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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530pm  CBS  January 19, 2022 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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you're watching kpix 5 news at 5:30. breaking news right now at 5:30, we have late information on what was a bomb scare outside the oakland federal building. let's get right to kpix 5's katie nielsen near the federal building with what she has just learned. katie? >> reporter: liz, we just found out that this was all a very elaborate hoax. just a few minutes ago, the alameda county bomb squad did pick up that suspicious device, that was after they did a number of x-rays and were able to determine that there was no way for this device to actually detonate. in those x-rays, they did earlier see circuit boards, wires, and screws, which led them to believe that this could actually have been an excellent
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explosive device. that is why they have been keeping this area blocked off for the past five hours. >> that planter box has been difficult to work in. it has been very deep, where the device is and it is kind of sandwiched in around dirt and soil and terrain inside that planter boxes are it has been difficult to work it. >> reporter: as you just heard, a spokesperson for the alameda county sheriff's department explaining why it has type taken them so long to determine that this was just an elaborate hoax. that is because of the location of this. now, at this point, the alameda county sheriff department has turned over the suspicious device to the fbi. they said there is some evidence of value there, because of course they will be trying to figure out exactly who put this device there and why. is? >> no doubt, hopefully they will find the individuals who planted it there. hopefully some surveillance video around that area will help them for sure.
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glad to know that it was not detonated and glad everyone is safe. thank you. new at 5:30, as part of maryland and breeds emergency decoration to tackle problems in the tenderloin, a new service center is open to help people. wilson walker spoke with some of the first visitors. >> reporter: here at the bustling tenderloin farmers market, nearby is the newly launched center piece of the mayor's plan to tackle long- standing problems in the city. this is the tenderloin linkage center. >> walking by and i noticed there was a stuff going on. my girlfriend was the one who found out about it and told me. i thought that was awesome. really unexpected, to. i didn't know. >> reporter: like most of the centers first patrons, russell matheson and his friends stumbled upon it. they immediately asked for
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three things. >> showers, a place to do laundry, housing is a big thing, to. there are options for housing, there are respite options on site. >> we have a lounge indoors, the showers right here across the street. >> reporter: one of a handful of service providers working out of the six story building leased by the city. >> a lot of advocates and providers had concerns with the initial announcement, of what this could look like. >> reporter: changing the look of civic center plaza, there are more foot patrols, that could be a preview of what it looks like as it expands through the tenderloin's troubled corners and sidewalks. there is the question of whether or not police will be instructing people to go to the linkage center, or giving them
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a choice between that and jill remains to be seen. the early reviews on the center itself have been positive with a number of visitors telling us they will be back. >> it's hard to take anybody seriously if they are not sincere and their heart is not in it, you know? they seemed really cool about it. >> that helps the relationships over the last day were folks have been returning this morning, plus some. and, looking for more services and how we can best help them. on the lebuilding, at the h mo end of six months they will take a look at how things are going. maybe they open another one, something like this in another part of town if this is day two here in seven cisco. wilson walker, kpix 5. sentences is reporting a decline in overdoses for the first time in three years. the department of health reports 7% fewer accidental overdose deaths in 2021, compared to 2020.
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there were 650 overdose deaths in seven cisco from 2021, that is down from 700 in 2020. 37 cisco symphony announcing new covid-19 precautions. requiring all patrons to where n95 masks inside davies symphony hall. the symphony says it will have a limited number of kn-95 masks for those who need them. the symphony announced it will be requiring proof of a covid- 19 booster dose in february. the new mask requirements takes effect tomorrow. and nationwide blood shortages impacting hospitals across the nation. san ramon regional medical center doing their part by helping organize a blood drive for the red cross. the hospital says the response has been overwhelming. spots have filled up quickly. >> we want to encourage the community to go out and donate blood at any time they can because this is affecting hospitals across the country and it is important to replenish the blood supply.
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>> reporter: if you missed today's blood drive, the hospital is rescheduling in february and march. a new study found a vaccination and prior protection protected against covid-19. the study looked at the data in california and new york, when delta was the dominant variant. overall, cases and hospitalizations were the highest among unvaccinated people who did not have a previous infection. people who had recovered from covid-19 actually had a lowercase rate than those who were vaccinated alone during the delta surge but the cdc emphasizes vaccination is the only safe way to ensure lasting protection. even though prior infection was protective during delta, it may not be the case with macron or other new variants. the pandemic led to countless store closures and boarded-up windows, but some seven cisco muralist have used that heartbreak as creative fuel. we got a preview of san francisco's city campus series. murals of all sizes will be
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held to renovate the pier 70 ship building site. the hope is that it will add beauty and color to san francisco dogpatch neighborhood. >> in my opinion, these murals represent art and artists willing to risk their lives to beautify the streets of their neighborhoods and communities and give back to a larger purpose. >> the exhibition is open to the public this weekend and you can see it next week through the end of the month. straightahead, the pandemic has a lot more people working from just about anywhere. how that is changing how people offer rentals like airbnb. coming up at 6:00, concerns in the south bay. a multimillion dollar project in the works to protect communities at risk. hospitalization is close to reaching record numbers. we will ask blaine why it is more critical to highlight the difference between four covid patients, versus with
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another selloff on wall street with the tech heavy nasdaq closing in on -- tatted territory. the nasdaq fell 167 points, more than 10% from its most recent record close in november. the dow dropped 340 points and the s&p 500 slipped nearly a percent. flight delays and cancellations at sfo today even as at&t delivered the rollout of wireless technology across the nation. the faa is concerned that 5g technology could interfere with flight control systems that help pilots land in low visibility and bad weather. airport land 1000 cargo flights per day that had to be diverted or canceled. >> this is having an effect on people who live in midsize or
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smaller towns were they are on programs not on the approved list. >> many are located around fa's busiest airports, but currently, only 45% of airliners have been approved to operate in all weather conditions where 5g is active. the pandemic has made it possible for many employees to work from just about anywhere. as michael george reports, a lot of them are staying longer in rentals like airbnb. >> reporter: taylor gill gets paid to help other people become digital nomads like her, working while traveling the world. >> right now i am actually in columbia, and in the fall i was able to visit cape town south africa, kenya, canary islands. >> reporter: with millions of americans working remotely, more and more are choosing to untethered themselves from a home base. >> the longer this pandemic goes on, though longer it will take to return to the way it
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was. >> airbnb says half the nights but from last july to september were for stays of seven days or longer and a fifth of its businesses people staying longer than one month. on tuesday, airbnb ceo ryan chesky started his stay at an atlanta area airbnb. he plans to move to a different town every week to get a feel for nomad living. >> i want to really test the experience, optimize and show that you can run a big company doing this. >> gill started living as a digital nomad in 2018. she has seen the community grow exponentially since the pandemic began. >> the flexibility to travel and be in different places allows you to have new experiences outside of work every day. >> reporter: she says a hybrid approach is also gaining popularity, traveling while still retaining a home. michael george, cbs news, new york. the 64th annual grammy awards is leaving l.a.
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and heading to las vegas. the show is scheduled for january 31st in los angeles, but because of covid, the recording academy decided to postpone it to april. you can still watch the grammys hosted by trevor noah on sunday, april 3rd, right here on kpix 5. coming up, this week's jefferson award winner takes us all the way to guatemala. how a bay area doctor is improving access to healthcare in remote villages. on carter evans in kansas city, where hospitalizations are at an all-time high, but vaccinations are not. coming up on the cbs evening news, we will take you
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if you have asthma or an ear ache you probably don't have to go too far to see the doctor. in some countries, there is no clinic nearby. >> a northbay physician is changing that for remote areas of guatemala. sharon chen introduces us to this week's jefferson award winner. >> reporter: ryan and liz, it takes 22 hours from the bay area to guatemala, home to 60,000 people, and dr. kate five bush is improving and saving lives. >> reporter: dr. kate of windsor travels to guatemala 2
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to 3 times per year to improve healthcare in remote rural villages. >> the roads are in poor condition, so people can live as much as four hours away from a winick, and eight hours away from a hospital. it is a grueling volunteer experience. >> reporter: kate practices family medicine at kaiser permanente in santa rosa. the single mom of two also found tend health in 2017. trains run so they can provide affordable emergency care to neighbors in their vehicles. villages. they provide emergency care for everything from diabetes to fractures. >> lots of injuries. they so up lacerations all the time. >> reporter: a new clinic was built with a quarter million dollars that kate raised in bay area donations. it served 6000 last year. the center also includes dormitories to house visiting professionals to teach, and
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students who train for three years to become community health workers. >> training and exercise. >> reporter: retired physical therapist randy francis volunteered in 2019 to give orthopedics instruction for a week. >> it was a phenomenal experience with these a very highly motivated students who really wants to learn how to help people. >> reporter: kate says they have trained 40 community health workers like miguel, now able to improve lives. he said sometimes, we never thought we would have the ability. but with time, we are becoming more experienced. health worker estrella says appreciative parents have told her, you are an angel. the covid-19 surge has postponed travel for volunteer teachers. when it is safe to go, dr. trish says her family medicine residents from kaiser, santa rosa, can't wait to experience the joy of giving through kate's training program. >> it is such a testament to who kate is.
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she is so focused on caring for others. >> it is the most rewarding thing i have done in my life, which is why i keep doing it. >> reporter: for empowering neighbors to care for the health of their neighbors in nora rural guatemalan villagers, this week's award in the bay area goes to dr. kate five bush. >> we are saluting all of last year jefferson award winners with a virtual medal ceremony, that will be next thursday night . you are all invited, but you have to register. to do that, you can go to our jefferson award webpage, it is a wonderful event. if you're looking for a reason to smile, encourage everyone to tune in. during such wonderful things for the community. >> you will leave inspired. >> sharon, thank you. you can nominate someone
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for a bay area jefferson award, use that same website sharon told us about, let's check in with paul heggen. another beautiful day on tap. >> nice weather in general but eventually we do need some rain returning to the forecast but it won't happen over the next several days. will see some moisture in the form of areas of dense fog, similar to what we had this morning. pretty stubborn. it won't last as long or be as widespread as what we saw this morning but it will still be out there. dry and mild weather in general over the next seven days. that is the dominant theme of the extended forecast. gusty wind kicking in. offshore wind friday and saturday will be the warmest two days and the wind could gust up to around 50 miles per hour in the higher elevations. even the more densely populated lower elevations could see 30 to 40 miles per hour gusts into the first half of the day on saturday. that will help to stir the
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atmosphere, dispersed low-level pollution, and improve our air quality. i think we will be in the good category by the end of the workweek on friday because the wind dies down saturday afternoon and the second half of the weekend, we will lose that stirring effect in the atmosphere, so the pollution and smog will settle back down, that smudge of hayes on the horizon will be back for the second half of the weekend but we won't have anything worse than moderate air quality by sunday. looking outside right now, a nice view for sales force tower, temperatures are warmer, through fremont pacifica right and 60 degrees in san francisco once the fog is dissipated. low 60s for san jose and concord and mid-60s in santa rosa. tomorrow's temperature a couple degrees warmer. it is still 60 degrees right now, 64 degrees in fairfield. 60 in santa rosa, the temperatures dropping down into the 50s up to 50 degrees already . 53 degrees at sfo and cooling things off already. we are going to see fog developing which shows up in the bright white on future cast
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, passing clouds higher in the atmosphere that faint shade of gray. fog around the base spilling into some of the inland valleys should dissipate faster tomorrow. we should clear out by late morning, noon at the latest but today until about 2:00 or 3:00 for the last of the fog to dissipate but it will happen faster tomorrow. temperatures in the low and mid 40s for most of us, the chili's to sponsor dipping to the upper 30s and the temperatures are going to bounce back. we will lose that early morning fog and low cloud cover. temperatures in san francisco up to 60 today should make it into the low 60s for high temperatures tomorrow. santa rosa made it to the mid- 60s today and mid-60s tomorrow, maybe a degree or two warmer. plenty of sunshine overhead throughout the day. concord climbing to about 60 degrees, but low 60s with fog more prevalent early in the morning. san jose back up into the mid- 60s. all these are running a 4 to 6 degrees for the middle of january. tomorrow will be late to january , since it's the 20th. cool spots, pacifica and antioch book ending the bay area.
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warm spot in santa rosa and san jose book ending us north to south. temperatures will be slightly warmer friday and saturday with stronger offshore wind and then we gradually cool off into the second half of the weekend and into early next week. still bringing us above average temperatures even along the coast, where highs are likely to hit or exceed 60 degrees all the way through the weekend. >> looks beautiful, thanks. coming up at 6:00, more trouble for embattled santa clara county sheriff lori smith. we will have more on the investigation as well as how she is responding. rising sea level threat in the south bay, the work being done right now to protect the communities risk of flooding. a popular bay area brewery closing its doors after more than 30 years. the news that 6:00 is coming up in five minutes. still ahead here at 5:00, the bay area may be getting a new pro sport. the push to
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here is a fun fact. did you know that cricket is the world's second most popular sport? >> i didn't know that. historically, cricket has not been popular in the united states. >> kiet do has more on why that could soon change with a new stadium here in the bay area. >> reporter: this is the first may just a major step as a
5:57 pm
santa clara county enters into an exclusive negotiating agreement with major league cricket. i can now start the planning and design process which can take a couple of years. this is far from a done deal, but at this point, it is looking pretty good. >> reporter: for the past two years it has been used as the county's covid-19 testing site, but going back as far as anybody can remember, the parking lot across from the fairgrounds has been just that. 14 acres of dirt and asphalt. perhaps, not for long. the second most popular sport in the world is coming to northern california.'s budget is tremendously exciting for cricket in the bay area. >> reporter: tom dunmore, with major league cricket, says the sport is very popular in india, pakistan, sri lanka, and across south asia. coming to the bay area with a strong fan base is like hitting a six. >> particularly around silicon valley, a lot of the tech companies employ large numbers of people from those locations who come here, that is accelerated over the past 10 to
5:58 pm
15 years. seeding a strong base of ex-pat cricket fans. >> reporter: these are early concept renderings of what the facility might look like. it would feature a world-class pitch, state-of-the-art locker rooms, luxury suites, and seating for 6000 to 8000 people, which could scale up to 15,000 for large international events like the world cup. >> we are not planning to subsidize the stadium. >> reporter: county supervisor otto lee says the plan is to lease the land but not use public money. >> the negotiation is only started, so everything is on the drawing board but ultimately what we want to do is make it through but at the same time we are not expected to shovel a lot of funds to help build these facilities. >> to the local cricket community, news of a pro- stadium coming to the south bay was an absolute chauffer. >> very crazy to have a cricket stadium because that would be amazing for the use.
5:59 pm
to generate interest and pick up the game, and hopefully rise up to the regional level. right now on kpix 5 streaming cbsn bay area, more trouble for santa clara county sheriff lori smith as california's top rescued her slapped her office of a civil rights investigation. >> i wish it had not come to this. it should not have come to this. more on the breaking story in oakland. the search for a suspect who cleared out and elaborate pipe bomb hoax, and that person's message for police. >> inaction is not an option. we need to take action, now. later, the work being done
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to protect the south bay from rising sea levels. good evening, i'm allen martin. >> i'm elizabeth cook. we start with breaking news of a pipe bomb hoax in downtown oakland. >> katie nielsen is live at the scene with the latest for us. katie? >> reporter: about five or 10 minutes ago this scene completely broke down becaus the alameda county bomb squad determined the suspicious package they have been looking at all afternoon turned out to be a hoax. they said that it was designed to look exactly like a pipe bomb. it had circuit boards, wires, screws, but when they actually did the x-rays on that to determine what it was, they figured out that it was not in fact an explosive device, so, the bomb squad team went over to pick it up and they found some type of note inside to law enforcement. now fbi is not saying what that


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