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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5am  CBS  January 19, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PST

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chase. make more of what's yours. right now open kpix5. a live look at sfo this morning. the safety concerns at some of the country's airports with a 5g wireless roll out. and the a's today are planning to present their final environmental impact report to the planning commission. the details coming up. and the website to order free covid tests up and running. the promises for some americans. and the new demand for stanford university to change it's covid booster mandate. good morning. it is wednesday, january 19th. >> good morning to you. let's get a check of weather and traffic starting it off with darren and a foggy start for some out there. >> a lot more than yesterday.
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north bay valleys and east bay valleys, tri valley looking at fog. i will show you that. this is the view from the mark hopkins hotel. it's a good difference. low clouds here. we have that classic just kind of low hanging, midlevel stratus cloud. not fog. it is its fog up here. santa rosa. napa. visibility readings down to less than a mile. fairfield now just went below a mile. livermore down to three tenths of a mile. that's the new spot and that may be one of the bigger impacts on the morning commute. the fog showing up through the tri valley. we will keep you very updated on that. temperatures in the mid-60s's today. this stuff burns off in the late morning. not just the fog. also the midlevel clouds. we will top out at 64 in san
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jose. look at fremont. 63, redwood city, 62, all of those numbers will climb by about four or five degrees in this seven day. a warm up for the end of the week. for now let's get over to gianna. thank you. let's take a look at traffic conditions as you head into the livermore valley. if you are coming in to the pass, on 580 westbound toward the dublin interchange we are tracking slightly slower speeds. you are dealing with foggy spots there. just be careful as you hit the roadways this morn the its starting to get busy. speeds down 42 miles abhijit hour as you passed north flynn. it improves slightly. slow onto 680. there is a crash also to look out for this is south 680 at 262 mission boulevard. left lane blocked until further notice. if are you headed out that area, 29 minutes westbound 580, 205 to 680. east shore freeway. highway 4 to the maze. looks like things moving okay. 14 minutes for the travel time.
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there was the earlier travel spot. that's been cleared out of lanes. i'm getting first reports of a crash south 101 north of broadway. details on that in my next report. a live look at sfo. the roll out for a new 5g technology is scheduled for today. this morning major airlines and pilots sounding the alarm. they warn that the new technology could interfere with flight systems, especially at foggy airports like sfo. they have agreed to delay the roll out with in a two mile radius of certain runways. they say it's not needed with 5g being used in 40 other countries. >> you have the carry ears who spent a lot of money seth up their wireless network and 5g. sundayly being hold forget all that. shut it down. >> when it comes to safety there's no calendar. you get it done. you get it done right or you don't do it.
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>> travel experts warning today could be chaos and you should postpone your flight by a day if possible. right now sfo seeing no delays with you cancellations. delays. has three delays and hay the a's will psent their na environmental impact report on their howard terminal stadium project to the planning commission. >> we are live with more on this critical decision to keep the team in oakland. >> today during the public hearing the planning commission will consider recommending the approval of the environmental impact report to city council. this could be a big step forward for the a's. the project would include a waterfront ballpark with the capacity of up to 35,000 people. 3,000 units of housing and space for retail use and offices. as we approach today's hearing
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we know not everybody agrees with this. the east oakland stadiuma alliance, a group opposed to the site released a survey asking 509 people how they felt about the deal requiring the city to pay $350 million in improvements to the area around the site. >> when we don't give a number and say do you support or oppose the use of taxpayer money to help build or help make possible the building of this stadium, more voters opposed than support. a total of 46% are opposed and 37% support. >> however the city said those funds would becoming from taxes generated from increased economic activity. that won't happen without -- that won't happen without the project but not everybody is convinced. we know there's been a lot of back and forth on this the planning commission meeting is set so start at three this afternoon. for now back to you. >> all right. thank you.
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oakland student leaders say that they plan to continue boycotting classes today over covid safety measures even though the district said its meeting all of their demands. yesterday the boycott led to three school closures. students and teachers also held a car caravan. hundreds signed a petition demanding the district provide masks, more spaces to eat outside, and twice weekly covid testing. student leaders say they are still at an impass, over testing policies which a district spokesperson outlined yesterday. >> we have very robust testing at ten hubs across the city throughout the week. we have been towing that since last fall. last fall the fall semester, this school year we did 130,000 tests. >> the students say the testing sites are only open during school hours which makes it hard for families and teachers to get tested. and while there are some indications that omicron has
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peaked some areas are still seeing a high number of cases. this comes as the federal government begins the process to mail out free covid tests. while the positive rate remains steady infectious disease experts said the good news is that at ucfs doctors haven't seen an increase in about a week. yesterday the federal government took a step to combat omicron by offering four free tests per house. >> it is a little too late for omicro n. i would encourage everybody to keep it on. there's still going to be disease around. >> the first shipments of the test should go out by the end of this month. and the website to sign up for free test kits is having some problems. some people in the same apartment building could not order a kit because of the same address. others said the zip code is not enough and you need to enter
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the extra four digits. we are expecting a big press conference from the president today. of course he will go over that plan, taking a live look at the white house it. was called to highlight the wins in biden's first term but is he going to have a lot of tough questions to answer as well. in addition to that test roll out his administration announcing a plan to distribute high quality free n95 masks. 400 million of people will be available at pharmacies and community health centers. all coming the strategic national stock pile. the administration will he begin shipments this week. they are hope to have that program fully operational by early february according to white house officials. we will keep an eye on the press conference today. new this morning stanford university is under pressure after hundreds of people signed a petition urging the school to drop its booster mandate.
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the student who started that petition gathered nearly 1600 signatures a week ago asking stanford to take back its decision requiring everybody to get a booster. it calls the mandate unethical. students returning to in person classes must provide booster proof by the end of the month. if you are looking for a covid test vaccine or booster, visit the county by county resource guide on just click the red banner at the top of the page. too san francisco where more than 100 people gathered last night to remember the life of michelle go. >> no fear in my eyes. >> the song going through china town was filled with sadness as people gathered to remember the fremont native. she was killed over the weekend after being shoved in front of a new york city subway train. her family hopes people remember her life rather than the way she died. >> she was smart, a very
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givenning person. she showed what it meant to be alive. to be human. a vigil was also held in new york time square. detectives in new york are investigating the attack as a possible hate crime but say so far there is no evidence go was targeted because of her race. a live look at san francisco where the mayor is pushing to change a city security camera law to curb crime. existing law currently bans police from monitoring security cameras in realtime. the mayor's office said that make itself harder to disrupt crimes like the open air drug markets in the tenderloin. police commanderns could not monitor live camera feeds while those thefts were underway. dozen san jose businesses are sweeping up after a rush of smash and grabs targeting their atm's using several different vehicles they hit six businesses in just a few hours.
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store surveillance video shows the men in one car ran through the glass and took away the atm. >> this happened all over the city from the south part of the city into town town. toward the north end of the city. we do believe that this group was working in concert together, different vehicles, same group of people. >> the suspects were only able to get away with one atm out of the six businesses that were targeted. it is 5:11. still ahead, and streaming on cbsn bay area. a stopping shortage for san jose police. the department solution for the issue. in a response from the union. and the now marijuana rules in napa after a big vote. and as we look at the roadways we are dealing with foggy spots this morning. heads up, be careful. we mr. have
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the search is on for the suspect in a series of unprovoked attacks on the berkeley campus. the most recent happened early yesterday afternoon on the south side of hawes school of business in berkeley. police say the man in this photograph violently shoved another man from behind causing injuries to his face when he
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fell. investigators believe the same suspect is likely responsible for three separate assaults on campus. san jose police are considering putting detectives back out on patrol part time to help cover for dozens of officers sidelined by covid. the department is struggling a staffing shortage. the city has a budget for more than 1100 officers but only has about a thousand. then subtract officers who are sick, injured, on leave or off shift. >> we sign to our patrol division. we are? the neighborhood of about 450. that's 450 officers for a million people seven days a week, 24 hour its a day. >> the police union said that the plan would rob peter to pay paul by taking detective away from where they are needed. they want the spots to be filled with voluntary overtime. a staff at a bagel shop in vacaville quit as a protest. >> they posted a video to
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tiktok showing their final day. its gone viral with millions of views. they are say the move was in response to what they are calling a toxic workplace. a manager had just been fired and a district supervisor responded to complaints with a threat that everybody could be replaced. in protest, everybody resigned at the same time. >> we all walked in at the same time. we dropped off our keys and wrote a note saying we quit. when you be little someone to where they don't want to work for you. why do i want to spend eight hours for a company that doesn't appreciate me? >> right now the shop is still open with managers taking on the responsibilities of their former employees. the city of napa has voted to allow cannabis sales. right now they only low medical sales. under the new rules the six existing areas will be able to
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sell cannabis to anyone 21 and older. the biden administration announcing a ten year plan to reduce damage from wildfires here in california and across the western united states. the strategy focuses on controlled burns and logging to reduce the fuel for these costly and sometimes deadly fires. the government will spend $50 billion thinning forests and vegetation. marin will repeal fines -- december storms brought reservoir storage back up to 95%. the decision will not lift current restrictions on certain activities like outdoor irrigation. it's 5:17. let's get you caught you up on weather and traffic. >> let's start with how it feels outside. >> word of the morning is fog. it's a lot more widespread than it was yesterday.
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it's in the low 40a in the north bay valleys. that's warmer. that's also where the fog is. we are down to three tenths of a mile. look at livermore. three tenths of a mile. that's one of our trouble spots. if we switch from looking at the right now -- readings on visibility and put on what the high resolution forecast model says will happen next you can see the pools right thereof the fog filling the valley. let's play it forward from 5:00 a.m. it takes a while. they melt back. by noon not only is the fog gone but the clouds are gonew.
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he have like a layer cake of gray out there right now. it's not the prettiest start to the day in that regard there. will be blue sky today by the time we get in to the afternoon and daytime high that will climb in too the mid-60s's. 64 san jose. 65 for santa rosa. in the low to mid-60s's for we will go to 62 redwood city. as we look at the big picture. you can see all the storms out here. everything is riding up and over. here is the most dramatic example. see that one right there? that line of rain attached to that system. that is friday afternoon. watch what happens to that. its going to get pushed back. that is how you can spot it right under there. big ridge of high pressure that's forcing all the storms to go up and around the long way. when we look at it in terms of where it rains over the next several days you can see a pattern on there. there is that ridge of high pressure and it's got us all to itself right now. the rain cannot get here as
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long as we have a pattern that is as locked in place as that one is. we have plenty of snow in the mountains. the sierra snow report looks great today. we have close to 100 inches at north star. free roads and clear roads. it's a good time to be in the mountains right now. seven day forecast shows us daytime highs climbing higher from here. it'll be sunny today but low to mid-60s's. it'll be sunny for the rest of the week and each day gets warmer. by saturday and sunday daytime highs near 67 for san jose. mid-60s's for oakland and as we look at the micro climate this middle line shows you the daytime highs for the north bay valleys and that's a 68 degrees daytime high on friday. how is the drive looking? starting to get busy this morning for that ride in to the pass. we have the slow stuff. the slow speeds out of tracy getting onto 580. super commuters you have those
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brake lights to deal with and you will run into fog this morning as well on the freeway. be careful if you are traveling at long 580 this morning. we are not seeing any major issues or brake lights but keep that in mind as you hit the roadways. the 6:00 hour roll as long things will get busier. over on 880 we have some road work southbound 880 as you head into that -- just out of that union city area. looks like a few brake lights building because of this traffic down about seven miles an how many. slow conditions there. coming away from 92 as you head south of there on 880 over into union city. plan for that. hopefully lanes will open up by six. things will get better there. in the meantime you may want to stick with 238 to avoid any delays or bring lights. south 10 is from around broadway. this crash cleared out of lanes. things moving nicely in both directions along 101. they are still clearing the crash. tow crews are on scene. south 680. everything is getting pushed
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out of the left lane over to the right hand side of the roadway. your travel time, the slow spot is that ride on 580. that is a 33 minute commute already this morning. if you are commuting out of the north bay, watching the freeways. 101, highway 12 due to the foggy conditions. santa rosa, be careful as you hit the roads this morning for your commute. new this morning the building that housed san francisco's famed cliff house restaurant may be serving food again this year. the national park service owns the build that overlooks ocean beach and started its formal leasing process yesterday. interested people have 120 days to submit a proposal. the park service said that it's hoping to choose an operator by the summer. >> i look forward to seeing what happens there. it's 5:22. still ahead,. >> lift off from the space coast. the mission of space x's latest launch, stay with us.
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we will be right back.
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between noon and two. the forecast in the low 60's for that time frame. this will be a good day to be outside for it too. by the time we get to noon we will have more blue sky. it's very gray out there right now. we have a lot of midlevel clouds and fog. we will talk more about that as you get ready to get out the door. look ahead to the afternoon. it'll be a beautiful day. we will be in the low to mid- 60s's for daytime highs by the time we get there. you can see how the clouds will clear out and it'll be like a different place. ly have the rest of the forecast in just a few minutes. back to you. >> all right. thank you. space x is keeping up with a rapid fire launch pace. >> they sent their third falcon nine of the year and their 49th star link internet satellite into orbit. >> ignition and lift off. >> the launch was their
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103rdrd success of recovery in its 79th at sea. they have approval to launch more than 12,000 star links to provide satellite internet access to anywhere in the world. still ahead, senate democrats with another big push for voting rights. why the efforts are widely expected to fail. and the federal relief now on the way to school across the country to help with the battle against covid. and we sure to check out our new evening anchor. you can catch him with elizabeth cook in our five, 7 and 11:00 p.m. ne
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expressing concerns about the 5g roll out. plus the big vote that could finally happen today in dc on a new vetting rights bill. >> and the federal covid relief funding on the way to school across the country. good morning. it's wednesday. january 19th. let's start with darren with a look at the forecast for the week. >> good morning. each morning so far over the last few days of this week has gotten a little foggier that's one before it. this morning is certainly doing that. the camera on top of mount d," ablo looking over concord has the low clouds. not much fog for conorder. i'm in livermore. the visibility down to a half mile. the inland valleys of the east bay are foggy. it's cloudy for the bay. no fog on the road in the bay just yetn. north bay there is.
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santa rosa you are reporting fog. it's relatively warm. nobody is in the 30's. everybody held on to the 40's. that's what will happen when you have a thick blanket of clouds, the fog, it all just helps insula, te things. let's look at the trouble spots. that's not good. livermore three tenths of a mile. you will slow down on your drive if you are in any one of those places. tri valley. more blue sky and daytime highs in to the low and mid-60s's. question have a warming trend to look at too toward the end of the seven day forecast. toward the end of this weekly have more on that in a bit. for now gianna how does the drive look? >> let's talk about one of those foggy spots and check your drive as you make your way westbound 580. the commute direction heading toward the dublin. the brake lights building out of the pass heading through that area. just a heads up give yourself extra time and we are dealing
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foggy spots this morning. limited visibility may by an issue. good news to report on delays we have been following at long 880 southbound as you head into union city. had construction there blocking lanes. it's now in the clearing stages. things improving slightly. now down to had 4á 2 miles an hour. that's looking better than about ten minutes ago. tr essp the drive d205 toward 680. if you are taking the bay bridge no mooterring lights just yet. starting to get busier across the upper deck into san francisco. unten minutes though for your ride from the maze over into the city. plan for that. that's a look at your morning ride. developing this morning airlines are rushing to scrap or change flights to the united states over launch of new 5g technology. experts warn we could see significant flight disruptions today. >> justin andrew is at sfo for us this morning. taking at i look at the impact. >> we just checked this morning and here there are only eight cancellations but that
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number is expected to rise over the next several hours. we know that at&t and verizon are launching 5g service but not at many of the major airports. the showdown between wireless and the airlines started the airline former and a group released a letter warning the 5g launch today could interfere resulting in chaos at the nation's airports. major airlines and pilots sounding the alarm warning the new technology could interfere with critical airplane technology. airlines like japan and air india cut service at certain united states airports. >> what you have is the carrers who spent a ton of money setting up their wireless networks and 5g. suddenly being told forget all of that. shut it down. don't use it. of course there they are upset. the airlines want to make sure that its bullet proof safe. i don't think a lot of people
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would argue with them about that. >> travel experts warning us that the best advice is to delay your international flight by a day. they say that will help avoid what they are calling chaos. at sfo. justin andrews. as hospitals continue to see a high number of covid patients this refacing another problem, unprecedented blood shortage. >> we are live with more on how you can help. >> the red cross is declaring an emergency blood crisis for the first time. it's a problem we are seeing across the nation. a doctor with the american red cross said blood banks and hospitals empty. omicron has led to fewer donors and staffing shortages and the winter weather we are seeing in other parts of the country isn't making it any eye easier. >> a snowstorm, a hush, tornado, the fires. the rest of the country can continue to collect to make up
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for the short falls. our starting point was willing so low that every hit is taking us lower. >> here locally the regional medical center is encouraging people to make appointments to give blood, take a look. they are holding a blood drive from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. in their south building at norris canyon road. you can head to red cross and enter the code crrmc to make appointments. if you have had covid you can still donate. the red cross asks you wait two weeks after a positive and be healthy and symptom free the day you donate. now back to you. new this morning santa clara just received a $22 million grant to provide housing for those living on the streets. the funds are from the state's home key program. the county is set to use the cash to buy the bella vista inn in santa clara and turn it into 67 housing units for homeless residents this he say construction is scheduled to start in march with the goal of
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watching up by december. in the east bay the walnut creek city council has endorsed a buffer area outside the planned parenthood clinic on oakland boulevard. the ordinance is aimed to protect employees and clients harassment by anti abortion protestors. according to walnut creek police they received 42 calls of instances between january 1th 2020 and november 5th, 2021. they say the decision came down to public safety. long time east bay lawmaker will retire as the state's congressional election map is changing. district nine representative jerry announced yesterday that he is not seeking re-election this year. he has sevenned in congress since 2007. he joins at least 26 democrats not seeking re-election. and check this out. this is how district nine is changing. it's still -- in stockton but the new borders no longer
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include eastern contra costa. yesterday representative josh harter also announced he plans to run in the district nine congressional race. he has represented the 10th district since 2019. his office is based in turlock. at the live news desk and let's look at capitol hill right now where today senate democrats will try to proceed with their voting rights bill even though everything looks all but dead at this point. they got around a gop filibuster to start that debate but now they need 60 votes to end debate and actually get this to the vote floor. not looking very likely. the bill would allow early voting and vote by mail in every state and make election day a national holiday. another would force states that want to pass changes in their voting laws by the department of justice before doing them. that is after 19 states passed new restrictions after the 2020
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presidential election. republicans argue that many of the changes aren't necessary and that they actually may make the elections less secure. republicans and at least two democrats right now standing in the way of the reforms. the house committee investigating the capitol riots has subpoenaed some of former prosecutes trump's advisers. they said they are interested in their conversation was trump and his claims of voter fraud. the president just announced more tools for schools to fight covid nationwide. the department of education just completed the distribution of $122 billion in school relief funding the american rescue plan. officials say that state and local leaders can use the funds in areas like testing, staff recruitment and protestive equipment. time now for your money watch report. a rough start for earnings season and a new call to reduce plastic pollution. diane king hall from the cbs
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broadcast center. good morning. >> good morning. on the earnings front it's a tale of twoa banks. got man sac's fell below $4 billion. on the flip side bank of america is out with its quarterly report card card and profit beat expectations. the second biggest bank said 4th quarter earnings topped 7 billion dollars. revenue to thel add 22 billion. more than half of americans are not ready for an emergency. accord doing a new survey by bank rate only about four in ten have enough savings to cover a thousand dollars emergency like a trip to the emergency room or unplanned car repair. others would have to rush to find the means like putting on a credit card or personal loan. there's a call to reduce plastic pollution from some of the bingest plastic polluters. coke, pepsi, nestlx others want the un to put in a global pack
5:40 am
that reduces production of the material and increases recycling. the plea a month officer the environmental assepbly. >> it sounds like google is taking on the role of digital life coach. what is this about? >> i know. people are going to google. at&t searched for 2021for the 4th year in a row should i questions led the way. it was top in 14 states including california. eight states asked the same question about a house. americans also took to google for answers on whether to have a baby or get a dog and three states needed to know should i text him? the answer is no. >> yeah. if you ever have to ask that question, especially too -- i don't know, google. the answer is no. just don't do it, sis. block him. >> you can ask how do i, how much does this cost, exactly. not a dm either. >> and then asking should i
5:41 am
have a baby to google? >> ask your partner. exactly. >> we will see you coming up at 6:30. >> all right. >> see you. >> i have so many questions for the people asking those questions. >> same. same. still ahead on kpix5 did streaming on cbsn bay area. >> exercising may have just gotten more expensive. what is driving a price hike for peleton. and your wallet is getting squeezed a little more. the reasons behind a surge in orange juice prices. google, should i get myself more time on the road this morning? yes. if you are in north bay valleys or east bay valleys there. is a dense fog advisory that was just issued by the national weather service in fact. it's on the north bay valleys. we will spotlight that and look ahead to the rest of the forecast as well, coming up.
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the live news desk. we have breaking news right now on the peninsula. a mountain lion was scene. i want to show you this area. the belmont police tweeting this out with in the last hour. the 2500 block of hastings there in belmont. the police calling an aggressive mountain lion that killed another one in that area. last seen around two. this is just east of the upper
5:45 am
creek and canyon creek running trails. just west of carlmont high school. this very game wardens out there and they are asking people to use caution in this area. we will keep you posted. back to you. high inflation is pushing up the cost of nearly everything. that includes treadmills and stationary bikes. exercise equipment giant peleton is hiking the price of its bike fivas after cutting to boost sagging sales. starting january 31th customers will have to pay $250 for delivery and set up for the company's nearly 1,500-dollar bike. addingthe delivery and set up fee which used to be included, brings the cost to $1,700. another item on your grocery list is going to be more expensive. orange juice sales are going higher. citrus disease and less than favorable weather conditions have hurt crops over the past
5:46 am
few years. the u.s.d.a. expects florida to produce nearly 45 million boxes of oranges in 2022. that would be the smallest harvest. the state has produced in nearly 80 years. it's 5:46. a collect on the weather and traffic now. >> start it off with darr, n and it's foggy. >> yeah. and a new item with in the last half hour. national weather service has now issued a dense fog advisory for the north bay. so the north bay is always the trouble spot. it's not the only place that has fog. i will show you the other location that need to be aware of this in a second. first since this is the dense fog advisory for now, 10 #, the whole corridor. santa rosa, and even into napa valley. you don't have to be on 101 to experience this. napa visibility down to three tenths of a mile. here is a good clue. we don't have fog on the road but you can see how low the
5:47 am
clouds are. that low stratus deck. when we look from the top of mount diablo we are looking over concord where there is not a major issue with fog on the road at this point either. you can see plenty of low clouds out here. let's go to the map. the temperatures are fine. they are warm. it's near 50 degrees in san jose right now. low to mid-40s's in the north bay. that's how you know we have a thick blanket of cloud. the temperatures haven't dropped all that much. when we put the visibility readings on here we can pick out the trouble spots. we already know the north bay valleys got an issue. this goes out to fairfield. on 80 as well through the delta and into the valley through solano be aware of this. look at livermore. tri valley. have you reduced visibility and i know gianna has been watch that. we will hear more from her in the traffic report. this all goes away by late morning. it'll be blue sky, you will have a beautiful day. we will go to the low and mid- 60s's for daytime highs and we
5:48 am
start a slow warming trend. you can see how the clouds clear out in a hurry. if we want to see the big picture pattern because this is late january would be nice to be seeing rain. can see where the storms are. watch where they are going. this one in particular really tells a story. friday afternoon there is a good storm out here in the park. as that couples our way watch it fall apart right there. it's like invisible force field. a big blocking ridge of high pressure off the coast of california with just forcing all of the storms that develop out here to go up and over it. when you just look at where it rains between now and the end of the month, you -- it's a dramatic look of that big block, that doughnut hole of nothingness right off the coast of california and that is how we go through our -- when we go into long periods without rain, without snow that's what they look like. good thing we have plenty of snow in the mountains. the base is doing just fine. we aren't getting any more. at least not for the next seven
5:49 am
days. there's always february and march. now we really kind of need the two months to come through. we did great in october and december. in february and march look like this we will have significant problems still coming in to spring. we need the rain to come back and we still have some time for that to happen. it's not happen for the rest of this month. daytime highs in the upper 60's by the weekend. it'll be sunny and warm the at least you get a chance to get out and enjoy fantastic weather it. will be two degrees shy of 70 degrees on friday in the north bay. we have more immediate concerns right now. are you watching the fog out there. how is the drive doing? i'm keeping a close eye on the north bay freeways. 101, highway 12. if you are getting ready to head out the door. no crashes. that's the good news. i hope everybody is paying at tension to those foggy spots as you hit the roadways and keeping our speeds at a good pace. a lot of distance between and you the car in front of you. the good news is no ma'amor incidents or issues through the
5:50 am
areas but watching that to make sure that you are moving nicely through that area. if are you going south of there all the way toward the golden gate bridge. from highway 37 all the way down into the city right now you have a pretty nice ride the rest of the way through marin. very foggy north of there. be careful. golden gate looking good into san francisco. checking the pass commute. busy for super commuters. it's the usual stuff out of tracy as you work westbound getting in to that pass area into the livermore valley. again foggy here as well. limited visibility could be an issue on your ride heading toward the dublin. we have some slow speeds, 35 minutes for your travel time. westbound 580, 205 toward 680- 6789 the rest of the major freeways, 80, highway 4. all checking in problem free. that's good news. we had the earlier trouble spot along 101. that's been cleared off the freeway. taking a look at conditions. south 880 coming away from 92, speeds down about 47 miles an
5:51 am
hour. it's certainly starting to bog down just a little bitful just south of there. we had early morning road work blocking lanes. that's been cleared. that's helping but it's getting slow there. no metering lights at the bay bridge. back to you. it's 5:51. coming up,. >> harry potter meets the prince of parody. what could be the biggest challenge for him and his new role? and coming up today on the drew barrymore show, jennifer goodwin, and others stop by for a chat. that's today at two. and after our show sick around for cbs this morning. the biggest headlines a jelly bean that's good for you? nature's bounty introduces new jelly bean vitamins. good-for-you nutrients in a tastier for you form. more sweet dreams.
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if you're feeling anxious about the future, you're not alone. calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673, or live chat at today. it's looking okay on the richmond bring. i wanted to show that specifically because the north bay has a dense fog advisory and it's mainly north of here once you get in to the valleys of sonoma and napa that's where the dense fog is really being seen. the view from treasure island shows a low deck of clouds but it's not fog on the road there. that is the view from mount diablo looking above it all for the inland valleys of the east bay, concord and other neighborhoods and towns. are you out there. it's cloudy but not necessarily foggy on the road for you.
5:55 am
however, if we just look at the visibility map there are your trouble spots. north bay valleys, visibility down to a mile and tri valley three ten thes of a mile. see what the whole forecast there a few minutes. time now for a look at the entertainment headlines. daniel radciffe taking on the role of weird al. he will star in the bio pick about the mostsuccessful comedy recording artive of all time. the grammy award winning best known for his parodie sc others wrote the screenplay. after nearly 20 manies the amazing race is finally making it's lone awaited return. we spoke about what it was like
5:56 am
for teams to return to the conversation about all that time off. >> this is the first time that teams have ever been able to stop down, rethink, reassess, come up with a different plan. so, yes, teams can use a lot of teams used their time wisely and they came back better faster than they were in the beginning for sure. >> you can watch it tonight at nine right here on cbs. the time is now 5:56. still ahead. >> covid testing kits about to head out to the masses but for some signing up to get one is turning in to a problem. why it all depends on where you live. and a vote to put the oakland a's a big step closer to a new ballpark but not everybody is on board. we break down the hold up. some solano county restaurant workers going viral to show their support. why every employee quit at the
5:57 am
same time. and a live look outside before we head to break from our treasure island ca ra
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
some international flights in to the united states canceled thanks to a 5g showdown the the impact on you coming up next. some oakland students preparing for day 2 of their boycott despite the district saying they are meeting all of their demands. what is going on? >> this could be a big step to keep the a's in oakland that. key vote that could determine the fate of the howard terminal stadium project. >> the way i say what we are experiencing now is sort of a disaster with in a disaster. >> that is


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