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tv   KPIX 5 News at 3pm  CBS  January 17, 2022 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix5 news. with a sharp uptick in covid cases around california and across the country, what americans are saying about the
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presidents pandemic response. new details about the deadly subway push in new york. the bay area connection. and a day of service across the bay area and how people are honoring the legacy of dr. martin luther king jr. good afternoon. our top story at 3:00 on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. new numbers just in on the covid surging california. 319,000 new cases as of sunday. that is an increase of 5%. and our test positivity is a 21.5%. for the first time, covid cases in the u.s. have hit 800,000 the biden administration health experts acknowledge the battle against the virus is far from over. >> we shouldn't expect a national peak in the next coming days, the next few weeks will be tough. >> the surge has brought about a loss of faith for some
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americans in the presidents ability to handle the pandemic. now, that story from the white house. >> reporter: nearly one year in the white house, president biden is not only still battling a pandemic, but now also public opinion of his administrations covid response. a new cbs news poll shows the rating on handling the pandemic is down to the lowest point of his presidency. with just 36% of those surveyed saying the covid response is going well. americans also pointed to confusing guidance from the cdc. >> white frankly they are falling short. >> maryland governor says he is frustrated with the lag time on promises. >> the president announced nearly one month ago before christmas that he was going to distribute half 1 billion rapid tests across the country. so far we haven't seen any. >> reporter: others like newly elected virginia governor are dissatisfied with school mask mandates.
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>> we are providing parents an opt out. >> reporter: most school districts say they are following cdc guidance. several in virginia are vowing to fight that executive order as more of the youngest among us are now suffering. a growing number of children are ending up in the hospital with theatric cases on the rise. >> we have matched our worst delta wave with hospitalizations and then even more than that clinic visits for what maybe considered mild cases. >> reporter: will omicron appears to be receding in parts of the northeast, health officials warn it could be weeks before new covid infections peaked nationally. cbs news, the white house. >> the white house says it's unveiling its website on
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wednesday for americans to sign up for free at home covid tests. if you are looking for the test, vaccine or booster you can visit our county by county resource guide on click the red banner at the top of the page. developing news. we now know a woman killed over the weekend at a new york city subway station was originally from fremont. 40-year-old michelle was living in the upper west side. police say iman shumpert on the subway tracks. she was fatally hit. 61-year-old simon marshall is now in police custody. police say he turned himself in after the incident. sources say he is homeless, has a previous record of emotionally disturbed incidents and had prior arrests including some for robbery. also there was a current warrant for his arrest for allegedly violating parole. >> this was a senseless, absolutely senseless act of violence. this incident was unprovoked and the victim does not appear to have any interaction with the subject. >> officials say the man taunted another woman who managed to get away unharmed. today some kaiser permanente mental health workers went on strike and east bay.
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chopper 5 was over a protest outside the headquarters in oakland. the group is frustrated that mlk day isn't a paid holiday this year. kaiser responded to the strike thing in part, "we are pleased to have shared last week that kaiser permanente will adopt, starting in 2023, mlk day as a scheduled paid holiday across the organization." the company cited operational issues for not being able to make this year a paid holiday. it says it is currently working with unions to come up to an agreement. it is a day of service across the country to honor dr. martin luther king jr. chopper 5 was over a car caravan and drive to give her in oakland. and justin andrews reports that was just one of many service projects around the bay area today. >> >> reporter: what you are seeing is a day of action and reflection. these are individuals packing up meals after they have service a resilient leader whose voice is still resounding today.
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one by one these volunteers are packing 10,000 meals for people facing hunger. >> we exist to impact the community. one of the things we are constantly doing as a church is reaching out. >> reporter: nearly 100 members of bay hill church in richmond and volunteers partnering with rise against hunger, an organization working to end hunger. they are using this mlk day of service honoring dr. king's life and legacy to giving back. >> dr. king was about all of humanity. i loved one of his quotes, everyone can be great because everyone conserve. >> reporter: dr. king is known as a pioneer in black history in american history and the bay area isn't letting the pandemic stop at. in oakland there is a caravan and drive-through giveaway for the eighth annual day of action at the port of oakland. san jose parks and rec had a cleanup day as well today. no matter how you reflect, the goal here in richmond is to make sure kings dream will one day be a reality.
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>> to come together and serve. you can find common ground like that, it's such an honor to his legacy, he was not about focusing on differences but focusing on what unites us. >> reporter: there are many local churches and organizations holding events to honor dr. king. another quick reminder, the celebration train will not be running today to observe martin luther king because of covid-19. >> on this martin luther king jr. day, voting rights advocates are demanding action for congress. a bill to reform the election process faces long odds in the nation's capital. but skyler henry reports, the president says the fight is far from over. >> reporter: on this holiday marking his father's birthday, martin luther king the third liddy walk across washington's frederick douglass bridge. he called on congress to pass stricter protections for voting
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rights. >> if you can deliver an infrastructure built for bridges, you can deliver voting rights for americans. if you do not, there is no bridge in this nation that can hold the weight of that failure. back the bill would remove restrictions that republicans say enhance election security. with its passage in doubt, the nation is at a critical point. >> we need to have protections at the pole to make sure we can get there safely. >> the king family wants changes now putting more pressures on congress giving more americans access to the ballot. >> unmitigated goal to hide behind closure in the filibuster , procedural hurdles, when black people turn the tides to get joe biden elected. it puts me beside myself. >> reporter: last thursday to moderate democrats through their support behind the legislation but they do not approve of changing senate rules in order for it to pass.
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its failure would be a stinging blow to the president. thing it's not enough to praise dr. king on this holiday, it's time for action. >> we must commit to his unfinished work to deliver jobs and justice to protect the sacred right to vote. >> reporter: the senate plans to debate the bill on tuesday and the president says whatever happens he will continue to fight. cbs news, washington. still ahead, assessing the damage from the eruption that triggered our tsunami warning. the global effort happening right now in tonga. plus, she would've turned 100 today. how fans are honoring betty white. through a simple giving challenge. we have seen intermittent cloud cover throughout the day but some sunshine peeking through in between the clouds. earlier they tried their best to squeeze out a little moisture. we even caught a glimpse of a rainbow from the mark hopkins hotel earlier today. that moisture largely evaporated on the way down.
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new video from pacifica, chp wrapped up a rescue near the cliff. details are slim but we did spot first responders loading the victim onto an amulets. this is near mori point road. we will bring you more updates
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as we get them. conditions are much calmer today. but over the weekend, santa cruz harbor saw strong currents and even a tsunami warning. in this drone video you can see a boat being dragged around biscayne after the volcanic eruption in tonga some 5200 miles away. a global effort is underway to help the south pacific nation. >> reporter: smoke from a devastating eruption shrouds the south pacific in darkness and uncertainty. the explosion cut off communications from the nearby island nation of tonga. making it difficult to know how many people were affected. australia and new zealand launched surveillance flights monday to assess damage. >> it subject to weather conditions and most particularly issues aroundthe h. capthitial eruption woulseshocave acrossthfic ltasr aw as as
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the boom from the blast was heard more than 1100 miles away in new zealand. >> that is a force of nature there. incredible. >> reporter: grant alexander lost his boat when tsunami waves crashed on sure. >> i heard the noise and people were running hanging on boats telling them to get out. >> reporter: the eruption triggered a tsunami that flooded pacific close lines from japan to the u.s. large waves hit parts of california as authorities issued and eventually lifted a salami alert for the west coast. >> right now bay area food banks are sounding the alarm. they are in dire need of volunteers. second harvest of silicon valley, there was a special mlk sorting today. but on a normal date there hasn't been enough help to get things done. volunteers usually make up one quarter of the workforce. lately omicron has kept many people away. >> our volunteers are not filling up at all. it feels like march 2020.
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so, we are in desperate need of volunteers. we cannot do this work without them. >> if you want more information on helping second harvest or other bay area food banks, check out today betty white is trending on what would've been her 100th birthday. fans are honoring the beloved actress with the betty white challenge. the grassroots campaign for giving. >> reporter: this challenge is encouraging people to donate five dollars to an animal shelter. betty white wasn't just an actress, many people remember her for being a kind and loving person who adored animals. we will here locally with this challenge some shelters are seeing a difference. >> betty white was even more than an advocate, she was actually an evangelist for animals everywhere. >> reporter: today and what would've been actress betty white's 100 birthday, people nationwide are honoring her by donating to an animal shelter.
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locally here a number shelters are posting about this with the hashtag, eddie white challenge, including east bay spca, berkeley humane, alameda humanity shelter and senior dog rescue. >> starting thursday we started seeing an uptick in donations. >> ceo a founder mudville sherry franklin says every donation makes a difference. adding that they have seen an increase in requests to take dogs for many shelters. most of the donations go toward veterinary care. as donations come in, betty white today is not only being honored for her legacy on the screen, but the mark she continues to leave on others to make a difference. >> this is little roxanne, she weighs all of six pounds. she's getting the healthcare she needed and then she will be available for adoption. >> reporter: like we mentioned, a lot of local shelters are
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posting on social media, attaching links to where you can donate. is honoring eddie white but also making a difference for animals. >> the little roxanne was so cute. sticking with the animal theme, you might hear some people howling at the moon tonight. it will be the first full moon of the year known as the wolf moon. according to the old farmer's almanac, wolves were thought to how will more frequently this time of year. if you are already looking to the skies for that, you may want to keep a lookout for jupiter and saturn as well. nasa says both will also be visible tonight. >> hopefully we will have clear skies. partially clear skies. you should be able to catch a glimpse, the moon is easy to pick out. saturn should show brightly so you should distinguish those from the other sky stars. passing clouds, we have seen the area of disturbed weather off the coast of southern california trying its best to send showers toward the bay area today.
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those have largely been falling apart. the northernmost extent of where the showers have reached the ground has been around santa cruz county and southern santa clara county. let's zoom in for a closer look at the radar loop. you could see showers around monterey which are falling apart entirely is a trick to make their way into our bay area counties. the forecast is going to remain dry, other than maybe a passing sprinkle south of the golden gate this evening. futurecast doesn't even have any green blips. we will see locally dense fog to start the day tomorrow. that will dissipate and then just passing clouds the rest of the day. and then we redo the scenario again on wednesday with locally dense fog. more sunshine by wednesday afternoon. offshore winds and by that point in that will help boost temperatures especially by thursday, friday and saturday. temperatures 5-10 degrees above average for this coming year by the end of the workweek and into the upcoming weekend. right now, i clouds overhead as we look to the west. plenty of sunshine from this perspective. temperatures 61 which is one of the warmer spots. 63 in livermore and san jose. oakland is the cool location on
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the map. will be's temperatures are above normal, we will see a big jump later this week after we get through some normal temperatures the next couple of days. tonight mostly dropping to the low to mid 40s. a couple spots north of the golden gate dropping to the upper 30s. high temperatures tomorrow, anywhere from where we are supposed to be this time of year in san francisco, average high of 58, that will be tomorrow's high. to maybe a few degrees above normal. 60 degrees for the north bay and into the low 60s for the santa clara valley. 50s along the coast. it looks pretty nice overall. except for the air quality which did get into the orange category, unhealthy for sensitive groups in the south end of the bay and santa clara valley. that should improve slightly but moderate air quality across the board. no big changes to the overall weather pattern so the haze on the horizon is going to be with us. will see warmer temperatures by
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the end of the workweek. mid-60s for san jose by thursday and friday continuing over the weekend. maybe underestimating this temperatures a little bit. we are not being too aggressive with how much we are warming up the forecast yet but it looks like we're going to see pretty nice temperatures as we finish off the workweek and headed to the weekend. a little sports, if you watched the 49ers and cowboys game maybe you cut your breath by now. it came down to those brutal final seconds. the 49ers are staying alive in the playoffs, beating the cowboys 23-17. san francisco is now set to take on the packers on saturday. 49ers faithful's say the long season between the 49ers and cowboys made yesterday's win even more thrilling. and they did suffer a couple injuries though. today fred warner tweeted "sorry for the scare. will be good to go. huge win, onto the next." he left during the second half of the game with an ankle injury.
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and a defensive end suffered a head injury near the end of the first half the game. he will need to clear concussion protocol in order to play saturday. coming up, a couple of bay area natives are doing big things in entertainment. we will look at their latest projects including some geared toward the kids. and streaming today on cbsn bay area, a look back at martin luther king jr. speeches in san francisco and berkeley. you can find us on or on the kpix app. we are also on the cbs news at
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a big owner first star wars creator and creator, they will be honored at the 2022 guild awards with the milestone award. they will each be recognized individually and for the collective work with lucasfilm's. milestone award is considered the guild's most prestigious honor. an oakland native and award- winning actor is known for his work on hamilton. now he stars in the thriller series snow piercer and is the creator of the tv series line spotted. in an interview on cbs mornings he talked about his career success the last few years. >> the miraculous part to me is that in large part i mostly work with my friends who have been working with forever still. that is the really special thing for me. we are also starting production on season two which is the tv
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show that we made up in our heads a decade ago. and jasmine from hamilton is a star but. and our friend helen hunt. i met a point in my life i get to do a lot of cool things. i have a lot of pinch myself moments, all the time. >> another project, a reboot of the 80s muppet series frankel rock on apple tv. i especially love him on elmo. her just made her acting debut on facebook. the singer called her childhood dream. >> know >> hurt guess start on the nickelodeon series blues clues
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as the voice of the t ?. nickelodeon is owned by viacom which is also the parent company of cbs and kpix5. still ahead, nasa finds a new planet about the same size as jupiter but they don't do it alone. who the agency says was key in making the discovery. i superior, colorado. hundreds of families are still looking for a place to live. the tight housing market is forcing some to make
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coming up tonight at 5:00, bay area employees may need to keep working as they fight over themselves. what public health officers are saying about the very difficult staffing situation. that story and much more coming up on the kpix5 at 5:00. finally at 3:00, nasa is giving props to some citizen scientists. the agency says they helped discover a new planet. not just any planet. one that is about the same size as jupiter. but with about three times the mass. it's it's about 379 light-years from earth and is currently orbiting a star with the same mass as the sun. what? the citizen scientists helped nasa plan down the size and
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track it. they did it through online volunteer projects that allow anyone to look through nasa's telescope data for signs of planets beyond our solar system. that is pretty incredible ored s >> o'donnell: tonight, as the east coast digs out from a monster snowstorm, we're track ago new weather system that could hit later this week. plus details from the f.b.i. in a terror attacks in a texas synagogue. wind knocks out power to thousands and causes travel nightmares on the road and in the air. texas, hearing from a hostage of the terrifying moment of a nearly eleven-hour standoff. >> he was going to kill each of us. >> o'donnell: and the rabbi hailed as a here. >> i threw a chair at the gun and i headed for the door. >> o'donnell: what we're learning tonight about how the attacker got into the united states. on this


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