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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  May 16, 2020 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. >> some sun bathers at oakland's lake merritt were greeted with parking tickets when they returned to their cars. but not everybody's got one. i'll explain why and how the parking ban is working out. then it's america, you have the choice. it's time for the government to stop dictating another month, another three months. >> a northern california city isn't waiting for governor to re-open. the major step that city officials just took. plus, a live look outside from our exclusive sales force camera. we are tracking another round of wet weather making its way toward the bay area. thank you for joining us, i'm juliette goodrich. >> and i'm brian hackney a new crackdown on oakland's lake merritt. the city's banned street parking
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this weekend in the hopes of keeping crowds away. >> kpix 5's da lin explains how some people got away with marking next to the lake even though it's illegal. >> reporter: some people are going around the lake to rip down these no parking signs and parking officers tell me no signs, they can't give out tickets. that explained why none of these cars on this block got a ticket. >> they're all torn down. >> reporter: someone vandalized all the signs. by early afternoon, many no parking signs around the lake have been ripped away. so oakland police had to go up to every driver to tell them about the parking ban. >> now that the signs are down, i think it was a protest for people to say no signs, you can't ticket me. >> reporter: earlier in the morning when the signs were still up, parking enforcement officers made the round and gave out a lot of tickets, including this cyclist. >> i took some pictures because there's no sign indicating that you can't park right here. so i'll protest the ticket for sure. >> reporter: oakland city leaders decided to ban food trucks and street parking
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adjacent to lake merritt because they're fed up with large parties and lack of social distancing. >> because if you can't park, you can't lay out. >> reporter: some neighbors support the ban. >> when the sun came out, it got kind of crazy the last couple of weeks. felt like there was no corona going on in the neighborhood. >> reporter: others disagree, saying they're being punished over some individual's bad behavior. >> i feel it's unfair for the people who are abiding like myself. we're using our mask. we have our gloves. >> reporter: the tickets and the police presence seem to work. much smaller crowds around the lake compared to previous weekends. >> i've seen on a friday night there's so many people congress gaiting here. and half the people do not have masks on. it's like the regular lake merritt party. so in general, i agree with it, but the city has to do a better job of implementing it. >> reporter: the signs are back. they're writing tickets again. $70 each. no parking in the month of may
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on fridays, saturdays and sundays, also memorial day. in oakland, i'm da lin, kpix 5. across the bay, scenes like this might force san francisco's mayor to follow through with her threats. today crowds packed nearly every square foot of dolores park, sort of impossible to social distance with that many people on the grass. and not many masks out there either. in the past, the mayor has warned she will close the park if crowds keep showing up. well, the weather may keep some crowds away. in fact, here's a look at a time lapse video of the cloud and fogs in san francisco. a new storm is making its way to the bay area. and meteorologist darren peck i. hi, darren. >> hey, julianne. those clouds look impressive coming through the golden gate, but look at the south bay. plenty of sunshine down here. this storm taking its sweet time getting here. let me show you why. that's a big picture view, and you can see a lot of clouds out here and a lot more rain thereupon. let's get rid of the clouds and focus on the timing for when
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this gets down here. we switch from life high def doppler, put it into the futurecast, which reads this band of rain beautifully. right there, picks up on it and brings it forward. and look at the time. it's not until we get to the 8:00 hour before we start to see the leading edge of these showers work their way into sonoma county and mendocino county. and most of the rain tonight is going to be focused up here. i'll let this play through most of the evening. that takes us into about 7:00 tomorrow morning. we've got a chance of showers everywhere at this point, but it's still mainly in the north bay. watch what happens by late morning tomorrow. look at that band of heavier rain. that starts to come right into the city. that gets us into late morning on sunday. so the rain starts tonight, but this is going to be an all day rainmaker throughout the day tomorrow and we've got leftovers to talk about on monday. and i'm going to outline all of that in a lot more detail coming up in a bit. for now, back to you. >> darren, thank you. in just days, several bay area counties will move into the governor's stage two of
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re-opening. san francisco, san mateo and marin will allow curbside retail pickup and manufacturing beginning on monday. alameda and contra costa county expect to make similar moves next week. san ta the clara county, though, has not announced plans to ease restrictions. out of frustration with the governor's re-opening policy, one california town is doing its own thing. atwater in merced county is trying to open for business without state or county permission. the town declared itself a sanctuary city for all businesses, local law enforcement won't interfere. and the city will allow businesses, regardless of the risk, re-open and implement their own physical distancing measures. >> then it's america, you have the choice. it's time for the government to stop dictating another month, another three months, six months, when it's going to end? when everybody's bankrupt? >> atwater's got 12 of merced county's nearly 200 cases of
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coronavirus. city officials did submit a formal request to move deeper into stage two of the state's re-opening plan, but they just haven't heard back. so far nearly a third of california's 58 counties have been allowed to re-open restaurants to dine-in service as well as shopping malls and other businesses. the 19 counties that have met state standards for containing the spread of covid-19, though, are mostly in rural areas of northern california and they have small populations. >> well, meanwhile, across the u.s., nearly every state is open in some form. but some researchers say only nine states have met testing levels and are safe to re-open. cbs news correspondent danya bacchus reports from los angeles on efforts to balance saving the economy and saving lives. >> cheers. >> it's like christmas day. >> finally things are getting back to normal it looks like. >> reporter: near sacramento, california, diners celebrated a chance to once again eat at a restaurant. >> they wiped off all of the tables. they had menus that were
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disposable so people weren't reusing them. i feel like they were doing a good job which makes us feel safe. >> reporter: safe behavior is what new york's governor says is needed to prevent a second wave of the coronavirus. >> how you act will determine what happens to you, literally. will i get infected? depends on what y. >> reporter: cuomo says he expects to see an increase as certain regions begin to reep. >> how you doing? >> reporter: new york city mayor bill de blasio handed out masks saturday in a sprawling queens park. it's just a few miles from elmhurst hospital, one of the nation's early hot spots in the pandemic. in north carolina, phase two of governor roy cooper's re-opening plan would allow overnight camps to operate this summer. >> as a mom and a grandma, i don't think it's a good idea. not yet. i think we need to take things a little slow. >> reporter: and at metropolitan state university in denver, freshman nursing students were allowed back in the classroom
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for essential hands-on training. >> to start to like draw blood and then she was showing us how to insert an iv line. >> reporter: it took weeks of conversations with officials from all over campus before the lab class could be conducted safely. danya bacchus, cbs news, los angeles. >> the bay area has more than 10,000 cases of coronavirus with more than 400 deaths. santa clara was the first and hardest hit bay area county, but alameda is now a close second. >> east oakland will soon see its first drive-thru covid-19 testing center. it'll be located outside the allen temple baptist church on international boulevard near 85th. free testing will begin on monday. it's open to everybody regardless of immigration status, but you do need an appointment to get tested. also in oakland, the salvation army handed out a thousand meals to families in need. that was made possible by donations through the church of jesus christ of latter day
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saints. food boxes were given out on a first come, first serve basis. a traffic alert in the east bay. b.a.r.t. has shut down the walnut creek station because a person was on the tracks and right now trains are single tracking between lafayette and pleasant hill stations so no word on the condition of the person right now. b.a.r.t. says passengers should expect major delays. in the south bay, a person was hit and killed by caltrain. that happened 10:45 this morning on the tracks south of capitol station in san jose. train was headed south toward gilroy. there were no passengers on board, though, when the person was hit. the death does mark caltrain's fourth fatality this year. and coming up, can you get infected with coronavirus through your eyes? the growing evidence tonight and what you can do to protect yourself. >> there are special rescepters on the eye that can bind the covid-19 coronavirus. plus, more bay area county parks and beaches are easing
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restrictions. we'll tell you where you can go out and enjoy the great outdoors. and yes, we are honoring the class of 2020. reagan lewis is graduating from venetia high school and will be attending uc san diego where she will major in anthropology. and a shout-out to rihanna montoro in daly city. she'll be attending college in pleasant hill. do you have a grad in your life? tag us in your social media post or send your pictures directly to no professional photos, please, and include their name and a little something about t we're all doing our part by staying at home.
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that could mean an increase in energy bills. you can save by using a fan to cool off... unplugging and turning off devices when not in use... or closing your shades during the day. stay well and keep it golden. this evening hollywood is mourning the loss of a longtime actor, fred willard. he was best known for his roles
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in the film anchorman and the tv series everybody loves raymond and modern family. in a statement, willard's daughter said that he died peacefully last night. cause of death has not been released. actors and comedians have been posting tributes online. steve car rel said willard is the funniest person he's ever worked with. he was 86 years old. new concerns that covering your nose and mouth may not be enough when it comes to protecting yourself from coronavirus. kpix 5's devin fehely on the new research revealing why your eyes may also be susceptible. >> there are special receptors on the eye that can bind the covid-19 coronavirus. >> reporter: while the coronavirus typically enters the body through the nose and mouth, dr. ella says there is growing evidence the eyes too may be vulnerable. >> the eye is a bit of a mystery area right now. we know that the receptors that the virus likes to bind to,
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they're present on the eye. >> reporter: researchers at john hopkins school of medicine found two receptors in the eyes. those same proteins line your nasal passage and respiratory tract. it's the main way the virus gets inside your body. the doctor says the takeaway is clear. >> the eye area should be very hygienically treated and protected. and we need to pay attention to that just as we do to the mouth area and the nose area. >> reporter: the doctor says more research is needed to better understand how an infection that begins in the eye progresses versus the nose and mouth. but the reemphasize the importance, she says, of regular, thorough hand washing and disinfecting surfaces. >> we scratch it. you rub your eyes, things like that. so just being very cognizant as you are now about this area, being very cognizant to include the area around eyes as well. >> reporter: devin fehely, kpix
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5. at-home coronavirus testing kits have been given the green light by the fda. the agency is working with texas company everly well on the sample test kits. health care providers can now screen patients and prescribe them to take home a take-home kit. we'll translate this into english next time. the test will require a nasal sample. the goal is to avoid potential exposure to the virus. the everlywell test is currently the only authorized at-home kit. well, if you need to get out and go for a walk or a hike, you'll soon have a few more options. starting monday, some parks and trailheads in marin county are expected to open back up. but amenities like benches and barbecue pits will remain off limits as well as some popular areas. officials saying point reyes national seashore, golden gate national recreation area, and mount tamapayas state park will
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remain closed to car traffic. and san mateo county is easing restrictions on recreation. parks and beaches west of highway 1 will only be open from 11:00 until 5:00 to people who live within walking distance. however, rez dependents are no longer restricted to just ten miles for recreational travel. well, boating in lake tahoe will be hard to come by this season if you're not a local. the tahoe regional planning agency recently said that they're going have a phased in approach for boating. part of the delay, concession stations remain closed and inspecting boats for invasive species that might have hitched their way from other waters is something tahoe takes seriously. >> you'll be able to launch during the first phase of the program. and then later on we'll be able to invite boats from outside of the region who are travelling and visiting. >> it's important that the lake's ecosystem remains undisrupted so until more
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inspection stations can open out of area boats will just have to wait. >> all right, well we'll hold off until then. i bet that lake is so clear though. it looks so nice. >> just looking at those underwater shots even as they were already makes me long for days when we can go back there. let's take about how the temperatures are going to feel about the next day. then we're going to talk about the rain. near the low to mid-70s now with the exception of a cool north bay. santa rosa at 65 right now. the overnight lows bring us down into the mid-upper 50s. this will be like what you've been experiencing. the highs tomorrow come down a couple degrees from today, even though we've got a good rainmaker coming our way. high def doppler shows you the rain off the coast now. we're going to pick up on the futurecast and take that rain, bring it onshore. we finally start to notice the rain in the north bay, for sonoma county, past sunset. showers begin up here.
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the story of tonight is focused mainly on the north bay. if anybody's going to see rain, likely north of the golden gate bridge through the remainder of tonight. as we get into tomorrow morning, now we start to see the focus begin to shift further south. so by 8:00 tomorrow morning, there is a well organized band of rain coming right into the heart of the bay area. over the golden gate, right through the city, get over towards the east bay, and then by the late afternoon that focus has finally made it down into the south bay and we'll see some rain make it down into the santa cruz mountains and the diablo range. maybe we'll even get measurable rain in the santa clara valley. here's monday. monday's different. monday is more isolated showers with pop-up thunderstorms. i stopped it here because i wanted you to see that one. not that exactly at monday morning at 6:30 we're going to have a thunderstorm over san jose, but there will be isolated pop-up showers happening anywhere in the bay area on monday. if you happen to get one over you, could be a pretty good brief little downpour.
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there won't be a whole lot of them. let's see how this all works out in terms of rainfall. for just looking at tonight between now and midnight, santa rosa maybe picks up five-hundredths of an inch of rain. now all day sunday. and the totals finally start to go up for everybody. a half an inch of rain for santa rosa at that point. maybe 200ths of an inch for san jose down here. this takes into account tomorrow. this gives you the best idea of what kind of rainmaker this is going to be. you have to be in the north bay to notice much. monday's sporadic pop-up thunderstorms, it's a different story. a little more, perhaps anywhere. one other thing i want to point out on the rain for the south bay is, because of the way this rain's coming in, there is going to be a lot of rain in the south bay in the mountains. we pick up about an inch and a half of rain in the mountains as the mountains take all the rain and we're in the rain shadow over here. the seven-day forecast, two days of rain on sunday and monday. then we clear it out by tuesday
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and we're back into sunny and warm by the weekend. it's going to snow in the sierra from this storm. i'm going to talk more about that coming up in the 6:00 newscast. for now, guys, back over to you. hey, straight ahead, fans of soccer are going to want to hear this. and, and a case of
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if soccer is leadling off the show, i know that you know it's a big deal. for the transplanted germany sports fans out there, the soccer league is back in business. no fans today. first major soccer league to return. tough one for shalky in blue. you see the mask at germany. scoreless but not for long. look at the ball movement. set up for hall and the
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19-year-old teen sensation struck in the 28th minute. i've never been more excited to voice that one over. segue over to basketball. the nba is expected to make a decision on whether to resume their season sometime in the next two to four weeks. the league and owners want to resume and according to players association president cristobal the players are also on board to return to the floor. >> obviously, we want to play. oh man, we want to play. we want to play bad too. i think that's the consensus for the guys around the league. we want it to be, obviously, as safe as possible, but the biggest thing is we miss the game. baseball. we all miss this don't we? owner this is week made a proposal to players to start the season fourth of july weekend and split the league revenue 50/50. well, pitcher blake snell of tampa is not feeling it. sounded off on the media channel twitch after viewers wondered why the cy young winner should make such a big issue about the
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money. it went viral. >> well, i'm risking my life. what do you mean this should not be a thing? it 100% should be a thing. if i'm going to play, i should be getting the money i signed to be getting paid. for me to take a pay cut is not happening because the risk is through the roof. so in my head, i'm preparing for next season. >> still with baseball, hey, guess what? i ran into brandon crawford this week in his hometown of pleasanton. but there's more to this than you might think. >> reporter: this is brandon crawford, pleasanton native, foothill high school, giant shortstop. and this is brandon crawford, pleasanton native, foothill high school, one-time giant -- little leaguer. >> we have met in passing in high school. i was a freshman in high school when he was a senior. he was a little more popular
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than i was. >> reporter: recently this crawford a bartender at sunshine saloon sports bar in pleasanton, got some interesting fan mail. >> it actually got sent to my parent's house. i haven't lived at that address in a long time. dear mr. brandon crawford, thank you for taking time to read this letter. >> reporter: it was from a man in illinois who somehow tracked down the bartender, not the ball player, to sign and return his enclosed card. >> what are the odds? >> astronomical, it's got to be. >> reporter: how do we score it? fan error? bartender brandon says, no. >> we have family friends that have family friends of theirs. the other brandon crawford. we're going to try to get this card signed by him. i'd like to sign my own personal signature on one of my little league cards. we want to get that sent back to him. i think he would appreciate the effort that got put in to get all this done. >> i can't wait to see how this plays out. >> you got to love pleasanton. six degrees of separation.
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so hopefully
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today students at one bay area university found a creative bay to cross the stage and accept their di blo mas. students at uc berkeley created this virtual simulation of their school using the video game minecraft and called it uc blockley. today the chancellor and others participated in a virtual commencement ceremony. congratulations.
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that's it for us at 5:00. we'll see you back here at 6:00. >> cbs weekend news is next. news updates are always ♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> gianola: tonight, heading out masks or not. >> we're ready. >> gianola: nearly every state reopens in some way from the jersey shore to the west coast, and oregon slopes. at the track, they're off, as some urge caution. >> and don't underestimate this virus. >> gianola: also tonight, the president takes aim at critics after claiming virus victory is near. >> vaccine or no vaccine, we're back. >> gianola: while new virus relief gets push-back. plus, the class of 2020 in the age of covid. >> missing out on the festivities and the commencement, that's sad. >> gianola: in georgia, new demands for justice in the death of ahmaud arbery. the coronavirus ignites a remote revolution, at home and work.


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