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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  January 19, 2022 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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right now, breaking news. california attorney general just announced a major investigation into a bay area law enforcement agency. good afternoon. kpix5 is live with the details on the probe into the sheriff's management of south bay jails. > a hand at attorney general said the investigation is to determine whether the santa clara sheriff's office has engaged in a pattern of unconstitutional conduct. this is a midconcerning allegations. when asked if he could talk more on the specifics he said he couldn't get in to the details due to it being an ongoing investigation. he said it relates to conditions of confinement in the county jail and that they would be looking at the use of
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force and treatment or ckof. sheriff is fighting corruption allegations in court. she said its clear there is a lack of trust in the county. >> it's time that truth comes to light. we will use our authority under the california constitution to determine whether the sheriff's office has engaged in a pattern or a practice of violating state and/or federal law. if so, identity and compel the correction of any violations of the community's rights. >> he said in the days, months ahead the investigation will be complete and impartial. he encouraged anyone with information to contact the civil rights enforcement. >> we streamed the press conference live. you can watch 24-7 on kpix5app
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or on the website. the live news desk. in less than on hour the president is going to be holding a news conference to mark the eve of his first year in office. let's take a live look at the white house where he will focus on the highlights including work to prepare international relations and a major vaccine roll out on the covid front they did make another major announcement today. a plan to distribute high quality n95 masks to people around the country for free. pharcicommity avlable alth centers. all coming from the strategic national stock pile. shipments start this week. the new government website where people can order flee rapid tests is up and running. four free tests are allowed per home address. the white house is spending a billion dollars to deliver the first 500 million tests. the president is going to have a lot of tough questions to answer when it comes to his
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covid response and our shaky economy. that news conference is starting at one our time. cbs news will have a special report. you can watch it here on kpix5. back to you. the pandemic is taking its toll on california's health care system. today first responderns pleaded with state lawmakers to address emergency response times. >> the system throughout the state is at a critical point. what the pandemic has been a serious and complicating factor in the system challenges it is only exposed the long term critical weakness in the operation of our ems systems that, for years, have been failing our communities. >> stanford university is under pressure after hundreds of people signed a petition urging the schoe phd student wh petition gathered nearly 1600 signatures a week ago. it asked stanford to take back its decision requiring everybody to get boosters.
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the petition called the mandate unethical. students returning to in person classes must provide booster proof by the end of the month. and if you are looking for a covid test vaccine or booster visit our county by county resource guide on just click the red banner at the top of the page. new developments. the man accused of shoving a bay woman in to the path of a train was arraigned today. prosecutors say that simon marshall confessed to pushing michelle go over the weekend. he will be held without bail. >> that was the scene in china town last night. dozens of people gathered for a individuall to remember go. friends say she was a smart and giving person. and the south bay two people are dead and another injured after a traffic crash in san jose. a car was driving north near foxworthy when it hit three adults last night.
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police say the three were not in a marked crosswalk when they were struck. >> the message is please use a crosswalk. especially at night. especially on an expressway. like i said i don't want to victim blame but it was a bad decision crossing an expressway at night outside of a crosswalk. >> police say that no drugs or alcohol were involved. this is the 6th fatal collision so far this year for the city. on the peninsula the search is underway for an aggressive mountain lion. >> justin andrew is in belmont where the big cat apparently attacked another mountain lion. >> we spent hours here in belmont talking to people to see if they heard or saw this mountain lion. no luck here but police sent out an alert it. was around two when melissa alerted people on twitter to use caution. they say an aggressive mountain lion was seen in the 2500 block of hastings just east of upper
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creek and canyon creek trails. the big cat fought and killed another mountain lion according to police in the area. game wardens responded, the high school is nearby and students got this alert sent to their e-mail. >> i didn't see it as too much of a problem because it did say that it happened at 2:00 a.m. i read it this morning when i was in starbucks. it was -- i think it was about like 8:00 a.m. at starbucks. i was like, okay, its been six hours since the mountain lin was seen. >> more than half of california is in mountain lion habitat. it's nature is to avoid humans. attacks on humans are very rare. if you see one though it's recommended that a void approaching one and do not run. they say running may trigger a chase. it's recommended that you make loud noises, even try to look bigger than you are by waving your hands or opening your jackets or even throwing rocks.
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if you see a mountain lion or have small young children with you it's recommended that you pick those children up. again there is no long ernie danger. in belmont. taking a live look now at sfo where some flights in to the airport are being canceled. it's all due to verizon and at&t rolling out their 5g networks. both say they are delaying activating towers near some airports but airlines aren't taking chances. chris breaks down the latest on the controversial tech. >> as at&t verizon are launching their new wireless service nationwide airlines are bracing for travel headaches. >> we will see some disruptions. there's no question about it. the president of the airline pilot's association. >> we want to be leaders in the world in terms of 5g. we don't want to do it at the expense of safety. >> while the fcc said that 5g
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is safe the faa is concerned about interference with systems that help pilots land in low visibility and bat weather prompting a host of flight restrictions. >> if there is cloud cover, rain, you can't use that equipment. you can't land at airports. atlanta, at detroit. this cannot be the outcome. >> airlines warned as many as 1100 passenger and cargo flights a day would be delayed, diverted or canceled. tuesday the wireless companies agreed to two mile buffer zones around many of the nation's busiest air mortgages. the faa said that will are he deuce the worst disruptions but it has approved just 45% of airliners to operate in all weather conditions where 5g is active. airline industry analyst. >> this could have an effect on people who live in midsize and smaller towns where they depend on smaller plane that aren't on the approved list. >> even something like fog in a mor us airport could cause long delays to ripple across
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the country. already some international airlines have canceled flights to the united states. cbs news, denver. in washington dc senate democrats are marching forward on their voting rights bill. taking a live look at capitol hill where their plans could fold tonight. the bill has no republican support and it expected to fail. the bill would allow early voting and vote by mail in every state and make election day a national holiday. it would also force states that want to pass changes in their voting laws by the department of justice before enacting them. that's after 19 states passed new voting restrictions following the 2020 presidential election. >> you better stand up because if you don't they are coming after your rights next. >> the predictions for failing to support their entirely partisan election reform,
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worked out by themselves without any input from any single person on my side of the aisle is far beyond the pale. >> republicans argue many of the chances aren't necessary and would make elections less secure. in just a few hours key vote is expected in the a's plan to build their new ballpark at the port of oakland. they are will prevent their final report to the planning commission. if the committee signs off it goes to the full city council for consideration. however, a lot of people in the community feel its anything but a done deal. a group fighting the project just release a new poll it. found 46% of oaklanderns are opposed to the $350 million project. coming up on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, we are getting a closer look at the devastation in tonga after the under water volcano. and the company that helped the world work from home is heading back to the office with
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a twist. and most of us have broken out of the clouds this morning. there's a lot more blue sky now than there was for the early morning hours but it's still patchy out there and some north bay communities are still dealing it. ly spotlight where the trouble spots remain and then we will look
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ame is douglas. i'm a writer/director and i'm still working. in the kind of work that i do, you are surrounded by people who are all younger than you. i had to get help somewhere along the line to stay competitive. i discovered prevagen. i started taking it and after a period of time, my memory improved. it was a game-changer for me. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. developing now the threat
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from the under water volcano may not be over. entire communities are buried under ash. scientists are calling the biggest eruption in more than three decades. further eruptions are likely in the coming days and weeks. let's look at wall street now. the dow is down about 80 points. new at noon the company that helps the work from home movement during the pandemic is heading back to the office. zoom announced its return to office work plan this morning. only 2% will be in person full time. the rest will stay fully remote or switch to hybrid schedule. just 1% prefer to work full time in an office. late last night in the north bay marin water voted to repeal heavy fines for excessive water use that just took effect last month. this after december storms brought local reservoir storage
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back up to nearly 95%. decision will not lift current restrictions on certain activities like outdoor irrigation. santa clara is receiving a # $2 million grant to provide housing for those living on the streets. the funds are from the state's home key program. the county is set to use the cash to buy the bella vista inn and create 67 housing units for the homeless. officials say construction is scheduled to begin in march with a goal of watching up by december. let's get a check of the weather. >> we will look at the few the top of mount diablo. we can still see some of the leftover fog and midlevel clouds that are just -- low level clouds that are just sitting out there over the delta. from this vantage point as we look across from mount diablo we are looking across concord, across -- through -- part of the bridge and you can see some low clouds there just drifting. it's fine in the tri valley.
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we don't have any issues here. we had some of our thickest and most stubborn fog in the tri valley. everything has cleared out. beautiful blue sky. we check out the scene looking north. out toward mount tam you can see the leftover clouds hanging out over the bay and one last look from the mark hopkins. it's still hazy over the bay. the real trouble spots right here. high resolution satellite shows you where we still have a stubborn patch of stratus. all of san pablo. that's meting back as i speak. the visibility sensor is still down to three tenths of a mile. that's the only place that has an issue. with in the next hour to hour and a half even that will improve. then we all get into sun for the rest of today. temperatures out there right around the low tomid50's. we are going back up into the low to mid-60s's. you can see that for the south bay. 64 santa clara. 62 union city. san mateo61, we will see
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numbers in the low 60's for the inland valleys. back in the heart of the bay. the numbers perhaps cooler if you are right near the water. in general low to mid-60s's are still the rule here and certainly that holds true when you get newspaper to the north bay. we are waiting for a little bit of an off shore wind event. if it gets here early enough it can help with the fog. plan on a repeat performance of fog perhaps thursday morning. friday i don't think we will have have as much because of the off shore wind event. it could be windy in the mountains. i don't know how much we will notice it down here at the lower elevations. if anything changes, we will have the updated -- going to be great conditions in the mountains. the snow report looks fantastic. palisades has 60 inches of snow. that's enough to last the rest of the winter. seven day forecast. little bit of a warm up in the upper 60's for san jose. by the time we get to saturday and sunday. as we look we see that same
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warm up in the north bay. there you have it. all right. coming upsetting the bar really high, meet the california teen that achieved the virtually impossible. and streaming today on cbsn bay area. medicare is proposing to limit coverage of a controversial alzheimer's drug. the professor from ucsf said if that makes sense. you can find us on or on the app. we are also on the cbs news app. you can download it for free on your favorite streaming device. and don't forget to check out the new evening anchor. you can catch him with elizabeth cook
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after nearly two years the amazing race is finally making it's long awaited return to cbs. 11 teams will gather in switzerland to restart their race that started prepandemic. the teams will trek around the world, racing to one million dollars at the finish line. we spoke to the host about what it was like for teams to return to the competition after all that time off.
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>> this is the first time that teams have ever been able to stop down, rethink, reassess, come up with a different plan. so, yes, teams did use a -- a lot of teams used their time wisely and came back better and faster than they were in the beginning for sure. >> you can watch the amazing race tonight at nine right here on kpix5. only a fraction of a number of sat test takers achieve a perfect score. >> a northern california high school senior just pulled off the feat. every single question was answered correctly. just incredible. he said that he prepared when he had free time. he is student body president and vice captain of the robotics team at davis senior high school. >> i able to take up a job as a software engineering intern. >> he said that he applied to ou adozen colleges and
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expects to start hearing back in march. i'm sure that a lot of acceptance letters in his future. >> we will probably hear back before march. probably this month. coming up on the news at noon a new skin care ruin teen just hit the market. you will never forget what company is getting in on the trend. and today on the drew barrym
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with many employees able to work remotely some are staying longer and longer in rentals. coming up at three how the ceo of air b&b is testing out his own company's work from anywhere experience. one last look at the forecast. >> just enjoying watching the clouds melt back to give us a blue sky day and a stubborn patch ofclouds hanging on. the visibility sensor for napa at three tenths avenue i mile is the only one still hung out there. hang out. you will have better visibility with in the next hour and a half. we are in the mid50's now. daytime highs today will bring everybody up into the low to mid-60s's with blue sky and the seven day forecast we get a warm up. we will see temperature that climb in to the upper 60's by the time we get to thursday and friday. >> all right. thank you. turn a slice of bologn into
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a task in oscar meyer has created a skin care face mask. don't worry. taillight not made of bologna but it looks like some lunch meat. >> that's bologna. it's made with witchazel and sea weed ingredients. they are available on amazon. the company wants to warn you this mask is not edible. >> sadly you have to warn people of those things. >> i will stick to my floral face mask and call it a day. >> it's working wonderfully well. thank you for watching everybody.
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[ relaxing music ] >> hope: you know, i could get used to you working from home. >> liam: that was nice. well, yeah, with my dad out of town, i figured i'd take advantage. although, it's been quiet around here, right? >> hope: well, douglas is doing homework in his room and beth is at her playdate. actually, are you going to be here for a bit? because i would like to go check in on my mom. >> liam: oh yeah. no, no, no. go. by all means. i know your mom's ah... facing some challenges since new year's, so. >> hope: drinking that night really...really broke her spirit. i am worried about her.


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