temperatures today. saturday we're near 90 inland, it will be 84 in san jose and we cool down by sunday and much of the rest of next week is pretty much average temperatures for this time of year. nearly three dozen specially trained dogs are out of harm's way in ukraine and safe in southern california. >> they are at a shelter in san diego county. dog trainer chris jiminez and his friends traveled to ukraine to rescue the police and military-trained k9s. he raised the 53,000 euros on
6:59 am
social media to pay for a chartered plane for the animals to travel in. the dogs need extensive rehab and exercise since they've been in kennels for so long. >> the war zone aspect wasn't the difficult part. it was the logistics of traveling with 35 german shepherds. right now we're making eight feet by eight feet by eight feet high so they have room to stretch their legs >> they range in age from 6 months to 7 years old and trained for explosive and narcotics detection and missing person searches. he says the k9s will likely be adopted by police departments or government agencies. so those boys are getting put to work for all that training they have. awesome. >> they are well taken care of as well. the news continues all day on "cbs news bay area." >> "cbs mornings" is coming up next. have a great day. thanks for joining us.
7:00 am
♪ welcome to "cbs mornings." and hello to you our viewers on the west coast. happy friday. i'm gayle king. >> i'm tony dokoupil. >> and nate is off today. it is your world in 90 seconds. >> the white house vows to fight the baby formula shortage that could drag on for months. we'll talk to desperate parents. >> sometimes i do cry at night. it is hard physically, mentally, financially. >>se


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