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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  January 22, 2022 2:06am-2:33am PST

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now at 11:00 aeufplt new wildfire forcing evacuations along the california coast. what we have learned so far. >> please stop the violence. an emotional plea from an oakland mother after her son was shot while sitting on the front steps. honoring a woman killed in a horrific attack in new york city. how the life of michelle go is being remembered. >> whipping winds hitting the bay area. causing damage in some spots, what to expect for the weekend. good evening. we begin with breaking news.
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a wildfire forcing evacuations, showing the colorado fire, it started two hours ago in the canyon and the big sur area. the highway shutdown in both directions and evacuation orders are in place right now. we will stay on top of the developments and bring you updates as they become available. oakland police say a gunman randomly killed a plan and slot at firefighters at a nearby fire station. new at 11:00. hearing from the mother of the victim. kpix5 spoke to her at a candlelight vigil held just a few hours ago. >> reporter: community members, family, friends celebrating his life. >> he just came home. >> got off of work, talking to his cousin. >> reporter: a man walked up to him and shot him. ronald's mom, denise carter,
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says the community support is keeping her strong. >> i am still in shock. i am numb. >> reporter: they believe it was random. the victim and the suspect did not know each other. neighbors tell the police the gunman was walking in the middle of center street and screaming he was going to shoot someone. a short time later, he came across ronald and shot him. >> this is a senseless act of violence. >> the gunman kept on walking. half a block later he saw two firefighters outside of a fire station and they were in the city-owned suv. the police say without provocation the gunman fired four shots into the suv, luckily the bullets did not hit the firefighters. >> what may of set him off, i truly don't have an answer for that. >> reporter: the police arrested the suspect. 50-year-old william hopti. he was convicted of manslaughter for a 1996 killing that happened two blocks away from thursday's homicide. >> i watched his blood turn from red to
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black. >> reporter: oakland councilwoman organized the vigil. she heard the gunshots on thursday and ran over to try to help ronald. she says the homeless woman was grazed by a bullet but declined medical attention. >> to have contact with firearms, why is he roaming the street. did he need mental health services? she he have been under care? like i have so many questions. >> reporter: denise forgives the suspect but wants account wants a accountability. >> in order to move forward i had to forgive. you have to do that. i don't want to walk around holding grudges. >> the suspect admitted to being involved in the crime. set to appear in court next week facing homicide charges. kpix5. oakland police say thursday night's killing was the city's 8th homicide of the year. tonight, in fremont, family and friends gather for candlelight vigil to remember
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michelle go. >> i want people to know michelle stood for love. that is the important word here today. >> the 40-year-old grew up in fremont, live inside manhattan, she died last weekend after being pushed in front of a new york city subway train. close family and friend his this message from her parents. >> they don't want people to focus on how she died and tragedy around that, they want people to focus on how she lived, what she lived for, some of the things that she was doing in the community. >> she lived a life of service. in her spare time she was volunteering to help at risk women and children and people experiencing homelessness and she is really, an example of what we all need to be to serve our community in the best way we can. >> a 61-year-old man is in jail charged with connection to her death. new video tonight after a bizarre crash involving a suspected car thief. thanks to good samaritans that
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suspect is in jail tonight. the police say the man stole a car and then returned to the neighborhood hours later. witnesses say he was driving recklessly in a parking lot, hit several cars and then crashed into a tree. bystanders say they held him down until the police arrived. we are seeing powerful winds across much of the area tonight. >> damage due to the wind, this tree came crashing down in san jose earlier today. we have a closer look at all of the gusts out there. >> it is windy tonight, ryan. juliet, gusts 50 to 60 miles an hour in the high peaks so, far, leading the pack at 64 miles an hour. oakland hills, 61. sonoma west of sonoma, a little bit of where we live we have not gotten terribly stronger gusts.
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late tonight gs cod pick up. high pressure about off shore combining with a low over the nevada/utah border is creating pressure and as a result the winds will be strong through tomorrow afternoon in the north bay but ease up for everybody. after sunrise tomorrow. it will be a windy night tonight and then the rest of the weekend is looking pretty good. the specifics on that will be covered in the forecast in just a few minutes. >> all right, thank you. >> starting tomorrow, santa clara county will give out 60,000 free home covid-19 test kits, residents need to schedule an appointment online before picking them up. the kits will be given away at four drive up locations. each household can receive four kits, the give away runs through january 30th. live look at oakland where teachers are threatening to take a strike vote if they don't reach a new covid-19 safety deal with the district by midnight. teachers are demanding weekly testing at all schools, high grade masks and coverage for every
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classroom vacancy. many students have been staying home in protest and demanding a temporary return to online learning, more testing, masks and outdoor eating spaces on campus. the district tells us it reached eight safety agreements with the union over the course of the pandemic. and meetings are scheduled to discus a new deal. >> a live look at the state capitol where debate is under way to allow teens to get vaccine without their parent's permission. applying to kids between 12 and 17. kids in that age group can already choose without consent to get vaccinated against hpv and hepatitis b. >> many of them do want to be vaccinated. sometimes their parents do not let them be vaccinated. sometimes parents are just not prioritizing taking them to be vaccinated. >> these are conversations that should happen between parents and their kids. and not to sort of isolate them
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and make this sort of a conversation that happens with the school nurse. >> several other states and washington, d.c. do allow minors to get vaccines without parental consent. restaurant week kicks off in napa valley tonight. a shot in the arm for those trying to stay in business. for others the pandemic forced them to call it quites. andrea nakano joins us with how restaurants want to try to stay afloat during this latest surge. >> a busy night in downtown napa tonight with many of the restaurants fully booked for restaurant week. >> it has been extremely difficult to hang on and stay alive through all of this. >> reporter: they could not hang on as they announced the closing on facebook. owners said they gave it their best as long as they could but the pandemic finally forced them to close their doors. >> we were open and then we were closed and then we could open for outdoor and then open for indoor and close again for indoor and you need a mask, don't need a mask.
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it has been so complicated to understand the path forward. >> reporter: but starting tonight, for the next 10 days, an event to try to get diners back into restaurants again. >> restaurant week is kind of the week when all of downtown napa restaurant scene springs back to life. >> reporter: charlie palmer steak house are taking part in the event. restaurant owners say food costs and staffing shortages remain a huge issue but restaurant week gives businesses a big boost. weekend reservations are hard to find as they offer special menus when diners are hesitant to dine out. restaurants had to find ways to entice customers. >> it became an opportunity to take everything we learned over the years, passion for food and wine and find a different way to express it and put it out in the world. >> they say the region is seeing signs of
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recovery, hotel occupancy is above 90% on weekend but weekday business is still slow to return. it expects the staffing shortage will be the biggest challenge in 2022 as people return to enjoy napa valley. 49ers will face a tough one. >> less than 24 hours away from kick off, the faithful are counting down to the second. bagged packed, tickets punched. terminals packed with fans hoping to see their 49ers steal the victory. with temperatures as low as two degrees it is something new for these fans and the team. >> going to be freezing. going to be cold. i got my boots ready, i got thermals, i will be five layers deep. [ laughter ] >> coming up in sports key news on the niner's player that is questionable for tomorrow's big day. former governor schwarzenegger involved in a serious car
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crash, we have the latest on the investigation. our lawn got destroyed by it. >> california has a big pig problem. what a bay area lawmaker wants to do about all of those hogs. and california's wildfire prevention efforts are about to get a huge boost. we have all of the details,
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police in southern california investigating a crash involving arnold schwarzenegger? he was driving his suv sunset boulevard when he collided with a prias making a u-turn. he rolled up top of it and hit two other cars waiting for a light to change. another person involved in the crash was rushed to the hospital. it does not appear drugs or alcohol were a
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factor. tonight, lawyers from vanessa bryant say photos from kobe bryant's helicopter crash site were shared widely. the legend and his daughter and seven others died in the accident in january 2020. according to court documents photos from the scene were shared by l.a. county fire and sheriff department workers. they were allegedly shown off in bars and events at an awards gala. her lawsuit against l.a. county heads to court next month. new at 11:00. putting a stop to the pig problem. tonight, a bay area lawmaker has a new plan to halt the spread of ferel hogs in california. they are calling it a ticking swine bomb. >> reporter: wild pig population problem. >> our lawn was destroyed. $5,000 worth of damage. >> reporter: he owns a company that creates honey experiences. >> i have been sold out of our pig hunt since november.
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>> reporter: he seen the impact it can bring leaving holes and tearing upland. >> when you are talking sonoma, napa or central california now you are talking direct destruction of a revenue-based crop or vineyard. >> it is out of control. >> reporter: the senator wants to reduce the population that he says brings potential health risks. linked to food born illnesses. causing the state 1.5 billion in damages. >> this is not only a problem for our farmers and agriculture and recreational areas it also individual homes. it is also an environmental problem when they get into our creeks and streams. >> in a new bill, the senator is looking to eliminate the need for permits allowing more people access without the fees. >> 20% of the total amount of pigs are being killed a year. but that is neutralized by the
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amount of new births. at the end of the day what we need to do is make it easier for them to take more. >> reporter: he is a fist done right he thinks the bill could help reduce the population without extinguishing it. >> that is the hunter's responsibility manage it and protecting it. >> so far the bill has gained support from farmers and no groups have come out to oppose the idea. vise president harris was in san bernardino today to announce a plan to provide hundreds of millions in federal funding for wildfire prevention and recovery. >> the other important announcement we are making today is that we are committing $1.3 billion to disaster-relief funding including $600 million for california. we are working with this funding to make sure that we are putting the resources where they are needed to address the unique challenges that fires present. >> some of the money will go to
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clean hazardous waste, restore forests and repair infrastructure damaged by wildfires. dangerous winds in the sierra tonight. look at that. the live camera you see at tahoe resort is getting pounced around. wind gusts at 100 miles an hour have been reported on the peaks. we are not surprised, 8,000 feet? >> higher you go the windier it will get. here, we have 60-mile-per-hour. way up top, windy, down below, not so much. that is the good news part of it. you can see. it is windy in parts of the bay area and it is tonight. it is fairly warm. temperatures in the 60s even a few low 70s today. we look at the highs today. santa rosa, hitting 71. san francisco, only 59. and concord at 67. physical for where we go from here, clear and windy. temperatures are warm in the overnight lows, winds will ease slowly
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tomorrow. north bay will be more of a factor. finally, it will be continued dry and mild. we have no rain in sight, all of the way through next week it will be high and dry and a lot of sun around. if you are headed to the hills it will be sunny out there as well. no new snow of course and machine groomed, 138 inches at base. 65-70, kirkwood with machine- groomed conditions and sunny skies. for the sierra this week, sunny. but it is windy out there tonight. it will stay breezy on saturday, high pressure continues to bring this flow, the dry northeasterly direction will not only kick up the pollen your allergies, not so good for tomorrow. all sorts of allergens will be around. it eases off as the wind eases off on sunday. and by sunday, it will be calmer. the high retreats a bit out there to the west. that low pressure over the desert southwest will also. basically the pressure relaxes a little bit and the winds will ease up
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by sunday. by saturday, for most places, in the north bay you can see that pretty strong winds tonight. and then, midnight tonight, you can see that we got good gusts around napa and fairfield. 29 miles an hour. the brighter colors disappear by tomorrow morning, north bay, strong winds, tomorrow afternoon, even up in the north bay the winds begin to ease up into the 10-20-mile- per-hour range. they will be out of here by sunday. overnight lows tonight, not too bad. the temperatures will be in the middle 40s. 48 degrees, 42 for oakland and fremont. few clouds around. th60s. that is about 4-8 degrees above average for this time of the year. in the south bay, plenty of sunshine. good weekend. not so windy in the south bay. east bay as well. the winds ease up by sunrise, 62 at walnut creek. up in the north bay, nice.
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plenty of sunshine around, 68 at the park. 64 in san rafael and richmond, 65 degrees. it is up to 71. in the extended forecast we are looking for things to be dry. it will be sunny. the numbers will be back in the upper 50s by the time we get to the end of the week. you look all of the way towards the end of next week and still nothing on the way. does not look like anything will change until early february. next chance of rain. the real headline, we all know it, not weather. it is sports. here is charlie. >> nfl divisional round tomorrow. 49ers, packers at lambeau. windchills in the five, six degrees. it will be great. we are setting the table for the game. how the 49ers pass rush can be the x factor in tomorrow's game. a tough shooting night for steph curry against the last place rockets. he was not hanging his head in crunch time. what steph did tonight that he had never done before in his nba career.
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at one point during tonight's rockets/warriors game i found myself going down the rabbit whole of which draft was the worst ever. 2000 is the point. i just hope you caught the end of the ball game. curry without thompson tonight. not a good start for number 30, in fact, the entire team picked up where they left off. kevin porter jr the steal. he goes the other way for the slam. down 15 points. you know things are bad when you start kicking things. picking up third quarter, golden state down one. jordan pool off of the window. and the foul. he had 20 points, first lead since the
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opening quarter. chase center starting to wake up. back to back barn burners, final seconds, tied up. rockets have the shot off of the mark. rebound warriors, here we go. 5.1 seconds, the same amount as last night's game. you know who is getting it. it is steph. here he goes. steph back and cold blooded. shades of walker shot on that big east tournament back in the day. celebrating like they just beat the nets, why not. that was his first ever game- winning buzzer beater. tough to believe. only six of 21 to the floor with steph. throw out the stats, celebrate it. why not, they win it 105, 103. >> how good did that feel. >> felt great. felt great. [ laughter ] >> we wanted to give him space and he found it and hit a beautiful shot. it was, just an amazing moment. hearing the buzzer when the
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ball is in midflight. knowing, you know, this is it and seeing it go in and hearing the crowd. what a cool moment. >> green bay is great at a lot of things. pass blocking is not one of them. they are just okay. that makes the injury news that much more relieving. he is 15 1/2 sacks off of concussion protocol. he will, indeed, play in tomorrow's game. as for the pressure on rogers from game one, it was almost nonexistent. one sack in that two point loss. this is a different niners pass rush. late in the year, the stat of the day. san francisco leads the nfl with 29 sacks. they had at least three a game since week 13. they sacked dak prescott five times in last sunday's win. number two stanford hosting the cal golden bears. steph not the only curry to wear number 30. that is jayda curry for cal.
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she was feeling it today. steps into one. 30 points for her. cal had the lead right before halftime. all cardinal, out scored the bears by 20. here is hannah jump, on the corner. five threes for jump on this one. stanford when you humble yourself under the mighty hand of god, in due time he will
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exalt you. hi, i'm joel osteen. i'm excited about being with you every week. i hope you'll tune in. you'll be inspired, you'll be encouraged. i'm looking forward to seeing you right here. you are fully loaded and completely equipped for the race that's been designed for you.
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a hardworking elementary principal got the surprise of a lifetime today. >> he was invited to attend the super bowl, for free, by the raiders. >> i would love to surprise you with 2022 super bowl tickets to l.a. >> the principal had to wear a lot of hats during the pandemic, he helped out in the cafeteria, vacuumed the floors and cleaned toilets. the raiders decided to recognize him for all of his hard work. >> he said he is not the only principal taking on many roles, never expected to be recognized like this. >> i lost it. i was speechless. [ laughter ] >> raiders gave him tickets. >> he better put
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(dr. david jeremiah) there may have never been another time in history when end times prophecy has been more aligned with the culture and circumstances of the world than it is today. i believe there are ten phenomenon


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