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tv   KPIX 5 News at 3pm  CBS  January 20, 2022 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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live from the cbsn bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. a man shot and killed by police and a bystander also hit and the investigation happening
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now at sfo park. covid cases drop in san francisco and what that means for residents in the weeks to come. getting ready for green bay, the 49ers final practice at home before facing the packers. good afternoon. the top story, police shoot and kill an armed man near the entrance to sfo bart and your learning new details about this. >> at this time there is no indication of it being involved with terrorism or an act of terrorism and it is contained to this particular event. >> in addition to the suspect, a bystander was hit by gunfire and we look at how it all unfolds. >> reporter: crime tape here at sfo, a rare sight. >> i wondered why it was partitioned and i saw a lot of camera crews around.
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>> reporter: she is traveling to germany and she said what she saw was not your typical thursday. she is among several travelers wondering what happened. we learned around 7:30 this morning that a tsa agent noticed someone acting suspicious and alerted authorities. >> reporter: they responded and the individual brandished two firearms at which time they de- escalated the situation including attempts to use nonlethal measures. >> reporter: they were forced open fire at the individual advanced in a threatening way toward officers according to officials. that suspect is now dead and somebody nearby was hit in the leg by a bullet but is expected to survive. all of this happening as travelers were inside the terminal. >> is bars impact to the airport, bart service to sfo's briefly suspended during this incident and we routed passengers away from the affected area. a memorial today for
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sheriff deputy and a park being renovated in his honor. a gunmen shot and killed sergeant damon guts weiler in june 2020 after he responded to a report of a car containing guns and bomb making materials. >> i think when somebody sacrifices for their community the way that damon did and the way his family has, i think it is important to remember that. >> this is a joint effort between the deputy sheriffs association and the county park friends of santa cruz county. cases of covid dropping in san francisco indicating that the omicron peak in the bay area may be tapering off. we have the latest on what that could mean for residents and as city officials start to shift their approach on tackling the virus. truck restrictions like indoor
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masking won't be lifted until the state weighs in next month with city officials talked about the possibility of pulling back on some of these measures as the numbers improved. the san francisco mayor and health officer sounded optimistic this afternoon saying the latest numbers reflect a quick rise and fall of cases in other cities and countries in health officials expect hospitalizations to take up since they lack case numbers and they dropped sharply since the second week of january. >> as we come out of omicron in cases drop you will follow the data in science and begin to drop restrictions when and where they make sense. >> even though we still see additional cases, even though the hospitalizations are very high, we have the capacity to handle what is coming our way and we are starting to see the numbers plateau. took coming up we will hear from an infectious disease doctor who believes that all restrictions should be lifted as soon as the numbers go down including why she believes schoolchildren will be able to unmask in the near future. here is a look at the
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latest state wide covid numbers. the positivity rate stands at 20.7% and the daily case threat is nearing the numbers we saw over a year ago when vaccines were only beginning to be rolled out. 257 new cases per 100,000 people per day. since the pandemic started, almost 7 million californians have been infected by the coronavirus and more than 1 million of those were just this month. parents waiting to see when kids under the age of five could be eligible for a vaccine. and the chief medical advisor dr. fauci said he hopes that will happen in the next month. we talked to a bay area expert about what it would mean for the overall covid fight. >> reporter: unvaccinated children have remained vulnerable during this surge and the infectious disease specialist doctor hong said a vaccine for younger children
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means protection from covid and long-term effects. >> fewer cases with chronic symptoms. >> reporter: the chief medical advisor dr. fauci said in an interview with blue star families that his hope is the vaccine for kids under five will be authorized within the next month or so but he could not guarantee that. he added that younger children will likely need three doses. >> there dose is actually much smaller even in the 5 to 11- versus 10 n in the 5 to 11- a d the adult is 30 e because of that smaller dose they have had to space it over period of time with three shots. >> reporter: he said having younger kids eligible for the vaccine would create a bigger force field against the virus for new variants and also help limit disruptions in school. >> the fact your child is now able to get vaccinated will go a long way in getting that sense of normalcy including
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keeping preschools open. >> last month pfizer said if the three dose study was successful, it expects to submit data to the fda in the first half of 2022. >> for information on vaccine and testing across the bay area you can check out the resource guide on her website. governor newsom visiting the site of the big rail theft in los angeles. we have a live look for you near the union pacific train tracks where thieves rated cargo containers and speaker stepping up before the governor who is behind them and we will talk and crews have been tackling the cleanup with shredded boxes and packages the thieves have left behind in the governor is highlighting a multiagency effort to fight those deaths as well as clean up the railway and we'll have more on that coming up at 5:00. live at the white house, we
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mark the first anniversary of president biden being sworn into office in though his first 12 months were marked with some highs he faces major challenges. we look back over the past year. >> reporter: president biden mark to your office by focusing on his -- biggest infrastructure law. some of his biggest priorities remain stalled from voting rights to the spending plan. >> will have to probably break it up. >> democrats really need to scale back the ambitions that they had. >> reporter: laura brown notices that the president has had major wins with the relief package but also set backs from the chaotic afghanistan withdrawal to the current ukraine tensions despite inflation. >> what has bedeviled president biden is a lack of consistency
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on the issues that amerabout. truck recent polling shows a dip in approval rating. >> they go up and down but we have to remain consistent in fighting for the american people and their needs. >> reporter: republicans have seized on those ratings as they try to win back the control of congress this november. >> what this will be about is this administration and how it is doing. >> i told my republican friends, here i come. >> reporter: the president has vowed to travel more this year and engage him his policies with the american public. >> president biden indicated to reporters this week that he does plan to run for reelection in 2024 with vice president harris as his running mate. more drops on wall street today and the major indices yo- yo to between gains and losses
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but here is where the and appear the dow lost 313 points and nasdaq fell 186 and the s&p dropped 50 points to a three- month low and as earnings and inflation continue to hold the investors attention today. netflix shares fell after the company reported subscriber growth is slowing down. for the first quarter of 2022 netflix expects to add 2.5 million subscribers compared almost 4 million for the same time last year and the company's 4th quarter revenue was 7.7 billion and that is what one analyst had expected. still ahead, the 49ers practiced one last time at home before saturday's big game against the packers. and then it will be onto the bus flying off to green bay a look at the team's final prep next. +8 pilot makes a world record in her solo journey and what is next.
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chopper 5 live over levi stadium now in the 49ers set to board buses and leave from san jose to green bay this afternoon with the match against the packers two days away. vern joins me now with more on
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the final preparations. one more practice today and that it is wheels up toward green bay with 5 1/2 point underdogs and they will have the ninth meeting since 1996 and about an hour ago this is what it looked like. the 49ers on the field temperatures in the 60s and the meantime 9 degrees right now in green bay and lambeau field at 5:15 for the kickoff temperatures could drop into the single digits with a wind chill factor and george kittle says, so? i had these elements at the university of iowa. >> they didn't have enough coats for everybody and i literally stood on the sideline and you would see the 215 pound george kittle on the sidelines shivering and it was fun standing in front of the heater not to get frostbite so that is like the worst way to play in subzero games but if you're actually on the field, you warm up pretty quickly and as long as you're not sitting for too
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long you stay pretty warm. >> how about jimmy garoppolo? he was on the practice field and despite the thumb and shoulder injuries and linebacker frederick warner and defensive end nick bosa also participated in practice and his concussion status is getting better by the day and doctors still have the green light his status and that could be tomorrow and before the game, i predict temperatures in the high 60s at my house. >> okay covered. and kittle just said 215 pound the skinny in the same sentence. >> he is a big old corn fed midwestern boy. >> looking forward to it. thank you. a british belgian teenager became the first woman to fly solo around the globe in the first person to do so in a micro light plane. a picture-perfect touchdown and belgian as this 19-year-old landed her ultralight plane and
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family and friends cheering her on there and her adventure covered a 30,000 miles including some stops on five continents and the journey started last august and she spent 260 hours in the air and it is supposed to take three months but ended up stretching to five because of dangerous conditions including the desert haze and saudi arabia and the wildfires here in california and bad weather in other spots. >> coming out of frankfurt there was a lot of rain and snow so i had to wiggle in and find a way to go out as well. >> now she wants to study engineering which is no surprise and she dreams of being an astronaut. she hopes her accomplishments inspires other young girls trying to succeed in aviation. note doubt it will. scientist made a spectacular discovery deep in the ocean off the coast of tahiti. a pristine coral reef and it is a sea of color stretching for almost 2 miles. some of the row shaped corals
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span 6 feet and the wreath is not like others around the world. it's a lot deeper between hundred and 200 feet below the waves and while most of the coral is damaged by overfishing and pollution and climate change, this one appears to be untouched. now, ocean experts want to learn the secrets of its resilience. >> you are not looking at a reef that has recovered in a few years and i think it has managed to dodge the bullet. >> it gives us hope that there may be systems we haven't found in the ocean protect really this type of coral reef and at this depth. look at those colors. scientists report more than 14% of the world's coral reefs have died since 2009. time for the forecast. paul heggen is here and i think it will get breezy. it will definitely get breezy, which at this time of year if it is dry outside we
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worry about the fire threat and we picked up so much rain in october and december that we are doing okay in terms of the fire danger but here is what is happening big picture. a strong pressure greatest developing and it means the contrast between high pressure off the coast with more atmosphere and the storm system over the pacific northwest to between and it tries to go from high to low but accelerates. so as this gets even stronger, the wind will be stronger and the offshore wind kicking in which is why we are under a wind advisory going into effect seven a clock in the morning through seven a clock a.m. on saturday and for most of us the lower elevations below maybe 1500 feet we are talking about sustained winds in 15 to 30 mile-per-hour range but gusts over 40 miles per hour. if you go up and elevations especially on top of the peaks, 70 mile-per-hour gusts so downed trees and branches and power outages will be possible in this time frame where we are looking at the strongest wind gusts and a strong enough wind here so the good news is it should help to improve the air- quality by stirring around the atmosphere and most of us in the moderate category with the
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yellow dots on the map and i think we will see more green on that tomorrow as it gets stirred around. the other side of that coin is the wind will disburse pollen so we will be in the medium high category tomorrow and on saturday but once the wind calm down that count should retreat to medium by sunday and monday and now you can see the haze on the horizon as we look out from out diablo. temperatures are in the low to mid 60s and the offshore wind is a warm direction so the temperatures have climbed up to above average for this time of year and that is where we will be tomorrow well above normal and even low temperatures tonight stain in the 40s and no 30s on the map although close for santa rosa and fairfield down to 40. the high temperatures tomorrow will be a good six or 7 degrees above normal for this time of year into the middle portion of the 60s where we are supposed to be in the upper 50s to around 60 and even along the coast it will warm up into the low to mid 60s in the strong offshore wind is strong enough to push the marine air off of the coast and temperatures
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further into the 60s as you go inland up to 67 middle but quite as warmas the clara valley but still well above normal with high temperatures and low to mid 60s around the bay. 65 for san francisco and oakland and mid-to upper 60s inland in the north bay because of the downsloping wind warming up as it goes downhill and it gets drawn together by gravity and it warms it up to 71 for friday afternoon with a high temperature. temperatures won't status warm for the duration of the forecast, but they will still be below average hovering around 60 in san francisco most of next week and in the mid 60s for san jose and the santa clara valley and everybody's temperatures remaining above normal. once again, there is no rain in sight as we get closer and closer to the end of january. we have another live look for you at levi stadium and we
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are tracking the 49ers departure heading off to face the packers this saturday and you do see some of the loyal fans and the faithful lined up to say farewell and of course cheer them on to victory. we do know it is good for kids to get outside into nature and exercise but the pandemic has changed a lot of our habits. how that is taking a toll on kids mental health. streaming today, the 49ers take off for green bay and we have live coverage showing them getting onto the plane and you can find this on
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study shows that kids spend only 4 to seven minutes a day of unstructured playtime outside versus an average of seven and half hours on electronic media and the pandemic made that problem even worse. tonight, the evening news will take a look at the benefits that outdoor play has on children's mental health. i spoke with jan crawford about her story. >> as they are trying to get back out into the world because some of the lockdowns are being lifted and schools are open and playgrounds are starting to open back up even in more restricted areas, now that is hard for the kids as well and they have gotten used to being in their rooms and doing school from there computers in their rooms so getting kids out into the world is scary for many children and they are anxious about it. we talk tonight and her story
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about a group working to get them outside and have them play a little bit because the healing power of nature is very well documented like pressure and diabetes and attention deficit disorder all go down when your kids just go outside and play. it is hard i think right now for them with what they have been through and the sacrifices they have made with little risk of covid of their own but to keep the rest of us safe and the older generation and it is hard for them now to get back out in the world but what we will talk about tonight is the solution is go outside and play a little bit. took tell me about the organization you spent time with that connects kids outdoors. >> it is this great organization here and there others across the country where they are working to empower kids and teenagers by again just getting them outside and may do various activities and things that may be scary for kids and especially city kids who often they see a lot more concrete than they do trees and grass and animals.
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get those kids outside and they do various kind of challenging things that maybe a little scary but just show them that they can do it and have fun with it. we talked to two young ladies who are now seniors in high school who participated in this program about what a difference it made in their lives and in their confidence and feeling as they head off to college that they will be able to conquer all kinds of things and it is a uplifting story and i think an important message especially now. >> reporter: very important. >> you can catch that full story on the evening news with nora o'donnell. still ahead, usually movie studios have to fake those scenes from space and now there are plan
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another live look for you outside of levi stadium. there you see the buses are lined up and they are open and ready for the luggage and ready to take the 49ers to the airport as they get up to green bay. that story and more with ryan and elizabeth coming up at 5:00. a new film studio will give holiday -- hollywood stars a lot closer to actual stars. variety magazine reports space entertainment enterprise a company coproducing tom cruises next movie, plans to launch a zero production gravity studio
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planning to build it by december 2020 force and no longer do you need to be a billionaire to go into space but just a multimillionaire movie star. >> imagine the insurance i have to take out on every actor. >> i will be captioning sponsored by cbs >> o'donnell: there's a lot of news to cover tonight. the rising tensions with russia, as president biden is forced to clean up his comments about an invasion spool ukraine. plus our visit to the white house to speak to president biden's chief of staff. year two to have the biden presidency starts with a clarification from the president. >> any assembled russian units move across the ukrainian border, that is an invasion. >> o'donnell: did president biden give a green light to president putin to invade ukraine? we put tough questions to the president's chief of staff. we're reporting from inside ukraine tonight, with mu nick pictures of russia toupes amassing on the border. what the u.s. is sending to
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deter putin. trump investigation. a procu


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