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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6am  CBS  January 18, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PST

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students skipping school today in oakland. what they are demanding to keep them safe. >> and the white house about to make it much easier to get your hands on those covid tests. where you can go to order yours for free as soon as tomorrow. it's a tragic loss of life of someone who was giving back to the new york city community. >> the bay area coming together to remember a local woman killed. the vigil planned tonight for her. and the bay area woman launches her own investigation after her license plate was stone from her car. how she found much more than her property.
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good morning. it is tuesday, january 18th. >> let's get your forecast with darren and see how things are going out there. >> got an old friend. it is foggy for north bay communities. for most of the rest of the bay is just a few midlevel clouds and here in the bay it's more typical like midlevel clouds that will fill the bay. most places aren't looking at that. if you look at the current its clear skies in concord. its clear skies in livermore. are you colder because of that. it's 38 degrees concord cord. i think you will notice that. maybe grab the jacket. of course, santa rosa, always cold air in the morning. i will show you the visibility map in the complete forecast. it's the north bay valleys in terms of reduced visibility on the road. everybody else is doing okay in terms of fog. the forecast for today, just like yesterday only you will get more include sky. first half of today you will
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see more blue sky. show what you that is all about and we will -- for now let's get more information on the drive. >> good morning. i will show you a map of some of the freeways in the north bay. may be foggy. as you head out the door be careful. limited visibility may be an issue. no major slow downs or issues. traffic still moving at the limit. a close eye on that. also watching traffic out of the south bay. we have a crash here. northbound 101 at 87. three left lanes are blocked until further notice. chp is on scene. you have speeds down about 11 miles an hour. a slow ride. travel times also busy in the pass. 46 minutes 205 to 680. a live look at oakland this morning where today a district wide boycott is set to take place. hundreds of students will be staying home because they say that the district is
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disregarding covid safety. justin is live with why students say their needs haven't been met. >> studentsa admit there has been a type of progress by giving out the masks but they say that's not enough. they are asking the district to provide weekly testing. students in the oakland school district are supposed to go back to class today after the holiday weekend but hundreds say that they won't. they are demanding weekly testing and it's one they say they won't budge on. the district spokesperson saying that we have a robust test system in place. that says we are doing on site tests as frequently as possible with some schools getting on site testing twice a week subpoena some getting it once a week. however, some students say they haven't been offer of proofed any testing yet and they want it to be available to all students at every school in the district. we talked to a 7th grader who is staying home today. >> weekly testing is important to me because that means we can
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slow the spread of omicron around our -- not only the schools but also the community. every day the parents make the decision to send them to school because they want them to have an education. want those parents to send their kids to school knowing they can return safe. >> students say if all their demands are not met they want the district to move to online learning but that like lie won't happen because there is support from the state and federal levels saying keeping kids in school is the best way to move forward. happening today the sfusd board of education will hold a special meeting with an update on safety and learning amid the omicron surge. this nearly two weeks arch the teacher's union held a sick out demanding safer working conditions and weekly covid testingful the district was then given more testing kits and made the decision to continue in person learning. and one more school note.
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heyward students head back to the classroom today. this after a week of online learning because of the surge in covid cases and testing shortages. the district has put additional safety measures in place including more staff at testing sites and upgraded masks for everybody on campus. taking a live look at the white house this morning where they are preparing for a big roll out. that's the federal website where we will be able to order covid tests that. will happen at that covid and starting tomorrow you will be able to go there and order up to four covid rapid tests per month and you don't have to enter any credit card information and it is free shipping. it'll be interesting to see if this website just gets flooded with people and how it works. according to the white house, tests are normally going to ship with in seven to 12 days of placing your order. may take a couple of weeks for them to arrive. also private health insurance
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is now required to cover the cost of up to eight at home rapid test kits per person, per month. people who don't have internet access, the white house said it is setting up a toll free number where you can also order some of these rapid tests it. hasn't released that number we are keeping our eye on it. there are some more good news regarding coronavirus. a berkeley professor believes that we could already be past the worst of this surge. >> i think there's a good chance that we are either at its crest or very near the crest. >> if are you looking for a covid test right now vaccine or booster, visit the county by county resource guide at just click the red banner at the ge happening tonight a vigil will be held at san francisco's portsmith square for michelle goh who was killed in new york city after she was shoved in
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front of a train. we are live in san francisco with how her family and friends are remembering her. >> she had just celebrated her 40th birthday. she was from fremont. her family is asking for privacy during this difficult time. she was a kind, beautiful, intelligent william who loved her family and friends. the bay area community is in shock over this horrible act of violence. she was stabbing on a train platform when she was shoved by a strange america to an oncoming train inside the time square station on saturday morning. the suspect took off but later turned himself in. police identified him at a 61- year-old simon marshall now charged with murder. she had just traveled to the maldeaves to celebrate her 40th birthday and the new year. friends say she spent the last decade working for the homeless. >> it's a tragic loss of life of someone who was giving back to the new york city community. >> in a statement her family
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said we are in a state of shock and grieving the loss of our daughter, sister and friend. we hope michelle will be remembered for how she lived not just how she died. we know of two individualist that are happening today. one in time square in new york and another here in san francisco at 6:00 p.m. leave in san francisco. kpix5. developing this morning a shooting investigation is underway in berkeley. chopper 5 was over that scene last night where police put evidence markerns at stanton and sacramento streets. the victim made it to an area hospital. no word on suspects or motive. a bail hearing for a woman accused of holding drunk parties for her teen son and his friends. shannono conner has been in jail since october. she hosted party was alcohol where girls were sometimes sexually assaulted. her attorneys said she poses no threat to the alleged victims and is not a flight risk.
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she is scheduled to enter a plea in march. a san francisco woman who first noticed someone stole her license plate and started getting parking tickets found more than her property when she went searching for it on monday. she said she believes someone unscrewed or license plate. she then found it on california street. it turned out to be a stolen car. tests found several tools including long screw drivers inside. >> they stole a white audi, found another white audi, stole the plate and put it on and who knows what they have been doing. >> detectives also found what looked like a fresh orange juice drink contain america that stolen car. they plan to swab it for dna hoping it may lead to a suspect. still to come northern california teacher becoming real life heros.
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how they jumped in to save a family trapped in their burning home. and scared to hit the slopes over fears of coronavirus? when you could avoid the crowds ahead coming up in my travel tuesday segment. and we interest more patchy fog out there this morning. we will spotlight where some of the trouble spots in the north bay valleys. then we will look ahead. where will it rain between now and the end of january? more importantly, where is it not? you can probably figure this
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this is elodia. she's a recording artist. 1 of 10 million people that comcast has connected to affordable internet in the last 10 years. and this is emmanuel, a future recording artist, and one of the millions of students we're connecting throughout the next 10. through projectup, comcast is committing
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$1 billion so millions more students, past... and present, can continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities. the south bay we are getting a look this morning at san jose firefighters battling flames in what appeared to be an abandoned home. this shows the scene late last night. no word yet on how the fire started. and new a group of school employees in stockton helped save three people from a house
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fire. this happened on friday on east alpine. a woman who specializes in child welfare has checking on distance learners when she saw the fire. two woman and a child were trapped. they passed the baby over a gate but the adults couldn't get out they ran across the street to the elementary school and returned teachers ready to help. >> the fence is too high and one was an older lady. people were pull on this gate and got it off. >> the woman who were stuck got out. firefighters say that it's okay for civilians to direct victims out of danger until crew as rivas long as they did not run in to the flames. happening today yosemite will launch a new lottery system to reserve a spot at one of the park's camp sites. they will have until february 6th to submit their names for a
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spot at north pine. the program is launching after people complained that the current system was not fair. if all goes well the pilot program could expand park wide. new video from sierra at tahoe. check out all that snow blanketing the resort but with fears of coronavirus spreading among crowds. the skiers snow boarders showing up. dianna joins us to break down the concerns. is it stopping this elm? >> no. it's not. last month's winter storms brought record snow fall to the searchy. even the threat of omicron won't stop them from enjoying all of that fresh powder. >> skiing and riding outside. you know and -- naturally is -- distance from people. that is -- that's really a plus. it's great to be outside and be on the hill doing that. we have -- restrictions. we require masks indoors at the
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resort and riding the tram. >> that's -- the vp and gm of heavenly ski resort in south lake tahoe who said if you are concerned about being around crowds, consider traveling up during the week. >> yeah. yeah. definitely midweek is -- you know if you don't like to be around a lot of people. a lot of people like the vibe and energy on the weekends. a lot of people like having the slopes to themselves as well. >> and we know getting to the sierra can be a little tricky during the winter. here are some things you can do before you go. check the cal trans website for road conditions, pack your chains from food and water. call ahead to see what covid protocols in place and buy your lift tickets in advance. make sure you leave early, parking lots get very full quickly, especially on the weekends. it does look like a lot of fun. a look at the roadways closer to home. if you are getting ready to head out and take the ride along 101 out of the south bay its tricky here. we have reports of a trouble
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spot. 101 at 87. guadalupe parkway. the three left lanes blocked until further notice. speeds down about six and backing up well beyond that 880 connector. busy ride as you head through san jose this morning. if you are headed along 580, slow there as well. westbound # 05. that's about a 49 minute commute to make that 26-mile trek over toward the dublin speaker change. sluggish conditions. it starts right around tracy showing you on the map here. are you going from 205 onto 580. speeds down about 12 in some spots. bus write there also for super commuters. elsewhere the bay bridge toll plaza. things crowded heading into the city. in fact we will take a little ride across the upper deck of the bay bridge. here is a perspective and you can see a few more cars on the roadway and here is a look at traffic in to san francisco. that's where we are starting to see that slowing start just a bit before that, not far from that treasure island exit
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they turnede lights on this morning. want to get a quick look at traffic conditions. watching 101. highway 12, 29, the areas where we could see some fog this morning. right now 101 out of santa rose a moving at the limit. again fog may be an issue. let's go over to darren. the travel speeds look good. the fog that i'm tracking in santa rose a. that centers at the sonoma county airport which is a little removed off the main through way. it's good to see the traffic moving fine. if you want to get off those just be aware the more rural you will get you will likely hit fog. live look from the top of mark hopkins off to the east. you can see the midlevel clouds that have filled in the bay this is like a typical, summer pattern with the midlevel clouds fill in the bay this morning and the east bay valley. it is not fog on the roadway for most of these locations. we are in the 40's for most locations. livermore 40 now but it's a
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cold 38 in concord and of course up in the north bay valleys in the mid-30s's where yes the visibility sensors recording fog. daytime highs to the low 60's with more blue sky for the first half of the day before higher clouds start to show up for the second half of the day. if we wanted to take a look at the big picture you really start to see the impressive visua, l on why we haven't gotten rain for the entire month so far. why now looking forward, we can say with good confidence we are not going to get any rain for the rest of the this month. here is the way this plays out. long rain forecast showing you the storms pretty much up and over us. see the pattern? storms come in this way and take that big loop over california and this big patch in the pacific. the reason it's doing that shows up when you look at the atmosphere this way. where the difference in pressure is. big bulls eye of deep red right off the coast of california
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shows you the area of strong high pressure which develops. even more intensely through later in the week this is a classic example of two extremes right next to each other. the run that matters to us most is that one obviously. that is really what steers the storm track. everything has to go up and oar that. if he with just look at where it'll rain, as a result from now all the way through the end of january we will color in the map with the accumulated rainfall and now that story really looks dramatic. plenty of rain in the pacific where the storm track it is. you can follow the path as they to north. then they arc over california and it rains and snows for the midsection of the country and meanwhile here we stay in the doughnut hole where there is nothing. this is how we noally i od are intivewarman averawh get one california. e of it's not unheard of to have this happen in the winter here
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for prolonged period of time. we need that ridge to break down as we go into february. certainly february into march. we still have some making up to do. we did great in october and december. the rainfall that we got is not enough. if that's all we will get. if we will make a meaningful impact on the drought it. has to come back for february and march. we will warm up in to the upper 60's by friday. see you with more coming up later. >> see you. check out this new video as the nethe are, la in, ds starts tulip season. this rehanding out fresh bouquets. normally a flower garden is set up but they didn't want to draw large crowds so they went mobile. challenge accepted. the big boost to bay area animal shelters for thebetty white challenge. and the new kpix5 evening anchor.
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we are look ahead to that midsection of the day and getting you ready for the lunchtime forecast. we are spotlighting noon to two. what can you expect in that all important window for today in few high clouds and temperatures where they were yesterday. low 60's. that's the view in jena cross the bay. if you look in daytime highs here and they are all pretty much right in line. we start out with midlevel clouds for the morning. expect high clouds by the time we get to lunch but nothing more serious than that. back to you. new details this morning on how the betty white challenge will benefit bay area animals. >> bay area shelters seeing
6:26 am
big boosts. yesterday alone muttville received $12,000 in donations. it was raised due to the betty white challenge. yesterday would have been her 100th birthday and fans paid tribute toy donating to an animal shelter of their choice. still making an impact. the next half hour on kpix5 and cbsn bay area. >> some oakland students say that they have had enough. we are live with the sick out plan for this morning. . and the marin water district is reconsidering rule that were set into effect last month. we will tell you why coming up. and a bay area kaiser facility warning of a vaccine error. where you may have gotten
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good morning. if you are just waking up with us here are your morning headlines. today, hundreds of oakland students and some teachers planning a school wide boycott to show their frustration with the district's handling of omicron. they say they are demanding to safely return to school. today family and friends will hold a vigil to honor michelle goh in portsmith square in san francisco. she was killed after being shoved f
6:30 am
new york city over the weekend. a bail hearing set today for a woman accused of holding drunk parties for her teen son and his friends. the 47-year-old has been behind bars since her arrest in october. she is scheduled to enter a plea in march. good morning. it's tuesday, january 18th. >> good morning to you. let's start it off with traffic and weather. >> i want to spotlight our east bay valleys to start off this half hour. the camera that he have have on top of mount diablolooking out over communities like walnut creek with just some midlevel clouds. most are waking township clear skies. the closer you get to the delta or in some of the valleys about be here you will wake up to some of the midlevel clouds. it's more of a typical pattern that we would see in the summer. we are seeing the same in the bay with the midlevel clouds are developing now like the
6:31 am
marine layer is building back in. that is not going to stick around long it. does make the morning look great for some of us. it's actually fog on the road in the north bay. very different. that's fog on the roadway. the only place where we are experiencing that at this point is up in the north bay, outside on the out skirts of santa rosa. the 101 and all the major freeways this redoing okay. current numbers for daytime highs, looking ahead will bring news to the low 60's with ia few high clouds. all right. you are right. the 101 freeway as you work through the north bay looks good right now. it's the south bay part that we are really seeing a couple of hot spots here. if are you going northbound 101 near 87 and 880 we have two separate crashes and that's causing quite a few brake lights out of san jose. if are you headed through there near heller toward sfo that's a 56 minute commute.
6:32 am
three lanes blocked near guadalupe parkway and another one blocking a couple lanes. happening today hundreds of ousd students are calling in sick. they say they are fed one the district not keeping them safe. justin is live explaining some of the concerns and what the students want. >> they are demanding the district shift to online learning unless leaders make some changes. there are two demands students say the district hasn't met, one they want twice a week pcr and rapid testing for everybody on school campuses and they are asking for more outdoor spaces to eat safely when it rains. the district spokesperson responding in a statement saying that we have a robust testing system in placew. redoing on site tests as frequently as possible with some schools getting on site testing twice a week subpoena some getting on site testing once a week. however, some students say they
6:33 am
haven't been offered testing at all. students admit there has been progress by giving out kn95 masks but that still is not enough. we have learned some teachers plan to call out sick. on friday, students plan to strike outside district headquarters in oakland and they promise to strike until their demands are met. >> cal state east bay said it'll go virtual for the first two weeks of the spring semester. classes and labs set to return to in person instruction on the last day of the month. school officials say the decision to go temporarily virtual is too reduce population density on campuses amid the surge. and taking a like look at the state capitol where the veup an initiative for college students to chart a debt free path through volunteer work.
6:34 am
it is called the california for all college core. a virtual meeting with college administrators starts at 11:30 a.m. new numbers show the state's covid positive rate continues to go down. the seven day rate is now at 21.5%. that's a 1.3% decrease from last week. hospital stations are up. with the state seeing 284 more covid patients than the day before. this morning kaiser in walnut creek is informingnearly 4,000 patients that they may have gotten a low dose of the pfizer vaccine. the shot according to kaiser this was isolated andresulted from some staff misunderstanding instructions and potentially drawing slightly less than the recommended vaccine dose. the hospital said that the mistake should not significantly reduce immunity but anyone who received less than a full dose can sign up for a repeat dose if they want
6:35 am
one. the live news desk taking a live look at the port of oakland where there is a shipping company preparing a large shipment headed to tonga this relooking for donations and you can top them off, water, masks, medical supplies and dry and nonperishable food. the company is called sf enterprises and they specialize specifically in trips to tonga and somoa and they are still trying to reach their staff in tonga showing some of the damage information has been difficult to come by because communication technology is still cut off. are waiting to learn the extent of the destruction to tonga two days after that massive under sea volcano. they say they don't want their office to be a dumping ground. drop off stuff that is easy to distribute in a uniform manner.
6:36 am
the office is on mantela parkway and they have no another ship going out in a couple of weeks. and happening today the marin water district board will consider repealing water restriction that took effect last month. we are live with what this could mean for residents. >> these rules set allotments for residents and then charge them more if they were using above that allotment that. could seen be repealed. this comes after heavy downpours we saw from late october through december. the district reservoir was at about 95% of capacity. in california is now out 6 the worst drought. take a look at the maps side by side. one from september of last year that was before we saw those heavy downpours and then the one from january 11th. the red almost complete leydon, only about 1.4% of the state is in the second worst extreme
6:37 am
drought category. the rest the state is in moderate to severe drought but a big improvement and we are see that translate into what is being considered today. accord important to note that's ordinance will not include a roll back of other drought restrictions such as the ban on outdoor sprinkler and drip irrigation through may. the other rule is set to be discussed tonight at 7:00 p.m. that's what open session is set to start for the board of directors. for now kpix5. happening today santa cruz county worker also announce a unfair labor practice strike date. the employees represented by seiu521 say they rejected the county a final offer because it doesn't address overwhelmed health systems nor does it meet long term needs. a line look from capitol hill where the senate is scheduled to start debate on a major voting restorm bill today. in washington yesterday the
6:38 am
family of reverand dr. martin luther king jr. marched in favor of voting reform. >> freedom to vote is under assault. >> the senate bill appears doomed to fail. two democrats have said they won't vote for a rule kay that would bet democrats pass the bill without republican support. over the past year 19 states have passed more restrictive voting laws. the in a sleeping tore the fbi said that saturday's hostage situation in texas was a terror related and anti semitic attack. the suspect, a 44-year-old british citizen was killed right after the four hostages escaped. they weren't hurt. the department of home ran security has sent a memo to local law enforcement across the country. it said there could be future
6:39 am
attacks on faith based communities. still to come the south bay tech giant handing down a booster shot mandate. and with the updated mask guidelines how you can spot the difference between a real and a fake. what experts say to be on the look out for. midlevel clouds to goat most of us for the day. there's some patchy fog in the north bay. we will spotlight and and then every once in a while we talk about rain. remember we used to do that? i will show you why we don't do that coming up. >> remember it well. and the market is just opened. let's check the big board. the dow down quite a bit. more than 500 points. before we head to break a quick look at what's next on cbs mornings. >> ahead on cbs morning senator warren discusses the future of voting rights legislation and her message to fellow democrats standing in
6:40 am
the way. and the man behind nike's jordon brand reveals a dark secret. why he is speaking out now and how michael jordon himself reacted. we will see you at seven.
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welcome back. it's 6:43. microsoft is buying blizzard. it's the largest deal in the sector making the x box maker the third largest gaming company by revenue. demand for video games has surged during the pandemic. feel are playing more to keep themselves entertained. we are joined by diane king hall from new york with your other money watch headlines. stocks not looking great on this tuesday.
6:44 am
>> i know. i heard you reacting earlier. look at that. trading trap door tuesday with trading underway for a little more than ten minuteless. the dow dropping more than 400 points. so they are paring a little bit of that but it's a sharp loss. nasdaq down triple digits. down 217 points. united states airlines said lead to flight delays and cancellations. it's scheduled to be activated wednesday. it was set to roll out january 5th but verizon and at&t agreed to delay it. the faa said it can interfere with air craft instruments. the airlines want the federal government to ban 5g with in two miles of runways. today is not a good day to look at your 401 kern 401k.
6:45 am
>> don't do it. > >> don't look today. let's focus on other things. >> don't look today. >> thank you. >> that's right. new, apple is now the proud owner of another large property in the south bay. they just bought this large building in sunnyvale for 44 million dollars. it's 105 square feet and nearly six acres. the big buy is the latest indicating the company plans to continue widening its foot hold in silicon valley. apple employees now required to show proof of a covid booster shot it. applies to store and corporate employees this very four weeks to get their boosters starting on the date they are become eligible and starting on january 24th unvaccinated will need negative tests to enter apple workplaces. the cdc has updated its
6:46 am
recommendations for marking. recommendingmean americaning wear the most protective one they can fibbed. the update has caused a rush for the those masks leading to a surge in counterfeits. while it's extremely difficult to spot makes, experts have advice for you, n95 masks should have a label while kn95 do not. neither should have any sort of decal or decorations on them. they should have head bands that go around the head, not ear loops. and check for typos in the listing and on the masks. new video of the effort to find several missing hikers in southern california. they got stranded yesterday in la county. with night fall approaching rescuers climbed up a steep sleep to reach two hikers on a lidge. a helicopter pulled them to safety. five are missing but at least some are communicating with rescue crews. it is now 6:46.
6:47 am
let's get a check on weather and traffic. >> we will dart with darren. we will start with a camera that sits on top of sutro tower. we get such a greet overview of the city. the clouds have blocked it. that is the view. take it all in from sut, are,o. let me show you another one. this is the scene from the camera over the diablo valley. this one from the top of mount diablo. we are looking over concord. this tells an important item of what is happening here for the inland valleys and the east bay. midlevel clouds. in and along the delta and down likely parts of 680 over 580. those inland valleys ill will see some of the midlevel clouds, not fog on the road that. is up in the north bay. localized for santa rose a. there's fog up there. we are in the low 40's for most placesful the temperatures okay. they are little cooler than yesterday was at that time of day. we will see daytime highs that
6:48 am
climb up to around 60's for daytime highs in in the afternoon. that's what they will do. we take a look at the big bic church and you see a few clouds by the time we get in to the afternoon. just a few high clouds once we get past about noon today. there is the storm track. watch what happen was this. storms keep going well away from us. the pattern show us that it's like they are going up and over this big area where there is nothing in the pacific. sure enough, when we look at the atmosphere in a different way we can see the impressive ridge off the coast of california. deep shades of red. the higher the pressure. that is a block. the tomorrows can't come through. we have to go up and over it. when we take a look at this in a different way, where the rainfall is going to accumulate deen now and the end of january, that what is the map looks like. lots of deep shades of heavy rain in the pacific. that big doughnut hole forcing the storms to go up and over into canada and then down in to the midsection of the country means here at home all the way
6:49 am
through, this is a cumulatived rainfall through friday, january 28th. nothing. when we look at the seven day forecast it's the same story there. what we have especially stead is the nice warm up that gets the daytime highs into the upper 60's by the time we get to saturday, for sap jose and the micro climate that show us that same story. by the time we get to friday. let's check in with gianna and see how the drive is going. just getting the update from chp on this hot spot we have been monitoring this is out of the south bay northbound, 87. we have some brake lights. two separate accidents causing a back up. we have lanes blocked. if you are going northbound 101 out of san jose give yourself extra time. that's looking better than the ride on 1401. all the pring slightly. getting a bit better as you approach 880 as they clear that
6:50 am
crash out of lanes near 87. looking at traffic. the other slow area is the pass. no crashes here. that's the good news. just the uribe stuff and about a 51 minute ride from 205 toward the dublin interchange. super commuters heads up. the bring lights start on 205. extending just a bit beyond north flynn. we have some extra volume westbound but certainly no brake lights or issues make that connector onto 680. highway 4 starting to bog down. if are you going westbound pittsburgh into bay point, same speeds here down about 19. slow, sluggish as you head through there. no crashes on highway 4. that's good news. you get a bit of a break toward the east shore. if are you going toward the bay bridge metering lights on and we are starting to see that back up build at the toll plaza. alameda's biggest school
6:51 am
district bracing for a boycott. why students say efforts to keep them safe aren't enough. and risking it all. for a selfie. how drivers rescued this woman before her car sank. streaming today on cbsn bay area we chat with oakland's debbie digs about snowpiercer. we are also on the cbs news app. you can download it for
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the live news deck watching the stock market and it is not a pretty picture. a like look right now at the numbers as wall street started another day in the red.
6:55 am
all three major indexes opening lower this as bond yields are rising and earning season unfolds. you can see the dow is down more than 500 points that. was after the market was closed yesterday for mlk day. as diane said earlier in this half hour don't check your 401k today. live in san francisco, this morning where a vigil is happening tonight at portsmith square for a fremont native michelle goh. who was killed in a horrible act of violence in new york. she was shoved by a stranger in front of a train. the suspect took off but later turned himself in. he was 61-year-old simon marshall. now charged with murder. police say that there was a current warrant out for his
6:56 am
arrest. goh's family is asking for privacy. they say that she was a great, kind and intelligent woman who loved her family and friends. loved to travel the world and to help others. her life was taken too soon in a senseless act of violence and pray she gets the justice she deserves. they will hold a vigil and one is happening in san francisco tonight at six. in san francisco,. live this morning, hundreds of oakland students skipping school. they are demanding the district to do online learning unless the distribute can make changes. organizers admit there has been progress by giving out kn95 masks but that is still not enough. they are asking the district to provide weekly testing. some stay they haven't been offered any tests at all. students also are asking for more outdoor spaces to eat safely when it rains. the district sent a letter saying has a r obust testing
6:57 am
system but can't do thousands of weekly tests without critical support from the state and alameda county. the district also said its been installing more covered outdoor eating spaces since the fall. it plans to do more but materials have been on back order. we have learned some teachers plan to call out sick today as well in support with th students. looking at the roadways right now we have a bit of a back up at the bay bridge toll plaza. the feet metering lights were turned on almost an hour ago. things busy into san francisco. pretty much a regular commute day. 49 minutes, westbound 80 the east shore freeway starting to get busy. we are seeing a 23 minute ride from highway 4 to the maze. if are you getting ready to head out the door taking highway 4, will take you about 38 minutes. better out of the south bay.
6:58 am
there's that crash. near 87. it's off to the shoulder your travel time 49 minutes there to sfo. little foggy in some spots. with sunrise happening at 7:23. the lights on and we can see a beautiful view of that right now. from our camera on treasure island unlacing back. with very been tracking the moon. it was full yesterday. you are looking now at a moon that is wanifg meaning it's on the downside of full but still beautiful. let's get you caught up on the seven day forecast. there is a warm upcoming our way. we will see temperatures for san jose climb in to the upper 60's. plenty of sun this wheel week. we will see that for the north bay valleys that. middle line there. 68 degrees on friday. sunny and warm today just expect a few high clouds and that's about it. new a life threatening moment may not be the best time for taking a selfie. >> it is not.
6:59 am
that its what witnesses say a woman was doing in canada as their car sank into a frozen river. the car patiently plunged through the ice and with the help a kay ak they were able to pull the driver out but not before the driver took a selfie. >> we pull her out and like what the hell are you doing? she was just like having fun. she was like i would do that again. word for word. >> yeah. okay. video later posted shows the vehicle speeding. the driver was charged with one count of dangerous operation of a vehicle. >> she was speed across that ice. >> put that in the category for people who shouldn't be driving a car. >> yeah. doing the most was a person that is her. don't forget the news continues all day. >> cbs morning is up next.
7:00 am
have a great day. ♪ well tomorrow to "cbs mornings" and hello to you, our viewers on the west coast. on this tuesday, i'm gayle king. >> i'm tony dokoupil. >> and i'm nate burleson. >> he's back. let's go to today's eye opener. it's your world in 90 seconds. >> it is an open question as to whether or not omicron will be the live virus vaccination that everyone is hoping for. >> cautiously optimistic. cases spike but there's evidence of light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to omicron. new details on the end of the synagogue standoff and a warning it could happen again. >> he was going to kill each of us.


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