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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  January 16, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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but we will be back after this break.
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news . >> the game is over. that is the end of the game. san francisco survives and advances. >> the 49er faithful pack your bags because san francisco is still on the road to the super bowl, and if you're going, be sure to bring something warm. >> many people waiting in those long lines for covid tests and encountering long delays getting results. we wanted to know how long is
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too long? >> it delays everything else and leads to more exposures. >> it is pretty hard in my family right now. >> for the second time in three days thieves and alameda county have gone after a french bulldog at gunpoint and this time they added insult to injury. >> our cameras are there for the police to catch in oakland sideshow in action. good evening and thank you for joining us. >> we will begin with that 49er nailbiter that went down to the wire. it ended up with chairs in this bay area bar and countless others like it as the niners got it done in dallas. >> we are out here and we just won in the bay area. >> at the end of the day, cowboys are an excellent team and they have great receivers and great running backs, but the 49ers came to play.
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>> yes they did. let's get back to vern glenn and even the most faithful had doubts? >> cautiously optimistic is the term we use and i am laughing at that scene in the bar because that is just one bar in the bay area and imagine all of the others with the same kind of reaction. the cowboys, they came in hot with all the sizzle, but the 49ers cooled the cowboys down and the niners lost their two defensive players in the game, nick bosa and fred warner and both exited with injuries. in the third quarter 16-7 niners and here comes deebo samuel weaving through traffic with a 26 yard touchdown run and a 16 point lead with eight minutes to go on the game and 23-10 and dak prescott wi 5 yard touchdown run which made it interesting 23-17 and then the cowboys got the ball back in the final seconds with no timeouts and prescott
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took off and tackled at the 24, but again, no timeouts so they could not stop the clock and time would expire. the 49ers on the road and survived a wild finish and won 23-17 to move on to the top seed, the green bay packers. >> no i thought it was over because i thought live so i was very confident it was done and just nervous and sometimes you are really confident and sometimes you see it right or sometimes it changes and you never really know until they let you know. >> this will be a rematch of the september 26 packers that 49ers game. in that came the 49ers had the lead and then aaron rodgers through two late touchdown passes and won the game 30-28. i am sure if we go back upstairs that is in the back of the players minds and we will see you in sports.
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back to the celebrations in the bay shs us thee not just celebrating here in the bay area. >> reporterloof excitement here in san francisco and the 49er fans are celebrating in arlington as well and i talked to some fans who made their way to texas and they are now partying at the stadium. a sea of red jerseys here and hundreds of 49ers fans in the parking lots. >> it is crazy out here. there are so many niner fans out here and we have a few of them -- and here's a couple of them and i told you guys when we got here we would take over and this is what we are doing. >> he and his buddies arrived from texas on friday. this is levi stadium right here in dallas. >> reporter: they wanted to blanket the arlington stadium like they did last week in la
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when the niners beat the rams. >> as you can see we see family everywhere we go out here with san francisco, san jose, santa clara and it is good time in the atmosphere is really uplifting and fun reporter:ck in frsco, a edout here. but these fans the game starts off with a tequila shot. >> the game provides a distraction for the pandemic but also being outside here so my safest possible and still interact with people to still enjoy the game. >> reporter: despite the surge of omicron, fans watching with other like-minded people just ups the game. >> you have to be around the people who are just as invested. >> reporter: even the mascot is supposed to bring good luck.
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and a long history between the niners and cowboys makes this win more special. >> it adds to the energy and the environment when you can turn around and high-five everyone from san francisco. >> reporter: in san francisco, i am da lin, kpix 5. alameda county investigators are looking into the second armed robbery in three days targeting a french bulldog. a woman and her daughter were walking the dog in castro valley about this time yesterday when a group pulled up in a black suv and jumped out . they had three guns and one took the bulldog from the daughter and another stole the older woman's purse which had her wallet and keys. later that night, they stole her car out of her driveway. the family was so shaken up that they are now staying in a hotel. >> reporter: how is everybody doing? >> you know, not so good. we had a lot happened to us
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recently. my dad has been in the hospital for the last three days. and then everything combined with this and him not being here, it is pretty hard in my family right now. >> french bulldogs are popular targets for thieves because they can sell them for thousands of dollars. and there was another one stolen near lake merritt but it is home safe tonight and no details yet on where or how it was found. crews in fremont hold out an unusual survivor from the rubble and an apartment fire. they save the bearded dragon yesterday evening along san pedro drive in the fire displaced 10 people. no residents were hurt and sadly a cat did die in that fire. this is the aftermath of a fatal head on crash near downtown sonoma today and they say silver cadillac three oncoming vehicles as the driver tried to pass another car on
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highway 116. >> i can't give you an estimate on the speed, but you can assume based upon that damage that it was significant. >> we don't have any specific information yet on whether any parties involved were impaired but we are investigating that. >> a teenager in the cadillac died and the driver and another teenager were badly hurt in that car. our cameras were at the port of oakland as drivers stayed this sideshow on harbor road and they left the tracks over the pavement as they spun donuts in front of a crowd. one of the vehicles had only three wheels and it got the attention of a crowd and also the police, who showed up to shut it down. so far, no word on whether any drivers were arrested or if they had their cars impounded. a live look at oakland right now and we will about to see a lot more signs of the times. yesterday with the deadlines for businesses and government agencies to post flyers like this alerting people to the new
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vaccine mandate taking effect next month. anyone 12 and up will have to show proof of vaccination to get into restaurants and bars, gyms and entertainment venues and city-owned buildings. over the last several weeks we have seen long lines of cars filled with people waiting to get covid tests, many are now frustrated about those long delays in getting the results. earlier today we did speak with uc berkeley professor and infectious disease expert doctor john schwartzberg and he said it is becoming a real problem. >> the delay in testing is really a fundamental problem in terms of trying to make sure that those people who spread the virus removed from society if they stay home. that will flatten out the number of cases we have in it will free up our hospitals to take care of patients more
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effectively, and it frees society to work better. >> he said if you have any symptoms, you should isolate yourself for at least five days as a precaution. >> if you're looking for a covid tester vaccine or booster, you can visit the county by county resource guide on click the red banner on the top of the page. we are in san francisco where a new gym opened during the age of omicron and may become the model of workout spaces in the future. we will have that coming up. later as omicron takes center stage, some area is mrs. were hoping covid doesn't close the curtain on them. it has been cloudy day after day and finally today at actually started to produce a little rain and you can see it on the
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a lot of clouds up there and we will talk about those in a minute but first, working out has become a lonely pursuit in the age of covid with people either unwilling or unable to get to the gym. >> a new fitness facility in san francisco is offering a new option. john ramos explains it is perfect timing and happened quite by accident. >> reporter: omicron is giving some people the excuse they may have been looking for to give up working out with a new concept gym in san francisco is working to cut through those fears. >> reporter: he is a serious power lifter and lifting more than 300 pounds requires a lot of concentration. >> what i do is sort of a solo opportunity and activity and i think the space here gives me an opportunity to get some distance and focus on what i am doing. >> reporter: is one of the first members of a new gym and pacific heights called the yard and the space is separated into
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eight individual workout pods each containing a bench, rack and free weights that are rented out by reservation only. the two story gym holds only 16 people at a time but the owner said he came up with the idea two years before the pandemic hit. >> this concept predates the pandemic and i have been thinking about this since 2018 and is inspired by the traditional barbershop model where they went out chairs to independent contractors and that is what we are doing here with independent personal trainers. >> reporter: it is not just trainers but the public is showing interest as well. amanda and april working out this morning and they both started weight training during the pandemic to stay healthy and reduce stress in the natural distancing here is relieving any fears of omicron. >> it feels like you have your own area even if there was somebody sort of close to you have your own equipment and own section. >> we are not going to big box gymnasiums with a lot of other people. it is very spaced out and very
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safe in my opinion. it is no different than going to the grocery store and probably safer. >> reporter: it was never intended to be a socially distanced workout space but it just worked out that way. but then the coronavirus is changing the way we look at a lot of things. >> working out with a mask is not something i would have considered before but it is now what you do. i think having some physical distance between yourself and other people training is probably the next thing that will happen. >> reporter: while a lot of gyms try to sign up as many members as possible, the yard is banking on the idea that people are no longer comfortable being just a face in the crowd. >> i believe in the concept in the model, and i frankly think you will start to see more and more gyms start to shift to a model like this. >> the pods rent for $34 per hour and members pay $250 for unlimited use and they are sanitized after each workout
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and masks and vaccinations required. >> if we did that tonight we may get a few raindrops maybe? you will see it on high definition doppler holding together off the coast but not a lot of threat we have to be concerned about. it is certainly cloudy out there even though the sun has gone down from the camera on top of sales force and you can see all of the clouds and the haze in the east bay is still getting lit up. press when we have this center fight pressure keeping us warm and rain free the haze, or something else. the clouds have been coming in from the system to the south that for the last week was just throwing us clouds. today, it did start to throw a few light showers across the bay area and this comes up along the big sur and down along monterey but that is not making it to the bay area.
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the bigger picture shows you why it is active. you can see on the regular satellite. but watch what happens when we put in the water vapor. now you see it. a counter clockwise spin quietly lurking off the coast and that is a week coming off a low and is just now meandering and loitering and i will show you when it changes. watch this when we come in closer. we will play this into monday and no surprise that the clouds keep coming our way and maybe a little rain but not much. this gets us into the middle of the day tomorrow which is martin luther king jr. day at 2:30 in the middle of the day it will be cloudy. but at this point, i will hit play and all of the clouds reverse and they go the other way, and we get a clearing for tuesday. so we will get more blue sky toward the middle of the week and the cut off low will get ejected inland and finally leave. it has been a dominating factor for the last 60s in our weather and you have noticed how great
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the sunsets have been it has been a steady supply of clouds from that low that has just been sitting out there. right now we are in the mid- 50s. you can see it is cloudy. it sticks around and by that i mean the clouds things to that low through the morning tomorrow as we saw in that means lose are not that bad and that is the benefit of having the clouds is it keeps the temperatures warmer overnight. tomorrow under the clods -- clouds we go to the 60s and we are changing the pattern a lot at all but we look at the bigger picture, while the system leaves the more interesting things are happening out there. those are the legitimate storms out in the pacific and they are all getting pulled way too far north to have an impact and it will stay that way for a while and that pattern gets more exaggerated and watch what happens as we get this looking ahead toward january. so not this coming wednesday but the wednesday after that. nothing has happened between now and then on the long-range forecast.
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the seven-day forecast depicts that. there is more sunshine by the second half of the week and san jose will go up to 66 or 67 by next sunday and the same story for the inland valleys in the north bay. we will get you up to almost 70 for the second half of this week. back to you cavern. every time, matter how it looks, you have to take the win. that said, how about those 49ers? they somehow went to dallas, the underdogs, and continued
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i will feed off that energy. the 49ers first playoff game against the cowboys since 1995, and it was worth the wait. not a thriller but a thriller deep in the heart of texas. boombox and all and that reminds me of me in the 1980s. deebo samuel and the team ran out on the field at jerry jones house up 16-7 in the 3rd quarter and watches grab. but williams and he made the play and watch the grab as we slow it down and i can't believe he pulled it in and picked off dak prescott and next play deebo samuel running downhill and 26 yards and in and the niners led 23-7 and then 23-10 in the 4th quarter and this happened.
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jimmy garoppolo rolled out and he was just trying to make a play, but it ended up in the hands of a different jersey and anthony brown returned it inside the 25 and things continue to unravel one fred warner went out with an ankle injury and a few plays later, prescott had some open space on the left-hand side and why not try it? a 5 yard touchdown run in the niners lead was cut to six mac and fred warner inconsolable as he watched on. and then shanahan try to run out the clock in deebo samuel here down the far side, and he ran for what was called a 1st down. and they are just running out the clock, but he was short and they reviewed it. so jimmy garoppolo tried to sneak in the first back down and did not get it because trent williams was not set so they punted the ball away and the cowboys with no times out and 14 seconds left on the clock and dak prescott took off
6:26 pm
and got down to the 49er 24 yard line but you have to be set and no timeouts and have to be set. and time ran out on him. the 49ers survived this one 23- 17 to advance to the divisional round. >> it was just an emotional game and the highs and lows of it and it never felt like it was getting away from us and i was in control of the game but it made for some good television, i guess. >> does the food and drink taste better? is it boisterous on the plane ride back and take me through it. >> definitely it does and everything taste better after you win and on the way back i won't lie to you, most of us may be asleep because we did everything in our power to win this game and i may not like you we may be asleep on that flight. >> all right, samson ebukam.
6:27 pm
>> bruce arians after one of his players? the buccaneers hosted the eagles and the 15th career postseason touchdown and no tight and has more and the buccaneers defense and here is jalen hurts under duress and barrett tip to to himself and these guys are athletic and the eagles turn it over three times and tampa bay led 31-0 before a few garbage touchdowns and brady's 35th career win in the playoffs 31-15 final score. so tampa bay will play either the rams or the cardinals next sunday and the 49ers will go to lambeau field the next saturday, and they will face the top-seeded packers. and the worriers announced today that fremont green will be out a few more weeks of the lower back injury and he didn't play since injuring his calf last sunday and here minnesota
6:28 pm
moving pictures later on tonight and women's basketball utah jumped out to a 13 point lead on number two stanford? 4th down and anna wilson a special pass knocked it down and that is a go ahead and she scored 21 with three minutes left and stanford up and cameron brought it down she had 24 points and 11 rebounds and the cardinal completed the come back and 11 83-73 to stay unbeaten and pac play. >> let me give you some numbers that will have you head scratching. jimmy garoppolo's numbers in the second half 5 for 11 and 39 yard and an interception. all of that and the getting this game. but it can be as ugly as you want but again you get one more point better than the other guy you're doing pretty good. >> that is a w. coming up, a rare defeat for novak djokovic as the tennis star is deported from
6:29 pm
australia. covid-19 concerns of force the cancellations of many mlk day events but bay area organizers are still finding ways to get the message across. bay area food banks have a suggestion for anyone looking for other ways to get back. the bay area holding its collective breath as omicron take center stage. >> never before in my life have i been scared that everything i know and do and love to do can go away.
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you are watching kpix 5 news at 6:30. >> i am happy to join with you today in what will go down in history as the greatest demonstration for freedom in the history of our nation.
6:32 pm
people across the bay area and nation are pausing to honor the life and legacy of doctor martin luther king jr. >> while many of tomorrow's official events have been called off because of covid, we report that organizers are finding new ways to spread a message that is more relevant than ever. >> reporter: once again celebrations won't take place in person around the bay area, but today at this church, they were able to spread the message of doctor king virtually and connected to the current fight for voting rights. >> reporter: church service to celebrate the life of doctor martin luther king jr. look different again once in the pandemic, live streamed from the church of the fellowship of all people. >> for us, justice has to do with confronting those ills that are determined to counteract the dignity of every human being. >> reporter: the relevance of remembering his contributions as a civil rights icon remains, whether gathered in person or
6:33 pm
virtually. >> what are the things that lock us from being the kind of community that we ought to be? >> reporter: speakers from the norcal foundation and church honed in on the current voting rights debate in congress. >> we will be spending our entire year in that struggle and in that fight to move us toward a better place in this country. >> reporter: a call for federal voting laws and criticisms of changes in some states have become part of the cause for some on mlk day. >> there is hope that things can change. >> reporter: it can be a time to reflect on things happening locally and improvements needed in the bay area. >> we talked about distribution because san francisco and look at the difference between people in terms of wealth. truck while a large gathering will have to wait another year, leaders say the work on voting rights must continue now. >> how a new generation is
6:34 pm
embracing and tackling the issue of social justice. >> reporter: they hope people of all ages will join them virtually this weekend and use the day to engage others on an issue they believe is pivotal for the nation in the months ahead. the pandemic is doing another tradition off track. they've canceled tomorrow's annual celebration train honoring doctor king. to commemorate martin luther king jr. day, president biden and the first lady volunteered to help those in need feeling food boxes today at a hunger relief organization in philadelphia. here in the bay area, dozens of people also filled food boxes for the hungry and with the surge of omicron many organizations like the food bank of koster, and sarah and solana are facing a shortage of volunteers. one high school student said it is easy and rewarding.
6:35 pm
>> it is a great feeling and a feeling of being productive and you feel like you did something and contributed to something. a lot of times, i don't know, as opposed to just doing nothing on the weekend. >> food banks served 12 counties and feet about 1 million people each month. this community is now waiting tonight for word on friends and family back home. that massive undersea eruption that triggered the biggest tsunami threat in more than a decade cut internet and phone service land smal thits fate. >> we try to get hold of the family and there is no connection. >> we tried to call and no luck. sect the biggest emotion that a lot of us have his helplessness and we can't really do anything
6:36 pm
from here. the threat has receded and the air has also cleared enough in the vicinity for new zealand the sunday surveillance flight to survey the damage and so far there are no official casualty reports, but many coastal areas and smaller islands are still off-line. >> tennis superstar novak djokovic flew out of australia late sunday night hours after a court upheld the decision to cancel his visa over the entry rules for covid-19 and his unvaccinated status. his supporters protested in the streets of melbourne where it is now monday. the open is now getting underway. he had hoped to chase a record 21st grand slam win and the statement the 34-year-old said he was extremely disappointed in the courts ruling but he respects it and he added that he hopes the folks can return on the tournament and the game itself. the weather could cause trouble for travelers depending on where they are going or where they're coming from.
6:37 pm
john lawrence has the dangerous winter storms sweeping through parts of the east that are not used to getting snow. >> reporter: winter weather alerts extended for more than 1400 miles across the u.s. stretching from mississippi to maine. >> this storm is a menace and as much as a foot of snow is expected to fall in the mountains and foothills and in central north carolina, freezing rain and sleet on top of some snow will fall. >> reporter: significant ice accumulation is expected in north carolina and south carolina making travel dangerous. >> because it will be such a statewide impact we activated our operation center along with our emergency response team partners in preparation for this so i do think if we can be ready, we are ready for the storm. >> reporter: governors declared states of emergency in the carolinas, virginia, and georgia. >> the main message to my fellow georgians is the weather
6:38 pm
aware this weekend. >> reporter: the storm is also expected to bring a winter mix to the northeast through monday. >> we are anticipating 8 to 10 inches of snow in the area and we will have 24 hour coverage and roadways. >> reporter: officials warn residents to stay home as possible and be cautious while driving. >> i know you have to get the main drags first with some salt would be great. >> reporter: flights were canceled sunday according to the tracking site flight aware. >> more than 200,000 people in the southeast are already without power. tonight, more than 80 million americans are under winter weather alerts. still to come the pilot of that miracle helicopter asin per and talk about a logistical nightmare, los angeles a train
6:39 pm
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cleanup is still underway in los angeles tonight after that train derailment involving 17 cars that left packages of all shapes and sizes strewn across the tracks. they were filled with items from amazon and ups and others and looters of course have also been trying to collect them and no word tonight on what caused the derailment. a philadelphia pilot who crash landed a medical helicopter with a baby on board is recovering at home tonight. daniel moore was the only one hurt in last week's accident when he left the hospital this morning, you can see dozens of first responders gave him a hero's sendoff to celebrate his amazing feats. they were transporting the baby to a children's hospital in the chopper started having mechanical problems but he carefully brought it down in front of a church avoiding homes and powerlines. >> i am feeling fortunate to know that i had got is my
6:43 pm
copilot and he took care of the crew and we landed in his front yard so that is kind of nice. community members in the bronx came together to pay their final respects to those 17 victims of last week's catastrophic apartment fire. the neighborhood, which is known for its gambling -- -- population had a week full of morning and the funeral was held 2 miles from where the fire took place. the victims, who died, ranges in age from 2 to 50. still to come, new video out of florida where a winter storm took a terrifying turn. we are keeping an eye on high definition doppler because light showers are loitering and a lot of it is off the coast but you may have seen a drop in the south bay and we will take this ahead and tomorrow for the holiday and of course cover the entire seven-day forecast coming up.
6:44 pm
a grammy nominated bay area band prepares for its first live show in more than two years and local venues are collectively hoping the shows will go on as
6:45 pm
6:46 pm
some dramatic video out of florida to show you where a dashcam captured a tornado over collier county. back broken trees and down powerlines cover the region in 200 people were displaced and at least 15,000 more are
6:47 pm
without power tonight. >> we don't have that power problem here and quite the opposite. maybe a few raindrops but that is really at and right off the coast and i will show you the high definition doppler in the second but first, look at the last few hours a day like today and the constant companion still here which it has been cloudy for the last six days which makes for great sunsets and look at the hayes out there. you can still see the haze filling the sky and we will switch over to the weather computer because that is still with us tomorrow and air- quality is moderate, so it is not like it is unhealthy but the reason why we have all of that haze around is because the center of high pressure which keeps the storms away is also trapping us under a big dome of high pressure in it won't get out. nothing gets in or out. we keep recycling the same air. the high clouds have been sneaking in and i will show you how they have done that and even develop a little bit of light rain. there you have it a few showers off the coast.
6:48 pm
if we come back out on the wider view there is better rain down here but here is why this is happening. you can see a spin in the clouds off the coast with the regular satellite but if we put it into the water vapor, you really see the motions and you can't miss it. that is a cut off low just sitting out there silently lurking and it has been out there for five days and it was further south for much of last week so all we were getting was the clouds but now that we are closer to the center of this thing, it is threatening an occasional light shower and consistent clouds. tomorrow will be cloudy until this all changes and you can see how it plays out when we watched this future cast which is 2:30 tomorrow afternoon and it is cloudy tomorrow. i stopped at here for a reason because from this point, that low will get kicked inland. when it does that, it will pull the clouds away with it and how cool is that? everything just
6:49 pm
reversed in the clouds start to pull away we don't get rid of them completely on monday and that is still 11:30 at my tomorrow but tuesday look different and we will finally be done with that system giving us the consistent clouds and you can still see them from the camera and you can see them here in san jose and san francisco, oakland, all have cloudy skies and it is the mid- 50s now the clouds help with the temperatures and for the overnight lows it keeps you warm or so we only go down into the mid-40s for morning lows and daytime highs come back in the low 60s under cloudy skies and happy martin luther king day if you will be outside for whatever you're doing. the real storms are out here. they just keep going the wrong way and they keep getting pulled up and over california. the reason for that is the big block in the atmosphere. watch what happens over the next few days because it will get more pronounced with deeper shades of red and it will show you more intense high pressure and that is the end of the week. you have this constant area of
6:50 pm
low pressure here developing the storms, and all of those storms have to go up and over a big block. that is the set up for the end of the week and you see daytime highs that climbed to near 70 by thursday and friday when that system sets up off the coast and you can see san jose here 67 sunday and the same story when we look at the microclimates because the middle line shows you the inland valleys of the east bay will warm up also to near 70 and 3 degrees shy of that by the end of this week and no rain. we will be right back right after this.
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the omicron surges threatening some popular gathering spots around the bay area including live concert venues. >> we report on the cause of those shutdowns and some surprising advice from a noted infectious disease doctor. >> reporter: this saturday here at the great american music hall a legendary band will take the stage in the hope is omicron won't shut it down. >> reporter: at the end of 2019, death angel played their annual christmas show in san francisco in the group had just been nominated for a grammy and the club was packed and spirits were high. this would be the last time they headlined a live show. that is until now. we caught with them as they rehearse for the upcoming sold- out concert. >> i can't wait and am counting the days and it's where i get my greatest joy in my greatest
6:55 pm
release and it is what i do. >> we need a crowd to perform and usually a pretty big crowd. >> reporter: the pandemic has been brutal on the entertainment industry. >> when the pandemic happened and everything shut down with no shows or performances and not even getting together to practice. >> reporter: before the pandemic nightlife here was a huge contributor to the economy and according to one report in a single year san francisco venues alone brought in $4.2 billion and with each new covid wave a new wave of concern and closures. >> the impact of covid to our venues was completely devastating. truck she is part owner of bottom of the hill music club in san francisco. she said because of the pandemic, local venues informed alliances and now all macron poses a new threat. >> it is a real kick in the
6:56 pm
pants because we were finally feeling like, okay, things are going back to normal and the business is starting to take off again and then all of a sudden it is like, oh, no. >> it was paycheck to paycheck and people can work their job. >> reporter: some clubs hit the pause button and some bands canceled and added that ticketholders who don't show up and that means no tips. >> we relied on that attendance to exist. >> reporter: she is a bartender and music and and magician and her band nobody's baby is wildly popular but to make ends meet she is currently working double shifts. >> never before in my life have i been scared of everything i know and love to do is going to go away. >> reporter: in san francisco health officials are tracking the search and its impact on hospitals. so far so good. >> our intention is not to impose additional restrictions. >> reporter: nightclubs are collectively holding their breath. >> we take it one day at a time. >> reporter: he is a manager at the great american music hall.
6:57 pm
patron saint enter his club or any club in san francisco are required to show proof of vaccination, wear a mask unless eating or drinking and get a temperature check. >> we have been thankful and we have been doing them incredibly safely. >> reporter: one infectious disease doctor said it is time to go back to the clubs and vaccines are the key. >> they are the key to unlock normalcy. so thank you, bay area for having such high vaccination rates. >> reporter: she said shutdowns were necessary when there was no vaccine but right now those in her hospital are the unvaccinated. >> many people are fully vaccinated and boosted, and you are fine and you have fun and enjoy yourself. >> it actually happens and it could be a very magical fun night. >> reporter: this buildings business survive the 1918 flu pandemic and the hope is it will survive this is well. in san francisco reporting.
6:58 pm
we want to show you some of the rarest troubles in all of california. >> reporter: in this 10 acre piece of land filled with 2200 oak trees, you can find one of the most rare mushrooms in the world, but it is not visible above the ground. in order to find you need a special navigator. >> reporter: meet lolo one of the key components and truffle hunting. >> they are underground so you can see them so we teach the dogs to locate these little tins have pieces of truffle in the and we teach the dogs to find these originally and eventually you bury these underground and the dogs on the trouble orchards will smell a truffle and go to it and indicate by either tapping their foot on it or digging a bit and putting their nose on it and that is how we know there is a truffle. >> reporter: when you think of winter black troubles, you may think of southern france that you can adhere to the list.
6:59 pm
>> reporter: they knew it would take patience and hard work to cultivate this crap. >> we plan of the trees in 2015 and we are learning the normal cycle is 6 to 10 years and it is been six years exact we to get the size of truffle so quickly and it is really exciting. >> reporter: time is in the only obstacle when growing this fungi. this is known to be rare because of how much attention needs to go into growing them. >> high ph and irrigation and keeping both invasive rodents and other things out of them. >> reporter: six years later that leap of faith they took was worth it. >> we found these within a few hours today so who knows how many we will find and these are in high demand restaurants. there about $1000 a pound. >> reporter: they say now that they see troubles grow, there and goal would be production.
7:00 pm
you want to thank you for watching. 60 minutes is next. >> we will se and ford. we go further, so you can. >> 77 years ago, in this amsterdam annex, anne frank, her family, and four others were discovered by the nazis after more than two years in hiding. oh, wow. this-- this is the famous-- >> this is the bookcase. >> bookcase. >> th-- this is the bookcase. it was used to camouflage the entrance to the hiding place. >> it's one of the most well- known accounts of life under nazi occupation, and one without a critical answer: who betrayed anne frank's family? this retired f.b.i. agent, and his all star team of investigators, believe they have finally found the answer-- and a surprising twist. wait, wait.


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