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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  May 13, 2022 1:37am-2:12am PDT

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. now the police chief wants you to see after disturbing allegations against yet another officer.
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get off! get off the bridge. traumatic scenes off southern california, while firefighters say the area is vulnerable. the plan that could put money in your pocket. twitter announce a big shake up. experts explain why they can shake big problems for employees and bringing big businesses into san francisco. >> there is not a person on twitter who's not polishing their resume. >> good evening, a scandal in the police department is drawing a fiery response from the mayor. good evening, i am elizabeth cook. >> the department is cook to do damage control. this is video shot by the san jose police department and
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released to the media showing chief anthony escorting matthew domingus. he was arrested today accused of masturbating inside a family h home. he began touching himself in front of a mother and a daughter. >> that officer is found guilty of criminal conduct. i with personally walk him out. >> reporter: addressing another incident where an officer was accused of showing up drunk to the scene at the baby brandon kidnapping at the end of april. back in march. a young rookie officer died of a fentanyl overdose. and just last week an off duty officer arrested for dwi after
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crashing into another car in hayward. >> obviously this is just the latest one that's becoming a drum beat. >> reporter: mayor sam lacardo is calling for reform today. >> we need to do background and figure that out. >> reporter: this inexcusable behavior must never be tolerated. if it is true, the individual must be held accountable and should never be allowed to be a police officer again. officer domingus is charged. he's placed on paid administrative leave and pending the outcome of the criminal case. katie nielson, kpix 5.
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for years san francisco police have had the lowest arrest rate in california. all in spite of fbi data showing the city had the most of r residents. >> the group calling themselves, and criticizing for low arrest rate. the business owner say police are unfairly blaming the da's office, saying they can't prosecute cases if officers don't make arrests. we reached out for the fed for comments tonight but have not heard back. in southern california, the fight against a wildfire rages on tonight had lesley marine
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reports. >> guys, get out of there, get out of there. >> guys, get off the bridge! >> reporter: traumatic video showing kyle martin coming face-to-face as he yells another group of hikers to back away from the flames. >> unbelievable. you see all the houses on the bridge to fire and engulfing them. >> reporter: 20 homes are a total loss and 11 ge includth henry chang. >> fire got into the house and the firefighters did a wonderful job putting out the fire but they had to draw a hole. >> reporter: chang remained evacuated carrying just this suitcase when we met him questioning if there is anything done more to save the community.
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>> reporter: brush clearance was adequate. according to captain, the winds was whipping into that community. >> it is like a war zone down there. >> where the homes are located there, they sit directly above some drainages that channel the winds. >> reporter: that was lesley marine reporting. edison says is looking into whether one of their power lines are responsible. th the res of our morning team starting at 4:30. investigators say 33 small fires were started in a 48-hour span last week, from concord to antioch. governor newsom is set to unveil his new budget proposal tomorrow. it includes $18 billion spending
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package to combat inflation and providing $400 rebate or $800 for two cars for residents. providing healthcare workers of $1,000 each or $2.5 billion for covid-19. inflation also stays high and triggering a state law that automatically bumps the minimum wage when inflation tops 7%. the base rate is $15.50 an hour starting next year. twitter is in turmoil tonight. a pair of firing and a hiring phrase. >> reporter: as if there is not enough drama here. a big shake up at the top of twitter before that sale was
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ever finalized. >> reporter: two top executives are out and the company is halting hiring in the wake of elon musk's proposal take over deal. shares closed down more than 2% on thursday. experts say the move could be a form of self-preservation. >> maybe he's going to back out all he has to pay them is a billion dollars. i know that sounds crazy. so in a lot of ways this is them making themselves more attractive to make that takeover happen. >> reporter: the general manager reportedly being shown the door. >> it is interesting to see people jump like this in a traumatic fashion. >> reporter: if there were any questions whether he wanted to go, he settles the matter on twitter, the truth is this is not how and when i imagined leaving the twitter.
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>> he wants to take the team in a different direction. twitter's future was thrown into question of $34 billion take over deal. his decision to move tesla's headquarters to texas questioning whether his take over could change the bay area's landscape forever. >> i would be comfortable if i own the business there on market street and hoping that twitter employees would be coming to buy stocks from me. it is clear that elon musk is not a fan of the bay area. i don't know how long he'll stick around. >> reporter: the deal is not done yet. shareholders and u.s. regulators still have to approve it.
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i am sarah donchey. we could see up to 100 million new infections of covid. the white house is urging the senate to pass a $10 billion package to booster testing and treatments and vaccinations. others are digging in here heels of immigration of policy demands. meanwhile the white house is scrambling to find a solution to the country's baby formula shortage. supply chain issue and safety recall left shelves empty across the nation. as the crisis deepens, some online sellers are taking advantage, yes, they are price gouging. >> it is hard physically and mentally and financially. sometimes i do cry at night. >> reporter: now despite the challenges, doctors are warning
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parents no to make homemade versions or water down the formula which could be dangerous for the baby. still ahead tonight, schools seeing a spike in coronavirus, the bay area university issuing a new warning to students and staff. >> i am just really proud of all the work i put in. >> absolutely joy to see so many people here today. >> graduates getting the recognition they deserve a little late. we'll show you a long awaited ceremony.
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a live look at oakland tonight. many students who currently walk or mike to school will now have to commute by car. open unify have said declining the moment is forcing the consolidation. the district told us tonight it does not comment on pending litigation. tonight universities are urging everyone to mask up indoors again amid of spiking s. an o vid h
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east bay college graduates finally able to enjoy the pomp and circumstance commencement. >> oh, that song always makes me tear up a little bit. kpix's andrea nakano were there. >> reporter: the last two years they had drive-by graduation but they were finally able to celebrate with family and friends. students from the class of 2020 and 2021 finally got to attend their graduation ceremony. >> as i mention, absolute joy to see so many people here in person. >> i am not a person who cared about this stuff but i did it for my mom. she really wanted me to.
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tng celebrate his day and to be here together. >> reporter: this ceremony was a way to recognize the work they put into get their degrees. >> my senior year i got to do a student exchange program and study at a historic black college and graduated and top 1% of my class. i am really proud of all the work i put in. >> reporter: mom and family could not be happier of kennedy's accomplishment. >> she nailed it and she understood the assignment. she nailed it. >> reporter: for many of the students here, they're not only the first to graduate but the first to attend college. many worked their way through college and spent countless hours on their studies to make their parents proud. >> last year we had the drive-by graduation and both of my parents crying.
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they're very emotions. this is not just one, it is both of us together. you guys made it here to a country that gave you opportunities. shout-out to our mom and dad. >> reporter: andrea nakano. the city asked everyone to cut back on water 30% on sunday. the pipe flooded the local treatment plant. the sea otters at the sacramento public dock. they are drawing quite a crowd. actually, pretty good reason for them to be there. >> they want to find food so they can be ready for the next breeding season. >> all right, they need to start eating up. experts are warning even though
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they are cute, sea lions can be aggressive so they advised, admiring from a distance. >> they're pretty fast, too. >> really? >> you see them on the beach they waddle up pretty good? >> there you go. >> larger than you would think from a distance. let's take a look. i am not going to say anything myself of that equation. let's like a look at other headlines. closer to the end of the workweek. clear skies s of temperatures a couple average, we had all week. the warmest day on saturday and near normal temperatures by the first half of next week. one thing is not going to change, there is not much of a rain chance in the forecast, no rain chance at all through wednesday, there is an outside chance that upper level storm system is going to be close enough to maybe squeeze out a couple of showers in the north bay. by thursday, that's an outside
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chance. you are not going to see any rain drops in the seven-day forecast. it is a long off way. with no rain in the forecast, the warmest day will be the se sne sneezest day, that'll be tomorrow. to the east, temperatures not a whole lot of varyuations. we'll drop down into the 40s early tomorrow morning. the fog is not going to be a big factor to start the day. we'll see some of that developing along the coast as we head towards midday. watch what happens late afternoon and evening. the fog spills inside the bay and starts to make its way into the inland valley. tr temperatures tomorrow, in the 40s. we'll make up with temperatures 2 or 5 degrees above erag a couple degrees above0s there anw
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the further in land you go, up to 81 degrees for morgan hill. temperatures mid to upper 70s, low 80s around concord and pleasant upper 60s and low 70s for oakland and the east bay. around 80 degrees high temperatures for the north bay. a couple degrees above normal with more of the warm up in stores. our temperatures start dropping down already, the onshore breeze is going to drop. unremarkable pat petern for the first half next week. mid-80s in the north bay as well. cooler weather by thursday of in the case week and more cloud cover. rain chances out of those clouds, very, very low. we'll keep you updated in case
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something changes. straight ahead in sports. ga teall they got to rise out of the young staff and more injuries to the warriors/grizzlies series the night before game six.
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the dubs are going to feel like this guy on the right or -- well, or the warriors, the don donkey on the left. at memphis, the crowd was giving it to draymond green with chant, whoop that chick. >> we got to whoop that chick together. >> it happens. but, we are willing to take and
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not hide from it or dug from it and run from it but embrace. >> speak of whoopin'. here is luka doncic, he scored 33 points and dished out 8 assists. mavericks, 113-86. mark cuban loved it. this forced a game seven on sunday in phoenix. joel embiid at home in philadelphia, masked up, it was winner or go home. the heat and outed jimmy butler. make this, they're up 11 at the 3rd. moments later -- miami won.
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miami gets into milwaukee or boston in the conference finals. baseball, the giants are off on friday. the a's finished business in detroit. this little girl did not share her slice with me but that's okay. the big blow -- downtown seth brown. an 8th inning, two-run homer. gave the a's a 5-3 lead. a great grab that ended the series and enedded the game, to. oakland won 5-3. back home tomorrow against the angels. nfl at last, 49ers, home opener against the seahawks. the first ever trip to vegas.
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week 9 at carolina. those games the could be seen right here on kpix 5. sh shoutout, the whole eas athletic league ground. this time 2-0. there is class tomorrow, is anyone going? i see the brotherhood. lacrosse, the ncs division two. champs! >> wow. >> bay area is bringing it home. >> don't mess with it. >> thanks vernon.
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astronomers capture the
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first image of the super black hole at the center of the milky way. radio telescopes from around the world captured this clean image of the black hole. >> it is pretty amazing. the teacher jumped the chance to tell students about it. >> we say they collapse out of existence, they become infinitely small and dense. the gravity is so strong they get no light, it is very dark places in space. >> stargazers can view this under the school's new
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