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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430am  CBS  March 4, 2022 4:30am-5:00am PST

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on looking live from our exclusive mark hopkins camera giving you a live look east, good morning, it is friday march 4. i am len kiese. >> i am amanda starrantino. we will get a check of our weather and traffic beginning with darren peck. we still have some rain. we still have some rain and it's going to get windy. rain is fun to talk about. we need rain. >> super fun. >> the wind may be the impact. we have a first alert weather day. if anything significant will come to have an impact on your day, we will really highlight that. you see the rain on high def doppler. that is in the east bay across oakland. you see the band through 80, 880, through the heart of town, right over alameda and over the water and trying to hold together by the san mateo
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bridge. that's fairly localized. the rest of this is light. you will not notice a lot. as we watch this play through, you see showers clear quickly but there is a possibility of rain for the rest of today. most of today will be blue sky, but we are not done with the showers. by 9:00 tonight, you see a few isolated scattered showers, maybe even a pop up thunderstorm that comes through in the evening. by saturday we should be done with the rain aspect of this. even though rainfall totals are not big, it is the wind advisory i want to be sure we are up to speed on. so i will leave you with that. that wind advisory which goes into effect now in about an hour, stays in effect until 7:00 tonight. the area included has been extended. it was originally only going to be the city and coast. now it includes the entire bay shoreline all the way down to the south bay peninsula and
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east bay. strongest gusts will come through in the afternoon. it may not be that windy. once we are past noon, the wind will pick up and we can hit 40- mile an hour gusts for afternoon. i will be back with the rest of the forecast. let's check with gianna and see how the drive is doing. good morning. windy conditions later on so when you do hit the roadways, whether for the morning or evening commute, if you are in a larger vehicle, be extra careful. you may see some slick surfaces as darren mentioned. a look at the bay bridge, definitely slick there. so be careful as you head into the city. we have slick surfaces at the golden gate bridge but traffic is fairly quiet. we'll see less people anyway because of it being friday. we have a report of a crash over to the shoulder, speeds of 9 miles per hour, slow as you
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approach. north 680 after 24, that left lane is blocked due to an accident. we'll keep a close eye on that. developing, a nuclear power plant shelled by russian forces shortly after midnight, gunfire kept firefighters from quickly extinguishing the flames. >> how the plant caught fire and the latest in the war with russia. russian troops attacked the largest nuclear power plant, security footage shows flares landing on a building, smoke from a choir, streaks of light likely from gunfire. it did not damage essential equipment and there was no change to radiation levels. in a video to facebook volodymyr zelenskyy called russia a terrorist country
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that's reverted to nuclear terror. a second round of talks yesterday created safe corridors to allow for evacuations and humanitarian aid but zelenskyy says he wants to talk directly with putin. >> i have to talk with putin. the world has to talk with putin. there are no other ways to stop this war. >> in recent days russia stepped up the brutality with increased bombardment of major cities and civilian areas. this dash cam video captures the moment a rocket hit in the northern city. president biden announced new sanctions to keep the economic pressure. the biden administration is asking congress for $10 billion in humanitarian and military aid for ukraine. naomi ruchim, cbs news. >> escalating violence in ukraine forcing more than 1
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million refugees to escape to neighboring countries. 1million more are displaced within ukraine. people in the bay area are pitching in to help. >> reporter: we have seen images of crowds of ukrainians desperate to try to get out of their country gripped by war over the past eight days. many end up in refugee camps once they cross the border. >> they will need to be settled. >> reporter: the director of nova ukraine, a bay area based group that's been helping people in ukraine since 2014. people are leaving with only what they can carry. >> it's unbelievable what people go through. >> reporter: they were able to have safe corridors. >> the russians are not totally
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insensitive to public opinion. >> reporter: u.s. ambassador of ukraine from 1998 to 2000. he says the damage already will not allow people to return home any time soon. >> damage to roads, apartment buildings. there will be a huge amount of damage. it's going to take a lot of time to recover. unfortunately at this point there is no sign that the russian military is prepared to stop and they're going to just continue to do more damage. >> reporter: talks did allow for creation of a safe corridor through ukraine but did not specify how that was going to be set up. hopefully that will be determined during talks in the coming days. katie nielsen, kpix5. >> get the latest right now on and we are streaming 24/7 on cbs news bay area. students hoping to get into uc berkeley receiving bad news from the state supreme court. it's turned down the request to postpone enrollment gap during
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a legal battle between the university and a neighborhood group. andrea nakano with what this means moving forward. >> reporter: with the court ruling, cal will have to trim incoming class by more than 3,000 students, students that have worked incredibly hard for a chance to get into this university. >> i am pretty anxious and kind of very nervous actually. >> reporter: this is jaden's third year applying. the news of the ruling was another blow to his hopes of getting into his dream school. >> disappointing, heart breaking a bit to read that, to know that i have been rejected from the school before and know how hard it is to get into there and now i am told it's going to get exponentially harder. >> reporter: students are caught in the middle of a feud between the university and a group called save berkeley's neighborhood. the group is demanding increase housing before it increases enrollment. >> it is not too late to find a
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solution that mitigate local community's environmental concerns without leaving 3,050 young people behind. we look forward to meeting with president drake as soon as possible to get the settlement process started. >> reporter: uc berkeley released a statement saying school is preparing to implement enrollment reduction if there is no timely fix. it goes onto say, quote, this is devastating news for thousands of students who have worked so hard and have earned a seat in our fall 2022 class. our fight on behalf of every one of the students continues, end quote. for now jaden can only wait and hope he will be one of the lucky ones to get an acceptance letter. >> none of us really did anything wrong. we have been doing what we have been told to do, to work hard to get accepted into this college. we've just been working on our future and we kind of get news like this that just detours our
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entire hopes and plans. >> andrea nakano, kpix5. coming up on kpix5 and streaming on cbs news bay area, gas prices climbing with no end in sight. what you can do to
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to your money watch report, in the next hour february's jobs reports will be released and why mcdonald's got slammed with a lawsuit. diane king hall reports from the cbs broadcast center. investors around the world continue to monitor the war in ukraine. stocks fell on wall street thursday. dow dropped 96 points. nasdaq skidded 214. s&p 500 lost 23. investors will be watching labor department for february's jobs report.
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analysts expect to see that more than 400,000 jobs were added last month as omicron wave of covid-19 subsided. owners of purdue pharma will pay up to $6 billion for the role in the opioid epidemic. under the settlement the family is not protected from future liabilities. this agreement which still needs approval from a federal bankruptcy judge secures more than $1 billion more than the previous deal. a start up that invented a device to keep mcdonald's notoriously finicky ice cream machines from breaking is suing the fast food giant for nearly $1 billion. it allows owners to remotely monitor and troubleshoot issues with the machines. falsely claimed it could cause injury. for more head to i am diane king hall. a warning for california drivers already paying more
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than ever at the pump. experts say there is no relief in sight. maria cid medina with what you can do about it. >> reporter: california has the highest average cost of regular gasoline per gallon at $4.94. while experts say the prices may not go down any time soon, there are ways to make sure your car isn't consuming more fuel than it should. were you expecting it to be that expensive? >> no. >> reporter: marco was so sticker shocked he decided to leave. >> go to another gas station. >> reporter: really? >> too high. >> reporter: it costs up to $120 to fill his truck's tank. vanessa is now spending $80 a week. she just moved here from arizona. >> i figured when i was driving on my way here that it was just highway prices and all that. once i got here, it just kept going up and up.
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>> it is astronomical. >> i hate to be the bearer of bad news but we don't see relief in sight. >> reporter: the triple a spokesperson says the sky high price of crude oil is to blame and war between russia and ukraine is having an impact. russia is one of the biggest oil producers in the world. >> if you add all that will go in place, if there are bans on russia's crude oil, you will feel it more. >> reporter: he says there are ways to keep your car from workiner anso it is not weighed down, keeping fluids and air in tires at good levels and being a good driver. >> no hard accelerating, no hard braking, following speed limits. >> that's it. no more. >> reporter: for some drivers like marco he says he will be forced to cut corners to save where he can until gas prices go down. it hurts, doesn't it?
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>> a lot. >> reporter: another reason gas prices are going up is increase in demand. more people are hitting the roads as covid health restrictions ease up. maria cid medina, kpix5. it's time for a check of weather and traffic. >> here is first alert meteorologist darren peck on this first alert weather day. we have some wind out there. that's the main reason. it's the wind advisory for the afternoon. we could have 40-mile an hour gusts across the peninsula and the city into the afternoon. before that, it is raining. let's start by taking a look at high def doppler and get an idea where the rain is falling and let's track it through the morning. you are going to encounter wet roads. a close up look at the latest look at the rain and it is mainly through heart of the east bay. into san leandro down 580, 880. that's where we are seeing light rain. it does extend to the san mateo bridge. we can pick up on the same line
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of rain. futurecast sees it beautifully right there. we can take that and bring that across over the next hour. that's the main event for the rain. we are going to have much more blue sky today than yesterday. we can't rule out possibility of isolated pop up shower, maybe a stray thunderstorm. the odds go up tonight. a second impulse of energy will come through and by the evening, we've got isolated showers through marin and again into the east bay. that's tonight. another band of light rain. most of today will be blue sky. don't be surprised if late on your friday or early saturday you hear a rumble of thunder in the distance from one of the cells coming through. having said all that, it's not like we are getting a lot we can measure. it's only a couple hundredths of an inch of rain. it's really not significant at all unfortunately unless you get one of the cells right over you. it's 53 in san jose, 50 in
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petaluma. we are not going to change a lot from here. we are going to the mid and upper 50s for daytime highs. here comes the main issue with today. our first alert forecast focused on wind, watch the screen light up into the afternoon. deeper shades of purple, look at the numbers, 40-mile an hour gusts through san mateo. 30 in the city. it's going to be stronger along the coast and anywhere that's along the bay shoreline. if you get inland, while it will be windy it shouldn't be that bad. san jose wind speeds top out near 30 by the peak time for wind and that's really around 4:00 in the afternoon. that's when winds will be the strongest. then they'll quickly die down. once we are past the 7:00 time frame the advisory will be allowed to expire. if we look at the wind advisory, we can see how that plays out. only the areas along the bay shoreline for the most part and along the coast. if you are along the bay shoreline, the north bay, san
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pablo bay, vallejo is included too. we will get more snow in the sierra, perhaps another seven inches, maybe a half a foot by the time we finish with the storm cycle getting us through saturday. it will continue to snow up there all the way into saturday. in the seven-day forecast, a drop of rain for friday, clear it out for the weekend and much of next week. we'll probably still be a bit breezy and cool saturday but i don't see rain for saturday. i don't see rain for the rest of the seven-day forecast either. it will be sunny in the upper 60s with plenty sunshine and daytime highs in low 70s even by early next week for some warmer micro climates. we've got some rain now. are you seeing any impacts from that on the drive? i am seeing some slick surfaces out there, especially near the san mateo bridge. that's where we are seeing some wet weather. a live look here. we are not seeing travel times too bad, 14 minutes between 880
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and 101. with the wet weather, things tend to get busier. it's still early so hopefully this will clear quickly. if you are headed towards peninsula side, give yourself a few extra minutes. as things get windier, be extra careful in a high profile vehicle. 880 near the colosseum, slick surfaces as well along the nimitz freeway. we are seeing that sheen off the freeways at the bay bridge. that usually happens when there is wet weather. it looks like your drive under ten minutes from the east bay into the san francisco area. oakland to the city, under ten minutes across the bridge. golden gate bridge is at an okay pace so r,no major issues or accidents. south bound 101 from richmond san rafael to the golden gate, a 15 minute commute. we have a couple accidents north bound 680 at the toll plaza, the benicia bridge. if you are taking 24, trying to
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get onto 680, we have reports of a crash. it looks like this is blocking at least the fast lane. definitely slow out of walnut creek onto 24. other than that, altamont pass commute is not bad. it's moving okay near the dublin interchange. 580 towards the 680 connector. your travel time is still in the green. that's good news. east shore freeway highway 4 to the maze, a 15 minute ride. no delays on highway 4. things are quiet from antioch to 80. dealing with slick surfaces later on so be careful on the roadways. seems like a long time ago this warriors team had the best record in basketball. still second in the west. but the good times have not been rolling. when it rains, it pours. dubs were raining but luca was pouring it, a
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you gotta keep your composure warriors fans.
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it's like that scene from old school with will ferrell just banging the chairs into the lockers. klay thompson, good news, in dallas dressed and ready to go after missing the last two. mavericks have a star themselves. 19 points in the opening 12 minutes. dallas up 11. golden state trailed by as many as 17. third quarter action, curry off the window. nice. deficit cut to ten. warriors down three, now it's tied up moody with 13 in the fourth quarter alone. a little over four minutes left, was that a ghost, no, just luca, hits that same fade away. he had 41 points. final minute, smith, call that meandering his way to the bucket. end the the warriors chances of
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a come back. shot nearly 55% yet still lost. it's now three straight losses, golden state 2-7 in their last nine games. women's stanford ran the table on the regular season. 16-0. they haven't lost since the calendar flipped to 2022. yesterday in las vegas, cardinal against oregon state beavers. stanford in soccer shirts during warm ups to honor goalie katie meyer who passed away this week. the haley jones show. there is a reason why she was pac-12 player of the year. stanford wins 57-44, will play colorado in the semi finals. men's, stanford at second ranked arizona. cats locked up the title,
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michael michael olivier connel. this capped off a stretch where he had eight straight points. arizona, they're good enough to win the whole thing and they're victorious in this one. cardinal have lost four in a row. frustrating night for fox and arizona state. sun devils up 18. jackson, the triple. got it. asu rolls 71-44. bears are 5-14 in conference play. high school hoops, san jose valley christian, cif girls division i quarter final. third quarter. they found a wide open for the bucket, dragons won 54-47. that does it for sports this morning. i am charlie walter. have yourself a great day.
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it is 4:57. coming up, taking a live look from san francisco. it is the calm before the storm. the gusty winds you can expect in just a few hours on this first alert weather day. a former danville officer learning his fate. the
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at adp, we understand business today looks nothing like it did yesterday. while it's more unpredictable, its possibilities are endless. from paying your people from anywhere to supporting your talent everywhere, we use data driven insights to design hr solutions and services to help businesses of all size work smarter today. so, they can have more success tomorrow. ♪ one thing leads to another ♪
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on kpix5 and streaming on your hats today. gusty winds today. an officer returning to court in a few hours. the sentence he can be facing a shti >>unfolding in europe's largest nuclear
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power plant. ukrainian's message for russia. easing restrictions in classrooms. new mask rules coming to some bay area schools. >> good morning. it is friday march 4. i am len kiese. >> i am amanda starrantino. it is a first alert weather day. meteorologist darren peck joins us because there is a lot going on. there is rain now. but the real issue, a first alert weather day is because of the wind for the afternoon. it's strong enough situation that there is a wind advisory that covers pretty much the entire bay shoreline. that's going to be the main impact. let's not overlook this. you have rain on morning commute. if we look at the east bay, light showers down 880, san mateo bridge, the dumbarton. you will see this on gianna's cameras when she shows the traffic report. there is plenty light rain and misting. it is


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