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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5am  CBS  January 17, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PST

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we remember a civil rights leader. i am justin andrews detailing events across the bay to honor dr. king. oakland unified students ready to go on strike if their demands aren't met by today. we'll have the details. americans will be able to order free at home covid tests. how you can request them online in a couple days. 49ers moving to the next round. their next challenge and playoffs after stunning the cowboys in dallas. good morning. it is monday january 17. i am len kiese. >> i am amanda starrantino. let's get a look outside with darren peck and our forecast r thisek> goodrng.
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will sere clouds haze y. we art we have been livermanning with for the past several days. low 60s, cloudy hazy skies. items to watch in the morning besides the fact that it is a beautiful full moon out there, there is a little bit fog to be seen in the east bay. the airport at oakland is reporting reduced visibility but i don't see it as a widespread issue for most other locations. santa rosa, you are looking at clear skies but it is 38. concord you are 45. everybody will warm to the low to mid 60s today with clouds and that classic looking winter version haze. the same thing keeping the storms out of here is allowing the haze to linger. vallejo 59. we'll go to 61 in mountain
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view. i will see you with the complete forecast in a few minutes. let's see how the drive is looking. good morning. it is looking really good. the bay bridge toll plaza, no metering lights. things are quiet into san francisco. that's what we'll expect today. not a lot of cars on the road way expected for mlk day. no delays off the opposite end into the city. you see a live look off the skyway of the bay bridge, things are moving nicely there. we are not seeing brake lights on san mateo bridge either. right now is a good time to be on the roadways. travel time between 880 and 101, 12 minutes if you are headed to foster city. here are conditions, all clear on the peninsula, no delays on the nimitz stars today we honor and celebrate life of dr. martin luther king jr. yet
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again this year, celebrations will look a lot different because of covid. >> justin andrews is live in san francisco sorting through all these events. >> reporter: we are experiencing this wave of covid but the observation of remembering this civil rights leader dr. martin luther king jr will not stop. there are several events across the bay weather in person or virtually. in oakland at 11:00 hope in the hour of homicide will take place where community members will honor dr. king and address issue of violence and even pose solutions. at the same time in oakland, there is a caravan and drive thru give away for eighth annual day of action at the port of oakland. at the columbus park, san jose, distribution of necessities to the homeless is set to also honor dr. king. northern california dr. martin luther king, jr community
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foundation will have a series of events centered around justice. there are several other events that churches are putting on and other organizations. it's important to mention this morning that the celebration train that we usually see year after year will not operate today because of covid-19. justin andrews, kpix5. taking a live look at san jose where this morning the city's parks and recreation department will hold a public mlk day clean up. that gets underway at 8:45 a.m. to commemorate martin luther king, jr day of service president biden and the first lady volunteered to help those in need. to los angeles where mlk parade has been canceled for a second year due to rising covid cases. the event has drawn hundreds of thousands of people as shown in
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past video. even though the parade is canceled, vendors will be out celebrating with live music, food, and are encouraging people to help support black- owned businesses. >> we want to use resources put together for this year's parade to prevent having to cancel other things. if dr. king were here today, this would be on his table. >> organizers say mlk parade has been postponed to june 19th, 2022. 49ers are set to take on the packers after a big playoff win against cowboys in dallas. >> with the 23-17 win, niners became the first under dog and road team to win. 49ers up 23-7. dallas got back
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within six points and the quarterback ran with the ball and slid but did not spike before time ran out. niners will play green bay this coming saturday. >> 49er faithful are celebrating that big victory still this morning. these fans say watching with other like minded people just adds to the drama and of course the excitement. >> it's playoffs. you gotta be around the people that are just as invested. >> the game provides a distraction kind of for the pandemic but also being outside here, you can be semi safe as possible and still kind of interact with people and still enjoy the gave. >> some say the long history made yesterday's win even more thrilling. some students threatening to go on strike if demands are
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not met by today. >> joycelyn moran joins us with their concerns over covid safety in the classroom. >> reporter: today is the last day students gave the district to meet their demands. they say they don't feel comfortable going to school now with the rise in cases and want increased safety measures. they want oakland unified to go back to remote learning unless kn95 or n95 masks are provided for every student. they want more outdoor spaces to eat safely when it rains. more than 1200 students have signed. if the demands are not met by today, they say they will strike starting tomorrow by not going to school. friday they will strike outside oakland unified district building. they say it will last until their demands are met. oakland unified last week said they were in the process of meeting demands and when it came to kn95 masks, the
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district said those masks were on the way. the surge in cases has been impacting school communities throughout the bay area. of course we will be staying on top of this. back to you guys. >> thank you. health experts say we need to be prepared for national covid-19 cases to continue to climb. the country is averaging more than 780,000 new cases a day despite issues with testing access. americans will be able to order free covid-19 tests starting wednesday. the white house says that will when it will open the federal website to place the orders. supplies will be limited to four tests per household. we are learning people are flooding santa clara emergency rooms in search of covid tests and hospitals are struggling to keep up. over 7800 people visited santa clara county emergency rooms in december. that's a jump from about 7300 in november.
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it's unclear how many of those patients visited for covid tests alone but county health officials say hospitals are struggling to meet the demand. however, hospitals cannot turn away patients seeking covid tests if they have been exposed or are showing symptoms. california's positivity rate is at 22.9%. daily case average is just under 87,000. some medical experts believe the omicron surge should prompt public health officials to change their approach from containment to harm reduction. they say this can eventually lead to a so called endemic phase where the virus would be treated more like influenza. >> what omicron did is caused an incredible wall of immunity. it means unvaccinated people got it. people who are vaccinated even got it. >> in an endemic phase, there would be no reporting of daily infections and no asymptomatic
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testing but vaccinations would continue plus treatment with oral antivirals for people at risk of severe disease. a live look at oakland where you are about to start seeing more signs of the times. saturday was deadline for businesses and government agencies to post flyers like this alerting people to the new indoor vaccine mandate taking effect next month. anyone 12 and up will have to show proof of vaccination to get into restaurants, bars, gyms, entertainment venues, and city owned buildings. dozens of people filled food boxes for the hungry. with the omicron surge many organizations like the food bank of contra costa and solano are facing critical shortage of volunteers. one high school student says it is easy and rewarding. >> it's a great feeling, just the feeling of being productive. you feel like you did something and you contributed to something. a lot of times as opposed to
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just doing nothing on the weekend. >> bay area food banks serve 12 northern california counties and feed about 1 million people each month. if you are looking for a test or vaccine, check our county by county resource guide on 5:11. still ahead on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. a wicked winter storm delivering wild weather. a drone operator's mission to find pets missing after devastating wildfires. as we take a look at the roadways, we are off to a very good
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5:14. new zealand and australia sending military jets to tonga to assess the damage from the massive under water volcanic eruption. communications were abruptly cut off and most are unable to use the internet or make phone calls. the single fiber optic cable
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that connects them to the rest of the world was apparently badly damaged. when the volcano blew it created the biggest tsunami threat to the bay area in years and caused coastal flooding from santa bay. a cloud of ash from the under water volcanic eruption is drifted into skies above northern australia. satellite photo shows ash over queen land and it produced stunning colors at sunrise. a brutal winter storm hitting much of the southeast and moving up the east coast. check out this stunning video of a tractor trailer that fell from an icy over pass. the roads are iced over causing the semi to plunge from a bridge. it was stuck like this for hours until a crane was used to lower it on to the highway. the driver was taken to the hospital. check this out in georgia,
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a man woke up to the sound of his roof collapsing after a tree snapped and came crashing into his bedroom. pittsburgh was pummeled with snow and they're anticipating more than six inches of snow to hit the city. in florida residents picking up pieces after a series of tornadoes ripped through tornadoes in different parts of the state. in colorado, crews are surveying damage. >> the creator has used the same technology to look for koalas in australia. >> we have seen a dozen cats, one we are very confident is an indoor cat in the neighborhood.
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>> the group has plans to be in the area for another week. let's get a check of weather and traffic. >> we will start with darren peck. how is it looking? it looks good with minor exceptions. there is a little bit patchy fog at the airport in oakland. we'll watch sonoma county. other than that there are no issues with visibility on the road. we are not even looking at much in the way of clouds but we will. clouds will be a major factor in today's forecast. they'll be with us most of the day. we'll leave that view from the top of the mark hopkins looking towards city skyline of san francisco. a quick check on visibility shows concord and livermore, two lowest numbers, down to four miles which is fine. if you can see four miles down the road, you do not have a visibility issue. but it is still something to watch and i will do that for the rest of the morning for you.
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mid and upper 40s most locations until the north bay valleys where it is 39 petaluma, cold 35 in ukiah. it actually feels pretty mild to start this day, relatively warm compared to what it could be. daytime highs, right back to the low 60s. everybody is going to the same place. it will be cloudy. if we watch futurecast play through today not only is it cloudy but there is the possibility for a stray shower. it wouldn't be measurable rain. it might be a sprinkle most likely along the coast. here is when they go away. that's tonight at 8:30. watch the clouds clear out. tuesday we'll have sunshine around here. for monday it's going to stay cloudy pretty much throughout the entirety of the day. towards tuesday night, we might see more clouds come back. you see what's going on right off the coast, watch the area
5:19 am
of low pressure spinning. that's why clouds have been so persistent, why we have a chance for a sprinkle. area of low pressure is leaving tomorrow. when it does, we get a better looking seven-day forecast with more sunshine on more days and a subtle warm up too. we'll look at daytime highs that climb to mid to upper 60s for inland valleys. how does the drive look out there? >> the drive is looking really good. we are not having a ton of problems, just a couple accidents just in. i want to start with public transit to let you know there are changes due to martin luther king jr holiday observation today. if you typically take public transit if you are going to work, check that schedule before you head out the door. looking at our map, look at the green, good time to be on the
5:20 am
freeways. 880 is clear as you head to union city. 101 for the most part along the peninsula, checking in problem free. we have a couple crashes to report. north 680 at the highway 24 connector, word of a crash where a vehicle may have hit a pole off to the side of the road way. it doesn't look like anything is blocking lanes but that car did end up on the side of the embankment. they may call a heavy due tow truck. we are tracking a few brake lights, due to a road closure and fallen tree and power cables. this is pleasanton sunol road both directions. heads up there, things are slow because of that. use an alternate in the meantime. speeds on 84 are down to about 17 miles per hour in some spots. adding to that, we have reports of a crash on the 680 south ramp to south bound 84.
5:21 am
that may be adding to what is already a bit of a busy ride, our only hot spot in that area. back to you. oakland police officers chasing a string of side shows with dozens of vehicles and spectators. >> cameras were there for one of them before police arrived. drivers staged this side show and left tracks all over the pavement as they spun doughnuts in front of a crowd. one of the vehicles only had three wheels. this quickly attracted the police who showed up and shut it down. another shut down a stretch of highway 880 but when police responded, they took off. major clean up in los angeles. a train derailment left packages of all shapes and sizes across the tracks. looters have been trying to
5:22 am
collect them. there is no word on what caused this derailment. 5:22. still ahead on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, new san francisco gym separation strategy fitting covid era concerns. we'll explain when we come back.
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let's get you ready for lunch. i know it is early. you haven't had breakfast yet. we are getting you ready to think about the middle of the day. this is noon to 2:00. what can you expect? same way it was yesterday at this time. the pattern is not changing. it's going to be a cloudy day. by the time we get to noon to 2:00, upper 50s to low 60s, a good day to do lunch outside if you want to. daytime highs are in the low 60s for just about everybody. there is a drop of rain off the coast for the late morning but into the heart of the day, it's just cloudy. it's not going to be the prettiest looking day with the clouds but at least you don't get rained on. if you have outdoor plans for public service events, keep
5:26 am
them. i will be back with the rest of the forecast in a bit. >> thank you. in san francisco public works crews will be sprucing up the chinatown district over the next weeks. this is to help usher in the year of the tiger for lunar new year. dragon gate at grant and bush streets set to get power washed and pot hole repair blitz is underway. celebrations kick off february 1. many people may be avoiding gyms out of worries of getting covid. >> a new gym called the yard helps reduce that by keeping clients socially distanced. the yard has eight individual work out pod. each contains bench, rack, free weights rented by reservation only. the owner came up with the idea two years before the pandemic. >> it feels like you have your own area even if there was someone close. you have your own equipment, your own section. >> i am not going to big box
5:27 am
gyms where it is hundreds of people. it's very spaced out and safe in my opinion. >> the two story gym holds only 16 people at a time so everyone can feel comfortable working out. no excuses. >> no excuses. that owner had a revelation. 5:27. >> new cdc covid guidance for cruise ships looking to set sail and what it means for passengers. >> millions of families waiting for a deposit from the child tax credit program and where the bill stands in the nation's capital. a warm welcome to our new kpix5 evening
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this wave of covid is not stopping events from honoring life and legacy of dr. martin luther king, jr. a look at the events across the bay. san francisco 49ers moving to the next round after beating the cowboys. we have fan reaction. new hope for democrats to get voting rights bills passed in our nation's capital. change in guidance for cruise ships and what it means for safety measures. good morning. it is monday january 17. i am len kiese. >> i am amanda starrantino. we will start with darr wi how it is feeling outside. good morning. it feels like it did last week at this time. there has been no change to this pattern. you haven't really even had to think about the weather for like the last two weeks. spoiler, for the next week, you are probably not going to have
5:31 am
to either. there are subtle issues. the camera on top of salesforce tower is trained on oakland airport. that's one of the few places where we have seen visibility get reduced. for most places, you don't have issue with fog. it's really localized like one spot for oakland airport. that's the official censor. santa rosa, normally you would have it. look at san francisco near 50. concord and livermore are in the low to mid 40s. so it feels kind of ld to start this day. we will go back to the low 60s for daytime highs. we keep the clouds. it's been cloudy for a while. i will show you what that's about and when we get rid of the pattern that's been keeping us so cloudy. that's coming up. it will also be hazy with the same pattern allowing the haze to continue. fremont you will go to 62, san rafael 60. we'll see you with the forecast
5:32 am
coming up. gianna, how is the drive? we have a couple things to look for, starting to get a few incidents into the traffic center. on 84, reports of an accident. we'll start walnut creek north 680 at 24. you have activity on scene. they just updated that connector to south 680 connector to west 24. apparently a couple cars are tangled up. elsewhere, if you are headed along pleasanton sunol road both directions to 84, this is due to fallen tree and power cable in the roadways. they are still working to clear that. not far from there, there is a crash from the 84 connector to 680 that's causing brake lights. back to you guys. a leader in the civil rights movement in american
5:33 am
history will be honored. life of dr. martin luther king jr will be on display. >> celebrations will look different because of covid. justin andrews is live in san francisco with today's events to honor dr. king. >> reporter: today is the day we honor and reflect and even take action to remember this influential civil rights leader. across the bay there are several events to honor rememberim. at 11:00 there is hope in the hour of homicide. that will take place where community members will honor dr. king and address the issue of violence and pose solutions. it will be at the outer courtyard. at the same time in oakland there is a caravan and drive thru give away for the eighth annual day of action. at the columbus park encampment in san jose, distribution of necessities to help the
5:34 am
homeless. then in san francisco, northern california dr. martin luther king jr community foundation will have a series of events centered around justice. there are several other events that churches and other organizations are putting on. it's important to mention that the celebration train we normally see year after year will not take place today because of covid-19. justin andrews, kpix5. the niners got it done in texas after beating cowboys 23- 17 in a wild card game. >> joycelyn moran joins us with fan reaction. as a fan herself, i am sure you are very happy this morning. >> reporter: yeah, amanda, two back to back weekends filled with excitement and i am sure for many fans, anxiety. the niners became the first under dogs and road team to win in this post season. let's look at one of the
5:35 am
highlights. san francisco's samuel, 26-yard touchdown run. the nerves kicked in in the fourth quarter. dallas got back within six points. in the closing seconds the cowboys quarterback ran with the ball and slid. he did not spike the ball before time ran out. fans watched throughout bars in the area and others traveled to texas hoping to blanket the stadium in arlington with red and gold. >> we are seeing family everywhere we go. people from san francisco, san jose, santa clara. >> it's a good time. the atmosphere is really uplifting and fun. >> reporter: i am sure the trip was very much worth it. the 49ers are set to take on the packers saturday night so the excitement and anxiety continues. back to you guys. >> thanks. tomorrow contra costa board of supervisors set to consider raising county campaign
5:36 am
spending limits. the new limit would increase to 2500. if approved, new contribution would apply to races including county supervisor, district attorney, treasurer tax collector. new limits would go into effect march 2. friday, president biden is scheduled to virtually meet with japan's prime minister. the white house press secretary says the two leaders will discuss visions for free
5:37 am
5:38 am
on some news, prince harry says he wants to be able to pay for his own police protection when he visits his grandmother the queen in the uk. he wants to be able to bring his children to visit the palace but believes it is too dangerous. his request to pay for his family's protection was turned down by british home office. the legal team started the challenge to allow him to hire security nearly two years ago. an update on ghislaine maxwell, recently convicted of sex trafficking. her attorney says she no longer objects to disclosing names of eight men. they were allegedly involved in the late epstein's abuse of
5:39 am
young girls. so far none have been implicated in court. in your money watch, cdc updates guidance for cruise ships and venmo rolls out a new feature. wendy gillette reports from the cbs broadcast center. wall street closed in observance of the holiday. the longer weekend is after investors digested batch of economic data which showed slow down in consumer spending and rising inflation. millions are starting the week without a monthly deposit from the child tax program after it expired. the credit started as part of the biden administration's $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief package. cdc changed covid guidance for cruise ships to voluntary over the weekend. companies can decide if they will participate. if they don't they'll be
5:40 am
designated as gray on the web page which means the cdc has not confirmed or reviewed safety protocols. if theyvenmo unveiled a new gift wrapping feature so you can gift money to friends and family with flare. when users hit payer request button and add recipient, they can choose gift pack icon and choose from designs. the recipient can unwrap their gift and claim their money. 5:40. still ahead, your net flix bill is about to go up again. the streaming company's new prices on the service. why fed ex wants to equip some planes with military style equipment.
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5:44 am
a rabbi among four held hostage at a texas synagogue says the captor became increasingly belligerent and threatening toward the end of the ordeal. it finally ended when a swat team stormed. before the last of the hostages escaped the british national was heard in a live stream demanding release of a scientist convicted of trying to kill u.s. army officers in afghanistan. this was an act of terror. we are not going to tolerate this. we have this capacity to deal with assaults on particularly anti-semitism. >> no one else was hurt and fbi says there was no indication anyone else was involved. novak djokovic heading home to serbia after deported from
5:45 am
australia. the unvaccinated tennis super star left after a court ruled that he posed risk to public health and order. >> how are you feeling? >> in a statement the 20 time grand slam winner said he was extremely disappointed by the court's ruling but would respect it. the saga surrounding the star tennis player has sparked a lot of debate. >> if everyone else has to follow the rules, why can't he. obviously he thought he was above it. >> deportations typically come with a three year travel ban. that means he can be barred from australian open for quite sometime. for the first time an omicron case is reported in beijing. chinese health officials say the patient has not traveled recent outside the city. authorities have sealed the neighborhood where the infected person lives. they have begun mass testing of the population. beijing is set to hold winter olympic games in less than
5:46 am
three weeks. we are learning north korea fired two suspected ballistic missiles into the sea. it was north korea's fourth launch this month alone. u.s. endo command says these do not pose immediate threat to u.s. and allies. this came after it fired two ballistic missiles from train cars friday. hours earlier north korea warned of stronger uncertain reaction if u.s. helped pose more sanctions store let's get you caught up on weather and traffic. >> darren peck joins us with a look outside. good morning. we are stuck on autopilot as far as the weather is concerned. there's no drastic change from what we have had for the last week and a half. i have patchy fog to talk about, low 40s, and a claimant high in the low 60s for most of us with a cloudy sky. let's start with the look from
5:47 am
the mark hopkins hotel. the numbers show us visibility readings are fine bay area wide. but there has been a report of some fog at the oakland airport, really isolated and not a widespread issue and not too terribly dense. if want fog, you have to be in the central valley to find it. current temperatures are in the mid 40s most locations. look at the north bay valleys. santa rosa, upper 30s. mid 30s in ukiah through mendocino county. for the majority this is a pretty mild morning. it's really not terribly cold out there. we will see air quality stay the same which means it will look hazy today. the forecast from the air quality management district has us at moderate which is good because it could be unhealthy for sensitive groups which is not. we are holding in the moderate
5:48 am
category. daytime highs will go to the low 60s. those low 60s will be paired with plenty clouds. there is maybe even a drop of rain off the coast, very insignificant. it just tells us how thick the clouds are at higher elevations. the clouds stay with us all day. tonight, watch what happens. northerly flow clears the clouds. for tuesday we will have a blue sky day. there might be a few that show up by late in the day but for the most part this is the last day we'll be under the influence of the pattern which has shown steady continuous clouds that make for great sun sets but very gray, overcast looking afternoons. it will be nice to get a break from that and we will starting tomorrow, not today. plenty mid and upper # 0s. we will get a warming trend as well as we clear the clouds. let's get an update on the
5:49 am
drive. thank you. let's look at the roadways now. if you are taking 101 along the peninsula, things are at the limit. if you have an early flight you should be good to go heading to sfo. right now we are not seeing brake lights on 880. things are pretty quiet. there are a couple things you want to look for as you head out. we have an accident on the 680 south bound entry to 84 as you head into the sunol grade. there is a crash there. it's not causing brake lights or issues. i should say it is causing brake lights and issues. there is another trouble spot that may be adding to that. pleasanton sunol road, there is a fallen tree and power cables in the road way. 680 is at the limit. brake lights and delays are minimal but they are there as you approach the area. we are tracking ever so
5:50 am
slightly slower speeds but once you are past that, everything is free flowing. 65, 67 miles per hour clocking in nice speeds for the ride into the altamont pass which is great news. as we look at our live shot, there are a few people commuting. we won't see as many as we typically do on a regular weekday but it is okay, moving at the limit for the most part. east shore freeway is quiet, highway 4 and 101. a quick live look at 880, nimitz freeway, both directions off to a great start with no delays. things are fairly quiet as you work through oakland. there are changes to public transit. i will have that coming up in my next report. >> thanks. in a bizarre turn fed ex apparently wants to arm some cargo planes with antimissile systems. according to faa documents fed ex is asking permission to modify some planes with lasers
5:51 am
designed to miss direct missiles. the request sites 2003 incident when a dhl airbus was targeted by surface to air missiles after take off from baghdad. the fda has to consider potential safety risks. bad news for anyone with a net flix account. the streaming service is increasing prices again. basic is going up to about $10. standard is 15.50 and premium is around $20. net flix says it is doing this to continue to offer wide variety of quality entertainment options. it was identical to the statement it released last time. net flix raised prices in october 2020. 5:51. still ahead, the latest spiderman movie has spent a month atop box office. can any film scare it out of the number one spot? >> i see what you did there.
5:52 am
today the drew barrymore show is at 2:00 on kpix5. stick around for cbs mornings for the
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let's get you ready to step out. a pretty view from our roof
5:55 am
looking at the trans america pyramid. it's very representative of what it looks like pretty much bay area wide today. we are not looking at fog with a few minor exceptions, maybe a little bit patchy fog for some of the east bay at the oakland airport. but you see from the view looking towards the east, we don't have anything too widespread and visibility map shows the same story. temperatures are pretty warm. most of us are in the mid to upper 40s. you won't need the jacket unless you are in the north bay valleys where it is 38. i will have the whole forecast in a bit. back to you. >> thank you. time for a look at the entertainment headlines. grammy award winning zack brown band is going on tour. the out of the middle tour kicks offer in greenville south carolina in april and has a stop in oakland in november. tickets go on sale january 21.
5:56 am
celine dion canceled the final 16 shows, dealing with severe persistent muscle spasms. the same issue prompted her to postpone las vegas residency last october. it looks like the latest spiderman movie was scared out of its top spot. 5th scream installment was in first. spiderman crossed the 700 million mark in domestic box office sales. in third was sing 2 with 8.3 million. still ahead, some oakland students threatening to go on strike. we are live with the latest fall out over covid safety in the classroom. the message from u.s. surgeon general. we haven't even reached
5:57 am
omicron's peak. his prediction for when that will happen. a live look outside before we head to break from our mark hopkins camera on a jelly bean that's good for you? nature's bounty introduces new jelly bean vitamins. good-for-you nutrients in a tastier for you form. more sweet dreams. more flavorful immune support. new nature's bounty jelly beans. live bountifully. ♪ [mallet banging] ♪ [drums banging] ♪
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we remember and honor a civil rights leader. the events happening across the bay to honor dr. martin luther king, jr. the 49ers coming out on top after a nail biting fourth quarter. how it all came down to the wire. some oakland students are ready to take demands on the next level if the district does not listen. we are live with what they are promising to do this morning. first the long covid testing lines. now it's long delays in getting results. hear from the bay area doctor weighing in on


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