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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  January 15, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PST

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right now on peaks kpix 5, a multiple shooting sent many people to the hospital we have the latest. and a major push to expand coronavirus testing. why they won't get here to in time. >> we have a tsunami advisory in effect. it seems like the waves from the tsunami that was generated as a result, effect the west
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coast by 8:00 this morning and in a swag like this, they're usually the result of a big earthquake that is thousands of miles offshore. and this from an undersea volcano is unusual. there is an advisory in effect, meaning week defect the effects about 8:00 in the morning around the san francisco bay area. it's all we been it at the time. obviously, we'll keep on top of it in terms of the weather. more of the same. i have the details in a few moments. >> thank you. a mass shooting in oregon sends at least six people to the hospital and one is in critical . it happened during a hep hop convert last night in downtown eugene. someone opened fire in a parking lot behind the building where the concert was going on. the suspect is wearing a hooded sweatshirt and authorities got 30 calls about shots being
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fired. >> early in this investigation, the crowd that was here was difficult to management. it was hard for us to get control of the scene. and there was not anyone that was willing to cooperate or come forward and give us any witness statements about what they may or may not have seen. >> investigators are working to determine whether the shootings were random or targeted. we scramble to find out home testing kits continues as the federal government releases new details on how every american can receive some tests for free. kpix 5s kenny troy talked to a export on whether the effort might be too late. >> reporter: like many pharmacies, this is out of stock. next week, you go online and order a newie from rapid activity through a federal website. long lines to get tested throughout the bay area. empty shelves without signs of
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promised deliveries. >> we seeing this who will thing stall. >> reporter: starting next wednesday, you can log on to to order four free testing kits per household. >> hard to get covid tests. yes. >> i he's visiting san francisco and has noticed a difference. >> makes this am more freely available and the charge is nothing. we pay nothing. therefore, they're readily available from your local chemist, signer stores like that. >> reporter: the rapid antigen test will be sent by mail seven to 12 days after. om think this require side your nam and address. but they're critical of the timing and whether it's to late, considering the current omicron surge. >> we could have used this am before to be in school. but we did not have them. and it's going to be too late. >> reporter: health finishes are trying to better inform the public. >> when should you get tested? come should you use which kind of test?
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>> if you have covid, a rapid antigen test is recommended toward the end of quarantine instead of a pcr test, which can be too sensitive, resulting in a false positive. if you have been exposed, the best test is a pcr. if you're symptomatic, you can souse an at home or pcr test. >> after this surge, it's very likely that we won't be recommending people who don't have symptoms to test. >> reporter: another option for people buying them on their own, starting on saturday, private health insurance will have to running back up to eight tests per month. in san francisco, kenny choi, kpix 5. california hospitals are seeing a spike in coronavirus patients. the number stands at more than 13,000. that is up 44% from a week ago. more than 2,000 parts are in the ic you, and that is up 37%. california nursing homes are experiencing a huge surge right
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now. case rates are nearly 15 times higher than they were on christmas. the pandemic impacted every business in the bay area in some way. napa county thrived as a local getaway until now. andrea nacabo shows us how the -- nacano shows us how it's hitting the industry again. >> reporter: this is in the just people feeling comfortable about dining out and traveling. businesses are short staffed and restaurants are not getting their deliveries to be able to serve customers. >> burnout. covid burnout. >> reporter: she opens red rock cafe in napa. yet opened in 1976 and is a well-known loll spot for burgers and barbecue. this week without notice, one of her suppliers messed a shipment. >> ort meat producer just didn't have a -- another meat producer didn't have a delivery and left us in the lurch. if it was not for the other small fire, i would have been trouble. >> reporter: many have
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experienced this in the last few weeks in the restaurant industry. >> it's definitely a headache and tough for everyone. >> reporter: in downtown napa, they serve of sandwiches and salads. the cost to do business has more than tripled in most cases. >> i order combustible salad bowls that used to be 20 contributes each and now 70 cents. >> reporter: customers are understanding about having to raise prices. >> we're still losing money at this month, you know, so we're just -- it's tough. it's really tough all around gift and with declining salessence is the new year, many fear it's going to take longer to get back to business as usual. >> and parks is key, probably. an important thing. a lot of folks i know are getting back to normal and for restaurateurs, it's two years of challenging times and it's not getting easier. >> reporter: andrea nakano, kpix 5. california's new workplace rules are in, picture as of
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yesterday. they changed policies for employee testing and mask wearing. according to cal-osha, employees are exposed in the workplace and at-home tests will no longer be allowed. a test must go to a lab or in front of a supervisor our health care worker. cal osha is tightening the rules for face coverings. fabric masks wonder in the workplace must pass the light test. let's must not pass through when they're held town a light source and. wolearning about an apparent courtroom spree in san francisco. home invasion robbers targeted hopes in real neighborhoods within a few hours. kpix 5s betty yu spoke with the items and shows us the new video. >> they're really trying to get in through areas. >> reporter: william was at home with his mother last tuesday when one-intruders tried to -- when would be intruders tried
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to break in. that is what ultimately deterred the crocks. at the same time, a neighbor's ring camera captured a gray infinity parked out front. a person gets out and walked up to the door and knocks. >> ec hearitols clanking in his jacket and went to knock in our nash's door. this is in our video. thankfully, he didn't get in. there are shut-ins and they must have come to the door. he went back to the car and then they came up the block and had the our neighbor four or five doors up. >> i am in shock, you know and it's usually quiet. >> reporter: security video one street over shows a gray infinity backing into the driveway of an apartment complex about ten minutes later. using what appears to be a tool. two suspects break the gate and a third one follows. a resident who was home at the time said, they hit three units in ten minutes. you can see the suspects rush out of the complex with bags in hand. earlier that same morning,
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about five miles away, in the ingleside neighborhood, a gray infiniti is seen backing into the driveway. two sisters were inside at the time. the suspects broke the metal gate and forced their way in. >> i hid in the closet. i was -- i didn't know what to do. i was scared. >> video shows three suspects wearing what appears to be the same clothes, running into the getaway car with stolen items. >> y that doing it in broad daylight and don't care if anyone is in homes or not. they do want care if seniors and children are there. they're going in and taking things. this is not acceptable at all at well any willful. >> reporter: in san francisco, betty yu kpix 5. police are out with new body camera video of the moment officers shot and killed a man carrying a bb gun. >> let me see your hands. let me see your hands. >> the officers were responding to a store clerk's report. a man was in the parking lot
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loading and unloading what hooked like a gun. the police pulled the man over and that he came out of the truck with blood on his hands and was holding the bb gun to his chest and turning towards the officers. that is when four officers opened fire. >> and let me see your hands. put them up! >> run! >> it turned out later that the man was carrying a bb gun and officers are on paid administrative leave. san pablo police are investigating long with the contra costa attorney and sheriff's department. a procession was held for an alameda county sheriff's recruit who died in a shooting. the body of david new yen was taken from an oakland coroner's office to a funeral home yesterday. he was set to graduate from the sheriff's training academy in february. he was driving home from training on the night of january 4th, when how was shot long the highway 580 ramp in oakland.
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the sheriff's office is offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to the coiler and some of the a live look at the bay are. california is to receive $850 million this year from the feds to repair and improve some 1500 bridges across the state of the next five years. the state will get a total of 4.$2 billion for upgrades, part of a nationwide repair to replace bridges. the bridge programs one of the largest sources of spending in the recent impactedp from structure package. more than $27 billion will be allocated, based on how much it would cost it fix crossings in the worse condition. >> and this investment, we're sending a message to the communities and the people who call them home. you matter. we're building back and building back bitter with you. >> congresswoman jackie spear is talking up the infrastructure act and said it will help ease traffic- congested freeways and pay for
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other projects on the peninsula. for the part, san bruno's mayor said that some of the money will go towards a bike and pedestrian connector near fashion island boulevard. >> if the projects built for the first time, the city of san mateo and foster sea will be connected with the dedicated separate bookway to the heyward park cal train station. >> they praised santrans for embracing green technology for the buses. the federal money is supposed to help move it closer to a zero emission free by 2038. 6:13 is the time. still ahead on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, rapid deployment of services will force claims to take extra -- planes to take extra safety precautions during bad weather. >> and a quick leave look outside on this saturday morning. thank you for joining us. we'll be right back.
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. welcome back. this is a live look in san jose right now. good morning to you. thank you for joining us. the time now is 6:16. and this video of stolen and discarded packages on train tracks in los angeles has people across the world asking how does this happen? reporter christine lazar was at the tracks and asked union pacific that very question. >> i workers were out collecting tires from union pacific tracks in east l.a. hoping to salvage the pricy items after thieves left them behind. thousands and thens of discard -- thousands and thousands of discarded boxes piled up on the
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tracks tracks. >> what kinds of things have you picked pup? >> everything from washer and dryers, tires, perfume, cologne. tvs. >> reporter: union pacific opens the tracks and has its own agents that patrol them. law enforcement tells us it's a crime of opportunity. there are not enough patrols and the locks on cargo containers are easy to break. >> i have been with union pacific for 16 years, and i have never ever seen this situation to this degree ever. >> reporter: lupe valdez is the senior director of public affairs for union pacific. she said on average, 90 of their containers are compromised each day. vallez said they're upping enforcement and patrols and utilizing additional resources like drones. union pacific is looking into diverting trains so they don't pass through l.a. county at all. the chief has a meeting with l.a.p.d. last week. last month, union pacific sent this letter to the l.a. county d.a.
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calling this a spiraling crisis. >> people are basically being arrested. there is basically no bail and they come out the next day and come back to, again, to rob our trains. >> reporter: valdez said train robberies have been a problem for years but it's picked up exponentially the past six months by 356% from october 2020 to october 2021. >> in early december, we are talking about, you know, losses in the $5 million figure why i they have a claims process for missing packages, but customers like u.p.s. and fed ex are diverting their business to other areas. >> that was christine lazar reporting. what a mess that is. some of the cases presented to them bow union pacific have resulted in charges whole others have been it climbed due to lack of evidence. general electric is the first major company to drop its vaccine or test requirement for
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employees. ge opted to eliminate the requirement after the supreme court blocked the biden administration's mandate on large employers this week. the biden administration estimated the mandate would have saved more than 6500 lives over the next six months had it been allowed to stand and for the latest on the pandemic and how to find tests and booster shots, check out our resource guide. you can find that at the faa will require pilots flying boeing 787s nationwide to take extra precautions when landing on wetter snowy runways. this is as at&t and verizon plan to begin deploying the new 5g wireless services near airports next week. the faa said that 5g interference, effect the plan's engines and braking systems during landing, preventing it from stopping on the runway. and let's check the forecast. >> reporter: we're starting out an unusual saturday morning and
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along the entire west coast. about 8:27 p.m. last night, there was an undersea vol cano off of the tonga islands and it erupted. creating a tsunami and -- in toppinga and some of the islands northbound. now, 7,000 miles away from all of this, we're expecting the potential for some tsunami waves on the order of one to two feet to, affect the west coast in the vicinity of the bay area around 8:10 this morning and they're not expecting coastal innidation, but those are the kinds that could effect swimmers in the waters. if you're close to the beach, you can get a sudden surge of waves on to the shore on you line. it's not something you want to go down to the cost and watch. stay away from the coast. get out of the water. they're not expecting at this point huge implications from this. nevertheless, there is a
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tsunami advisory because of the eruption of that undersea volcano off of the tongan islands with the waves racing to the west cost. the entire west coast is under the tsunami advisory to oregon and the coast line of mexico and that is something we watch and wait. again, not looking for huge impacts from this and the worse thing to do is go down and watch. it would be a good idea to secure the interests and it's just a heads up. in terms of weather, we have he clouds over the bay area. and numbers are in the 40s and 50s, and there is no rain in sight. as far as we can see in the extended forecast, there is not much on the way. high pressure is under control in the west coast and we'll look for a few high clouds coming up and a minor chance of a few showers that are coming in around monterey bay and south. and other than that, more clouds today than yesterday with that low pumping up the
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moisture from the south and the future cast will show you today, high clouds and not so much in the north bay as the south bay and this is it were morning, more high clouds float in over the bay area. high clouds but no rain. and now we're taking it into monday. and things color a bit on monday as the fundamental pattern shows. in terps of rain on the way, i will not hold my breath. we have below average chances of rainfall for between now and the 24th. and as we extend it further, it looks dry. and into the end of the month, there could be a switch in the pattern andent in, the temperatures with the high cloud cover and numbers are in the low 60s with 63 at mourn vain view and heyward. and in the east bay, numbers in the low 60s. same for fairfield. up in the north buy and numbers in the low to mid-60s and by ukiah and clear lake, the low
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60s will do it as well. the extended forecast, gianna, the same. and temperatures near 60 degrees and that is about it. i wish we had something more exciting to talk about. i think, gianna, you do. >> yeah, you know, hearing that there is tsunami potential issues. >> and i talking about what you're going to talk about now. >> sounds good. thank you. over 24 hours until the big match upbetween the niners and cowboys. he's right. it's exciting and the team is not alone making the trip to the lone star state. many are heading to dallas as well and 49ers superfans arrived in enemy territory. and we caught up with a group of 20 fans from the south bay all going to the game. they're already making their presence known. >> we're seeing a sea of red coming in and it's only friday. we're hoping that we get in there and take over the stadium
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like we have done before and all season. >> all right. coming up in sports, a look ahead sunday's big showdown in dallas. and a tradition that kicks off the new year's celebrations now canceled. it's going to be a heck of a weekend in sports and especially play-off football. how about the 49ers this weekend. some news yesterday regarding a couple of now appointed all-pro players and the war areas trying to shot them straight in the windy city and all eyes on the rookie and a
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. good morning. welcome to sports. a statement made boy the warriors, i would say. definitely some concern after they trail 37-38 at half tom on thursday. of the score at half tom
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yesterday, 78-37 in favor of the warriors and that is what you call a complete 180. this is not the bulls of recent years. it was the first time the doves had met an east-leading bull team. and claw thompson resting last night and no draw mop or bar they payton ii. who will provide step? the answer, everyone and a rookie. look at ugadala and the are the way. they were up 16 at this point. ugadala, putting an exclamation on it early. comenga, the no one-year- old all over and flushes it hope the other way and 30 seconds left in the half and warriors score 68 points in the first half. and their most of any flames this season. and the best part of a blowout, you get the prime time
6:28 am
spot like the jam and he was awesome. 10 of 12 shotting and a fawn high of 25 points. warriors with know this one. how the game, jonathan come in, ga. >> and that is the first step to understand. his gifts are u smoke athletically. and it's stunning when he explodes. >> taking advantage of those gifts. now, and allows him to build a foundation, you know, as he goes, his shooting will improve and his understanding of the game will improve. san francisco heads to dallas on sunday to face the cowboys in the nfc wildcard round. the first time the historic franchise has squared off for the play-offs since the 1994 season and met all of the time before then and it was the last time the niners won the superbowl. the last season they met. and. for samuel and williams,
6:29 am
give them a round of applause. they were selected to the nfl's all-pro team. the first career selection for both of them and debo had the most all-purpose yards in the nfl and williams opened up bigger holes than those at camp frown error lake and is expected to play after missing the regular season finale. >> and as for where you can see the game, it's here and there is no need to change the channel sunday at 1:30 p.m. on kpix 5, and followed by the 5th quarter. and to women's hops now. colorado was the last unbeat know remaining team in the country. and stanford won 17 straight and a good play from colorado here. sherod and the toy game into the fourth. stanford takes over. give me that. okay, i will sink it.
6:30 am
10 points. and jones led the way with 11 and the first loss for colorado, 60-52 the final and. the nfl play-offs begin today. bills-patriots and you can see hour on kpix 5 at 5:15. we'll see you later. and more cancellations hitting the bay area as omicron takes hole. and a quick lee look outside of about we head to break and this is san everyone needs health insurance. covered california is making sure more people can get it. new federal funding of $3 billion is available to help more californians get covered. julie and bob are paying $700 less every month. dee now gets comprehensive coverage with no monthly premium. and the novarros are paying under $100 per month. check to see your new lower price. covered california. this way to health insurance. enrollment ends january 31st.
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. welcome back. it's 633time. thank you for joining us this morning. i'm gianna franco. let's start with a quick check of your forecast. meteorologist brian hackney is here this morning. people should avoid the coasted -- the coast today. >> there was an undersea volcano erupting around 8:27 p.m. west coast time. and that caused problems in topping a. in hawaii, they noted a tsunami. you think of them as those huge waves that come in and they're not like that in the main. this won't be like that in the west coast, it will be, that wave should arrive at 8:00 in the morning. along with the san francisco bayshore line and could lead to a rise in essentially in the
6:34 am
sea level about one to two feet. it will cause strong currents and not something you go to the cost to look at. you stay away from the shoreline with something like this and you city out of the water certainly and it's not going to have much of an effect and we'll have more details in a few moments. thank you. this weekend, sonoma county falls under a new ban of mask gatherings. health officials urging people to stay home to deal with the omicron surge. as wilson walker reports, it's just another discouraging setback for an area that depends on visitors. >> reporter: talked to business owners hour and many will say it's not the rules but the messaging and timing. >> my first thought, was not going to worry too much and found ought it was not affecting restaurants. the big ploy is when the recommendation was to just stay home. >> reporter: the red grape was celebrating the 20th birthday today. the owner wouldn't have
6:35 am
survived the last two years without a lot of curbside takeout and he's doing more of that after the health order issued on end in. >> and it's always a bad time when they tell people to stay home. >> reporter: at the chamber of commerce, boxes of wine have been replaced by boxes of masks. >> we have n-95 masks. we have a second chenment with kn-95s and hand sanitizer. they sent us those. >> reporter: the real frustration is that the announcement was sudden, especially for groups hosting large events. >> and it would be nice if we got a week's notice. a shutdown or restrictions were coming. >> reporter: january is a slow month here. the hope is that when the order expires, normalcy won't be far behind. >> we're content to ride this out and we're hopeful by spring, we're ready to get back
6:36 am
to business. >> and the omicron seems like it's going to be gone quickly. we hope there is nothing behind it and we look forward to a good spring, and of course, our busy summer and hope nothing takes yet away at this month. >> reporter: and like restaurants, the health order doesn't apply to work places, malls and schools but expires on february 11th here in sonoma. wilson walker, kpix 5. the surge is -- with chinatown businesses and community another ploy. as da lin reports, organizers cancelled a lunar new year street fare that was supposed to take place next week. >> reporter: they hoped it would boost foot traffic and brung in extra money. with the variant, it's not safe. many business owners say it foes like march of 2020 gan. a the low of closures,
6:37 am
cancellations and uncertainties. >> it's really slow and doesn't have many tourists coming. >> reporter: she works in the chinatown area and notices foot traffic declined in recent weeks. >> hurts business. especially small businesses. >> reporter: things were looking up this past summer with visitors returning to chinatown. they thought the pandemic was nearing an end. omicron changed that. the san francisco health department released a graph last week showing a huge spike in covid cases and that forced the chinatown neighborhood association to cancel next week's chinese street fair on stockton street and canceled last year as well. >> it's good to cancel. no one is going to come out even why of they have the street fare a lot of people are scared to walk on crowded sidewalks. >> reporter: this business owner on stockton street tells me in chinese, it would have been very beneficial for hear. more visitors mean more money. >> before the pandemic, a lot
6:38 am
of people tanned the street fair and that helped our business. >> reporter: the event is held two week before the lunar new year and about four blocks long. >> i think it's sad of the cancellation. and not just chinese community but everyone. >> reporter: to be clear, the canceled street fair is different from the chinese new year parade, the largest lunar new year celebration in the region and that parade is still scheduled for february 19th. chinatown, i'm da lin, kpix 5. san francisco supervisors trying to work closer with public health leaders to better support schools over covid concerns and during an online hearing, supervisors praised the district for reaching a deal with the teacher's union over demands to make schools safer and the agreement includes more k and n-95 masks for students and regular covid testing. >> i want to have a better
6:39 am
understanding on how to plan ahead with contingencies, knowing the virus is here right now, even though we're expecting this spoke to be short-lived. we don't know if it will mutate or what is going to happen after sprung break, summer brack or winter break. >> another issue to be resolve side about families having trouble getting at-home test kits for students and the long wait to receive pcr test results. and recall ballots are on the way to san francisco borders to decide the fate of three school board members. a new group of voters will have a say in the upcoming election. >> reporter: on the steps of the asian american art museum, parents and leaders gathered in support of the upcoming recall election against three san francisco board members. >> my first time to vote in the united states and i feel luck. >> reporter: thanks to a san
6:40 am
francisco charter change, noncitizen parents will have a chance to vote in this election and all future sf-usd school board elects. cynthia che was month those pushing for this charter change for years. >> it's such a democratic, fundamental democratic right and process that yet matter -- in matters that affect your life and in this case, the children's life, they have a right to vote on matters and to have input on matters that affect their child'sention. >> reporter: the chinese api voter outreach task force signed up 228 noncitizens to vote in the upcoming recall. >> those new you voters live in trasheds across san francisco and why primarily low-income or non-english speaking residents. >> reporter: many factors are driving the new voters to register, including issues with school closures and distance
6:41 am
learning, renaming schools, mismanaged funds and this. >> the most sensitive part is the lowell admissions, meet- based admissions and criteria being removed quickly without taking any communityp put and understanding why they're against it. they pushed it through. >> reporter: more than one- third of students in the district come from item grant families of nationalities and 17,000 are english-language learners, leaving room for the elect to be swung by the new voters. this chance to have a voice in school board elects is historic and itally important. >> man of our parents are involved in their schools as volunteers and have been involved on various committees. this is such an important one. school board members make discretions on policy priorities, cur, lum, investments in the schools. andria borba reporting.
6:42 am
in alameda county, a school is reeling from back-to-back burglaries. it was targeted this week whole closed due to covid. someone stole electronics and tolls sunday morning. after reviewing a video, a suspect was arrested and items were recovered. then another burglary happened on monday night. someone stole more electronics, including the security cameras and keys. and now the entire school needs to be rekeyed. santa clara county sheriff lori smith made her first court appearance yesterday after a civil grand jury leveled construction allegations against her. smith did not enter a plea but didway hear right it a speedy trial. a judge gave her legal team and prosecutors through april to debate the accusations. the sheriff is facing seven corruption charges. six accuse her of political favoritism. and she's accused of leveraging
6:43 am
her control over concealed carry weapons and permits and alluding gift-reporting laws. the seventh charge accuses her of resisting probe into negligence allegations that stems from the injury of a jail inmate leading to a $10 million settlement with the county. one legal analyst told kpix what could come next? >> the next hearing, she's going to have to admit or deny the accusation and they're probably going to challenge the sufficiency of the indictment or accusation. >> and the new timeline means any trial would take place before or during the john primary elect. if found guilty, she would be expulled from office. sheriff smith hasn't announced her intention to run for avenue seventh term or paperwork. there are four official candidates, including a retired san jose assistant police chief and current palo alto police chief. food enthusiasts will have
6:44 am
to wa it to enjoy food restaurant week and this is because of rising cases and staffing shortages. you can sates few your comfort food cravings in concord. last note marked the beginning of the fifth annual concord food week. chowing down on the chili cheese dog, empanadas, and plenty of fried food. check out the passport and specials and enter daily drawings for prizes. >> it's nice to keep people local, you know. we have see man good restaurants in the area and by using the passport, types you're exposed to restaurants you haven't son or -- and this is a i way to keep the designers in town. yo it runs for 2 envelope weeks until january 31st. and i am officially hungry. incredible video showing an 11- alarm fire raging out of
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control. what
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. welcome back. it's 647 tome. new fallout for the former drug scout of who became known as the pharma bro for jacking
6:48 am
up the price of life-saving med. mark schrelli has been banned from the pharmais outical city for life. the judge ordered him to return $65 million in profits that he and his company reaped for raising the price of their drug, an antiparra sight drug used for aids patients. the judge called the scheme harsh and extreme for not expressing remorse. in new jersey, a chemical fire that spread to multiple buildings with flames and smoke visible for miles. the smoke is so heavy, it's causing the smog in new york city. the fire chief said much of the building where the fire began collapsed. and fortunately, no one was inside when the fire broke out. some people living northbound have been evacuated and others are warned to keep their windows closed. water is freezing up and the
6:49 am
ice is making the air slippery and one was rushed to the hospital after he was hit in the face with debris and that is looks like a difficult situation. and switchgears and check the forecast. good morning, brian. good morning, a gingen. we're talking about -- gianna. we're talking about the tsunami advisory and that is near the tonguan islands. the explosion so big, the steam cloud riding about three miles wide and sending a plume into the atmosphere about 12 miles high and vessel on satellite images. this morning issue the effect could be away, and sound scary and will affect the san francisco bay around 8:10 this morning. it extends from the cost line of alaska and down through oregon. washington, california, and down to the mexico border. the effects from this, though, is expected to cause -- it's
6:50 am
not expected to cause widespread inundation but rather costal hazards, look the currents will getsterred up. in santa cruz harbor, the boats there anchored could get shaken up and that asking everyone living near the coast to be aware of this stuff and don't go to the botch to look at this. it's the worse thing to do. and it's not expected to have widespread implications along the west coast. it's something we to be made aware of and you can rips can be dangerous. to sum yet up, a tsunami is confirmed and they observed in haddie i had a 2.7-foot wave affecting the hawaiian islands and impacts are expected and there could be damage to boats and the is, f bay waive arrival time is 8:10 this morning from the undersea volcanic eruption and they're saying stay away
6:51 am
from the coast and currents could be hazardous and don't expect widespread inundation from something like this. the numbers are mostly in the 30s it on low 40s. low 50s this morning. high pressure is in control of the west coast and that means we'll have another day of hazy sunshine and as a result, chances from monterey and south and could be sprinkles. and you can see through sunday, we get high clouds. just-from-from time to time and every spreading the bay area. won't be severely clear skies and we're going to look at some sun and clouds, and televisions, really, with the numbers above average this time of the year and in terms of rain, none. you look ahead, below average chances fatherrer out and below chances for precip that might change the beginning of
6:52 am
february and high temperatures remain above average. in the 60s today. the mid-60s today with high clouds. east bay will have he clouds, the temperatures in the in ed60s. more sunshine, hazy sunshine in the north bay in mid-60s. and by the time we get to clear lake and saint helena, numbers in the mid-60s, and look ahead, nothing in the way of rain. partly cloudy skies all of the way between now and next weekend. and a gin gyp, sorry to -- gianna, there is not a drop of rain inside. >> down the road we meet get some. >> that is what we're hoping for. >> yeah. sno thank you. >> okay.
6:53 am
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. welcome back. check out the video of a harrowing rescue. a paraglider slams into a mountain side on wednesday knocking him unconscious. he was then saved by a napa county chp helicopter crew. after a sec paraglider spotted the crash and called 911. >> one person was the back entry and the top. >> we had 10 to 15 minutes he was knocked unconscious and it was instrumental having the second person there. >> the rescue was complicated with the helicopter hovering 50 feet above the ground and the victim tangled in his equipment. >> my partner had a cut loose out of his chords and time was ofsence is. >> the victim is recovering at a hospital. did you get it? >> yeah. and an emotional reyo upion in seattle. sammy the black lab was pulled
6:55 am
from her home six days after hit by a landslide. the dog was presumed dead until someone heard a whimper days later and firefighters cut through the debris to find her. and it's great to hear when something is back. it might be what you need right now. concorde comfort food week. download the mobile passport, sample local restaurants and possibly win a prize. >> it's just nice to keep people local. using the passport. sometimes you're exposed to restaurants you haven't seen. haven't been to and it's a good way to, you know, keep our diners in town. >> and this is a bonus. you have way more than a week for the event. it goes through the end of the month. and a little over 24 hours now until the big matchup between the niners and the cowboys. you can catch that right here on kpix 5. winter. mmm. hey jack, how'd you get this spicy cluck sandwich
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my new spicy cluck sandwich with a bigger, crispier and better-than-ever spicy fillet. bigger pickles, more sauce, and the perfect amount of spice to get your taste buds tingling. try my new $6.99 spicy cluck sandwich combo. order on the jack app today. . we have got a few clouds around the bay area this morning. this is more as the day goes on. no rain in sight and warmer than usual. the highs in the mid-60s. we have a tsunami advisory posted along the west coast. we'll have more details on that. first, here's gianna. all right, when we come back, bay area businesses spared the one of the of the pandemic are now getting hit hard.
6:58 am
it's not just a lack of customers. nearly $1 billion is coming to the state. what projects the money will go to and more. we'll be right back. thank you so much for watching kpix 5 news this saturday morning.
6:59 am
7:00 am
. right now on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, a mass shooting in an oregon city overnight sends multiple people to the hospital. we have the latest from the scene. plus. it's going to be too late. yo and a major push to expand coronavirus test valuable. why some health experts say they won't get here in time. [ inaudible ] >> you know what to do. >> and a courtroom spree in san francisco caught on meththose. good morning, it's saturday, january 15th. i'm gianna. hi. thank you for


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