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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  August 5, 2019 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix 5 news. president donald trump lays out his plan to protect americans after two deadly mass shootings. breaking news, the stock market taking a nosedive over fears that a trade war with
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china will escalate. good afternoon. we begin with the shootings in texas and ohio. here is the latest in the situation. president donald trump addressed the nation condemning the attacks and making remarks regarding mental illness. the death toll in el paso has risen to 22 bringing number killed in a weekend of violence across the country to 31. fetters in ohio are still searching for a motive in the killing of nine people outside a popular taking club. in mr. trump's speech she blamed mental illness but katherine johnson reporter said he condemned racism and white supremacy.>> we are outraged and sickened by this monstrous evil.>> reporter: president donald trump says all americans must work together to and mass shootings like this weekend's tragic shootings in el paso and dayton. >> we are a loving nation and our children are entitled to grow up and adjust, peaceful
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and loving society. >> reporter: the president said he was sickened by the racist manifesto the shooter in el paso used to justify his acts. >> our nation must condemn racism, bigotry and white supremacy. >> reporter: democrats say the rhetoric helped stoke the racism and division and he should be held accountable. >> anyone who is surprised as part of this problem right now including members of the media who asked, to think the president is racist? jesus christ of course he is. >> reporter: the president hinted on twitter he may support new background checks but did not bring up the issue in his remarks. >> mental illness and hatred pulls the trigger not the gun. >> reporter: the house has passed legislation that would require background checks on all gun sales in most transfers. mitch mcconnell blocked the bill from coming for a vote. >> mitch mcconnell needs to get off his and get this set up back in iously threatened
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to trespass the lot saying it put undue burdens on gun owners. katherine johnson. this is a are gathered at a memorial for the victims of the saturday shooting. the suspect in the shooting is held without bond. chris martinez and how it impacted the community. >> reporter: mourners comforted each other monday in front of a vigil with the victims of the walmart mass shooting in el paso. shoppers to cover when gunfire erupted saturday. 21-year-old suspected gunmen patrick crusius allegedly processed a racist manifesto online just before the shooting. >> we are treating it as a domestic terrorism case. >> reporter: patrick crusius lived with his grandparents until recent 600 miles away and allen, texas. a family friend read a statement. >> we are devastated by the events in el paso.
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we pray for the victims of this tragedy. >> reporter: the mayor of el paso told cbs evening news anchor norah o'donnell he knew the shooter wasn't a local. >> this hate filled person, deranged came from another part -- came from outside el paso. i'm firmly convinced this would have never occurred with in el paso in.>> reporter: el pasoans population is 80% hispanic this walmart is minutes from the border and it's up popular destination for communities on both sides. among the victims, jordan and andre anchondo a mother of three empirically shielding their two-month-old son from the gunfire. >> he's got two broken fingers, and bruises but he is alive.>> reporter: multiple mexican nationals will kill in what is now the eighth worst modern shooting. chris martinez cbs el paso.>> prosecutors are seeking the
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death penalty. he posted the manifesto to a message board called 8chan . that message board is linked to the new zealand mosque attack and a synagogue near san diego. san francisco-based network provider cloudflare announced it's cut off services to 8chan. we will have more on that part of the story coming up on the kpix 5 news at 5:00 and online at 1500 miles away another community is in mourning over another mass shooting. natalie brand is in dayton, ohio.>> reporter: a steady stream of community members visited with scene of sunday's mass shooting in dayton, ohio to pay their respects. nine victims were killed and at least 27 others wounded in the attack. investigators identified 24- year-old connor betts is the shooter police say he was carrying nar 15 like rifle. >> he would've had 250 rounds maximum in his possession at
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the time. >> if police had not stopped him and he made it into the establishment where hundreds of people were dancing hundreds would have died. >> reporter: police responded in less than a minute confronting him outside a bar called red peppers. six officers open fire and killed him. police are piecing together the minutes leading up to the shooting massacre but have no motive to explain why it happened. >> we are not through all the evidence. >> reporter: the deceased ranged in age from 22 to 57 the youngest was the shooter's own sister megan betts. the siblings traveled to dayton together along with the man described as the sisters companion who was wounded but survived. six of the nine killed were african-american. police say there is not enough evidence to say they were targeted because of their race. natalie brand cbs news dayton, ohio. >> a gunman connor betts did not have a criminal record but people he grew up with
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described them as troubled who once created a hit list of people he wanted to kill. >> the mass shootings come more than a week since the gunmen opened fire at the gilroy garlic festival. among the victims keeler fellas are who would've turned 14 yesterday. she was honored with the celebration of life yesterday. she was shot and killed last sunday when she decided to stay and help a relative who used a cane. many vendors who were forced to leave everything behind when the shooting started, they did not let that stop them from showing up in the fremont festival of the arts over the weekend they say showing up was a symbol of moving forward. those still needing to get their cars and belongs left behind and go right have until 6:30 tonight to pick them up. just a reminder you must during a valid drivers license, proof of registration and insurance. after today it will be moved to the family assistant center on 63 in gilroy.
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if you want to help the victims of the gilroy mass shooting you can find more information on our website i'm emily turner with some bad news coming out of the stock market. it's down more than 940 points and continues to fall as it has all morning. this is in the wake of u.s. china trade wars that have been ramping up. this happens just as china has ratcheted up their side dropping their currency to an 11 year low. president trump tweeted about this earlier, china dropped the price of their currency to an almost historic low. it's called currency manipulation. are you listening federal reserve? this is a major violation which will greatly we can china overtime. he tweeted that earlier in the wake of this and the dow jones continues to fall. we will continue to monitor it from right here at the news
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desk. new at noon, san jose cruceta 72-year-old woman is dead and the young girl in the hospital after a fire ripped through this home in greenmoor drive. you can see smoke rising from the roof. a 22-year-old man was hurt but will be okay. the cause is under investigation. four people were rescued when a fire broke out inside a home on commonwealth avenue in jordan park. it was called in at 9:00 a.m.. two adults went to the hospital. no word on their conditions or the status of two children in the home. we are waiting for information on the cause of the fire. in contra costa county marsh creek road is open after a weekend fire scorched more than 750 acres. the marsh complex fire is 85% contained. it started as nine small fires early saturday and merged into three. there were brief evacuations but that's been lifted. the cause is under
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investigation. a new firefighting tool on display in san francisco. kpix 5's ann of it gets a tour of the wildfire command center. >> reporter: this is where they monitor wildfire threats throughout central and northern california this 15th floor room at pg&e san francisco headquarters is the coordination hub for all of its wildfire prevention efforts which have been evolving as the fire risks increase.>> extreme when conditions and heat waves that we have seen pre-mortality the weather parameters are more difficult to protect. >> reporter: the center is staffed with experts like firefighters and meteorologists who monitor this 16 screen video wall with news of high dryer vent areas, weather models and satellite images. >> we are framing our program around the concurrence of an elevated or heightened fire
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risk. >> reporter: pg&e equipment is suspected as the cause of several wind driven wildfires that swept through northern california over the past two years. this center will help monitor realtime condit a last resoenon the communities in customers. >> reporter: the center is staffed 24 hours a day. ann of eric kpix 5 . bart is going paperless how they are transitioning to card only fares. an e-cigarette the tracks when and where you pay. clouds are breaking up a little bit on the transamerica cam. temperatures are cooler compared to yesterday. we will continue with that this week. the details are coming up.
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happening today, suspect and let's months tanforan mall shooting will enter a plea. 18-year-old deandre lejon gantt is facing attempted murder and conspiracy charges. san bruno police say four people were hurt including two teenagers. police arrested deandre lejon gantt two weeks later and a 14- year-old suspect from san francisco the same day. get ready to say goodbye to paper tickets. bart is transitioning to clipper only sales. jackie ward is in oakland where it's being tested.>> reporter: this is part of a pilot program that starting here and will go on to three other stations this summer. they wanted to be systemwide by 2020.
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they are starting here at the 19th street station but they will move on to the embarcadero station august 19, downtown berkeley september 24. paper tickets will no longer be for sale here. you will still be able to use paper tickets to enter or exit through fair dates. riders mac will add enough fair to exit a station using the advair machines located inside the paid area. bart spokesperson said this is all part of the effort to make the clipper card the all-in-one transit card in the bay area. >> a limiting paper tickets we eliminate waste. they can jam the fare gates because they have to be inserted and be processed.>> reporter: it's cheaper and the cards are reusable they last longer and paper tickets can jam up the gate so clipper usage means more open gates, shorter lines and less maintenance. patickethave a $0.50 surcharge so that equals just
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about $1.00 per round-trip with a one-time acquisition fee of $3.00 for a clipper card they say it pays for itself in three roundtrips. if there's any confusion today and for the next few days, bart will have people on hand at the 19th street bart station to make sure there is no confusion. 86% of bart writers are going to use a clipper card. jackie ward. joule is launching a new e- cigarette that will track when and where it's users may. it's already being ruled out in canada and the united kingdom the device reportedly uses facial recognition software to verify the users age and is set to include geo-fencing features preventing vaping at schools and public areas. it's an effort to deter teenagers from vaping they say. let's send it to mary lee in the weather center tracking our forecast. we are looking at those clouds that are sticking around. good monday afternoon. here is a live look east with
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some mid to high-level clouds in the sky. they will stick around. it's filtered sunshine with temperatures running in the 60s to about 80. a big tempuror66 oakland, thsan 24 hour temperature change and we are cooler by a few degrees compared to yesterday at this time. 4 degrees cooler in novato looking at a degree cooler in mountain view, san jose 3 degrees cooler for napa, concord as well as livermore at this hour. the satellite radar view of the ridge of high pressure across the desert southwest to our south. this low pressure system to our north is ushering in and influence so temperatures through the week with a stronger sea breeze will really cool us down to below average for this time of year. taking you hour by hour through
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the afternoon, you can see those high clouds as we go through the day and that cloud cover sticking around along the coast. it will be another great start to the day tomorrow with cooler mpatures. outer sunset 8: 14 in sunrise at 6:17. daytime highs are seasonal for this time of year. looking at 90 in concord 84 in san jose, 72 oakland and 66 san francisco. we have temperatures dropping through the middle part of the week so wednesday we will see the coolest day of the week and again that's below average times for the middle part of the week and just as we look ahead to the weekend we will see that sunshine with high pressure building in and those temperatures will warm up just in time for saturday and sunday. >> at least it's not triple digits. >> that's right. >> thank you. still ahead, he used education to secure his own future. how this man is now paving the way for others. just a reminder before we
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go to break, if you have a question or problem you can email us.
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as a high school student
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today's students rising above scholar focused on education is a way to secure his future. >> christin ayers reports that linda butler is making an opportunity for others his new priority. >> reporter: it's a sweet were union with friends and family for oakland native dalvin butler back in his hometown after spending seven years teaching high school in hawaii. >> as an educator, we have one of the most important roles and jobs in the world and that's to unlock potential. >> reporter: education has been his passion for himself and others. >> i just got a scholarship. >> reporter: oh in high school he worked at mcdonald's while completing three associates degrees and his diploma. he was on his own living with his aunt after his father passed away and his mom was not able to care for him. >> that was the beginning of a new beginning for me. my teenage self was resilient,
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determined, persistent because i think it takes a courageous and strong individual to be able to persevere through some of the most difficult obstacles that you can face in your personal life.>> reporter: that and resolve let him to georgetown as an undergrad and then on to johns hopkins for a masters degree before completing his doctorate at usc. now, back in the bay area he is reconnecting with those who helped him achieve his educational goals like oakland unified school district superintendent.>> the cheeks gave it away. i knew exactly from a block away who he was.>> reporter: she was his favorite elementary school teacher. they haven't seen each other and almost 2 decades.>> i can't see myself in a classroom.>> reporter: they will catch up and delve and has a rice for others who may be struggling.
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>> don't doubt yourself, you can make it.>> reporter: i'm christin ayers. >> is to just saw is back in the bay area and he hopes to continue his career in education. >> to learn more about students rising above and outs scholars visit our website
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taking another look at the big board. you can see the dow is down 815 points. it's a hard day on wall street
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over fears that a trade war with china will escalate. the dow is really taking, right now it's just down over 800 points. coming up tonight a new report predicts an active fire season is california heads into late summer and early fall. we will look closer at how the weather conditions could play a role. we will have that and much more tonight a 5:00. that does it for us here at tanforan mall news at noon . have a wonderful monday hope to see you back tomorrow. california phones offers free specialized phones... like cordless phones,
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- (phone ringing) - big button, and volume-enhanced phones. get details on this state program. call or visit
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