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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  January 13, 2022 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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kpix5 and cbsn bay area, it's been difficult to find covid tests but relief is on the way from the white house. ruling from the supreme court when it comes to testing at u.s. businesses. good afternoon. i am len kiese. >> i am amanda starrantino. let's go to anne makovec with developments from the past 30 minutes from the supreme court. a split decision from the justices. they're allowing vaccine mandate for healthcare workers in u.s. but blocking the vaccine or test mandate for u.s. businesses. that would have been for businesses with more than 100 employees. justices suggest this would be better done as an act of congress and was supposed to be
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in effect on february 9. let's go live to the white house where president biden is calling in the military to help with the surge of cases. he just got an update from the teams sent to states hardest hit and announced new deployments of additional military personnel to overwhelmed hospitals. >> military doctors, nurses, medics helping staff hospitals are in short supply. this is on top of more than 14,000 national guard members activated in 49 states. >> the president also announced he wants additional 500 million rapid tests to send to americans. that is in addition to the half a billion ordered previously. beginning saturday insurance companies will be required to reimburse you for at home tests. you need to pay up front and then file a claim with your insurer.
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each person can get eight tests per month. the president said the white house will soon be announcing a plan to get free high quality masks to all americans. we'll keep an eye on it. >> thank you. new details, oakland unified says nine schools are closed because of teacher sick- out. educators held a similar sick- out asking for better masking and testing. this is as students planned to stay home. one agreement focused on extended covid leave through the end of the year. president of the oakland education association says they stand in solidarity with students. >> i encourage oakland unified school district. i encourage our elected offial listen to the students, sit down, meet with the students. it can be done virtually.
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listen to their demands and also include our students in decision making. >> we reached out asking how many students are out. we have yet to hear back. in the south bay we are learning san jose state university is delaying in person classes until next month. this is in response to the omicron surge. full remote classes will start on january 26 and in person instruction is set on february 14. it's one of 17 csu campuses pushing back in person learning. >> no justice. >> no peace. new, bay area nurses and caregivers are taking to the picket lines demanding better investments in staff safety. it's part of a national day of action. justin andrews is in san jose hearing what these nurses have to say. >> reporter: this is the scene
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at several hospitals across the bay area. these are nurses. these are also other medical professionals out here just pressing these hospitals to do a better job at protecting them and their patients. >> it feels awful. it feels like we don't have the things we need to actually do the best care possible. that's our job. we are here to advocate for patients and for our community and our co-workers. >> reporter: more than a dozen gathered outside of good samaritan hospital in san jose holding signs as cars passed. this national day of action is where nurses are down right denouncing working conditions they deem unsafe. hospitals have prioritized profits over patient care, nurses tell us, about cutting corners on safe staffing way before covid. with the pandemic still in full swing it's pushing desperately needed nurses away from the job. they say shifts are becoming unsafely staffed. nurses are assigned too many
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patients to care for at once increasing risk for medical errors, complications, even death. before sunrise less than a handful of caregivers were outside ucsf in san francisco. one nurse has been working there for more than 30 years. >> we are demanding safe staffing that we can do the job we were trained to and that we love to do. we are here to protect our patients and we have to speak up to say that's at risk. >> reporter: state department of health is allowing healthcare workers who are asymptomatic and have covid to continue coming to work regardless if they've been isolated or not. that's something nurses say they don't like either. today delta ceo says 8,000 10% sian the past days
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after covid infections created a domino effect. operations are stabilizing and 1% of flights were canceled over the past week. if you are looking for a test or booster check our county by county resource guide on a live look at the bay bridge. traffic has cleared after a street racing crash caused a huge mess along the span early this morning. this is how the upper deck looked after 6:00 a.m. chp says two cars racing west bound across the span caused a crash involving a box truck and two other cars. the crash was reported around 5:00 a.m. a massive back up heading into san francisco took hours to clear causing a commute nightmare. it is unclear if anyone was hurt in the crash. governor newsom is in the south bay. he just wrapped up a press conference discussing infrastructure investments and clean transportation in a state
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budget proposal. joycelyn moran joins us live with the details. what do you say? >> reporter: governor newsom focused on investments to reach zero emission vehicles and new requirements. they're committing $10 billion over a two year period to advance cost for zero emission vehicles. he says package including investments for infrastructure that can power transition, for example, billions of dollars for charging points. >> if you are going to get serious about decarbon eyeing and radically changing the way we produce and consume energy and advancing goals as the center was noting you can't do it without radically transforming your transportation sector. >> newsom mentioned high speed rail. he says 4.2 billion is being requested at the legislature to
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finish first phase. when asked if he thought he would see high speed life in his life, he said yes. he is seeing the progress and state will continue to fight for more regional dollars to build infrastructure. >> thank you. new, the governor could announce his decision whether to parole robert f kennedy's assassin. back in august it was recommended that the 77-year- old be released. the governor has final say and yesterday he said he would announce his decision today. more than 50 years after convicted of shooting robert f kennedy at a los angeles hotel two of kennedy's sons support the release and others signed a statement urging newsom to keep him in prison. we first brought the press conference live. owners of certain firearms
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that are illegal to buy in california have a deadline to get them registered. supplies to gun owners who legally bought bullet button assault weapons. california lawmakers outlawed weapons with the feature in 2016. people who bought them before january 1, 2017, are still allowed to own them if they're registered. it is the second time the state opened a window for registration. still ahead at noon and streaming on cbsn bay area, new fall out for prince andrew in the middle of sexual assault allegations. what the queen just took away from her son. transformation in a matter of weeks when it comes to the california drought. you see where we are going today for daytime highs, already on our way. we'll be in
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new, fall out for prince andrew in the wake of sexual assault allegations. queen elizabeth ii stripped prince andrew of honorary military titles and royal roles in charities britnavy d army veterans wrote to the een asher to strip her nd son titles. yesterday a u.s. judge refused to dismiss civil case against
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andrew. e at jey epstein her into sexual encounters with the prince when she was 17. a live look at wall street, see how it is looking. dow is down close to 100 points. 3, 2, 1. ignition, lift off. >> another successful launch by spacex. falcon 9 rocket took off from florida carrying more than 100 satellites into orbit. after launch the falcon 9 booster safely landed back at the space force station. new, exciting news on the drought. the state emerged from exceptional drought conditions in a matter of weeks. this is how the state looked on december 14, widespread extreme and exceptional drought conditions almost one month ago. as of tuesday we have almost
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completely eliminated those conditions. all the bay area is in severe drought. we still need to work to conserve water but that's a big upgrade in a matter of weeks. this is as santa clara announced people are hitting water conservation targets. in november water use fell 20% across the county leading a goal to use 15% less water. les send darren pec >>llaralready ytime cl60s. t this. the pattern will be holding for a while. there are a couple other things to discuss like why the sky looks so hazy. daytime highs, we'll start in the south bay where we are going to the mid 60s, 63 santa clara and san jose. that number just kind of repeats bay area wide as we look across at inland valleys of east bay where numbers are identical to yesterday, maybe a
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degree or two below where we were. numbers in the mid section of the heart of the bay, mid 50s. far north bay topping out in line with where they've been, no real significant issues. the big picture shows us what's going on on the storm track. you see most well out in the pacific. we are keeping an eye on the storms which are developing for sure. they look really good. issue is they all keep getting pulled up and away from us. with no rain for the next several days we find ourselves locked with same stagnant air. that's why the sky is so hazy. center of high pressure blocking storms and we will see it continue to do that through next sunday. not this sunday. we are playing this through next sunday. the ridge blocking them is trapping in the air underneath it and holding it in. that's why things don't change. it will continue to look hazy.
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the snow report looks good, quite the base in the mountains. we are still looking at 100 inches or so at most of the local resorts. the seven-day forecast shows what enwelook to martin luther king jr day, the whole three day weekend looks if you have something planned outdoors, maybe a public service event, you are a good. looks fantastic for that. music fans get excited, full line up for coachella has been announced. billy eilish, harry styles and kanye west. this year will mark the event's return after a two year hiatus due to covid. coachellea has been rescheduled several times since last time it took place in 2019. local man fighting poverty
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fordoche aids. how he is planting seeds to help others continue his legacy. streaming today, a doctor from stanford school of medicine will talk about climate change. we are on the cbs
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a man has been fighting poverty and planting seeds so others can expand his work. >> sharon chin introduces us to the bay area jefferson award winner. >> reporter: a truck unloads 5,000 pounds of food weekly from the south san francisco produce terminal. that's not ideal for stores to sell but still good to eat. that's how larry has been giving away free food for 47 years. >> we feed, clothe, shelter, educate the very poor in the name of christ. >> reporter: most donated produce goes to peninsula soup families.
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the rest feeds families. larry, a former priest, founded catholic worker house in 1975. >> we asked how can there be so many so poor in the richest country in the history of life? >> reporter: he blames wrong government priorities. >> they will build nuclear weapons that will destroy everything and we can't build housing for the homeless. >> reporter: besides free food bags catholic worker has volunteers cook for 50 homeless folks. they're often drug addicted, former inmates. >> we live with the so called losers and treat them like our brothers and sisters. >> reporter: helping a husband and two kid get on their feet. therapy motel surfing, struggling to make it. she's close to getting certified in accounting and they have home. >> he is an angel sent by god. he helps a lot.
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>> reporter: larry has multiplied his good work, food give aways decades ago have morphed into the largest food bank. he's given seed money so several young couples can start their own catholic worker houses like peter and his wife did 26 years ago. >> he could have created a big massive organization that he was head of. instead he stayed small and hoped other people would. he stayed humble but has done great work. >> reporter: for fighting poverty for 47 years through catholic worker house this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to larry persell. >> incredible work. if you know of someone who has done extraordinary volunteerism in the community, nominate that person. go to and click the nominations tag to fill the
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form with details on the person's service. next, a carjacking chase takes a really bad turn. what happened when a suspect got lost in the chaos. on the drew barrymore show, cast from queer eye and cast from scream stop
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willwithmethattook a surprising turn yesterday in washington state. police were following a e suspe it. one ended up carjacking another vehicle. with the police on his tail the man ignored signs and drove to a dead end flooded street. the area recently saw heavy rain and a river overflowed. that spelled the end of the chase. the suspect was arrested. before we go, if you have wanted to fill your home with the smell of chicken noodle soup without having to make it, campbells has you covered. there are candles that smell like signature products. get chicken noodle or tomato soup and grill cheese, saves the trouble of making a can of soup and a sandwich. why would you do that?
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>> you open the candle like a can of soup by peeling the lid. they're selling for $24 a pop. i don't know amanda if i want my house to smell like soup and grilled cheese. >> unless i get to eat it. isn't that the best part? >> to each their own. >> exactly. gifts to not get. >> put it on my list. >> can't
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♪♪ >> steffy: mom, i know you still love dad and deep down, i know he loves you, too. >> taylor: but he's married to brooke. >> steffy: maybe so, but do you think dad's happy? he cannot be happy. how can he be? with everything that's going on with brooke. we need to help dad. we need to get him out of there. >> taylor: oh, honey, i hate to see you this upset, but it is what it is. >> steffy: no, it isn't. >> taylor: we both have to understand that your dad's life is with brooke and the logans. >> hope: why don't you want


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