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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  April 3, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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congressional democrats taking matters into their own hands after the attorney general missed the deadline to handover the mother reports. we are learning more about the suspect in the killing of a california wrapper as the lapd enforces new rules to prevent more violence at the scene of the shooting. good morning, it is wednesday, april 3. we have another storm nipping at our heels. mary has more info on that. >> we are tracking the next storm system that will bring widespread rain, get ready for that. for today, mainly dry. today will be the drier day out of the week. enjoy it. nothing like yesterday morning. a look at our sales force camera, temperatures in the low to mid 50s at this hour. whether headlines, spotty showers's morning in the east bay tri-valley. areas of fog inland. mainly dry, mostly cloudy, can't completely rule out an isolated shower through the day.
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more showers for your thursday. a soaking, widespread rain on friday. that will be the stronger storm system this week. we will time it out for you on future cast come taking you hour by hour in what you can expect, coming up. was head of the south bay with trouble spots concentrated in the area. southbound 880 and northbound 101 and two crashes on 880 slowing you down. the first found near money expressway, two right lanes are blocked. this is due to a crash involving a vehicle that may have rolled over. injuries reported with fire crews on scene. north of there we have this other accident southbound 880 as you approach at 2:37. it is slowing traffic and you will be a little sluggish trying to get onto the 237. two right lanes are also blocked in the crash. not too far from each other, very similar problems. north 101, we are seeing slower speeds coming from the 286-80 connector. 40 minutes towards
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the peninsula this morning. a slow ride, you might want to use 280 instead. bay bridge stacked up around the toll plaza. slow out of the maze this morning with delays coming off the east shore freeway and 58. once you pass the metering lights we are seeing extra volume working your way westbound you're the treasure island exit. there is a broken down vehicle causing quite a bit of a backup. westbound 80 connector towards southbound 680, looks like you are slowing the scales coming off the upper east shore freeway, one lane is blocking and it's definitely slowing you down. we got a look at the san mateo bridge, coming up. some california lawmakers are proposing some of the toughest dui laws in the country. kpix5's jackie ward is over highway 24 with what this would mean for drivers and people who like to have a glass or two of wine at dinner. >> if the bills were to pass and become law, they would essentially make it harder to drive drunk here in california
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than anywhere else in the country. if state senator jerry health gets his way, the laws in california would be just as strict as they are in utah. the bill being proposed, the first one, is named after a 22- year-old man who was a navy and killed when a drunk driver smashed into the jeep he was then, crumbling it up into a pile of metal. if passed, the bill would require everyone convicted of a dui to use interlocking ignition devices. >> that means they cannot drive their car unless they breathe into this device and breathe clean. >> reporter: a second more controversial bill would bring california's legal drinking limit down from a blood-alcohol content of .08 to .05. that amounts to one or two drinks per hour for women under 160 pounds and no more than two drinks for men under 200 pounds . yeah, that's probably what a lot of people had with their dinner. mothers against drunk driving
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and members of the national transportation safety board are meeting in sacramento this morning as these bills are being proposed. happening today, bay area nt recognizable faces in the college admissions scandal will face a judge. actresses lori laughlin and felicity huffman are scheduled in court later this morning. lori laughlin and her husband accused of paying $500,000 in bribes to get their two daughters into usc. huffman is also charged with disguising $15,000 as a charitable donation that went altering her daughters sat scores. the two women will join 11 other parents in court today, including some bay area parents implicated in the scheme. man wally henriquez of effort and is the ceo of a publicly financing training in palo alto used his influence to get his kid into an alma mater.
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in return, he and his wife were able to get their two daughters into georgetown and an unnamed university. in addition to henriquez, peter jan peter senatorial who sells frozen burritos was accused of having to pay his daughter's act test corrected. and bruce isaacson of hillsboro allegedly paid half 1 million to get his daughters into ucla and usc with fake sports credentials. we are getting new information this morning on the pedestrian accident in berkeley. we have just learned it is a 55- year-old pedestrian who sustained major injuries this morning. we do also know that the intersection of martin luther king jr. way and adeline street is still shut down at this hour as police are investigating. we will stay on the story to give you the very latest with all of that information here on the live news desk. six: a five right now,
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taking a look at capitol hill. lawmakers have just convened to vote on subpoenas related to robert moore's report for russian interference in the 2016 election. the house judiciary committee is trying to force the special counsel's full report and underlying investigation to come out. >> general william bars offer to release an edited report is not good enough. they are subpoenaing five termer trump aids. the man suspected of murdering wrapper nipsey hussle is expected to be in court. the lapd handcuffing 29-year- old eric holder yesterday in the city of bellflower, 29 miles east of where trinity was killed sunday afternoon.
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they had a verbal confrontation on the day of the shooting. the lapd says holder left, but came back with a gun and fired multiple shots before running to a waiting vehicle. in the meantime, a memorial to the wrapper continues to grow. the lapd escorted all groups to the site where nipsey hussle was killed so they could pay respects. he remained peaceful last night. >> i felt really bad for him and his family, so we just came to say a prayer and hope that the piece just lingers. >> everything he talked about i implemented in my own life. he motivated me and inspired me when my father and mother weren't there for me. >> community members said they are glad holder is behind bars so justice can be served. investigators say he is a member of a gang, but police believe the dispute was not gang-related. family and friends are in the rendering to teenagers who
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died trying to rescue a dog from an irrigation canal. this was yesterday evening at a vigil for this to dickson high school students at paul memorial park. jacob hourmouzus and jacob schneider were electrocuted on monday near dixon avenue interstate 80 and dixon. >> i love that everyone came together for him. that's what he would want. >> it's pretty much the whole town right here, you know the fact that we can all come together like this is something powerful. not very many places can do that. >> investigators say the two friends were on a walk when a dog fell from a bridge and into the canal. another friend managed to pull all three from the canal while another dial 911. the dog survived. later today, san francisco city officials will hold a meeting of the plans navigation center dividing the community. mayor london braid wants to build the 200 bed center to help the homeless. it is creating a lot of controversy for folks in the area. people who live nearby are opposed to the project and have started a campaign to raise money for legal fees to fight
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the proposal. supporters of firing back with another fundraising campaign. the community is allowed to get at tonight meeting at 6 o'clock. a new report provides more insight into the moments before a boeing ethiopia, killing everyone on board. why it could be bad news for boeing. >> the police believe the vice president should enter this race? >> california senator, here is weighing in on allegations against former vice resident joe biden. we are keeping a eye on a strong system bringing widespread rain. the time it out for you taking you our bower coming up. a look at the backup as you work your way ♪
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...and the rewards even sweeter. you need confidence in the appliances you select to build the home and life you love. our products and services bring moments like this to every family. shop top-brand appliances including kenmore at sears. ♪ we are halfway through the work week doing it together. here is a look at san jose the
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south bay. it is 54 degrees with cloudy skies. we are tracking our next storm system, it's a powerful one that will bring widespread rain. timing it out in a few minutes. the pilots of and ethiopians airline jet were taking the proper steps to rescue the aircraft in moments before it crashed according to a new report from the wall street journal. the anti-stall system on the boeing 37 max has been implicated in another crash in indonesia last year. according to the journal, black box data shows the pilots did cut power to the system when they sent the plane into a nosedive. the pilots can get the plane to climb after taking over control. it's determine pilot error was not a factor in the crash. the senator kamala harris hopes in the vatican give a
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boost to her 20/20 presidential bid. she took part in a roundtable discussion yesterday with teachers at a middle school in carson city. she has proposed a plan to have the federal government invest $315 billion over 10 years to increase teacher salaries. she was also asked about a potential opponent, former vice president joe biden who is accused by two women of unwanted touching. >> i believe him and i respect and being able to touch their story and encourage them to do it. an early emerson college poll shows biden leading with harris in fifth place. bernie sanders, elizabeth warren second through fourth. about nine nurses working at the same maternity ward in maine were pregnant at the time. a group of nurses in sacramento is also upping the ante. 10 of them will the work in the same labor and delivery unit are now expecting. work at sutter medical center. three of the nurses on the same
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team just gave birth in the last few months. out of the group of current pregnant nurses, another three share the exact same duty. >> good thing we are staffed with quite a bit of staff, but our management has been good with figuring out what we are going to do. our latest essay we will keep rolling. whatever you guys need to do is fine, don't worry about us, we will be all right. >> the teen pregnancies are apparently not unusual at the unit. 13 nurses were pregnant at the same time in 2016. and the same number again the following year. >> teen pregnancies [ laughter ] yeah. >> maybe the water here is something maybe there are more on the way? >> what are we breaking news here? >> no, she's throwing the remote at the tv now. >> we only have one now and she is about to pop. >> three more lays days until i go on leave. just wait a couple more days everyone.
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if you are heading onto the freeways you'll be waiting sometime from 880 towards mill peterson with an accident on the southbound side blocking at least two lanes. they have moved the cars to the roadway, but there is a pretty big debris filled with a lot of stuff they have to push over to the right side. stop and go conditions as you head through there. we will show you maps and see how bad the backup is. it is very slow coming out of milpitas this morning. it will affect your drive connected to 237. westbound 237 seeing brake lights. 12 minutes to go south 880 from 230 7280. that is south of where the crash is. but that is where we find another trouble spot on 880 the montague expressway with two right lanes blocked in this accident. it was reported as a rollover accident with a couple of vehicles involved. you have activity for fire crews and emergency crews on scene. over on the south may come pretty tough on 80. look at the backup at southbound 680, the connector
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road you have one lane blocking the left lane. as you can on the 680 for traffic past a broken down vehicle is causing a bi backup into fairfield this morning. if you plan for that, once you get past that you get a bit of a break. then brake lights again into richmond westbound towards the bay bridge. 23 minutes now to go from highway 4 to the maze. and you are at the bridge with the metering lights on. the roadways are dry. so great to see that. today mainly dry, today will be the drier day out of the week. here's a look with mostly cloudy skies, a preview of the bay bridge this morning. temperatures are running in low to mid 50s at this hour. and mild start. high def doppler and you can see drive for the most part, but a few spotty showers this morning. zooming into the tri-valley and east bay, a few showers to start off the day. is what to expect. mostly cloudy skies, we will keep the chance of an isolated
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shower as we had through the day. can't completely rule that out. more showers for your thursday, then a wettday on friday. friday will be a stronger storm system. really unsettled weather as we go through the next several days here. this strong ridge of low pressure will bring widespread, soaking rain for friday. that will be the storm system to watch. future cast as we time it out. a few showers stopping the clock at 10 am. isolated in nature through the rest of the afternoon, mainly dry and mostly cloudy skies with a slight chance of a shower. here we go for thursday. it does look like showers return for thursday in the afternoon. and check out as we had through friday with stronger storm. it will be the wettest day of the week with widespread soaking rain. how much rain are talking about? our future cast rainfall amounts anywhere through friday from 4/10 to a half inch of rain. ukiah about 9/10 of an inch.
6:19 am
but because of the rain, good news for allergy sufferers, the pollen count in the medium category for wednesday, thursday and lower friday. we are jumping backup for the weekend with drier weather. pollen counts will be rising with the drier weather. sunrise at 6:52, sunset at 7:34. daytime highs around where we should be. 63 san francisco, 68 in san jose, here is the seven day forecast with a few showers. mostly cloudy, showers for thursday, a rainy day on friday. not the best news for the giants opener on friday. shower saturday, dryer sunday and warming up by the end of the weekend and next week. coming up, the showdown in uptown. warriors battle for the lead in the western conference. it's about 20 minutes after 6 o'clock, taking a look from the salesforce tower camera at the beautiful bay bridge. we do have another storm on
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warriors and nuggets have battled all season long for the top spot in the western conference. golden state showing last night the conference title goes through oracle and they won the game last night with kd playing one half. durant in a good mood . second- quarter he's coming down full speed throwing down a huge and one dunk. the free throw gave them a 55- 41 lead. final seconds of the quarter, durant with another scoring 17 in the first half. golden state had a 16 point lead at the break. in the third, durant's night ended picking up two quick technical fouls, arguing with the official. he was tossed, kd finished with
6:24 am
21 points. but the marcus cousins picked up the slack, knocking down the three early the fourth. he had a great night offensively and defensively. he had a season-high 28. warriors crews 116-102 and now have a two-game lead for the top seed in the west. >> when he attacked like that and hammered those two dunks down, those two plays kind of broke the game open and gave us a lot of life. as i said, i thought kevin was tremendous. it's unfortunate he didn't get to play more. i have more good news, a's and red sox playing through a little rain next door at the coliseum. bottom of the first, chapman took chris sale deep, his solo shot of the year. oakland led 1-0. top of the night, xander bogaerts mystic anti-homerun. he will try for a triple but m on laureano perfect from centerfield to nail him at
6:25 am
third base. the a's 11-0 to shut them down as the defending champion for the second straight in the night. meanwhile the dodgers beat the giants last night, 6-5 and the sharks are losers once again . the ninth time in the last 10 games. by the way, steph curry passing chris mullen for fourth on the warriors all-time scoring list. good night here at oracle. it is 6:25 and a federal judge issuing new orders to pg& e entering the utility is not putting profits ahead of safety. while the treatment of an apple employee at sfo has prompted a complaint with homeland security. taking a look right now at the bay bridge toll plaza. you can see the cash lanes are really backing up, as expected at this time of
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live from the cbs base studios, this is kpix 5 news.
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a new policy on sexual misconduct at a california university has prompted an immediate backlash. why critics say it unfairly burdens the victims. plus the justice department has bere >> michelle is off this morning. a brief respite in the rain. but don't get used to it. yes, enjoy it but it is short. the drier day out of the week is today. here is a live look from the treasure island cam. we have cloudy skies. temperatures are running low to mid 50s at this hour. mild start to the day. your weather headlines and what you can expect, mostly cloudy skies and mild start with spotty showers. we are going to see clouds, mainly dry and we will keep the slight chance of a shower as we head through the day. not completely ruling out a
6:30 am
shower for your wednesday. more showers for thursday, turning wetter and a soaking rain on friday. we have a stronger storm system watching that will bring widespread rain. we will time it out on futurecast taking you hour by hour coming up in a few minutes. two trouble spots this morning causing the biggest delays. one is in the south bay and the other is a long 80. the one in the south bay, south bay 880 at montague expressway. this accident is still in the lanes. you have fire crews on scene with two lanes blocked. the two right lanes, to be exact. you are backed up to 237. it is a slow ride. in fact, you can see how bad the backup is. this is one of our life cameras , not too far from there. this is 880 at great mount your drive times to get to that portion, 13 minutes to 237. you might take the 680 instead or use surface streets. in fairfield, this is where we
6:31 am
find, excuse me at 116 in light filled highway, is the other crash. those areas are slow. i will have an update on the fairfield accident coming up. we are waiting an update on the condition of a pedestrian who threatened life threatening injuries after being hit by a car in san francisco. this happened last night at 37th and fulton outside the golden gate senior center. the driver is cooperating with the investigation. happening today, new legislation is being introduced at the state capital for some of the toughest drug driving laws in the country. one would bring california's legal drinking limit down from blood alcohol content of.08 two .05. that amounts to one or two drinks per hour for women under 160 pounds and no more than two drinks for men under 200 pounds . the second bill would require everyone convicted of a dui, even first-time offenders to have interlocking ignition
6:32 am
devices installed in their vehicles. the device prevents the car from starting if the driver does not pass an alcohol breathalyzer test. hearing set to continue this morning in oakland for the two men charged in connection with the ghost ship warehouse fire. at issue is what testimony and evidence should be included. these two men each face 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter for that fire in 2016 in oaklands fruit district. california state university's will now turn the classroom into a court. san francisco state university announcing in an email says revised policies change how they handle sexual misconduct cases. instead of an investigator determining if the accused is in violation, that student will have the right to a live hearing. an officer would question the alleged victim and witnesses
6:33 am
with the accused in the same room.>> there are some pieces cases where the victim falsely accuses the guy. i feel like in those situations, there is opportunity for him to tell what is right and wrong. >> it is hard to lie to someone when you are directly in front of him.>> i would feel like my word doesn't mean anything when i am the victim. >> the change comes after the university of southern california student accused of sexual assault sued the school. a judge ruled that any student accused of sexual misconduct and facing expulsion or suspension, should be able to question the credibility of witnesses and the alleged victim. they will hold information students with sessions in place next week. the genie will not be removed from bankruptcy unless it meets its fire prevention roll. the utility has not done enough to prevent wildfires. they also call for random expections of pg&e trim trimming tree
6:34 am
trimming process. we have a breaking news story right now. you are taking a live look at the capital, were at this moment the house judiciary committee is working on a resolution of whether or not they plan to vote support a subpoena of the full mueller report. not just that, but also the evidence as well as documents and testimonies from several former aides. the democrats initially wanted the full report yesterday, but the attorney general missed that deadline. instead, offering a redacted version to be available later this month. that of course was rejected. that is why we are here at the state capital this morning working on that subpoena. in fact, just a few minutes ago nancy losey said , "we are helped by our most reliable ally, public sentiment. " we will continue to monitor this. the redeployment of border agents has prompted backups at legal border crossings providing a small preview of what would happen if
6:35 am
resident trump follows through on his threat to shut it down entirely. according to reports trucks delivering goods to the u.s. from mexico have been forced to wait for up to 12 hours at the border. about 750 border agents have been moved from the checkpoints dealing with commercial traffic to handle a search of central american migrants seeking asylum . the situation at the border has also sent avocado prices soaring. they rose 34% just yesterday. the biggest single day of a price hike in 10 years. a live look at sfo where a search of the bay area tech exec has prompted the aclu to file a complaint with homeland security. when a log post said a man was returning to the u.s. when customs agents demanded he unlock his company phone and laptop. he says the devices contained proprietary information and he had signed a nondisclosure agreement. so he asked to speak to apple, the company he works for or an
6:36 am
attorney first. he says agents continue to interrogate and train him. eventually, agents did let him leave without unlocking his devices. customs and border protection tells us they cannot comment on pending litigation. controversy pending with the academy awards and whether movies distributed through online streaming services should be eligible for the oscars. many in the industry feel the award should be limited to films distributed to traditional theaters. now the department of justice is warning the academy of motion picture arts and sciences , such a movie could bring on an antitrust investigation. a much more peaceful scene in los angeles overnight as community members come together to mourn wrapper and activists russell. he was gunned down outside a clothing store. at a memorial monday night, 19 people were hurt meonspotted a gun. last night lapd officers escorted a small group of mourners to that growing memorial outside of the
6:37 am
crime scene. that shooting has really resonated within the entertainment and sports industries. nba all-star, russell westbrook pay tribute to his fellow la native last night after becoming the first player since will:to record 20 points, 20 rebounds and 20 assists in the game. >> that wasn't for me. that was for my brother. that is for my bro. i am thankful i could go out and compete at a high level. i'm thankful for my teammates. >> westbrook was making a reference to a group russell had formally belonged to. eric boulder is now in connection with that shooting and is under arrest. investigators say it stemmed from an disagreement. a california hospital is accused of filling hundreds of patients during intimate
6:38 am
moments. details on this new lawsuit. and california's attorney general is vowing to fight a decision overturning new, more restrictive gun laws. and the stock market just opened up about eight minutes ago, as we take a look at the board. a decent start, up about 40 three points. we will get an update from our why are all these business owners so excited? we're going to comcast. it's ahead of the game, ahead of the curve. it's going to add to the productivity of our business. it's switch and save days at comcast business. right now, get fast, reliable internet
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good morning to you. isn't this a beautiful view with our treasure island camera
6:42 am
with mostly cloudy skies. and check out the soul force tower. o wer right now. we are looking at a mainly dry day and tracking a powerful storm system that will bring widespread rain. timing out that rain on futurecast in a few minutes. kenny? >> thank you. new this morning the doctor is suing a san diego hospital that once employed him, alleging the facility allowed hidden cameras to film women during childbirth. it allegedly happened at this hospital. dr. patrick sullivan resigned from the hospital in 2016. he said he was targeted by the facility after complaining about the hidden cameras that were involved in all three operating rooms at the women's center. he said the cameras were meant to catch drug thieves. at least 86 female patients are now suing. thousands of jellyfish are taking over the harbor in southern california. check it out. it is happening in ventura county. ecologists say fierce winds pushing them into coves making them more visible.
6:43 am
it might make the crowds a little nervous getting close to them. ecologists say these jellyfish do not actually sting. >> they are not harmful to you. you can touch them. you might see they are a little bit sticky. they are like micro harpoons sticking to your skin. but they don't hurt. >> the ecologist says it is common for jellyfish to accumulate in large numbers around harbors. and it is typically in windy conditions across the west coast. time now for a look at what is coming up later on cbs this morning. gayle king joining us from new york city. gayle, it has been a while since i talked to you remember my voice? >> i kenny. i remember you. here it is, right here. hi kenny. it is really good to see you. ahead, the parents involved in the massive college admissions scandal will appear later today in court. here is a former felon some are turning to on how to receive a potentially lighter sentence.
6:44 am
plus we will take you inside a cutting-edge reciting plant working to turn the tide to keep plastics and styrofoam out of your oceans. we will see you at 7:00. kenny, back to you. >> we will see you at 7:00. this morning, u.s. chinese trade talks getting closer to reaching a deal. >> numbers show job growth slowing this morning. joining us live now, financial reporter jason brooks. good morning. >> the morning. getting another signal that employers are not adding new employees at the pace they were before. adp said the private sector added 129,000 jobs in march. that compared to expectations of around 170, was the weakest gain in 18 months. labor delivers its monthly report on friday. and labor reported a gain of only 20,000 jobs in february. another year and a half low. the feeling is that employers are pulling back on their aspects a little bit is the trade war with china has hemmed
6:45 am
them in a little bit. there are fears of a potential recession on the way. as far as trade is concerned, there is a bit more optimism out there after the financial times reported that the two sides are 90% done on a deal. that is of the remaining 10% that will be a big hurdle. the u.s. wants china to guarantee enforcement mechanisms of intellectual property protection and avoiding technology transfers. those are two key issues for the u.s. let's go to the big board. and see how we are doing this morning. the dow is up by about 50 points. nasdaq getting 51, and the esp higher by 11 points. >> thanks. did you ever wish you had more leg room when you fly? >> yes, every time. an accountancy company has come up with a new seat that actually let you stand up instead. it is the sky rider 3.oh.
6:46 am
the newest version of an infamous standing seat. it looks similar to a bicycle seat, but with back support attached. the company says it is getting some interest, but no orders as of this morning. i am into it. >> in your office, where you standup. it might be a little healthier so you can move around a little bit.>> and we are tall. cramming into those seats -- >> of course cramming you into a seat would be a feat as well. >> that is the thing for domestic flights, just one hour or two. speaking of time, fairfield is having some issues with travel.>> you are waiting sometime as you work your way across that upper eastshore freeway. if you're coming out of fairfield, a heads up, westbound at 680 connector, the left lane remains block for a broken down vehicle. it has been there for most of the morning. it is taking some time for this to clear out of the roadway. we are still seeing slow speed that you had to there. due plan for that work it definitely is sluggish out of i
6:47 am
of an accident in the back of that area. that makes it worse is you had through there. you will get a bit of a break and you will see brake lights westbound as you pass highway 4 into hercules. and traffic slows down heading into berkeley heading to the toll plaza. 24 minutes to highway 4. tack on another 20 as you go through the maze. the toll plaza gets a little bit better across the upper deck into san francisco. let's jump into the south bank into updated on this trouble spot we have had our eye on for the most of the morning. southbound 880 at montague expressway, they have the two right lanes blocked. looking at the live shot, this is 880 near the parkway. it is getting a little bit better. they are now moving things over to the shoulder it looks like. still pretty slow as you had through there. we are seeing drive times improve a little bit. 11 minutes to make your way through that stretch, southbound 880 from 237 two 280. let's jump in the north bay
6:48 am
looking at traffic. right at 116, lakeville highway emma there is reports of a crash. it is blocking one lane with slow traffic. clear pretty much passed their if you are headed from san rafael down to san francisco, south 11. we are seeing okay drive times. that is only about a 15 minute ride to go from the richmond san rafael bridge down to the city across the golden gate. no major delays. the good news is the roadways are dried for now. enjoy this break from the rain. it is a short break, but at least it is something. we're looking at a stronger storms sister to roll in. it will bring widespread rain. i will show you exactly when coming up. a beautiful live look with mostly cloudy skies in the sun is trying to peek through. we are looking at mostly cloudy for wednesday. temperatures right now in the low to mid 50s. high death doppler is showing you we are mainly dry with spotty showers. other than that, we are looking
6:49 am
at mostly cloudy skies. that will continue as we head through the afternoon with a slight chance of a shower. we can't rule that out completely. widespread soaking rain is expected for friday with a stronger storm system coming. it is settled weather continuing through the work week. there we gowi the storm system we are tracking for friday.that will bring the rain for all of us. timing it out for you on future case, taking you hour by hour. stopping at 10 am, you can see a few showers lighting up the radar screen as we go through the afternoon. at about 5 pm, mostly cloudy and mainly dry with a few isolated showers possible. there we go for thursday. the return of the rain and widespread rain for your friday. friday does look like the wettest day of the week. the good news, because of the rain, the pollen count is down. medium levels wednesday. thursday even lower and friday because of the rain even lower. it creeps back up for saturday and into the weekend and for early next week do to the drier weather.
6:50 am
the sierra snow survey this week , and officially 162% of average for that sierra snow packed. great news do to all of the snow this winter and early spring. daytime highs today for the bay area, mainly in the 60s. right around where we should be for this time of year. one degree warmer in spots. 66 mountain view, 68 for santa clara, san jose and sunnyvale. walnut creek 66, 65 danville and 66 for berkeley. 65 in kentfield and 63 in mill valley. a daytime high for lakeport, clear lake and monroe 60s this afternoon. here is the seven-day forecast. mostly cloudy skies, a few showers possible. showers for thursday turning raining for friday. that giants opener looks wet, unfortunately.
6:51 am
some showers for saturday, especially in the morning and trying out after that. check out sunday into early next week. a little bit more sunshine and temps warming up into the mid 70s inland. and? this morning and please are trying to track down the vandals who trashed an elementary school. the teachers and students showed up yesterday morning to find this mess at mt. alameda community school. they smashed windows and computers and through around paint that was meant for students to use in art class. despite the mess, classes were held as usual. state attorney general is appealing a judge's decision to strike down a voter approved gun safety measure. opposition 63 passed in 2016 and called for a ban on high- capacity magazines in the state. it also required background checks on people purchasing ammunition. judge roger benitez of san diego said prop 63 burdens the core of the second amendment. >> we don't know if the result will be the same or not with
6:52 am
the night circuit this time. but that will be the next stop, to the ninth circuit. >> this statement was released by the attorney general, we refuse to go backwards. a new report shedding more light on the moments before an ethiopian airline jet crashed killing everyone on board. if two bills get past in sacramento, those two lasses of when you have with dinner may not be such a good idea if you plan on driving home. we will explain next. let's head outside for a live look at ocean beach. cloudy out there, but it is painting a pretty picture and the sun is coming up. 54 degrees there. it is 6:52. ♪
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i am jackie ward in oakland. the way to california law is now, you may have a couple of drinks with dinner and not think anything about it. but these two bills passed today, they may think twice about doing that drivers right now in california face pretty average drunk driving laws. however, these two bills, the first one being proposed is named after 22-year-old matthew when he was killed by a drunk driver. if passed this bill named after him would require everyone convicted of a dui, even first-time offenders to use interlocking ignition devices. a second post bill would bring california's legal drinking lemon down from blood alcohol contact of.08 to.05. that amounts to one or two drinks per hour for women under 160 pounds and no more than two drinks for men under 200 pounds. this would make california have some of the harshest and toughest drunk driving laws in the country. the bills are being proposed at 10:30 this morning in sacramento. live from oakland, jackie ward,
6:57 am
kpix 5 news. time for your final five. a pedestrian is in critical condition after being hit by a car in berkeley. it happened last night at martin luther king jr. way and adeline street. the driver of the car is reportedly cooperating with investigators and the roadway reopened a few minutes ago. a hearing is set to continue this morning in oakland for the two men charged in connection with the ghost ship warehouse fire. both men are facing 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter. at issue is whether all testimony should be included in the child. what hollywood big witches are doing in the college admission scandal. some are accused of paying bribes to get the kids into elite universities. and according to a new report from the wall street journal, the pilots of an ethiopian airlines jet maintained the proper steps to rescue the aircraft moments before it crashed. the journal reports that the black box data it shows the
6:58 am
pilots did cut power to the system when it set the plane into a nosedive. right now the house judiciary committee is expected to approve a subpoena to force the release of the special counsel's full molar report. and the underlying evidence from this investigation. democrats on the committee say attorney general william bars offer to release a redacted version of the report is not good enough. a jump to the roadways. i want to show you a picture taken by a viewer of an accident blocking lanes in this area. commercial trucks are recommended to take southbound cedar boulevard from north avenue when entering newark westbound. a heads up there. we have that accident with a lot of activity happening. avoid it if you can. also was found 12 at kirkland ranch road, one lane blocked for an injury accident. another trouble spot, there are a lot of brake lights working through 280 with a big rig
6:59 am
accident past mission boulevard 238. we are looking at a mainly dry day today. enjoy it. mostly cloudy skies with a beautiful view with our treasure island camera this morning. temperatures are running in the low to mid 50s at this hour. a mild start to the day. daytime highs will be around where we should be for this time of year. 63 in san francisco, 65 oakland and fremont, napa and 68 in san jose. 66 mountain view and redwood city. mostly cloudy with a few showers possible today. more showers for thursday and a rainy day on friday with a stronger storms system. widespread soaking rain and that means the giants opener does look wet on friday. showers on saturday and drier and warmer sunday and into monday and tuesday next week.>> may be a rain delay for the giants. it is definitely looking sunny a little bit today with a break in the rain. we are thankful for that.
7:00 am
>> prepare for the next storm. thanks for joining us this morning. cbs this morning is coming up next. good morning to our viewers in the west. it's wednesday. welcome to "cbs this morning." there's breaking news about the ethiopian airline that crashed late last month that followed faa procedures but still did not gain control. why they poke a hole in the statement after the crash. a woman from china is charged with sneaking into presidt tr mar-a-lago result carrying dangerous malware on a thumb drive. the incident raises big questions about security at the president's winter white house. actresses felicity huffman and lori loughlin are due in court today, accused of cheating to get their daughters into elite colleges. hear what a


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