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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  January 19, 2022 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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to protect the south bay from rising sea levels. good evening, i'm allen martin. >> i'm elizabeth cook. we start with breaking news of a pipe bomb hoax in downtown oakland. >> katie nielsen is live at the scene with the latest for us. katie? >> reporter: about five or 10 minutes ago this scene completely broke down becaus the alameda county bomb squad determined the suspicious package they have been looking at all afternoon turned out to be a hoax. they said that it was designed to look exactly like a pipe bomb. it had circuit boards, wires, screws, but when they actually did the x-rays on that to determine what it was, they figured out that it was not in fact an explosive device, so, the bomb squad team went over to pick it up and they found some type of note inside to law enforcement. now fbi is not saying what that night note contained.
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they said it could be relevant to the case. they do have some video surveillance of the person who left that device in the planter , below the flagpole in front of the federal building around 12:30 this afternoon. they are still looking for that suspect at this time. we did ask investigators if there was a motive or what exactly the note said. all they told us was that the note was specifically directed to law enforcement, and that law enforcement gave this person exactly what they were looking for, which was this type of a response, with the bomb squad. the fbi, oakland police. at the end of the day, what they stressed is that everyone is safe, and so, now, it is just a matter of figuring out who did this, and why. >> this individual left this, wanting this type of response, this type of attention and had
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a message for law enforcement? i won't go into what that message was, that is up to the fbi, but this was all by design. >> reporter: the area has reopened, the perimeter that was in place all afternoon, clearing out much of downtown oakland has now been collapsed. we are starting to see some people who live in the area and also business owners starting to come back into this area. again, bomb squad is saying, all clear here. but, a very tense afternoon until they were able to figure out exactly what it was they were dealing with. the fbi says that whoever left this could be facing some very serious charges. >> katie nielsen live for us. and elaborate hoax, thankfully, no one was hurt. >> our other big story tonight, santa clara county sheriff's office under investigation, this time by the california attorney general max darrow in san jose explains.
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>> it is time truth comes to light. >> reporter: attorney general rob bonta announcing his office has launched a civil rights investigation into the seneca county sheriff's office. it comes after what bonta said were, quote, deeply concerning allegations relating to conditions of confinement at the county jail, resistance to oversight, and other misconduct. >> our institution will seek to determine whether the sheriff's office has engaged in a pattern or practice of unconstitutional or unlawful conduct. >> i wish it had not come to this. it should not have come to this. >> reporter: county supervisor says several months ago, supervisors took two unprecedented steps that set the stage for this announcement . in august, a unanimous vote of no-confidence in current and long-term sheriff lori smith, and, supervisors referred to information they have gathered to federal and local investors. >> i'm gratify the attorney general has stepped up and these issues look at to the
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attention and oversight that they require. >> reporter: bonta said it is clear there is a lack of trust in the sheriff's office. county supervisor otto lee echoed that point telling kpix 5 in a statement, he is pleased to see the ag conducting an investigation and action from the attorney general's office will begin to the store trust residents have for our sheriff department. this comes as smith fights corruption allegations in court. over the past year, numerous southbay elected officials have called for her to step down. >> this announcement has been a long time coming. but, there is still a great deal of work to be done. >> reporter: in a statement, sheriff smith tells kpix 5 she has always welcomed external reviews of her office. they will open all records immediately, and she believes the ag's office will conduct a fair and impartial investigation. in san jose, maxa darrow, kpix 5. >> the attorney general asked anyone with information who could help with the
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investigation to contact his offices civil rights enforcement section. we do have information on how to get in touch with that office on our website, when we first brought to the state attorney general's announcement live on cbsn bay area. you can watch all day on our trenton your sap or online. deadly pedestrian accident in san jose. two people were killed and another was injured when a car struck them as they tried to cross the expressway near foxworthy avenue. it happened at around 8:30 last night. to get say a car has a green light, was traveling northbound on almaden expressway when it ran over and killed two men and injured a woman crossing the street. the driver was also injured by a broken windshield and an airbag. >> the female he was with, and another friend, he tried to push her out of the way. you know? that's like him. always looking out for the people he cares about.
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>> we are not trying to do any victim blaming, this is just a fact in the collision. >> the victims became the sixth and seventh traffic fatality on san jose streets this year. the man accused of shoving a woman into the path of a subway train in new york city made his first court appearance. simon marshall confessed to pushing the bay area native michelle go over the weekend. he was charged with second- degree murder. a prussic heater in the manhattan district attorneys office is saying they are trying to determine whether the attack was racially motivated. marshall will be held without bail. to the latest on the coronavirus, new numbers from the state health department show over 19 cases are slightly going down. there are 98,000 new cases and the test positive the rate has also dropped just under 21%. kpix 5's kenny choi reports on a key distinction people should
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be aware of during this surge . >> reporter: some health experts believe record numbers highlighting the hospitalizations can be misleading. the distention between patients with covid-19, versus for covid- 19 is even more critical during this surge. >> a lot of our patients come in for something that is not a crime, but they test positive. so, you come in with a broken leg and oh my gosh you happen to have a macron. >> reporter: 256 people were hospitalized with covid-19 left january. held officials a larger percentage these days, sometimes half of covid-19 hospitalizations our patients seeking treatment for something non-covid-19 related but who test positive and count as a covid-19 hospitalization. >> things have changed wear because it is so much more prevalent, so much more infectious and is causing less severe illness, that distention is becoming more important. >> reporter: there have been more than 65 deaths since last january incenses carpet this month, only five deaths so far this month. without a doubt, bay area
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hospitals are feeling the pressure of staffing shortages as a growing number of workers test positive. >> just like the rest of society, more healthcare workers are out because of quarantine, isolation, caregiving needs, or because of illness. >> caregivers at queen of the valley protesting and demanding napa's largest hospital be fit with higher pay, since staffing shortages are putting patients at risk. >> it is not fair to them because we are shortstaffed. we need staff. >> reporter: only one out of 1000 positive cases end up in hospitals. about half of those are being treated for covid-19, the other half admitted with covid-19. >> the vaccine is protecting us, and we are now at the risk of the policies that have been appropriate in the past that might actually deal greater social harm to us, collectively.
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>> reporter: one hospital executive says a way to help during this overwhelming time is to not try to get tested at these facilities. in seven cisco, kenny choi, kpix 5. dozens of santa clara county firefighters have requested an exemption from the covenant team booster mandate. they are facing a january 24th deadline. earlier this month, select firefighters were told they could receive a religious or medical exemption, but are restricted from working in high risk settings. santa clara fire states 93% of the workforce is vaccinated and expect the majority to adhere to that upcoming deadline. some stanford students also push back against their own mandate. nearly 2000 students have signed a petition to cancel the university's vaccine mandate set to begin at the end of the month. students argue, the university is refusing to take student health into consideration. >> students should be able to look and evaluate the evidence on their own, or what compare with their own risk tolerance whether or not they should be
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boosted and make that decision themselves. i thought that was wrong to mandate away that freedom for students. >> the university has not announced any plans to postpone or cancel that mandate. still ahead on kpix 5 and cbsn bay area, the hunt for an aggressive mountain lion on the peninsula. we hear so much about the threat of rising sea levels. this is a story about what is being done now to prepare and hopefully get the benefit. i am devon fehely , and i will have details, coming up. the popular bay area brewery closing its doors after more than 30 years. breezy conditions kicking in across the bay area by the end of the work week. already, friday morning with
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new at 6:00, the santa clara county valley water district and u.s. army corps of engineers have broken ground on a $200 million project designed to protect the south bay from rising sea levels. kpix 5 reporter devon fehely has details on a particular community that is at special risk. >> reporter: the goal of this project is to protect the flood prone community from the threat of rising sea levels. both the people and high-tech companies who now call it home.
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the u.s. army corps of engineers is building a 15 foot high levy along the bay inn in north san jose. three times higher than current protection for the nearby community. >> with the realities of climate change, we know that sea level rise is imminent. the goal of this project is to protect the coastal community, to protect infra structure around here. >> reporter: senator phi and diane feinstein helped secure federal funding for the for mile-long levy. the second and third phase of the project would extend protection from palo alto, south into mountain view and eventually into sunnyvale and san jose. people here say they would welcome anything that lessens the risk of future flooding. >> i am glad, because it sucks when it floods. you know, you can lose everything. i am glad they are doing it.
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>> reporter: the water districts, partnering with the corps of engineers on the project, says the current levees provide minimal protection and could not have withstood the looming threat of rising sea levels. >> the existing berms there are not fema certified and they are basically the front of ponds. >> reporter: estimates vary widely, but the project should provide decades of protection to the people and increasingly high-tech businesses that call the area home. >> in action is not an option. taking action now. doing this project is moving forward with construction is important to protecting the community. >> reporter: if everything goes according to plan, the project will be done in roughly 2 years with a completion date in january of 2024. devon fehely, kpix 5. also new at 6:00, we are learning just how much it will cost to repair the damage of the santa cruz harbor following the recent tsunami. according to the santa cruz sentinel, the harbor estimates
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damages from this past weekend event to be as much as $6.5 million. the high water not only knocked down power to all the docs, it damaged pilings and facilities such as restrooms and showers. on the peninsula, the search is underway for an aggressive mountain lion. the mountain lion was a spotted early this morning on hastings drive near claremont high school in belmont. police say the big cat fought and killed another mountain lion in that area. authorities are urging people to be on alert. the pandemic has led to the demise of the popular northbay hangout. the marin brewing company announcing this month will be it's last. owners say staffing and mandated closures led the to the end of its 33 year run. >> this is one of those heartfelt, sort of, it is more than family. it is more than friends, it is the place that you come. >> were my brewing company was
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not just known for making a difference in the community, but also to staff. the last day is set for january 31st. the final day for customers to grab a brew. >> always sad to see places like that closing. unfortunately that has happened all too often in the pandemic. >> too many stories like that and for us, weatherwise, too many dry days in a row. we are coming up on two weeks of dry weather for the bay area. since january 7th, high pressure taken over to an extent, the only changes we will see continue to push us into a dry direction as this big walking area of high pressure and a mountain of air in the atmosphere continue to take over the west coast. there will be a storm system that drops into the northeast, but the contrast and pressure there, the change forces the air to move faster which means we will get testing offshore wind developing as we head through the next couple of days . let's take a look at hour by hour wind gusts with future cast and the wind is not a
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problem this evening. it will not be a problem tomorrow. strongest gusts will be in the 10 to 15 mile-per-hour range. noticeable, but not problematic. stronger wind gusts are in the forecast on friday, kicking in during the afternoon. widespread wind gusts in the 20 to 30 mile-per-hour range, some over 30 miles per hour even in the low elevations of the bay area. the densely populated parts of the bay area. when you get above 2000 feet, we will c 40 to 50 mile-per- hour guests kicking in by friday afternoon and some stronger gusts could make their way down into the lower elevations before the sun comes up on saturday morning. future cast indicating 50 mile- per-hour gusts in the bay, santa rosa and then downhill toward half moon bay as well. wind advisory is in effect for the national weather service, we will keep an eye on things to let you know if the advisories are posted for the first half of the weekend. one positive consequence is that the wind will stir around in the fsu and improve our atmosphere by dispersing ground- level pollutants. hayes is on the horizon. the air quality was not bad today but down the peninsula and east side of the bay moderating in the santa clara valley as well.
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we should see more dots on the map into the end of the workweek but the other side of that coin, it will disperse more pollen across the bay area. jupiter juniper and cedar if you are sensitive, we will be in the medium and high category. make sure you are well supplied with tissues and allergy medications. outside right now, one bank of fog did roll in earlier which has retreated toward the coast. temperatures are in the 50s across the board. 52 downtown and 57 degrees in concord. we bounce back tomorrow. i have never been more careful with the pronunciation of a dog named in a have been this morning, say hello to mr. fugs. temperatures reaching up into the low 60s, early tomorrow morning, upper 30s for the valleys in the northbay. temperatures into the 50s already by lunchtime and most of us will climb into the low and mid 60s by thursday afternoon.
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temperatures warm up even more just marginally by friday and saturday with offshore wind continuing to assert themselves. cooling off gradually, monday and tuesday of next week. into next week, temperatures are above average for january, and there is absolutely no rain in the entire seven day forecast. straightahead in sports, expanding roles for eight warriors layer. packers biggest star. battle tested. a battle tested
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nfl up top. the 49ers second straight day inside levi stadium for practice. everyone on the practice field today, including nick beres a and jimmy garoppolo, who left no doubt he will be the man under center, saturday night. everyone wanted to see how his thumb and shoulder held up. it is believed that droplet was hurt on his throwing shoulder in his second quarter plate against the cowboys. a football players toughness, mentality, like jimmy g, he is tougher than most. >> a bump and bruise, the for him is a big deal, but for the center ziska 49ers, families and us, you know, we can all count on jimmy to perform. >> you just have to bite the
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bullet and say that will suck. he doesn't give up, he just keeps grinding he is continually leading this team to victory and giving us the opportunity to play more football. >> palo alto high school, not too long ago, star receiver devonte adams roamed these halls . he is the most popular player in green bay, next to eryn rogers. he just has one request for fant to see him around town. >> it is best if you would let people finish eating. be as smooth as you can if you actually want the picture, because i will tell you one thing, i'm not taking a picture standing up in the middle of a restaurant. it will be very tough operations, spending time with my family. >> what from the left side, see bruce fly in and swat one of his players. the buccaneers head coach was fined $50,000 by the league for that. he said he was trying to get
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safety manual adams away from the scrum to avoid a penalty. mba, the warriors were off. what they get right game last night at chase center. filled in by as many as 34 points. klay thompson? he is easing back into the mix. thompson is trying to expand his minutes since returning from 2 1/2 years of injuries. being a good teammate, dribbling more for assists. >> how much time did you spend working on your handle, seems tighter than it was before. >> really, steve was holding me back. he let me handle the ball. last time i really have all that much was in college. >> we should all play a game of kpix 5. it's kind of like horse where we each have the ball and see you can win that game.
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>> i like horse. i can play horse. >> kpix. >> that's a short game right there. to be on allen's team. i know he played in college. >> the nice soft left-handed jumper. >> he's tall enough. he had the moves. >> no, i read the bench. thanks, vern. up next, they may play for opposing teams but that did not
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there was some bad blood between raiders fans and bengals fans after cincinnati's wildcard win, but not between these two fans. >> after collapsing, a raiders fan was aided to health thanks to a heroic bengals fan. ed fernandez grew up in oakland and could not wait to watch his team take on the bengals alongside his grandson. after collapsing mid-game, leaving witnesses in a panic, bengals fan and nurse, jerry mills sprang into action. >> god has a reason for everything. for me to come all the way from texas, to be walking up and see that -- there were a lot of people standing around of the time but nobody jumped down to check in and see if you had a pulse. >> ed is a schedule to have bypass surgery tomorrow. a heart valve is going to be repaired. football became very secondary. >> no doubt. i love hearing stories like that. >> it's important. >> he was there for a reason.
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it's amazing to hear stories like that. thank you for watching tonight at 6:00. the news continues streaming on cbsn bay captioning sponsored by cbs >> o'donnell: tonight, a lot of news out of president biden's first press conference in months, from combating covid to fighting a new cold war with russia. we have all the details. the breaking news after president biden took reporters' questions for nearly two hours. how he plans to break up his signature piece of legislation, the "build back better." and his message to america about the pandemic. >> i'm not going to give up and accept things as they are now. some may call what's happening now the new normal. i call it the job not yet punished. >> o'donnell: plus his bold putin prediction. >> i guess since he will mov >> o'donnell: plus his bold putin prediction. >> i guess since he will move in, he has to do something. >> o'donnell: what the president says will happen if russia invauk


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