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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5am  CBS  January 20, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PST

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deadly shoot out with police in the south bay. we are hearing from witnesses who saw it all go down. recommendations are set to be released on how to help rebuild paradise after the deadliest fire in state history. a cronic issue worsened by the pandemic. long wait times for ambulances at hospitals in california. vote in oakland moving the stadium project forward this morning. good morning. i am amanda starrantino. >> i am len kiese. good morning. let's get to your forecast with darren peck and fog is covering most of the bay area. for a moment you've got to take a second and enjoy how pretty it looks from above it when you don't have to drive through it. this is down perfectly situated on the deck of the bay bridge. the towers are above it and you get that beautiful blanket of gray. since the clouds have been
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lowered enough this is a dense fog advisory in the heart of the bay and that is different than yesterday. yesterday it was north bay valleys. i will get to you in a second. if you look at the peninsula and east bay now included in the dense fog advisory, san jose you are not. visibility is okay. hayward, less than half a mile certainly over the bay bridge. peninsula should be on guard for this. 101 will be slow. inland valleys of east bay are fine. livermore, concord. we will watch and see if anything develops. for now you are ok itelativine to s by noon and we'll get more blue sky like yesterday and we'll warm to the mid 60s. i will have the rest of the forecast in a bit. gianna. >> thank you. let's look at some of our live cameras for what you can see behind that fog.
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i promise there is a freeway but it is a little bit foggy so be careful as you work your way out and about. you are looking live at the golden gate bridge. there are not a lot of cars on the road way. that's the good news. if you are getting out early for work, this is what's in store for you. metering lights are off, slow into san francisco. another perspective, we can make out a couple cars with the head lights at the bottom of the screen. you will have that fog into san francisco. here is a look at west bound bay bridge off the skyway into the city. that's pretty much the story for bay area bridges including san mateo bridge and you can see traffic with head lights moving okay but very foggy there. travel times are doing all right. this morning we continue to follow that deadly shoot out with police in san jose. it left a carjacking suspect dead and others injured in the process. >> justin andrews is live for
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us. we talked to witnesses who watched as all of this played out. >> reporter: those who saw this whole thing go down in a typically quiet rose garden neighborhood there are still trying to make sense of this. >> it went from the pop, pop, pop and then there was a whole lot. >> probably about 20 shots. >> reporter: san jose police tell us its chopper pilot started tracking the suspect after being notified that the car had been stolen. the suspect in the stolen car got out and tried to carjack another vehicle. after a failed attempt the suspect got back into the stolen car and ended up in the rose garden neighborhood where people inside their homes heard a loud crash. they were hearing the suspect slam into another car with people inside. officers got there and say they were confronted by the suspect carrying a gun. when he began firing at officers, that's when the bullet battle got underway and officers were forced to fire back.
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>> as soon as he saw units arrive, he shot at them more than one time. obviously fearing for their lives they were engaged by gunfire by the suspect. officers on scene returned fire. the suspect was hit. he was quickly transported to a local hospital where he was been pronounced deceased. >> reporter: police are still investigating. we have learned there were two people inside the car the suspect hit. we are told they had minor to moderate injuries and were treated at the hospital. >> thank you for the update. today, a group of real estate professionals releasing recommendations on how to help rebuild the town of paradise after the camp fire in 2018. >> joycelyn moran joins us. it's a big task to piece the community back together. what are some of the plans in the proposal for paradise? >> reporter: there are quite a few things we can expect. this last november marked three years since camp fire,
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deadliest fire in california's history. a team of real estate professionals are set to release a report that includes ways to overcome challenges to rebuild paradise's housing stock over the next five years. that the includes housing for mixed income levels. efforts to rebuild commercial properties and services lost and multiple infrastructure improvements. recommendations today are intended to build on top of already existing efforts in the town of paradise. this comes as president joe biden this week unveiled a ten year plan to spend billions of dollars to reduce fire risk and combat destructive wildfires on roughly 50 million acres of land. that report on the recommendations is set to be released today around 10:30 this morning. of course we'll keep you updated. i am anne makovec at the live news desk keeping an eye on the u.s. secretary of state's trip to europe as he tries to get a bit of a handle
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on what's going on between russia and ukraine. new video just in of blinken in berlin. he is about to give a speech to discuss tensions and security concerns. russia has about 100,000 troops near ukraine and western nations are worried moscow is poised to attack its neighbor. next he is moving to geneva where he will meet with the russian foreign minister. >> thank you. california attorney general launched civil rights probe into the santa clara sheriffs office. sheriff smith is facing public corruption accusations from a civil grand jury as well as a no confidence vote from the board of supervisors. among complaints the county had to pay large settlements to people with mental illnesses who were severely injured in jail. >> public safety is built on trust. when communities feel they are treated fairly and equitably by
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law enforcement, it increases trust. our investigation will seek to determine whether the office has engaged in a pattern or practice of unconstitutional or unlawful conduct. >> the corruption case accuses smith of resisting audit and two allegations of negligence and political favoritism regarding conceal carry permits. the sheriff says she welcomes the review adding, quote, i have great confidence in the attorney general's office and i believe they will provide expertise for a fair impartial investigation. we remain focused on our mission to provide the highest level of public safety services. to oakland where authorities are looking for the person who left a suspicious device outside oakland federal building. investigators initially believed it could have been a pipe bomb but turns out it was a clever fake. nearby buildings were evacuated and several streets shut down until 6:00 last night. investigators feared worse when
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x-ray technology showed wires and screws inside an abandoned book bag but they were able to determine it did not pose a threat. we are getting our first look at the center piece of san francisco, mayor london breed's plan to turn the tenderloin around. the newly opened center is meant to meet immediate needs on site like food, clothing, showers. visitors to the drop in center can get referrals for longer term health with things like housing and substance abuse. >> that's helped build a relationship even over the last day where folks have been returning this morning plus some and looking for more services and how we can best help them. >> it's hard to take anybody serious if they're not sincere and their heart is not back in it. they seemed really cool in there. >> for now, the city has a six month lease on the six story building. the city is reporting encouraging news on overdose
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deaths. they declined by 7% from 2020 to 2021. that's the first decrease in three years. to napa where workers at queen of the valley medical center claim the hospital is under staffed and underpaid like many other healthcare facilities. queen of the valley is dealing with staffing shortages. employees say it is due to covid and lack of fair compensation. to ease some of the stress, the state alionsed asymptomatic covid positive workers to return to work. >> everybody in the lab had to test. another lady tested positive. they told her you don't have symptoms. you can come to work. now her whole family is infected and she's working, taking blood from cancer patients. >> providence says it is taking multi pronged approach to resolve staffing issues. talks are expected to continue today. some ambulance companies are telling state lawmakers paramedics have to wait up to eight hours to transfer
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patients to emergency rooms. first responders expressed frustrations to assembly committee yesterday. they say long wait times prevent them from responding to new emergency calls. >> patient transfer should take no more than 20 minutes. last year we were held on the wall for over two hours more than 700 times in 2021. >> it's only a matter of time when a community member will likely die simply because they cannot get to the hospital. >> first responders say the ongoing issue has reached crisis point. to san jose where there is growing concern over safety of the city's roads after another deadly crash involving pedestrians. this happened tuesday night. a car traveling north bound hit three people killing two men and leaving a woman injured. the car had a green light and the driver also suffered injuries from a broken windshield and air bags. some city leaders and residents are saying "enough." >> we are seeing an alarming
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trend in deaths on our streets. it is unacceptable, completely unacceptable. >> the problem is when the light turns yellow, they are already coming so fast. sometimes they don't have time to stop. that's when accidents happen. >> the two people killed in tuesday night's crash were the 6th and 7th traffic deaths on san jose streets this year. to oakland where a's have cleared a key hurdle in their effort to build a new stadium at howard terminal. the city planning commission voted to advance project's environmental impact report to city council. the council will have final say on the $11 billion proposal which includes a 35,000 seat stadium along with new retail and residential development. 5:11. still ahead on kpix5 and cbsn bay area. >> one year ago today president biden took oath of office.
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the commander in chief's defense of his record so far. >> how santa clara water district and army core of engineers are protecting the south bay from rising sea levels. we are dealing with some foggy freeways. fog adviso
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you are taking a live look from the white house on what is the first anniversary of the biden presidency. commander in chief marked the occasion yesterday with a two hour press conference. >> it's been a year of challenges but also a year of enormous progress. >> the president defending his record so far and why he isn't getting help from republican lawmakers. joining us live from washington is our cbs news senior white house political correspondent ed o'keefe. what are some of the successes he touched on? >> sure. good to see you. the president touting the fact that unemployment sits at 3.9% after creation of 6 million jobs, something he said at the beginning of last year most would have thought would be
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unfeasible, pointed out that hundreds of millions of americans have been vaccinated. when he took office, there were only 3 million. he talked about trillions sent to cities and states to get the country out of the pandemic and reboot the economy plus passes of the bipartisan infrastructure bill. >> it's also been a year of enormous challenges for the president. what did he have to say about that? >> he conceded there had been setbacks for sure. one thing, he said the new testing program that is underway and ability of americans for example to order tests online should have been launched sooner, conceded there is great frustration with a lot of americans as we continue through wallow through the pandemic, was asked about families with young children who are unvaccinated. he said i don't know when young children will be able to get a vaccine because science hasn't been able to sort out what kind of shot will work for them.
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then repeatedly defended the situation he faces. he said can you think of any other president that's faced so many domestic and foreign challenges at the start? he couldn't, and said based on all the challenges consider all the good things we were able to get done. notably he said interesting things about for example voting rights. he was asked given that his legislation would be rejected as it was, would he be able to consider election results legitimate. he started by saying it depends. it will depend how many people are able to show up and defy those trying to stop certain people from voting. that makes him the second consecutive american president to raise concerns about future election results. that will likely be a concern and focus. >> for sure. the president saying he is looking to switch up his approach. what did he mean by that? >> well he is making the argument that because of the
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pandemic and travel restrictions put on him, his inability to travel as freely as he'd like, he needs to be in the country more, needs to hear from every day americans and is eager to hit the campaign trail for democrats across the country as they face reelection or are on the ballot for the first time. don't be surprised if we see him head to the bay area to raise money which is what democrats like to do and across other states across the country where he is eager to go help democrats shore up their narrow majorities. we'll see whether he follows through because repeatedly through the last year the white house will say he will get out there and he makes one or two trips and they move on. we'll see how it goes. we'll have much more on cbs mornings. >> ed o'keefe, thank you so much for joining us and stay dry at the white house.
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see more of ed's report at 7:00 on cbs mornings. it is now 5:19. let's get you caught up on our forecast and also traffic on this thursday. >> we will start with darren. it's really foggy outside. noticeably foggier today for many of us right in the heart of the bay. the view from the top of the salesforce tower tells us almost everything we need to know. see the tops of the bay bridge towers and then you see the deck of the road way in that cloud. that's essentially what this is. we developed this yesterday, gray and gloomy all day but it wasn't on the road in bay. now it is pushed to the ground and has technically become fog because it is on the ground. it will cover your drive on the bridges and it is foggy down the peninsula, foggy in the east bay. i will show you the visible censors. look where the dense fog advisory is. that's new. it includes city, peninsula, east bay. it does not include san jose.
5:20 am
once you go up 280, 101, any east bay shoreline drive and you will be in fog, extends to the north bay for sure, you've got your typical fog issues for santa rosa, petaluma, napa. look over here. inland, you are not included. your visibility readings are fine. oakland, 0.3. napa is zero. in the north bay it is the same story. san jose, a nice 10. that really does depict where the trouble spots are. gianna will show you what the roadways look like. it is relatively warm except for petaluma where it is 37. as we watch this melt away, give it until about noon, and then higher clouds will show up. you won't notice that as much. it will be more blue sky than anything else, just a few high
5:21 am
passing clouds for thursday and another day where we go to the mid 60s for daytime highs. low to mid 60s for inland valleys. we'll see the same in the heart of the bay and as we get into the north bay valleys, same numbers. 68 for clover dale today. there is one item to discuss for friday. we will see a little bit of an offshore wind event. watch what happens on the map. you will see it light up with usual colors as we get into friday. that is offshore wind. we'll see what this feels like. it's mainly an issue in the mountains. by friday afternoon and evening watch what happens. some of the wind gets into the valleys where we live. it doesn't look terribly bad but it will be noticeably breezy for friday afternoon and evening. allergy sufferers this is probably a concern for you. saturday morning we should have less fog because offshore winds will dry things out. no more snow coming but
5:22 am
heavenly has six inches on the base. we are doing okay, snow report looks great in the sierra for the weekend. the seven-day forecast looks great in the bay area for the weekend, mid 60s for san jose, 66 and 65 across your line. across our micro climates 68 for the daytime high friday in santa rosa. we will be close to 70 for warmer inland valleys this weekend. that's then. let's focus on now from the kpix5 traffic center. thanks. right now it is foggy for sure. here is a live look at the golden gate bridge. definitely a little soupy, little murky so give yourself extra time. most bay area bridges, bay bridge, san mateo, dumbarton are dealing with the fog. we are not seeing major issues as of yet but it is still quiet
5:23 am
morning commute. things get ramped up in the 6:00 hour. bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights are off. you see traffic moving okay for the most part but dealing with fog as well. cal tran chp issued a fog advisory for some bay area bridges and especially the bay bridge. you see as you travel across the west side towards san francisco closer to the tower, it is foggy there, that blanket of fog hovering over the span there and stays foggy into san francisco as well as you come off the skyway into the city. back to you guys. >> thank you. the time is 5:23. still ahead on kpix5 and cbsn bay area. >> marin brewing company has been an institution, pandemic struggles forcing the business to close its doors. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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invisalign we are going to look to lunch and get you ready for the important window today, noon to 2:00. if you are planning an outdoor lunch you will love it. low and mid 60s. the fog out there now by noon will probably be lingering in
5:27 am
spots. if you have to hit the road at noon, think ahead especially in the heart of the bay. you might still encounter patchy fog. certainly by 1:00, 2:00, we will have cleared the majority. then you will get blue sky and temperatures in the mid 60s. i will be back with the complete forecast including a look to this weekend. >> see you soon. to protect south bay from rising sea levels santa clara water district and army core of engineers breaking ground on a nearly $200 million project. they are building a 15-foot high levee along the bay and north san jose. the goal of the project is to protect the community from the threat of rising sea levels. the project will hopefully provide decades of protection and should be done by 2024. last call for a popular north bay brewery. >> you can blame the pandemic. marin brewing company announced after 33 years this will be the
5:28 am
last month in business. the owner blames combinations of staffing shortages and past covid closures. still ahead, new research from cdc showing unvaccinated people face biggest potential threat from covid. check out our new kpix5 evening anchor ryan yamamoto. catch
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a deadly shoot out with police in south bay, scene still active now. witnesses saw it all. what they're saying, coming up. smart station could be coming to solano along highway 37. we'll tell you about a state plan that could help make it
5:31 am
happen. the house committee investigating capitol riot ramping up its efforts. the white house documents they are expected to get. the response from two supreme court justices amid alleged tension on the high court. good morning. it is thursday january 20. i am amanda starrantino. >> i am len kiese. let's get a check of weather and traffic. you want to pay attention, a lot going on with that fog. this is one of the mornings where the postcard views, the fog looks pretty as it interplays with the bridges and sells the area to the rest of the world, when you have to drive through it, it's not that nice. there is the scene. it looks so cool with the towers sticking up above the blanket of gray. but that is fog on the road. here is your overview. dense fog advisory now includes the heart of the bay. it didn't do that yesterday. san jose you are not included but the entire drive up the peninsula particularly 280,
5:32 am
101, get to the east bay shoreline through hayward where your visibility is down to a half mile, that's new. through the heart of the bay, north bay valleys are included as yesterday, it is as foggy in santa rosa and petaluma as it has been. visibility for inland valleys is ten miles, same for san jose. there is our hayward reading. as far as the rest of today, this melts away by noon, more blue sky than anything else and mid 60s. let's see how the drive is looking. the good news is no major accidents or incidents but we are dealing with foggy spots as darren mentioned. a live look at the bay bridge, you can see that fog hovering over the toll plaza. metering lights are off, and we are starting to see more volume on the road way as folks head to work. give yourself extra time. this is pretty much what it looks like most of the way across the span heading into san francisco, that fog hovering over there, and it
5:33 am
stays foggy all the way into the city off the skyway near that fremont street exit. the golden gate bridge, a live look, traffic is moving okay but foggy as well. it is foggy at the san mateo bridge as well. the dublin interchange, i will talk about your altamont pass commute in a few minutes. >> thank you. a carjacking suspect is dead after a shoot out with police in san jose. this ended with a crash and two others injured. >> justin andrews is following this for us this morning. where does the investigation stand now? >> reporter: in the last half hour we have learned the scene in san jose's rose garden neighborhood is still very active at this hour. detectives are still working to uncover all the details and there are a lot. witnesses tell us they heard a lot of gun shots, at least 20. san jose police tell us its chopper pilot started tracking the suspect after notified that the car had been stolen. police say the suspect got in
5:34 am
the stolen car, got out of the stolen car, excuse me, and tried to carjack another vehicle. that failed and the suspect got back into the stolen car and ended up in the rose garden neighborhood where people in their homes heard a large crash. the suspect slammed into another car with two people inside. officers were confronted by the suspect carrying a gun and the suspect began firing at officers. that's when the bullet battle got underway and officers were forced to fire back. witnesses heard it all. >> there were a few shots at first and then rapid succession. it happened so fast, shots were fired before i could even understand what was going on. i was duck and cover if there were stray bullets going anywhere. >> reporter: the suspect died at the hospital this morning. the suspect's identity has not been released. the scene is still active. any updates we get, we'll let you know online and on air. developing, a smart station
5:35 am
could be coming to solano along congested highway 37. >> joycelyn moran joins us with more on how a state plan could help make this happen. >> reporter: this state plan could include a in you commuter rail line connecting novato and solano. keep in mind it is not something that can happen any time soon. this passenger train would cost between 780 million and $1.3 billion according to a 2019 feasibility study by smart. that study also estimated service can begin four to six years after transportation planners find the funding. this is something that can help commuters that know how congested highway 37 can get, the highway is threatened by flooding and heavy rains. a spokesman with metropolitan transportation commission said this could turn slowly but need to improve highway 37 mixed with rail service being
5:36 am
included could help speed efforts. the state plan is set to be released in early february. as to the specifics we will be sure to keep you updated. i am anne makovec at the live news desk watching that plan for the a's water front ballpark. it is now heading to the full city council. that is after it got a unanimous yes vote from the planning commission yesterday specifically the environmental impact report. that is a big step in the process to approve the $12 billion ballpark and surrounding development at howard terminal in oakland. a lot of speakers at last night's meeting urged commission to delay the decision. they didn't do it. now city council could certify this document as early as next month. that's not the end of the process. this still needs to have its entire plan approved by both bodies but that could happen later this year. we'll keep an eye on it. >> thank you. a new cdc study finds
5:37 am
vaccination and prior infection helps protect against covid-19. the study looked at data in california and new york when delta was dominant variant. overall cases were highest among unvaccinated people who did not have a previous infection. people who recovered from covid had lower case rates than those who were vaccinated alone during the delta surge. cdc emphasizes vaccination is the only safe way to ensure lasting protection. even though prior infection was protective during delta it may not be the case with omicron or other new variants. if looking for a covid test, vaccine, or booster visit our county by county resource guide on click the red banner at the top of the page. supreme court ordering release of documents related to the capitol siege. justices rejected a legal challenge by former president trump. the house committee
5:38 am
investigating wanted access to the documents. they include presidential diaries and visitor logs. supreme court justices are putting rumors to rest that there is tension on the high court. the justices just issued a rare joint statement to clear concerns that asked to wear a mask on the bench. they say that never happened and they are warm colleagues and friends. time for your money watch report. the irs is testing facial recognition technology. diane king hall joins us from the cbs broadcast center. good morning. united swing to a loss in the latest quarter and says rise in covid-19 cases is still hurting bookings. it lost 646 million in the fourth and expects sales this quarter to be down as much as 25% from the prepandemic levels. united lowered its forecast for
5:39 am
the year. walgreens launched a coronavirus tracking tool. it tracks spread of variants within 24 to 48 hours. if the analyzes thousands of tests nationwide and gives a snapshot of data. 95% of cases appear to be the omicron variant. beginning this summer users with will no longer be able to just log in with user name and password. they'll need a government issued id and other things to confirm their identi >>are trying to get through but apparently it is happy friday from across the pond. what's going on? >> uk is joining the four day work week trend. dozens of british companies are taking part in the run that allows employees to clock in for 32 hours a week.
5:40 am
uk joins spain, new zealand, iceland in testing reduced work hours. >> we'll see how that works out. >> sign us up. >> yes indeed. >> i will back you up on that. >> it would be nice. 5:40. still ahead, cyber criminals are another way to try to get into your wallet. the warning from the fbi. why you are soon going to start paying more to wash your clothes. a dense fog advisory for many more of us than yesterday. it's one of the days where it looked so pretty from above it but driving through it is something else. we'll talk about the fog and look ahead to the weekend forecast, coming up.
5:41 am
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welcome back. new, cyber criminals are using a pandemic era system to scam their way into your wallet. the fbi has issued a warning about qr codes, bar codes you scan to open a website have been used more frequently during pandemic. hackers are using fake qr codes to send people to malicious sites that can steal data. maker of laundry detergents is rising prices. prices for retail customers will go up by about 8% next
5:44 am
is intended to offset cost pressures. u.s. consumer prices rose 7% annually in december, steepest climb in prices in nearly 40 years. starbucks will no longer require employees to be vaccinated against covid-19 after a supreme court decision halted a mandate on large employers to require vaccines. it was set to start enforcing the mandate on february 9. the company says it respects the court's decision but still strongly believes in intent of a vaccine mandate. coke unveiling a new look for its flavored products. it is part of the renewed focus on core beverages. new packages will hit shelves later this month. coca-cola will be unveiling a new variety of coke with coffee, new mocha flavor will hit shelves february 7. i don't know about the soda coffee
5:45 am
flavor situation but i guess we'll let darren try it out. >> there is a lot going on there. >> give it to darren. >> does it double the caffeine too? >> i think they're trying a little too hard. best of luck. >> i'll take anything this early in the morning. bring it on. >> that's why the coffee keeps flowing. let's get caught up to date on the fog advisory. looks so pretty from the top of the salesforce tower across the span of the bay bridge because the deck of cloud over the bay yesterday got pushed down and now we are driving through it. there is a dense fog advisory for the entire bay except san jose. in the santa clara valley you are not in this. everybody else is. it's the same cloud deck yesterday that made it look so gloomy only high pressure has pushed it down. now you have to drive through so you can see the lights of the east bay. i will show you visibility reading for hayward, down to a half mile. that is certainly new. we haven't had that for the
5:46 am
last week and a half. it's always been the north bay that's had the trouble. san jose you are not included. if you look at the map everywhere else shaded in gray is. in the east bay we have seen it on cameras. as we work up north, santa rosa, petaluma, you are in it. look at the tri valley and concord. inland valleys of east bay are not included because you can see for ten miles. that's good. we'll watch it because much like yesterday we will likely still see some fog develop. you could encounter fog. if you are not leaving for another hour and you are in concord, you might still hit some issues. we'll let you know. the fog is gone by noon and then it is blue sky. daytime highs climb back to the mid 60s. south bay numbers, 65 in santa
5:47 am
clara, 64 red wood city, hayward 64, numbers for inland valleys for east bay are a degree or two below that. in the heart of the bay, upper 50s, novato 64, berkeley 63, santa rosa 66, even a warm 68 for clover dale. there is one other added item to discuss. it will be breezy friday and there will be an offshore wind event. watch what happens as the screen lights up as we watch brighter colors depicting the winds. that's our friday afternoon. it gets breezy in the mountains friday afternoon. by friday evening those winds get to the lower elevations and we could experience 20, 25-mile an hour gusts. the main thing this does is dries the air and clears whatever fog there might be which means saturday morning should be fog free. we may have a little bit left over fog tomorrow but likely
5:48 am
getting help from this scenario for saturday morning. thankfully we are not in fire season where we have to worry about offshore wind events in the mountains. the main issue is drier air, less fog. seven-day forecast shows us a warm up. we'll stay in mid to upper 60s. we have done most of the warming and we will stay here. when you look at the micro climates, especially north bay valleys, 68 is the number i keep picking. north bay, we will cool down early next week gradually. you will not notice much change. let's get to the drive. the fog is okay in some spots as far as speeds but definitely be extra careful. several bay area bridges are under a fog advisory. that includes golden gate, bay bridge, san mateo and you will see foggy spots on the dumbarton as well. leave a lot of space between you and the car in front of you
5:49 am
and prepare for some murky drives. soupy at the golden gate bridge. santa rosa, petaluma, it is foggy there as well. travel times are okay. south 101 from highway 12 to 37, a 25 minute commute. bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights are on and we are starting to see that back up at the toll plaza. it is getting slow for the ride as you head into san francisco. you've got brake lights and that dense fog advisory for the bay bridge. looking at different perspectives, you can see it stays foggy all the way into san francisco, still unden minutefor your avel time from the maze into crash in the north bound 101 near cesar chavez. travel times are a little slow as you approach, slower speeds along 280 extension. keep that in mind. heads up, warriors are in town. they are taking on the pacers
5:50 am
at chase center. if you are headed to the game, don't forget. your game ticket is also your muni ticket. it's an easy way to get to chase. san mateo bridge, you can make it out, we are seeing more cars. 13 minutes between 880 and 101 but foggy there and foggy to the peninsula. a man who made hockey history set to receive the highest award. in 1958 he became first black man to play in the national hockey league on the bruins. last year senate voted unanimously in favor of the bill. it is heading to president biden's desk for his signature. bruins just retired his number 22 this week. happening today, warriors will hit an impressive milestone, their 400th consecutive sell out. tip off for tonight's game
5:51 am
against indiana pacers is set for 7:00 p.m. current sell out streak which includes home, regular, post season games started on december 18, 2012, against then new orleans hornets. 5:51. still ahead on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, john stewart receiving comedy's highest honor. the prize he will be getting later this year. coming up today on the drew barrymore show today at 2:00 on kpix. after more than half a century of touring, retiring from the road. he kicked off the final leg last night to a packed stadium of fans. anthony mason spoke to him virtually from his home in windsor. >> i haven't played for two years. >> does that feel strange? >> it does.
5:52 am
it feels strange for everybody who is a performer. i have been to a couple shows. the audience goes nuts. i am looking forward to it from that point of view. i hope i am not too rusty. >> the interview is wanna help kids get their homework done? well, an internet connection's a good start. but kids also need computers. and sometimes the hardest thing about homework is finding a place to do it. so why not hook community centers up with wifi? for kids like us, and all the amazing things we're gonna learn. through projectup, comcast is committing $1 billion so millions more students can continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities. i hope you're ready. 'cause we are. everyone remembers the moment they heard... “you have cancer.” how their world stopped and when they found a way to face it. for some, this is where their keytruda story begins.
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to treat 16 types of advanced cancer. and is being studied in hundreds of clinical trials exploring ways to treat even more types of cancer. it's tru. keytruda from merck. see the different types of cancer keytruda is approved to treat at, and ask your doctor if keytruda can be part of your story. we will spotlight where the fog is and where it isn't this
5:55 am
morning. it is in the bay. bay bridge, east bay shoreline, peninsula, dense fog advisory. san mateo county, places it wasn't yesterday, it is today. it is not san jose. as soon as you go north whether it is 280, 101, any of the drive up and down east bay shoreline and certainly north bay valleys you will encounter it. east bay valleys, that is the view from mount diablo looking towards concord many it's fine out here. you can see ten miles. we'll look at the whole forecast in a few minutes. john stewart will receive comedy's highest honor this spring. john f kennedy center for performing arts mark twain prize for american humor. it recognizes those who have impacted american society through humor and wit. he will receive the prize duty a televised all star gala april 24. spike lee is getting the
5:56 am
director's guild of america's highest honor. the lifetime achievement award is not annual prize. dga has given it only 35 times in its 86 year history. lee will be honored at the dga awards march 12. r & b duo featuring bruno mars kicks off atlas vegas mgm, tickets are on sale now. still ahead on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. >> ambulance companies expressing frustrations to state law lawmakers. those who lost everything in the deadly camp fire getting much needed assistance. the group helping rebuild paradise. a key hurdle cleared. late night decision for a's effort to build a new ballpark
5:57 am
in oakland. a live look outside before we head to break. there is a lot of fog on our mark hopkins camera looking scoot over. squeeze in. pull up a chair. ♪ because life's just better when you believe “there's always room for one more.” ♪ ritz. a taste of welcome.
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on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, deadly police shooting in south bay under investigation. hear from the witnesses who watched it go down. the pandemic taking a huge toll on workers at a north bay hospital. this morning, the struggles amaid staffing shortage. this is really something that government needs to step in to deal with. >> the warning, look for fake covid testing sites. how health officials say you can spot the scams. recommendations are set to be released on how to help rebuild the town of paradise after the deadly


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