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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  January 18, 2022 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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we start with breaking news. a federal website for ordering free covid tests is up and running. anyone with go to covid to connect to a postal service page. you will be able to order up to four tests per household. and take age live look at the white house. the biden administration said all in ordering would start tomorrow. the white house said that the
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site is working with a full launch set for tomorrow. we have a lincoln the website. good afternoon. >> our other top story this afternoon. another major student and teacher sick out at oakland unified in the east bay. justin andrews joins us live with more on what they are demanding. >> the school day has -- was disrupted for at least one oakland school. there couldn't be any instruction there because either there weren't enough students or teachers in class today because of this boycott. that's exactly the goal of this. this afternoon we are hearing from student, teachers and parents. >> chopper 5 over oakland. this care van showing concern from the teacher, students and the parents inside the cars. >> i just feel frustrated because a lot of kids are still coming to school even their they know they have covid. >> she was going to skip
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school along with hundreds of others but she decided no the to. a very hard decision, her dad agrees. >> i hear her go back and forth of wanting to be in school and get good grades but also the next hour, next day, worried about her own safety and, you know are we exchanging grades for, you know a lifthreatening illness? >> students ditched their desks to demand action. bridges academy, acorn and united for success academy are all joining forces. 5th grade teacher, said it's all financial. >> i think that this is very financially motivated. i think that the way that the system is set up where like having student bodies in physical costumes is the way that schools are funded is a problem and particularly life threatening during covid. >> at her school she said nearly half of the students were out last week because of
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covid. students and teachers say they have three simple demands. provide weekly tests, add more outdoor spaces for students to safely eat and fairly distribute masks to all schools. >> those that have aren't getting the same number of masks per student so some sites are getting five per student. some are getting one per student. >> we reached out to the district. we haven't heard back but yesterday a spokesperson said that the district has a robust testing system but can't do thousands of weekly tests without support from the state and alameda county. the district also said that its been installing more covered outdoor eating spaces since the fall at several schools and they plan to do more but materials have been on back order. we are live this afternoon. i will send it back to you. right now heyward students back in the classroom after a week of online learning. they were forced to stay home after a covid surge caught staff and testing shortages. the district has put more safety measures in place
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including more staff and testing sites and upgraded masks for everybody on campus. happening today the sfusd board of education will be holding a special meeting. with the update on safety and learning amid the omicron surge. this nearly two weeks arch the teacher's union held a sick out of their own demanding safer working conditions and weekly covid testing. the district was then given more covid testing kits and made the decision to continue in learn learning. new new data shows the omicron variant makes up more than 99% of new infections nationwide. meantime here in california we have passed seven million covid cases. last week we added over a million cases. that's the most for the state in a single week since the pandemic started. experts warning this jump demonstrates how transmissible the variant is. despite the new covid milestone it appears there could be a drop in the demand
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for testing. this video is from our chopper 5 less than an hour ago. you can see little too no lines at these sites and san mateo and heyward. if you were looking for covid test, vaccine or booster visit our county by county resource guide on just click the red banner at the top of the page. happening tonight a vigil will be held at san francisco's portsmith square for michelle goh. she was killed in new york city over the weekend after being shoved in front of a subway train. the 40-year-old grew newspaper fremont. her family aski r as beautil,who loved her family and friends. in statemenr family said that we are in a state of shock and grieving the loss of our daughter, sister and friend. we hope she will be remembered for how she lived and not how she died. the vigil tonight starts at six. a disaster. that's how tonga are describing
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the country after a volcano erupted and triggered eye deadly tsunami. >> there's a race to get much needed supplies to the island nation. we are in oakland with more on how you can help. >> sf enterprise it's all hands on deck. >> all of us here get our hands together. >> we can do a lot. >> the company specializes in shipping to tonga and now efforts ramping up to get supplies to the pacific nation. >> i will take water. that's what i know right now. we know they are going to need. any masks. people have masks. any medical supply. first aid kits. dry nonperishable food. >> they said most of the call that have been coming in are personal shipments to family members and many in the bay area's tongan community are waiting to hear from loved ones. this is our family. they have family.
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so, the feel, we feel it. we understand. >> aunts and automobiles, grandfathers, nephew,. >> one man works at the company and hasn't had any communication with family. >> everybody trying to see if they see someone, news back home. trying to call. trying to be on facebook. >> they also have a team of 20 people in tonga. he said that they last spoke to them -- and hasn't had any communication with family. the ship is set to leave on friday and it take around four to five weeks to get there. >> it's important for me to be here to show them and keep everything going here. as far as getting stuff loaded on time. >> they are taking donations until 4:00 p.m. today. it's located in oakland at
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2525mandala parkway. the live news desk. keeping a close eye on the push for more voting laws on capitol hill. taking a live at washington dc right now where the senate is debating, voting reform. the senate majority leader called it win, loose or draw. he said the eyes of the nation will be watching when they take this vote. the legislation would establish national early voting and vote by mail standards making election day a national holiday and require certain states to get clearance from the justice department before making changes to local election laws. that comes as at least 19, mostly republican controlled states have passed restrictive voting laws in the past year. it's according to the progressive brennen center. no gop senator is expected to support the democratic voting reform bill. >> who are they trying to keep from voting? black people, brown people, college students, people who live on reservations, trying to
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keep them from voting because they may vote democratic. way. they want to do is just basically have the federal government take overall elections in the united states. >> republicans aren't the only ones standing in the way. two democrats support the legislation they do not support scrapping a senate rule, the filibuster requiring at least 60 vetoes to end debate and hold a final vote on the bill. at this point no timeline for a vote. it could come tomorrow. it could come thursday. it could also be a very long week on capitol hill. we will watch it. back to you. >> thank you. developing news, taking ape live look at sfo. at&t and verizon say they are delaying 5g roll outs. this after a ceo's from 10 airlines asked the biden administration to intervene in the already delayed roll out. both companies say that other tower also be deplayed as scheduled tomorrow. the white house is sounding
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the alarm on russia's aggression against ukraine. they say the build up of russian troops on the ukraine word border has reached a breaking point. this as united states secretary prepares to meet with ukraine's president and foreign minister. the white house said that russia has now 100,000 troop as long the ukraine border and moved russian forces in to neighboring areas for training exercises. today the governor is talking up an initiative for college students to chart a debt free path through volunteer work. he will announce which schools are getting the first round of funding. the program is called the california for all college course. a virtual meeting with college administrators started a short time ago. happening now a bail hearing for los gatos woman accused of holding drunk parties for her teenage son and his friends. the 47-year-old has been in jail since her arrest in october. prosecutors say she hosted parties with alcohol where
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girls were sometimes sexually assaulted. her attorney said she poses no threat to the victims and is not a flight risk. she is scheduled to enter a plea in march. southern california is dealing a wave of car thefts. the union pacific rail record said it's trying to protect its cargo but they claim prosecutors aren'thelping. january how even the suspects who are caught are not stopped. >> it looks like something from the wild west. only it's happening in bustling downtown los angeles. thieves are breaking into the cargo of trains and stealing thousands of dollars worth of items at a time. the debris field stretches on for as far as you can see. we are talking about tens of thousands of destroyed packages with addresses ranging from washington state all the way to pennsylvania. we have seen a number of covid tests discarded but the packages with electronics, and
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home goods were left. >> this is just unheard of. >> on friday union pacific spokeswoman said from october 2020 to 2021, there was an increase of more than 350% in thefts. in a let tore the da's office in december the company blamed the no cash bail policy in part for the thefts. >> the railroad company reported a loss of at least $5 million at the beginning of december. that amount is expected to go up once union pacific factors in year end holiday shipping. >> all of us shop online these days. had is something that we are also paying the price for. >> in a statement the da's office said that they make their charging decisions weighed on evidence or lack of and they hope to address the issue with the railroad company in the following weeks. cbs news. coming up on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area
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stocks taking a major hit. what financial experts say are to blame. microsoft is making it's biggest push in to the gaming world today. what companies the tech giant just scooped up. and just as we start clearing out the midlevel clouds for the majority of the bay, the high clouds are starting to show up now from the north. we will talk about what that means for the rest of today and we will look at what the long range forecast
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let's take a look at the big board. the dow is down in the red about 500 points. and experts say the large drop today is because bond yields are rising. they say the markets are being influenced by the beginning of earning sea sob. and microsoft is making a major push in to the gaming unindustry. they are buying blizzard. the tale is valued at $69 billion. it's the largest deal in the sector making the x box maker the third largest gaming company by revenue. demand for video games has surged during the pandemic, stuck at home consumers playing more games to keep themselves entertained. apple is now the proud owner of another large property in the south bay. the tech giant just bought this large building in sunnyvale for 4 had million dollars. the building totals 105,000 square feet over nearly six acres. time for a check of
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weather. >> it's looking like another batch of high clouds are about to move overhead it. won't impact the daytime highs. we are going to the low 60's. there's still a good amount of blue sky today too. more than we have seen. more than we have had around yesterday. it'll start to me cloudy over the afternoon. we are going into the low 06's today. just to back track theory for a second. that's the live look outside from our camera on top of the sale force tower. taking a look off toward the east and you can see the midlevel stra shall tus clouds. let's move on from that angle and give you another view with currents on it. it's still in the mid-40s's in santa rosa. we are in the mid50's and looked at the daytime highs. with regoing to the low 60's. watch the high clouds show up here as we get in to the afternoon. that will be with it. should be another pretty sunset. that's the canvas. have you to have something to bounce the light off. it's basically all the clouds will do. they aren't thick enough to keep us warm.
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it'll be cold. low 40's for some of the cold erin land valley. in terms of rain, storm track shows you what is going on. all the storms keep going up here. this pattern you can see there is like a block right here. there is a line of rain which can't come far east. it keeps getting blocked. to see what's happening a different way we put on the pressure field and you can see deep red there showing you that strong center of high pressure. that's the big block in the atmosphere. all the storms keep sleeping in that fairly semi -- constant area of low pressure. they all have to keep going up and over. if you watch the rainfall between now and january 28th you get that big doughnut hole of nothing right there and over us. that is the blocking ridge of high pressure which is so often responsible for these long periods without rain and temperatures that are above average. it's typical to have one of those set up shop in the winter. even in january it's fairly likely. what we need is for it to go away.
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we have lost the whole month of january. that means february e march have a little more work to do to start making up for that deficit. that january has brought. we are still well above average for rainfall. it's not enough if we don't get anymore to really dig ourselves out of this hole that we are in. fingers crossed february, acback in the meantime sunny, mid to upper 60's. that's what is coming our way for the rest of of seven day forecast. >> i like all the sun in there. thank you. wordle is taking the internet by storm. how it's popularity is benefiting a bay area community. and don't forget to check out the new kpix evening anchor. you can watch him with elizabeth
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68 years old. i do motivational speaking in addition to the substitute teaching. i honestly feel that that's my calling-- to give back to younger people. i think most adults will start realizing that they don't recall things as quickly as they used to or they don't remember things as vividly as they once did. i've been taking prevagen for about three years now. people say to me periodically, "man, you've got a memory like an elephant." it's really, really helped me tremendously. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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daily word game wordle is taking the world by storm but now an older game with the nearly same name is getting the benefits. it's browser only and doesn't have an app. that's where wordle with a point comen. the california based app developer made the app with the point years ago and just recently people started downloading it again. the creator said he understands the confusion and is promising to donate all of the money he earns from it to a charity that
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mentors young people in oakland. still to come on the news at noon. we will check in one more time with darr, for what weather you can expect. and today on the drew
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the 64th grammy awards will now aaron sunday april 3rd. live from las vegas. the show moved from it's original date of january 31th amid growing concerns over the coronavirus. with them shifting the cmt awards on cbs will shift from april 3rd to later in the month. benefit care plans to provide coverage for a drug to treatment alzheimer's but only certain patients may be available. that at 3:00. now a last check on the weather forecast. >> i wanted to give you a quick look at what to expect from the crowd clouds. we wake um tomorrow with patchly fog. that's tomorrow at three in the afternoon. no clouds. we will do that again. ly let that play ahead to thursday. sunny skies. we have had a long stretch of cloudy day was no pay off from the rain. now we will take care of the cloud part and you will have more sun. once we get into tomorrow afternoon and certain as we go through the rest and second half of the weekend. it should be a lot prettier in
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the afternoon. it'll stay hazy. we aren't getting rid of the haze. at least you will get more blue sky and temperatures will warm up just a bit until we get to friday and saturday where we top out near 70 for some of our warm erin land spots. spring trying to make a come back. >> it is. >> that's it for us. we are on 24-7 streaming on >> the next newscast is at three. have a great afternoon.
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[ dramatic music ] >> brooke: oh, god. >> brooke: oh, i-- [ brooke laughing ] [ knocking on door ] >> brooke: taylor? >> taylor: hi, brooke. >> brooke: ridge isn't here. he's at the office. >> taylor: yes, i know. i know that. i'm here to see you. >> sheila: brooke, brooke, brooke. what happened on new year's eve?


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