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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  January 20, 2022 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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billboards heats up in the south bay. astronomers are joining that fight. san francisco appears to be turning the corner on the omicron surge. >> the city announced cases are steadily dropping. it comes as we mark 2 years since the first case of covid- 19 was confirmed in the u.s. >> kenny choi breaks down the new numbers and the changes we could see. >> reporter: health experts are talking about lifting all kinds of restrictions has numbers improve. they believe that post omicron life look vastly different as policies begin to shift from a zero covid policy to more targeted harm reduction approaches. even with heavy masking, and extremely high rate of vaccination and safety precautions everywhere, the omicron variant has ripped through cities like san francisco with its highly transmissible nature. numbers across the country and bay area are rapidly improving. >> many of us are anxious to
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know when will this thing start dying down. the good news is things are starting to plateau. >> reporter: cases in san francisco have dropped from a high of more than 2100 per day in the second week of january to about 1700 lately, bidding officials and infectious disease specialist to vicious policy changes reflecting two endemic is it a pandemic. >> inability to eradicate is because this is how viruses like this work. >> reporter: is the study of england shows about 50% of the world's population has been recently exposed. dr. monica gandhi believes a thick wall of immunity has been built for whatever variant comes next. >> the variant can't evade immunity to the entire virus that you have gotten from omicron. >> reporter: masking and other restrictions were just left it in the uk, including in schools. in california, indoor masking
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roles remain in effect until at least mid february. the local kitties can't listen statewide restrictions, public health officials are now talking about the possibility when it is allowed. >> we will hold onto restrictions just waiting for omicron to go away. it's clear that that's not going to happen anymore. >> reporter: that also means masking for school children could become optional in the near future. >> we never masked the children during influenza, so the children may choose to mask. certain adults may choose to mask, but endemic management would not involve masking children either. >> reporter: 82% of san francisco residents are fully vaccinated, but the push for boosters continues as less than two thirds of those fully vaccinated have gotten a third shot. in separate san francisco , kenny choi, kpix 5 . we first brought you san francisco's cobit update live on cbsn bay area . you can tune in 24/7 on, or on the kpix 5 news app. a live look for you tonight, we are letting new details this evening about how police confronted an armed man, eventually shooting and killing him at sfo. it happened this morning at the
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international terminal near the entrance to the b.a.r.t. station. the tsa employee first alerted police about a man acting suspiciously at the terminal. that was at about 7:30. when police arrived, they found the man armed and tried to de- escalate the situation. they say the main advanced towards officers in a threatening way with two guns. that is when police say they opened fire. a bystander was also shot in the leg and was taken to the hospital and is expected to survive. so far, the suspect has not been identified. no word on motive. >> at this point, there is no indication of this incident being involved in terrorism, like the individual came to commit some type of act of terrorism. >> incident was captured on airport security cameras, which should help the investigation. sf pd lands to release more information during a public
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town hall, which will take place within 10 days. tomorrow, san jose investigators are expected to release new details into a deadly police shooting. a man suspected in the carjacking was killed after police he crashed a stolen car, then shot at police. this all unfolded on west heading street and park avenue. a police chopper 1st began following that suspect after getting report of the stolen vehicle. a live look at san francisco. a major policy battle is shaping up between public safety and personal privacy. the mayor says police need access to security cameras in real time. kpix 5's shawn chitnis has more on what the mayor's plan is, and why her opponents say there is another way. >> we want to address the challenges of crime in our city. >> reporter: after watching organized mobs hit retail stores last year, and more cases of car thefts, mayor london breed says police need access to surveillance video in real time, as these crimes are happening. >> everyone nowadays is
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carrying around all of these gadgets and phones, and in someone's face out in the public, and anyone who is not law enforcement can see everything that's going on. >> reporter: members of the board of supervisors were quick to oppose the idea. >> looting, property crime, violent crime is unacceptable. we have tools, but the public has a right to know how those tools are used. >> reporter: according to the supervisor, 30 departments are spelled out how they will use surveillance video in real time. the aclu also opposes the ordinance and is already suing the city over accusations police spied on activists in 2020. >> the police could put pen to paper and put forward proposals for how they think san francisco cameras will keep san francisco safe, but for 3 years they refused to do that. >> reporter: and he responded with the aclu is saying about your proposal on surveillance, and that it would be unchecked power for the police department? >> is not unchecked power for the police department. >> reporter: the mayor says the city will be transparent on how
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it uses this approach. >> we have to report this information, like when it is accessed by the severed san francisco police department . it will be made public. it will be provided to the board of supervisors. >> there's nothing in the law that prevents that, but they need to say that they are going to do it, and they need to say how it will be done. >> reporter: if the mayor and board of supervisors can't come to an agreement on this issue, they both will offer ballot measures for voters in june. >> the voters are going to have a choice to choose between his commonsense policy and an exemption for the san francisco police department. >> the voters will decide, because we are talking about the fact that, you know, we have major challenges with public safety. met we reached out to the san francisco police department for
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reaction on both proposals. we are waiting to hear back. shawn chitnis, kpix 5. in santa rosa, a man accused of holding multiple people hostage including a 5- year-old child has been arrested. please got the call before 1:30 this morning of a man with a large knife holding people hostage in an apartment on apple creek lane. authorities say the suspect identified as gerrit cole, threatened to burn the home down and killed four people inside. officers were able to restrain him after he resisted arrest. authorities say how the people hostage for about 2 hours before the officers got there. now to the 49ers. the team packed up and left levi's stadium this afternoon. they are bound for green bay and saturday's divisional playoff game against the packers. the team was given a rousing sendoff from fans who waited hours for the team to take off. >> they are taking their mittens because freezing weather is expected to be a factor in the game, but that is not keeping away the area niner fans who plan to tailgate at lambeau field. their goal is to try to chip away at the packers home-field advantage. >> we are going with a group of
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20 i believe. we are going to be tailgating there. it will be freezing and called. i have my boots ready. i have thermals. i'm going to be five layers deep. >> coming up, vern glenn will have the latest on the team's last practice at home, and how they feel about playing in the freezing cold. there is no doubt it will be called for this saturday's game. the question is just how cold is going to be? >> paul heggen is here to do that. by wisconsin sanders in january, it won't be that cold. by california standards? it will be stupid cold. let's look at the forecast. if you are going -- >> if it is 30 it is stupid cold for california. >> we don't get below freezing around the bay area. i mean, occasionally we get down to 29 and we all kind of, oh, it is cold out there. just take a look at the forecast for lando lambeau field. saturday evening, it will be 12 degrees fahrenheit.
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not 12 degrees celsius. that would be around 54 degrees fahrenheit, and that would be fine. 12 degrees fahrenheit, you flurries in the air. not much accumulating snow during the day on saturday. they have heaters underneath the field at lambeau field. the wind chill is going to be 0. in this is that kickoff. it will get colder during the game. the players know how to deal with it. the fans think they know how to deal with it. we'll see how that goes as we get the crowd shots during the game on saturday. >> the players are moving around whereas the fans are just sitting there. >> i want to see the guys with no shirt and the painted chests. >> i am convinced they are polar bears. >> i just think they are crazy. they are packers fans and they on the team. still ahead on kpix 5 , and cbsn bay area , pg&e blasted. why a bay area judge says the utility has not done enough to keep people safe. the city of san jose is considering illuminated billboards, has a lot of people
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upset, some of those who are concerned are the folks up on top of mount hamilton. getting ready to celebrate
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new at 6:00, san jose is about to revisit the issue of digital billboards. they have been exploring the idea a couple of years now. as wilson walker reports, and a
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voice in this debate says more light could mean lost worlds. >> reporter: the city is and is is considering these billboards in a number of different locations. a number of them would be right here on the edge of the airport property. it would be shining nice and bright for all of the drivers on highway 101 to see, but there is another party involved that says those lights would be shining right in their eyes and we are talking about the astronomers up on top of mount hamilton. >> this sign was purposefully success selected by the founder to collect astronomical observations from cities including light pollution. >> reporter: for the resident astronomer, light pollution is more than a nuisance. it's becoming an increasing threat for the observatory who has changed mankind's understanding of the universe. even the most sophisticated telescope here is slowly losing its vision. >> as the background light goes up, we are going to be unable to make those kinds of
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detections anymore. >> reporter: so you see observatory are adding their voices to the citizen led campaign against the illuminated billboards now being considered by the airport commission. the airport says the digital signs like this one further up 101 are a necessary revenue stream, and within the rules set by city council. >> the city's planning department conducted the survey, and they found that over 93% opposed digital billboards going up around town. >> reporter: residents like jason have been pushing back for years. the city and the county worked for years as great partners in the fight against light pollution. he is hoping to take another look. >> the city council and the airport commission is needed to consider the wider picture here , and hopefully public opinion will lead it. as i said before, the needs of the observatory fall in line behind the majority public opinion. >> reporter: this debate will go back before the airport
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commission next wednesday evening. we are here at the lick observatory on mount hamilton. wilson walker, kpix 5. pg&e is days away from ending if i think your felony probation over the deadly san bruno explosion. but today, a federal judge ripped into the utility using especially strong words. he said pg&e has gone on a crime spree, and will emerge from probation as, quote, a continuing menace to california. in an eight page report, the u.s. district judge also wrote, quote, while on probation, pg&e has said at least 31 wildfires, burned nearly 1.5 million acres, burned 23,956 structures , and killed 113 californians. the judge has also overseen the utilities probation since the conviction for the 2010 pipeline explosion in san bruno.
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eight people were killed in the blast. the probation term is set to expire january 25. pg&e responded to the common saying in part that it has, quote, become a fundamentally safer company over the course of their probation. the utility also acknowledged that it has more work to do. san francisco's chinatown is getting a special cleanup to help welcome in the lunar new year. the department of public works has cruise out steam cleaning sidewalks, and making pothole repairs. crews will be working for the rest of the month to prepare for the year of the tiger. sf mta is helping ring in the lunar new year. they say they will charter folks around chinatown in a decorated cable car. the special service will run until february 20. >> the purpose of this is of course for us to help connect people, tourists, presidents, to the chinatown community, so
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mta is doing what we can as part of the community to try to help them with their local economy. time to bring paul back in, and lunar new year or not, we are all enjoying a bit of a warm-up. it will be breezy by this time tomorrow. the wind will be kicking in a few hours earlier in the day. there will be a strong pressure gradient developing. there is more atmosphere out over pacific, less over the pacific northwest, so the air wants to flow downhill, but it does not go in a straight line, because the earth spins and there is friction. as that pressure gradient gets tighter, the wind picks up. were noticeable by tomorrow afternoon. the wind is not a problem right now. they won't be a problem starting off the day tomorrow him except maybe parts of the north bay. watch what happens as we had further into the day. the colors in the background
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tell you the wind will be more widespread. the strongest wind will be gusting over 40 miles per hour, even at lower elevations of the bay area. on top of the peaks about 2000 feet, 60 to 70 mile-per-hour wind gusts, but these gusts are strong enough to move your route on the road, certainly strong enough to blow your trash crayon down the street, and they can knock down trees or branches and causes sporadic power outages. this will be a concern into friday night and even the first half of the day on saturday. 25 to 30 mile-per-hour gusts widespread throughout the day until the wind starts to relax saturday afternoon. that's why we have a wind advisory in effect 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. saturday. they may have to extended by a few hours. be aware that breezy conditions will try to impact afternoon and evening commute on friday, and it will still be windy into the first half of the weekend. the one thing that's positive about this is that it will disperse some ground-level pollution. even into sunday after the wind
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has died down. the haze will not be too thick just at my but it will be back by early next week. right now, just the last light on the horizon as we look out from salesforce tower. temperatures are in the 50s across the board. 54 degrees in livermore to 58 in san jose. they back down into the 40s later on tonight. locally dense fog to start the day tomorrow. the wind won't be too strong early in the morning. get your dogs out for a walk earlier in the day if you don't like the wind. we have meadow and phantom who look ready to go in san jose with temperatures rising up into the upper 60s by friday afternoon. it will be breezy, so keep a good grip on your lightweight pets. temperatures warm across the board, 6 to 70 degrees above average. mid-60s around the bay. mostly in the mid 60s further inland with the warmest spots even warming up into the upper 60s.
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the long-range forecast does include a bit of a cool down as the offshore wind dies down, but we are still going to be above average for high temperatures all of next week. 60s around the bay, low to mid 60s further inland. upper 50s along the coast. the continuing theme, no rain in the 7 day forecast. straightahead in sports, tom brady is in the show. great news for the cal football program. and the 49ers offensive weapon, samuel
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nfl up top, and divisional playoff weekend is about upon us. the headliner here, 49ers . in the air as i speak, bound for green bay. here is how it looks a couple of hours ago. the 49ers on the practice field. jimmy garoppolo's thumb and shoulder injuries have been the dominant story. he was not on the injury reported all, and will be out there on saturday. same for fred warner, who was in some pain with an ankle injury. he wasn't on the injury report either. the defensive end was officially listed as questionable to play because of a concussion, but kyle shanahan says he is, quote, looking good. >> kyle.
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kyle. >> is telling kyle shanahan to give them the ball during the third quarter in dallas. request granted and rewarded with a touchdown. could he call his own shot saturday at the packers? his coaches hope so. >> i've been doing this for a long time, and i have never around a football player i called his own shot. >> he has a passion for this game that is making him one of the best players in the league. when he looks at you and says that, it wasn't hard to think about it. it was just find a run to him. >> give me that beanie, coach. if the 49ers win, they will have a decent chance of facing tom brady in the buccaneers in the nfc championship game. tampa hosts the rams on sunday. brady grew up a 49er fan in san
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mateo but was recently asked on a podcast if he still roots for his childhood team. he gave an honest answer. >> i lost my allegiance for the niners when they skipped over me 6c2 years ago, after they had me do a local work out, and they decided it wasn't good enough to play there. after that decision was made, i could care less about 49er football. >> segued to college football. the cal head coach justin wilcox reportedly turned down the oregon job last month made good on his commitment to the bears. >> we feel we have unfinished business here. we are very optimistic about the future. >> they give him a contract extension that will keep them in berkeley through the 2027 season. in five seasons, wilcox has a 26-28 overall record, with a pair. and sometimes the best moves are the ones you don't make. he said no to oregon. that's his alma mater. he played for them.
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so did his hall of fame father. he said no, i am staying at berkeley. >> what happened to once a duck always a duck? he's breaking the mold. >> i guess so. >> i was thinking -- >> that's a different green in the oregon green. about covid-19 the more questions and worries we have. calhope can help with free covid-19 emotional support. calhope can help with free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673 or live chat at today.
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anxious about the future, you're not alone. calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673 or live chat at today.
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finally, a frightened puppy spent 2 months dodging rescuers on a snowy hillside in the sierra. all thanks to a group of strangers, he's finally back home. >> this german shepherd mix was spooked away from her owner by a train back in october. she spent weeks in the snow and freezing temperatures. it took a team of volunteers to build a trap and set up cameras so they could track her. day and night the group worked to green their trust. >> good samaritans, saints. just amazing individuals who don't know me, didn't know our dog. >> we were staring there with our masks on crying just for joy. >> it was really rewarding doing that for that little dog. it meant everything to us to help that little dog. >> also, the dog that survived in those horrible conditions.
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>> i guess they don't use st. bernard's for rescues anymore because that might've ♪ ♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> o'donnell: there's a lot of news to cover tonight. the rising tensions with russia, as president biden is forced to clean up his comments about an invasion into ukraine. plus, our visit to the white house to speak with president biden's chief of staff. year two of the biden presidency starts with a clarification from the president. >> any assembled russian units move across the ukrainian border, that is an invasion. >> o'donnell: did president biden give a green light to putin to invade ukraine? we put tough questions to the president's chief of staff. we're reporting from inside ukraine tonight, with new pictures of russian troops amassing on the border. the new weapons the u.s. is sending to deter putin. new trump investigation-- a prosecutor in georgia asks a


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