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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430am  CBS  January 17, 2022 4:30am-5:00am PST

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on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, looking live from our sutro camera, one of my favorite shots as we start this new week looking over the city, looking east. good morning it is monday january 17. i am len kiese. >> i am amanda starrantino. that is a beautiful shot there, the bay bridge there. we'll start with darren peck with a look outside. good morning. happy monday. happy monday. that's the only camera higher than our camera on top of the salesforce tower. that one does give a pretty wide view. there is a little bit fog on the east bay that we can see on some cameras but it is better to see it on the censor. santa rosa is fine on the visibility but it is cold. 38 santa rosa, 50 san jose.
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classic. the rest of the day is like the last several days. we'll keep plenty clouds. it will be hazy, low and mid 60s. livermore 60, san rafael 60, red wood city 62. we'll look at martin luther king jr day in more detail. when are these clouds going away? i'll have more on the seven-day forecast as well. good morning. so far so good. it should be quiet for the most part as most people have the day off and schools are closed for mlk day. the freeways are good now, a lot of green. we are not seeing major brake lights or issues. as we check our travel times, 23 minutes altamont pass ride,
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205 to 680. getting a live look at some bay area bridges, a live look at the bay bridge, you see things are moving nicely. no delays, pretty smooth into san francisco. if you are taking bay bridge across the upper deck, the span. san mateo is clear in both directions. 49ers set to take on the packers after a playoff win against cowboys in dallas with a 23-7 win, niners became first under dog and road team to win in the post season. 49er faithful from all over are celebrating the victory. >> down to the last snap, this was more than just another playoff win to fans. everyone was jumping during the game with the final whistle.
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fans went berserk. that was actually in my script. da lin met die hard fans who made the road trip to dallas. >> reporter: a lot of excitement here in san francisco, 49er fans celebrating in arlington as well. i talked to some super fans who made their way to texas. they're partying at the stadium now. a sea of red jerseys outside of att stadium. hundreds of 49er fans tailgating in the parking lot. >> it's crazy! there are so many niner fans. we're taking over. i told you when we got here. this is what we are doing. look at this. >> reporter: they arrived in texas on friday. >> this is our 49er tailgate from levi stadium in dallas. >> reporter: they wanted to
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blanket arlington stadium like last week in l.a. when niners beat the rams. >> we are seeing family everywhere we go. people from san francisco, san jose, santa clara. it's a good time. >> reporter: in san francisco, a packed house inside and out. >> go niners! >> reporter: the game starts off with a tequila shot. >> the game provides a distraction for the pandemic and also being outside here we can be semi safe as possible and interact with people and still enjoy the game. >> reporter: despite omicron surge the fans say watching with other like minded people ups the games. >> it's playoffs. you have to be around the people that are just as invested. >> reporter: a fan brought in a
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mascot george kibble the dog. supposed to bring good luck. the long history between niners and cowboys makes this more special. >> it adds to the energy in the environment when you can high five everyone from san francisco. >> reporter: the game wrapped up a while ago, fans eating, drinking, celebrating the big win. i am da lin, kpix5. >> in 20 minutes vern glenn will have a break down and all the highlights. two french bulldogs stolen in the east bay in three days. in the latest case armed robbers took things one step further. >> reporter: a mother and father took their frenchy for a walk in their seemingly safe neighborhood saturday and quickly learned that the drivers weren't just after their prized frenchy because they later showed up at the
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family's home. this is o, a 15-month-old french bulldog. >> i guess they had double parked their car. they ran up on us screaming give me the dog and holding guns. one of them got to me first and held the gun. >> reporter: they started wrestling for the dog and more men hopped out. three had guns. one was at my grandma's head. two were at my mom's. >> robbers took tito but they weren't done. >> they saw my purse my body. then he started fighting me for my purse. >> reporter: a few hours later the men came back in the same suv, a 2019 kia. they were after the mercedes.
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>> i parked in front of both cars in the driveway thinking that would keep it safe. they just drove right off the curb. >> reporter: french bulldogs have been targeted because they can be sold for thousands of dollars. an owner posted on next door she's been reunited with her pup. on the first, rosie was violently snatched from her owner and was later reunited after a man unknowingly purchased her. >> my friend has a french bulldog. she told me about it. >> i just want my dog back safely and i want them to stop terrorizing my family and just leave us alone. >> the suspect's suv was reported stolen and has been
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used in several other armed robberies. new zealand and australia sending military jets to assess damage from the massive under water volcanic eruption on saturday. communications with island kingdom were abruptly cut off and most are unable to use the internet or e ngle cable that c them to the rest of the world was apparently badly damaged. the bay area community is still waiting for word on friends and family. this created the biggest tsunami threat to the bay area in years and caused coastal flooding from santa cruz to the north bay. still ahead, is the covid pandemic on the road to becoming endemic? top experts weigh in on what reality would look like. a tractor trailer plunges from an over pass.
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welcome back. 4:42. in money watch, cdc updates guidance for cruise ships. venmo rolls out a new feature. wendy gillette. wall street is closed in observance of the dr. martin luther king jr holiday. investors divested a batch last week which showed a slow down in consumer spending and rising inflation. millions are starting without a monthly deposit from the child tax program after it expired. the credit started as part of the biden administration's $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief package. cdc changed to voluntary
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over the weekend. companies can decide if they'll participate. if they don't they'll be designated on the cruise ship color status web page which means cdc has not confirmed or reviewed safety protocols. if lines opt in cdc will work with ships to monitor their preventative measures and track on board cases. venmo has unveiled a new gift wrapping feature. when users hit payer request button and add recipient they can choose the gift pack icon and choose one of the designs. for more head to i am wendy gillette. we are learning people are flooding santa clara emergency rooms in search of covid tests and hospitals are struggling to keep up. over 7800 people visited santa clara emergency rooms in december. that is a jump from 7300 in
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november. it's unclear how many of those patients visited for a covid test but officials say hospitals are struggling to keep up. hospitals cannot turn away patients seeking covid tests if they have been exposed or are showing symptoms. california's covid positivity rate is at 22.9%. daily case average is just under 87,000. with the omicron variant exploding some are asking if the covid pandemic is shifting to an endemic. kenny choi talked to two top experts for answers. >> reporter: experts say if you can protect yourself for the next weeks the omicron wave will pass. >> the reality is most people are going to get covid. i don't think most people need to within the next month. combination of lack of easily accessible at home tests, long lines for pcr and lengthy delays for getting
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results has made it difficult as testing demand remains high. >> what delay in testing is doing is perpetuating the surge because it doesn't allow us to get a good handle on the virus. >> reporter: dr. walker says the odds an asymptomatic person has covid near omicron peak is about 10%. if you enter a room with 20 people, there is an 88% chance that one has covid. >> i would rather have my reckoning with covid after i have been vaccinated a number of times. >> reporter: this omicron surge should lead public health officials to have the approach and ultimately trigger an endemic phase. there would be no reporting of
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daily infections and no asymptomatic testing but vaccination and treatment would continue already we don't tell people to mask and distance anymore because that really had to do with trying to keep it at bay. when you go into endemic phase you treat it like influenza. >> reporter: indoor masking will likely continue especially in the winter months even without mandates. to the storm watch. a brutal winter storm hitting much of the southeast and moving up the east coast. check out this stunning video of a tractor trailer that fell from an icy over pass in durham north carolina. it was stuck like this for hours until a crane was used to lower it down to the highway. the driver was taken to the hospital. check this out in georgia, a man woke to the sound of his
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roof collapsing after a tree snapped and came crashing into his bedroom. a lot going on in the southeast. 4:47. we have you covered with our local weather and traffic. >> we have start with darren peck with how it feels outside. i was in the midwest and we got snow. coming back to the temperatures yesterday felt so nice.. it's going to be cloudy and 60 today. prepare yourself. first i will start with our clear view of the moon. this is the scene from our roof. technically we've got a full moon tonight, a beautiful view. i have been watching it slowly drift through our camera. from our camera on top of salesforce tower looking towards airport at oakland, you see it's a bit hazy. that's one of the reporting stations that does have fog. thankfully there aren't many others. we are looking at three mile visibility for santa rosa which is usually our trouble spot.
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i don't see fog as a significant item at any other reporting stations but officially at the airport for oakland, we have some fog reported. temperatures are fine. we are in the low 40s most locations. everything is typical. the air quality is going to remain moderate today. center of high pressure keeping on the storms away is still holding in all the haze so we are going to wake with hazy skies today and we'll have cloudy skies. daytime highs climb back to the low 60s. if we look at the pattern for the next day and a half, there will be plenty clouds around today. i have played futurecast all the way through monday. that says 8:30 tonight. when we get to 8:30, we're going to turn a corner. watch what happens as the clouds get pushed out. this is tuesday. a couple things on tuesday. it's not going to be as cloudy as the last couple days, but we will wake up with fog.
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as we get into afternoon, those are clear skies for tuesday. we should get one day like that because there will be other clouds from the north by the time we get to wednesday. i've got mostly sunny for each of those days across the remainder of the seven day forecast not only for san francisco, oakland, san jose but also our micro climates. that covers the forecast. let's get updated on the drive now. good morning. we are looking really good on the roadways. if you are getting out early and you've got some place to go, now is a good time to be on the freeways. looking at our maps, you see all the green. that means you are good to go with no major delays, brake lights, issues. 101 is clear. if you have a flight at sfo, throw those bags in the car. you should be good to go. traffic is pretty light which
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is good news especially for super commuters ready to make the ride along 580. schools are off today so things will be a little less busy than usual. west bound 580, 23 minutes 205 towards 680. 14 minutes highway 4 to the maze and west bound highway 4 antioch towards 80, a 25 minute commute. taking the bay bridge, all good. no delays into san francisco. san mateo bridge is good. no brake lights or issues between 880 and 101. a quick live look at the golden gate bridge, for folks up early making the ride out of marin south 101, you are look ago at an easy 15 minute commute down into san francisco via golden gate. there are some changes to schedules for public transit. i will have that coming up in the 5:00 hour. back to you guys.
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>> thank you. 4:51. still ahead on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. >> 49ers starting another successful playoff run. vern glenn has a break joe buck and john smoltz welcoming you back to the city center convenience mart. heather's moment has arrived, and you just hope all that training pays off. heather lays down her purchase but randy rings it up as slowly as he can. uh-oh. yup, she's looking at the cigarettes. there's nothing good back there. heather's arm is in motion. but she just grabs the gum off the counter. that's a slick move. even randy tips his cap to heather. stand up to cancer and rally wants you to reduce your risk for cancer. go to
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good good morning everybody. how is that 49er hangover? your team is playing on. think of the top seed at green bay at the end of the week. let's savor what happened on a sunday afternoon in arlington, texas. remember the boom box craze? came out of the huddle, a little bit red in the crowd there. samuel, 15 yards, screen pass, inside the five. mitchell capped off seven play drive on a four yard run to the corner, 7-0, 49ers. prescott went to work. dallas offense pulling on their
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first drive. brought him down. one first down in the opening quarter for the cowboys. oh just a little outside. second quarter, niners up 13-0. cowboys got on the board. cooper caught a dime. lead cut to six. garoppolo, how about one here, letting loose on the open field. niners led 16-7 at the break. before that, hit in the head, friendly fire. d.j. jones got him. he would not return. meantime, pass rush without him, relentless d.j. jones fell on prescott for a loss of 13. williams, almost a one handed grab. i can't get over it.
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every time i see it, i want to see it again. niner offense was just clicking on the short field. samuel, 26-yard touchdown run and niners led 23-7. it's a fake! former cal bear picks up 16. mosely, third down stop, two possession game, garoppolo rolled out, and prescott could not make a play. garoppolo rolling, makes something out of nothing. he was picked off by anthony brown inside the 25. things continue to unravel when warner went out with ankle
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injury. couple plays later dak open on the left side, why not try? five yard touchdown run and cuts liners lead to six. warner is not happy. 49er offense try to chew up some plots. big third down but samuel stopped by the yardage marker. shanahan elected to punt. okay coach. 4th and 11 for cowboys. wilson open behind in the secondary. warner celebrated turn over on down, less than a minute shanahan tried to run out the clock and samuel running to the far side, looked like he got to the yardage marker. it was ruled a first down but they reviewed it and said it was inches short. williams wasn't set, that's a
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penalty. ball back to dallas. 14 seconds left. prescott tried the draw and he is running 30, 25, inside the 25 but they had no time outs. gotta spike it. what? the time ran out. the 49ers held on on to the divisional round. they won in big d, final of 23- 17. if you are scoring at home write this, 49ers at packers 5:15 kick on another network. but you will figure that out. that's enough. we'll see you later on victory monday. >> and it feels good. 4:57. still ahead on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. >> a day to recognize and celebrate the life of dr. martin luther king jr, the events today in the bay area
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♪ [coughs] ♪ [inhales] [exhales] ♪ [camera click] [inhales] halls breathe it in
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we remember a civil rights leader. i am justin andrews detailing events across the bay to honor dr. king. oakland unified students ready to go on strike if their demands aren't met by today. we'll have the details. americans will be able to order free at home covid tests. how you can request them online in a couple days. 49ers moving to the next round. their next challenge and playoffs after stunning the cowboys in dallas. good morning. it is monday january 17. i am len kiese. >> i am amanda starrantino. let's get


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