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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5am  CBS  December 31, 2020 5:00am-6:01am PST

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the wrong workers. what a bay area hospital is blaming it on. ending the year with a new strain of coronavirus. why dr. fauci says some may not have to worry. a sign of the times, no barriers put up in san francisco this year and no fireworks. how the city is asking you to stay safe this new year's eve. good morning. it is thursday, december 31. i am michelle griego. >> i am anne makovec in for len this morning, the final day of 2020. here we are. let's get to darren peck with a look at how it will turn out weather wise. new year's will be a piece of cake. we will be on a break between systems. no rain, no cloudiness. it will be a bit cold in the mornings and around 60 in the afternoons. let's talk about the rain last night. you see it already moving off the screen. we are done with that. how did we do while you were sleeping? we picked up for the most part
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less than a tenth of an inch of rain. satisfy than a rosa got .12 and oakland got .13. that's all we are getting out of it. drying cool for new year's, light rain friday night, not a big deal. we look ahead to heavier rain possible for next week. we'll have to see how that pans out. a pretty view from the top of the mark, the scene from the sales force looking south. we are not looking at any major fog issues. as far as daytime highs, we will warm back to the upper 50s, should be a mostly sunny day. we'll see you with the rest of the forecast in a bit. how is the drive? >> good morning. it's busy in some spots because we are dealing with slick surfaces from the rain over night. be extra careful as you hit the roads until all the roadways dry out. the toll plaza, things are quiet. on the upper deck toward the
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city, there are some things. a stalled vehicle may slow you down just slightly. east bound 80 before powell street look for a crash reported in the area. also cannon street on ramp to west 80, as you get on to the freeway, reports of a vehicle fire blocking at least one lane. fire crews are headed to the scene. we'll keep a close eye on that. north bound 280 connector towards north 101, a crash involving a vehicle that spun out in lanes. at least one lane is blocked. >> thank you. an update on the spread of coronavirus in the state. public health officials reported 30,000 cases over a 24 hour period. at the same time, deaths shot up to more than 430. for reference, public health officials reported over 240 deaths just one day before. bay area icu capacity is sitting at 10.4%. this comes as a new highly
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contagious covid strain has been detected for the first time in california. here is what we know so far. a 30-year-old manifested positive for the mutant strain in san diego county. it's the first case detected here in california. the man had no travel history which makes health officials believe there are more cases out there. at least one case has been detected in colorado, the first in the u.s. >> i am not surprised that you have a case and likely more cases in california. there is no indication at all that it increases the virulence. by virulence, i mean the ability to make you sick or kill you. it doesn't seem to make it more strong. >> dr. fauci also says if you have had covid, those antibodies will protect you from the new strain. new, san francisco's lagoona honda hospital is seeing a deadly outbreak of
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covid-19. the skilled nursing facility run by department of public health has had more than 50 cases just this month and three residents have died. the victims were all men 75 and older. the chronical reports the current outbreak is still growing with ten new cases in the past 48 hours. developing this morning, stanford hospital has confirmed a number of nonfront line workers were given covid-19 vaccine over the weekend. that comes two weeks after medical residents at the hospital were protesting roll out of shots to administrators and physicians not in direct contact with patients. stanford says inaccurate information led to some being vaccinated who were not supposed to be. stanford medicine says we have addressed this issue and are confident we will continue quickly vaccinating the entire community. california has administered so far more than 300,000 doses of
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the moderna and pfizer shots. this week the state expects to receive next allocations, about 230,000 doses from moderna, 300,000 from pfizer. california is expecting 2.2 million of both vaccines in initial round of distribution. back to school, governor newsom has a $2 billion plan to reopen campuses. the goal is to get elementary students back in classrooms around mid february. there would also be a focus on students with disabilities and those in low income areas. if districts can commit to a reopening plan, they would get money for things like testing, protective gear, and sanitation. san francisco is pleading with people to stay home. tonight there will be no fireworks display at golden gate park plus the holiday light exhibits will go dark tonight in honor of healthcare workers and those lost to covid- 19. fireworks are canceled in san francisco and that is where
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kiet do joins us live. kiet. >> reporter: good morning. yes, normally you would see barricades up and down right here. but there is nothing. that is because they're telling everybody to stay home. as word gets out about various parties those too have been canceled like this one that's been making rounds on social media at 620 jones. there was an instagram post with reservations for parties up to eight people. after public pressure the event has been postponed. now san francisco police are warning of penalties for those breaking the state's rules. >> the protocol has been to admonish someone or admonish people, giving them a warning at first. sometimes there isn't that chance to admonish someone and we will issue a citation. >> what can you do?
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watch online streaming live shows. , san jose opera. the grateful dead in san rafael, live streaming performances. mesa in oakland offering an online event. health officials are bracing for january 8, two weeks after christmas, that's when they expect a surge of patients in the hospital from covid. kiet do, kpix5. the recreation and parks department of san francisco has announced several closures of popular land marks. within the past ten minutes parking lots for ocean beach closed. marina greens lots will close at 6:00 along with stern grove. lots will reopen tomorrow morning. taking a live look at san jose this morning where police are investigating an accident that killed a girl at a car dealership on the city's south side. it happened about 1:45 wednesday afternoon at this
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used car dealership on monterey highway. investigators say a driver was trying to move a pickup truck off a trailer when the girl jumped on the trailer. she was hit as the truck rolled forward and she died at a hospital. later we spotted investigators inspecting the trailer taking measurements. they say the driver is cooperating and they've not released the identity or age of the girl who died. saying good-bye to a san francisco landmark. how closing the cliff house is affecting a major tourist effort. that's coming up next on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. we are dealing with slick surfaces from some overnight rain. we've got a couple start your new year right
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5:11. happening today, iconic cliff house sign is coming down. the san francisco institution is closing permanently after a 157 year run. in social media posts, the operator said negotiations with national park service fell
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apart. the park service owns the building with stunning views of ocean beach and the same family has operated cliff house restaurant since 1973. with this closure, there are now no restaurants options in lands end and sucho baths area. a live look in times square where this new year's eve there will be no crowds for the first time in decades. times square will be closed to the public. dozens of front line workers and their families will be honored with spots near the stage. instead of getting ready for thousands of new year's revelers this year, new york police are busy shutting down streets and subways because of the pandemic. they tweeted this photo of the road closures. nobody will be allowed near times square to watch the annual ball drop in person. you can watch online instead. with the new year comes new traffic safety laws and our
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traffic expert gianna franco breaks down the changes you can expect on the roads. one of the laws focuses on hand held cell phone use while driving which we know is punishable by fine. if you are caught a second time, you are subject to points on your driving record. i spoke to a chp officer who said that can lead to no driving privileges. >> if you get enough points in a year of time, your driver's license can become suspended. obviously we don't want that to happen to anybody. but we also recognize the fact that distraced driving is still a huge problem and hopefully this will help remind people a little bit more that this is significant, that the primary job of driving is to drive your vehicle. it's a life or death decision that you are making every time you pick up that phone instead of your primary responsibility of driving. you've got to keep your eyes on
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the road. >> other traffic safety laws, move over slow down law will apply to local streets and roads, not just freeways. authorized vehicles can use a high-low warning siren to advise people of the need to evacuate. if someone comes to the aid of a child in a car who is in immediate danger that person will be exempt from civil or criminal liability for damaging the vehicle. for morrissey the full interview at and at cbsn bay area. as we look at the roadways, we are dealing with slick surfaces. certainly watch your speed and be extra careful if you are out and about. we have a couple brake lights because of hot spots due to the wet weather. east bound 80 at powell street we've got a crash. view cannon ramp 280, a trouble spot involving a vehicle fire. we are dealing with slightly slower speeds as you approach
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the trouble spots. other than that there is not a lot of volume. a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza, things are moving at the limit out of the east bay into the city, if you are headed across the span into san francisco. west bound 24 gateway boulevard, getting word of a trouble spot. a few brake lights because of trouble spot east bound 80 before powell street. if you are commuting into the city, brake lights north bound 280 connector to north bound 101. we've got one lane blocked due to injury crash. chhp is hoping to have that wrapped up quickly. as we look at traffic elsewhere we are getting word that this trouble spot has been cleared out of lanes. this was due to a roll over accident. west bound 580, altamont pass, 21 minutes. we are seeing a lot of green on our censors here. highway 4 to the maze, 13 minutes. it is time to check your
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forecast. let's see what's happening with the rain. we are taking a look at last night's leaving. you see those showers exiting towards the south. that was last night and now we are moving on because we are in a break. there are clear skies for a lot of locations. we had so many clouds over night temperatures have stayed relatively warm. it is only 42 in santa rosa. that's like ten degrees warmer than you have been dealing with. it's upper 40s for most of the rest of the bay. it does feel better when you step outside. we'll have a pretty day for thursday. we'll warm up to about 60 for most locations for daytime high today bay area wide. then we wait. most of new year's is fine. new year's eve, new year's day. it's friday night when the next chance of rain gets here. you see that storm sitting out here. that band of rain works across the pacific. by friday in the afternoon, it looks so good. we are just on the tail end. let's come for a closer look. there is 4:30.
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there is our rain. we get a few light showers. friday night into the 8:00, 9:00 hour we are seeing more light rain moving through sonoma. that's almost exactly the same thing that happened with last night's system. a weak system comes in, falls apart. we get light rain in the north bay and after about midnight we see showers work down towards the heart of the bay and it falls apart before it gets down to the south bay. we don't see much rain. we will keep it cloudy friday through saturday. look at what happens saturday night. another weak system comes in and misses the bay area pretty much completely. we may get a shower in the north bay but it doesn't lack like much. how much are we going to get? a couple hundredths of an inch of rain falling friday night into saturday morning. those are totals for the north bay. let's look at the south bay and we'll see the numbers here are not surprising or even less than, about .100 of an inch of rain. if that's the way things come
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together for the weekend, i will start this midnight sunday into monday. monday's system looks better, probably a quarter of an inch of rain. more widespread rain for monday. that will be a better snow producer in the sierra. this first one friday night gives us an inch or so. monday we end up with about a foot and a half of new snow up in the sierra. that's good news on that front. here is your seven-day forecast, the next chance of rain late friday night and then again monday. then another one which shows up on wednesday next week. we'll take a look at that one as we get a little bit closer. let's give that one more time to develop. let's share a bay area bright spot. no, we'll do that next half hour. that's what we call a tease in the business. i'll see you with that at 5:45. gianna just did traffic. we are going back to the
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anchor. >> i'll take it. next, breaking barriers, how this coach just made history in the nba. christmas eve... everybody spends the night at the house. i love christmas, i always did. it's loud, it's family being together. a lot of food, music, people, hugs.
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that's a perfect christmas. ♪ ♪ ♪
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good morning. nba up top. warriors were off but deep in the heart of texas, the league they were spot on, breaking barriers. spurs coach greg popovich second quarter of the game said the magic word and got ejected. his top assistant was becky hammon, coached the rest of the game. in her 7th season on the staff, she became first woman to serve as head coach in nba regular season game, an enormous deal. st. mary's last night, a little college ball, hosting sacramento state. looking from the outside but inside too. excuse me, he scored a game high 17. gayles rolled 63-45, 9-2 in
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nonconference play. at 11:00 this morning, it will be spartan up. followers of san jose football knows what that means. arizona bowl against vol state right here on kpix5. let's show you how spartan nation got fired up yesterday in these pandemic times. [ cheering and applause ] ♪ ♪. >> the zoom theme pep rally from the ball room of the team hotel in tucson. that's where the head coach addressed legions of fans as they look to finish 8-0, a first perfect season in 81 years. then he handed it over to star tans' finest. >> i am excited. i am fired up. it makes me want to throw on that helmet in the background and get after it myself. >> vol state, san jose state, bam! that's what's going to happen!
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here we go! go spartans! florida gators trying to confirm the plate number of the truck that hit them in the cotton bowl. that would be oklahoma. look here, wasn't even touched, sooners in arlington average almost 11 yards per play, routed sec runner up 55-20 in first major bowl game of the season. sooners winners of eight straight. raider nation we are letting you know right now, sunday i know you expect to see silver and black take on the broncos at 1:25 but the network decided to show the rams and cardinals game on kpix5 instead. we will still have 5th quarter post game show with highlights and reaction.
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49ers extended the contract of kickback robbie gold. this keeps him through the 2022 season. he can't even enjoy it. he tested positive for covid-19 and will miss final game of 2020. wisconsin in red broke the spirit of wake forest to win the mayo bowl 42-28. that's not all they broke. check the trophy. the crystal football trophy is in pieces. not to be a snitch but it was the quarterback graham murtz who dropped it. what does that tell you? you gotta keep your eye on the ball no matter what it is made of. have a good day. see you later. >> major party foul there. ouch. 5:25. coming up in our next half our on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. >> final jobless claims report of 2020 is out in a matter of
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minutes. we'll bring you those numbers in a live report after the break. >> reporter: the last holiday of the season, new year's eve. health officials want you to stay home. practically everything has been canceled. i am kiet do. we've got a live report from san francisco. let's take a live look outside, the view of the exclusive mark hopkins hotel camera looking at the trans america tower colgate optic white renewal
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right now on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, a potential life saving treatment in short supply. what you are asked to do if you have recovered from covid. dr. fauci making the
5:30 am
prediction we have been waiting for. when life will return to normal in 2021. there will be no crowds, what san francisco is asking you to do this new year's eve. good morning. it is thursday, the last day of 2020, december 31 of course. i am michelle griego. >> happy new year's eve day. i am anne makovec in for len. we have the remnants of our latest storm still hanging around the bay area. let's go to darren peck with a look at the weather forecast. good morning. we can see the last of the showers already towards fresno. it's done with us. if we look at what's next, we will get a quiet set up. dry and cool for new year's eve and new year's day. however, technically on new year's day, it will rain in the evening friday night. light rain showers much like last night's. how much did you notice last night's? probably not much. friday night will be the same
5:31 am
way. as we look ahead, there are heavier rain possibilities next week. monday looks a little more promising. a live look outside from the top of the sales force tower looking to the south and temperatures right now are only in the low 40s. big differences. all the clouds that had been with us kept temperatures from dropping more than they would have. we are like ten degrees warmer now for parts of the north bay than we have deny doing. for daytime highs, i doubt you will notice a difference. around 60. we'll be back with more of the forecast in just a few minutes. good morning. let's take a look at the roadways. there are a couple things to look for but over all not a lot of cars on the road due to the holiday. we have trouble spots because of the wet weather. if you are headed to walnut creek, heads up, we've got a crash in that area. slight delays around main street as you head on the south bound side.
5:32 am
it should be cleared shortly. west bound 24 before wilder, a black suv and another vehicle tangled up. it looks like one hit a light pole. that's now down in the road way so you have some activity to the side as you head on 24. east bound 80 before powell street, we are tracking a few slow and go speeds. the left lane is blocked due to a crash. expect slight delays there. west bound is not seeing any issues. we'll check the bay bridge in my next report. michelle. >> thank you. a potential life saving treatment for covid-19 currently is in short supply. american red cross says it needs more people who recovered from the virus to donate their plasma. the organization says it's having trouble keeping up with demand from hospitals. plasma is the part of the blood that contains antibodies. those are the crucial ingredients in a transfusion treatment that can be effective if it's administered in time. >> if the patients can get this
5:33 am
convalescent plasma from someone that recovered from coronavirus within the first couple days of them winding up in the hospital, a lot of times they get better really fast. >> red cross says if you had a positive diagnosis of covid-19 and are feeling better now, they would like you to donate. set up an appointment at we might not see the new astrazeneca vaccine until april. uk gave the go ahead this week. operation warp speed's chief scientific adviser says there are still questions over the shot's effectiveness in certain groups. this means time line for authorization is pushed by a couple months. the drug maker expected to file for approval as early as february. dr. fauci says the countrywide vaccine program will see hiccups and bumps in the road obviously but he believes much of the public will be able to
5:34 am
be vaccinated in three to four months. he believes it will be much longer for it to be safe enough for everything to open back up and things to return to normal. >> i believe that if we do the vaccines through april, may, june, july, by the time we get to the early fall, we will have enough good herd immunity to be able to really get back to some strong semblance of normality. >> that is really exciting to hear. dr. fauci says herd immunity against coronavirus could likely be achieved if 70 to 85% of the population gets vaccinated. our kpix5 app gives easy 24/7 access. stay up to date with all the latest pandemic news there. i am kiet do. we are live in san francisco where the big fireworks show has been canceled. normally you would see orange
5:35 am
barricades and crowd control devices but this year there is nothing. it's canceled because of the pandemic. the message from health officials, stay home. a few businesses have tried to get events going like at 620 jones. there was an instagram post about an outdoor dinner with a drag show, reservations for parties up to eight. after public pressure that event at 620 jones has been postponed. san francisco police say they're typically warning people first but sometimes there isn't time for that. now they're going straight to issuing citations if they need to. the mayor tweeted this message. >> as you make your choices this holiday, please think about that. think about what you can do to get us through these next few weeks. >> reporter: what can you do? watch live stream events online. cal performances, san jose opera, even grateful dead based in san rafael have live performances.
5:36 am
marin county spirit rock has a live streamed event. health officials are bracing for january 8. that is 14 days after christmas. that's typically when we start seeing a spike in hospitalizations because of covid exposures and positive test cases. kiet do, kpix5. a live look at the white house where president trump now has an ally in the senate. republican josh hawley of missouri says he will object on january 6th when congress is set to recognize the 2020 electorial college vote results. >> i am going to stand and take this stance. i am going to force this debate. i hope that change will come because of it. >> holly supports mr. trump's baseless claims of voter fraud. the move could trigger debate but would not change the outcome of the election. however it could force a vote that would put republican lawmakers in position of defying either the president or
5:37 am
the will of the voters. that certification process will come just one day after the senate run off elections in georgia on january 5. republicans need to win at least one of the two races to hold onto control of the senate. the youth vote is shaping up as a significant factor in the run offs. more than 281,000 voters under 30 have already cast ballots rivalling the numbers in georgia in the november election. taking a live look a capitol hill where our congressional battle continues over higher stimulus checks. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell again shutting down a vote for $2,000 checks. he says the bill has no realistic path to quickly pass the senate and that the bill's only saving grace would be to include two of president trump's other priorities like a full repeal of online liability and an investigation into alleged voter fraud. 5:37.
5:38 am
in a few hours, california will be boosting its minimum wage. cbs money now from new york with the story and how the last day of trading 2020 will all play out. good morning. good morning. we have some breaking news on the job market this week. according to the labor department, 787,000 americans filed for unemployment benefits last week. still, a lot of people but that was slightly fewer than expected. this is the final weekly report of the year. there is hope the billions of dollars set aside to help small businesses will have a positive impact on the
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grab your passport and proof of a vaccine. eventually the big changes before you hit the skies in
5:41 am
2021 next on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. we are keeping an eye on high def doppler. see the showers? they're already near fresno. we are done with that one. the next chance is friday night. we are tracking a couple hot spots that will affect your drive on 680 as well as the
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taking a live look at sfo as coronavirus vaccines continue to roll out showing you got the shot could become a requirement at different airports. with that in mind, tech companies are launching pandemic travel apps. one app called common pass allows users to upload a covid- 19 test result or eventually proof of vaccination. the user can check covid-19 rules based on their itinerary. ibm has an app called digital health pass. it allows companies to what they need for entry. a destination that will require a negative coronavirus test for all airline passengers entering the country is canada. the new policy is expected to go into effect next week. we want to let you know a lot of us just felt an earthquake. i felt it in san francisco.
5:45 am
we are getting reports but we don't know where it was centered or how large it was. it shook my apartment building in san francisco. a little rattled but we will keep you posted as the morning continues and we find out more. air bnb taking steps to keep large groups from ringing in the new year in vacation rentals. it is an effort to combat covid parties. >> we spoke with air bnb hosts who say they are ready for the crackdown. >> it is frustrating and a little bit scary. >> reporter: cy has four vacation rentals listed on air bnb near san diego. the properties are booked for new year's and he makes it clear parties are not allowed. >> i have a few that try to sneak people in. being on site, i catch that. >> air bnb is enforcing tougher policies to stop gatherings due to a spike in covid cases. >> if you don't have a 5 star
5:46 am
rating and seeking a one night reservation, you will not be able to do that. >> they've been updating the policy since the start of the pandemic including restricting guests under 25 without positive reviews and even taking legal action against those who violate rules. >> it is absolutely critical to prioritize public health. >> he is abiding by the site's enhanced cleaning protocols. >> every unit between the stay is gone through and completely misted and sprayed with antibacterial cleaner to clean anything that might have been missed by the cleaning people. >> the stepped up efforts are designed to protect guests and keep vacationers from taking the virus home with them. new this morning, bay area households will again miss out on dungeness crab for a major holiday as local fleets continue to push for better
5:47 am
prices. wholesale prices hover about 2.25. crappers want it closer to 3.30 to help them pay for bait, boat maintenance, and insurance. an update on the earthquake, it was a 3.6 centered just south of near beach. we are trying to gather more info. in the meantime, a look at your roadways. we are dealing with slick surfaces. heads up if in walnut creek. south bound 680 at main street, we've got a couple cars tangled up. apparently one of the vehicles knocked down a traffic freeway sign. there is lots of debris reported. west bound 24 before gateway we've got a crash with a pole down in the right shoulder. as far as delays, a pretty minimal impact to traffic with not a lot of cars due to the holiday. if you are out and about, you will see slight delays.
5:48 am
east bound 80 before powell street, we have this out there. chp on screen with the left lane blocked. it's improving there. we were tracking brake lights and things are getting better. west bound 80 east of fremont we have reports of a trouble spot. san mateo bridge looks good. we are not seeing brake lights through this portion. as you head further west towards the peninsula side, west bound 92 at the high rise we are getting reports of a broken down big rig stuck in lanes. it looks like that's slowing down traffic just a bit. there are not a lot of cars in the road there so be careful. metering remains off so traffic is light but we have that traffic hazard off the bay bridge off the skyway at fremont street, it is blocking that lane. essential travel to tahoe, chains and snow tires required. let's check with darren. let's give you the overview
5:49 am
on that minor earthquake that was experienced within the last 15 minutes or so. it was centered off the coast. if we look at the red flashing bullseye on here, that shows you the way usgs will often locate these was to say it was a particular distance from one location. in this case they're saying it was just about seven kilometers south. several miles south of the beach which is actually here. it's not a good way to do it. think about it as being just about right off the coast where you would get towards muscle rock if you know where that is. there is an interesting side note. that's the exact location that the happened on. it does not mean there is a relationship in terms of intensity. this was minor. it was 3.6. anne felt it at her home. it is likely you may have felt this. now you know it was minor and centered in the pacific off the coast. if we look at high def doppler,
5:50 am
a few light showers showing up as we take a look. the last bands of rain have fallen apart south of fresno. there is really not much going on there. and we're done. if we look outside from the top of the sales force tower looking south, we are looking at clear skies now. it was cloudy overnight which meant that the temperatures were in the low 40s for morning lows. that's a big improvement for many of us, like a ten degree jump from where the numbers were. over much of the last week for much of the north bay, daytime highs today come into the low 60s for most locations with plenty blue sky. one other item to discuss. the high surf advisory. it stays in effect until 3:00 tomorrow morning, 3:00 a.m. friday. look at the coastline. everywhere that's highlighted in that purple has got it and we can see large breakers up to 20 feet, rip currents, sneaker waves, all those things you want to be careful about if you
5:51 am
are going near the water. i know this might be something you hear about and go oh a surf advisory, doesn't apply, when we had one of these it took somebody to sea and somebody lost their life. the more we can publicize that and get that information out there, the better. here comes the next chance of rain. that's late friday. as we advance this to friday late in the afternoon, it looks so good up there. but when we come in for a closer look, put resolution, play it through, those are light showers that fall apart as we go through friday evening and into friday morning. there is really not going to be a lot to that. we'll get a few light showers while we are sleeping on friday and that will be about it. as we look at the seven-day forecast, next chance for rain shows up on monday. that one looks more promising. we'll keep clouds around for the weekend, a small opportunity for rain perhaps as we look at the forecast for saturday night, mainly in the
5:52 am
north bay. the best bet will be early next week for more rain. let's get another bay area bright spot on. this morning we want to thank you for sending this in. they sent this from castro valley. these are filipino christmas lanterns they've got set up. a cool unique display. he says he made them with his six and eight-year-old daughters. we thank kenneth from sharing your holiday displays and hopefully maybe that inspires you to share yours. do you still have your lights and decorations up? e-mail or put a hash tag it on social media. cool or creepy? you be the judge. coming up, the viral video of robots taking over
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four minutes before 6:00. a group of robots taking over the dance floor. >> they have some moves and they are trending on social media and even getting a shout out from elon musk. >> ♪ i can mash potatoes, do
5:56 am
the twist. >> boston dynamics released this video to celebrate a happier new year and then in a flash the internet went crazy over the bots. the foot work, i think he was doing the running man. it will cost about $75,000 if you want one. or you can just watch the video. they're pretty impressive. i think you are better on the dance floor though. >> i don't know if i can hold a candle to those guys. 5:56. a first time detection. a new covid strain found in california. >> coming up in our next half hour on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, why the nation's leading expert says this is not a reason to panic. >> reporter: all major public events on new year's eve have been canceled. i am
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i just lost my job. with the kids at home and less money coming in, there'd be no way we could afford health insurance. my kids think i'm a superhero. but even superheroes need help sometimes. we found help at covered california. and not just us. 9 out of 10 people who enrolled got financial help. covered california. this way to health insurance. enrollment ends january 31st.
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right now on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, good-bye 2020, hello 2021. new year's eve is sure to look different. how local leaders are asking you to celebrate safely. a vaccine mishap. how the wrong group of people ended up rolling up their sleeves. a pricey back to school plan. how soon your child could be back in the classroom. slick roads as rainfalls overnight. what you need to know before heading out on the morning commute. good morning everyone. it is thursday, december 31. i am michelle griego. >> i am anne makovec in for len. a lot of people woken up early this morning. we did have a small earth quake


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