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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  January 21, 2022 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

12:00 pm on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, a local lawmaker pushing to allow kids as young as 12 to get vaccinated without their parents' consent. good afternoon. i am amanda starrantino. >> i am anne makovec in for len. justin andrews explains now the senator says that vaccine misinformation is leading some parents to put their children at risk. >> reporter: this bill is brewing and is already building backlash for some, the senator stating his claim and even had teenagers supporting him. >> currently in california, nearly 1 million 12 to 17-year-
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olds are not vaccinated for covid-19. that creates all sorts of health problems for them. >> reporter: that was the senator standing with dr. brent colfax, public health director in san francisco along with pediatricians and many others. the senator's legislation could let 12 to 17-year-olds get the covid shot and their parents won't are to sign off on it. >> it's time we take action. it's time we remove barriers for kids to get life saving vaccines and healthcare. >> reporter: the senator said this is a permissive bill meaning it is one's choice and not mandatory. currently children in the state must have consent of a parent or guardian to receive most vaccinations. minors do not need parental consent to get hpv or hepatitis b vaccines. the senator says covid and booster shots should be no different. even though legislature is
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overwhelmingly controlled by democrats, some say this will be hard to get through. the senator says widespread misinformation is leading to many parents to deny children access to what he calls a life- saving vaccine. new at noon, free rapid antigen tests will soon be available for free in the south bay. santa clara county is making 60,000 of them available at four drive up sites starting tomorrow. >> this is an incredible lift that is once again proving that the county of santa clara is committed to stepping up in incredibly challenging times. >> you can book appointments at the county's website. there are 15,000 appointment slots available. each person gets four tests. we have more information on
12:03 pm the u.s. opened a new hot line to order free covid test kits by phone. the number is on your screen. each household can receive four tests with each kit shipping in 7 to 12 days. the goal is to make the kits more accessible to people who don't have reliable internet. it appears coronavirus cases in san francisco may have peaked january 9. the seven day average was nearly 2100 a day. on january 12 cases dropped to a little more than 1,000 a day. on the other side of the spectrum across the country nearly 2,000 people are still dying from covid every day. starting tomorrow noncitizens entering u.s. by land must be fully vaccinated. anyone entering u.s. by land or ferry at the mexican or canadian border must provide proof of vaccination. that does not apply to u.s. citizens or permanent residents. if you are looking for a covid
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test, vaccine, or booster visit our county by county resource guide at click the red banner at the top of the page. live from oakland to san francisco and
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at the intersection of park and heading. carter left and ran holding a gun in his hand. carter fired in the direction of an approaching officer on park avenue. the officer returned fire. carter continued to run through a headin streetwith gun still in his hand. >> three additional officers arrived at that location to assist. the three additional officers observed the suspect still holding the hand gun and d ted er it at the offio each ofcered at tiofficers in t weapons.
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carter continued to hold the hand gun and was struck more than once. >> reporter: carter was transported to a hospital where he was shortly pronounced dead. carter had five felony warrants for arrest and was on probation for battery. joint criminal investigation by santa clara district attorney's office and san jose police department homicide unit is underway. >> do we know if there was more footage on body worn camera videos that the officers must have had. >> reporter: all four officers were equipped with body worn camera. much of the incident was captured by cameras from helicopter video and from video from residents and they'll be releasing that in a couple weeks. >> a lot to look at. thank you. vice president kamala harris boarded a plane to southern california. that is where she is set to
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announce the state will receive wildfire relief funds, that money from the recently passed infrastructure bills. last year's wildfire season was among worse in california history scorching more than 2.6 million acres. people in fremont will gather to remember a woman killed last weekend in new york city. michelle go grew up in fremont and was a graduate of ucla. saturday she was shoved in front of a subway train at a times square station in new york. candle light vigil is tonight at 7:00 on capital avenue. tensions continue to rise in ukraine. >> america's top diplomat met with his russian counterpart to try to prevent all out war. the secretary of state and russia's foreign minister were in geneva. no breakthroughs but the meeting appeared civil. it is up to russia to decide which path it will pursue.
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u.s. is continuing talks with ukraine and several western nations. >> we united in commitment to finding a way forward through diplomacy and dialogue but equally in resolve to impose massive consequences should russia choose path of confrontation and conflict. >> there are about 100,000 russian troops along ukraine's border. president biden has warned an invasion would be met with tough new sanctions and lead to a consequential loss of are us life. tomorrow 49ers are facing nsthe packers in green bay and the faithful brcold tot yesterday fans giving the team a warm send off at levi as thbu the 408 faithful ananias group supported the team at levis and will be cheering in green bay hoping to take that home advantage from the packers. >> we are going with a group of
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of 20 i believe. we will be tailgating. it's going to be freezing. it's going to be cold. i got my boots ready, thermals. i will be probably five layers deep. >> i don't know if five layers will be enough. it's going to be cold. the air temperature might be around 15 but it will feel closer to zero around kick off. how about that, anne? >> i think it is best to watch from our living rooms. coming up at noon on cbsn bay area, how top wineries are pivoting after getting hit with their latest challenge. it might be harder to visit yosemite this summer.
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welcome back. let's take a look at the big board where the dow is in the red about 440 points at this afternoon hour. we are learning a wave of resignations in november was out paced by avalanche of hiring in california. according to data released today, 415,000 people voluntarily left their jobs statewide in november. however, that's only half of the story. the state saw more than 700,000 hires in the same month. experts say workers are leveraging labor shortages to secure better pay and benefits. new, tough times in wine
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country. first the pandemic closed tasting rooms and restaurants and then the industry lost customers to hard liquor. premium wines have been growing. they're trying to appeal to a new generation. >> it's more than just a product on a shelf that you grab and consume. you are developing these relationships and i think you see wineries now really working hard to address those demographics. >> impact of climate change will become a focal point in 2022 from drought and fire to low reservoir level there will be more pressure on producers to turn a profit. yosemite national park could limit number of visitors and it isn't just due to the covid spike. officials say the summer will be a crazy construction season for the park with seven major
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projects planned. mercury news reports they are concerned it can cause massive traffic jams so park officials are drawing plans to require reservations for day visits and cut down on crowds. several camp grounds will be closed for upgrades and road repairs will continue all summer. to the drought, california's water districts are going to be getting more water from reservoirs than initially expected. conditions have improved enough after last month's wet winter storms. it will go to local agencies that provide water to 27 million customers including alameda county water and santa clara county valley water. the state says it has enough to give water districts 15% of what they've requested. before the recent rains the number was 0% for the first time. the drought is far from over and people are urged to continue saving water. a live look at san
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francisco, the wind is kicking up and our cameras on the mark hopkins hotel are shaking a lot. meteorologist mary lee is tracking those gusty conditions for us, how that will affect us in the bay. the strongest wind with the offshore wind event this afternoon and for tonight. really watching those winds kick up for us this afternoon. here is what you can expect. a windy afternoon across the bay area, sunny and warm above average daytime highs and we are looking at gusty conditions for tonight. current sustained winds, northerly winds at 31 miles an hour in fairfield, 13 concord, 17 mile-per-hour winds in livermore, 14 mile-per-hour sustained winds in san jose. there we go with the mark hopkins hotel camera. boy that camera is really shaking. you can see the flag whipping in the wind as well. we are looking at temperatures in the 60s. that strong tight pressure
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gradient is really developing for us, that ridge of high pressure off the coast in the pacific and this low pressure system over the great basin. with the two weather features so close together i am tracking gusty northerly wind really picking up. as we continue through afternoon, we will see winds increase even more and especially by tonight and then as we look to tomorrow morning, especially still up in the north bay mountains, you will see strong winds first thing tomorrow morning and eventually we'll see those ease as we head through tomorrow in the afternoon and for your sunday. daytime highs today are well above average, many of us in the mid to upper 60s. our snow report in tahoe, heavenly looking good with that sunshine. the seven-day forecast san francisco, oakland, san jose, we are looking at sunshine, calmer conditions for the weekend ahead with temperatures in the 60s. inland east bay, north bay, and the coast, 60s, gorgeous for
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the weekend with calmer conditions and we are looking dry as we look to next week as well. back to you. >> mary, thanks. liking the sunshine at least. next, remembering the life of
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fans are remembering louie anderson. the host died at a las vegas hospital today fromaner ned fou decades but in recent years he gained claim for performance on fx's baskets. he was a familiar face elsewhere including host of family feud from 1999-2002. more sad news, music world is mourning loss of one of rock-n- roll's most unique performers, meat loaf. the singer died last night at age 74. >> he earned more than 40 years ago with a best selling album "bat out of hell." meat loaf was known for
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fast talking delivery and physicality on stage that left a mark for generations. in 1977 he released "bat out of hell" which would become one of the top selling albums in history with over 40 million sold cementing his place among industry's haroldest workers not only in music but in film including scene stealing performance in 1975's rocky horror picture show. over all he acted in more than 100 shows and movies including wayans world and fight club. he was born in 1947 in dallas. he sang and danced in high school and as said acquired the nickname meat loaf from a teen from a football coach who af after opening for the who and grateful dead he relocated to new york city and landed
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several stage roles. the '90s ushered in a new era of success with another chart topping hit, "i'd do anything for love" earning him his only nomination and win. >> ♪ i would do anything for love. >> vladimir duthiers. a rescue with just
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i am tackling increasing winds, wind advisories, high wind warnings in effect through saturday morning. we are looking at strong winds, 50 mile-per-hour gusts, up to 60 to 70 in the higher elevation. sunshine and warm temperatures in the low to mid 60s, even upper 60s this afternoon. calmer conditions for the weekend ahead, we will continue with the sunshine and warm weather in the 60s for saturday and sunday. back to you. >> thanks. to an unusual rescue that played out in the uk. >> a pet dog has been reunited with her family after a search involving coast guards, and sausage dangling drones.
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>> milli, a jack russell mix escaped from her owner and after two days was found in marshland. the area was supposed to flood in about two hours so she was at risk of drowning. >> she would not cooperate with rescuers so out of desperation they tied sausages to drones and hovered them over milli and sure enough the treat lured the stubborn dog to safety. food will get you every time. >> that's all it takes. >> if i need the pups to do
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[ dramatic music ] >> hope: do you know what douglas meant? >> brooke: he saw me kissing santa? >> hope: on new year's eve. why would douglas say that? you know, douglas. he doesn't really lie. >> brooke: no, he doesn't. >> hope: so what's going on, mom? what's douglas talking about? >> brooke: there's something i need to tell you about that night. >> hope: okay. >> brooke: after everybody left, your father came back. [ steffy laughing ] >> ridge: what's so funny? >> steffy: um...


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