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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  December 31, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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onto an ambulance. we do not know the extent of the injuries, but one witness says gunshots rang out, people began running out of the mall. they said they saw a person on the ground who was wounded and bleeding. we have reached out to police for more information. we also have a crew on the way for the story. we will bring you details as soon as we get the latest. normally crowds would be starting to pack the burkett arrow and several san francisco , but not this year. shawn chitnis reports that 2022 is starting with a lot of covid cancellations. >> reporter: the fireworks won't go off tonight in san francisco, but some waterfront restaurants in san francisco told us earlier this week that they are expecting a strong turnout still. >> we will go forward with our party. the shifts are cooking. we are opening bottles of champagne at midnight. back in oakland, another new year's eve cancellation just today. the space and science center had to temporarily close until january 15. this means programs like the annual balloon drop did not take place. >> all of the plans got canceled. we had two parties that we were invited to, and they all got canceled. >> reporter: a similar story for people prepared to
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celebrate at home. they were lining up to enter a one-stop party shop in san francisco this afternoon, looking for decorations to help make the most of new year's eve. >> at first it was frustrating because i had plans with my friends, but you have to adapt. it will be nice, more intimate with family. >> reporter: staff at the store say the last 2 days have been especially busy as people canceled their plans to get together in larger groups, and instead are staying home. >> it has always been intimate with my family and i, so it is kind of the norm for us. >> reporter: others knew they wanted to keep it small and stay inside to welcome 2022. >> it will be nice to see close friends, and everybody can get covid tests pretty easily. it will be good. it will be a nice way to start the new year. >> reporter: another year of celebrations changed by covid, with some still hopeful that next year will be better.
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shawn chitnis, kpix 5. and less than 1 hour, the chp begins the maximum enforcement effort to catch impaired drivers or other violators through late sunday night. how about the weather. a live look across the area. it will be a cold night, so if you are going out, bundle up. >> brian hackney is joining us with the new year's eve forecast. we just got freeze warnings and for much of the north bay. it will be cold. if you will be out and about, the coast will be in the mid 40s. mid-40s for the bay area. the further away from the water, the colder it will be. we do have the freeze warning posted for the north bay valleys, where temperatures will hit the low 20s and the wind sheltered valleys. in the towns and cities, 29 in santa rosa. napa 31. 33 in fremont. 33 in san jose as well. i will have the complete forecast, and when our next chance if you know what is in a few minutes. is 2021 comes to a close,
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california's winter covid surge has entered another dangerous phase. there is new data from the health department, and it shows cases skyrocketing at levels we have not seen since last winter. the states 7 day positivity rate has hit nearly 16%, and that is more than a 9% increase from last week. we spotted long lines of people driving in for covid tests at the santa clara county fairgrounds today. it is a site we have been seeing all week long as many get tested after christmas, and before celebrating the new year. covid is also putting a strain on the airline industry, prompting thousands of flights to be canceled nationwide. now the faa says air traffic controller shortages could cause even more cancellations. all of it is adding up to headaches for people trying to get home from their holiday travels. so far today, sfo has seen
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a total of 72 cancellations. oakland international, 19, and 32 at sanders international. the state school superintendent was in the east bay today handing out free at home covid test kits. tony thurman said 6 million kits will be distributed to students and staff as they get ready to return to campus next week. at least 220,000 kits are slated for alameda county. >> we want this to be replicated throughout the 58 counties in the state, and throughout all the districts in the state, and to continue to provide our schools with the resources that they need to keep our children safe, and to keep our students in school. >> for more on covid testing in the vaccines, you can check out the resource guide on now to new video to show you of the devastation left behind by the historic colorado wildfires. you can see chart homes smoldering after flames wiped out three neighborhoods in boulder county. it happened in just a matter of hours. flames fueled by 105 mile-per-
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hour wind yesterday morning destroyed hundreds of structures, tens of thousands of residents having to quickly leave their homes. the sheriff says as many as 1000 homes could be gone. >> god help us. holy -- holy -- holy -- >> so terrifying. that reaction is from a colorado driver who narrowly avoided running into flames on a highway northwest of denver. he eventually had no choice but to turn around. >> i packed myself, my cat, and just keep our fingers crossed. >> there was nothing left in the area. i'm glad everybody got out. >> it's unbelievable when you look at the devastation that we don't have a list of 100 missing persons. i am hoping that is a miracle. >> people at this home depot in louisville, colorado had a hard time shopping. wildfire wind whipped heavy smoke in and out of the store,
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making it difficult to see and breathe. at least seven people were injured in the fires, but so far no reports of any debts. hollywood lost in icon today. legendary actress betty white died at age 99, just a week shy of her 100th birthday. we take a look back at the golden girls remarkable career. hi, how are you? >> i did not sleep a wink all night. i feel wonderful. >> reporter: before she became a household name on the mary tyler moore show, betty white was a familiar face on tv, hosting parade, appearing in tv commercials. >> sportsman toiletries -- >> reporter: and is a regular on game shows, from "to tell the truth" >> you were finished a long time ago, sweetheart. >> reporter: to her favorite -- >> allen london. >> reporter: the role of man crazy happy homemaker suanne nevins on the top rated "mary tyler moore show" made her a
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star. it became her trademark, a sweet little lady who says not so sweet things. >> could you do me a favor? >> maybe on my lunch hour. >> reporter: in 1985, white took on a new role playing the lovable and nacve rose on the golden girls. >> even a trip to the bank can be exciting, if you wear a ski mask. >> reporter: considered one of the most progressive tv shows of all time, the four older single women living as housemates in miami raked in awards, and maintained a cold status for decades. >> it's me, blanche. >> reporter: as white got older, her popularity actually increased. >> you're playing like betty white out there. >> reporter: the super bowl ad for snickers with such a hit that it started a facebook campaign for her to host saturday night live. a few months later, she got the gig. the appearance earned her a
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seventh emmy award. that same year, she also started yet another sitcom at aged 88. >> you're the only one here with man hands. 4 and at age 96 -- >> oh, my goodness. >> reporter: white received a rousing standing ovation at the 70th emmy awards. she thanked her fans, and said it was incredible that she could stay in a career so long, and still have people put up with her. nikki batiste, cbs news. >> she was charming, lovely, and funny. governor newsom had this tribute, quote, betty happily shared her talents with the world, and her spark will live on, inspiring generations to come. still ahead on kpix 5, and streaming on cbsn bay area, it is not just rising gas prices. my sunday area drivers will
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have to pay more when they commute to work. a new year's story of redemption , as a bay area man used to to ride the bus all night homeless. now he is driving it. >> there are places to change. you just have to have a
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let's get back to the breaking news out of concord. police are on the scene of a shooting. this is sun valley mall . you can see the macy's store. still a few cars in the parking lot. we are told that many people ran out of the mall once the shots were fired. earlier, we saw one person being loaded into an ambulance. video from the scene shows that person being loaded, wounded we have to assume, but we don't know the extent of their injuries. one witness describes what happened after the gunshots rang out. >> everyone is running, they start running out. everyone was running out. and there is a body, bleeding a lot from his left side, lower body. than what did you do?
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>> i just went back to work. >> is the mall close to now? >> the mall is closed. a lot of police are inside. they don't let you go inside. >> one person he believes was shot and wounded. concord police say the mall is still on lockdown, but there does not appear to be any threat to the public at the moment. we will bring you the latest details as soon as we get them. if soaring gas prices weren't enough to hit your pocketbook, starting tomorrow my drivers will have to pay more to cross seven bay area bridges, including the bay bridge, san mateo, hayward, and the richmond-san rafael ridge. instead of the six dollars you may be used to paying, it will now be seven dollars for most cars. it doesn't impact commuters using the golden gate bridge. >> this can be significant, especially multiple times per week, or every day. >> i go across the bay bridge
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at least 3 to 4, maybe five times per week. i don't feel terrible about it, but a lot of people probably are hurting from that, and it costs are going up everywhere. >> this is the second of 31 dollar increases approved by voters in 2018. the third one happens in january of 2025, and the money is going to a long list of investments. the new year is certainly time for a new beginning. >> new at 5:00, kiet do brings us the story of one man's fresh start 15 years in the making. >> reporter: it's a cold rainy night here at the palo alto transit center. this is also the start of bus route 22. about 10 years ago, we were the first to tell you that homeless people used bus 22 as a way to stay warm and dry, and they still do. this holiday season, we ran into a man who taught us that sometimes life and the universe work in mysterious ways.
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it has been called hotel 22, where $2.50 will get you a days worth of warmth and shelter. in this particular moment, a bit of humanity as well. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> reporter: why do you always think people when they get on the bus? >> to be a good person. >> reporter: you don't have to do that, you know. >> hopefully it makes them feel good, and it makes me feel a part of it. her back about 40% of the people who ride the 22 overnight are homeless. for them, eric always offers a hello, and says a prayer. >> reporter: tell me what it was like when you first got behind the wheel of the 22. >> it was emotional. because i used to ride the 22 to stay dry. it is just memories, bad
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memories. >> reporter: eric says he hustled on the streets for years, stealing, lying, cheating for drugs. cannot stay out of prison for more than six months at a time, and when he did, this was home. >> it does feel a little weird coming back here. >> reporter: he says city team ministry got him clean and has kept him sober for the past 15 years. >> if you're in your addiction or homeless or whatever the circumstances are, there are places to change. you just have to have a desire. are you living out here? are you familiar with city team? >> reporter: we met billy, who had been living out of the tent for some time. >> i want others to know that if this knucklehead can do it, if this -- i guess you could say it was a lowlife. heavenly father, lord, i ask you to protect him. >> if i can do it, anybody can do it. it just takes a willingness to change.
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>> reporter: after years of working odd jobs, a friend encouraged eric to apply to vta and finally start a career. 9 weeks later after intense training, studying, and testing, he became one of the oldest graduates at 53 years old. >> a lot of people don't enjoy the line 22, but for someone who has been in the shoes of the people who ride the 22, it is a great feeling to be able to pay for them, and give them a bit of encouragement, talk with them, and treat them like a human being. >> reporter: when the bus route of life takes you full-circle, don't forget to request a stop for all the blessings. kiet do, kpix 5. >> i love that story. what a turnaround. >> it take someone in the driver seat to know what you are going through. the passengers are lucky. okay, brian, top that one. we start by heading outside and showing you that it is clear tonight. the flipside means it will get cold, as we have rain on the way for early next week. meantime, 21 finishes clear. 2022 begins with sunny skies
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and high tides. the king tide's are back, which causes flooding in the usual places. right now, you can see all the way up to mt. diablo, with crystal-clear clarity. the numbers are mostly in the 50s, but livermore has already dipped to 47 degrees. san jose at 50. santa rosa, 47 degrees. temperatures good down from there to 29 in santa rosa and 40 in san francisco. 38 in oakland, and 36 in antioch. be culled finished the 2021, but late december is always cold in the bay area. there are freeze warnings posted tonight up in north bay. sunny and cold into 2021. we have high-pressure offshore that will eventually ease back a bit and allow some moisture to stream into the bay area by the time we get into monday. late on monday, light showers for the north bay, but we will
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go back to kind of an unsettled weather pattern by the time we get into next week. futurecast shows that in terms of future conditions, that is why they call it futurecast. we have mostly clear skies right through midnight tonight, and then tomorrow a few clouds come in. this is noon tomorrow. it could be a few wafts of high clouds around. then sunshine for most of the day, and cool. watch what happens on sunday. we increase clouds, 5:00 sunday night. then as time goes on, you see the potential for showers coming in. monday at 4:00 a.m., a few light showers just offshore will spread rain into the north bay by the time we get into the money morning drive. rain chances are amped up in the north bay, in the 70s. by the time we get to san francisco, it is about a 25% chance, easing off towards the
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end of the week. san jose not much at all. this is favoring the north bay. we will only get clouds. we will continue with the cool temperatures. in terms of wet, mostly north of the golden gate bridge. maybe a little bit south. to sum it up, clear and cold tonight. a freeze warning in the north bay. a dried start to 2022, and then it could get wet next week. not like what we saw over the past month. tomorrow, readings will be mostly in the 50s for the bay area, with san francisco coming in in the low 50s. palo alto 51 degrees. east bay cooler with 48 in concord, and 48 degrees in venetia. pleasanton, 47 degrees. north bay mccole tonight. novato comes up to 51. san leandro, 50 as well. pretty cool up at lakeport. 49 degrees. same thing for clear lake. we have the chance of rain coming in on monday. in the meantime, in a starter 2022.
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bundle up weather by california standards, though this would be a heatwave in the twin cities. i guess we will take the 50s for the most part to do it. through the weekend, dry weather. a few sprinkles and showers on monday and tuesday. there may be something coming in next friday, or in maybe not. it is a long way out. have a great first weekend of 2022. it looks like it will be a good one. coming up, could this be a new new year's eve tradition? what these long lines of people are waiting for. we are still hours away from new year's,
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this could be a new new year's eve tradition. fresh crab right off of the boat for the first time ever. fishermen allowed to sell freshly cut dungeness directly to the public, part of a 1 your pilot program aimed to help local fishermen during the pandemic. the line stretched down here 45 in san francisco a few hours ago, as hundreds waited eagerly to grab their soon to be dinner. >> it has been worth the wait. awesome guys go out and do the job meant to provide us with crab, great. >> it will be worth the trip. i'm going to make me some garlic crab with noodles, and i'm going to bake me some crab also. >> we are there for dinner if she would invite us. as we countdown to the new year, bay area food banks need help from the community. >> they have been working round- the-clock to feed families in
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need this holiday season. kpix 5's kiet do is in tennessee with her food for various family drive. >> reporter: as we head into the holiday season, activity is picking up inside of the sorting room , where dozens of volunteers, and package boxes, and get food ready for needy families all across the bay area. a lot of activity happens here. it cannot happen without the support from bob davis at applied materials. 30 years of partnership with second harvest. how do you keep the momentum going after all of these decades? how do you keep employees excited about this? >> we want to make a positive social contribution to all communities where our employees work and live, and our employees really care about providing, making sure you're working to alleviate hunger in all of the communities where we have operations. we have been working with second harvest and food banks across the country for over 30 years. >> reporter: 49 million meals -- it is hard to wrap your mind around zipping like that. what does it mean? >> it is a game changer in the lives of families in our community. last year at the height of the
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pandemic, applied materials help provide over 4.5 million meals and just that year. we cannot do this work with our partners like this. >> reporter: here is to another 30 years, and another 49 million meals ahead of you. to find out how you can help, you can go to second harvest of silicon valley is facing a $4 million budget shortfall. contributions made by minute tonight will be tripled by a generous donor. if you are looking to toast the new year with some bubbly, you may have to pay more. why the price of champagne is popping. coming up
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coming up at 6:00, we are staying on top of the breaking news for you, police investigating a shooting at sun valley mall in concord. the shopping center was packed on new year's eve. the mall is still on lockdown. there does not appear to be any current threat to the public. andrea nakano is there and will have a live report at 6:00.
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plenty of people are ready to say goodbye to 2021, so what they are looking forward to most in the new year. finally at 5:00, people looking to pick up a bottle of champagne for tonight's celebration may pay some higher prices, because champagne's popularity is once again popping. >> sales dropped in 2020 when the pandemic canceled many new year's parties, but sales are expected to hit more than $6 billion this year, which would be a new record.'s is the average price for champagne is 20% higher than 2019. >> the top-selling brands from a champagne standpoint have been the top sellers for the month of december. >> while champagne prices may be going up, spirits are also staying high as the country raises a glass to 2022, or maybe a glass to goodbye 2021. >> see you later. that's it for kpix 5 news at 5:00 . up next, especial
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look back at our jefferson award winners for 2021. >> we will be back from her knuckle local news at 6:00. we leave you with a ok at


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