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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  January 16, 2022 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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celebrating a wild-card playoff victory that came down to the wire. extract these still a woman's french bulldog domingo after her car. the trend emerging in the area. strachan arrest in a fatal crash that created a domino effect on a northbay roadway. >> bay area families are worried. what is being done to help tonga. is the pandemic shifting to
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an and endemic? top experts million. thank you for joining us. >> the nine is set to take on the packers after a playoff win against the cowboys. >> the niners finish against dallas. >> they have won the first playoff game since 1995 with the cowboys. it was worth the wait. in the third quarter, playoff touchdown. leading 23-7. dak prescott took off on the draw. couldn't stop the clock. he needed to spike it. that was unsuccessful.
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it is an emotional game. the highs and lows. it felt like we were in control of the game. the packers pulled it out in the last half minute. >> the reaction coming up, after this newscast. coming down to the last snap, victory against arrival was more than another playoff win to the fans. bars were jumping during the game.
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the long win makes this special. >> it adds to the energy and environment. you can high-five everyone from san francisco. fans are still eating and drinking and celebrating the win. two french bulldogs had been stolen at gunpoint in just three days. armed robbers took things one step further. for mecca mother and daughter took their frenchy for a walk in there seemingly safe neighborhood on saturday. the robbers went just after the prized frenchy. they later showed up at the family home. this is tito, a 15-month-old french bulldog that was stolen at gunpoint at around 5:30 pm
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in castro valley. >> they ran up on a screaming give me the dog and holding guns. one of them got to me first. >> they started wrestling for the dog moorman hopped out. at that point there were five. three had guns and one was pointed at my grandmothers had in two and my mom. >> reporter: the robbers took tito. they weren't done. a few hours later, after investigators left, they were after the family's mercedes. they just drove off the curb.
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>> reporter: french bulldogs have been targeted in recent years because they can be sold for thousands of dollars. and oakland resident was held up at gunpoint and her dog was stolen. the owner posted on next door that she has been reunited with her pup. at the first of the year she was violently snatched from her owner in the marina district. she was later reunited after a man in sacramento unknowingly purchased her. >> my friend has a french bulldog. >> i want my dog back safely. >> in san francisco. an update on a four car
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head-on crash that killed a 16- year-old in the northbay. the chb arrested a 24-year-old man on suspicion of dui in a crash that closed a stretch of the highway for hours. it cadillac drove into oncoming traffic and crashed into three cars. a 16-year-old passenger was killed and another was flown to the hospital. two drivers were also injured. they were trying to restore power to 2700 customers. they don't know what caused the outage. there is no word on how long it will take them to get the lights on. new zealand and australia are sending military jets tonight to assess the damage from that massive irruption. communications were abruptly cut off and most were unable to
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use the internet or make phone calls. a single cable that connects them to the rest of the world was apparently damaged. the community, the largest in california, is waiting for word on friends and family back home. when the volcano blew, they created the biggest tsunami threat in years. it caused coastal flooding from santa cruz to the northbay. we have new video of boats submerged in damaged at a harbor in new zealand. we are learning that north korea fired two missiles into the sea. it was the fourth weapons launch this month alone. the pacific commence at the missiles do not pose an immediate threat to the u.s. and allies. the test came after the country fired two ballistic missiles on friday. earlier, north korea warned of stronger and certain reaction
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if the united states helped impose more sanctions. ahead, is the pandemic on the road to becoming an endemic? what the reality would look like. a tractor-trailer plunges through an overpass. fairly tranquil by comparison. we have a few raindrops in the forecast.
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people are flooding emergency rooms in search of covid test. hospitals are struggling to keep up. according to county data, over 7800 people visited emergency rooms in december. that is a jump from about 7300 in november. it is unclear how many visit for covid test alone. health officials say hospitals are struggling to keep up. under the current health order, other hospitals can't turn away patients seeking tests. if they have been exposed to
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are showing symptoms. the positivity rate is 22.9%. the daily averages just under 87,000. with the variant exploding, some people are asking if the pandemic is shifting to an endemic. >> reporter: the discussion about the next few months is happening among the general public. omicron hasn't yet peaked. >> if you can protect yourself, the wave will pass. >> most people will get covid in their lifetime. most people don't need to get it in the next month. >> reporter: the combination of the lack of at-home testing and longline for pcr testing and lengthy delays and results can't meet the goal of maximum protection difficult as testing demand is high. >> the delay in testing is
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perpetuating the search. it doesn't allow us to get a good handle on the virus and who is contagious. >> reporter: the department of medicine chair so the odds that an asymptomatic person has covid near the peak is about 10%. that means if you into a room with 20 people, there is an 88% chance that one of them has covid. >> i would rather have that reckoning after i had been vaccinated a number of times and after this orally available drugs to treat the infection. >> reporter: this surge should lead officials to change their approach to harm reduction and trigger an endemic face. >> it caused an incredible wall. unvaccinated people got it. people that vaccinated got it. 4 there would be no reporting of daily infections and no asymptomatic testing. vaccinations and treatment with oral antivirals for people at
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risk would continue. >> we also don't tell people to masque and distance. that had to do with trying to keep it at bay. in endemic face you treated like influenza. for mac indoor masking will likely continue in the winter, even without a mandate. a brutal winter storm is walloping much of the southeast and moving up the east coast. check out this stunning video of a tractor-trailer that fell from an icy overpass in north carolina. the roads are iced over across the southeast, causing a semite to plunge from the bridge. it was stuck like this for hours until the crane was used to lowered onto the highway. the driver was transported to the hospital. in georgia, man woke up to the sound of his roof collapsing
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after a tree snapped and came crashing into his bedroom. the conditions have brought a trio of freezing rain, snow and ice. here is how it looks in pittsburgh. winter weather alerts stretched 1000 miles on sunday, covering as many as 80 million people. in florida, residents are picking up the pieces after tornadoes ripped through neighborhoods. nice to see you doing the weather. we have high clouds tonight. temperatures mostly in the 40s and 50s. we also have sprinkles from the south. there is a low spinning off of san diego county sending clouds our way.
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you can see it on the satellite. there is that low that will kick in land. high clouds on the eastern side are streaming over the bay area. future cast shows may be a sprinkler to. here is monday morning. you can see the green dots. that is a suggestion that there could be a little bit of rain. by 5:00 tomorrow afternoon, maybe a little bit over the upper range. the latest shows a band of showers off shore. than a few over big sur. in the immediate area, there is a time-lapse. dies on the vine. high clouds will stream over all of california. by wednesday, here is wednesday. takes any rain insensate into the northwest. we get the south flow right up until about monday afternoon. then that kicks in land.
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than the upper flow shifts and clears things out by tuesday. tomorrow is county. look for overcast skies with some breaks. then things begin to clear out late on monday. it will be dry to the end of the week. bad news, it is showing us high and dry. we are looking at temperatures in the 40s. high clouds keeping us relatively warm. high temperatures near 60. high clouds will be around and the forecast doesn't change much. temperatures topping out in the low to mid 60s. as far as the eye can see, if you can see any rain on the map, you are better than me. expect high and dry through the weekend. still ahead, police are chasing a string of sideshows.
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with vehicles and spectators. >> we were there for one before the police arrived. driver states that along harbor road at the port of oakland. they left tracks all over the pavement. one of the vehicles only had three wheels. the antics collected the crowd of spectators and then the police that showed up to shut it down. oakland police had this to say, another sideshow briefly shut down the stretch of highway 880 at fifth street. when police responded, group took off. there is a major cleanup operation in los angeles. a train derailment involving 17 cars left packages of all shapes and sizes across the tracks. they are filled with items from amazon, ups and others. looters have also been trying to collect them. covid concerns, cancel mlk
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day events. local organizers of finding ways to get the message across. it could be years before -- gets a shot at the titl again.
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as we are a day away from honoring dr. martin luther king jr., cities are finding unique ways to celebrate one of the most influential civil rights leaders. this weekend was packed with in person and virtual celebrations. many joining in person. some watched from their cell phones as citizens came together to keep the spirit of the message alive. >> what blocks us from being the kind of community? >> in the fight to move toward a better place. >> -- are some of the cities holding events tomorrow.
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the pandemic is throwing another tradition off track. caltrain canceled tomorrow's annual celebration train honoring dr. king. novak djokovic is heading home to serbia after being deported from australia. the unvaccinated tennis car left the country after the court rule that he posed a risk to public health in order. he said he was extremely disappointed but he will respect it. it has sparked a lot of debate. >> he thought he was above it all. >> deportations typically only come with a three-year travel ban. that means he could be 37 before the next time he could play in the australian open.
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new at 11:00, defined by archaeologists in saudi arabia. they discovered a 4500-year-old highway lined with nearly 18,000 ancient tombs. researchers found that through aerial flights and satellite images. the highway stretches for hundreds and maybe thousands of miles. if you hate crowded gyms, this could be perfect. a gym built for social distancing.
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these days, many people might be avoiding the gym for near of catching covid. >> but a new san francisco gym it's called the yard helps reduce that risk by keeping
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clients socially distanced. >> the yard has eight individual work out pods. each contains a bench, a rack, and free weights than rented by reservation only. he came up with the idea two years earlier. >> even if there was somebody close to you, there's somebody of your own section. >> i'm not going to the same gym where there's hundreds of people. it's very spaced out. very safe in my opinion. >> reporter: the two story pacific heights gym holds only 16 people at a time. so everyone can feel comfortable working out. i doubt those jewels there's enough room inside for you to ride your horse. >> that's true. although you can stick to walking your dog. i'll stick to riding my horse. >> and it doesn't cost a thing. >> that's right. game day is next.
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news and weather updates, jewels will be here tomorrow. there's this feeling we chase... like someone upped the brightness on the entire world. a full-body endorphin rush we'll chase again and again. feel the hydrow high.
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we learn about covid-19, the more questions we have. the biggest question now, what's next? what will covid bring in six months, a year? if you're feeling anxious about the future, you're not alone. calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673, or live chat at today. this is game day on kpix 5. like the testosterone voice announcement said, it's game day. the january 16th edition. so what do we get out of the
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day? well we get to talk about the 49ers in the play offs for another week. no team can afford to have a slow start against san francisco. the cowboys, they can tell you all about it. oh that boom box, remember the boom box. debo samuel and the fellows came out of the tunnel. a little bit of red in there in the crowd there. winners came out with a purpose to start the game. debo samuels 13 yards for the screen pass, inside the five. elijah mitchell came out the seven play drive with a four play run to the coroner. 7-049ers. dak prescott with the word. pulling on the first drive. nick bosa and sampson ebulcan brought them down. just one down for the cowboys. then a little trickeration. niners up


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