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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  January 3, 2022 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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, meaning the prosecution has the opportunity to retry her on those three charges that the jury was deadlocked on if they so choose. elizabeth holmes showed absolutely no emotions in the court as these verdict were being read. she is now facing the penalty, or the possible penalty of up to 20 years in prison, on just one of the guilty charges. so, she faces a significant amount of jail time, as well as a lot of fines and restitution, things like that. let's take this down a little bit more with of the charges. there is a conspiracy charge, she was found guilty. three fraud charges, she was found guilty. for charges not guilty and as i mentioned before, three charges were deadlocked. let's get a little analysis, now, from michelle, who has been with us throughout the trial. she is a legal analyst, former prosecutor, give us your take
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on what the jury decided today, a real mixed bag of verdicts. >> i think it is a fair outcome in the testimony that i have heard. and, you know, the jury could give a compromised or mixed verdict really came back with some guilty and some not guilty. it is usually when they are undecided. we don't know how undecided they were. were there more votes for guilty or not guilty? usually it is when they did not have enough evidence to show that they can support the verdict. i think it is a wake-up call for silicon valley to be very careful about what you say and what you put in writing and what you put on your website, so you don't make misrepresentations. because, wire fraud is no joke. when you're looking at a maximum, up to 20 years on one count of wire fraud, and ms. holmes has been convicted now
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on four counts. >> determine fake it till you make it has been widely used when describing this case. elizabeth holmes practices and it has been something that silicon valley companies have gotten away with for a long time. what you think will happen to that phrase now? >> i think it's not fake it until you make it anymore, it is down fraud until you make it, either. you cannot make misrepresentations. you just cannot. you have to be careful. i am sure there are plenty of lawyers out there going through everything, in any representation, powerpoint representations to investors, making sure they are not making rick misrepresentations. in this case in particular, elizabeth holmes did hire an outside attorney to look at the website. they did make recommendations to change things and she did not make those changes. >> the trial has now ended for elizabeth holmes, but there is a possibility of appeal or retrial on the three counts, and then we have sunny bowl vani, her former boyfriend and business partner.
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>> reporter: now, there is a bit of a disturbance with somebody shouting in the background, but what happens now, how will this affect him? >> accused of the very same charges, the same evidence, more than likely the same testimony. the same judge, the same prosecutors. >> where do you think this goes in terms of resentencing? will she spends time behind bars? >> it is not over until the appeal is over. so, we may be looking at one or two years before anything is carried out as far as her sentence. >> reporter: something has just happened here in the courthouse entry area. looks like they are closing the courthouse for the day, so we will have to step outside in just a few minutes because the gates will be locked. we still have not seen the attorneys in this case, we have not seen elizabeth holmes come down.
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i am one of the last reporters standing in this courtyard, so we will have to send it back to you for now. we are set up to get reaction from the various parties throughout the afternoon and evening here in san jose. allen, back to you. >> absolutely. len ramirez, stay safe, i know you got to get out of there. we will talk to you and get more details from you. thanks to you and michelle as well. we brought you breaking news verdict live on cbsn bay area. news is streaming live on or the kpix 5 news app. now to the fight against coronavirus as the holidays are wrapping up, lots of people rushing to get tested. >> thousands of students return to the classroom following winter break, schools are requiring everyone to get tested. kiet do has more, now, including big news tonight on boosters for kids. >> reporter: it is the first monday of the new year and the
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first wave of kids are going back to school. this should all be familiar by now. first comes the fda approval for booster shots, for teens 12 to 15 years old and then rules from the cdc comes down on wednesday. >> i think in terms of peace of mind, it will booster that, no pun intended, but it does not mean we need to let down our guard's right now. >> reporter: those anxious for the booster should hold off on booking appointments because the approval could come anytime on wednesday. there are thousands of young teens eligible for the booster. >> reporter: is the county ready to handle this rush if you will? >> we have capacity later this week, we are working on changing our technical systems and training our staff to be ready to give these booster shots for 12 to 15-year-olds as soon as they can. >> reporter: san jose unified administered pcr test today for
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24 hour results. unlike every other district in california they handed out thousands of at-home tests provided by the state. >> we are trying to make sure that we are keeping people out of school who are positive to the greatest and possible. >> reporter: are you excited about the booster? >> yeah. it probably gives me more immunity from the virus. >> reporter: we caught up with 12-year-old coachable, a seventh grader who will head back to school tomorrow. >> if you don't know who has covid-19 order doesn't it will be hard even with the vaccine, you can still spread it to people who have not been vaccinated. so, it is good to know who doesn't and who has it. >> reporter: he is one of many reasons why public health officials say we all need to pull together and get the vaccine. >> he has asthma and autoimmune disease, and having a booster can prevent him and getting on other disease.
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i think we can protect lives if we take vaccines, not just our lives, but other people's lives. >> reporter: in san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. >> school district will typically not require a test before returning to class. a live look at sfo this evening, yet another day of travel disruptions across the country. hundreds and thousands of flights have either been delayed or canceled today and it comes as thousands of travelers nationwide remain stranded and trying to get back home. the disruptions are due to staffing shortages, because of covid-19 and bad weather in parts of the country. coming up at 5:30, we will talk with uc berkeley infectious disease expert dr. john schwartzberg about the latest surgeon covid-19. a cloudy and rainy day for parts of the bay area. chopper five got a good look at some of those dark clouds over castro valley just after noon today. you could even see raindrops on our camera lens. >> meteorologist darren peck in for paul today with how long the rain will stick around this time.
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>> three tomorrow morning and there is not a lot to this. i will show the rain totals, some people got more than others but most of us have not gotten much of anything other than damp. that is what you can see on high-definition doppler right now. this does not show up as anything particularly impressive. look at the rainfall totals. since midnight, almost 2 inches on mt. tam. meanwhile, lafayette, san mateo, a couple hundredths. that says a lot about this system. it does not have much of its own energy. if you live at lower elevations, which we pretty much all do, it is just this kind of, you know, noncommitment misty drizzle. it will get a little bit heavier over the next few hours, what if you stick to to cast. shades of green deep in a bit so we will look at the rest of tonight and why the rain gets a little better coming up in a few minutes. then, we will look ahead to the next chance of rain here on friday. see you in a few minutes. >> thanks. king tides make a return to
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parts of the coastal bay area. he can take a look at the tides splashing along the embarcadero incentives go today. crews blocked off the sidewalk because of minor flooding. the northbay also saw minor flooding from the king tied. take a look at this parking lot in sausalito. new 5:00, san francisco police say they have located a french bulldog puppy that was taken from its owner over the weekend. officers say the owner was walking the dog in the marina district when they say several people jumped out of a car, snatched the dog and sped away. thankfully, police were able to find 9-month-old rosie, today. she is on her way back home. it is unclear how and where they found that the dog. still ahead on kpix 5, streaming cbsn bay area, the very latest as pg&e works to restore power to thousands in the sierra this evening. what search cruise essay about two people still missing after wildfires ripped through parts of colorado. one lucky person could
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start 2022 a multimillionaire. just how big the powerball jackpot is this evening. coming up in our next half hour, why a cruise ship docked in the center disco bay is under investigation by the cdc. we are still following the breaking news, waiting to see if any of the lawyers in the elizabeth holmes case make
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more than 25,000 pg&e customers in the sierra foothills are still without power this evening, following last week's snowstorm. >> reporter molly reale shows us around-the-clock effort to get those communities reenergized. >> i worked christmas day, i work the week leading up to christmas. so, i think i am going on
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almost 4 weeks straight. >> reporter: it's been a long month for anthony albright. he is not caught a break from the week before christmas, putting in 12 to 16 hours per day to get the power back on for his community. >> this is my families community and mine. >> reporter: the colfax registered resident has worked for pg&e for 18 years and says he has not seen any damage like this before. he says every light he can help turn back on makes the hours worth it. >> whether it is 20 customers or potentially a couple hundred customers, that means you know, they have power, they don't have to run generators and hopefully the lights stay on for them for days and weeks to come. >> reporter: anthony is just one of more than 1200 lineman working long hours to fix the unprecedented damage last week storm caused. >> so many different examples of damage, we have polls coming down, wires coming down, transformers broken. >> reporter: for the 25,000 still without power, the work
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cannot be done quickly enough. >> it is frustrating, we are frustrated. >> reporter: as patients grow thin, anthony says he gets it and take the criticism as part of the job. >> they are not at me, because i am the one out here doing the work, they are just upset with the circumstances and the situation. >> frustrating, that was molly reale reporting. pg&e says the biggest challenge right now is all of that damage caused by last week's storm. right now, colorado, thousands of people are without a home following last week's wildfire in boulder county. new arial video shows the damage caused by the fire sparked last thursday. you can see the wall framing a building that was left while a blanket of snow covers that area. boulder county sheriff's say two people are still missing. >> we are still attempting to locate two people. we are actively working on two scenes. it is very difficult work, given the debris, the heat,
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that kind of thing and essentially working by hand and with small tools, to try to get through those locations. >> reporter: it is still unclear how the fire started. >> let's take a live look at our nations capital, where the mayor of washington, d.c. issued a snow emergency because of the winter storm. today, president biden returned to washington in a white out storm there, you can see the president trying to block the flurries as he makes his way down the steps on air force one. conditions so bad you can see in airports, staircase vehicles stuck in the snow. likely with some people they managed to push the large vehicle out. >> crews have been in the district since midnight, focused on salting and plowing roads. >> they are not as icy as we were expecting. i have a sneaking suspicion tonight it will get pretty bad. >> probably right. heavy snow causing school closures and flight
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cancellations in several states. tonight, more than $500 million is on the line for the powerball jackpot drawings and snow 11 on saturday night. the pot has grown to $45,000. if you feel lucky? you still have time to get those tickets. the drawing is at 8:00. >> there will need to be a winner in some parts of the country to pay your heating bill. >> no kidding. >> we are on the clock, do we have enough time to run out and pick one up? >> phone a friend. let's show you how the forecast is playing out with a different focus than what we have had. i want to first show you the temperatures. low-end mid-50s out right now. for morning lows, we are not going much lower than that. so, i just wanted to start with that real quickly, because of how cold it was over the weekend. the system that has given us this light misting rain has allowed the temperatures to really improve a whole lot in the morning. let's take a look at the rain.
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light showers on here pretty much a bay area wide. very light and this stuff is slowly adding up to the rainfall totals we looked at at the top of the newscast. here is why the rain gets more noticeable over the next few hours. play this ahead to 8:00, it is subtle, but that is actually the cold front from this system. you can kind of make it out, there will be a little bit of an uptick in rain. we can watch that march its way south over the next few hours. it is not downpours, but it is somewhat more noticeable rain as that system continues to work its way across the bay area and we still have leftover showers from this until we get past 8:00 or 9:00 tomorrow morning. so, there is a chance for rain really from now until 8:00 or 10:00 tomorrow morning. when you look at totals it is about a quarter inch of rain, tops. that system is number one, there is another coming on friday we will look at in one second. tomorrow's daytime highs we will also see getting a little bit warmer. we have some on here that get up to near 60 with breaks of
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blue sky. tomorrow will be pretty nice, actually, because we are done with the rain by late morning. breaks in the clouds for a time and you will be near 60, so it will feel better and look nicer. there is another system coming our way. if we look at the big picture here in the pacific, we can track a couple, the next one on wednesday is coming into far north. you will see there is a drop of rain on the northbay for wednesday for that one but it is not likely. this line out here if we let that play forward again on the long-range forecast, that line, that is the one that comes in with the next system on friday and, just to give ourselves the best idea, here, on what friday's rain might look like, you can put the a community rainfall together for friday. it comes out to another quarter inch of rain for that one. maybe a shower that lingers into saturday but at this point we have a rain free weekend. the pattern really looks clear when you look at it this way. all the rain is going too far north. really centered up in the pacific northwest, so we are just kind of getting the tail
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end of the system here as it comes through. there is the seven day forecast. tuesday's rain we know is only in the morning. by 9:00 in the morning we are done with rain and there is our next chance on friday. we have a rain free weekend and if you want to look out beyond that, there is another chance of rain by next monday. don't get too far ahead of ourselves, but the end of the seven day forecast is already looking like this at this point. it is a good sign because at least you know we are staying in this active pattern, and if we just get a weak system like this spaced out a few days apart, that is a much more manageable way to continue making up the rainfall deficit for at least the next seven days. i will be back with more coming up in the next half hour, back to you. >> we will see you then. trcs lance leads the 49ers to a win. the question is, will the rookie get another chance next week. we will tell you about is the billion-dollar plan to lower price tags on meat.
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streaming tonight on cbsn bay area we will ask a local doctor, how you can tell if you have covid-19, the flu, or the common cold. that is at 8:10. you can find us at
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the 49ers future arrived yesterday when rookie quarterback trey lance made his first home start. >> some on the job training for the 21-year-old who might be expected to lead the team into the playoffs. vern glenn has more on his huge day. vern? >> the spot he was in. 30 say he did get better as the game went on. just imagine, you just got your training wheels off, like here, go compete in the tour de france. senior year journalism major? leadoff and hour-long newscast. no do overs. it's live. here was lance's second career
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start, his first in front of the home crowd, i got to have it whenever the texans, better than his debut three months ago in arizona. so, what did he think? >> i would say i am further along and continuing to get better with every practice and every rep i take. but i don't think mentally it was anything different. >> reporter: lance shuck off a mediocre first half by throwing a pair of touchdowns out of the locker room but here was a big one. the 35 yard scoring pass to diva samuel. the 49ers put up 20 unanswered points and improved to 9-7 for the season. next week's game against the rams is critical. get this. head coach kyle shanahan isn't ready to rule out jimmy garoppolo. >> given what you have seen from trey, does he have a chance to be the starter next
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week regardless of jimmy's situation? >> jimmy is 100% healthy and can do everything perfectly, then i would definitely go with jimmy. we are not just going to throw a guy in after one day like this when he's been doing it for us all year. i think it will be hard for jimmy to be 100% which is how most people are right now at this time of year. >> this is a big decision for shanahan. if they beat the rams they are in the playoffs. if they lose to the rams, the saints must also lose to the falcons. worst-case scenario is a loss to the rams and a saints win which would end the 49ers season. maybe some gamesmanship on the corrupt low front by casting a little doubt to give the rams something to think about. we will see you next hour. >> win and they are income it is their own destiny, i like that. thanks. still ahead at 5:30, 100s are calling on california leaders to ban student vaccine mandates. plus, we talk live with an infectious disease experts about concerns surrounding students return to school. the one billion-dollar plan which could help lower your
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grocery bill. mmm. hey jack, how'd you get this spicy cluck sandwich to have the perfect amount of spice? i call it, jack's spice squad. who's in the squad? [whispering] it's me. my new spicy cluck sandwich combo. it's my best chicken ever.
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my new spicy cluck sandwich with a bigger, crispier and better-than-ever spicy fillet. bigger pickles, more sauce, and the perfect amount of spice to get your taste buds tingling. try my new $6.99 spicy cluck sandwich combo. order on the jack app today. you are watching kpix 5 news at 5:30. right now on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area local news at 5:30. a look at new laws going into effect in california, including
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one that could have you paying more for bacon. a protest on capital steps calling for an end to covid-19 vaccine mandates. good evening, i'm allen martin. i'm elizabeth cook. we start with infectious disease expert dr. john forsberg joining us now live. thank you for joining us, dr. >> you are welcome. one of the biggest topics on bay area parents minds today is returning to school. do you believe at this moment with surging cases it is safe for kids to return to the classroom? >> i certainly hope so. my two granddaughters are going back to school on wednesday. so, it is something that i have given a lot of thought to as well as so many people. i think the answer is yes, but it is a qualified yes. we are in the midst of a surging pandemic, with omicron and delta. so, it is not easy times. on the other hand, we know how to keep kids safe, carefully
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masking goes a long way to keeping your kids safe, but it is going to be a rocky road over the next couple of weeks. >> reporter: have you seen with more research on the virus that kids are getting it from the each other or do you find it is more adult transmission to children? >> it is more adult transmission to children. than we have seen kid to kid. they certainly do, but we have seen transmission from mom and dad, people, 30 and lower. we are seeing a lot in the 20s to 30s, some in the 30s to 40s, a lot of them teenagers. it is just younger and we need more vaccination. >> speaking of teenagers today the fda authorized 12 to 15- year-olds, tell us more about the fda's latest recommendation and what kind of impact that
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will make for these kids? >> the third jab, being up-to- date with that third jab gives considerable protection against omicron. that is very clear. it is not as good as to jobs, just not as good as we would like. that third jab is important for everybody. and teenage kids, we just don't see a high enough rate of vaccination to start with. those that are fully vaccinated or have had to jobs, they really need to get that third one and that will give really good protection. >> we are also seeing a big spike until the 19 cases. test positivity at nearly 60% here in california. how high do you think those numbers could go, especially after the holiday? >> they will go up, if you look in the southeastern states, like florida, new orleans, louisiana, the rates are 17 or 18 per hundred thousand.


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