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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530pm  CBS  January 20, 2022 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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very latest . >> reporter: the city attorney told kpix 5 that his office is investigating tips from citizens concerned about where they got a covid test , or that they never got their results. investigators are having trouble getting answers from some muscle today they demanded documents from two companies. the subpoenas were served early thursday morning to community wellness america, and crestview clinical laboratory. as to why, the san francisco city attorney, david chiu. >> the fact that these two companies have not been forthcoming with us on exactly what is happening is very troubling. her back as omicron surged in the bay area, so too did crowds seeking to get a covid test. community wellness set up two
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free covid testing tables in san francisco, including this one in front of mission high school on dolores street. inside the biohazard bags handed out to each person standing in line, test kits with swabs and tubes with stickers identifying crestview clinical laboratory. as to how the companies are connected -- >> it is very unclear. we've heard mixed things about what the relationship could be, and this is why we need more information. or back in august during the delta surge my community wellness set up a table in front of this natural foods grocery in fairfax. the store told kpix 5 that they did not want them there. public health officials shut the site down, singing with the unauthorized , and violated business code. >> what is going on the testing -- >> reporter: the san francisco mayor london breed says it is critical to vet these types of pop up sites. >> it is important that we have
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testing capabilities throughout san francisco that people can trust. >> reporter: the city attorney said he has many questions and is looking for answers. >> we are concerned about members of the public that may not be receiving covid test results that are valid, and we don't know what is happening to the information that is being used, and how these operators may be being reimbursed by governmental authorities. >> reporter: the u.s. department of health and human services has dedicated $4.8 billion to support covid-19 testing for uninsured americans. according to government records, kpix 5 found community wellness america at two southern california locations. it has been reimbursed a total of three times to the tune of $1,159,833. in may, the irs granted community wellness a tax exempt status as a public charity.
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now, community wellness america and crestview labs have not responded to our repeated request for comment. >> what items are the city attorneys seeking in this? >> reporter: they requested a lot of things including documents shedding light on the relationship between the two companies. the tests done, specimens collected in san francisco, as well as test results. any training materials, documents concerning fees, billing, payments. the companies have up to 15 days to comply. >> for people wanting a covid test, what should they be looking for? >> reporter: any testing operation should be able to display what is called a valid clia certificate of compliance. that means the lab doing the testing actually knows what it's doing. we should also mention that if you have a concern or complaint, please notify the city attorney's office. >> thank you. a major cleanup operation is underway along the train tracks in los angeles. thieves targeting railcars, stealing packages. governor newsom is promising a crackdown.
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>> reporter: governor gavin newsom helped cruz pick up tons of trash littering the union pacific railroad tracks in downtown los angeles on thursday. >> i have seen what everybody has seen and am asking myself what the heck is going on. we look like a third world country. poor becky announced a multi agency effort to bring those responsible accountable. >> we need all of us to recognize our collective and individual responsibility to do more, and start supporting one another to address these issues. >> reporter: thieves have been reading train cars loaded with packages, leaving behind a sea of debris near the city's historic union station. >> everything ranging from washers and dryers, tires, perfume, cologne, tvs. >> reporter: the suspects use bolt cutters to break locks on containers and swipe packages from amazon and others am i leaving what they don't want on the train tracks. union pacific owns the tracks. >> i have been with union pacific for 16 years, and i have never seen this situation to this degree ever. >> reporter: the government says increased enforcement as
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part of a broader statewide effort targeting retail theft and fencing operations. >> they are organized groups of folks that move from site to site when there's more attention , a bright light on one site, they moved to the next site. >> reporter: the railroad has added extra officers, and is using technology like drones and an enforcement effort. last weekend, 17 cars went off the tracks in the same area. union pacific hasn't said whether the letter along the tracks caused the derailment. cbs news, los angeles. let's take a live look at the state capitol where the marin democratic senator has been named a senate majority leader. he replaces bob hertzberg who will be termed out after this year. mcguire said today, quote, i am so incredibly grateful for the opportunity to serve in this new role, and my top priority will always be northcoast. this promotion makes him the second highest ranking state senator behind senate partisan pro tem toni atkins.
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playoff fever definitely on display outside of levi's stadium. fans are showing up in their scarlet and gold, waving flags and cheering as the team buses departed for the airport in green bay. the team had one workout at home. >> vern glenn is here to tell us out when on the practice field. >> reporter: two words to started off: just fine. there was lots of concern this week about the health of the team after the game in dallas. those concerns are almost gone, as the 49ers are in the air right now headed to green bay. here is how it looks a couple of hours ago. the 49ers on the practice field. jimmy garoppolo's thumb and so shoulder injuries have been the dominant story of course. he wasn't on the injury report at all. same for linebacker fred warner, who had an ankle injury. he was not on the injury report
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either. the defensive end was, officially listed as questionable to play because of a concussion, but kyle shanahan says he is, quote, looking good. the 49ers practice under the warm santa clara son i'm about 65 degrees round 2:30 this afternoon. saturday lambeau field for the 5:15 kickoff, backed by paul heggen graphics, 12 degrees. temperatures to drop to 0 with a windchill factor, and george kittle says yeah, so what. i played in those elements at the university of iowa. >> they didn't have enough codes for everybody, so i stood on the sideline, so you just see the 215 pound george kittle shivering. it was really fun standing in front of the heater trying not to get frostbite. that is the worst way to play in subzero games, but if you are on the field, you warm up pretty quick. as long as you
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aren't sitting for too long, you stay pretty warm. >> reporter: i will use the same material that i used with allen in the 3:00 show . i kickoff, my forecast is for temperatures in the high 60s at my house. >> we will be joining you. >> i will be looking at the temperature of the hot chili, the hot cocoa, may be a nice fire in the fireplace. the nachos. >> warms the heart in the belly. >> reporter: i like the way you think. >> that's how i watch football, okay? thank you. self driving cars are closer than ever before. how one automaker will soon have nearly full-time, hands- free driving. the new report that the palatine company is changing its strategy because of following falling customer demand. a bay area city has reached his omicron peak. could that mean some covered restrictions cousin be lifted? we get answers from a local health expert. san francisco city leaders say they are ready to take the
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issue of surveillance to the voters later this year. the mayor says police need more tools to fight crime, but othe
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a yo-yo day for the stock market. the dow gave up early gains to close down 313 points. the nasdaq and s&p also reversed course to end the day with losses. netflix reported its fourth quarter earnings after the bell. the streaming company shares plunged more than 20% in after- hours trading, to the stock's lowest level since june of 2020. netflix reported earnings of $1.33 per share, beating the expectations, but the a .28
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million new subscribers is about to write a 50,000 fewer than last year. peloton is temporarily halting production of products as first reported by cnbc. according to internal documents obtained in the report, the move comes as consumer demand has dipped, and the company looks to take control of cost. documents show that peloton plans to pause bike production in february and march. shares of peloton close to 25% down on thursday , erasing roughly $2.5 billion off of its market value. a high-tech race is on among automakers. >> companies are trying to one up each other on self driving cars. >> reporter: this recent race in las vegas featured indy style cars, but there were no racecar drivers. the fully autonomous vehicles make their own decisions, when to pass. automakers are trying to bring
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the technology on display on this track to the road. >> we are finally getting closer to having self driving cards. >> reporter: many new cars have level two autonomous functions, including lane keeping assist. >> we step up to level three, that is where things start to get interesting. >> reporter: last year, honda introduced a vehicle that changes lanes on its own, and in a traffic jam, the driver can take their eyes off of the road. the gm super cruise let's drivers go hands-free and certain conditions. next year, they will release ultra cruise, which promises hands-free driving a 95% of conditions. the technology is being taken a step further. the company waymo is now offering driverless cab rides in phoenix, but the cars cannot operate alone in inclement weather that may interfere with sensors. full autonomy is just a concept at this point. automakers envision a future where vehicles won't need any human involvement, but stevens says first that will require
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better sensors. >> that gives these cars the ability to detect every obstacle around them and find us a path through. >> reporter: companies are now testing advanced 3-d lidar systems with that capability, racing to bring self driving cars a step closer to reality. cbs news, new york. polo ralph lauren revealed the official uniforms that u.s. olympic athletes will wear for the 2022 winter games in beijing. ralph lauren has been designing for team usa since 2008, but this time the line includes a new special fabric that expands to create additional insulation in colder temperatures. still ahead, a stunning sea of color deep in the ocean. why this newly discovered coral reef is a hopeful sign for marine life. tonight, we lead our broadcast from here at the white house with tough questions for the chief of staff about president biden's first year in office, including what the president meant that
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the so-called doomsday clock is staying right where it is. it set at 100 seconds to midnight for the second year in a row. it is the closest it has ever been. the group bulletin of atomic
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scientists consider the clock a metaphor to how close humanity is to self annihilation. it takes into account the threats posed by nuclear weapons, climate change, and as of the last two years, the covid-19 pandemic. scientists just made an amazing discovery deep in the ocean off of the coast of tahiti. a completely intact coral reef. it's beautiful. the new discovery is said to look like a field of flowers with some reefs shaped by roses, but this isn't like the others around the world. is between 100 to 200 feet deeper. while most coral reefs have been damaged by overfishing and climate change, this reef seems completely untouched. scientists now want to learn the secrets of its resilience. tonight on the "cbs evening news" we take a look at the benefits that outdoor play has a lock on children's mental health. kids said of spend only 4 to 7 minutes a day on unstructured play outside versus an average of 7.5 hours on electronic media. as jan crawford tells us, the pandemic has made this problem even worse.
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is been crushing for kids, and there we have the surgeon general of the united states warning of a mental health crisis among our youth. the girls attempting suicide this year alone up 51%, and blackheads are more than twice as likely as white kids to die by suicide. the school closures, the lockdowns, cancellations of sports. >> be sure to catch the full story tonight on "cbs evening news" with norah o'donnell right here on kpix 5. i know we are saying we need rain, but at least it has been beautiful outside to play outside because us kids do need it. it will just be a bit breezy tomorrow as the offshore wind kicks in. the high pressure is still in control of the weather my but there is a storm system that slipped and dropped through the great basin. they are fighting each other and squeezing the atmosphere in between. that is producing the strong wind it will be much more
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noticeable tomorrow. strong offshore wind is developing and continuing into the first half of the week and because the overall pattern isn't going to shift much as we head into the first half of the weekend. is this system moves further away, the wind should relax and die down. it goes into effect at 7:00 tomorrow morning and continues through 7:00 a.m. on saturday. sustained wind at the lower elevations be from the north, northeast, 15 to 30 miles per hour. at the gust will be over 40 miles per hour, and in some cases up to 55 miles per hour. on the peaks, above 2000 feet, some wind gusts up to 70 miles per hour are going to be possible. for the more densely populated lower elevations, downed trees and wind damage are a possibility. make sure furniture is secured before the wind kicks in tomorrow. be prepared for the possibility of sporadic power outages. the good news is that it will start around the lowest levels of the atmosphere and help to disperse some of the haze.
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air-quality day wasn't as bad as it could be. mostly in the moderate category. even if you orange readings particularly over solano county. as the atmosphere gets stirred around, the ground-level pollution should get dispersed a bit more, and the air quality should improve to mostly the good category, except for the pollen. that is going to climb. mainly alder and juniper. friday and saturday will be the worst 2 days. then we are back into the medium category by sunday and monday. just a beautiful sunset. temperatures were above normal today. everybody climbed into the 60s. fremont was the cool spot at 61 degrees. 67 in san jose. pacifica climbed all the way up to 65 degrees. similar temperatures tomorrow. right now we are in the process of gradually cooling down.
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the coolest location is 54 degrees for half moon bay. 62 degrees in santa rosa. temperatures by tomorrow morning will drop down into the low to mid 40s across the board. locally dense fog to start the day because the wind isn't going to kick up yet tonight. those will pick up through the late morning and early afternoon hours. that fog will be there to begin the day, but it should dissipate faster. temperatures warm up. well into the 60s, when the advertiser in the upper 50s. so men for a closer look along the coast. you will be in the 60s as the offshore wind pushes the marine layer back to the ocean. further into the 60s in the santa clara valley. 67 degrees for san jose. it 60s were in the parts of the east bay. then you will warm up along with everybody else. mid 60s around the central bay. 65 in san francisco and oakland. further into the 60s as you go inland in the north bay.
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petaluma, 68 degrees. same for sonoma. ukiah, further north, you climb up to 71 degrees on january 21. temperatures are at the warmest tomorrow. we will back down slowly through the weekend as the wind diminishes. then we will hover right around 60 degrees around the bay. still mid 60s for the santa clara valley. the north bay right on your heels in the low to mid 60s. no rain in sight in the 7 day forecast. we track tomorrow's wind gusts coming up at 6:00. coming up at 6:00, new signs we could be turning a corner on the omicron surge. the new data out, and what it means for lifting some health restrictions. san francisco looking to expand police access to surveillance cameras to help crackdown on crime. why some are pushing back. drama over digital billboards. a fight that is heating up in
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the south bay. the new success:00 comes up in about five minutes. still ahead at 5:00, the mission in the burn
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the cz you lightning complex fire designate devastated much of the santa cruz mountains. >> that includes thousands of
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acres of redwoods. now tens of thousands of redwood seedlings are being planted. kpix 5's kiet do has the details. >> reporter: we are here, trudging through the forest, somewhere in the santa cruz mountains ima with the save the redwoods league, with the goal of planting tens of thousands of redwood seedlings. it's a lot harder than it sounds. deep inside of the sand and sent a redwoods area of the santa cruz mountains, where the cz you fired burned or damaged 97% of the trees mother nature could use some help. >> 23,000 redwoods? it will take forever. >> good and snug. >> shall we? >> yes. >> reporter: the firebird message intensity that the natural defenses of redwood trees is not enough, and many of them died. this week, the save the redwoods league is embarking on a modern-day johnny appleseed mission. a small army of workers will trek across half of san
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vicente, about 4000 acres, and try to connect so-called eye slits are clusters of redwoods. >> you can see there's a redwood isolate here and here. between the two redwoods, it is all 10 oak, which have kind of grown in, and kept these different redwood groves separated from each other. it is harder for new redwoods best to come in. this is our chance to get it back on the trajectory of what it was. >> reporter: the goal is to plant seedlings in a way that creates cohesion between isolates. the redwoods get a boost over the 10 oak sent by drones that would normally choke them out. and over time, the seedlings will grow, and the forest will return to mostly redwoods, ready for the next disaster. >> the fire burns in a lower intensity, in a more natural way, and then we don't end up with catastrophic wildfires that devastate the forest. >> reporter: the seedlings are about 1 year old, and a typical worker can plant 100 to 200 and
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a day. >> the most important part is you patted on the head. >> to add onto the forest so that others in the future can also benefit the way i have is an amazing feeling. >> it felt amazing. i just like being out here and putting life in the ground after fires. it's pretty awesome. >> reporter: in the santa cruz mountains, kiet do, kpix 5. right now on kpix 5, and streaming on cbsn bay area , it is the news we have all been waiting to hear. the bay area city that has reached its omicron peak, and what it means for lifting covered restrictions. >> the light at the end of the tunnel is here. the 49ers get a rousing sendoff as they head to green bay to take on the packers. the diehard fans will be cheering them on from lambeau field. >> we will be tailgating over
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there. it will be freezing and cold. the debate over digital billboards heats up in the south bay. astronomers are joining that fight. san francisco appears to be turning the corner on the omicron surge. >> the city announced cases are steadily dropping. it comes as we mark 2 years since the first case of covid- 19 was confirmed in the u.s. >> kenny choi breaks down the new numbers and the changes we could see. >> reporter: health experts are talking about lifting all kinds of restrictions has numbers improve. they believe that post omicron life look vastly different as policies begin to shift from a zero covid policy to more targeted harm reduction approaches. even with heavy masking, and extremely high rate of vaccination and safety precautions everywhere, the omicron variant has ripped through cities like san francisco with its highly transmissible nature. numbers across the country and bay area are


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