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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  January 18, 2022 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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call 833-317-4673 or live chat at today. now at 11:00. breaking news. two pedestrians are killed in a horrific crash in the south bay. we will have late breaking details from the scene. we are shocked. >> tonight, outpouring on both coasts on a bay area resident killed in new york. >> thieves in the south bay hit six stores in 1 1/2 hours. we will show you how they pull today off. >> and the federal government making free covid-19 test kits available to everyone in the u.s. we are already seeing some big problems with that roll out. good evening. we begin with breaking news. tonight, two pedestrians are
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dead and a third was rushed to the hospital after a horrific crash in san jose. this video just into our news room within the last half-hour. the crash was reported about 2- 1/2 hours ago near the intersection of foxworthy avenue. it is not clear exactly how it happened but the police are talking to the driver who stayed at the scene. five pedestrians have been hit and kill inside san jose just since the start of this year. our morning team will have the latest on this breaking story tomorrow starting at 4:30. in san francisco tonight, more than 100 people gathered to remember a life of michelle go. she was killed after being shoved in front of a subway train. family and friends now hope people will remember her life rather than how she died. [music] >> reporter: the song echoing through chinatown was filled with sadness as
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those that knew 40-year-old michelle gathered to remember her life. >> she was smart, intelligent, a giving person. >> she just showed what it meant to be alive, to be human, to strive. >> earlier today a vigil was held in new york's times square. not far from where she was killed. others that knew her growing up gathered at chinatown later this evening. >> i can not believe that something like this, it would be someone we knew. you hear the stories. it is just terrible. >> reporter: she grew up in fremont and moved to manhattan to get her nba from nyu and was working there as a consultant. at 9:30 on saturday morning she was standing on a subway platform at the times square station when a man shoved her in front of a oncoming train, killing her instantly. the police say the man later
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turned himself in. 60-year-old simon marshall now charged with murder. he spent the last decade advocating for the homeless and trying to help those like her alleged killer. >> she was fine through and through. it makes this tragedy all of the more senseless and difficult to bear. >> just to be here and support our community. does not matter if you are asian, brown, black, white ,does not matter. you know, you just want to be there for the people and support. >> detectives in new york are investigating this as a possible hate crime. but, say so far there is no evidence that michelle was targeted because of her race. in san francisco, kpix5. new at 11:00. the search is on for the suspect involved in a series of unprovoked attacks on the uc berkeley campus -frp the assault took place this afternoon on the south side of the school business in berkeley. the police say the plan in this photo violent -- the man in this
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photo caused injuries to his face when he fell. the same suspect is likely responsible for three separate assaults on campus in just the last 24 hours. shocking video showing a burglary crews rapid crime spree through the south bay today. the suspects are still on the run. we have a common thread in all of these crimes. >> san jose police are searching for the group of thieves, they say, worked together to hit a half-dozen businesses early this morning. their main target, cash inside of atm machines. >> we do believe the group was working together. different vehicles, same people. >> reporter: they were working in coordination. the driver of the truck jumps in to drag and steal the shop's atm. >> it occurred all over the
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city from the south into downtown they worked at warp speed, breaking into half a dozen businesses from 3:00 until 4:30 this morning hitting liquor stores and a nail salon and a safeway. each time allegedly trying to pry open or steal atm machines. >> i don't recall where there were six businesses targeted within a short amount of time. these criminals were busy. >> reporter: the owner of the smoke shop says the burglars were only able to get away with cloth. >> what did they gain? nothing. a couple hundred, maybe? come on. >> i was sad. >> reporter: his liquor store has been in business for more than two decades. he never been victimized like this. he hopes surveillance video helps the police catch the crooks who stole his store's atm and robbed him of his sense of
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security. >> almost had a heart attack to see the store, you know, this is my livelihood. >> the police say the thieves used straps to pry open business stores. also important to note, out of the six businesses targeted only one atm machine was stolen. and the store owner says the machine did not carry that much cash any way. at the san jose police department, back to you. >> looking live out at oakland, tonight, student leaders tell kpix five they plan to continue boycotting classes tomorrow over safety measures even though the district says they are meeting all of the demands. today it led to three school closures, students and teachers held a car caravan. hundreds signed a petition demanding the district provide kn-95 masks, eat safely outdoors and twice weekly covid-19 testing. student leaders tell kpix five they are still at an impasse over testing policies which a
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district spokesperson outlined earlier today. >> we have very robust testing at 10 hubs across the city throughout the week. we have been doing that since last fall. last fall, the fall semester of this school year did 130 tests. >> the sites are only open during school hours that makes it difficult for families and teachers to get tested. there are some indications that omicron reached its peak, areas are seeing high numbers of cases. this comes as the federal government begins the process to mail out free covid-19 tests and we have more on that from napa. >> reporter: napa, like many other counties saw an excessive amount of positive cases after the three day holiday weekend indicating this omicron surge is not over quite yet. >> i can safely say that we are not increasing at a high rate. i am not saying that woe are
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going down but the rate decreased or kind of flat. >> reporter: positivity rate remains steady. a doctor says the good news is that at ucsf they have not seen an increase in hospitalizations in about a week. today, the federal government took a step to combat the highly infectious variant by offers four free covid-19 tests per household. >> it is way late. but, better late than never. >> napa county had more cases for the first time since the early stages of the pandemic. they feel the tests should have been available sooner. >> two weeks ago you could not get a test anywhere. i don't think omicron will be the last that we see of coronavirus. >> people who wanted them had such difficulty finding them and the lines to go through the drive-thru ones are just endless. >> billions of tests are ready for distribution under the federal program. health experts say even if the
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omicron surge starts to fade the need for the tests will remain. >> it is a little too late for omicron but i would encourage everyone, first of all, to keep it on, there is still going to be disease around. >> the first shipment of the tests should go out by the end of this month. in napa, kpix5. >> the website to sign up for problems. people in the same apartment building could not order a kit because of the duplicate address. others told us that five digit zip code is not enough. you need to enter the additional four digits. on capitol hill tonight, democratic leaders in the senate are pressing forward on legislation to protect and expand voting rights. they admit they are facing an uphill battle. activists are keeping all of the pressure including the granddaughter of reverend martin luther king jr. >> we have to be the generation that defends and extends our most
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fundamental freedom. the right to cast a vote that counts. >> they could wrap up debate as early as tomorrow. republicans are expected to block the measures for coming up for a vote in the evenly divided senate. still ahead tonight. >> why would i want to spend eight hours of my day for a company that does not appreciate me. >> restaurant workers going viral for solidarity, why every employee quit at the same time. tonight, a bay area city has decided to allow recreational cannabis shops for the very first time. within the last two hours drought restrictions have been lifted on customers in one bay area water district. we will tell you where
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the entire staff of a bagel shop quitting, the video they posted showing their final day is going viral. >> the message that has been viewed more than six million times. >> six million views. [music] >> reporter: william cox booth is one of the 16 staff members recorded on this tiktok video walking into the store, every staff member resigning at once in protest. >> we all walked in at the same time and dropped off our keys and wrote a note saying we quit. >> this is a photo of the group that quit. >> reporter: he describes it as a response to a toxic workplace, a beloved manager fired and a district manager responding to threats that everyone can be replaced. they did not respond to my request for a
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comment. >> when you belittle somebody to the point they don't want to work for you anymore, why would you spend eight hours a day of my time to the company that does not appreciate me. >> reporter: they got millions of views but thousands of comments including, i love this. yes, this is the solidarity i can support and kids these days. >> they keep clicking on it because they see a group of people, kids, going in and standing up for what they believe in. >> it has been unreal, for sure. >> reporter: the beloved babel boss what's firing got employees fired up to begin with. >> to them i love you all so much. this was absolutely not expected. i am so grateful for every one of their, you know, support. for having my back and having each other's backs, too. >> a business backlash gone viral. leaving the bagel shop with a big hole in their operations. >> right now it is still open
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with managers taking on the responsibilities of a former employee. >> a live look, major airlines and pilots sounding the alarm about 5g they say it can interfere with flight systems, especially foggy airports like sfo. roll out is scheduled for tomorrow. at&t and verizon agreed to delay it within a two mile radius of runways, the wireless companies say it is not actually needed but 5g technology already being safely use used in 40 other countries. >> you have the companies saying forget all of that, please shut it down. >> when it comes to safety there is no calender. you get it done, you get it done right or you don't do it. >> travel experts warning tomorrow could be chaotic and postpone your flight by a day if possible. new at 11:00, the city of
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napa allow cannabis for recreational. biden administration wanting to reduce catastrophe damage from wildfires here in california and the western u.s. it focuses on controlled burns and logging to reduce the fuel for these costly and sometimes deadly fires. the federal government will spend an estimated $50 million thinning forests and vegetation in areas where natural collides with neighborhoods. marin water took away fines. december storms brought local reservoir storage back up to 95%. the decision will not lift current restrictions on certain activities like outdoor irrigation, even with the rain
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refilling reservoirs this winter. some strongly believe the restrictions should remain in place. >> it may look full now but it is not going to solve the problem. >> we have been given by this atmospheric river a great gift, the gift of time. we have supply, we have time. >> not to sound greedy but it would be nice to get a little bit more. >> yes, we need it. >> the rain, for the entire bay area still in severe drought conditions. it just is not as bad as it was a couple of months ago. >> right. it has to keep coming, though, that is the secret. >> we need more to break out of the drought entirely. we are in the midst of dry stretch of weather. two weeks of rainfall. even with that, we are still running ahead of the pace of where we should be in the rainy season for san francisco and livermore over 150% of where we should be to this point in the water here. we have at least another week of dry weather to go. high pressure in control of our weather. that means calm conditions and
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as it builds closer and closer to the coast, a hill of air pushing against the west coast. we will get stronger winds developing. beginning tomorrow afternoon. the winds are not a problem tonight. not a problem to start the day tomorrow. noticeable gusts out there by wednesday afternoon. certainly not strong enough to prompt a wind advisory. talking about the strongest gust in the 10-15-mile-per-hour range and similar conditions on thursday. strongest around 10-12 miles an hour. the windiest day, looks to be on friday. strong offshore winds will get gusty already as we head into friday morning. especially during the afternoon now you will see 20-30-mile-per-hour gusts for north bay and 30-40-mile-per-hour gusts and these are the lower elevations, you can see 40-mile- per-hour gusts on friday afternoon. the vegetation received all of the rain this year. it helps to tamper down the fire threat. if this was happening last year we would be concerned on fire starts. it is something we will keep an
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eye on. right now, all we are seeing is the fog coming in. the temperatures are in the middle to upper 40s. the temperatures will not drop a lot. visibilities will drop. future cast showing the bright white around the bay and spilling into the inland valleys that is the fog that will be widespread to start the day. it will be sturborn. dissipating at 11:00. all of the way until noon. mix of clouds and sunshine through the rest of the day. the temperatures tomorrow morning mostly in the middle to lower 40s. we will warm back up to above average temperatures, good news for spencer. this is an adoptable dog available through the golden state german shepherd rescue. if you have room in your home for this handsome fella, he is available. if you want to check out his details the temperatures will warm up to at least 60 degrees for most of the bay area if not into the lower to middle 60s. the warm spots farther inland in the north bay and santa clara valley.
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likely to reach the middle 60s. the winds continue, the temperatures will continue warming up to the lower to middle 60s for areas around the bay on friday and saturday with middle to upper 60s for san jose and the santa clara valley. by the end of the workweek, temperatures above average to finish off the workweek. heading out for the weekend. cool off, the coolest day in the forecast still brings us above average temperatures and absolutely no rain in sight for the next seven-days. vern? >> straight ahead in sports, big names roll on down under. jimmy g. swivels his hips. and the warriors, well, they felt right at home. we are going up-tempo in a jiffy
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warriors seven straight games at chase center. well, let the home cooking begin. did you know the detroit pistons have a total of 10 wins? green on the shelf, a couple more weeks, no issues for curry, they started the rookie. how did he open the scoring.
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oh, finished with 12 points and 10 rebounds. took the heat off of curry. a corner pocket three. 18 points for curry. warriors up 16. he was an assist machine, too. one of his eight, wiggins brought it down. led by 26. as many as 34. the warriors have been up and down but not tonight. thompson, stop, pop, yes, sir. thompson's second game at home since his return. he scored a game high 21. the warriors, record of 32 and 12, 102-86, the pacers are here on thursday. nfl and the 49ers. six point underdogs at the packers on saturday. they got to work tonight. first,. >> what is bothering you more the shoulder or the thumb? >> yes. [ laughter ] >> i don't know.
11:26 pm
they are pretty close. >> jimmy g. playing through if on the stadium field tonight. this is for you liz the hip swivel. got to be loose, right? give me a shot at lambeau field, the showdown site, there are reports of single digit temperatures with the windchill. so, is it mind over matter? >> me personally i understand how cold it is. i will dress as warm as possible and prepare for that so i am not cold. that is, whatever guys need to do, just understand it is the real deal. >> i play inside the cold my whole life. i don't think it will be too crazy with that. >> so what is aaron rodgers think? this the ninth post season meeting between the two in the last 26 years and the fourth time since the old cal bear became packers quarterback. he is a historian. >> you know i did watch this rivalry growing up, one big moment that
11:27 pm
sticks out was young to t.o. and a lot of packer fans talk about a fumble on the drive that was not called. >> hmm. no matter what you do, you must hydrate. at the australia open it was a must for nadal. watch how he handled it. straight sets o to the third round. 35-year-old is try for example his 21st grand slam and first aussie since 2009. we will go back to our resident tennis pro, liz cook, would you salivate at somebody attempting a drop shop against you? >> you would have to be pretty quick. those were tough. the drop shots at the end of the match there. oh, they hurt. [ laughter ] >> i wish i could be your agent, i would of just worked in the whole elizabeth campaign. show up to matches wearing a crown. [ laughter ]
11:28 pm
then you sley your opponent. if you come for the queen you better not miss. >> that is right. [ laughter ] >> thanks, vern. coming up, space x blasts off the latest mission. we will take
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this is elodia. she's a recording artist. 1 of 10 million people that comcast has connected to affordable internet in the last 10 years. and this is emmanuel, a future recording artist, and one of the millions of students we're connecting throughout the next 10. through projectup, comcast is committing $1 billion so millions more students, past...
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and present, can continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities. today space x sent their third falcon nine of the year and 49th star link satellite into orbit. >> two, one, 0. ignition, lift off. >> the launch was space x's 103rd successful recovery and 79th at sea. the company has approval to launch more than 12,000 star links to providing satellite internet access to we learn about covid-19,
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the more questions we have. the biggest question now, what's next? what will covid bring in six months, a year?
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beautiful night tonight. >> the late show with stephen colbert is next. >> thanks for watching. the news continuing streaming on cbsnbay area. good night captioning sponsored by cbs >> four anti-vaccine mandate protesters arrested just outside of the olive garden in times square. they were there for nearly two hours, expressing their opposition to the city's following the restaurant vaccine mandate, and even argued with patrons and n.y.p.d. officers. >> are you an anti-vaxxer who is tired of restaurants with an authoritarian vaccine mandate? then visit the covid garden, the only restaurant chain with absolutely no health regulations. our employees never wash their hands, guaranteed. enjoy signature covid dishes like quarantini alfredo. one taste and you'll say, "i can't taste anything."
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