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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5am  CBS  May 13, 2022 5:00am-5:59am PDT

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friday the 13th. >> you said it again. >> it te versed it when i said it the second time. >> this is like friday the 13th 101. it's going to be a little warmer today so we'll put a couple in there, almost 13 degrees warmer than yesterday. >> 13 degrees? >> now we said it four times. we better stop. >> i'm with you guys. i'm so superstitious, okay? >> that was an even now. >> don't mention it again. >> a live look from the top of the salesforce tower. it's clearer and warmer and only in the 40s for santa rosa, 46 degrees right now, it is as cold as i have to show you, it's 48 in livermore, 52 in concord, 53. it's kind of the head start on the theme of a warmup, anywhere from 10 to 12 degrees warmer than yesterday, so that means low 80s for most of our inland locations. mid-70s here in the bay, and
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we'll be in the 60s at the coast. so if you want to pick out your part of the bay rather than overgeneralizing things, it will be 72 exactly in fremont, 78 in vallejo, and we're going to top out at 72 in redwood city. this is the day you notice the warmup, technically, though, today is the warmest day. we'll be another five to seven degrees warmer going into saturday. we'll look at what those numbers mean coming up in the complete forecast in a bit but for now, gianna, things have gotten busy for you. >> so much for friday light on the freeways this morning. let's start off with the traffic alert on 101 as you head near hillsdale boulevard. they have a couple lanes shut down on the main lines of the freeway as well as the exit. now this is due to a big rig that's stuck on its side. it happened several hours ago, it's been out there for quite some time, so they are trying to clean everything up before that morning rush really gets going but in the meantime, we've got some slow and go conditions starting to build behind it, down about 16 miles per hour. if you are getting ready to take
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101, it is slow through here, use 280 as an alternate. we have a look at your headlines at this hour, starting out with a live look at san francisco, because it looks like that deal for elon musk to take over twitter is on hold, at least temporarily. he just tweeted he's trying to pinpoint how many spam bots are at work on the platform, fake accounts that pretend to be real people and it looks like he's questioning whether twitter has been underreporting them, though his latest tweet says he is still committed to acquisition. a brush fire continues to threaten coastal orange county homes as hundreds have been forced to evacuate. it's 15% contained, it's called the coastal fire, grown to about 200 acres. it began wednesday afternoon and quickly spread to some very wealthy neighborhoods there south of l.a. the cause of the fire still under investigation. but apparently there was some circuit activity going on close to the time when it was reported, according to the
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utility company down there, southern california edison. and news on the search in the east bay for a lexus, they served a search warrant, a 24-year-old woman has been missing since january after leaving the home of an ex-boyfriend. a search warrant was served antioch at a home on bent tree way, where she was reportedly last seen and that is a look at your top stories. >> thanks. another officer within the san jose police department is facing allegations of misconduct. sjpd released this video showing chief anthony mata escorting officer matthew dominguez out of the internal affairs department. dominguez was arrested yesterday accused of masturbating inside the home of a family where he and other authorities were investigating a disturbance. according to documents he began touching himself in front of a mother and daughter.
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>> obviously this is the latest in what has become a drumbeat of serious transgressions by young officers in the san jose police department. >>er if dominguez is charged with incident exposure. 's been placed on paid administrative leave and said to be back in court on june 22nd. a live look at san francisco, where some small business owners are blasting that police department. >> for years, san francisco police have had the lowest arrest rate in california, all in spite of fbi data showing that the city has the most officers per resident of any major police department in the state. >> the group calling itself san franciscans for police action released a new video, criticizing the department for low arrest rates. they cite recent data from the state's open justice portal, and
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the public policy institute of california. the business owners say police are unfairly blaming the d.a.'s office, saying they can't prosecute cases if officers don't make arrests. we've reached out to sfpd for comment but have not heard back. four people have been arrested in connection with dozens of small brushes fires in contra costa county. 33 small fires were started in a 48-hour span last week from concord to antioch and a live look at oakland, where a coalition of families and educators is suing the school district over its plans to close or consolidate several campuses. they allege the plan failed to consider the environmental impact on the largely black and latino communities affected, because many students who currently walk or bike to school will now have to commute by car. oakland unified has said declining enrollment is forcing the consolidation and the district told us, it does not comment on pending litigation. this morning, santa clara university is urging everyone to mask up indoors again, and this is because of a spike in covid
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cases. the school says more than 100 cases were reported on campus last week, and infections have tripled over the last three weeks. and the san francisco unified school district is close to naming its new superintendent. hayward schools chief matt wang has been named as the sole finalist for that job and he's no stranger to the district. prior to his six-year tenure in hayward, wayne was an executive director of sf usd elementary schools, before that he worked as a teacher in new york city and a principal in san pablo. current san francisco superintendent vincent matthews is stepping down after five years in the role. wayne will inherit a lot offal challenges after a rocky year. the district saw three board members recalled, protests by teachers over payroll errors and ongoing budget issues following the pandemic. an effort to recall antioch's mayor has failed. now the group behind the campaign is accusing a professional signature company of fraud. wednesday night was the deadline to turn over signatures to
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recall mayor lamar thorpe. proponents cited a range of reasons including their belief the mayor was not supportive of small businesses or police, but they say the signatures they turned over to the company to verify were never returned and it appears the company left the state with their $23,000 payment. for his part, mayor thorpe is ready to move on. >> i'm so excited the recall effort is finally over. question move forward. i'm continuing to be an inclusive community, a community where everybody is welcome and we stop shutting out different perspectives, just simply because of who people are. >> the recall leaders say they plan to file a police report. it is 5:07. hundreds of east bay college gr grads get the commencement they deserve. the return of in-person graduation after two years of restrictions. plus a crash course on the rising rent prices in many college towns. getting ready to head out the door this morning, there is a traffic alert already on the freeways along 101, involving an
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after two years of covid restrictions, hundreds of east bay college grads were final able to enjoy the pomp and circumstance of commencement. ♪ >> kpix 5 was at cal state east
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bay, where proud grads finally put a cap on a long journey. ♪ >> reporter: students from the class of 2020 and 2021 finally got to attend their graduation ceremony. >> as i mentioned, an absolute joy to see so many people here in person. >> i'm not a type of person who really cares about this stuff. i did it for my mom. she really wanted me to, so i did it for her. >> we've been waiting for this not only just to celebrate his day, what he's done, his accomplishments but to be here together. >> liberal studies -- >> reporter: this ceremony was a way to recognize the work they put in to get their degrees. >> my senior year, i got to do a student exchange program, and study at a historically black college, graduating suma cum laude. top 1% of my class so i'm really proud of the work i put in. >> reporter: graduating college was something kynnedi hoyer's mother wasn't able to do. mom and family couldn't be happier about kennynnedi's
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accomplishment. >> she nailed it. she understood the assignments, she nailed it. >> reporter: for many of the students here, they are not only the first to graduate but the first to attend college. many worked their way through college and spent countless hours on their studies to make their parents proud, especially elva aberes,their parents came hoping to give their children a better life. >> last year, we had a drive-by graduation, both our parents started crying. >> they were full of emotions. >> this is not just one, it's like twins, both of us at the same time together. it was nice and we feel proud, too, because you guys you made it here to a country to give you opportunities and we didn't fail you guys. shout out to our mom and dodd. dad. more ceremonies get under way today and over the weekend. congrats. >> big congrats. all 20 separate commencements will be held at four different cal state east bay venues. today's commencements include political science, social work plus speech and language grads, then tomorrow it's all about the theater and dance majors. millions of college students
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faced high-housing costs this past year. prices are only going to get higher.ine one-bedroom, so she shared it >> i definitely was not prepared to be this stressed about housing every year. >> experts say a big issue is many universities have yet to create enough housing to support growing student bodies. benicia has lifted an emergency call for water conservation, after completing repairs to a broken water main. the city asked everyone to cut back by 30% sunday when the pipe flooded the local treatment plant. some see lions are making themselves at home in an unusual place, the sacramento waterfront. >> for several weeks now, they've been lounging at west sacramento's public dock and they're drawing quite a crowd. experts say there's a good reason for them to be there. >> they want to find food, so
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they can bulk up and be ready for the next breeding season. >> experts are warning that even though they are cute, sea lions can be aggressive, so they advise admiring from a distance. this morning, we have some tips on the best ways to see this sunday's blood moon eclipse. this video is from the last lunar eclipse, an astronomer with the chabot space and science center says the eclipse will be under way when the moon rises in the east around 8:04 p.m. he says some of the best spots in the bay area to catch it, skyline boulevard in the east bay, inspiration point near thp. >> and we'll be sleeping. >> yes, we will be. >> we'll be passed out but i'm sure it's great. >> yes. we'll get video of it. >> sure. >> watch it later, yes. >> it's 5:14. what tea looking like out there? you are telling us about this
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eclipse? >> briefly, i want to give you a quick review, it's going to be low on the horizon, that's the only thing i wanted to point out which is actually kind of good because you'll get it a little closer to the horizon. it's not bigger then, but it's oftentimes looks bigger. you have a cooler perspective. it's really from 8:30 until 9:50, that's when it will be in total, so it's a long process to go from partial to total but right in that 9:00 hour, that would be the best time on sunday, if you hadn't looked yet to go out and take a look at the moon. you'll be glad you did. going to be noticeably warmer today, 10 to 12 degrees warmer than yesterday. take a look at the number for livermore, 12 degrees, oakland 12 degrees. as much as 8 degrees warmer in santa rosa. if we put the daytime high to show you where we're going, how warm will it be for your part of the bay, those numbers are just a little bit above average. it's not like this is going to be record-breaking warmth today, but i wanted to point out how much warmer today will be than yesterday, because that's what
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you're going to notice more than anything else. it's going to feel different this afternoon. tomorrow's actually the warmest day in the whole seven-day forecast. we'll be about five to seven degrees warmer than this and we'll cool down again for sunday. current numbers are also warm sticking with that theme. it's 46 in santa rosa right now. 48 in livermore and those are the two coldest numbers, you can be colder than that for sure this time of day. let's go back to the south bay for a second. i don't want to overlook your daytime highs. los gatos 79. valleys and east bay will warm up into the low 80s. danville going to 76, the whole tri-valley, dublin, san ramon your numbers warm up into the mid-70s and as we look across the remainder, temperatures warm up into the mid-70s for the north bay valleys and north into mendocino county it's mid-70s as well. a bit breezy today, onshore wind turns on so you'll notice that if you're anywhere near the water and the seven-day forecast, saturday is the
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warmest day, 84 for san jose but then we'll cool down noticeably for sunday to average and pretty much stay there for the next seven days, you see that same story showing up in the seven-day forecast for our microclimates as well. all right. amanda, over to you. >> darren, thanks. the bay to breakers run has been a tradition in san francisco for more than 100 years and one man in the east bay started running it in the 80s until a parkinson's diagnosis made him hang up his shoes. this sunday his son is making sure his dad crosses that finish line one more time. >> we're rolling. here we go. >> reporter: the euphoria of a good, long run is a distant memory to 78-year-old dan cochran. >> it was good to get out and clear out the mind a. >> reporter: running in the beta breakers event in the '70s became a tradition. >> the comamaraderie with a big group of people.
5:18 am
>> reporter: 20 years ago dan was diagnosed with parkinson's disease, putting his favorite past time on the shelf. >> the doctor told me it was a short period of time or a long period of time but i'll be in a wheelchair eventually. i decided that i didn't want to just take it laying down. >> reporter: while still young at heart, with a strict diet and routine exercise, dan has stayed out of that wheelchair. >> we're 20 years into it, i'm still doing okay. >> reporter: he has been running his own race, beating the odds regardless of his diagnosis. >> it's just parkinson's. >> reporter: a quote he wears proudly on his shirt. >> it was a reaction to people's reaction to me. and they look at me like i'm dying or something. i see the wheelchair orush ib lon tir fay. et it's just parkinson's. >> reporter: strong enough to
5:19 am
play ball with his son. hitting the pavement for a long distance run is no longer than option. do you miss that? >> i miss it, yeah. it's too hard on my back. >> reporter: so his son, robert, figured out a way to get his dad to cross the bay to breakers finish line one more time. >> i want dad to know there's still hope. >> reporter: every step of the way on sunday, robert will be there with his dad as he makes it through the seven-mile course across the city, with some help. >> but the chair came. it's like we're doing this. we've been on three or four training runs and there's been some adventures. >> i didn't think i'd be doing this again but we found a way moneyor time. >> reporter: one more time with a physical push from his son, dan is reignited with hope to once again feel that runner's high. >> feels like somebody's behind you pushing. real light feeling, but it's really feels good. >> reporter: do you trust him to get awe cross the finish line? >> oh, yeah. >> i'd be nervous with my son
5:20 am
pushing me but they have a bond that is so special. they will be taking off with the final wave of runners come sunday. if you are in that wave, make sure you cheer them on and we'll be cheering them on here at kpix. >> what a sweet, sweet story. >> i loved talking to them. they were great and just his passion for it and his passion to keep going and the perseverance for it. really great people and i just love it. he said it's just f'ing parkinsons. >> no big deal. i'm liking it. you'll be out there sunday. >> i'll be out there. i'm a little worried getting there, coming from the east bay, there's going to be a lot of traffic. what are we looking at there? >> you have options. mass transit will be running extra trains, b.a.r.t. will be getting people there before 7:00 a.m., extra trains and cal train as well. about 15,000 people are expected to run the race, which that's a lot of people. we haven't seen stuff like this in a while. it will be fun and bay to breakers really is the uniqueness of what san francisco is. it's a 12k race, runs west
5:21 am
through the city to the great highway, hay street hill, the panh panhandle, golden gate park, a lot of iconic areas through the city. if you are headed out there, be mindful of the road closures, b.a.r.t. adding four trains. cal train will run two special trains northbound. you can use embarcadero as well as 19th avenue if you're going to travel north to south through the city on sunday, but again, try to avoid the areas with the road closures at least before noon. afternoon things should be opening up through there, but should be a lot of fun. should be a lot of fun to watch that and amanda will be out there and cheering her on. looking at the roadways, the traffic alert northbound at hillsdale boulevard completely cleared out of lanes. we are moving with no troubles now. we were seeing some pretty significant brake lights in the backup there, not the case anymore so back to friday light on 101, so good news for anyone getting ready to hit the roadways along the peninsula. there is roadwork eastbound highway 4 at walnut boulevard, brentwood, all lanes shut down,
5:22 am
this is emergency roadwork, not a planned closure. if you're hearing this right now, it's unexpected so there are detours in place. will you see some delays in and around the area and we do have first reports of a crash in the heart of all the brake lights we typically see for super commutersnt. once you're past that, looking better into the dublin interchange. the rest of the freeways look good, no delays 60 through walnut creek, the north bay quiet if we're taking the golden gate bridge. everything is moving along nicely through here. of course we have the warriors on tap tonight at chase so that should be fun, too. >> thank you, g. it is 5:22. a big night at chase center for the warriors. >> dubs next attempt to finish off the grizzlies and advance to
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we are going to be ten degrees warmer today than yesterday. that is enough that you notice it in the afternoon. so that means as we look at the lunch time forecast, you can plan on it feeling different than yesterday did. it's going to be 80 degrees inland already. by the time we get into that noon to 2:00 window, with he'll be in the mid-60s for the bay. let's put a couple of numbers on that. watch the temperatures climb through the afternoon and once we got to that 1:00 hour it's in the upper 70s and boy, is it pretty out there now. not a cloud in the sky. sunrise is coming up just a little bit after 6:00 this morning, and even though today is the day when we do the big ten-degree jump, tomorrow is
5:26 am
actually the warmest day in the whole seven-day. i'll show what you saturday looks like and we'll plan your weekend, now that we've planned lunch. guys, back over to you. going live to chase center tonight the warriors play the me gzzlies in a second attempt at advancing to the western conference finals. the dubs are up 3-2 in their series with the grizzlies. >> and they're also a four-point favorite against the grizzlies according to the latest nba odds. tonight's game six will be the biggest game at chase center in the three-season existence of the warriors new home and good news, they've gone undefeated at home this post season. a win will guarantee them a trip to the conference finals, a loss would push the series back to memphis for a game seven. and switching gears now to football. >> 49ers season schedule has been released. here is a look at that. they open at chicago september 11th and hope opener against the seahawks.
5:27 am
check new year's day, it's the first ever trip to vegas and the raiders, week nine at carolina, week 16 against the washington commanders. those games could be seen right here on kpix 5. it is 5:27 and we're less than a month away from the june 7th primary. the changes for voters in several bay area counties. and the white house now working to stop a nationwide shortage of baby formula, how officials are responding to the issue that has many parent ♪ ♪ whether someone is across the neighborhood, across the street, or across the room, you have the power to make them feel right at home. ♪ ♪ ritz. a taste of welcome.
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♪ ♪ whether someone is across the neighborhood,
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across the street, or across the room, you have the power to make them feel right at home. ♪ ♪ ritz. a taste of welcome. >> announcer: live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. breaking news from elon musk, why the billionaire says his deal to buy twitter is on hold. plus why some say the u.s. might be sending mixed messages about its support for ukraine. and another california
5:30 am
>> and a shortage of baby formula turning into a crisis, how officials are now responding to that big issue. >> good morning to you. it is friday, may 13th, friday the 13th. >> i thought you weren't going to say that again. >> every time i say the day, it comes out. i'm amanda starrantino. >> and i'm len kiese. good morning to you. so glad to have you with us on this friday. we'll just put it at that, and you have a beautiful sunrise behind you. >> yes. >> and b, talking about a warmup this weekend, too. >> yes, it starts today. today is the day we notice it. technically tomorrow is the warmest day. >> um-hum. >> but it's like 12 degrees warmer today for many of us, so this is the day in the afternoon you step outside and go, what happened? all of a sudden it feels different. it's not like we're going to be breaking records today. we're not even going to be that far above average today. but we are going to be 10 to 12 degrees warmer than yesterday and those are the days where you notice the changes afoot. look at santa rosa, 46. that's already different. that's close to ten degrees warmer right now in the north
5:31 am
bay valleys than it was yesterday. still want a light jacket in the mid-40s. it feels like the change has begun. anyone in general for our inland locations will i-70s les put somefi o go to. thisto82. 'surarm spot, tioch ea by today. to we'll lookhomer rr tor is the only day like tomorrow, because after that, we'll start cooling back down again. i'll figure out what i mean by that, "tomorgee >> i'm eager to altamont pass area which isee b time of the morning, for super commuters tracy getting on to 580 a crash at grant line slowing things down. it is blocking one lane so a busy ride there, 47 minutes to go from that interchange all the way towards that 580/680 area.
5:32 am
connected onto 680 it's getting crowded also so expect a few b brake lights as well. bay bridge metering lights off. traffic moving at a nice pace and where is everybody on the golden gate? it's looking quiet in both directions, no delays and right now, quiet ride on the san mateo bridge but according to caltrans it's windy so they issued an advisory overnight so you might feel a breeze across the span. starting off with the coastal wildfire in southern california, it continues to threaten homes right now in orange it is 15% contained, at last word it's burned 200 acres. it broke out wednesday and quickly spread to the high-end residential neighborhood. the cause sunday investigation including whether some electrical equipment may be to blame.
5:33 am
southern california edison reported circuit activity close to the time it started. elon musk is trying to pinpoint how many spam bots are on twitter. he questions whether twitter has been underreporting them. his latest tweet says he is still committed to acquisition. governor newsom is expected to annoyance another record-breaking budget surplus today and how he plans to spend the extra money. the surplus in california's general fund could be as high as $68 billion, that is up from the initial almost $30 billion surplus newsom announced in january and that could include a tax rebate for most of us, and i'm sure we could all make use of that. that is a look at your overnight headlines. >> we like to hear about that. thanks, ann. developing news in the kidnapping of a 3-month-old in san jose. more charges have been filed against the two suspects and here's why. prosecutors now say yesenia
5:34 am
ramirez and jose portillo tried three times before to abduct the in infant, once pretending to be social service workers. the santa clara county d.a. added three additional charges of attempted kidnapping. police say they did succeed on their fourth attempt. portillo allegedly grabbing the child while ramirez distracted the grandmother following a shopping trip. the two are being held without bail. we are less than a month away from the june 7th primary. right now seven bay area counties are covered by something called the voters choice act. wilson walker has more on the changes designed to modernize the elections. >> reporter: the next election is upon us, the june 7th direct statewide primary is under way, and if it feels like the elections never stopped, just ask your county's registrar of voters. >> we did have a smaller election in windsor earlier this year, where we did this model and things went really well. >> reporter: after rolling can
5:35 am
pandemic changes for two years sonoma county is rolling out voters choice and for starters they focus on voting by mail, since every california voter receivers a vote by mail ballot. >> so they can return their ballot to one of our ballot drop boxes, to our vote centers or return it in the mail. >> reporter: but for plenty of people, there are those circumstances that can make even a simple vote by mail a little difficult. >> yes, i'm leaving for armenia on the 18th, so i want to be sure to vote. >> reporter: molly freeman dropped by the alameda county registrar of voters office, she's about to leave town and has not received her mail-in ballot. >> i'm here to vote. >> reporter: instead she was handed a mail-in ballot, but that does not mean she couldn't have voted in person if she wasn't leaving town. voters choice means a choice of regional voting centers that open in stages. >> so we have seven locations across the county that are a th ting ojune 4 caon sl vo centet l
5:36 am
hroughctday. >> reporter: so it's the mail-in ballot or the voting center, and that probably means good-bye to your old neighborhood polling place. >> i just enjoy coming down and voting in person, but i'm going to go home and put this in the mail. >> reporter: so when it comes to the when and where of voting, it is important now maybe more than ever to check with your county, see how things are going to be done this time around. we are here in santa rosa, wilson walker, kpix 5. u.s. senator alex padilla released a new campaign ad leading to the june 7th primary. >> i'm alex padilla and i approve this message. every day i go to work -- >> it's called defending the dream. padilla said it's aimed at reminding voters he's the son of immigrants and he is for working families. and a quick heads up toet voers, padilla's name will appear twice on the california june primary
5:37 am
ballot. the separate but related u.s. senate race will ask voters to allow him to finish his current and shortened senate term after gunnewsom appointed him to ace kamala harris. the second race would allow him to begin a new term in office. u.s. support for ukraine is aid to ukraine has rare bipartisan support but the chamber is unlikely to vote on the bill until next week. lawmakers are working to bypass senator rand paul's request for an oversight amendment. >> for heaven's sake, let answer g let's get ukraine funding done asap. >> they need this help right now. >> another issue involves finland and sweden, which may soon join nato. the u.s. says it supports including those two countries in the alliance. ukraine has requested to join nato as well, but has not received support for the move. president zelenskyy's chief of staff is calling this a "double
5:38 am
standard." five republican lawmakers have been issued subpoenas for the investigation of the january 6th attack on the u.s. capitol. the house select committee has already completed about 1,000 interviews in this investigation, but they have now included five of their own colleagues, one of which includes house minority leader kevin mccarthy. the committee says mccarthy spoke to former president trump before, during and after the u.s. capitol attack. the first public hearing in this investigation is set for june 9th. the white house is scrambling to address a nationwide shortage of baby formula. >> eight states and the district of columbia have less than half of the usual inventory. another 28 states are experiencing shortages of more than 40%. officials say they're working to ease import rules and streamline the fda's approval process. >> we're going to do everything we can to cut red tape and take steps to increase supply on the marketplace. >> major retailers are limiting purchases in an effort to
5:39 am
prevent panic buying and hording. supply chain problems are partly causing the shortage, along with the recent recall of top selling products from a manufacturer, abbott nutrition. it is 5:39. coming up, how the community is helping to save a beloved burlingame candy shop and ice cream shop. and it's that time again to celebrate black culture in the culinary industry. we're taking you inside one of the bay area's authentic caribbean restaurants for black restaurant week. this is a close view looking down on the golden gate bridge this morning, from the camera all the way on top of sutro, one of of the unique vantage points in the bay shows us a pretty quiet morning out there. it's going to be ten degrees warmer today for your part of the bay. we're going to look at that, coming up in this forecast, next.
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if you're looking for something to do this weekend in the warm weather, maybe you can eat at one of the many tasty restaurants across the bay. >> the annual bay area black restaurant week kicks off today. we're talking more than 50 local restaurants taking part in all of this, this year, so we had to send our justin andrews out to check this out. >> our foodie. >> yes. what's on tap for everybody? >> i tried this thing called
5:43 am
rhody. it was so freakin' good. i have to tell you about this. it's a west indian style f flatbread, and if you had it anywhere across the bay, i can bet you it was handmade by the woman you're about to meet in a second, born in trinidad and tobago. for 30 years she's brought a caribbean food culture right to our back yards. >> reporter: there's a caribbean island on the east side of oakland. >> we are a vacation away from home. >> reporter: authentic caribbean food and a cultured experience. it's coco brie's caribbean restaurant and bakery. the executive chef and owner miss anabel is from trinidad and tobago. she has been cooking since she was 12-year-old, when her mom made her go to cooking classes. she didn't want to go. >> if you from the caribbean, you don't say no to your parents. >> reporter: decades later she's none for crafting some vibrant west indian cuisines with a modern twist. >> my mom is classic.
5:44 am
she's traditional. she's everyone's mom. >> reporter: that's marissa lyons, chef ann's daughter and the bakery manager at coco brie's. coco breeze is one local spot celebrating black restaurant week bay area to shine a light on minority businesses aiding them in building community awareness to increase their bottom lines. when you come here, it's like you're at your auntie's house, they say. some of the favorites, caribbean brazed octails, curry chicken, jerk chicken and all of the vegan and gluten-free options, too. >> my favorites -- >> reporter: the real boss behind the authentic food is chef ann. >> our food is very traditional, very cultured. >> reporter: so when you come to oakland's east side, the taste and the vibes will make you feel like you're on an island.
5:45 am
>> whatever you're feeling, however you feel, it translates to food. >> so after spending a couple hours on the east side of oakland with this mother and daughter bduo, it's not hard to admit, coco breeze is a landmark for their culture. >> listen, tea with curry chicken inside, it's like the best thing you'll have. >> it is the best. i have a secret. i ate some this morning because she gave me some. before i came to,if you smell it on my breath, that's why. >> you're supposed to share. >> oh. was i? >> in these situations. >> oops. it's all gone n here. >> do not gblame you. thanks for the story. black restaurant week starts until may 22nd. it's for restaurants, food trucks, vendors will also be featured. >> lots to choose from. 5:45 is the time. let's get a check of the weather and traffic.
5:46 am
meteorologist darren peck? >> we're getting close to sunrise and we'll watch it from a couple of angles. it's going to be ten degrees warmer today so that is the headline on the forecast. you'll notice today feels different. tomorrow is going to be the hottest day in theho chb -day. we'll be 15 degrees above average. first thing's first, the view looking east from the camera on top of salesforce. what time does sunrise happen? technically at 6:01, which means for about the next 25 minutes, the sky is going to look pretty, a whole bunch of nice color. if that's the view from the top of the hills on the west side of santa clara valley, basically we're looking out over mountain view and fremont on the other side there and that's also a great vantage point on this day. you'll see temperatures in the south bay that warm up into right around 80. more on that in one second. concord that's the view from the top of mt. diablo looking down and the scene on the golden gate bridge. it's warmer already. santa rosa only in the mid-40s. that's already a jump from yesterday's numbers.
5:47 am
we got used to the mid-30s to start out the mornings up there, so you already get a head start. everybody else is also pretty comfortable in the low 50s and if we do the warmup over here today, it's 12 degrees warmer for the daytime high today in livermore and oakland. what's that number look like? we'll fill in that other column, so san jose, your numbers going up to 78 today. right about 80. we'll be 81 in concord. livermore is going to 79 and santa rosa will make it up to 81. add about five to seven degrees on top of the numbers and that gives you saturday. sunday won't be that warm. sunday will be probably be a lot like today. saturday we'll do a little bit of a jump. so there are your numbers looking across the rest of the bay area as a whole, and south bay in detail. let's get into the seven-day forecast to show how it plays out over the weekend and no early next week because if saturday's the warmest number, by sunday we come back down about another five to seven degrees and then going into early next week, we pretty much stay right there. in other words, pretty much be average for most of the remainder of the seven-day forecast. it's pretty much just today and tomorrow, where we notice this
5:48 am
pretty quick warmup, and then by sunday, things start coming back down again. let's see how the drive is looking. >> it's looking okay at the bay bridge if you're getting ready to make that ride out of the east bay into san francisco. not a lot of brake lights just yet. mobile 5 up early. brian collier went through the maze, nothing slowing him down. maybe slightly slow as you head through the pay gates there. overall it's safe to say it's friday light as you head across the span into san francisco and there he goes through there, no problems. taking a look elsewhere, at our maps, we are seeing brake lights is the ride for super commuters. it's tough into the altamont pass because we've got a crash westbound 580 right at grant line. it is blocking at least one lane, a big rig involved so this takes a minute to clear out of lanes. down about 8 miles per hour so certainly crawling along out of tracy, on to 580. you'll see extra busy conditions there. once you're past there it looks
5:49 am
good the rest of the way to the dublin interchange. getting onto 680 both directioningdirection i s are looking good. north bay freeways, south bay freeways, walnut creek, 680, highway 4 checking in problem-free. we had some emergency roadwork highway 4 in brentwood that's open. all lanes are free flowing there. golden gate bridge looking great this morning, easy ride out of marin as you head into san francisco. no wind advisory for the golden gate or the bay bridge but there is a wind advisory for the san mateo bridge. might feel breezy as you work your a across the span. that's a look at traffic. >> thank you, g. the senate confirmed jerome powell for a second four-year term as federal reserve chair. the bipartisan support, the fed is planning a series of sharp interest rate hikes that could extend well into next year. southwest airlines says it will spend $2 billion on upgrades in hopes of making its
5:50 am
customers happier. the low-cost airlines plan includes installing usb charging ports into each seat, faster wifi, larger everyhead bins, new entertainment and drink options. i wonder, will that up our es >> okay. su fhe we' it is 5:50. a beloved candy and ice cream shop on the peninsula is struggling. how the community is stepping up to say it. on the drew barrymore show" jessica biel stops back to talk. stick around for "cbs mornings," with the biggest
5:51 am
5:52 am
5:53 am
just north gorgeous start to the day, the camera's vantage point from pressure island shows us the early sunrise coming up at 6:02. it's ten degrees warmer today than yesterday and that's pretty much bay area wide, we'll be near 80 in san jose today. we'll be a little warmer than that for the inland valleys. i'll show you the daytime highs for everybody coming up in a second. there's one other item to clue you in on this weekend, a total lunar eclipse sunday night pretty much in the 9:00 hour and if you take a look at the bull's eye around 9:15 is when the peak of it will happen. take a look off toward the
5:54 am
eastern horizon. the moon will be fairly low. we'll be back with the rest of the forecast in a bit. back to you. >> tsee you then. a long-time candy and ice cream shop on the peninsula is struggle to stay afloat but people seem to be coming to the rescue. >> reporter: preston's -- >> that's a a chocolate butter cream. >> reporter: -- has been burlingame's spot for sweets and treats for 75 years. and for the past 24 years, irene preston -- >> i'm here seven days a week. >> reporter: -- has held the keyness to the candy castle. >> yes, it is, what a business. >> reporter: but business over the past two years hasn't been so sweet. >> the pandemic has really affected me quite drastically. >> reporter: she's behind on a lot of bills. >> i howe a lot of money, so its been very difficult. >> reporter: a bitter pill to swallow, preston realized she couldn't generate enough revenue to keep the lights on if she couldn't come up with a new recipe for business.
5:55 am
and then she met ben lambright. >> i came in around the holidays to buy ice cream and irene was talking with somebody else and said i heard her say she really needed some help. >> reporter: sheer he is five months later helping preston put together rescue boxes, it's their way to hopefully keep the candy shop afloat. >> i thought i'd be able to make irene 500 extra bucks if we were lucky and put some cash in her bank account. >> reporter: the rescue boxes have lived up to their name and then some. >> irene and i have both sat here and cried more than once at the level of support we've seen. >> reporter: since they started on march 30th -- >> packages sold 350, not counting the orders i'm fulfilling right now. >> it's high. >> reporter: they're also doing online business for the first time ever, selling a monthly subscription box in the hopes of stabilizing income and inventory. >> i want to say thank you very much. >> reporter: the boxes alone won't save irene's business, but
5:56 am
they're helping her plan for pre preston's to have a future. >> i'm ordering materials for halloween and christmas today. >> reporter: her favorite part about owning a neighborhood candy shop. >> all the people. >> reporter: the reason why preston's can push forward. >> bye-bye. >> reporter: so far, they've shipped rescue boxes to customers in at least 35 states. they're hoping to get to all 50 sooner than later. in burlingame, max adero, kpix 5. in our next hour -- >> police in the east bay may be one step closer to finding out what happened to a missing 24-year-old woman. the search warrant just served. plus the bay area bottle rock festival serves up a scrumptious line-up. we break it down in liam's list next. dozens of dogs out of harm's way in ukraine, and safe in california. meet the man who made it happen. >> let's take a live look outside on this friday morning,
5:57 am
sunrise in san francisco looking out, we have warmer temperatures on the way for the ekend. a
5:58 am
you're a champion. you're not a quitter. quitters don't do what they're supposed to. champions do. and you're a star. and you shine. that's what you do. that's what you do every day. [inspirational music]
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. >> right now on kpix 5, and streaming on "cbs bay area" breaking overnight, elon musk's multibillion-dollar deal to take over twitter is now on hold. the announcement just made. and a contra costa county arson spree leads to several arrests, what fire crews are now urging homeowners to do. plus -- >> i want dad to know there's still hope. >>en aannual race returns to the bay area and crossing the finish line takes on a much deeper meaning for an east bay family. good m


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