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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530pm  CBS  January 17, 2022 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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you are watching kpix 5 news at 5:30. >> right now on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, more local news at 5:30. we dig into the archives to share one of martin luther king jr.'s major speeches made in the bay area. the poignant message that resonates, today. a disturbing burglary and shooting. a suspect breaks into a gun safe and then turns the weapon on a homeowner. first your top story at 5:30, healthcare workers across the state are being cleared to work, even though they tested positive for covid-19. good evening, i'm elizabeth cook. >> i'm ryan yamamoto. kenny choi has more on what is fueling this last resort move and the pushback it is getting from unions.
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>> reporter: hospital officials have not yet had to ask infected a symptom workers to return immediately, but new state guidelines would allow that to happen when needed. >> reporter: even with one of the highest vaccination rates in the country, health officials say 5% of the population in marin county, right now, is infected with covid-19. that means healthcare settings including hospitals could face a shortage of workers if they have not already. >> we are seeing staff shortages. you know, in multiple sectors of essential response. >> reporter: dr. sables and is chief medical officer at marin health center where they have not had to implement the new order just yet but is ready to make the call. >> i understand why the public is nervous about it. we are, too, but, we don't have a choice in some areas. >> reporter: the new guidelines would allow healthcare facilities to bring back infected, a symptomatically workers immediately without isolation and retesting. >> if you look at emergency services, there is not a whole
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lot of choice. a big segment of your workers contract cover 19 and just as we are seeing in the general public right now, something in the healthcare system. >> reporter: the nurses association is demanding the state reverse its decision saying in a statement, in part, governor newsom interstates public health leaders are putting the needs of healthcare corporations before the safety of patients and workers. >> state policy is really to try and keep this essential workers on the front lines, to offer the minimum standards of healthcare. >> reporter: a symptomatically are required to wear n95 masks and workers are assigned to already infected patients to minimize chances of spread. >> we are doing everything we can to use covid-19 positive and a somatic health care workers as a final resort and only in areas where it would be emergency staffing, emergency purposes. >> reporter: willis and other healthcare officials
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acknowledge this is a delicate balancing act to address staff shortages so that healthcare facilities can function during the latest wave of infections across the state. kenny choi, kpix 5. hayward students head back to school after a week of virtual learning. they were forced to stay home after an omicron surge caused staffing and cover 19 testing shortages. the school district has put more safety measures in place including cover 19 testing and n95 surgical masks for students and staff. kaiser permanente mental health workers went on strike today in the east bay. chopper five was over a protest outside kaiser's headquarters in oakland. the group is frustrated that mlk day is not a paid holiday this year. kaiser responded to the strike saying, we are pleased to have shared last week that kaiser permanente will adopt, starting in 2023, mlk day as a scheduled paid holiday across the organization. the company is sizing operational issues for not
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being able to make this year a paid holiday. kaiser says they are currently working with unions to come to an agreement. a southern california nurse attacked by a homeless man has died. sandra shells worked at l.a. county usc medical center. the 70-year-old was waiting for a bus when police say a man slapped her without warning or provocation. investigators say she fell and hit her head on the concrete, and later died from her injuries. the lapd found the suspect sleeping nearby, identifying him as kerry bell. he has a criminal record here and in other states. a deadly confrontation in the sacrament county area started with a home break-in. sean today has more on what happened when police say the suspect found a gun safe. >> reporter: a homeowner discovered an intruder holding his gun which he kept in a gun safe. when he asked what the
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trespasser was doing, that is when the intruder used the weapon against him. >> probably five or so ago. he is wearing a mask. >> reporter: tonight, a man is wanted for burglarizing a neighborhood at about 5:00 a.m., neighbors knew what they heard. >> those were gunshots. i knew they were gunshots. >> reporter: crime scene tape blocked off a shooting investigation turned homicide. early this morning, deputies responded to a shot spotter activation and 911 call at this home. they found a man shot multiple times, the shooter gone. the crime scene widened out to this entire neighborhood is deputies responded to multiple scenes. >> we just realized that every single car, through the neighborhood. >> reporter: deputies say a suspect burglarized cars and trucks through the area leader trespassing onto property with a detached structure.
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investigators believe in there is where he found a weapon in a gun safe and the deadly confrontation happened. >> that's scary. have somebody come up in your home. >> reporter: lish a morrow locked her car. >> my wallet, social security cards, any card possible. >> reporter: neighbors say this area is normally quiet. as a cbs13 uncovered, crime reports show that is the case. than last year, a sheriff's office investigated one residential burglary on the street. i just talked with detectives who say they are interviewing witnesses and looking over home surveillance footage. so far, they have not released a suspect description. >> that was shot a passmore reporting. in the meantime, to washington residents managed to escape with their lives after their home slid off foundation and just collapsed. dozens in the bellevue area east of seattle were forced to evacuate after a massive landslide twisted houses on their axis, creating a jaw-
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dropping scene for the homeowner and their neighbors. >> i looked out the window and i saw one house slide down, completely down the hill. it was the house above his and then his house started sliding down. >> it is believed a broken water main letter to the damage. that slide has created concerns for other homes in the area. if you are planning to visit hawaii, you could be required to show proof you have been boosted. right now travelers only needed to cover 19 vaccine doses, to visit the island. the governor is now considering three doses which includes a booster shot. he says those who are not boosted will need to isolate for five days after arriving. after being denied entry for the australian open, tennis star novak djokovic is -- eligibility for the french open is also at stake. the top-ranked player is back in serbia following his deportation from australia. he failed to meet the country's vaccine mandate. the french open is scheduled for late may, but france's
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export ministry announced today that no exemptions are allowed for players. bad news for those hoping to experience the beijing winter olympics in person due to covid- 19 concerns, china has announced that tickets won't be sold to the general public. instead, tickets will be distributed by authorities to those who are vaccinated, and living on china's mainland. still ahead, we look back on one of dr. martin luther king jr.'s major speeches right here in the bay area. the riveting message on racism which still resonates today. the betty white a challenge taking over the internet, how people are honoring the late actress, today. coming up new at 6:00, new details on a violent deadly attack on a new york city subway. a bay area women shoved in front of a
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the nation remembers the legacy of dr. martin luther king jr. we are looking back at one of his major speeches made right here in the bay area. dr. king gave a riveting sermon in the san francisco in february of 1967. >> we want to do something different on this mlk day. we will let you listen to an extended clip from a speech we found in kpix 5 archives. >> modern man suffers from a kind of poverty of spirit. which stands in glaring contrast to scientific and technological abundance. we have learned to fly like birds, we have learned to swim the seas like fish.
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yet we have not yet learned to walk the earth as brothers and sisters. no longer must we be ashamed of ourselves. we never should have been anyway. no longer must we be ashamed of being black. black is beautiful. >> yes. >> we must know that somehow, god made all of us and one day america must understand that integration is not a problem, it is a privilege, and an opportunity to participate in the beauty of diversity. >> yes. >> still moving and powerful more than 50 years later. in that speech dr. king spoke of the need to organize and mobilize to solve problems including discrimination. still ahead, the grassroots campaign to honor actress betty white on what would have been her 100th birthday.
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a beautiful shot of the
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city this evening. fans are remembering what would have been betty white's 100th birthday today. >> on social media, people are helping her legacy live on with the betty white a challenge. she was known for her love of animals and the betty white a challenge is a movement where supporters are donating to animal shelters. some bay area shelters even took to social media to join in on that challenge. starting on thursday, we started seeing an uptick in donations. betty white was even more than an encourager, she was an evangelist for animals everywhere. >> animals around the country getting a better life. volunteers in richmond marked this martin luther king jr. day by giving back. today members of bay hills church packed 10,000 meals for people facing hunger. >> we exist to impact our
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community. and one of the things that we are constantly doing as a church is reaching out. dr. king was about all of humanity. i love one of his quotes he said everybody can be great, because everybody can serve. >> indeed. bay area corporations have been stepping up to help local food banks. >> paul heggen tells us about one of those partnerships in contra costa county. >> reporter: i'm here in concord at the warehouse of the food bank of contra costa in solana. this is a food bank that serves 1 in 8 resident of those two countries. not possible without a bunch of volunteers but it is also not possible without corporate donations, which brings us to valero, and scott anderson here to make a check presentation in a moment, but i know it is not just a monetary donation. employees are also getting involved on an individual basis. >> absolutely. valero and the food bank have had a long-standing partnership. not only do we donate individually but we like to donate our hours. that became a challenge during to the 19 because we could not come to the warehouse, we could not socially distance, so we are
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bringing bags home, doing work and employees are able to generate 2200 volunteer hours on their own. >> it's fantastic, in addition to the manpower effort, we also have a large check to donate. we are bringing in john calendar with the food bank and letting you make that presentation. >> john, it is a pleasure on behalf of valero to give you this check for $40,000. >> this is amazing, guys. we appreciate the partnership. as scott mentioned, valero has been a partner with the food bank for many years now, especially since i have been here they have contributed more and more every year because they know how difficult it has been for those residents facing insecurity in our two counties. they have really stepped up. they continue to do so, they are a great partner. we appreciate all of their support and i know that people who will be receiving this food will really be appreciated as well. what an amazing donation which could not come at a better time. through the magic of television, you were there and now you're here, just like that. >> it's always fun to go out and do those presentations,
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because we have so many of them at the same time. it is amazing to see how many people and how many different corporations are involved, to such a great level, in terms of the number of hours they commit, the amount of money they commit as well. let's talk weather and what is happening out there. storm system off to our south, trying to send showers toward the bay area today. they did not result in more than patchy drizzle this morning. for all of us across the bay area who did not see any measurable rainfall that system continues to skewed east. high pressure will take over our weather again. it will be centered offshore it means it will be squeezing the atmosphere over the bay area by the middle of this week. offshore wind will start accelerating. breezy conditions by late wednesday and continuing into thursday because offshore wind we are likely to see sunshine overhead and warmer temperatures as well. let's take a look at the radar loop over the last few hours toward the bottom of the screen. a couple of showers but mainly ground clutter at this point. any chance it will stay off to our south as we head off
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through the rest of the night. locally dense fog starting the day tomorrow but that will diminish by 10:00 or 11:00. passing clouds overhead for the rest of the day and more sunshine in-store through wednesday and thursday as offshore wind starts to develop. starting off each morning with locally dense fog especially in the valleys of the east and north bay but it will diminish faster and faster each morning. temperatures are going to warm up more each day. the lack of rain it means that we will not be able to wash the haze off the horizon. the air quality made it into the orange category. unhealthy for sensitive groups around the south end of the bay and in the santa clara valley this afternoon. i think the air quality will be moderate through most of this week. there will be times when it tips back toward that orange category but not on a long enough basis for the spare the air alert. late wednesday into thursday and friday, maybe we will see a few green dots on the map by the end of the work week. high temperature today, temperatures in the low to mid 60s for most of the bay area.
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60 degrees on the dot for santa rosa. a cool spot pacifica just one degree warmer. 62 degrees in central sentences go and the warm spot was a san jose at 65 degrees. temperatures a few degrees cooler but that puts us to where we should be for this time of year. currently, temperatures are running in the 50s, anywhere from 52 degrees to half moon bay and petaluma to 59 degrees just below 60 right now in san jose. those temperatures will backdown into low to mid 40s. the chili is to spots north of the golden gate dipping down into the upper 30s. the warmest locations on the coast staying in the upper 40s. i temperatures tomorrow we managed to warm into a mix of upper 50s and low 60s which is very close to normal for this time of year, if not a degree or two above average. this is one of the cooler days in the entire forecast. upper 50s around the bay, mid- 50s along the coast. inland parts of the bay area getting up to or above 60 degrees for tomorrow afternoon. through the rest of the week the warming trend will be more noticeable especially by thursday and friday. around the bay, temperatures will be up into the low and mid
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60s for san francisco and oakland. for san jose into the mid-60s beginning thursday, we may even adjust those numbers upward for friday and saturday. we could get into the upper 60s close to 70 degrees in the santa clara valley. plenty of sunshine thursday, friday, saturday. fairweather clouds returning to the forecast for sunday and monday of next week. the above normal temperatures continue and below average rainfall is going to continue. there are signs that beyond the scope of the seven day forecast toward the end of january, we will transition into a more active weather pattern, but in terms of long-range forecasting, that is a long way off in the future. the seven day forecast looks dry, enjoy the above average temperatures and we will keep hunting for rain. nasa giving props to citizen scientists. the agency says they helped discover a new planet. it is about the same size as jupiter but with about three times the mass, it's it's 79 light-years from earth and earth and is currently orbiting a star the same mass as our sun. physicist and a scientist helped nasa pin down the
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planets size and mass and it. they did this through online volunteer projects that allow anyone to look through massive telescope data for signs of planets beyond our solar system. a manhunt underway for a suspect wanted for murder in oregon. why investigators believe he might be headed to the bay area. a brazen smash and grab as thieves break into dozens of cars in one bay area neighborhood. the crime spree happening right across from the police department. so, how did they pull it off? santa cruz gets hit with yet another tsunami. the consensus is they dodged a bullet. >> i've been in the ocean my whole life. you never know what will happen. respect mother nature. still ahead at 5:00, carrying on the fight of dr. king
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it was another year when the martin luther king jr. holiday looks different because of the pandemic. >> shawn chitnis shows us how people around the bay area reflect it on his words and took action. >> reporter: more than 50 years since dr. martin luther king jr.'s death, realizing his dream is a challenge across the country. many spent the day in his honor , reflecting on his words from the 1960s, and how they still remain relevant, today. >> go back and look at what happened with the people who stood up and said, we can't
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wait any longer. >> reporter: the work he did then is still the fight some here in the bay area are carrying on now. >> we are making a concerted and continual push for congress to pass voting rights. >> reporter: while many events to celebrate the life of dr. king were canceled or went virtual, caravan still took place. people participating on horses and driving in their cars. others in the south bay asking tough questions of their own community on how to be more inclusive. >> we are honoring the legacy of dr. martin luther king by creating an event where we are having conversations about equity and how our artistic practices can be part of that movement. >> reporter: not just a day for political action, but also a day of community service. in santa clara county, volunteers handed out supplies, including sleeping bags to the homeless. >> you cannot take care of the most vulnerable, then you are failing god. and you are filling your community. we are failing. >> reporter: while traditional mlk day events like the march
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that would pass the sentences go memorial cannot happen this year because of the pandemic, that is not stopping people from coming here to discuss the issues he cared about. >> all the grassroots activists working on voting rights should not celebrate mlk day this year but instead, have political actions on the ground. >> reporter: even though he never got to see much of the change he helped create, his presence is still felt, helping to push people forward. >> every year, when i think of king, i think of hope. when he talks about the fact that, i may not get there with you, but we, as a people, shall got to this promised land. >> reporter: shawn chitnis, kpix 5. right now on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, a bay area woman killed in a subway attack in new york city. >> it is a tragic loss of life
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from someone who was giving back to the new york city community. what we are learning about the victim and the man accused of shoving her in front of a moving train. a scary wake-up call after a tsunami forces evacuations at the santa cruz harbor. the residence who got out just in time. >> i didn't think anything like this would happen. my car is not safe here. later, bold thieves break into dozens of cars in one bay area neighborhood. the crime spree happening in the shadow of the police station. good evening. i'm ryan yamamoto. >> i'm elizabeth cook. we start with a bay area community in shock after a woman was killed in a subway attack. >> michelle alyssa go was pushed in front of a train in new york city over the weekend. she grew up in fremont. juliette goodrich reports her family is now demanding justice. >> reporter: michelle grew up here in fremont. she wants to american high school. today, family and friends are mourning her loss after a tragic death. >> this was a senseless, and
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absolutely senseless act of violence. >> reporter: michelle alyssa goes life cut short when she was standing on a train platform and was shoved by a stranger into an oncoming train inside the times greater subway, saturday morning. maria weber witnessed the attack and said she will never be able to erase it from her memory. >> the impact in front of it, it's a recipe for the tracks. >> reporter: the suspect took off but later turned himself in. police say he is 61-year-old simon marshall, now charged with murder. police say there is a current warrant out for his arrest for allegedly violating his parole. friends say go spend the last decade advocating for the homeless and was trying to help those like her alleged killer. >> it is a tragic loss of life, of someone who was giving back in new york city. >> reporter: go had just traveled


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