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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  January 18, 2022 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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to get it done, you get it done right, or you don't do it. dozens of officer sidelined as infection to the bay area police department already understaffed. a live look at a vigil just getting underway for a bay area woman killed in a new york subway attack. good evening. i'm allen martin. and i am elizabeth cook. we start with a heated fight over 5g. major airlines and pilots are sounding the alarm, warning the new technology could interfere with flight systems. kpix 5's kiet do explains the problem , and why some airlines have already suspended flights over the issue. >> reporter: we are here at this cell phone tower right near sfo, where tomorrow is supposed to be a big day. at&t and verizon are launching 5g service nationwide, but not at many of the country's major airports. this is a battle that in the past couple of days has gotten quite ugly. the showdown between wireless
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carriers and the airlines began heating up yesterday when airlines for america, an advocacy group, released a letter warning the 5g lunch on wednesday could interfere with altimeters and other sensitive instruments, resulting in chaos, and a catastrophic aviation crisis. to be blunt, the nation's commerce will grind to a halt. >> the faa listed 17 systems that could be affected, and it says the pilots may not catch those errors in time to maintain safe flight and landing. >> reporter: the white house announced they had brokered an agreement at the pause button. >> certainly minimizing flight disruptions, ensuring safety and travel is a top priority. >> reporter: the carriers made it clear they were set up. at&t said we have voluntarily agreed to temporarily deferred turning on a limited number of towers around certain airport runways, as we continue to work with the aviation industry in the faa to provide further information about our 5g deployment, since they have not utilized the 2 years they've had to responsibly plan for this deployment. verizon said we have voluntarily decided to limit
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our 5g network around airports. the faa and our nations airlines have not been able to fully resolve navigating 5g around airports, despite it being safe and fully operational in more than 40 other countries. >> when you have is the carriers who have spent a ton of money setting up their wireless networks and 5g suddenly being told, hey, forget all of that. please shut it down. don't use it. of course they are upset about that. 4 despite the announcements, japan airlines and air india all canceled flights to several u.s. cities. >> the airlines want to make sure it is bulletproof safe. i don't think a lot of people would argue with them about that. it will be interesting to see what it will take to get them over the line of feeling comfortable, because right now, it seems as though the fact that it's being used throughout the world is not enough for them. >> reporter: travel experts are warning that tomorrow could be chaotic, if you can, delay your flight by at least today. in separate san francisco, kiet do, kpix 5. friends and family honoring
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a fremont woman killed in a subway attack in new york city. kpix 5's ryan yamamoto is following the latest developments. >> reporter: family and friends described michelle go is someone who get back to her community. she was an avid volunteer who helped at risk families. the candlelight vigil for the 40-year-old is just getting underway in san francisco's portsmouth square. a very large gathering happening right now. people holding candles. a vigil also earlier was held in new york's time square. ♪ wait for the morning ♪ you will see it will be like nothing happened at all ♪ >> the event opened with a son and a prayer in honor of michelle go. new york's mayor and a congresswoman were also those remembering michelle's legacy. others talked about crime and the aapi community. >> we have come to declare today that in the face of fear, we forge forward. we come to declare today that we will reclaim our city from a cloak
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of darkness by lifting up michelle's light. >> this tragedy of another member of our community, the aapi community here in new york , being taken from us is one that we have heard way too often. >> she was killed after being shoved in front of a train on saturday. authorities say she was on the platform and suddenly was pushed by a man onto the tracks in an unprovoked attack. the suspect was later identified as 61-year-old simon marshall. marshall is now facing murder charges. let's give you a love letter back outside of that vigil at a very large gathering as people are sitting to honor michelle go. more on how she is being remembered head on kpix 5 news at 7:00. she was born in berkeley, lived
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in fremont, graduated from american high school in 1998. >> such a horrible tragedy. the woman known as the los gatos party mom asked us out they judge to be released on bail. 37-year-old shannon o'connor appeared in the south bay courtroom today. she's accused of posting alcohol fueled teen sex parties in los gatos. her attorney to request to set bail. however, the deputy da says multiple victims and their parents came to court today to push for o'connor to stay behind bars. >> multiple victims of the defendant came forward and spoke to the court about the fear they would feel if the defendant were to be released into the community. these victims and their families showed incredible bravery coming forward today. >> for now, o'connor is still in police custody. the judge could decide on setting bail at hearing next month. dozens of san jose police officers have been sidelined with covid-19. the outbreak raising concerns for a department that is understaffed even under the
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best of circumstances. kpix 5's devin fehely takes a closer look at the plan to keep officers on the street, even if the outbreak worsens. >> reporter: the plan involves shifting officers from other areas like detectives and putting them out on patrol at least part-time. the department isn't there just yet, but they are getting perilously close. there is growing concern within the ranks of the san jose police department that a worsening omicron outbreak could cripple a department that struggled with severe staffing shortages for years. >> we don't work in a bubble. we interact with the public every day. it is harder for us to absorb the type of hit. >> reporter: there is money in the city's budget for a total of 1150 officers. the department currently has about 1000 on the payroll, but subtract officers who are sick or injured or on leave, and the number shrinks to 900. fewer than 500 hit the streets on patrol every day. >> are patrol division, we are
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somewhere in the neighborhood of 450. that is 450 officers for 1 million people, 7 days per week, 24 hours per day. >> reporter: the police department says there are currently 45 officers on leave because of covid, 10% of a division that has been chronically understaffed. >> we don't want to burn out our patrol people. >> reporter: the department has a creative if controversial plan . >> we would use non-patrol folks, like detectives, members of special operations, to maybe work one of their ships once per week and patrol. >> reporter: the police union warns there is a cost to having highly skilled detectives out of their regular roles. >> they are just looking to rob peter to pay paul. they're looking to reassign detectives. what we tell the crime victim? >> reporter: the union would
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like to see the vacancies that with voluntary overtime, officers working extra shifts until the latest covid crisis has passed. the ultimate answer is hiring and training more officers. an outbreak force them to shut down one of their police academies for 2 weeks. in san jose, devin fehely, kpix 5. a student and teacher sick- out closed three oakland schools today. they held a car caravan, demanding the school district beef up covid safety. hundreds signed an online petition promising to boycott classes if the district didn't comply with student demands. they want to shift to online learning, unless providing students with kn95 and n95 masks. they also want twice-weekly testing , and more outdoor space to eat when it rains. >> those that have aren't getting the same number of masks per student, so some sites are getting 5%, and some sites are getting one per student. >> i feel frustrated because a lot of kids are still coming to
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school even after they know they have covid. >> a school district spokesperson said they met all of their demands. he had this response to the students. >> we have a very robust testing at 10 hubs across the city throughout the week. last fall, the fall semester of this school year, we did 130,000 tests. >> the spokesperson said the district has ordered 200,000 kn95 that were delivered to morning. ast week and this he added the district continues to build more outdoor eating spaces for students. still ahead on kpix 5 and cbsn bay area, thieves a strike again , this time stealing atms from several businesses in san jose. how they pulled it off. plus -- bay area food banks are experiencing a critical work at shortage of workers right now. the drastic measures they have to take to keep the food moving to those in need. later, a look at the 49ers getting ready to face off against the packers.
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vern glenn will have a live report from levi's stadium. dry weather continues. offshore wind developing. we will look at what impact that will have on air quality coming up in the forecast.
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this evening, we have a look at the damage to south bay businesses after smash and grab thieves when searching for
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atms. the thieves used several different vehicles to hit six businesses across san jose in a few hours. store surveillance video shows how they did it. they used one car to ram the store. that's the front of the santa clara smokeshop. after a few attempts, the car does break through the glass, and then the crew backs and a pickup truck. then they haul away the atm. the manager from one business hit spent the day cleaning up. he estimates he will be out thousands of dollars after cleaning up the mess that was left, which he says outweighed what the thieves gained. >> the gain of it even for them, i don't think it's worth that crime they are doing. >> they were very busy for 1.5 hours in our city. >> san jose police think it was the same group of people who carried out all of the thefts. they are looking for any leads on the suspects. bay area food banks are operating in crisis mode, but not because of a shortage of things to eat. as kpix 5's len ramirez
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reports, it is a shortage of people. >> reporter: all of the bay area food banks are going through their own sets of crises right now , all tied to covid-19, and they are coming up with individual solutions. the bottom line is they are keeping the food moving, but they desperately need some help. the filling of food boxes moves like an assembly line at the second harvest food bank. in the past, the workers would all be volunteers, but because of covid, corporations that used to send volunteers of stopped , and have the people working here are hired help. >> if we don't get enough volunteers, we have to hire temporary labor that could cost us $50,000 every 2 weeks. is not sustainable for us. >> reporter: the redwood empire
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food bank has so many warehouse workers and truck drivers had with covid or quarantine, the ceo has had to jump into the driver's seat to make deliveries. >> the way i characterize what we are experiencing now is sort of a disaster within a disaster. >> reporter: that is from an agency who has worked through fires, floods, and earthquakes. >> we saw a 45% decline in the amount of staff available to come to work. it will be temporary, and they will all return, but it has really required all hands on deck. >> reporter: the worker and volunteer shortages, and food banks are seeing the greatest demand. second harvest said there is an 80% increase in need compared to pre-pandemic levels. >> we are getting more clients who say they have to shelter at home, so we are getting an increased request for home deliveries. >> reporter: at the food bank of contra costa and solano, volunteers are responding to the call for help. listen to it one of them said about helping in a time of need. >> it's a great feeling, a feeling of being productive. you feel like you did something, and you actually contributed to something. besides volunteering in person, food banks are also looking for more cash donations to help pay for more food and the fuel to keep the delivery trucks running. in san jose, len ramirez, kpix
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5. >> if you want more information on helping bay area food banks, check out her website , time to get paul back in here. no rain, but fog. >> we had a lot this morning that was pretty stubborn. it finally diminished. rinse and repeat for tomorrow. dense fog tonight and early wednesday morning. it will diminish, and we start with a gradual warming trend tomorrow. offshore wind will kick in, pretty breezy at times. it's a dry direction, so the dry weather will continue, not just through the week or weekend, but the duration of the 7 day forecast, through the middle of next week. the stronger wind will hopefully help to stir the lowest level of the atmosphere around. it did get briefly into the unhealthy for sensitive groups category in the santa clara valley. i think we will mostly be moderate across the
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board. if the wind gets strong enough, there is the chance it will disperse that stuff deeper into the atmosphere. we may see more green dots as we have for the rest of this week. right now, no fog just yet, but it will develop later on tonight. low to mid 50s across the board. 50 degrees in santa rosa to 54 degrees in the fillmore and concord. futurecast shows up on developing. passing clouds overhead. the bright white is the fog developing around the bay and spilling into the inland valleys. it will take a little while to dissipate. 10:00 a.m., still patches of fog by noon. then we see that mix of cloud and sunshine. looks like a good dog walking day tomorrow. doesn't look too impressed. such a stern looking dog, but i am sure he is a sweetheart. temperatures warm up once the fog is gone. the leo, 60 degrees during the afternoon. most of us will climb into the 60s for high temperatures tomorrow. they are rebounding from those
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in the low to mid 40s some of the coolest spots in the upper 30s north of the golden gate. the warmest spot in the in the santa clara valley reaching up to the mid-60s tomorrow. cool spots will be upper 50s along the coast, but that is above average as well. temperatures continue the slow warming trend thursday, friday, into the first half of the weekend. the warmest days will be friday and saturday. well into the mid-60s for san jose. it could even reach up into the upper 60s for the santa clara valley. in the denny's bay will also have the low to mid 60s through the weekend, and even early next week. some of the warmer locations, going downhill. it will warm up even nor for this spots down slow. upper 60s for much of the north bay by friday afternoon, and even along the coast. high temperatures are likely to reach up to write about 60 degrees over the first half of
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the weekend. >> thanks paul. the "cbs evening news" is coming up. >> here is norah o'donnell with the preview. we have a packed broadcast tonight. the nationwide call to arms after the red cross declared the first-ever blood crisis. your incredible response, as i genuine donated. the "cbs evening news" is now just minutes away. not too often i get to use the words 49ers, levi's stadium, and a live shot, all in the same sentence. the team is on the field, and they are still there. what did they have to say before trotting on to get the game plan going? don't move. streaming today on cbsn bay area , the return of "the amazing race." we catch up with the host for a preview at 8:20. you will find us on
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from levi's stadium, short week, packer peak, and it was time to get to work this afternoon. the team spilled out on the
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field. there is still out on the field. let's check that out as jimmy garoppolo was around at least for the start of practice, and in this one, the team, dealing with his shoulder, his thumb. his hip looks pretty good. gauge freelance, tough assignment this week, playing the role of aaron rodgers on the scout team to help the defense get ready for saturday. >> it's a tall task to tell him to go be aaron rodgers before we head out there. >> we need him to be aggressive because erin does not miss on many of those opportunities when presented to him. >> it's a situation where you don't really feel aaron rodgers until you are out there against the man himself. >> rogers led the packers to a last-second win at levi's stadium in september. it has been a different story in the postseason. he has never beaten the 49ers in the playoffs. green bay has home-field advantage saturday night, but rogers wants packers fans to
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pace themselves. >> i'm hoping for a loud crowd, that it has a nice enjoyable afternoon, maybe doesn't go too hard, leaves some room for some enjoyment from, like, 7:00 to 10:30 p.m. on saturday night. >> the offensive coordinator will take a short break from prepping for aaron rodgers tomorrow to enter group for the vikings head-coaching job. he was promoted to defensive coordinator this season after robert sala left for new york. nba, the warriors are running with the pistons tonight, moving pictures on the late show, steph curry will play tonight. he entered his hand, and that cost him play on sunday's game. let's talk about klay thompson, shall we? why not. he is expected to play over 25 minutes as he heads into the
6:25 pm
next phase of his comeback. but he isn't happy with how he's shooting the ball, but it is only a matter of time until that changes. >> it is rare someone takes a 2 year hiatus to coming in and dominating, so i'm going to get to that point. i just have to be patient. the last 2 years tommy what patience is really about. >> c what kind of warriors team shows up, the one that started off 26-6, or the one that has been leaking oil as of late. the 49ers can't afford to leak any oil. >> i want to go back to that practice. i want to go back to that practice. that little, that -- what was that move? is that a dance? >> paul says there is a reason for that. there is a lot of hips in the
6:26 pm
quarterback. >> i'm not complaining. >> i figured you would like that. >> you did not know about his fledgling dance career? >> maybe we should all be trying that every day. maybe that sort of loosens it up. >> i don't want to hurt my thumb. >> does passing along information for you. jimmy garoppolo has hips, and they can swivel. >> no doubt. undisputed.
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finally this evening, a bay area company is racing to bring that they needed supplies to tonga. >> the country is facing an unprecedented disaster after a volcano erupted over the weekend triggering a tsunami. sf enterprises and logistics in oakland has all hands on deck. they are shipping donations, and say most of the calls that have been coming in our personal shipments to family members. communication on the island nation has been clearly cut off. so many are still waiting to hear from their loved ones. >> i will take water. that is what we know they are going to need. any masks. obviously we all need them still here. any medical supply that you think they may need, first aid kits, dry nonperishable foods. >> the ship is set to leave on friday, and it takes around 4
6:30 pm
to 5 weeks to get there. >> there drinking water is primarily rainwater, so that is all contaminated with the ash from the volcanic ♪ ♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> o'donnell: tonight, the big news-- free covid tests that you can get shipped to your home. why the biden administration launched the web site early, and how you can place your order. the signs of hope and despair in the battle against covid. some areas see a decline in cases and hospitalizations, but in places like oklahoma city, there are no i.c.u. beds left. the concern tonight that up to 300,000 more americans could die in the next two months. 5g fears: the roll-out of an ultra-fast wireless network delayed near some of the nation's airports. why airlines warn the mobile technology could bring catastrophic disruptions. tonight, the news about the airlines already canceling flights. home explosion roche


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