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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  January 29, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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>> if the niners clench the game, win the game, they are in the super bowl. we have team coverage tonight both here and at home and in l.a.. vern glenn is live tonight from sofi stadium. >> reporter: all right, stadium prep is what is going on amidst a beautiful backdrop of sofi stadium, for the nfc championship game tomorrow, and the super bowl 2 weeks from tomorrow. what a day. i have been surrounded by legions of 49er fans. they call themselves the niners empire. before, at the gate at sfo, and after my flight, my hotel is filled with 49er fans. let me show you what greeted me at the gate at sfo upon my arrival. wow. sourdough sam, the 49ers mascot.
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there was 49er red everywhere you looked. the team decided to leave last night, and even though it's a quick fight down here to l.a., they voted to stick to what has worked for them so far in the playoffs. >> a number of players hit me up sunday right after's the rams won, and they asked if we could go on friday. i was pumped they asked. >> i have a pretty good routine as far as study and things like that. when we leave on friday, it allows you to stay more locked into the game plan and eliminates distractions. >> reporter: as to what the team did today, i will let you know when i join you again in sports with andrea and jesse jiffy. back to you in studio in san francisco. this evening, 49ers fans have taken over los angeles. just check out this sea of red
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and gold at citywalk outside of universal studios, where a sports bar played host to a packed 49ers rally. at one point the line to get in wrapped all the way down the street. earlier today, trans to max darrow that up with excited niners fans heading to l.a. for the big match up against the rams. >> reporter: 49ers fence mull over the bay area are either in l.a. already, or headed to l.a. to see told us today that there was no way they were missing this game. 49ers fanfare at sfo on saturday morning. united airlines is surprised passengers orting flies to los angeles with a 49ers themed pep rally. 49ers fans were aboard l.a. bound flights all day, on a mission to fill up sofi stadium with red and gold during the nfc title game. >> just seeing the red, and
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taking over sophia, and making it levi's south. 4 it will include scott and sarah, big 49er fans from novato where they got engaged several years ago at sofi stadium. >> the second we knew where the game was we bought tickets. >> we buy tickets and then got a babysitter. >> grandparents we need you here. >> reporter: these fans arrived at l.a.x. on saturday morning, and they were not shy about their excitement. >> i've got my jersey, my gold chain, my old faithful 49er jacket. >> reporter: tickets to the game are not cheap. while thousands of fans will be there, even more will watch the game from home. we met juan garcia at a pet early at 's sporting goods and sunnyvale. >> tickets are pretty pricey. >> reporter: he plans to enjoy the game with his family at a barbecue.
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max darrow, kpix 5. whether you are headed to l.a. for the game or watching from home, we would like to see her fan pics. a lot of people are already showing the red and gold . we are asking you to share your videos on social media using the hashtag kpix 5 , and you may just see them on tv. rumors are swirling today about bay area native tom brady retiring from football, but is it true? andrea nakano joins us with more on a conflicting story. >> reporter: this news has spread quickly, but at this point brady and his agent are denying the rumors that he is po es rtrethedisleats. pnaf 22 seasons in the nfl, but now brady's camp, including his father, have denied reports.brad is considered one of the
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thst players in e e nfl my winning seven super bowl's, and three mvps. we are also hearing reports that brady has reached out to the tampa bay buccaneers to say he has not made that decision yet i think this is one of the cases that we will know when tom is ready to share it with us. >> thank you. in other news, highway 580 reopened this evening after an hours long closure. it all started after a pickup truck drove onto b.a.r.t. tracks and crashed through a fence. this morning, b.a.r.t. service was stopped between castro valley and dublin, pleasanton, after a truck drove onto the tracks. it is unclear how it happened, but the truck ripped through the fence and ended up on top of a concrete barrier. b.a.r.t. service resumed at about 1:30. lesson 2 hours later, the chp shut down the tracks again enclosed in a stretch of highway 580 near eden canyon road. they say they were investigating a suspicious vehicle, but the highway was
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reopened before 4:00. the battle against coronavirus continues. with football fans coming together to watch the big games, combined with others not enjoying the weather, bay area cities are reminding folks that the fight against covid continues, and kpix 5's shawn chitnis has more . the journey back to normal keeps taking twists and turns in the pandemic, leaving people uncertain about what to expect from one weekend to the next. around severance is good today, people saw a chance to get outside, as well as take part in cultural celebrations that could have been canceled like so many others because of covid. >> tonight is better than we expected. we didn't know if this was going to even happen. >> reporter: kicked off the week before the literary new year, and they filled out block after block in chinatown. a needed boost of business for community struggling to get past the economic challenges of the pandemic. >> i do enjoy everyone getting back out again. make many more people enjoyed
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the sights and soaking up the sun. some say this about the need to be cautious. >> there was a lot of people. it's nice being around people again, but it's definitely scary. >> reporter: the same guidelines about being up-to- date on vaccines, wearing a mask, and trying to stay outdoors apply as we enter a new month of the pandemic. for then, 49er fans will get together on sunday, and they were all around the city the day before the game. >> as long as you play it safe and do it you need to do, you know to protect your household and your friends. >> reporter: will people don't think they are back to normal yet, they are happy to feel like they are taking a few steps closer to it this weekend. it means a lot to the business owners. we have seen a lot of tourism come back in the area. >> reporter: there are plenty of opportunities for people to come together and gather in person this weekend. some organizations are still choosing to host virtual events or cultural celebrations. in san francisco, shawn
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chitnis, kpix 5. west contra costa county school district has averted a teachers strike. the union announced a tentative agreement today following negotiations that lasted until 3:00 in the morning. under the agreement, the district will provide masks daily to all students and all staff, and weekly covid testing at 54 school sites. the agreement also calls for twice-weekly testing and classes with positive exposures, and a pay boost for substitutes. the school district saw over 2000 cases this month alone. without an agreement, 15,000 teachers and staff could have gone on strike on monday. police and venetia are investigating what they say could be a murder suicide. officers say two people were found dead with gunshot wounds at a home on east e street. they say there is no threat to the community at this time.
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update on a senior apartment fire in pleasant hill. an electrical malfunction and started a fire on thursday, and neighbors jumped into action to help each other. neighbors rescue demand on a second story hospitalized for burns. still ahead, and streaming on cbs news bay area -- >> this one was something out of the movies. >> a car careened off of a north bay highway and lance on top of a storage container. the stunning chain of events that led to a dui arrest. the year of the tiger, look at the lunar new year celebrations across the bay area. this hatch is not opening until march. why nasa is putting four people into isolation. coming up and first alert
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we have video of a bizarre napa crash that led to a dui arrest. a blue honda careened off of highway 29 and landed on top of a 12 foot high storage container. the crash happened early this morning. the driver crashed through a shed at a yard on laurel street, then hit two work trucks and a trailer before landing on top of that storage container. the chp had to call in a crane to get the car down. >> this one was something out of the movies. seeing the car on top of the container was something else, a different view early in the morning. >> we have a blue honda that decided to leave the roadway, it had several vehicles and a trailer, and another storage container, and ended up up there. >> the chp says the driver was
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treated for minor injuries and arrested for dui. luckily no one else was injured. a man who owns property at that storage yard says a similar crash happened last year. >> the last one was last year. it took out a couple of trucks. it didn't come to my side. the car hit the front end of the track. it totaled the side of the fence on that side. it took out another couple of cars, it was just something out of the ordinary. in pleasant hill, police may to a suspected dui arrest this morning, including the driver involved in a crash. the driver lost control and barreled through a shopping center parking lot. the car landed on its side, but luckily no one was injured. a winning mega millions ticket was sold in southern california. >> worth about $420 million before taxes, or nearly 290
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million if you accept the cash option. the winning numbers drawn yesterday 3, 16, 25, 44, 55. the mega number was 13. the lucky ticket defied the odds and matched all six numbers. the ticket was sold at a chevron gas station in the los angeles neighborhood of woodland hills. no word yet on who bought it, but they have 1 you to come forward and collect the prize. gas station workers were thrilled to get the news. >> it was amazing. we really can't wait to celebrate this historic moment for us with our team read we have something special surprise for them. >> one ticket with five numbers but missing the mega number was sold in ohio, and that one is
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worth $3 million. chinese communities throughout the bay area today are celebrating the lunar new year of the tiger. the festivities come after 2 years of covid canceled the events. at san francisco's chinatown, many gathered to shop at the flower market fair. vendors sold flowers, fruit, and holiday supplies. people also getting ready for next month's big chinese union new year parade at union square. in oakland, hundreds of families and guests enjoyed watching traditional chinese dances and other performances at jack london square. >> all the shows throughout everything that is going to happen are pretty much about celebrating the new year, and scaring away evil spirits to make sure we all have a fabulous year of the tiger. >> today's activities also included martial arts demonstrations, and mask making crafts for kids. four people are embarking on a simulated journey to mars. these are pictures of the crew entering a capsule inside of nasa's johnson space center.
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for the next 45 days, researchers will study them in isolation and confinement. we are all used to that by now, aren't we? they will observe how they handle the rigors of an expiration mission. the hatch will remain closed until march 14. nothing closed until march 14 is whatever spigot will turn right on in northern california. is part of the first alert weather graphic. first alert weather is our new commitment to make sure that you are up to date on any significant changes in the weather it is a few days down the road or over the next couple of days. you will see couples colors change if there's a significant weather event. in this we don't have any. but i do have is another offshore wind event that will come on tuesday. the longer we go with the rain free periods, the more vulnerable we are to see more of the fall like patterns where
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you get the offshore wind events and they start getting concerned about the mountains. more on that playing out on tuesday in a second. the rest of the weekend, a piece of cake. there is nothing else going on here. tomorrow is going to be exactly the same as today. upper 50s. one minor difference with tomorrow is we will have more clouds. it may be even more fog that fills in the bay tomorrow morning. it is subtle but you can see it . you can see the light bands of gray filling the north bay valleys, the east bay. we had a little bit of fog this morning for santa rosa and fairfield. that tells me we will probably have a little more tomorrow. if you are an early-morning riser, heads up. maybe more time on the road. morning lows tomorrow, low 40s. colder valleys, mid-30s area nothing different on any of these numbers. we are on repeat as far as warning lowe's and daytime size are concerned. here is where the change will play out. watch the days tick by. you don't see a whole lot show up, and then the whole screen lights up creative the brighter the color, the stronger the wind. they also show you the direction
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this is moving. that's an offshore wind event. another system is going to go over the top of california, slide down. we miss out on the rain, but we feel it as it goes by and we get wendy. it's the kind of weather pattern we don't want anymore of, but there is another one coming. that's the peak. this is tuesday in the morning. that is a 50 mile per hour gust up on mount st. helena, which is the poster child for where it will be the windiest. but look at your part of the bay. aba 16 mile-per-hour breeze. the way this looks now is yes it will be something to watch in the mountains. we will do that closely any time there offshore wind events. but in terms of the impact for your day, it just gets a bit breezy on tuesday, and that is about it, but it's a developing situation, so that is why we will watch it very closely, and we will keep updating you in the first alert forecast. there is a look at the 7 day.
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nothing is on here. the wind isn't on here. sunny and low to mid 60s. that's the same story across the rest of the 7 day forecast. we look at the long range and hope for rain in the next half hour. for now, andrea, over to you. coming up and some in sports, we go back down to l.a. vern glenn will join us to talk about unfinished business the
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less than 24 hours until the nfc championship game. of all the faithful have taken over los angeles, so has our own vern glenn who made the trip down to l.a. this morning. what is it like out there? >> reporter: i tell you what, it is beautiful. it may stay sofi stadium behind me, but considering the success 49ers have had against the rams this year, they are calling this place levi's stadium south . hey.
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49er fans, and 49er fans based in los angeles, they are going to pack this house with a sea of red to try anything they can to make their football team feel at home. now, the 49ers have a chance to appear in the super bowl for the second time in 3 years. oddly enough, at this very site , a couple of sundays from tomorrow. george kittle once in. he vowed they would get back after losing to kansas city in super bowl liv. >> i will be back here, and i will be back -- with a vengeance. >> i believe those words, and we are on the doorstep. this will season means nothing unless we get the win.
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>> it's a feeling you can't describe. it's unlike any other loss i have ever had. obviously since that moment it has motivated me. >> you know how hard it is to get there. that's the biggest thing. it is how hard it is to get there, and you want an opportunity to get there again, because if you can get there you can do it. >> reporter: the 49ers are underdogs, 3.5 points to the rams tomorrow. 3:30 kick. the big question is the big fellow, left tackle trent williams. he did participate in the walk- through practice today, and is adamant that he will play tomorrow. officially, he is listed as questionable on the injury board. that's the deal right here at sofi stadium. back to you in studio. >> is a must. we look forward to seeing you a little bit later, maybe tomorrow? right? >> indeed. for the first time in 18 years, and for the very first time since he left is a free agent, joe thorton played against the sharks tonight.
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thorton is now skating for the florida panthers. they came into saturday tied for the best record in the nhl. sin is a leading 3-2, and on it power play, they wind up and find the second goal of the game. 4-2 sharks at this point. florida rallies and forces over time. they score on the past from the behind the net. the panthers scored to win five to 5-4. sin is a handset lost five of the last seven. this college basketball decked out. a little over two minutes left, uss comes up with the steel, and slammed a cap off of a call back-2 run that gave an 82-77 lead. williams misses a three ball. paul is tapped back out to justice, but his shot comes up short, and usf hangs on to win 82-85.
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american daniel collins going up against a number one seed and australia's own ashley party who had all of the crowd support for setpoint, and she aces to take the first set. they trailed in the second set, but came back and forced a tiebreaker. now match point, and her shot just lands and bounds, and they win their third career grand slam in straight sets. she becomes the first australian man or woman to win the event since 1978. san francisco native torres tied for the lead on 18 at torrey pines in san diego. he needed this part for his first career win, but he misses just to the left. cbs news bay area one has to a playoff with list. list had their second shot laid on the green, and it will roll within inches of the cup.
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list was also looking for their first career win. so, zalatoris needed the pot to extend the playoff, but that one goes a little to the left again. list started today five shots back of the lead, and ends up winning their first career pga event. we are looking forward to that 49ers game tomorrow. hopefully the 49ers will come home with a win. >> absolutely. thank you. coming up in the next half hour, blizzard conditions thrashed 10 states with snow, hurricane force wind, and flooding. it is happening once again in the bay area. where two french bulldogs were stolen out of their owners car.
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you are watching kpix 5 news at 6:30. now at 6:30, a powerful winter storm pending the east coast, the condition being hurricane force wind gust, record-breaking snowfall, even flooding. wendy gillett shows us the conditions in riverheanew york. the snowstorm turned to new york's central park into a winter wonderland, but from the
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mid-atlantic states up to maine and beyond, the snow, high wind, and storm surge raw towns and cities to a virtual standstill, while putting mother nature's beauty on full display. in the coastal town of scituate , massachusetts, streets began flooding in the early hours of the nor'easter. residents were advised to evacuate, the many remained. the snow was strong and steady overnight, and all day saturday. this was the huge mountain pulled into one corner of a parking lot in riverhead. nassau and suffolk counties where the harder hit parts of the state. >> piles are coming down and we can't see out of our windows, so we have guys in the truck, watching out the windows on the side. >> reporter: with temperatures in the teens, the new york governor warned the situation could become life-threatening. >> when the weather is this cold, this is where the danger sets in. you can't have people in their homes without heat for any
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length of time. >> reporter: the immense reach can be seen on satellite images from space. most flights into and out of airports serving new york, boston, and philadelphia were canceled saturday, despite the hardships for many, the weather meant one thing, fun. cbs news, riverhead, new york. the storm is forcing a rash of airline cancellations. more than 4500 flights were canceled across the u.s., a majority in new york, boston, and philadelphia today. there's new information on the covid variant being called the stealth variant. the omicron sub variant known as ba.2 is 50% more transmissible than the original omicron strain, but there is no evidence that it is more severe. it doesn't appear to reduce the effectiveness of vaccines. it's been detected in two cases in santa clara county so far. here's a look at california's latest numbers. has positivity on changed at
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18.8%, and 76,000 new cases, up 1%. san mateo county is try to make it easier to get a covid test. they announced a new ownership with carbon health to operate a free, walkup testing site at the event center. it can handle up to 2000 pcr tests per day. the site will be open tuesday through sunday from 8:00 until 4:00 at the county event center on delaware street. the biden administrations free n95 masks started arriving in parts of the country this week but the bay area need to wait a bit longer. signs are posted on the doors of cvs and walgreens stores in alameda, saying the free government masks were not available, but could be purchased instead. the companies could not say when exactly they would arrive, but are telling customers to keep checking. is going to a live now the white house, the biden administrations has 60 million households have ordered free at home covid tests for the government's website. at the same time, marks covid-
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19 pill is showing new promise. today, the drugmaker revealed six lab studies showing the drug , which is already been authorized for use in the u.s., to have consistent antiviral activity against omicron. starting on tuesday, anybody entering oakland's restaurants, bars, gyms, entertainment venues, and other indoor businesses will have to show proof of full vaccination. adults also have to present a photo i.d. for verification, and those with a valid medical exemption need to show a recent negative covid test result. elizabeth know what san francisco. residents who got the single dose johnson & johnson vaccine and were boosted with a second shot can now get a third. public health officials say this is a local move that jumps ahead of a federal recommendation. now to the latest in the search for a new supreme court justice. the white house says it is
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considering a wider list of potential nominees. this comes after president biden said he would nominate the first black woman to the bench. judge michelle childs, and leandra kruger are on the short list. justice stephen breyer will step down sometime in late june or early july here the president will announce his nominee to the end of february. it's happened again. two french bulldogs have been reportedly stolen in oakland. the owner is telling kpix 5 that her dogs were locked in her car as she grab something from the grocery store. she says when she returned to the car had been broken into, and the dogs were gone. if you have any information about their whereabouts, contact oakland police. in menlo park, a battle over street coasters between restaurant owners and retailers. city leaders vowed to keep a section of santa cruz avenue close to two traffic. it accommodates parklets that were built along streets to allow outdoor dining during the
6:35 pm
pandemic. while restaurant owners are happy, other merchants say it is hurting their business. >> we are completely barricaded by not just the parklets, which we actually tolerate, but the exposure from the street, and the occupancy of the street. >> it's important to have the outdoor street closed, and have the parklet outdoor to see our clients to survive. >> some downtown areas have made street closures permanent, but menlo park has not made that move yet. on the peninsula, the city of burlingame will pay more than $35 million in settlements in a fallen tree branch tragedy. a san mateo couple was picnicking in washington park in september of 2020 when a branch landed on them. a woman was killed, and her husband was left paralyzed from the chest down. another man was also severely injured.
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complaints allege the city failed to maintain and inspect the tree. the city hired an independent arborist last year to provide inspection and maintenance services. shoppers and employees at san jose's valley fair mall are fighting a new plan to charge for parking. the mall says it starting on february 8, customers will get 2 three hours of parking, and play one dollar per hour after that. employees pay three dollars per day, or they will fork over $40 for a monthly pass. more than 400 people have signed a workers petition demanding free parking passes. the mall says the parking plan has more to do with security, and controlling who parks there. now to a win for california's net neutrality law. a federal appeals court has upheld the 2018 law, which requires internet companies to treat all comp owners customers equally. the fcc established net neutrality during the obama administration. it prohibited companies like at&t and verizon from favoring
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high-paying clients amount while slowing or blocking traffic from others. the trump administration ended the rules. yesterday, the ninth circuit court in san francisco agreed with a prior appeals court decision that the fcc could not stop states from passing their own laws. still ahead, and streaming on cbs news bay area we are crunching the numbers, and taking a closer look at crime in san francisco. the troubling trends, and the mayor's call for help. the north bay cat that ended up all the way in long beach. why the owner is pointing his finger at airbnb guests.
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we have been reporting on an epidemic of car break-ins in san francisco, and it is not the only crime category that went up in 2021. kpix 5's wilson walker on the new statistic, and the mayor's call for help. gun violence contributed to the majority of our homicides. you look at the trends that really follows the homicide trends come over you see a dip in 2018, 2019, then it starts to go back up.
6:41 pm
matt gun violence in san francisco rose more than 30% last year, which helped drive a slight uptick in homicides as well. it mirrors a national trend that some have attributed to the pandemic. >> we don't have the evidence to point that out. what we do know is this category of crime is going up, and we need to turn it around. >> reporter: then there is property crime, were some pandemic trends seem to be reversing. burglaries spiked dramatically in 2020, and dipped ever so slightly last year, but larceny took a sharp turn in the other direction, an increase driven largely by a resurgence of car break-ins. >> when you compare 2021 to 2020, it was a significant increase. >> from my perspective the city has to do more. >> reporter: the mayor says the numbers aren't the entire story. >> is statistics don't matter when you are a victim. at the end of the day, i am hearing more stories from more people about situations that they have experienced that they are really blown away.
6:42 pm
>> reporter: the mayor is asking for more money to cover the cost of police overtime, but she's also warning that the force has seen a 20% reduction in the number of officers since 2019. >> we need to make sure that the people of the city are safe, and part of our public safety strategy does include police officers, and it is what it is. is not just funding for the police. the mayor is also working on getting more money for firefighters. twice as much money in fact. they have been hit by covid staffing shortages. there's a new effort to discourage smash and grab robberies plaguing the state. a group called rescue california started collecting signatures for an antitheft initiative to deter the violent crimes, and crackdown on repeat offenders. >> it also gives californians and opportunity to stand their
6:43 pm
ground against a criminal community that has become more brazen and dangerous by undermining public safety. >> organizers hope to get enough signatures to place the initiative on the november ballot. and other big name in music just dropped their entire catalog from spotify. the powerful new exhibit offering a source of hope in a time of fear. coming up and first alert weather, we look far into the forecast to see what it might take to finally get rain, and why you are probably going to have to keep the fingers crossed if that's what you were hoping for. we will also talk abou okay, it's go time. team usa on the largest gig-speed network.
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which means this mega fan never misses a second. it's gig-speed wifi that's “mikaela shiffrin” fast. ok, that's fast! speed's cool, but does yours block threats? yup, even for these upstairs all-nighters rocking wifi speeds faster than a gig. can your internet do that? learn more about gig-speed wifi, or get started with xfinity internet for $19.99 a month for 12 months. click, call, or visit a store today.
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sigurd joni mitchell says that she is taking her music off of spotify. it comes days after neil young made the same announcement. both artists are calling out spotify's exclusive podcast host joe rogan for promoting false information about the pandemic and vaccines. you know joni mitchell from her hits like "free man in paris" and "help me." she is a nine time grammy wimmer was also abduct conducted into the hall of fame. airbnb guests are accused
6:47 pm
of taking a neighbor's cat. the owner of that cat wants her back. a long beach couple rented an air b and b2 doors down from troy ferrell's home in sonoma in october. when they left, he says they stole his outdoor cat. troy was out of town at the time, but when he returned, he got a call from a vet in long beach you had scanned her microchip. >> i just want my kid back. i want my friend back. she is my friend. i don't have kids. she's my kid. and she has seen me through so many things, and they took her. i want her back. >> the couple apparently took the cat in for a health check, but after the vet asked them to contact troy but they refused, so troy filed a report with the sonoma county sheriff's department, and the case was
6:48 pm
sent to the das office. now onto an unusual animal rescue. this time it involves a skunk. this guy was found stuck inside of a crab trap in san francisco. we can only imagine how that happened. well a very brave animal control officer carefully cut the critter free, spray free. >> we will continue this theme from the wild kingdom. one city is going to become more exotic when it comes to animals. on the animals moving from the outside to the inside. >> reporter: elk grove is about to become even more pet friendly. dogs and cats have always been allowed as house pets. now pygmy goats and potbellied pigs are allowed as well. >> i love animals. i think it would be something great to see in the city. >> i like goats. >> they are adorable. i can see why someone would want to have one as a pet. >> reporter: elk grove city
6:49 pm
council approved the animals several years ago, and next week, the planning commission will change the municipal code to legally allow them. what's the benefit of owning pygmy goats? we are getting answers. supporters say two pygmy goats can produce a half-gallon of fresh milk per day. they live 8 to 12 years, and unlike dogs, their menorah can be used as compost and fertilizer. >> that should be exciting. 4 and for the first time, ostriches, emus, and other large birds will also be allowed in the city's agricultural zone. continuing the animal theme , an update to a story we brought this week. this 185 pound bull mastiff is getting a new home. this big boy named dom was up for adoption at the sacramento spca, and now and in new owner is stepping up to do some heavy lifting, but wait, there is more. this malamute mix says i will see her 185 entries you 6. the sacramento spca says all 191 pounds of this popper is up for adoption today and he just looks like a big teddy bear. so, do the math. i've got dogs,
6:50 pm
you don't. you need to walk a dog on your first alert weather. we will have to find a tie into that. paul heggen is the dog eye on the weather staff. i am just hoping that that cat gets brought back home, the one that was taken down to long beach. we will follow up on that story. but juliet mentioned it, first alert weather. that's our renewed spotlight and wake making sure you stay well informed on any significant changes that happen in the weather, whether a couple of days out, or happening in the moment. sometimes you will see the banner go to blue to red. the red days are the significantly important days where we will make sure you are up to speed on what is going on. right now we don't have one. but i do have one thing i want to highlight, which is another offshore wind event, which is coming to the northbay mountains on tuesday reconsidering we have already
6:51 pm
seen some odd fire weather behavior for big sur. we then had a fire in the northbay mountains, we will talk more about the wind event in a second. mid to upper 50s right now. sunday morning, a little bit cloudier than today was. if you are an early riser on sunday morning, we are likely going to have more fog than we had today. you can see it on the futurecast, filling in the valleys of sonoma county. plenty in the central valley, and over towards fairfield. we had some today, but that looks like a bit more tomorrow. start thinking ahead for that. morning roads will be very typical. low to mid 30s for the colder inland valleys, but mid-40s in the heart of the bay. highs tomorrow will be exactly where they were today. the temperatures aren't budging. some of the other details do, in important ways. this shows you how the wind is going to turn on. it is a great way to visualize when and offshore wind event will happen. you not only see the colors
6:52 pm
come about you see these streamlines showing you the wind is moving opposite him the way it normally does. that is offshore. the offshore wind tends to dry out the mountains, lower humidity, and on tuesday, low and behold, 50 mile per hour gusts on mount st. helena. this could extend into wednesday. you may not notice this a whole lot done at the lower elevations where you live. most of us it will be a 15 mile- per-hour breeze, but that is also typical of these. they gust over peaks and that is where fire concerns come into play. no advisories have been issued yet, but it is something to watch. what happened to the rain? no surprise here. if you look at the rain on futurecast, and we switch to where it will continue to rain for the next week and a half, let's just color in the map. this is total accumulated rainfall going all the way out
6:53 pm
to february 8th. we are in a big donut hole of nothing. if we look at this a different way, i will let the atmosphere and futurecast play forward and show her the big block of high pressure is. we already know we are likely not getting any rain through february 8. then we get to february 8th, there is a huge bull's-eye, a very big ridge of high pressure that starts to take hold, likely meaning even past february 8th, we will stay out of the rain business. for the next 7 days, there is nothing, but remember the headline will be the offshore wind in the mountains right here on tuesday and wednesday. the same story plays out for microclimates with the temperatures staying low to mid 60s. up next, the new local exhibit, looking back at
6:54 pm
6:55 pm
this is elodia. she's a recording artist. 1 of 10 million people that comcast has connected to affordable internet in the last 10 years. and this is emmanuel, a future recording artist, and one of the millions of students we're connecting throughout the next 10. through projectup, comcast is committing $1 billion so millions more students, past... and present, can continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities.
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finally tonight, a unique art exhibit is being shown in san francisco, showcasing artwork created at the beginning of the pandemic. john ramos has that story. the job of an artist is to help us make sense of the world, and the pandemic has made admission more important than ever. the line outside of san francisco's pier 70 shows how they are displayed inside has struck a nerve with just about everyone. in march of 2020, the great city of san francisco shutdown, the plywood covering the businesses giving it an apocalyptic feel. >> that was sad. it looked like armageddon. i was like there is nothing here. everything was gone. >> reporter: now some of those
6:57 pm
150 commissioned murals are displayed in an event called the city canvas, a paint the void retrospective. the curator says it shows how crucial artists can be during trying times. >> i think that artists prove themselves to be sort of first responders to our emotional health. i mean, they just, they were out there kind of helping us feel okay at this time. >> reporter: the murals are as varied as the people who created them. lady hans and brandon baker worked on one together. >> we were painting alone on the street, but people would pass by walking their dogs or kids, then we would have interactions with masks on. that was wonderful. after being inside for so long, sharing your stuff felt so good. back there painting features a woman offering what looks like a bouquet of flowers, but look closely, and they are made up of schools and an atomic mushroom cloud. it's symbolic of how scientific discovery can present unexpected problems. >> there's a lot of similarities with the advent of
6:58 pm
nuclear technology and how things are now changing with masks and health protocols, and vaccines might all this stuff that has come since the beginning of covid-19. >> the lady had that at the pink race, symbolizing the hope and optimistic future. some works were beautiful, others a bit more practical, but whatever the message about the effect was the same, to help people think rather than fear. >> it helped me not to feel so claustrophobic within my own city. >> what comes through to me is that these artists, they really wanted to give back. they really wanted to uplift their communities. >> reporter: in san francisco, john ramos, kpix 5. thank you for watching. we will see you back here at 11:00. until then, the news continues on , but for now have a good saturday night.
6:59 pm
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