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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  January 15, 2022 7:00am-8:00am PST

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. right now on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, a mass shooting in an oregon city overnight sends multiple people to the hospital. we have the latest from the scene. plus. it's going to be too late. yo and a major push to expand coronavirus test valuable. why some health experts say they won't get here in time. [ inaudible ] >> you know what to do. >> and a courtroom spree in san francisco caught on meththose. good morning, it's saturday, january 15th. i'm gianna. hi. thank you for starting your it'
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what are you going to do? let's get a quick check of our forecast. >> you know it's early when you can't get your own name right. >> i know. >> and an unusual site of a tsunami advisory off of the entire west coast of california through oregon, washington, the mexican border and the coast line of alaska because of an burp sea volcano erupting off of the tonga islands and that is like dropping a rock into a pond. sends ripples across the pacific and they're due to arrive at 8:00 this morning. got a high tide at 9:00 a.m. and there is low-lying coastal inundation and doesn't look like there is huge implications from this. don't go to the coast line to look or watch this stuff. that is a bad idea and a tsunami wave. one to two feet. stay away from the water and stay tuned for advisories and
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the latest. here's gianna. >> thank you. and this morning, a math shotting in oregon sends six people to the hospital and one is in critical condition the shooting happened last night in downtown eugene. press say someone opened fire in the parking lot and they're looking for a suspect wearing a hooded sweatshirt. authorities initially got around there are calls about shots being fired. >> early in this investigation while people were here, the crowd here was difficult to management. it was hard for us to get control of that scene. and there was not anyone that was willing to cooperate and come forward and give us witness statements about what they may or may not have seen. >> investigators are still working to determine whether the shooting were random or targeted. the scramble to find out home testing kits continues as the federal government releases new details on how every american can receive some tests
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for free. and kenny choi has more on whether the effort is to late. >> reporter: like many pharmacies, this is out of stock. starting next week, you go online to order the free rapid tests through a new federal website. long lines to get tested throughout the bay area. empty shelves without any signs of promised deliveries. >> we're seeing this whole thing kind of stall. >> reporter: starting next wednesday, you can log on to to order four free testing kits per household. >> still hard to get covid tests. >> yes. compared to the united kingdom. >> reporter: anthony eaton is visiting san francisco and has noticed a difference. >> makes them more available and the charge is nothing. we pay nothing and therefore, they're readily available from your local chemist and superstores like. that. >> reporter: the tests be well subject by mail seven to ten
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days after ordering and all that is required is your nam and address. y that wondering if it's to late considering the current surge. >> week have used them before to be in school, but we didn't -- and it's going to be too late. >> when should you get tested and when should you use what kind of test. a rapid test is recommended towards the end of quarantine instead of a pcr test, that can result in a false positive and if you have been exposed, the best test is a pcr. you can use it at home or a test. >> and after this surge, it's likely we won't recommend people who don't have symptoms to activity. >> reporter: other option for people who buy them, starting on saturday, private health insurance will have to
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reimburse up to eight tests per month. in san francisco, kenny choi, kpix 5. >> california hospitals are seeing a spike in coronavirus patients. that number stands at more than 13,000, up 44% from a week ago and more than 2,000 patients are in the icu and that is up 37%. california nursing homes are experiencing a huge surge now. the case rates are 15 times higher than they were on christmas. and the pandemic impacted every business in the bay area in some way. napa county had somewhat thrived as a local getaway until now. here's more on how that variant is hitting the hospitality industry again. >> this is not just about people not feeling comfortable about dining out or traveling. businesses are short staffed and some restaurants are not getting deliveries to serve customers.
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>> burnout. >> she opens red rock cafe in napa. it1976 and is i well- known local spot for duringers and barbecue. this week, one of her suppliers missed a shipment. >> another meat producer didn't have a delivery. we're -- left us in the lurch. if it was not for the smaller guy, i would have been in big trouble. >> reporter: a predicament many in the restaurant industry have experienced the last few weeks. >> supply chain staff and inflation is a make and tough for everyone. >> reporter: in downtown napa, they serve up advantage sandwiches and salads. the cost to do business more than triples. >> and i ordered copoetable salad bowls. >> reporter: restaurant owners said customers have been idea standing about having to raise the prices. >> we're still losing money at this point. >> and so.
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>> it's tough. really tough a around. >> reporter: and with declining sailing, many think it's going to get back to normal. >> for restaurateurs, it's two years of challenging times and is not getting easier. >> reporter: andrea nakano, kpix 5. california's new coved workplace rules are in affection. they changed policies for employee testing and mask wearing. according to cal osha, if employees are exposed in the workplace, at-home tests will no longer be allowed. a test must go to a lab or employee can test in front of a supervisor or healthcare worker. cal osha is tightening the rules for face coverings. fabric masks worn must pass the light test, meaning that light must not pass through when they're held up to a i light source. >>. and i in developing news, we're learning about an apparent crime spree in san francisco.
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home invasion numbers targeted homes in several neighborhoods within a couple of hours. kpix 5s betty yu spoke with the victims and shows us the new video. >> they're trying to get in through the lock and where that is. >> reporter: he was at home with his mother last tuesday when that i tried to break in. >> reporter: he believes that is what deterred the crooks and captured a gray infinity up front. >> and i can hear tools clamping. he went up and knocked in the neighbors door and this is in the video. he didn't get in and there are elderly shut-ins and they must have come to the door. he went back to the car and that i came up the brock and hit the neighbor four or five doors up. >> and i am in shock.
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>> reporter: security video one street over shows a greatp fenty backing into the driveway of an apartment complex about ten minutes later and using what appears to be a tool. two suspects break the gate and a there are follows. and you can see them rush out with bags in hand. earlier that same morning, five miles away in the outer mission, ingleside neighborhood, a gray infinity is seen backing into the driveway. two sisters were inside at the time. the suspects broke the medal gate and forced their way in. >> i hit in the closet. i was -- i didn't know what to do. was scared. >> reporter: video shows three suspects wearing what appears to be the same clothes, are youing into the getaway car with stolen items. >> and they're doing yet in broad daylight. and they going in and taking
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things. this is not acceptable at all in any level. >> reporter: betty yu kpix 5. sno of the police are out with video. >> well the me see your hands. >> they were responding to a store clerk's report last month. he said a man was in the parking lot loading and up loading what looks like a gun. police pulled the man truck with blood on his hands and was holding the bb gun to his chest and turning towards the officers. that is when four officers opened fire. >> and let me see your hands. put them up! >> it turned out later that the man was carrying a about, b gun
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and that investigating. and a procession was held for a recruit who died in a freeway shooting. the body wassing taken from a he. he was to graduate in february. and on the night of january 4th, host driving home from training when he was shot along a highway 580 ramp in oakland: the sheriff's office is offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to the killer. and a live look at our bay area bridges right now. california is to receive nearly $850 million this year from the feds to repair or improve 1500 bridges across the state over the next five years. the state will get a total of $4.2 billion for upgrades. and this is part of a nationwide effort to repair and replace the brims. it's one of the largest sources of spending in the recently
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impacted infrastructure package, more than $27 billion will be allocated and that is based on how much it would cost to fix crossings in the worse condition. >> this investment, we're sending a message to those communities. the people who call them home. you matter. we're building back and building back better with you. >> congresswoman jackie spore is talking up the -- jackie spear is talking up the infrastructure act and said it will ease high schools and pay for other projects on the peninsula. for his part, san bruno's mayor said some of the money will go toward a bicycle and pedestrian connector near fashion island boulevard. >> and if this project is about the for the first time, the sea of san mateo and city of foster city will be connected with a dedicate side know rat bikeway to the heyward park cal train station. >> and they praised san traps for embracing green technology. and the federal money is
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supposed to help it by 2038. >> and time now is 7:12. and still ahead on kpix 5, streaming on cbsn bay area, a deployment of new wireless serves will force planes to tack extra safety precautions during bad weather. speed limit and a quick live look outside. the sun is up on on this saturday morning. we'll be right back.
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