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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430am  CBS  May 12, 2022 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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live from the cbs bay area
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studios, this is kpix 5 news. >> right now streaming on cbs news bay area, looking live from the sutro tower camera, one of my favorite shots looking over the city. good morning. i'm len kiese. >> i'm amanda starrantino. we're still in this changing pattern to reach the higher temperatures this weekend. >> it will be a little warmer today than yesterday, couple degrees. tomorrow is the day we go up like ten degrees. we're going to notice the turn-on fast. a great weekend coming your way. today is not bad either. today is still going to be a pretty nice day. we'll warm up to near 70 for most inland locations. no major issues on the road this morning. that's the view from the top of salesforce looking over the eastern span of the bay bridge. just to check in on the current numbers, we're a little warmer right now than we were yesterday at this time. nobody is in the 30s, at least not yet santa rosa. 41 for you.
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46 in san jose and near 50 for concord and oakland. we go back to 70 for our warmer inland spots. mid 60s in the bay. to check in on daytime highs, numbers warm up into the 66 mark for pleasanton. 67 in redwood city. no major issues on the road. gianna, i know there's a minor issue caltrans has pointed out. i'll hand it over to you from here. >> windy in parts of alameda county. be extra careful as you work your way out and about. we'll start with a live look at the bay bridge. metering lights are off. traffic is light. not a lot of brake lights. if you're headed 80 eastbound near gilman, there's a trouble spot there with construction that might slow you down as well. 880 both directions moving nicely. no delays near the coliseum. traffic pretty light, pretty light on the san mateo bridge. things moving with no delays.
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dublin interchange already getting busy. a closer look at the altamont in my next report. this morning mandatory evacuations are in effect for parts of orange county after a wildfire quickly erupted yesterday afternoon. the so-called coastal fire has burned 200 acres and two dozen homes including some mansions. dina is there with the latest. >> multimillion dollar mansions and other homes went up in flames yesterday. high winds and dry terrain fueling a wildfire in southern california. fire crews on the ground went house to house trying to contain the blaze from the skies planes dropped retardant in hopes of stopping the spret. >> we have helitankers and ground crews and every fire engine available in the area to come and put this fire out. >> this resident couldn't get to her home to rescue her pets. >> i guess we'll wait here because i'm afraid to go
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further. >> reporter: firefighters came through delivering brianna's cat back to her. >> i know they have huge things to do. it was very thoughtful for them to save my animal. >> reporter: here you can see the complete destruction of homes right behind me and fires still blazing hours later. local officials here in orange county say the drought brought on by climate change is making conditions worse. >> the fuels, beds in this county throughout southern california and throughout the west are so dry that a fire like this is going to be more commonplace. >> reporter: orange county fire authority chief brian finnessey says five years ago this blaze would have been more easily contained. >> the winds we experienced to day were not unusual. these are not santa ana winds. these are coastal winds we experience generally every day. >> officials haven't said how the fire deban. dina demetrius, laguna niguel, california. health officials say covid
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cases have tripled in the past six weeks driven by ba.2 variant. a covid spike just shut down a school. >> reporter: we have seen transit agencies implement the masking mandate. now some schools are starting to reinstate that mandate as well. this school here in santa rosa even had to close this week due to a covid outbreak. the test positivity rate has jumped 1% just in the last week in california. >> workplace outbreaks have increased, school outbreaks have increased. again, after many, many weeks of these rising cases, it really hasn't affected the hospital to a great extent. >> reporter: there are only 13 patients right now in the hospital, one on a ventilator. that's compared to roughly 150 in january. >> there's a slight increase in
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hospitalizations in california by 15% compared to two weeks ago, but it's a drop in the bucket compared to where we were in january. >> reporter: because of outbreaks, st. rose school was required to close and other students are requiring students to mask indoors. dr. hong says we won't see hounity or state mandates any time soon as long as hospitalizations and serious illness remain low. >> there are different reasons for keeping restrictions, but they're going to be time limited and probably never come back to that broad swath in the population for this particular pandemic anyway. in santa clara county, covid officials have tripled. dr. sarah cody urges people to take their own precautions but held back from reinstating mandates. >> we can't ignore it. but we also have to have balance. >> reporter: in santa rosa, andrea nakano, kpix 5.
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>> kaiser san jose bells rang for 189 seconds yesterday, one for each life lost to covid-19 there. the hospital also unveiled a new memorial on its campus. it is the site of the bay area's first covid case in february of 2020. demolition work is under way at the vta light rail yard in san jose. crews used heavy equipment to tear down building b where several employees were killed in last year's shooting rampage. a disgruntd ld employee opened fire and killed nine co-workers before turning the gun on himself. the victims ranged in age from 29 to 63 years old. bta decided to demolish the building to help survivors and victims' families heal. a federal appeals court in san francisco overturned california's ban on selling semi-automatic weapons to adults under 21. the judges ruled 2-1 that the law violates the second
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amendment. the firearms coalition that brought the case says the decision makes them optimistic. other age-based gun bans will be overturned. this morning governor newsom is asking for $125 million in taxpayer money to help pay for productions and reproductive willing for women who can't afford them. advocates say clinics across the state will need the support to meet demand. the money will be divided between abortion services, clinic security and reproductive education. anti-abortion advocates say the money would be better spent on california's higher priority problems. >> we're going to give out-of-state women at california taxpayers' expense basically an abortion vacation. >> this comes after the act failed to advance in congress. moderate democrat joe manchin joined senate republicans.
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to ukraine where residents are mariupol are literally trying to pick up the pieces of their shattered port city. prior to the invasion it was home to 400,000 people. this morning the local steel plant is the only place in town russia does not control. the fighting has not led up in the south or the east where ukrainian soldiers are pushing russian troops away from kharkiv and back to the border. with neither side moving toward a decisive victory, it's looking like a stalemate that could last for months or longer. >> as the war continues to drive up oil and food prices, a glimmer of hope on the inflation front. slightly down from a 40-year high of 8.5% in march. >> going from 8.5% annual rate to an 8.3% annual rate is like telling somebody who is sick, well your tour has gone from 105 to 104.7. >> but the fever could cool more
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with additional rate hikes from the fed n. the meantime, the hemorrhage continued on wall street. the dow and nasdaq each dropped more than 300 points. the s&p 500 fell by 65. and that's it. an absolute obliteration in memphis! >> if you're scared to look at your 401(k), it can't be any worse of what happened on the court in memphis last night. the grizzlies devoured the warriors in game five to send the series back to the bay area. >> tonight was a bummer. definitely thought we were going to take it home. >> coming back home, we always stabilize, everybody comes together, give them a chance to regroup. >> the whole purpose -- they lost there so they can win here. >> obviously. fans left the thrive city watch party a bit stunned but optimistic. the warriors will have another chance to close out the series at home on friday. vernon glenn will have the
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highlights coming up in sports. >> i like that take on it. that's what happens. >> just trying to come home, get the w at home. coming up on kpix 5 and streaming on cbs news bay area, the common trend that has districts saying we just can't afford it. some northbound wineries could be next to feel the effects of california's deepening drought.
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. stocks took yet another drive yesterday derived down primarily by sinking tech shares. plus the oil giant that's now the world's most valuable firm. cbs news reporter matt piper has more in the day's business news. >> reporter: oil giant saudi aramco over took apple on wednesday.
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aramco is valued at about $2.4 trillion, slightly more than the iphone maker. the switch comes as energy stocks have soared while tech stocks have led the selloff. airline passengers in europe may be allowed to ditch their face masks come monday. two european agencies are no longer recommending passengers mask up. individual companies can still choose to mandate face coverings. france announced it will lift mask requirements for all public transportation. google introduce add slew of new technology including the pixel 7 phone, an android tablet and prototype of a new type of google glass, its failed eyeglasses. a video showed them translating conversations in realtime. this version looks more like normal glasses so as not to attract any unwanted attention. that's your cbs money watch report. for more head the cbsmon
4:45 am i'm matt piper. teachers protested last night demanding higher pay and better staffing. the district says it simply doesn't have the money. katie nielsen explained the scenario as school enrollment slides. >> reporter: more than 100 teachers, parents and students rallied in front of the fremont unified district offices demanding smaller class sizes, more staff and pay raises. >> a first-year teacher cannot afford an apartment in fremont. >> reporter: district leaders say they want to invest more money in the students but the money simply isn't there. >> all of our school employees are deserving of significant and substantive increase. we're working very hard to accomplish that goal. >> reporter: the majority of public school funding comes from the state. the rest from property taxes and federal funds, but the amount of money each district receives is based on average daily atte
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attendance. in the past five years public schools across the state have seen major declines in enrollment, with the biggest losses coming in the past two years. a recent california department of education report says that's especially true in places like the bay area with a higher cost of living as many families are moving away, trying to find more affordable housing. the problem is, when a district has fewer students, it means less funding. >> fremont unified is in declining enrollment. we're monitoring our budget closely. >> reporter: the state is looking at ways to try to help fund schools like fremont unified that are seeing dips in enrollment. there are a number of bills working their way through the legislature right now. as far as negotiations here in fremont, a mediator is being brought in because both sides say they're at an impasse. in fremont, katie nielsen, kpooif. this morning the ntsb has been called in to investigate a helicopter crash at a pg&e training facility. it went straight up and straight
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back down again in livermore sending two people to the hospital. they are expected to survive and no one on the ground was hurt. some north bay wineries are on notice this morning. the water they're allowed to get from the russian river may soon dry up. nearly 2,000 people face water curtailment. the state water board is trying to protect drinking water and fish with lake mendocino and lake sonoma both below 60% capacity. time for a check of your forecast and traffic. >> we'll start with darren peck. we're waiting for the drought monitor to come out today. not good sign. >> especially for late summer and early fall when we'll see a whole different shade on the drought map. let's get started off with this morning where temperatures are comfortable. warmer than yesterday for some of o our colder inland spots. we managed to hold on to the 40s
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so far for santa rosa. 49 in concord, livermore looking at 47. daytime highs for today will start to climb for us. we'll get back to near the low 70-degree mark for some of our warmer inland spots. this day is actually going to be technically one or two degrees cooler than yesterday. i don't think you'll notice much of a change. but just so you know, and it's my job to tell you, it's a degree or two cooler. looking at how the sky will play out today, high clouds for most of today. by the time we get to the late afternoon, those will clear out and we should get clear skies by the time we get to about 4:00 today. so less in the way of that first sunset and a bit cloudier for the first half of the day. it will be breezy. watch the winds turn on in the afternoon and early evening. class tick scenario. that's an onshore wind. brighter colors along the coast, along the bay shoreline, about a 20 to 25-mile-an-hour breeze. nothing to call it a wind
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advisory, but breezy near the water, makes it feel cooler. look at how far above average the temperatures are. we'll do that one more time. we start this out today, and we start to shade it into much more yellow and orange. so that shows us the trend in terms of warming up tomorrow. we'll be about ten degrees above average. a closer look shows us we'll feel the change a lot more inland where we'll be closer to about 15 degrees above average if you look at the colors. near the coast we don't feel it as much. looking at concord as the example, 76 would be average. we're only doing 69 today. doing 81 tomorrow and then near 90 on saturday. the warmup comes for the weekend. the seven-day forecast shows the same story. san francisco, oakland and san jose up first. mid 80s in san jose when we top out on saturday. for the microclimates, it will be 88 inland east bay, 87 inland, north bay. we'll kol down from there. >> gianna, how does the drive
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look? >> not bad. looking at the maps and caltrans cameras. so far things are looking good. a live look at the dublin interchange. it's getting crowded for super commuters. it's the typical stuff you expect on a commute day if you're headed towards 680. no crashes along the altamont pass area. no specific wind advisory in effect for this portion of the freeway. if you're headed out of tracy into the altamont, the brake lights start around the connector. we're seeing better speeds than usuaou'r hea west o the, things are slow towards 680. no metering lights yet at the bay bridge toll plaza. nice ride into san francisco. if you're coming off the eastshore freeway, westbound is clear. eastbound, overnight work near gilman that should wrap up by 5:00 this morning. a live look at the nimitz freeway. both directions moving at a really nice pace. this is near the coliseum, if you've got an early light to catch near oakland airport, 880 is not going to slow you down
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unless we get a crash. we'll let you know if that happens. good to go for the most part. south 880 getting to the bridge looking good oncu're o t span itself. no brake lights or issues. most of our bay area bridges aren't seeing any issues. looking at flashing lights at the golden gate likely due to the lane changes they're doing in the next couple minutes. we'll keep an eye on that. no delays right now out of morgan hill. here is vern with sports. >> good morning everybody. boy, if there's ever a time for the warriors to respond in these playoffs, it's this friday. last night, was that the warriors team you know? the players are going to have to think about it on the plane flight i'm dan o'dowd and i approved this message. tesla's full self- driving technology.
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good morning everybody. naub up top, and the warriors, what was that last night in memphis? one game. one forgettable game five. memphis facing elimination
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played like a desperate team, played like their hair was on fire. offensively they were in sync. end of the first quarter, three from anthony melton. he scored the last nine points of the quarter, led by ten. five minutes before the half, underlying story, turnovers. that translated to offense. here is tyus jones. next possession, kevon looney and he turned it over. more memphis fast-break points. belton again. draymond green threw it out of bounds. at the other end, steven adams got the shot with defenders all over it. 14 first-half turnovers. dubs trail by 27. for the warriors starters on the bench, memphis kept pounding. dillon brooks inside. this made it 110-61. former stanford man ziaire williams got it free. memphis led by as much as 55.
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144-95, cut the series lead to game two. all the pressure is on golden state to win game six friday at home. >> it was awful. it was embarrassing. we all had the mindset we were going to close it out tonight. sometimes basketball isn't an exact science and we played like a shell of ourselves. >> we did everything wrong, turnovers, offensive rebounds, fouls. on the road, the other team playing with desperation like that. you can lose control of the game really quickly. >> how do you guys flush this win down. >> like when you're in the bathroom, you grab the swish and it goes right down the toilet. >> giannis an cope poe looking like an mma fighter. game five within a point of 14 seconds, free-throw no good. bobby portis, right play, right time. put it in. milwaukee led by one. next possession, marcus smart
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drove baseline. drew holiday grabbed the ball. what a play. final seconds, celtics down three and this happened. drew holiday stole the ball! 110-107 for a 3-2 series lead. game six is in milwaukee. baseball and the giants, longest win streak in the national league, five. how many times in a row have they beaten the rockies? ten. evan longoria season debut yesterday, 0 for 5 for the teams picked him up. up 3-0 in the fifth. brandon crawford, that one was not coming back. a two-run homer, his third of the year. giants beat colorado 7-1, swept them. they crept up to within two games of the nl west lead. this is a's starter zach lobe. up 4-0 in the third. here is kevin smith adding to
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the lead, to the base of the wall and that drove in two runs. oakland blanked the tigers 9-0. they won three of the last four. in fact, they get together a little later on this morning to finish up that series. back to the warriors, you've got to do this. turn the page. game six friday, chase center. we'll see you later. >> yes. we're all turning the page this morning. >> a lot of people counting on that one. 4:57, coming up on kpix 5. >> a fast-moving fire in southern california destroying homes and forcing dozens to flee. a look at the devastation this morning. covid cases rising across much of the b
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right now on kpix 5 and streaming on cbs news bay area, a fast-moving fire forcing evacuations in southern california. how the drought is making conditions even worse. plus the covid surge being felt in the bay area. the spike forcing one school to shut down. a blow to gun control advocates. the new ruling on the sale of semi-automatic weapons in california. one bay area firefighter just got back from ukraine. hear from him on his efforts to help other firefighters and help bring closure to families. >> looking forward to that story, jocelyn. it's thursday, may 12th. i'm amanda starrantino. >> i'm len kiese. darren, a little warmer out there this morning. >> keeping the north bay valleys out of the 30s. it's like 40 degrees for our coldest spot. we have an hour or two to go where the temperatures can still drop. let's get you ready for what to expect before you step out the door. by the way, alr


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