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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  January 21, 2022 1:37am-2:12am PST

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for mom and dad, grandma and grandpa it is something they have been waiting for. now at 11:00. help on the way for families with young children. when vaccines will be approved for kids under five. >> new rules for large events is about to kick in. what you need to know. a pit in my storm being that i can not describe. my stomach that i can not describe. answers after a north bay woman suddenly vanished last year. a problem to a massive spike in thefts from california cargo trains. now at 11:00, encouraging news for families with young children. good eveningid cans under five could get the vaccine as soon as next month. >> reporter: as joseph sanchez watches his son going down the slide he tries not to think about the risk of covid-19, especially since his son is
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only 15 months old. too young for a vaccine. >> it has been a juggle but we have been able to manage. >> pfizer has worked on a vaccine for kids now three shots instead of two. not a booster but different than adults, the first two shots three weeks apart and the third dose two months later. during an interview yesterday with a nonprofit group blue star families, dr. tpoufper says he hopes to see fda approval for a vaccine for kids under the age of five as soon as next month. >> these kids need that vaccine protection. >> infectious disease expert says this could be a game changer for families. >> and for mom and dad, grandma and grandpa it is just going to be something they have been waiting for. you have to be so cautious around these children because they do have that protection. >> reporter: experts say the fda should approve it quickly since they already had a chance to review the safety data. plus, children's vaccines contain only a fraction of the amount of
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vaccine as what adults receive. in san jose, kpix5. >> it appears coronavirus cases in san francisco may of peaked as well. on january 9th seven-day average was 2100 a day. on january 12th cases dropped to a little more than 1,000 a day. but a grim reminder about the toll of the pandemic across the country. nearly 2,000 people are dying from covid-19 every day. kpix reporter is at chase center tonight to explain how needing a vaccine will work. >> reporter: clay thompson is back on the court for the warriors, if you want to watch him in person, starting next month you will have to update your vaccination status. >> reporter: you already need to show your vaccination card and id to get inside of chase senttory see
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steph curry shimmy after hitting a shot from downtown. starting february 1st, you will need to show proof of a booster shot as well. for pfizer and moderna it means three doses. for johnson&johnson it means two shots. the booster mandate from public of health is for megaevents of over 500 people. president of the golden state warriors, snyder, says chase will be the only venue in the country to require boosters. >> a lot of venues out there to walk in, no mask, no vaccine, no test, here you know walking in everyone is vaccinated and as of february 1st everyone is boosted. it is valley, really important for fans -- it is really, really important for fans coming in. >> reporter: they say it is the right move. >> i think that it is absolutely positively something that you have to have to be protected. >> reporter: warriors are marking their 400th sellout in a row tonight. fans packing in says a booster
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mandate brings some peace of mind. >> you are two feet from people and they are all around you and coughing and breathing it has to be germs in the air. >> it is a sense of like feeling protected and feeling like, you know, we are going to stop the spread of this virus. >> reporter: you will need your booster one week before your event at chase center. to help folks get their booster shots the warriors are hosting two booster shot clinics january 25th and 29th at thrive city. in san francisco, back to you. tonight, the body of a missing nurse has been found near fremont. the body was found this afternoon near highway 84 in the san francisco bay national wildlife refuge. he was last seen friday night. his car was found near the bridge. right now they are not releasing details of his death or how he died.
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new at 11:00, a north bay woman has been policing for a year now. tara trunic disappeared without a trace. tonight her loved ones are desperately serving for answers. we have more on the effort to bring tara home. >> reporter: tara was last seen in this parking lot, january 11th, last year. hope of finding her alive is fading family members are more determined than ever to find answers to her disappearance. >> the biggest issue for me, personally, is just the unknown. do you know what i mean? what is going on, where is she. >> reporter: chris prior spent a year looking for his former fiancee, she shared a son with her and there is no way she would of missed the most important moments of their boy's life. >> i knew after his birthday in october and then thanksgiving and especially with christmastime and that, it just, it kind of sealed
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the deal for me unfortunately. it is, it is a pit in my stomach that i can not describe. >> reporter: he admits the couple lost its child to child protective services because they could not stay clean. they had limiting visiting rights after their son was adopted her life spiraled out of control. >> we want to keep her name alive and we don't want to forget how series it is and how much, you know, her loved ones miss her and want to bring her home. and, you know, if it is alive or, you know what i mean, we can have closure. >> reporter: the family hired a private investigator to help the police department search for tara in hopes of finding that closure. >> everybody is here to accomplish the same goal. that is to either find tara or bring her home. >> reporter: they will hold a vigil on saturday night at finley park. they are asking anyone with information to come forward. in santa rosa, andrea nakano,
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kpix5. california attorney general office is investigating a police shooting, tsa reported a man acting suspiciously near the b.a.r.t station entrance at the international terminal. the man was armed with two guns when they arrived. sources tell kcbs radio those were pellet guns, officers tried to deescalate but when he advanced toward them they opened fire. >> at this point in the investigation there is no indication of this incident involve inside terrorism like the individual came to commit an act of terrorism. >> they suffered injury to the leg when the police opened fire. still ahead, a new push to crack down on a massive rail theft problem in california. and what we now learned about what may be behind the sudden surge. >> frightening incident on northern california freeway. all caught on camera tonight, cph explain yes they do not consider it a case of road rage. bay area water districts
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new at 11:00. new details on what might be adding to a problem to a massive spike in thef fm oke to former union
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pacific railroad company saying the company reduced private police force by more than half. the problem made worse by bottlenecks at rail yards forcing the trains to sit idle. we show you how governor newsom got a firsthand look at this problem. >> since the governor's visit a lot of the trash has been cleaned up. you can see, though, piles that still need to be picked up. the governor bringing with him a promise of more patrols and more prosecution for those who take from the trains. a stark difference at the tracks at lincoln heights on thursday night. hours after a massive cleanup. governor newsom picked up discarded boxes and cal trans and other crews. >> there is nothing acceptable about this behavior. >> reporter: this comes a week after we showed you the giant mess, thousands of packages stolen. top dollar items from tvs and designer clothes to medical equipment
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and even family portraits, stolen or trashed. >> i see what everybody is seeing, asking myself what the hel is going on. it looked like a third world country. he announced a new task force, promising support for more patrols, investigations and prosecution. >> it is not just arrest and walk away. you have to do the work and present the case and see folks prosecuted. >> we are going to have a special task force assigned with up with the local partners and lapd and the sheriff's department. patrolling the area, working closely with that aspect of it on patrol. >> reporter: the problem has been growing for union pacific 350% year to year. up has blamed the lada's office policy of no cash bail for allowing crooks to be released and head back to the tracks. >> at least 18 members of congress now asking for federal help to secure rail lines because they say the crimes are having a brooder impact on the supply chain issue. new video of what appears
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to be a road rage incident in sacramento. tonight, the chp says that may not be the case. video shows a sedan tailgating a tesla that leads to the sad an crashing on the right shoulder. despite the aggressiveness they do not consider it a case of road rage. >> wases there any damage? anything thrown? was anybody injured? if the answer to those questions are no, no and no, then there is no crime that occurred. >> during the pandemic freeways were not as packed. there were fewer crashes, now that more people are on the road, the chp expects the number of the crashes to go up. >> providing universal health coverage for californians has taken a key step forward. everyone in california under the same insurer in the state or as the state. it would be paid for through increased taxes after passing a key committee. a full assembly would consider the measure 10 days from now.
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happening tomorrow, vice president harris will make a stop in southern california, the state miwiion in federal funds to recover from and prepare for wildfires. that money comes from the recently passed infrastructure bills. last year's wildfire season was among the worst in california's history. scorching nearly 2.6 million acres. the czu complex fire torched thousands of acres of redwoods, now, seedings are planted in the mountain region. in 2020 that fire burned or damaged 97% of the trees in the area. a year and a half later the forest is beginning to bounce back but mother nature needs help. this week, save the redwoods league is embarking on a modern day apple seed mission. >> you can see there is a redwood here, and a redwood icelet here. between them it is all oak that
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has grown in and kept these different redwood groves separate friday each other. it is harder for new sprouts to come in. >> this is our chance to try to get it back on the trajectory of what it was. >> they will grow to redwoods that are natural fire resistant. they are a year old and typically a worker can plant 100 to 200 a day. >>on the oughthis evening. conditions have improved enough that california water officials say that they will release more water than initially planned from state reservoirs. it will go to local agency that provide water to 27 million people. that includes alameda county water and santa clara valley water. the state says it now has enough to give water districts 15% of what they requested this year before recent rains that number was 0%. as we check in with paul, the big question is, is there any rain in sight? >> i can answer that one up top.
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nope. high pressure still locked in place. it is just camped out over the pacific. kind of wandering around a little bit. keeping our weather pattern dry. the changes over the next couple of days have to do with this system sneaking into the great pasin. it is the contrast in the amount of air pressure. basically there is a hill of atmosphere where the high pressure is. it is trying to send air downhill towards the area of low pressure. it does not go in a straight line. there is intersection slowing down the air and where it is curved. the closer it is together the faster it will go flowing along these parallel lines. strong winds, let's take a look at the wind gusts, not a problem tonight. the winds are not too much of a problem for the morning commute, either. starting to pick up already for napa county and for so lanto county. the stronger winds will expand across more and more of the bay area. by the time we get to early afternoon
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widespread, 20-30-mile-per-hour winds, stronger gusts in the 30-40-mile-per- hour range. densely populated. lower elevations. on top of the peaks up to 70- mile-per-hour wind gusts expected. it will still be breezy tomorrow night into early saturday. the winds, once the sun comes up on saturday, are gradually going to relax. still a breezy day overall heading into saturday afternoon. finally saturday evening they will begin to relax more and more. wind advisory in effect tomorrow morning beginning at 7:00 a.m. goes through 7:00 a.m. on saturday. they will have to extend the time on that as long as the winds are in place on saturday. the main consequence of the winds, potential for downed trees or branches that could have power outages, the wind advisory does not include san francisco. a lot of the peninsula, oakland and the santa clara valley. still breezy just not as windy as those spots that are farther inland. be prepared for the power
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outages and for practical aspect, keep both hands on the wheel as you are driving out. especially after midday tomorrow when the winds will be stronger. breezy in the high sierra as well. if you are escaping the bay area, doing skiing. it is just fine as we get the report. got a good base and 14 of the 20 lifts up and running. let's take a look at what is happening right now. it is calm out there for a moment. locally dense fog beginning tomorrow morning before the winds kick in. the temperatures are mostly dropping down into the 40s, 50 in san jose. beginning tomorrow in the lower to middle 40s. the wind will stir the atmosphere around and it is an off shore wind. even along the coast the temperatures will reach the middle 60s. middle 60s along the south end of the bay. farther for the santa clara valley up to 60%. inland and the east bay, middle 60s. 65 in san francisco and in oakland. as you go farther inland in the
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north bay, the off shore wind is a downslope wind that warms up even more. the temperatures approaching 70 degrees for much of the north bay and even getting above 70 degrees. temperatures backing down heading through the second half of the weekend. not a lot. still a mild weather pattern even once the off shore winds die down. around 60 degrees for san francisco and oakland most of next week. middle 60s for san jose. well above average for late january. the temperatures farther inland, lower to middle 60s for inland parts of the east bay and the north bay and along the coast. the temperatures will not dip that far below 60 degrees for high temperatures and there is no rain in sight for the next seven-days. vern? straight ahead in sports, sharks on ice. plenty of shot making except for the stunner at chase center tonight.
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nba up top, the warriors, how to process this one. warriors shot 42 three- pointers, made nine, steph curry had six of them. while a struggling visiting
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team hit the jackpot against indiana, curry, 44 minutes, 39 points sh-rbgs have been enough. oh there were explosive plays like gary peyton ii, jammed it home. the big fella did not like it. it got him ejected. pacers under man without his top fourscorers got hr-p. the rookie was relentless, scoring 27. pacers by five late, later, up, two, curry saved a turnover and took it in and tied it at 106. then, 10 seconds left, warriors by three, all holiday needed was a look. got it. the former warrior forced overtime. in extra play warriors five point lead disappeared. hitting a deep shot nobody saw coming. scoring 10 straight points for the lead. they are down three, 20 seconds left. curry had a nice look. no, no, no. and indiana record of 17 and 29
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came in and handed the warriors, perhaps, its worse loss of the season. 129, 117, golden state looked tired, 129-117, golden state looked tire. college ball, number one conzaga, how long could they hang with the zags? as long as patrick could do this. usf trailed by just three at the half. but the bulldogs took the tempo. then the game. starring freshman, bucket, foul and part of a 12-0 run. giving conzaga the 16 point lead. they won it. the record fell 15-4 after a second straight loss. menising saint gale, and our rainbow game-tying three from parker brawn. tight second half thriller in this one. here and win.
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tommy, a tough one, dropped, he scored on three straight possessions and iced it. saint mary's won it 73-65. the record is 14-4. fellas, huddle up. the stanford men hosted third ranked arizona, pac-12 battle. wildcats played defense. justin pulled it away. put the bisket in the basket. dropped it. arizona's record is now 15-1. then the nfl. 49ers flew to green bay today. only player of note on the injury report, nick bossa because he remains in concussion protocol. that could change tomorrow. walk through practice is friday, divisional game with the packers 5:15 saturday. hockey, turn on the lights. the seattle kraken everywhere. the visiting white sweater san jose sharks. great start for the start of the game.
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a turnover, hurdle scored and like that, it was 1-0. second period after seattle tied it. untied it with a second goal in four minutes. seattle, last place seattle, rolls up and won it 3-2. sharks lost three of the last four. back to the top, a rough night for the golden state warriors and i can not tell you how many sportscasts where i walk inside and i said, yeah, i got this. walk in the park and then oh, boy, it is a train wreck and a struggle just to get through it. that is the kind of the night the warriors had. >> it is inspiring and helpful for the rest of us mere mortals to see the great not have great nights, you know what? everybody had bad days, you get over it. the sun will shine the next day. it will be okay. >> that is right. that is right. better that the warriors do it now instead of when it really counts later in the season. >> totally.
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get the bad days out of the way. we all have them. it is okay. bizarre theft, how a man made off with a full size guitar hidden in his pants
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there is a bad joke. the description, a male in his 20s with a guitar sticking out of his pants. >> he stole the instrument by stuffing it in his pants and sneaking out of the store. the police say the suspect was dressed for success. >> yes. watch this surveillance video,
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shows him slipping the guitar neck down his pant leg. he opens his jacket and closes it around the body of the guitar. the man walked out and got into a get away car. probably left a mark. i will
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