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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  May 20, 2020 1:37am-2:11am PDT

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wash your hands for at least twenty seconds. . now ads 11:00, breaking news in santa clara county where a fire has broken out, interrupting tonight's show at a drive-in movie theater, new details just into the news room. the first bay area county has permission to move further
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in phase two of reopening where customers can return to restaurants and retail shops. a new campaign under way to lure tesla out of california. >> we knew we had to do something outside of the box. >> tonight the attention grabbing stunt to catch the company's eye and why experts say it's likely to fall flat. a big blow for public schools in california as the discover proposes cutting $7 billion from the budget. how two bay area school districts are fighting back and how it could impact the reopening of schools. now at 11:00, streaming on cbsn bay area, breaking news in san jose, crews are on the scene of an intense fire in the southside of the city. . stida. ing, i'm s a live look at hillsdale avenue. behind the drive-in w crews are still mopping up the flames tonight. they tell us dozens of port o
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potties caught fire along with truck parts and equipment at ab auto wreckers business. this happened an hour and a half ago. this video was shot by jane from the drive-in and shows the flames and smoke rising into the air. people in the area say they believe they heard fire works going off followed by a loud bloom. >> it sounded like fire crackers. i came from my house in the trailer park. so it's kind of odd. i heard a big explosion. i seen the fire and i came to check it out. >> the flames burned a nearby power pole causing the lines to fall creating problems for crews as they worked to put out the fire. no word on what started it or if anyone was hurt napa county has the green light to reopen businesses. the county met state requirements to move further into stage two.
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that means peoplell dinein restaurants can reopen with modifications. businesses will have to post a checklist showing they've reduced the risk for spreading covid-19. the culinary institute can i open in june, county leaders say reservoir debit haves been following social distancing guidelines which allowed the county to move forward. >> most of our businesses in napa county pleased that we have such a low positive case rate. we have only had three deaths in napa county because the public health officer put protocols in place right from the start to say we're going to stay home in napa county to protect ourselves. >> what's not included are are wine are ris and wine tasting roreopening timeline. .
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meanwhile contra costa county entered phase two to reo with modifications. this was the scene in pleasant hill. businesses that were allowed to offer curb side pick up did not see a rush of shoppers and some retailers told kpi x 5 they hope warm weather will increase food traffic. santa khaira county expected to enter phase two this friday. in downtown san jose the san pedro square market welcomed pack some customers to day. just like the rest of the bay area, its curb side pick up only. although the market itself is still closed to the public, ten small businesses inside have come back, people order on headline, pick up in person in a carefully managed setting. north carolina trying to ter n threened to om ca move headquarters out of the state.
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what's at stake, betty? we're talking about 14,000 jobs. it could be a hit to the economy. but governor gavin newsom is confident he has more reasons to stay. north carolina went to great heights to try to wootzes ha away from california. a small plane flew a banner over the fremont factory reading tesla, come to nc, we want you at gr mega site. the site was recent hi passed over for a toyota mazda plant. >> we knew we had to do something outside of the box. >> the president is pitching greensboro as a place to move. musk threatened to take tesla out of the state when alameda county blocked his plans to resume production early. >> it's an incredibly
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competitive business. we try to stand out from a crowd. i can't think of any community in the united states that wouldn't want a tesla facility. today the governor addressed the matter on cnbc. >> i'm not worried about elon leaving any time soon. we're committed to the success and the low carbon green growth economy. >> the fremont plant fully reopened yesterday after the county signed off on its health safety man. specters ha is already located here. he has some costs. he has an entire plant built out. so it doesn't make sense he would uproot all of that. >> it's important to note tesla is a silicon valley company based in paw low alto.
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so it's in its best interest to stay here as a tech company not just an automobile company. ken? betty, thank you for that. by friday, all 50 states will ginhousenning some shelter in mace restrictions. only two states have met the white house guidelines to reopen. kentucky and north dakota. at he's is 17 states seeing a rise in daily coronavirus case rates and experts say moving too quickly could lead to further outbreaks in washington, the head of federal learn said americans must feel comfortable returning to work. that would take a sensible man, including testing, treatment, and a vaccine, treasury secretary steven mnuchin was perezed about worker safety at the day's senate banking committee hearing. >> how many workers will die if we send people back to work without protections they need.
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>> we don't intend to send anybody back to work without protections. >> they met with gop hopples to discuss next steps toward economic recovery. with schools preparing for the next school year, a huge blow from governor newsom. he's proposing a 7 billion- dollar cut from education as the state tries to close a massive deficit. kpix 5 reporter andrea joins us with a look at what this means for our local schools. >> two bay area school districts joined four others in the state in writing a letter to state legislators saying reopening of schools will be delayed if cuts are are madement they say they need more resources not less. >> any cuts will hurt obviously, that right there amounts to really about a 35 million-dollar cut to our district. >> a district with 20 million
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out of the budget they can't imagine making more cuts especially during the pandemic. they're estimating a 20% increase in spending while trying to restart schools to put in measures to prevent the spread of the virus. that adds up to 100 billion dollars. >> they're asking for advice on how to reopen schools and with the price tag. there's no way to open school we taking away resources. >> we've been making do with the bare minimum. it's a pun hick health crisis. we can't go back to the bare minimum. >> as states try to get the economy going, schools say effo, to have a of place for students their parent they hope the federal government steps up to provide schools with the resources they
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need. >> our schools, our staff, the health of everybody, all that should be the priority. we should focus on that. we're about protecting our people here. >> the governor aid he's all ready used federal money to help schools. the state superintendent of school wills have a meeting on thursday with districts to talk about the are reopening plan, xpix 5. an accused child predator if dub hundred could be the latest to walk out of jail because of covid-19 prison reduction protocols. he had been in custody at santa rita jail for a year. and he's accused of arresting multiple victims between the ages of 6 an12. these attorneys will ask him to produce the proof. he said the possibility of life in prison that makes him a flight risk. >> his family is more than well
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off. and our concern is that he's from another country. when we arrested him, he had two passports. one u.s., one and a foreign country. >> the same superior court will hear his case on friday. and release the livermore grape subject. a breech forced thousands of families to scramble to safety for the second time in less than a day, the high schooling danger that could turn things from bad to worse. a new battle erupts over the oakland coliseum. the multimillion doll hardies puerto rico over the home of the a's. bay area students stepping up in a big way, to help people unable to receive their homes during the pandemic. >> i'm receiving chemo. i'm not able to go to stores. this has been terrific. tonight we'll meet the
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♪ this virus is testing all of us. and it's testing the people on the front lines of this fight most of all. so abbott is getting new tests into their hands, delivering the critical results they need. and until this fight is over, we...will...never...quit. because they never quit.
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♪ you're the engine that makes all things go ♪eys] ♪ and you're always in disguise, my hero ♪ ♪ i see your we all know it's hard ♪ in n ♪ you're doing a good job a good job ♪ ♪ you're doing a good job ♪ don't get too down ♪ the world needs you now ♪ know that you matter and we have develotonight where 10,000 people have been ordered to evacuate to higher ground immediately. this after relentless rain caused two dams to fail. a state of emergency is in
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effect for midland county where dams broke 10 miles apart. along the titabawassi river. no deaths or injuries reported. one county officials estimates the water is headed for 3500 homes. an update on the oakland athletics refusal to pay rent on the coliseum. a's executives say they're not paying since the stadium hasn't been open and it's not generated any avenue. the seem sedes it will resume payments when the as get back on the peel. whenever that may happen. the candidate a's say in more the joint p.o.w.s authority has been unable to make the coliseum look unsue allen.
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it's home until or if we get two decades. after two decades of manning. she's ready to throw her mom into the dolly she hobbed. ridership is down a staggering 93%. a 600 million-dollar hole in bart's projected budget. >> next fiscal year will be difficult. but like our transit partly nerfs, we're adamant about moving through and being strong. and getting people to have they knee to go. >> getting 20,000 with the aid. a group of high school students teamed up to help those unable to leave their homes during this pandemic.
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>> kpix 5 squcess thteams providing their neighbors with a helping hand. the young man with the groceries, is 27-year-old john stan hi. a junior in belmont. he's with a new nonprofit. zoomers to boomers. they drop off bags at homes who made the order. people who continue shop themselves. >> anyone who is afraid to hoof the. as rewarding as it to to help their neighbors, it's been good to get outside when they've been inside for so long. >> the fact that we get a hiking freedom back. because we're in our cars driving around getting fresh
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air. it's amazing. >> stacie is the ucsf sociologist. she says it's important for young people that stay busy during the pandemic and recognize the opportunity they have to hench. >> i've taken the i nor bows. people who have been to wars and seen a lot. i'm receiving chemo, so i'm not able to go into stores. this so listen trapment quo. >> i love stories like this. just people stunning up and doing the right thing, and helping your neighbor, and it's amount to see during times like theis. >> that's you believe believable. i'm a little speechless about
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it weather wise, fair hi cooperative through out the evening, the camera is moving a little bit. but not bouncing like it was earlier. it was so windy through out the evening. the wind is he hacking note. foye we'll drop down to the upper 40s. everybody else in the low 50s. a nice warm up in store for us tomorrow. that little fluff ball looks like he would nigh away with the windy conditions we had earlier. early morning nows. plenty of sunshine in the afternoon.
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temperatures will be 1 to 3 degrees in above the bay. till below average farther inhand. temperatures barely ab w to mid 70s. low to mid 70s. in the far valley. up to 78 degrees degrees near antioch. even up to the mid 70s with santa rosa. a spew sunshine through out the day, the uv intex is something to be concerned about. it's doing to be a nine out of a of one proeleven even with that will change.
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memorial day, 90 degrees inhand on monday. well into the 80s saturday and sun. low ting. >> class of 22 won't get to walk the stage in their caps and gowns this year. but they will be sell patedment become. >> a w.h.o. complies everything trump hates, the world, health, and
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headlight one supervisor working to make sure high school seen seniors recognized. >> david spruced a resolution to fund virtual graduations at five schools in the jefferson union district. he's asking for 10 no thousand dollars to cover costs. the on headline ceremonies will be hilled june 29th and the
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30th. >> we continue to is a hewitt the class of 2020. big congrats to michael. he's headed to san francisco city college to thank you di fire fighting. a big should out to erica johnson a senior at sannen to san to. email do to greats @cbs taupe. eard at the center of terback' controversy. update on
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the giants man to keep all full- time missouris on the payroll through september. mean while, it's full speed ahead on that relocation project at oracle. workers have resumed construction on the bullpen. back in march it was shut down to help mitigate the spread of coronavirus. giants tell us they aim to have that project completed in two to three weeks, when finished the bullpen will finally live
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nfeelersterbk hler poedvi online. for this trip to the barber shop. that's still not allowed in parts of minnesota. and ty cover cow have known it. >> you go to something like a barber shop and you're not protected, i don't care who you. i done think any pence vapian august to take cha thans chance. >> may 19th. here is what happened on this date in sports history. in 2016 brandon crawford supplying the power against the padres and the joints get their eighth straight win. 1962. stan gets his career number 3,431st hit. he briana vannozzi old order
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for most of the national leag ch alw inmajole crown, we're going to disney land. >> the horse finished fourth. >> western conference on the ice. san jose your shot at the first ever stanley cup final. the great one ,wayne gretzky with the oilers won three more with edmondon. gretzky at one time held 61 nhl records. take a break. back with the other
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