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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  January 18, 2022 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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the is in oakland. we begin with a pair of vigils held on both coasts for the bay area born victim of a heinous crime in new york city. >> 40-year-old michelle go was killed over the weekend after being shoved in front of a subway train. she worked in manhattan, but was born in berkeley, and grew up in fremont. i am ryan yamamoto. and i am elizabeth cook. individual is underway right now and temperatures goes portsmouth square. >> katie nielsen is there. >> reporter: more than 100 people are gathered here at portsmouth square in san francisco for a candlelight vigil to remember the life of michelle go . both those who knew her well, and those who didn't know her at all. >> i cannot believe that something like this would happen to someone we knew. you hear the stories. it is terrible. >> just to be here and support
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our community. it does not matter if you are asian, brown, black, white, doesn't matter. you just want to be here for the people and support. >> even though i did not know her, my heart broke from what i heard about what happened, and i just wanted to come and support her friends and family. >> reporter: detectives in new york are investigating this as a possible hate crime come up and say so far there is no evidence that michelle was targeted because of her race. and temperatures go, katie nielsen, kpix 5. we will not leave michelle behind. we will use her light to forge forward as one city committed to one another's wellness. >> another vigil was held a few hours ago in times square, directly above the subway station where she died. and in the city where she spent a decade doing volunteer work to help the on housed. people like her. her family
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says her attacker is schizophrenic and has been in and out of hospitals for decades. >> her family is asking for privacy as they mourn. they described her as a beautiful kind woman who loved her family and friends, adding we are in a state of shock and grieving the loss of our daughter, sister, and friend. we hope michelle will be remembered for how she lived and noticed how she died. taking a look at san francisco were to nightmare london breed is pushing to change a city security camera law to curb crime. existing law currently bans police for monitoring security cameras in real time. the mayor's office says that makes it more difficult to disrupt crimes am i like the open air drug markets in the tenderloin. the recent retail crime spree in union square as well. please commanders could not monitor live camera feeds while those thefts were underway. tonight, some of the merchandise taken during the
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big heist at louis vuitton has actually been recovered, along with a whole lot more. the chp's retail crime task force arrested a suspect over the weekend with about $185,000 worth of goods stolen from numerous retailers. a half-dozen san jose businesses are sweeping up tonight after a rash of smash and grabs targeting their atms. using several different vehicles, the thieves hit six businesses in just a few hours. look at this, surveillance video shows the men in one car rammed through the glass, and then hauled away that atm. >> this occurred all over the city, from the south part of the city, into downtown, towards the north end of the city. we do believe this group was working in concert together. different vehicles in the same group of people. >> our maria cid medina is taking deeper into the trend. san jose police are considering putting detectives back out on patrol part-time to help cover for dozens of officers sidelined by covid.
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the department is already struggling with a staffing shortage. the city has a budget for 1150 officers, but currently has only about 1000, then subtract officers who are sick, injured, on leave, or off shift. >> our patrol division, we are in the neighborhood of about 450. that is 450 officers for 1 million people, 7 days per week, 24 hours per day. >> the police union is saying this plan would simply rob peter to pay paul by taking detectives away from where they are needed. they want to see the vacancies filled with voluntary overtime. attendance was also done across oakland unified today as students and staff staged a sick-out that forced three schools to close. students are demanding a shift to online learning unless the district provides high-grade masks, weekly testing, and more outdoor space to eat. >> i feel frustrated because a lot of kids are still coming to school even after they know
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that they have covid. >> i think that the way the system is set up were having student bodies and physical classrooms is the way that schools are funded is very problematic. >> a district spokesperson says it is not giving out hundreds of thousands of kn95 masks , has a robust testing operation around the city, and also continues to build more outdoor eating spaces. hayward students were back in the classroom today after a week of online learning to do covid field staffing shortages. the district has put additional safety measures in place, including most of the testing sites, and upgraded masks for everyone on campus. demand for testing appears to finally be easing. chopper 5 spotted short lines at sites in hayward and san mateo, and that appears to coincide with the states test positivity rate, which is slowly creeping down from last week's peak of 23.1%. the 7 dana case average also appears to be plummeting, but
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health experts warn with hospitals is still strained and young kids unvaccinated, it is not the time to let our guard down. >> it is anyone's guess whether or not we will see a new variant, later in the year. the main advice is to immunize as many people in the child's life as possible, and build a wall of immunity around it. after months of delays, a key vote in the a's plans to build their new ballpark at the port of oakland. the team will prevent the final environment of impact report to the planning commission. if they sign off, goes to the city council for consideration. however, a lot of people in the community feel it is anything but a done deal. group opposing the project just released a poll. it asked hundreds of people how they felt about the deal requiring the city to fund $350 million in improvements around the site. 46% were opposed. >> at a minimum, i think one would have to acknowledge, this is a risk for the city of
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oakland's budget. if that tax money is not recovered, then the taxpayers are left holding the bag. >> the city says those funds would come from taxes generated from increased economic activity, which won't happen without the project. the 49ers are back on the field in santa clara tonight. >> our very own vern glenn is at levi's stadium where the team is preparing for their second stop on the road to the super bowl. >> reporter: 5 minutes is all we got to see if the 49ers today spilled out onto the levi's stadium field for a short walk-through practice to get ready for the green bay packers. jimmy garoppolo, we got them. he was on the field at the start of practice. certainly no question about his hips. they were feeling pretty good. he is now dealing with injuries to both his throwing shoulder, and right thumb. >> what is bothering you more, the shoulder or the thumb? >> yes. i don't know the answer.
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they are pretty close. it is playoff football. no time to rest right now. >> reporter: the 49ers are practicing under the lights to get ready for a primetime game in green bay. the one thing they can't simulate, the weather. temperatures could be in the single digits. >> personally understand how cold it is. i will dress as warm as possible and prepare i am not cold, but whatever guys need to do, does understand it is the real deal. the weather is cold out there, but that is no reason to affect the game. >> reporter: don't look to vegas. the casinos have them to a 6 point underdog against the packers this saturday. still got to roll the ball out there and play the game. practice tomorrow at 2:00 in the afternoon. that will do it from santa clara, vern glenn, kpix 5. still to come, the fallout over 5g.
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>> when it comes to safety, there is no calendar. you get it done, you get it done right, or you don't do it. >> the last minute deal to delay the rollout, and why there is to be chaos at u.s. airports. the bay area company written to ship that they needed supplies to tonga. how you can help. temperatures across the bay area were a little cooler today , but close to normal for this time of year, and another warming trend will start to kick in already tomorrow. take a look at the changes headed towards the bay area coming up in the forecast. cbs has announced a new date for music's biggest night. the pandemic postponed grammys are now set for sunday, april 3rd, live from the mgm grand garden arena in las vegas. you can catch the show live starting at 5:00 right here on kpix 5.
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the woman known as a los gatos party mom faced a judge for a bail hearing today. she also faced a group of alleged victims trying to keep her locked up. what a 7-year-old shannon o'connor is accused of hosting alcohol fueled sex parties for her under aged son and his friends. multiple accusers and their parents also appeared in court to make a plea for the judge to keep o'connor behind bars. for now, that is where she will stay. o'connor will be held on no bail until her next hearing, next month. major airlines and pilots sounding the alarm about 5g, warning the new technology could interfere with flight systems. several airlines have already suspended fisa certain airports, especially ones like sfo, known for fog. at&t and verizon now plan to delay lodging 5g service near
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airports. the ceos of the major airlines all signed a letter warning that 5g services near airports could force them to ground flights. the companies that they would delay turning on 5g cell towers within a 2 mile radius of certain runways. however, verizon and at&t say the technology is being safely used in 40 other countries. >> when you have is the carriers, however spent a ton of money setting up their wireless networks and 5g come suddenly being told forget all of that, please shut it down, don't use it. of course they are upset about that. the airlines want to make sure it is bulletproof safe, and i don't think a lot of people would argue with them about that. >> travel experts are now warning that tomorrow could be chaotic, and you should delay your fight back a day if possible. looking at your top headlines, just a week after hitting the 6 million mark, california has tallied the 7
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millionth case of covid-19. getting your hands on those at- home tests may soon be a bit easier. some americans were able to order them for free today as the biden administration quietly tested the website officially launching tomorrow. we have added that link to our online resource guide. just click the red banner at the top of the homepage. voting rights advocates demonstrated outside of the u.s. capital while senate democrats debated legislation they say will make the ballot more accessible. they are planning a procedural vote as soon as tomorrow. the legislation faces an uphill climb on capitol hill, where moderate democrats opposed changing long-standing senate rules to get it passed by a simple majority. surveillance flights are providing stunning new images of the devastation in tonga. from saturday's volcanic blast in the deadly synonymy followed. some neighborhoods are gone and others are coded in a thick layer of ash, and so is the airport. several tests have already been confirmed, but the toll is expected to rise as severed communication lines are restored.
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tonight, a bay area company raising to ship badly needed supplies to tonga. it is all hands on deck at s.f. enterprises and logistics in oakland, where donations are not being collected. >> i will take water. that is what we know they are going to need. any masks. people have a surplus of masks. any medical supply that you think of, first aid kits. dry nonperishable foods. >> the ship sets sail friday for the 45 week trick. let's hope it is smooth sailing for them because of the images that elizabeth just so showed us, devastating. >> especially clean drinking water needed. their water supply has been
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contaminated by the ash, but it is also summer in the south pacific, the temperatures will be a factor, and staying hydrated is a key. high pressure is in control of our weather, and that of atmosphere in the pacific will get even closer to the coast, and squeeze the atmosphere over the bay area. that will allow the offshore wind to pick up or force them to pick up. it is a dry direction, but also warmer direction as the air flows downhill towards the bay area. a gradual warming trend will kick in over the next few days. the wind is not a problem this evening or to start the day tomorrow. even less accelerate a bit tomorrow afternoon, it won't be a major issue. not anywhere close to wind advisory thresholds, but a noticeable breeze about 10 to 15 miles per hour. stronger wind is on the way later this week. they relax slightly on thursday , and then friday we are going to pick up higher gusts, especially in the higher elevations. 25 to 30 mile per hour gusts even in the lower elevations. higher up, 30 to 40 mile-per- hour gusts. that is when we make it a wind advisory issued for the elevations above about 2000 theater show.
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it will be disbursing more pollen around the bay area. the middle of january and we talk about the pollen count. alder and juniper are the top two. also cedar in the atmosphere. you get to play everybody's least favorite game of his allergies or something worse. sinus issues are usually not a symptom of covid, but stuck up on testing kits just in case. we are in the medium/high category on thursday, friday, and again on saturday. nice, clear look at downtown san francisco. dense fog will develop by tomorrow morning, but not quite yet. temperatures are around 50 degrees. the cool spot is down to 48 degrees in santa rosa. the fog will be widespread and dense to start the morning on wednesday. it will be somewhat stubborn, taking his time dissipating must a reduced visibility. by noon, the fog should left. we will see a mix of clouds and sunshine for the rest of the day. but amidst all 40s. the chili is spots, upper 30s. high temperatures tomorrow our
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back into the 60s for most of us, which is above normal for january. the coast tops out in the upper 50s. inland locations, up to the mid- 60s. that slow warming trend will continue. the warmest days will be friday and saturday, reaching up into the low to mid 60s around the bay. well into the mid-60s for san jose. we are being a bit conservative with the san jose temperature forecast. it could easily climb into the upper 60s. it is were temperatures top out on friday with the downslope went warming up. along the coast, temperatures top out at or above 60 degrees as we head into the weekend. absolutely no rain in the 7 day forecast. maybe by the end of next week we can add a few showers to the forecast. by that point it will have been about 3 weeks. that didn't take long. the bay area water district that may drop its brand-new fines for water wasters.
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streaming tonight on cbsn bay area, the return of "the amazing race. " of the new teams hit off the series tomorrow. we will catch up wi
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tonight, fedex wants to add missile-defense systems to its cargo jets. the shipping giant filed paperwork with the feds requesting to add lasers that would throw off heatseeking missiles. the company cited several incidents overseas involving attacks on civilian aircraft. a california driver is facing the first-ever felony manslaughter charge stemming from a fatal crash involving a tesla on autopilot. >> it failed to stop in a red light in l.a. in december of 2019. it rear-ended a honda civic killing both people inside. the families have also silent filed a lawsuit against tesla, claiming the lawmakers sold defective vehicles. marin water could vote tonight to repeal the hefty overuse finds that just took effect last month, after december storms brought local reservoir storage back up to nearly 95%. >> they may look full now, but
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it won't solve the problem. >> we've been given by this atmospheric river a great gift, the gift of time. now that we have supply, we have time. >> regardless of the decision, restrictions on things like outdoor irrigation will remain in place at least for now. coming up, this 13-year-old oakland weightlifter just raised the bar again.
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we have a great update on a young oakland weightlifter dubbed the strongest 13-year- old in america. >> tonight he is only getting stronger. we first profiled seth evans back in july when he earned the distinction after performing an 80 kilogram clean and jerk at u.s. weightlifting's youth nationals. >> 6 months later he hoisted a whopping 103 kilograms in the
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same event this weekend at the pacific weightlifting associations winter ball bores meet. he's the first competitor under 15 to break the 100 kilogram mark. that's 220 pounds. the madison park academy a greater also completed an 82 kilogram at his next event in march he will have the opportunity to qualify to officially represent team usa. look at that. >> he makes it look so -- it looks ever so effortless. it is so crisp he doesn't. his form is amazing. he's only 13. >> i was lifting 20 pounds dumbbells today. i'm
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] [cheering and applause] steve: i appreciate y'all. how y'all? thank you, everybody. i appreciate that, folks. thank y'all. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. [cheering and applause] oh, got a good one for you today. returning for their 3rd day, with a total $40,000, from austin, texas, it's the champs, it's the barrera family. [cheering and applause] and from yorba linda, california, it's the morrison family. [cheering and applause] everybody's here trying to win theirself a lot of cash, and somebody might have a shot


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