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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  June 16, 2020 12:00pm-12:28pm PDT

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. now on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, the air force sergeant suspected in the ambush killing of a deputy is charged
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in the shooting death of a security officer in oakland. the link in the two cases, this white van. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm len kiese. makovec has the latest on is.ale . reporte they say steveas aasse. he used a homemade machine gun in both of these killings. and that he appears to sympathize with a group called "boogaloo" which is a fringe group that believes there is an impending civil war. the scene was may 29th outsidover the oakland federal courthouse. federal agents say steve carillo shot and killed federal protective guard pat underwood. steve carillo was in a van driven by hrged aidin and abetting the killing. justice cased the area on foot.
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there was an active black lives matter protest going on at the time. and they drove the van as steve carillo opened the passenger door and opened fire. >> he elected to travel to oakland to conduct the murder and take advantage of a time when this nation was mourning the killing of george floyd. there is no evidence that these men had any intention to join the demonstration in oakland as some of the media have asked. they came to oakland to kill cops. . >> reporter: federal agents got a tip that the van in question was found in ben lomond in the santa cruz mountains. when the sheriff's officers went to serve a search warrant on june 6th, steve carillo shot and killed the sergeant. he used the same firearm in both killings, a machine gun made from untraceful parts known as a ghost gun with silencer on the
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barrel. during his attempted get away, he wrote words on a vehicle in his own blood and those words and a patch he wore with a modified american flag indicates he is part of the "boogaloo" movement. in addition to the state and federal murder charges he is now facing, he's also facing attempted murder charges because the partner of pat underwood was shot and injured in the shooting in oakland. and if he gets the maximum penalties, he could be facing a potential death penalty. i'm anne makovec at the live news desk. and pg&e is one of a few u.s. companies to be convicted of manslaughter. the utility pleaded guilty to 84 count of involuntary manslaughter connected to its role in sparking the 2018 campfire. pg&e is entering a guilty plea for unlawfully causing a fire. there will be a fine up to $10,000 for each life lost in
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the blaze. the campfire ravaged the town of paradise and was the deadliest in state history. the state iti fe to a break in n piece of pg&e aequipment along a high voltage transmission line. and new video just in of an explosive fire. this is in stinson beach. fire crews on the scene and c.h.p. is on the scene. multiple buildings damaged. the first call came in around 8:30 this morning. no reports of injuries. the fire is under control and no word on how it started. and also new this afternoon, president trump has signed an executive order on police reform amid national calls for change.h declared he's to the law asked
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order president. >> we must approve accountability, increase transparency, and invest more resources in police training, recruiting, and community engagement. >> reporter: the order encourages police departments to collect and track excessive force come mrantss. >> as part of the credentialing process. chokeholds will be banned, except if an officer's life is at risk. >> reporter: and president met privately with african american families impacted by police brutality or civil violence, including the family of ahmaud arbery. held work with congress on the additional legislation on capitol hill. the house is combpted to vote on the legislation next week. but the senate is not expected to vote on its bill until next
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month. >> the popular anger over long-simmering issues of police brutality and racial justice reached the tipping point. there is no reason to wait or delay. >> reporter: senate tim scott will unvail the senate gop plan tomorrow and says it's a mistake to wait until after the 4th of july to vote on the legislation. skylar henry, cbs news, the white house. and to the coronavirus pandemic. there are now more than 8 million confirmed cases worldwide. that's according to the johns hopkins university. plus, updated models project more than 201,000 people will die in the u.s. alone by october. that's up 30,000 from jusastwee. new, resears in the uk say a new drug can improveid 's ate shoit duth. theedhousan
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ts randomly assigned to get the drug. the u.s. and canada border is closed through most of july. the travel ban was expected to expire on sunday. but the canadian prime minister confirmed the ban will be extended to july 21st. and the u.s. open tennis tournament is getting the green light. governor cuomo is allowing the tournament without fans in august. but some expressed reservations about the venn knew. the facility was used as a temporary place for coronavirus patients. and santa clara county discussed reopening. and they discussed the protocol to avoid a spike in cases. and speakers want to maintain the online county services. the plan is to pivot back to in
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person work. supervisor chavez wants a clear plan. and happening today, free covid-19 testing in palo alto in the lobby of city hall. tests taken on a walk in basis from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. each takes five minutes and results sent via mail or e-mail.. >> the desire is there from people to get tested. they just need a place that's safe in their neighborhood to walk to it or get there freely. >> long lines this morning didn't keep the rests signing up to be tested. the testing is free, and you do not need a doctor's note to be tested. and today, activists, prisoners, and families are demanding action to stop what they're calling a brewing public health crisis at san quentin state prison. in a virtual press conference, activists say covid-19 next week. are 2 cases.
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and staff is being tested. but testing of inmates has apparently not occurred, robust testing, anyway. they are asking the governor to release more inmates at a faster pace and keep the prison population down. some prisoners called into the conference from the jail about the current conditions. >> the prison passed out hand sanitizer donated by u.c.f. s. we got one small bottle a couple of months ago and haven't received any sense. the statewide order to socially distance does not include a footnote excluding incarcerated persons. our right to be free of harm is not reported to us. >> the governor has started releasingne within 180 days of their original release
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date. some say that's not enough people to make a difference. activists say the governor must use the clemency power more frequently. north korea has blown up an inter-korean office used for talks with south korea. the explosion was caught on camera, raising tensions in the area. ian lee has more details. >> reporter: the office was built to forge closer ties between north korea and sshg. that was 2018. now the building is up in smoke, much like the relations. the latest rise in escalations started with detectors sent leaflets across the border, krit sooizing kim jong-un's regime. the north retaliated with demonstrations. and tuesday, north korean state tv called the detectors human scum and said the office was
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destroyed in a terrific explosion. the north's recent actions may be diverting attention from domestic issues. >> over the past few months, kim jong-un's health has been in question. despite north korea staying covid free and always has been, we know the claims are disputed. and north korea's economy is taking a severe toll. >> reporter: north korea, he says, is also frustrated over the lack of progress following metings between kim jong-un and president trump. >> according to north korea, the so called u.s. hostile policy is still there and south korea hasn't done anything to try and mediate. >> reporter: without diplomatic movement, experts fear a further escalation, including new north korean missile tests. cbs news, london. still ahead on kpix5 and
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streaming on cbsn bay area, the pandemic may have been the final straw for some city dwellers. why some are packing up and moving on. and what some airlinings will do if you turn up for your flight without a mask. i'm tracking the winds this afternoon. here's a live look looking north. you can see the winds picking up. we'll show you futurecast and the strongest winds and details of a warm-up on the way. . and kpix is working to bring you the positive stories during this sk i swear.isld be a mess without me.
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stay healthy and slow the spread. wear a mask when going out in public.
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. some airlines announced they'll begin blacklisting passengers who refuse to wear face masks. united is rolling out the policy on wednesday. if a passenger refuses, their name could be put on an internal restriction list. american airlines announced a similar policy last night. the pandemic has changed how we live. ura po t exodus.people rethink >> reporter: they love the extra space in the suburbs. >> we realized we have the hunker down and stay away from people, we realized apartment living was not the best way.
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>> reporter: by video call, they agreed to purchase a house in connecticut in april. moving from their apartment in new york city to a larger, greener space. >> we had to make the move quickly. >> rleavteg. the real estate broker using face time to conduct business. many are able to move quickly because companies are allowing employees to work from home. >> it's intense for people. rte thellr of city living. >> the ability to do on a whim amazing things. >> reporter: but the right timer the family. stocks boomed at the opening bell this morning off the back of reports of an additional stimulus package. you can see there live on the big board, the dob is up 450 points. u.s. production went up 1.4% in may, indicating a partial recovery from the lockdown.
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and manufacturing is up 3.8%. consumers bouncing back. retail sales in the u.s. jumpeoo may, rebounding after the march shutdown orders. time now for a check of the weather. >> here's meteorologist mary lee. le len and michelle. i'm tracking the winds this afternoon. we have been watching the winds pick up. here's the treasure island camera. is camera is shaking a bit. the temperatures in the 60s and 70s. 73 in concord. oakland, 66. livermore, 71. 70 san jose. and current winds, 22 miles per hour outf the west. and 13 in oakland, livermore, san jose. 14 mile an hour winds in pal
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olt. and looking at 12 mile an hour winds in napa and santa rosa. it will low pressure system dropped a dry cold front kick up the winds. futurecast through the rest of the day, we'll see the winds pick up even more through the rest of the afternoon and evening. so westerly to north westerly winds 10 to 20 miles per hour with the strongest winds along the coast around the bay, up to 20 to 30 miles per hour. as we look to tomorrow, the winds will ease a bit. just a little breezy. definitely not as windy as what we have seen today and yesterday for sure. and now let's show you the daytime highs. around where we should be this time of year. so near normal. looking at upper 60s in san francisco. 73 in oakland for a high. 76 in san jose. and 81 for concord. and there we go with the extended forecast. and high pressure is building in starting tomorrow.
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that means the beginning of a warming trend for us. temperatures will actually be above average for this time of year starting wednesday. and we'll continue to watch for temperatures climbing thursday, the hottest day of the week. back to you. coming up, more support for colin kaepernick to get
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. colin kaepernick would be on the way back to playing professional football. nfl commissioner encouraged teams to sign kaepernick and said he would support it. the former 49er has not played for an nfl team since the 2016 season when he began kneeling ring npral injusticend licerutality. some california high schools now have the green light to kick off the training in case fall sports return. parents are asked to sign a risk of coronavirus and they release the school from liability. >> i know that the virus is very
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real. i want life to be normal again. >> it's the uncertainty. i just couldn't sign a waiver and say whatever happens, happens. >> the california interscholastic federation says individual districts make
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. talk about a big surprise as a reporter and photographer
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pulled into a parking garage in new york and spotted a bear strolling through a parking lot. they followed the bear in the car as the bear made its way through local streets. and right there, hopped over a guardrail to a local park. the sneaky bear managed to evade the police officers by hiding in hedges. and coming up at 5:00, the san francisco and oakland zoos running on fumes during the shutdown. their pleas for financial help to keep feeding the animals. that story and more at 5:00. and let's get a last check condnsor tod w near normal daytime highs. we'll start to heat things up beginning tomorrow. high pressure builds in. we'll see highs in the low to mid 90s inland. and low to mid 80s for the bay. and upper 60s for the coast. hotter for thursday, mid to
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upper 90s inland on thursday. we'll stay above average for the rest of the week, including the weekend with the warm to hot conditions with the ridge of high pressure
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