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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  January 18, 2022 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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rebecca hayward unified school district held classes online last week after a shortage of staff members and covid tests. students were back in the classrooms today as the district feels they have got a good lineup of safety protocols in place to keep staff and students safe. many hayward unified students were excited to be back at school after a week of remote learning, but that doesn't mean some also experienced some anxiety about it. >> pretty nervous, but at the same time, it was fun because i got to talk to my friends. >> we did not feel we had sufficient staff to maintain a safe learning environment in our schools last week. back the district spokesperson said they had 81 uncovered classrooms with 365 staff members out on friday, the seventh. now she says the district is in a much better place. they plan for 33 uncovered classrooms on tuesday. they also have new safety measures in place. >> we are providing n95 masks to all staff, and surgical masks to students.
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>> reporter: she says the big differences they have extended testing capabilities for staff. >> we had staff who were ready to come back, feeling great, but maybe were awaiting test results that were delayed, or could not get an appointment to get a test. we've added additional testing to eliminate that issue, and then it allows us to eliminate our staffing shortage. >> she also added that they plan to extend testing capabilities for elementary school students soon. some families remain apprehensive. >> i'm not thrilled with it myself. i don't feel it is safe. >> i think everyone is crossing their fingers. >> a lot of people didn't show up to school. i know they were probably scared. >> reporter: the district is monitoring staffing numbers on a daily basis and has plans in place for extra personnel to happen in case they are needed. in hayward, max darrow, kpix 5. some oakland students ditched their desks to demand
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the school district improve safety. it came after hundreds of students signed a petition promising to boycott classes if the district did not comply with their demands. they want to shift to online learning, unless providing students with kn95 and n95 masks. they want twice-weekly testing, and more outdoor space to eat when it rains. >> i feel frustrated, because a lot of kids are still coming to school, even after they know they have covid. >> i think the way that the system is set up or having student bodies and physical costumes is the way that schools are funded is very problematic. >> i district spokesperson
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outlined some of the measures they are taking to protect students and staff on campus. >> we have ordered and received and delivered to all schools 200,000 kn95 masks for students. those went to schools last thursday and this morning. we have robust testing at 10 hubs across the city throughout the week. last fall, the fall semester of the school year, and we did 130,000 tests. >> the district says they continue to build more outdoor eating spaces for students and multiple schools. a live look at the white house where the biden administration quietly launched its website for americans to order free covid tests. it is up and running a day early. anyone can go to, which connects you to a postal service page. you can order up to four tests per household, but we are already hearing about some glitches with the site. we have gotten reports the people in the same apartment building could not order a kit because of duplicate address. others told us the five digit zip code isn't enough. you need to enter the additional four digits and spell out words like "drive" on your address. we've posted the link on our website at
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i'm allen martin, and new at 5:00, a look at the damage to south bay businesses after smash and grab thieves went hunting for atms inside of several stores. the group had a very busy night , using multiple vehicles to hit six businesses across san jose in a few hours. store surveillance video shows how they did it, and we will take you through this video. the men used a first car to remedy the front of the santa clara smoke shop. it it takes a few attempts to break through the glass. the sedan winds up halfway into the store. then the crew backs in a pickup truck. a few minutes later, they struggle to holloway that atm. >> it's very bad. it's ridiculous. it's crazy. they go, run, break into businesses like that. we're trying to make a living, working hard all day, and they do, like, they come, break-in, do big damage like that, and whatever they are going to take isn't even worse nothing, you
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know, nothing worth the damage they make me go through. >> the manager took the day cleaning up, and estimates he will be out thousands of dollars. and as a police think it was the same group of people who carried out on the thefts. they are looking for any leads on the suspects. the woman known as the los gatos party mom faced a judge for a bail hearing today. she also faced a group of alleged victims, trying to keep her locked up. 47-year-old shannon o'connor appeared in sf bay courtroom today in an orange jumpsuit. o'connor is accused of posting alcohol fueled teen sex parties for her underaged sons in los gatos. her attorney made a request to set bail, however, the deputy da says multiple victims and their parents made a plea for the judge to keep o'connor bars. some of them testified about the fear they would feel of o'connor being released. >> these victims and their families showed incredible bravery, coming forward today to make statements to the court
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about how they feel if this violent defendant were released into the community. >> right now, o'connor is held in custody on a bail. the judge is set to decide whether to set bail at a february 3rd hearing. two vigils are being held in two different cities for a bay area woman pushed to her death at a new york city subway station. >> ♪ no one can take that away from you ♪ not mom, not dad ♪ >> songs and candles and times square, dozens gathered to remember michelle go, who grew up in fremont. she was waiting for a train when she was pushed onto the tracks. speakers including the mayor condemned her sense of death. >> losing this wonderful young lady, the death of michelle ripped at my heart. >> way we carry out michelle's legacy is not just here on one
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night with candles and kind words, but interactions. >> another memorial is a to begin in about an hour. they will hold the vigil at christmas square and severance is good chinatown. live coverage of that event tonight at 6:00. we brought you the new york city memorial live on cbsn bay area. we are always on and , and the kpix app. we are getting a first look at the scope of the devastation in tonga after an underwater volcano of opted and triggered a deadly salami. the pacific island nation has been virtually cut off from the rest of the world since saturday after it's under sikh medications cable ruptured. meteorologist paul heggen has the new images from surveillance flights. the only glimpse we have seen of the island comes from the sky because of those surveillance planes snapping these photos of destroyed
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villages and the landscape covered in ash. authorities say they suffered catastrophic damage, and the airport is still out of action. officials are still trying to clear ash from the runway to allow aid planes to land by monday. look at these before and after satellite images. they show the port authority weeks before the synonymy and then covered in ash. in another image, you can see trees and homes in fields before the eruptions. some buildings have appeared to collapse might aid workers are concerned about water contamination and food security in the entire district. the u.n. has confirmed four deaths in the disaster, including a british woman. angela glover died after being swept away when she went to the beach to rescue her dogs. tonight at 5:30, how a bay area company is stepping up to donate relief supplies to tonga.
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that of the 49ers and their postseason run. >> vern glenn is live at levi's stadium where the team is practicing to get ready for the packers. >> reporter: i can hear the hip- hop music over my shoulder. the team is on the field, in the stadium, laying the game plan and for the packers coming up on saturday. yes, i'm outside. no live transmission allowed inside. you just have me outside with the backdrop of a stadium, but let's take you inside. these pictures moments ago that we got in house, the team out on the floor, as they are trying to do a night practice to simulate the 5:15 kick off that they will have in green bay. george kittle stretching out, but the man of the hour my the one everyone is talking about, will be number 10, jimmy garoppolo. man, was he hounded with questions today about the sum, and the shoulder. what's bothering you more,
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the shoulder or the thumb? >> yes. i don't know the answer. they are pretty close. every throw is impacted. it's a shoulder injury. any type of throw, you will feel it and it will change things. it is similar to when i was first dealing with the thumb. my body is learning and i have to adapt to it. we know what time it is. no time to rest right now. >> reporter: more moving pictures, more of what the players have to say coming up next hour from levi's stadium. get your game face on. >> it's on. it's been ready. let's go, baby. just win. still ahead on kpix 5, and streaming on cbsn bay area, and it was in the fight over 5g . airlines warning of catastrophic disruptions. the 11th hour compromise. the showdown in the senate
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over voting rights. can democrats overcome never block in their own party? there has not been much rain this month, but the water district is considering lifting restrictions and penalties. what the board is considering for marin county.
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i'm 53, but in my mind i'm still 35. that's why i take oste bi-flex to keep me moving the way i was made to, it nourishes and strengthens my joints for the long term. osteo bi-flex, plus vitamin d for immune support. at&t and verizon will delay launching 5g service near airports. it comes after the nation's largest airlines won a cause widespread flight disruptions. the company said they will launch 5g service tomorrow my however they will delay turning on 5g cell towers within a 2 mile radius of runways designated by federal officials. in a statement, at&t said they are frustrated by the faa's inability to do a nearly 40 countries have done him a which is to safely deploy 5g to technology without disrupting aviation services.
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airlines do warn the high-speed wireless service could interfere with altimeters on planes, and those devices are used to help pilots land when visibility is poor. >> the faa lists 17 systems that could be affected, and it says the pilot may not catch those errors in time to maintain safe flight and landing. >> the ceos of the major airlines all signed a letter warning that 5g services near airports could force them to ground flights, however, at&t and verizon claim their equipment will not interfere with aircraft electronics. they say the technology is being safely used in 40 other countries. senate democrats say they know they are in an uphill fight as a push forward on election law reforms. debate in the senate is underway my but there is a road block from within the party. natalie brand says not all democrats support changing senate rules to get it passed. >> reporter: a group of voting rights advocates demonstrated outside of the u.s. capital,
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while inside senate democrats are moving forward with the debate on legislation they say will make the ballot more accessible. >> this is a moral moment in america. >> reporter: democrats huddled tuesday evening to discuss next steps for the procedural vote land as soon as wednesday, but republicans are expected to block it from getting the required 60 votes in the evenly divided senate. >> if the government blocks closure, i will put forward a proposal to change the rules. >> this is about one party wanting the power to unilaterally rewrite the rulebook of american elections. mckee moderate democrats joe manchin and kyrsten sinema say they oppose changing senate rules to pass voting right legislation with a simple majority, despite mounting pressure from the white house. >> we should all support the right to vote, everyone, but
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not breaking the rules to make new roles. >> we have to be the generation that defends and extends our most fundamental freedom, the right to cast a vote that counts. >> reporter: activists are also keeping voting rights in the spotlight, including the granddaughter of martin luther king jr., a lot of renee, who issued a call to action tuesday morning at the national cathedral. natalie brand, cbs news, washington. the house committee investigating the capital rights have just subpoenaed former president trump's closest advisors, including rudy giuliani. the committee chairman says he's interested in their conversations with trump , and his unfounded claims of voter fraud. water officials are considering lifting penalties for residents who used too much water that the supply is looking much better for many parts of the bay area. kpix 5's kenny choi is in marin county, where a key vote is
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happening tonight. >> reporter: the sight and sounds of abundantly flowing streams and gushing waterfalls have quickly changed how districts are approaching the new year. first up, stiff penalties meant to curb usage during severe drought conditions that persisted for most of 2021. >> by the time they are set to kick in, we were out of the immediate drought emergency. >> should we be finding people for the restrictions that were in place 2 months ago? i don't think so. >> reporter: even without much rain this month, the conditions late last year replenished nearly bone dry reservoirs minoa 95% capacity. >> they may look full now, but that will not solve the problem. >> we've been given a great gift by this atmospheric river, the gift of time. now that we have supply, we have time. >> reporter: penalties for using too much water just kicked in last month in marin county. for example, if phoenix water bill is $950, that would jump north of 1500 with more than $600 in penalties.
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those due in february will be a lot less and february if they don't have the fines. >> we have to rethink our water situation at this point for sure. or make the municipal water district says 2020 and 2021 where the driest two consecutive winters in 100 years. even with heavy rain this winter refilling reservoirs, some believe penalties should stick for the long term. >> some people want go back no matter what to pay the fine. if they have enough money, it doesn't matter. >> reporter: restrictions including outdoor irrigation will remain in effect for now. he will consider taking those off of the table in the near future. in mill valley, kenny choi, kpix 5. it sounds like you can get a lot of rain, but they will still put in those barriers for folks who live in mill valley to try to conserve water, but we also need more rain. we do. we are in the midst of a long
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dry stretch of weather. this january will probably go as one of the 25 driest january's on record for downtown san francisco, which dates back to 1850. december was one of the top 25 wettest. everything is balancing out a bit. high pressure is in control which means the dry weather will continue. it's going to squeeze the atmosphere over the bay area and most of the west coast and i'll produce gusty wind. offshore wind pick up through the next few days. we are talking about 15 to 20 mile-per-hour gusts. some of the higher elevations, 30 to 40 mile-per-hour gusts by the end of the week. he would hope it would help air quality, but it doesn't look like it will have a major
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impact. today we had pretty good air quality. almost everybody else was in the moderate category, but it did tip into the unhealthy for sensitive groups range. i'm going to be mostly moderate through the next several days, even with the stronger wind disbursing low-level pollutants to a greater depth in the atmosphere. outside, a spectacular sunset. you can see the haze on the horizon, but if you go up about 4000 feet in elevation, you get about that stuff, and you get a better view of that beautiful sunset. current temperatures, several degrees cooler today. temperatures right now are in the low to mid 50s. 55 degrees right now is the warm spot in concord. these numbers range anywhere from 2 to 7 degrees cooler than at this point on monday. we bounce back tomorrow. the offshore wind is a warmer direction, so temperatures will be steadily warmer each day for the rest of the work week. we will start up tomorrow morning with locally dense fog. you see that in the writer shades of white throughout the bay. that fog will be somewhat stubborn and reluctant to dissipate until about midday. then we will see a mix of
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clouds and sunshine for the rest of the day, with temperatures warming up a little more than they did today. we start off pretty close to normal. very chilly is spots will dip down into the upper 30s. high temperatures tomorrow will be may be a degree or two warmer than today, close to what is normal, almost 60 degrees in san francisco. temperatures will respond to the additional sunshine once the early morning fog burns off. santa rosa, mid-50s tomorrow afternoon. the sun will break through little faster for the north bay valleys compared to today. concord, though 60s. the average high there is the upper 50s. san jose, low to mid 60s as well. filling in the rest of the map, temperatures will be the steady 2 to 5 degrees warmer for pretty much every location across the bay area, except right along the coast. also a couple of degrees above normal for this time of year. the slow but steady warm-up
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will continue for the rest of the work week. go to mid 60s around the bay, up into the mid-60s at least for san jose. farther into the mid-60s with the friday and saturday high temperatures. upper 60s for the santa clara valley. east bay, not quite as warm, but well above normal for the middle of january. along the coast, temperatures likely to reach up to around 60 degrees for a few days, which overlaps with the weekend, and no rain for any part of the bay area. we take a closer look coming up at 5:30. a deadly home explosion in the bronx. what caused the blast that was filled for blocks. tomorrow, the oakland a's howard terminal stadium project takes an important step forward come up but opponents say new poll shows that people in the community don't think much of
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the deal. we have that story coming up. streaming today on cbsn bay area madea turn of "the amazing race." we catch up with the host fo
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a gas explosion led to a house fire in the bronx today. one person was killed. neighbors say it sounded as if a bomb went off. the blast was felt for blocks. police and fire crews arriving on scene helped save people from that burning building. neighboring structures were destroyed. no word yet on a cause. we learn more about the testing texas synagogue hostage suspect. they took five members of the congregation beth israel synagogue hostage for 11 hours for he was shot and killed by the fbi. hostages he was yelling about how he was going to shoot them, so when the rabbi saw an opportunity to escape, he took it. >> the exit wasn't too far away
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. i told them to go. i threw a chair at the gunman, and i headed for the door, and all three of us were able to get out without even a shot being fired. >> the fbi is now going through financial records and social contacts as they continue the investigation. all new at 5:30, a big step forward in the a's push to build a waterfront ballpark. a new poll suggests it may be far from a done deal. the omicron wave peeking in other cities. is the bay area close behind? we asked a doctor when we will see the surgeon slow. there is a job for you. the pay is increasing, and is
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you are watching kpix 5 news at 5:30. right now on kpix 5, and streaming on cbsn bay area , more local news at 5:30. they are critical to the supply chain. can higher pay get more truck drivers behind the wheel? looking past the omicron peak, we talked to an infectious disease doctor about what life may look like when the surgeon finally slows. after months of delays, the oakland a's taking the next steps in the push to build their new waterfront ballpark. tomorrow, the a's will take a big step toward relocating
5:30 pm
their ballpark to howard terminal at the port of oakland. as kpix 5's john ramos reports, appointments .2 new poll that say raises questions about the deal. >> reporter: tomorrow afternoon, the oakland a's will present to the planning commission their final environmental impact report for the howard terminal stadium project. it's a significant step forward, but a lot of people in the community feel it is anything but a done deal. on the eve of the eir, the east oakland stadium alliance, a group opposed to the howard terminal site, released a survey of oakland residents. it asked 509 people how they felt about the deal requiring the city to pay $350 million in infrastructure improvements to the area around the site. >> when we do not give a specific number, we say do you support or oppose the use of taxpayer money to help build or help make possible the building of this stadium, more voters are opposed to then support


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