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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430am  CBS  May 13, 2022 4:30am-4:59am PDT

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streaming on cbs news bay area, live from our salesforce tower camera, a live look north toward coyte tower. good morning, it's friday, may 13th. i'm len kiese. >> i'm amanda starrantino. let's get a check on weather and traffic. darren, what is it looking like for this friday forecast? >> we're warming up ten degrees like somebody's going to flip a switch this afternoon. you'll go oh, that's different. >> are you going to flip that switch? >> i won't be flipping it but i'll be screaming about it from the hills and it's not going to stay that with you the whole weekend. today is noticeably warmer than saturday or sunday will, because it's like a one to two-day jump like this. live look from the top of the salesforce tower and look how warm it is, even now. santa rosa it's 47 degrees, and you are well into the mid-30s over the last two mornings so it feels better out there now, from that sense, and yep, look at that number on the far right
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inland, 81. those numbers were much closer to like 70 yesterday. and it will be in the mid-70s in the bay. we can pick out some specifics on here, concord you're going to 82. santa rosa will do the 80s. san jose is going to 78 today, and we'll top out at 72 in oakland. actually, tomorrow might be pretty much identical to this, and then we'll start a little bit of a cooldown going into sunday. we'll look at that in the seven-day forecast, coming up in a bit. for now, let's check in with gianna. >> let's look at the roadways. i got an alert about emergency roadwork in brentwood along highway 4, which is blocking all lanes. if you take that early in the morning give yourself a few extra minutes. alternates are in place in that area. other than that, highway 4 is off to a great start. most of our freeways and bay area bridges, it is friday, so we are crossing our fingers it stays friday light. it looks to be the case, golden gate bridge all clear no directions. bay bridge easy ride into the
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city and right now a nice commute across san mateo bridge between 808 and 101. amanda? a live look at san jose, where the latest in a string of scanle das in the police department is drawing a fiery response from the mayor this morning. kpix 5's katie nielsen reports the department was quick to do damage control. >> reporter: this is video shot by the san jose police department and released to the media showing chief anthony mata escorting officer matthew dominguez out of the internal affairs department. dominguez was arrested, accused of masturbating inside the home of a family where he and other cog to c criminal conduct, i will personally walk him out. >> reporter: chief mata made
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that statement during a press conference last tuesday addressing another incident where an officer was accused of showing up drunk to the scene of thrandon kidnapping investigation at the end of april. back in march, a young rookie officer died of a fentanyl overdose. last december, another officer was accused of giving a woman a methamphetamine pipe in exchange for information and just last week an off-duty officer was arrested for dui after crashing into another car in hayward. >> obviously this is the latest in what has become a drumbeat of serious transgressions by young officers in the san jose police department. >> reporter: mayor sam liccardo calls for reforms during a press conference. >> there may be something very seriously wrong with whatever we're doing around screening and backgrounding. we need to figure that out. >> reporter: the san jose police officer's union echoed those sentiments and said "this inexcusable, appalling and repugnant behavior must never be tolerated. if this is true, the individual must be held accountable and should never be allowed to be a
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poli officer er nielsen reporting. dominguez is set to be back in court june 22nd, outcome of the case. a live look at san francisco where some small business owners are blasting that police department. >> for years, san francisco police have had the lowest arrest rate in california, all in spite of fbi data showing that the city has the most officers per resident of any major police department in the state. >> the group calling itself san franciscans for police action released a new video, criticizing the department for low arrest rates. they cite recent data from the state's open justice portal, and the public policy institute of california. the business owners say police are unfairly blaming the d.a.'s office, saying they can't prosecute cases if officers don't make arrests. we've reached out to sfpd for comment but have not heard back. this morning, we are getting a closer look at the aftermath from the wildfire in southern california that burned through a
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wealthy community. as bradley blackburn reports, dozens of multimillion-dollar homes were damaged or completely destroyed. >> reporter: above a california cliffside, the damage is stunning, estate after estate scorched after a wildfire exploded in laguna negal. on thursday, evacuated residents heardwasbad,utis devast say mor than maged orst resident got out. homeowner lynn maurey was grateful to find her wedding ph photo. >> i'm in shock. we have total loss damage. >> reporter: hot spots continue to burn on hills nearby thursday afternoon with fire crews working to extinguish them. the coastal fire began as a small brush fire and grew to about 200 acres. hundreds of homes were evacuated
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with minutes to spare. >> once we saw it coming up toward the homes on the ridgeline here, we knew we had to go. >> reporter: some 550 firefighters responded and two were briefly hospitalized with injuries. >> we are very fortunate it is not more homes and we have no loss of life, which is fantastic, and in our mind is a success. >> reporter: the exact cause of the fire remains under investigation but utility southern california edison reported circuit activity close to the time it started. bradley blackburn, cbs news. >> a live look at the state capitol, today governor gavin newsom is set toe new budget pral ar ownthe stateuld provid wh$4o 80or$933 million to provide health care workers with at least $1,000 each and $2.7 billion to fund covid-19 rental assistance for
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people who applied before the deadline. inflation is so high it's actually triggering a state law that automatically bumps up the minimum wage. it kicks in when inflation tops 7%. the base rate will rise to $15.50 an hour starting next year, depending on the employer. the wage is $14 or $15 an hour. twitter is in turmoil this morning, just a short time ago, elon musk tweeted his planned purchase of twitter is temporarily on hold pending details on spam and fake accounts on the social media platform, it comes amid high-profile firings. we have the potential fallout for san francisco. >> as if there wasn't enough drama in the twitter sales saga, a big shakeup at the topr hateg el musk proposedkeover of
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de. thomaidwas trying to be efficient pulling back on non-labor costs. shares closed down more than 2% thursday. experts say the move could be a he's going to back ouhend is $1 billion. i know that sounds crazy but all he has to pay them is $1 billion if he decides to back out. this is them making themselves attractive to make that takeover cap. >> reporter: the general manager and general manager for revenue are reportedly being shown the door. >> it's interesting to see people jump like this in such dramatic fashion, one in the middle of paternity leave. >> reporter: if there were any questions, he settled matter on twitter "the truth is this isn't how and when i imagined leaving and this wasn't my decision. parag asked me to leave after letting me know he wants to take the team in a different direction." faulk's twitter bio reads
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"unemployed." the lab critiques of twitter for not being a steward of free speech and decision to move tesla headquarters last year have some questioning whether his takeover could change the bay area tech landscape forever. >> i would be uncomfortable if i owned a business on market street hoping that twitter employees would be coming to buy stuff from me because it's clear that elon musk is not a fan of the bay area at this moment and i don't know how long he would stick around. >> as we reported, the deal isn't done yet.ilhave to approv. i'm sarah donchey, kpix 5. coming up, graduates get the recognition they desearch a little late. the long-awaited ceremony. and a lawsuit in oakland, why families are suing the school district this morning.
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after two years of covid restrictions, hundreds of east bay college grads wer finally able to enjoy the pomp and circumstance of commencement. ♪ >> kpix 5 was hat cal state east bay, where proud grads finally put a cap on a long journey. ♪ >> reporter: students from the class of 2020 and 2021 finally got to attend their graduation ceremony. >> as i mentioned, an absolute joy to see so many people here in person. >> i'm not a type of person who really cares about this stuff. i did it for my mom. she really wanted me to, so i did it for her. >> we've been waiting for this not only just to celebrate his day, what he'done, his he toget. >> reporter: this ceremony was a way to recognize the work they put in to get their degrees. >> my senior year, i got to do a
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student exchange program, and study at a historically black college, graduating sum sum cum laude. >> reporter: graduating college was something kynnedi hoyer's mother wasn't able to do. >> she nailed it. she understood the assignments, she nailed it. >> reporter: for many of the students here, they are not only the first to graduate but the first to attend college. many worked their way through college and spent countless hours on their studies to make their parents proud, especially for elva and lizbeth flores, their parents came to america hoping to give their children a better life. >> last year, we had a drive-by graduation, both our parents started crying. >> they were full of emotions. >> this is not just one, it's twins, both of us at the same time together. it was nice and we feel proud, you made it here to a country to give you opportunities and we didn't fail you guys.
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shout out to our mom and dodd. >> love they got that moment and the parents. this morning in your money report, inflation fears continue to weigh on the financial markets and where mercedes-benz is recalling thousands of suvs. matt piper has more on the day's business news. >> reporter: the senate has confirmed jerome powell for a second term as chairman of the federal reserve. powell says a recession may happen in the u.s., no matter what the fed does. he told npr he hoped higher interest rates would curb borrowing and ease inflation, however, powell says that may not be enough to overcome the effects of the pandemic and the war in ukraine. it's been a rough week for cryptocurrency investors. yesterday the price of bitcoin dropped below $26,000, that had not happened since december 2020. a year ago, bitcoin was trading for just under $50,000 apiece.
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and mercedes-benz is recalling nearly 300,000 suvs to fix a problem that could lead to brake failure. it affects vehicles from the 2006 to 2012 model years. owners are told to stop driving the suvs until the braking systems can be inspected. for more head to at the cbs broadcast broadcast center, i'm matt piper. a live look at oakland where a coalition of families and educators are suing the school district over its plans to close our consolidate several campuses, they allege the plan failed to consider the environmental impact on the largely black and latino communities affected because many students who currently walk or bike to school have to commute by car. oakland unified said declining enrollment is forcing the consolidation. the district told us it doesn't comment on pending litigation. 4:46 is the time. it is a friday and we want to get you caught up on your forecast, also traffic if you're
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heading out on the roads this morning. >> darren, you have the very important weekend forecast. how is it looking? >> technically tomorrow is the warmest day in the whole seven-day forecast, that will be saturday but today is the day when we do the biggest jump from one day to the next. today's the day when you notice things are starting to warm up. if we just do some of the math on this, how much warmer are we going to be today than yesterday in livermore and okakland, 12 degrees warmer. concord and san jose 11 degrees warmer and just to show you what that means for the actual numbers will end up, we're not doing anything out of the ordinary here. those temperatures while a little bit above average, maybe by like four or five degrees for some of the inland valley, it's or like they're totally out of range of what you would expect. tomorrow's about five to seven degrees warmer than those numbers. look at that in the seven-day in one second. first out, we are starting out with warm warnings. livermore is 48. let's get everybody's daytime
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highs on here see where you're going. santa clara hits 77. mill pi pass 75 and redwood city is going to 72. numbers in the inland east bay will top out at 28 for pleasant hill, 75 dublin, pleasanton to 77 and back over on the bay shore, upper 60s for places like berkeley and san francisco, but mid-70s everywhere else, sonoma is going to 79. rohnert park hit 77 and we'll be in the mid-70s for mendocino county. the reason why we warm up noticeably more so inland today than at the coast is a classic summer scenario, onshore breeze, brighter the color stronger the wind along the coast today. that helps keep the temperatures in line if you're anywhere near the water but the further inland you get the less influence you have from it and you can see the pattern and the storm track. everything is getting pulled away from us now off to the north so no rain. look at saturday, it's warmer. so in the seven-day forecast, san jose might warm all the way up to 78 today, but tomorrow, it's going to be 84. then you come back down on
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sunday and then you'll just kind of stay there for the rest of the seven-day forecast. same warmup shows up in the trend for our microclimates, 81 today inland east bay, 88 on saturday. gianna, how is the drive looking? >> off to a busy start on this friday morning. we have a traffic alert along the peninsula, if you're heading out the door taking 101 this morning, the hillsdale exit ramp and the freeway is blocked due to a crash. a lot of activity on scene and we're seeing some slow speeds now in that area, down about 12 miles per hour, so use 280 as an alternate. we'll let you know when it clears and if the backup gets worse. right now we are seeing brake lights starting to stack up because of the crash. emergency roadwork in effect on eastbound 4 in brentwood, all lanes completely shut down, right at walnut boulevard, use an alternate in the meantime and if you're getting ready to make that trek into the altamont pass, we are tracking brake lights coming out of tracy, getting on to 580, about 345 34
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miles -- 34 miles per hour. headed toward the dublin interchange, getting crowded approaching 680. eastbound commuters you shouldn't have any troubles as of yet. golden gate bridge, most of the bridges are quiet this morning, a live look here and easy ride out of brent county into the city. bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights are off, which is great, friday light here if you're headed into san francisco, of course that will be busy over the weekend due to bay to breakers and headed across the san mateo bridge, windy conditions. caltrans issued a wind advisory. we're not tracking brake lights or issues. 808 the nimitz freeway commute is clear toward hayward, headed onto the bridge no delays here and keep in mind, once you get on to 101 you have a trouble spot northbound near hillsdale or right in the same area i should say, th o on efry. plan for tha morni drive. risefhe starie to the
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warriors/grizzlies series.
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good morning everybody. nba playoffs and the warriors tonight, boy, at the close of business are the dubs going to feel like this guy on the right or, well, there's a word for that doggy on the left. >> you're going the right way. >> now at memphis the crowd was giving it to draymond green with a chance of woop back trick as the grizzlies spanked in game five by 59 to stay alive. the woop back trick chant seemed to get a rise out of our young producer justin williams last night and he wasn't alone. >> they not going to woop that trick alone. we'll woop that track together. we got our [ bleep ] kicked, that's all right. it happens. be a front-runner. when you spew it out, you got to be willing to take it, and not hide from it, not duck from it,
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not run from it.brace speaking of woop that trick, look at suns jae crowder, mugging in dallas. mavericks faced elimination last night and at home did not blink. here's luka doncic backing chris paul down to create his shot. he scored 33 points, pulled down 11 rebounds, dished out eight assists and willed the mavericks to roll 113-86. mark cuban loved it. this forced a game seven western conference semi decider sunday in phoenix. joel embiid last night at home in philadelphia, masked up, it was win or go home against miami in game six. the heat in red. how did jimmy butler make this? they were already up 11 in the third and then moments later, bam adebayo, a gimme that and take this, jammed it home and they were done there. miami won it in six, 99-90. the sixers are out.
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a baseball the giants were off yesterday. later on they open up at st. louis and the a's, they finished up business in detroit yesterday and this little girl did not share a slice with her uncle vern but that's okay. the big blow? downtown seth brown, an eighth inning two-run homer, his first long ball since mid-april gave the a's a 5-3 lead. bottom of the month, petaluma's spencer torkelson popped up and tony camp ended the series with the grab. oakland won it 5-4, took four out of the series. they're back at home later on to face the angels. nfl at long last 49ers season schedule is released. they open up at chicago september 11th, then a home opener against the seahawks. check new year's day, it's the first ever trip to vegas and the raiders, week nine at carolina,
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week 16 against the washington commanders. those games could be seen right here on kpix 5. shout out, livermore cowboys softball, they beat cross-town rival granada last week for the regular season honors and last night the whole east bay athletic league crowned, this time 2-0 over granada. there's class today and i wonder if anybody's going. a special shout out to all the winners of ncs both men and women across all sports in the bay area. that is it. everybody, have a good one. walk n rise up, get ready for warriors/grizzlies tonight at chase. >> all righty. >> all the above, yes. 4:56 is the time. we are getting a closer look at the aftermath from that wildfire in southern california. >> the stunning damage you have to see to dozens of homes, as hundreds of firefighters continue their battle. plus, a spike in covid cases
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at santa clara university. what school officials are
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>> announcer: live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. >> right now at 5:00, the elon musk twitter deal on hold. the breaking, new announcement from the billionaire this morning. plus crews in southern california have their hands full. the work still to be done after a wildfire burns through a community. and a spike in covid cases at santa clara university. the message from thecho everyone on campus. and why a group of families and educators are now suing the oakland unified school district. good morning. it is friday, may 13th. i didn't realize it's friday the 13th. >> it is. >> until i said that. spooky. i'm amanda starrantino. >> let's queue the spooky music,
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friday the 13th. >> you said it again. >> it te versed it when i said it the second time. >> this is like friday the 13th 101. it's going to be a little warmer today so we'll put a couple in there, almost 13 degrees warmer than yesterday. >> 13 degrees? >> now we said it four times. we better stop. >> i'm with you guys. i'm so superstitious, okay? >> that was an even now. >> don't mention it again. >> a live look from the top of the salesforce tower. it's clearer and warmer and only in the 40s for santa rosa, 46 degrees right now, it is as cold as i have to show you, it's 48 in livermore, 52 in concord, 53. it's kind of the head start on the theme of a warmup, anywhere from 10 to 12 degrees warmer than yesterday, so that means low 80s for most of our inland locations. mid-70s


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