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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  January 18, 2022 1:37am-2:12am PST

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y4pa0y yi0y own y womalaes investigation after her license plate was stolen from her car. you will not believe what else she uncovered. >> i was not expecting to see the car recovered. i am grateful. >> has the pandemic peaked here in the bay area? tonight, the sewers might hold
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the answer. i want those parents to be able to send their kids to school knowing that they could return safe. >> bay area students planning stay home tomorrow for covid-19 safety concerns. the major sticking point in their talks with the district. plus, how a bay area native, kill inside a shocking subway attack in new york, is being remembered tonight. good evening. now at 11:00 and streaming on cbsnbay area a san francisco woman launches her own investigation after someone stole her license plate and started racking up parking tickets. kpix5 is live with how the woman used cleffor detective work to solve the crime and potentially others. >> reporter: the victim in this case not only recovered her stolen license plate today she uncovered more crimes. it is all part of a largopn an toalaceable.
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>>at go and the screws and everything. >> reporter: she noticed her front plate had gone missing. next, she discovered that someone tack today on to an identical white audiq5 and racked up a number of parking tickets on line. today, after searching the knob hill area where the driver was ticketed she came across her stolen plate on busy california street. >> it is sophisticated. they stole a white audi, they found a white audi, stole the license plate and put it on a white aud who knows what they were baughing. >> reporter: they are investigating. detectives found tools including a long screwdriver inside what turned out to be a stolen car. >> i was not expecting to see the car recovered. i am grateful to the police department and to katie. >> reporter: the car belongs to joe. someone took it at ocean beach back in november. the long time surfer said he
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always is careful about hiding his keys in the sand. but on that day, someone found them. on the left is katie's car, on the right, joe's car with her front plate screwed on the back. >> it is indicative of the scale of the operation. it sounds like i suppose if my car is the one that has the mother load of tools to go rob other cars they can catch the people that did this, more power to them. >> reporter: today, the supervisor met katie. a resident and friend at the scene of the recoveried plate. >> i think that there is a lack of accountability in the city and i think the criminals know it. it is organized crime for sure. and the fact that there are often no consequences for these types of crimes it is one of the reasons why they continue. >> betty, how big of a problem is this in the city? >> reporter: well, she found out in her nextdoor community in the marina, several people are dealing with
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the same problem. stolen plates. by the way we should add that investigators today found what looked like a fresh orange drink juice container in that stolen car and they plan to swab it for dna and hope it will lead them to a suspect. >> hopefully catch the thieves, thank you very much, betty yu. firefighters battling flames at what appeared to be an abandoned home. it was two hours ago. no word yet on how the fire started. >> the light at the end of the tunnel is brighter and the latest surge and the positivity rate hit a two week low. that is not the only sign the outbreak may be on the line. we have the proof in the waste water. >> reporter: health experts say we could be at the peak of the surge right now or close to it. they base it on what we are finding or not finding in our sewers.
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health experts say our sewer water may hold answers to the questions we have about when the surge will end. right now our waste water in santa clara county shows traces of covid-19 have been on the decline for several days after peaking earlier this month. >> it is not infrequent that roughly after 10 days you see the drop in waste water you see the cases start to drop. >> reporter: three days after the viruses rna dropped in the county's waste water, california's positivity rate dropped. and has continued a downward slope. uc berkeley professor and infectious disease expert believes based on those findings we could already be passed the worst of the surge. >> i think there is a good chance that we are at the crest or very near the crest. >> reporter: california is not alone. new york saw a 47% drop in cases last friday. states in the northeast are also seeing a
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decline or leveling off. but the doctor warns it could be awhile before hospitalizations and deaths follow. >> our hospitals have another two weeks that are going to be very, very rough before we see those counts start to drop. this virus has a lot of tricks left up its sleeve, i am afraid. we have a lot of good science to help us deal with it better than we did even six months ago. >> our death count can take several weeks to decline according to the doctor. the virus could still mutate into a serious variant. now we have vaccines and covid- 19 pills to prevent hospitalizations and deaths. in palo alto, kpix5. tonight, kaiser in walnut creek informing 4,000 kaiser patients they may of gotten a low dose of the pfizer vaccine. between october 25th and december 10th. according to kaiser, quote, it was an isolated incident resulting from staff misunderstanding instructions
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and potentially drawing slightly less than the recommended vaccine dose. the hospital says the mistake should not significantly reduce immunity but anyone who received less than the full dose of the vaccine can sign up for a repeat dose if they do want one. looking live at oakland, hundreds of students are planning a school wide boycott tomorrow to show their frustration with ousds handling of the omicron spread. kpix explains their demands to safely return to school have not been met. >> reporter: there has been progress boycott organizers say, the district stepped up to provide kn-95 masks and outdoor dining spaces. they contend it comes down to providing weekly testing. >> i am going to stay out in support of the students right. >> reporter: this 7th grader one of many students expected to stay home as the oakland unified school district returns from the holiday weekend on tuesday.
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organizers say they will not budge on their demand for covid-19 testing. >> testing is really important to me because it means, one, we can close the spread of omicron around our, not only the school but also our community. >> reporter: kpix5 reached out to the oakland school district spokesperson who says we have a robust testing system in place and we were able to open our testing hubs last friday and today. we are conducting onsite tests as frequently as possible with some schools twice a week and some getting it once a week. some students, though, say they have not been offered testing yet and they wanted it available to all students at every school. >> every day their parents make the decision to send them to school because they want them to have an education. and right now, i want those parents to be able to send their kids to school knowing that they could return safe. >> if the demand is not met the
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students want the district to move to online learning. the district, though, has support at the state and federal level to keep kids in school during this surge. in oakland, kpix5. tonight, we learned teachers in the oakland unified school district plan to call out sick tomorrow in solidarity with their students. >> hayward students head back tomorrow after a week of online learning. they report to stay home after a covid-19 surge caused staff and testing shortages. the district put additional safety measures in place including more staff at testing sites and upgraded masks for everyone on campus. a live look from capitol hill where the senate is scheduled to begin debate on a major reform bill tomorrow. in washington today, the family of reverent martin luther king jr march inside favor of voting reform. the president and vice president also sounded the alarm. vowing to honor the legacy of the civil rights icon by pushing for greater protection of
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voting rights. >> our freedom to vote is under assault. >> an attack on the democracy is real. >> the senate bill appears do you meaned to fail. sinema and manchin said they will not vote for a rule change that will enable democrats to pass the bill without republican support. over the past year 19 states passed more restrictive voting laws. still ahead tonight. any time we passed in the hallway we would end up chatting and often, you know, my husband would say where have you been for an hour? oh, we got to talking about stuff. >> family and friends remembering a bay area native who was the victim of a shocking crime. what we learned about the plan accused of shoving her into onairlines are warning of a looming catastrophe in the skies. their warning to the biden administration. starting tomorrow, yosemite
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is making big changes for park visitors. we will tell you what it is
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tonight, a bay area community morning the victim of a shocking subway attack. she was push inside front of a train over the weekend. she grew up in fremont and
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graduated from ucla. >> this is wrong. it does not add up. you have the wrong person. >> reporter: when the nypd came knocking on her upper west side apartment on saturday asking about next door neighbor michelle she refused to believe something bad could happen to someone so good. >> any time we passed in the hallway we would end up chatting. often my husband would say where have you been for an hour? oh, we got to talking about stuff. >> reporter: the 40-year-old businesswoman enjoyed traveling but loved volunteering more. spending the last 10 years with the new york junior league helping at risk individuals get back on their feet. >> it is a tragic loss of life. someone who was giving back to the new york city community. >> reporter: the police say 61-year-old marshall simon killed her when he shoved her in the front of the train. before targeting her he tried to shove
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another woman on the same platform. >> it does not make a difference. it could be me. it could be anybody. >> reporter: the attack not only drew renewed a -- awareness of crime in the subway but homeless that live under ground. the founder of asian fighting justice. >> it is inhumane to put mentally ill people in jail, it is a hard issue, letting them back out on the street to reoffend and cause more violence is also unacceptable. >> family and friends will hold a candlelight vigil at time square new york city. vigil is planned in san francisco also at 6:00 p.m. the massive underwater volcanic eruption near tonga may have been the biggest recorded in 30 years. huge plumes of ash, gas and steam spewed more than 12 miles into the atmosphere. the eruption triggered a deadly
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tsunami. sweeping away a british woman walking her docs at a beach. the body of the 50-year-old was found today. it disrupted communication on the island. ham radio operator in walnut creek tried picking up signals but had no luck reaching anyone in tonga. >> it is a part of the world that is difficult from this area to reach. but australia, new zealand should start hearing stuff and the emergency authorities in that part of the world should through hamm radio make contact. >> reporter: cleanup and repairs are under way at the harbor after saturday's eruption led to a tsunami alert. strong waves ripped apart docks and this drone video shows the water moving a vessel around like a toy boat. and cars were flooded in a
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parking lot and. introduction of new 5g technology means faster internet speeds but it could cause huge problems for airlines. at&t and verizon are set to deploy them on wednesday. those signals can potentially impact sensitive airplane instruments. many commercial airliners and cargo carriers warned the faa that the launch could cause an air travel catastrophe. the airlines say we can see thousands of diversions, delays and even cancellations. >> tomorrow morning yosemite will launch a new lottery system to reserve a spot at one of the parks camp sites. campers will have number february 6th to submit their names. the program is launching after people complain that the certainty congressman is unfair. if all goes well the pilot program could expand park wide. >> i will be jumping into that lottery. >> as will i. >> trying to. >> okay. >> it is beautiful right now.
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a lot of snow, perfect weather. >> it is beautiful pretty much any time. >> that is true. especially if you get lucky and you get to camp there for a couple of nights. let's take a look weatherwise taking a look. under the influence down to the south trying to send showers up towards the pay area today. they have been falling apart. any showers left over with this will stay off to the south tonight. high pressure out over the pacific building towards the coast. a calm weather pattern. as it squeezes the atmosphere over head we will get gusty off shore winds kicking in continuing into thursday and, well, this is still well to our west, we have a stagnant air pass in place until the wind kicks in. it is in the moderate category across the board. for a little while we saw the south bay, the valley, tipping into the unhealthy for sensitive groups range. the orange category. tomorrow, yellow category for most of the day. once the winds pick up by wednesday and thursday that should help to stir around the lowest
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levels of the atmosphere and help air quality a little bit with the haze on the horizon. not going anywhere until we get rain. we are not going to. the seven-day forecast, dry, it takes us to the middle of next week, showing a chance of below average rainfall, near 0 rainfall, not just for the bay area but most of the western u.s. hopeful signs in the 8-14 day outlook taking us through the end of january. we will not be seeing above average precipitation, not a good chance of it. but the data is evening out. equal chances for above average and below average. we are looking at a progressive weather pattern. rain indicated in the really long-range data. that is two weeks out at this point. bright skies with the full moon over head. temperatures dropping off, lower 50s for san jose and down to 40 degrees already in santa rosa where you will end up in the upper 30s in the morning for locally dense fog developing on tuesday.
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visibility will improve. should see the fog dissipating heading towards late morning and the last of it gone towards lunchtime tomorrow. the temperatures will be cool to start the day. beginning in the lower to middle 40s. high temperatures tomorrow, it will be cooler than today. still, going to be above average. the cool spots on the coast, middle to upper 50s. around the south bay. lower to middle 60s in the valley right around 60 degrees inland in the east bay. everybody within a degree or two of 60. mostly upper 50s along the central bay. 58 degrees for san francisco. 9 for oakland and around 60 degrees for most of the north bay. heading farther north where the temperatures have a better chance of climbing farther over the 60s. once the winds develop wednesday and thursday, the temperatures are going to climb. we will see well above average temperatures on thursday, friday, saturday, lower to middle 60s around the bay. at least middle 60s for san jose and the valley. being cautious with the high temperature, not getting carried away. temperatures could approach 70 degrees by the end of the workweek.
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most of us will end up in the lower to middle 60s. that includes coastal low kaeugdzs for locations and the temperatures warming up into the lower 60s there. vern? straight ahead in sports, record night on ice. nfc west showed well on wild card weekend. the 49ers have some medical issues to address before divisional playoffs match up at the packers
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nfl up top. we will talk about these guys, the 49ers, dallas cowboys test, passed. green bay packers, what kind of shape are they in for that game when the going as five point underdogs, jimmy g., over throw. it was disclosed today a sprain of his throwing shoulder the 2nd quarter in dallas. limit inside practice this week. is expected to play on saturday. the linebacker, fred warner, leaving the game with an ankle injury, he said today, he will be good to go for the 5:15 game. he is expected to practice tomorrow. and pass rusher bossa is in the
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league's protocol after this collision with teammate jones. the team is optimistic he will play on saturday. all right, now, a night that stafford waited for. wild card game, the cardinals, picking up 1st quarter. athleticism. stafford. beckham jr and the rams were on fire. their nfc west player, was not. under pressure, toss today to murry. he had two interceptions in his playoff debut. in the second half, kupp has done it all year in an all pro season. rams roll tonight, 34-11 after 13 seasons. that is his first playoff win as they punched his ticket to tampa this weekend. sunday at noon. despite reaching the playoffs
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with the radars today the team parted ways with general manager after three seasons. there has been no decision on the future of interim head coach. nhl what a day for the sharks team this afternoon against the kings, three minutes into the game, this happened. myer by the goalie, opening the scoring, into t. he missed meyer track today down and scored again. 3-0 san jose. 25 seconds later, meyer denied. try today again, and scored. he had a hat trick, three goals in one period. and he did not stop there. he was on fire second period. fourth goal of the game, wow. into the second period, oh, no, again? yes. becoming the first player and franchise history to score 5 goals in a game. san jose beat lea final of 6-2.
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and that has just got to be the best feeling in the world. >> did you ever think a game like this was possible? you would have a game like this in the nhl? >> no. >> pretty cool. i hope there is another game like that. you want more of that. >> boy, i would love to have a day like that. all cylinders are just firing, everything just, it is just kind of falls on point. i am still waiting to have a moment like that. >> you have it every day. [ laughter ] >> what are you talking about. >> for you, always in the zone. >> always firing on all cylinders. >> i get picky. my standards are high. every show has to be perfect. >> you are always nothing but net. that is a basketball reference but you get the idea. >> that is being a teammate, right there, thank you, liz. [ laughter ] >> thank you, vern. tonight, a special tribute on betty white on what would have been her 100th birthday. how a
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today would have been the 100th birthday of legendary betty white. >> a day long golden girls marathon. >> my favorite kind of marathon. >> episodes with her most iconic moments were selected for the screening. it ran from 1:00 this afternoon until about 7:00 tonight. >> known for her character, rose, her eight year run on the show helped send her to national stardom and made her a household name for decades. we all love
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