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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  January 17, 2022 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, across the country and around the bay people are celebrating legacy of dr. martin luther king jr. good afternoon. i am amanda starrantino. >> i am len kiese. kpix5's justin andrews has a look at how some are using today's day of service to help those in need. >> reporter: what you are seeing is a day of action and reflection. these are individuals packing meals as a day of service remembering a resilient leader whose voice is still resounding today. one by one these volunteers are packing, packing 10,000 meals for people facing hunger. >> we exist to really impact our community. so one of the things we are constantly doing as a church is reaching out. >> reporter: nearly 100 members of the bay hills church in
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richmond and volunteers partnering with rise against hunger, organization working to end hunger. they're day honoring dr. king's life and legacy through giving back. >> he was about humanity. he said everybody can be great because everybody can serve. >> reporter: he was a pioneer in black history and the bay area isn't letting anything stop them. there is a program and give away for the eighth annual give away day of action. there was an mlk annual day of clean up as well. a series of events will be focused around justice, something dr. king preached throughout his life. no matter how you reflect the goal in richmond is to make sure king's dream will one day become reality. >> come together and serve. when you can find common ground like that, i think it is such an honor to his legacy. he was not about focusing on
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differences but really focusing on what unites us. >> reporter: there are many other churches and organizations holding things today to honor dr. king. another reminder. the celebration will not be running to observe martin luther king because of covid. today we celebrate dr. martin luther king, jr, a man who would stand tall in tough times. i have said it before and i will say it again. moral leadership doesn't require a title. martin luther king jr never held a day in office yet had the will to do the right thing through his moral thority, through his moral leadership. >> to commemorate the day of service, president biden and the first lady volunteered to help those in need. yesterday they helped fill food boxes at a hunger relief
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organization in philadelphia. on social media, people around the bay area are sharing how they are marking mlk day. we want to see how you are commemorating it. tag us on social media using #kpix. if you are looking to get outdoors, it is a perfect day outside. national parks are waving entrance fees to honor dr. king. it is one of five days this year where you will be able to get in for free. you've got plenty options in the bay area. now, kaiser permanent mental health workers are on strike in the east bay. chopper 5 was over a protest outside kaiser's headquarters in oakland. the group is frustrated mlk day isn't a paid holiday this year. kaiser responded saying we are pleased that kaiser will adopt starting in 2023mlk day as a scheduled paid holiday.
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they cited operational issues for not being able to make this year a paid holiday. it is currently working with unions to come to an agreement. new covid infections nationwide topped 800,000 with more than 21,000 patients admitted to hospitals every day. nearly every american now lives in a high risk area. in some parts of the northeast, cases have plateaued or even declined. cdc says the country is averaging more than 780,000 new cases a day despite issues with testing access as infections keep spiking, hospitals are strained. medical staff are getting covid and others are getting burnt out and leaving. >> the challenge is that the entire country is not moving at the same pace. omicron started later in other parts of the country. we shouldn't expect a national peak in the next days. the next few weeks will be tough. >> starting wednesday you will be able to request free rapid
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antigen tests at you will be able to get four per household. some are criticizing cdc for suggesting schools cancel some sports and activities. cdc recently released new guidance that allows canceling them or holding virtually. they included football, wrestling, and band and pointed to the recent spike in cases. an infectious disease expert called the guidance unlikely, unreasonable, and unrealistic. the cdc director defended saying it prioritized academics over athletics. moderna is working on a shot that combines the flu and covid booster. the drug makers hopes it would address concerns some have about getting separate covid and flu shots. the company doesn't plan to have it ready until fall of next year. if you are looking for a covid
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test, vaccine, booster, visit our county by county resource guide on click the red banner at the top of the page. chinatown is getting ready for lunar new year. public works will be doing a few projects to spruce the area including power washing dragon gate, performing pot hole repairs, covering graffiti. events kick off february 1 leading up to the parade on february 19. today, betty white is trending on what would have been her 100th birthday. >> fans are honoring the beloved actress with the heart warming betty white challenge. joycelyn moran joins us live to explain this grassroots campaign forgaving. >> reporter: this challenge is encouraging people to donate $5 to animal shelters. late betty white wasn't just an actress. many remember her for being a kind loving person and somebody
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who adored animals. some shelters are already seeing a difference. >> betty white was even more than an advocate. she was actually an evangelist for animals everywhere. >> reporter: today on what would have been actress betty white's 100th birthday people nationwide are honoring her by donating to an animal shelter. a number of shelters are posting with #bettywhitechallenge including berkeley humane, alameda shelter, berkeley senior dog rescue. >> starting thursday we started seeing an up tick in donations. >> reporter: this ceo and founder says every donation makes a difference adding they've seen increase in requests to take dogs from many shelters and most donations go to veterinary care. as donations come in, betty white today is not only being honored for her legacy on the screen but the mark she continues to leave on others to make a difference.
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>> this is little roxanne. she weighs all of six pounds. she's getting the healthcare that she needed and she'll be available for adoption. >> reporter: many of the local shelters are posting on social media about the challenge attaching links to where you can locate. it's honoring betty white while also making a difference for some animals. back to you. >> i love that. thanks so much. coming up on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, thieves made away a large amount of jewelry at lori loughlin's home. how much they got away with. a massive storm slamming the east coast. we'll look at the damage and what's next. at home, the headline is sprinkles. you are not crazy if you thought you saw a drop of rain especially in the south bay. we will look at this and i will explain where
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new developments, a southern california nurse who was attacked by a homeless man has died. sandra shells worked at los angeles county usc medical center. the 70-year-old was waiting for a bus when police say a man slapped her without warning or provocation. she fell and hit her head on the concrete and later died from injuries.
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the lapd found the suspect sleeping nearby identifying him as cary bell. he has a criminal record here and in other states. the nypd has arrested the suspect who allegedly pushed a woman in front of a subway train. the attack happened at the times square station saturday morning. simon marshall shoved the woman to the tracks where she was hit. before that he also taunted another woman who managed to escape unharmed. after the incident the suspect turned himself in. sources say he is homeless and has a previous record of three emotionally disturbed incidents. this comes days after the mayor and governor announced a joint safety plan to make the system safer. 2022 is off to a rough start for lori loughlin. someone barge larosa eyed her los angeles home and took off with $1 million in jewelry. law enforcement says it happened earlier this month. at least one thief broke into back bedroom window to gain access. they don't know whether her and
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her husband were targeted but say it could be tied to a south american crime group. a powerful storm. nikki batiste reports from rochester new york. the storm pounded i-90 in western pennsylvania as triple punch of heavy snow, whipping winds, freezing rain from the south moved to the northeast. pittsburgh could get as much as a foot of snow. parts of pennsylvania are under winter storm warning until noon. in new jersey, a gale warning has been posted for the entire jersey shoreline. the governor warns the wind could bring down power lines and plunge millions into darkness. before arriving to this region, the storm created chaos for cars on north carolina's highways. freezing rain coated roads with
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ice. in durham crews worked into the night removing this tractor trailer that flipped above an over pass. the driver was taken to the hospital. meanwhile in neighboring virginia, treacherous snow and ice wreaked havoc on truck drivers attempting to navigate the highways forcing some to abandon their vehicles. power outages added to the misery with more than 100,000 customers left in the dark in north carolina, south carolina, georgia, and virginia. in southwest florida, no snow but multiple tornadoes ripped through neighborhoods leaving behind a trail of destruction but no deaths. >> i said to the devil when i looked up and saw this guy. i said today ain't the day. you're not going to get me. thank god the fire department, ems, and neighbors helped make that true. >> officials are advising
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people to stay home if you can. let's talk about our weather at home which is such a contrast. you can see blue sky if you look from the top of the salesforce out past sutro in the distance. look at high def doppler and it is a different story. i've got light rain. you are not crazy if you feel like you got spit on or sprinkled on in the last few hours. light showers at best down here, maybe around fremont. if we go to the south it is more noticeable around santa cruz and a lot more noticeable along the central coast. that's really where this is. if we look at how this is happening. you can see it on water vapor, counterclockwise spin. cut off low has been around for the last week and a half. the center is here and we've been noticing clouds day after day. this is like a week and a half old. this is like the grand finale. tomorrow it is gone and we will have more blue sky and you will
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be able to tell the system has left. skies will look different. they will look better if you wanted to get rid of the constant cloudiness. daytime highs go to the 60s. other than that system we really need to look here for significant meaningful storms. that's where they'd have to come from. right now they're around up and over the long way. if we watch the way the atmosphere will behave deeper shades of red show strong high pressure. blue is low pressure. that's a huge contrast and that's a block in the atmosphere, big ridge of high pressure as we get to later this week. when we go into our long, dry relatively warm streaks, that is what this map looks like. that's where we will be by the end of the week. if we take the storm track and put it over that, watch right here. it's like the freeway right there. they're all getting routed up and over the ridge. we miss out on it. if you look at the temperatures we will be above average. huge differs. that's why we are showing the
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storms on the east coast. when one side of the country goes through one extreme, the other seems to go through the other. it's not like we will get a heat wave but we will be close to ten degrees above average by thursday and friday. san jose will be 67 degrees sunday. almost 70. if we look at the micro climates we'll see temperatures that will also range that way for the north bay valleys and temperatures in inland valleys of east bay stay in the low 60s. not rain for the next seven days and probably not until really we get to early february before we can realistically start thinking about that again. back to you. >> thank you. the sunshine is nice but we do need that rain. if you are hoping to catch beijing winter olympics in person, we have bad news. what the olympic committee is announcing. streaming today, we'll look at the rise in scams involving qr codes and how to protect
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yourself. find us on or the kpix app. we are also on the cbs news app. you can download it for free on your favorite streaming device. be sure to check out our new kpix5 evening anchor ryan
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new, faa has cleared some of the most popular aircrafts to land where 5g signals are present. the agency specifically cleared two pieces of radar equipment used in many boeing and airbus jets. it comes as cell phone carriers get set to launch 5g near airports in some markets wednesday. faa was concerned it could interfere with navigation devices, it previously banned 5g near 50 airports. niners staying alive in the playoffs beating cowboys 23-17 yesterday. our boys are set to take on the packers this weekend. niners faithful say the long post season history between niners and cowboys made yesterday's win even more thrilling. game, set, match for novak
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djokovic. he arrived home in serbia after deported from australia. he lost his final appeal in court saying he posed a risk in the country. he was favored to win the men's title in the australian open. deportations typically come with a three year travel ban to the country. australian open kicked off earlier today in melbourne. if you had hopes of seeing beijing winter olympics in person, you are out of luck. china is announcing tickets won't be sold to the general public. the country says it is due to covid-19 concerns. tickets will be distributed by authorities. an international spokesperson says everyone in attendance will be residents of china's mainland who are fully vaccinated. tonight you might hear howling for the first full moon
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of the new year. it earned its name because it was thought wolves howl more often this time of year. jupiter and saturn will also be visible above the southwest horizon. there is more news to come including the most otterly adorable story of the day. meet latest additions to one chicago zoo.
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a couple bay area natives doing big things in entertainment. we look at the latest projects including some geared toward kids. that and more coming up at 3:00. let's get a check of our weather forecast. we have to go to high def doppler because we can use it. there is stuff on it. not a lot here but a few light showers trying to hold together mainly in the santa cruz mountains and further south. along the central coast, honest to goodness rain. that system will pass for the most part to our south over the next 12 to 18 hours. it's been out there for the last week and a half throwing us clouds. when it finally leaves we will get sunnier skies. the seven-day forecast looks good, sunnier skies and temperatures that will warm up by the end of the week.
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brookfield zoo in chicago sharing video of six asian small clawed otter pups. they were born in november but hanging out behind the scenes with their mother. >> the zoo says their parents are going above and beyond taking care of the pups. this is the first birth for the pups at
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♪♪♪ >> deacon: i love you, brooke. i know it makes you uncomfortable-- >> brooke: what makes me uncomfortable is you showing up here after i told you never to come here again. >> deacon: i couldn't stay away. i had to tell you how i felt. >> brooke: i don't want to know how you feel, deacon. i just want you to leave. >> deacon: i don't think you do. >> brooke: what? >> deacon: i don't think you really want me to leave. i just think that you're afraid of what might happen if i stay. ♪♪♪ >> thomas: look, we're not trying to guilt trip you, dad. we have just seen you through enough of brooke's scandals throughout the years. >> steffy: yeah, we don't want history to repeat itself. to have you get caught up in fa


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